2021·11·13 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

SPECIAL SECTION: Message For Our “Friends” In The Middle Kingdom

I normally save this for near the end, but…basically…up your shit-kicking barbarian asses. Yes, barbarian! It took a bunch of sailors in Western Asia to invent a real alphabet instead of badly drawn cartoons to write with. So much for your “civilization.”

Yeah, the WORLD noticed you had to borrow the Latin alphabet to make Pinyin. Like with every other idea you had to steal from us “Foreign Devils” since you rammed your heads up your asses five centuries ago, you sure managed to bastardize it badly in the process.

Have you stopped eating bats yet? Are you shit-kickers still sleeping with farm animals?

Or maybe even just had the slightest inkling of treating lives as something you don’t just casually dispose of?

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

And here’s my response to barbarian “asshoes” like you:

OK, with that rant out of my system…

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Kamala Harris has a new nickname since she finally went west from DC to El Paso Texas: Westward Hoe.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices

All prices are Kitco Ask, 3PM MT Friday (at that time the markets close for the weekend).

Last week:

Gold $1819.00
Silver $24.25
Platinum $1042.00
Palladium $2117.00
Rhodium $15,500.00

This week, markets closed for the weekend at 3:00 PM Mountain Time

Gold $1866.10
Silver $25.42
Platinum $1091.00
Palladium $2195.00
Rhodium $15,100.00

According to people who read commodities and stock charts for a living, gold has definitely staged a “technical breakout.”

I suppose I should try to explain that statement. (If someone here actually does this for a living, please correct/amplify as warranted.) Apparently the movements of these sorts of prices generally follow certain patterns. For example, you might see something climb, peak, drop, climb again, peak even higher, then drop. Then it will climb again but reach a peak lower than the previous peak. Because you see three peaks with the one in the middle higher than the two on the sides, it’s called a “head and shoulders” pattern, and generally they expect to see the stock or commodity drop a lot coming off that third peak. There’s also a tendency for prices to move up and down in a narrow channel (which may itself be rising, falling, or staying the same). This sort of thing works well until it doesn’t; the idea is to spot when the current pattern is failing.

It also matters–a lot–the time range you’re using to look at the graph. Gold apparently was in a flagpole-and-pennant pattern, which ends with it bouncing up and down in a narrowing range (the pennant; it looks a bit like a triangle pointing to the right). When the point of the pennant is reached, a big move is expected. It could be up or down.

According to this analysis, we’re seeing the big move right now, and it’s up. The trick is knowing how far up it will go. Apparently if gold can break $1900 it’s expected to go to $2000, and at least one “expert” has said it’s likely to do so.

I have hedged my wording quite a lot, because these “rules” aren’t rules, they are tendencies and sometimes they do go wrong. If you decide to rush off and buy a 400 oz bar, and gold turns around and crashes unexpectedly dropping 300 bucks, and you lose $120,000…well, it’s not MY fault; I am NOT giving advice and even if I were, you wouldn’t have to follow it.

What am I going to do? Absolutely nothing. I have a position in gold and I don’t plan to alter it. I’ve learned that I absolutely suck at short-term plays.

Part XXV: The Particle Zoo


We’re going back inside the atom again. Only natural since last time we were doing cosmology. And if that sounds like irony to you, it really isn’t. The two subjects are inextricably tied together; cosmologists pay a lot of attention to particle physics.

As of 1935, our picture of the “innards” of atoms consisted of electrons (very light particles with a “negative” electric charge) “orbiting” a much heavier nucleus (at least 1800 times the mass of the electrons, sometimes much more). That nucleus in turn consisted of “positive” charged protons (about the same number as electrons; in fact for an neutral, unionized atom, the exact same number) and (except in the case of Hydrogen-1, the most common atom in the universe by far) some number of neutrons. The electron and proton charges were equal in strength but opposite each other (making it mathematically natural to call one charge e and the other charge -e, as if they were mathematical opposites; however the assignment of -e to the electron was historical accident that goes back to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin). The neutron has no electric charge at all. The neutron and proton are almost exactly the same mass (the neutron is slightly heavier), roughly 1830 times the electron.

These particles all have some angular momentum, generally 1/2 or -1/2 of Planck’s reduced constant, ħ (pronounced “h-bar”).

We had also discovered that every one of these particles has an anti-particle of the same mass but opposite electric charge and spin. Bringing a particle and its anti-particle together causes a sort of mutual annihilation where the particles turn completely into energy. (Though some of the heavier particles release a mix of energy and lighter particles.) The anti-electron is also known as a positron; the others are simply anti-protons, anti-neutrons, and so on.

There was a solid theoretical argument for something called a neutrino, too (plus an anti-neutrino), but they’re hard to detect. (They did eventually get detected in the 1950s, but that’s getting ahead of things.)

Finally, there was the photon, the particle (though sometimes it behaves as a wave) of electromagnetic energy, whose spin is 1. The photon is its own anti-particle; or equivalently, it has no anti particle but plays the same role interacting with anti-particles as it does with particles.

