The Attack on Tucker Carlson is Classic Weissmann DOJ/FBI Treachery

I knew there was something wrong with the “NSA” spying on Tucker Carlson. NSA spying is traditionally SO deep and so quiet that nobody ever knows anything about it. That’s the way they operate. Big, deep, huge, silent, and NEVER give even a HINT of the magnitude, or the IDEA that it might be abused.

Blowing that on a journalist? Yeah, right.

Even a guy like Tucker.

NSA spying is designed to put all the data in a black hole, out of which any of it ONLY emerges if truly needed. It’s an interesting way to deal with the appearance and disappearance of evidence over time.

IF the cops are honest, and IF they are never conquered, THEN they can hold all our secrets in a black box and ONLY retrieve them if authorized. That’s the basic principle.

We can argue about that all we want, but not today. Just accept it as a REALITY. OK? It’s real. THAT is how the IC deals with the “moving real-time problem”. SAVE it all – sort it out later – LOOK AT IT in an outward-facing way ONLY if authorized.

That’s just the WAY IT IS.

So when we get this story – this NARRATIVE – about the NSA “suddenly” spying on Tucker Carlson – and then we get a story about them releasing information – NAH. It violates two things that I KNOW about an agency which has kept track of me my entire life – FOR GOOD REASONS.


The NSA spies on ALL OF US – ALWAYS – ALL THE TIME – EVERYTHING. It’s all saved. There is no NEED to order some special spying on Tucker Carlson. That’s not how it works.

They have all my data. They have all Tucker’s data. It’s a done deal.

The narrative that they “started” spying on him, or even that they spied on him in some special way, is all wrong. It’s bullshit. Whoever came to him was either in on the op to influence Tucker, OR they are a pawn or cut-out in the operation – possibly a true and excellent friend of Tucker – but ANY implication that special spying was done on him is bullshit.

Now the NSA can’t go and deny this, because the TRUTH is untouchable.

Somebody on the other side knows that. An ASSHOLE named Andrew Weissmann.

But we’ll get to him in a minute.


NSA does not go around “leaking” stuff, because to do so endangers their mission, their collection, and everything they live for. I’m not saying they don’t care – I’m saying that leaking – the creation of the slightest crack in their “defensive truth” – is not part of the “caring”.

We barely got any information about their HEAD GUY – Admiral Mike Rogers – going to a FISA JUDGE and saying that DOJ and FBI were abusing their data in shocking ways.

THAT is the kind of “leak” that sometimes emerges from NSA. As in, it’s about the NSA.

You know. Like SNOWDEN – a CIA operation.

NSA? They don’t go leaking about journalists. They don’t even leak about ME to counter my ratting out what I know but cannot prove about NSA. They don’t even leak about former NSA whistleblowers.

I’ve been a pain in NSA’s ass my whole life. I’m not going to divulge what they may have done to influence me, but one thing I can tell you is that they did not leak JACK. ZERO. NADA.



I believe that Tucker is the victim of a multi-pronged discreditation operation as part of a SET-UP to a media-government hit job. I think that Tucker did the EXACT right thing going public with us. I think that NSA data about him WAS and IS going to be used in a hit job on him. But this is NOT an NSA “leak”. Its ABUSE of NSA data.

It’s somebody ELSE doing the leaking.

I think that Tucker was UNMASKED exactly like Trump was – by rogue elements in DOJ, FBI, and/or the Biden administration. I think somebody OTHER that NSA illicitly unmasked and grabbed his *NSA* data, and BLAMECASTED to NSA. Knowing full well – I am sure – that NSA would be stuck holding the bag, with a stupid response full of careful denials that look guilty as hell, and even more, that NSA will be too professional to “respond in kind”.

Now at first, I was just “pretty sure” of the above. I didn’t have what I though was “proof”.


Just watch this video, and who is in it.

ANDREW WEISSMANN. The sack of shit behind the MUELLER HOAX.


There are very few people who CAN and WILL call out a dirty prosecutor like Andrew Weissmann for being the slimeball that he is, but The Last Refuge is one of them, and that is why that blog has been relentlessly marginalized by media assets of DOJ and FBI. If there is one thing I learned from Sundance, it is the centrality of Andrew Weissmann to the corruption in Washington – and in particular the DOJ and FBI.

Weissmann is HOLDER-LEVEL.

As soon as I saw WEISSMANN in this thing, I knew what this was – the SAME as when DOJ and FBI went after Trump.

This is MORE DOJ / FBI hoaxing and cover-up.

This is a PHONY INTEL WRAP-UP SMEAR – just like what they did to Trump. And they’re doubling the hit job by using NSA for cover.

Andrew Weissmann should be in PRISON – not out on the street talking to fake conservative Nicollle Walllace. Indeed, he WOULD be in prison, if there was real justice in Washington.

But there is not.

I’m sorry, to all you hopeful people, but I’m not waiting for Durham to do anything here.

But now we know.

Weissmann is back, and like DEMON, he will be causing trouble. THIS is just the beginning.

Unless, of course, somebody decides to actually do their job in Washington.


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Who’s Durham? 🙃

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Subject of a lot of bull!


nothing burger with a big moustash
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Swamp creature that does nothing productive for America.


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Brave and Free

Read the Sundance article this morning and thought the same thing. Andy is covering for the spying by nsa/doj/fib. Typical deflection and distraction from what actually took place and blame the victim for what’s taken place.


So why would the head of the nsa take one for their team? I thought he was a succesor chosen by a good guy who helped expose everything to POTUS?


We never hear from the NSA.
Now we hear from the NSA.
That had to be a head scratcher..
knows my scalp got itchy, but what to say?
Then we hear from the weaseling, Wiseman guy.
Makes more sense now.
We never hear from the NSA.

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Ø loved WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE (spying on political enemies without a warrant) and changed the rules twice to make it easier.


ØBASTARD’S ILLEGAL SPYING and WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE were conducted with false or manufactured premises for FISA Warrants.

Øbama administration really didn’t give a damn about the laws regarding spying/surveillance. 

This was another abuse the power of his office – abuse that he began from day one!  Ø politicized weaponized every agency of government from day one – remember the raid on Gibson Guitars? Remember the harassment of conservative groups by the IRS?

Social Media censorship of conservatives is just an extension of Øbastard’s political persecution policy.

Ø used WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE to spy on anyone and everyone he wanted!

On the Press –

On Congress –

On foreign leaders – even heads of state. Remember, he spied on Merkel?

On the Trump campaign and on President-elect Trump!

There may have even been some means of spying on President Trump in the Oval Office – by SIGINT (signal electronic intelligence) and/or HUMINT (human intelligence, leaks). 
Remember the phone conversation with the foreign leader that leaked? 
Remember when the Secret Service advised Trump to have renovations made to the Oval Office for security purposes? That was when Øbama’s wallpaper was removed and new wallpaper was put up. Bet they took the walls back down to the wooden plaster lathes.

Obama’s Illegal warrantless surveillance was not limited to the list above.

There was a overall dramatic rise in warrantless surveillance during the Ø years – so much that it alarmed even the leftist ACLU:

comment image

Obama changed the law TWICE (2013 & 2017) to make it easier to conduct warrantless data gathering.

85% of Obama’s warrantless surveillance searches were illegal! P 82 –

“Obamagate Is Not a Conspiracy Theory” “Obama normalized domestic spying….judge shopping to spy on James Rosen, journalist…” – David Harsanyi – National Review – 5/12/20 –   

Regarding spying on Trump – The FISA warrants were merely window-dressing! Øbama was likely surveilling Trump and his family, team, et al, without a warrant for at least a year, probably longer.

When Nunes busted them, it all began to come out!

And the crimes committed by the lawless and unqualified traitor, who occupied the White House from 2008-2016 are still coming out. 

During the 2015-16 campaign, Ø used his Executive branch agencies to (try to) help Hillary win and after the election to try to remove President Trump and thus extend his own power and agenda past his lawful term. Hence the house down the street from the White House.”


Obama’s tenure was a thugocracy – he bullied, persecuted and weaponzed agencies against conservatives. Obama promoted racial unrest and division. He aided, funded, armed, pardoned and/or released thieves, thugs, tyrants, terrorists, and traitors every day of his tenure in office.

Brave and Free

Thanks Ga for this reminder of what Zero did during his reign of terror on our republic and now his third term is worse than the first two.
Sure would be nice to see justice come his way, hopefully I’ll still be around to see it happen.


Amen, Brave and Free!


The nsa is spying on everyone. Not even just Americans


Is SMB the moderator?


He’s not free speech at all
Does anyone copy wictor s threads and bring them here?


There’s a wolf moon there with your avatar but I never contacted you. I assumed we were both undercover.
ive been kicked as I am a qtard


You are still there.
or were before I got bounced
id been previously warned as in a discussion on the removal of a statue of a settler woman who. Killed her captors and escaped I had pointed out that the settlers were not as pure as the driven snow. Atrocities were committed by both sides. Thinking that made me a retard.
I would check for Thomas, and the cates bros but there were nice people there


Like I said, there were people I read and some really nice people but 1 millimeter over smbs arbitrary line and you were shitcanned.
If you are aware of Thomas devolution theory it got to the point, when someone was discussing it that smb called them a conspiracy theorist.
Thomas weighed in and said he’d researched it and nothing he’d written was not factual and if discussion of it was banned HE’D go.
I think there is a campaign to sow division in the ranks. Prob by enemies


There was a guy there, name escapes me, avatar tom hardy, who was go to re shootings. He analysed shootings including Kyle Rittenhouse in view of the tripod. This can change from second to second and differs for law enforcement and military vs civilians.
recommended left of bang . A book and hunter/combat training that is credited with saving countless military lives .
can be used in normal life too to spot predators etc.
I asked him about an active duty military dude who’s car was surrounded by blm. His car was damaged and they pointed guns at him boasting they could do anything without consequences.
someone shot into his car and he returned fire killing a dude.
da charged him with murder!
the dude he killed was not the one who actually shot into his car.
he thinks that the soldier should walk as there is clear evidence of gs damage to his car, he had tried to drive away(de escalate).


Maybe sternrage


Wolf, need to pass info to you which is related to your above post and it’s really weird. Scared me. And now, it’s beyond an argument.

As you know, I opened the “Side Porch Politics” site, and I barely pay attention to it anymore, busy with other stuff. Ages ago, I copied a lot of the work I had done at QTree in case we went down or were censored by WP. I was thinking if we posted n many places, they couldn’t get us all. Okay, fine.

Well, last night, Sylvia made a comment on my blog and thought it was stuck in the bin. So, I checked the bin……. and started looking at the spam content. Holy $itake mushroom, wish you would have been sitting next to me. You cannot believe the targeted spam for certain posts I made…..

Three prime examples:
First – wrote an article on “It’s not a world war, it’s a word war for control of the world. Post was originally from your tree, written in Jan/19. I copied to my blog, HARDLY ANY COMMENTS – and over 100 spam hits.
Why all the targeted attention?
And it was a COPY of a post from over a year ago AT THAT POINT.

Second, the article I wrote about the Safari Club, the Falconry guy, how they tracked terrorists. Again, hardly any attention on it when I wrote in the tree – and probably less than 5 comments on my blog when I copied it over. Yet, over a hundred spam hits.
Starting to see a pattern?
Am I over-thinking it?

Third, I wrote one article on my site, “The State of The Field”, July of 2020. Can’t remember precisely how many comments, probably less than 20…….. yet HUNDREDS of spam hits.
Targeting = confirmed.

PLUS – anything I wrote about China or Ukraine (which was a LOT). Yet, the spam hits on those posts were less than 50 and not at all the same….. as though they came from a completely different entity.

So, here’s the big question…..
Who in the hell has the time/money/apparatus to target someone small like lil’ ole me?
I’m a lil’ chirp in a forest than no one hears.
ALL of the spam responses were an auto-response, clearly copy/pasted. AND not the traditional spam for CBD edibles we usually get.

What the heck?


Interesting times !
Good to see you daughn 🙂


All the globalists who are working together from tech to government prob have topics they want to suppress?
Miss you Miss Daughn.
And, I think that perhaps when someone has written mire than one article about targeted topics you probably go into an automatic spam target.


Was that GmTX or me and my husband?  😇 

Deplorable Patriot

Gab open


We stayed up working on it one night on the forums. You may have worked on it with others!  😊 

It’s the main reason I don’t post on forums or use social media, too much info is tracked!


It was one of the Wright bros who coined the term you know you’re over the target when you are taking enemy fire. Mind you, he WAS buzzing his estranged wife’s house

Cuppa Covfefe

Probably the expression “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was coined about the same time too 😆


No that’s from Shakespeare.
It might have been in reference to his wife, Anne Hathaway. Old bill was gay

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Funny, when I first saw the Tucker post, I instinctively knew it was Dodge and FIB using the data, and not the data collector itself. Interesting that Tucker blamed the collector….
Remember all those Contractors? Comey’s BFF/Attorney Richman, Fusion GPS, Woah Nellie? You gotta know O’Creepy got the band back together.

Un-American?!?!? Since when did spying on your citizens become American, you NAZI AZZHOES?!?!?!!   🤬 🤬 🤬


Biden isn’t even in control of his continence


[…] The Attack on Tucker Carlson is Classic Weissmann DOJ/FBI Treachery […]