These can be classified as follows (I’m going to leave out the anti-particles; they go into the same buckets as their corresponding particles):

bosons: Have an integer spin, and many can occupy the same quantum state: photon. You can think of these as “force carrying” particles, but only one of them was known in 1935.

fermions: Have a half-integer spin, and only one can occupy a particular quantum state: electron, neutrino, proton, neutron. These you can think of as “matter.” But you can divide these into leptons and baryons, meaning light and heavy. Electrons and neutrinos are leptons, protons and neutrons are baryons.

A brick of gold or anything else you can drop on your foot is made mostly (by weight) of baryons, and today we have occasion to call it “baryonic matter” (which implies there’s some kind of matter that is not “baryonic matter” but that’s another story for another day, soon).

Baryons, and only baryons, are subject to the strong nuclear force, which makes them stick to each other in nuclei in spite of the fact that protons repel each other electrically with simply ridiculous amounts of force. The strong force has to do with alpha radioactive decay.

Baryons and leptons both are subject to the weak nuclear force, as well.

The electron and proton have an electric charge, and are thus subject to the electromagnetic force as well, while the neutrino and neutron have no charge and aren’t subject to the electromagnetic force.

Finally, nuclear and particle physicists have a couple of quirks. They express energy in electron volts (eV), the amount of energy an electron gains after going through a potential of one volt. And that is exactly 1.602176634×10−19 joules.

Mass will be expressed in eV/c2, electron volts divided by c2. After all E = mc2, so dividing energy by c2 gives you a mass. When talking though, they’ll often just say the mass of such-and-such particle is so many eV and not bother saying “over see squared.” They all know what they mean, and I’m going to dispense with it here.

An electron has a mass of 511 keV (kilo electron volts, thousand electron volts). Protons and neutrons weigh in at 938.3 and 939.6 MeV (mega electron volts, million electron volts), respectively.

OK, that’s a recap!

The Muon

In 1935, Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981) took up the issue of the strong nuclear force. It seemed that there ought to be some particle that mediates it, just like photons mediate the electromagnetic force.

The strong nuclear force is very strong…over very short distances. It drops off to nothing rapidly thereafter. This could be explained if that mediating particle was unstable. If it can’t get far before it breaks down, the force it carries can’t get far either. But an even better “fit” comes from consideration of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It allows a particle to be created from nothing, but for a very short time. In other words, the energy can be “borrowed” for a brief period of time, but the more energy that is borrowed, the shorter the term of the loan.

So a particle about 200 times the mass of the electron could be created from nothing…but would have to disappear before it had a chance to move much more than the diameter of a proton. But while it was there, it could act to “carry” the strong nuclear force.

Of course, if there’s enough energy to create the particle conventionally, it will, perhaps, stick around long enough to actually be detected.

This was an intermediate mass particle, so it was named “meson” from a Greek word meaning “middle” (also appearing in “Mesoamerica” and “Mesozoic”).

Remember what I just said about “if there’s enough energy to create the particle conventionally”? One place where there’s a lot of energy is in cosmic ray collisions with atoms in our upper atmosphere.

And lo and behold the very next year, 1936, a particle about 200 times the mass of the electron was found as the product of such collisions by Carl D. Anderson (1905-1991), the same man who had discovered the positron in 1932. This meson had a charge of -e, the same as the electron, and it decayed in about 2.2 microseconds. Which seemed a bit long (this is an eternity when dealing with subatomic particles).

Neils Bohr suggested naming the particle the “yukon” (to honor Yukawa) and in fact, for a time that’s what many called it.

But it very quickly became apparent this actually was not Yukawa’s meson. It didn’t seem to want to have anything whatsoever to do with the strong nuclear force.

The more they looked at this meson, the more it looked like it was just like a heavy, unstable electron.

In 1947 another such particle was discovered by a collaboration led by Cecil Powell in England. This, indeed was the particle Yukawa was expecting. So, to distinguish the two, this new particle was called the pi-meson, and Anderson’s discovery was called the mu-meson.

More mesons were discovered, and the mu-meson turned out to be a real oddball; its name got shortened to “muon” and that’s the name it has to this day. It’s still, basically, an overweight, unstable cousin of the electron. It seemed to have no clear role in anything at all; in fact Nobel laureate I. I. Rabi very famously quipped, “who ordered that?” (Today in our “Brandon” age where certain four letter words are acceptable for display on flags for little kids to practice phonics on, he might have said, “WTF is this?!?” only spelled out.)

Muons today are famous for being excellent proofs of time dilation. The muons generated in the upper atmosphere (tens of miles up) by cosmic rays shouldn’t live long enough to move more than about 2200 feet on average (1 foot is almost exactly one nanosecond at light speed, a microsecond is a thousand nanoseconds). Yet they regularly manage to reach us here on the ground because their “clocks” run slower at the speed they are moving. This can also be checked in particle accelerators.

As time went on, the muon’s resemblance to the electron looked stronger and stronger; it’s now classified as a lepton, not a meson. Meanwhile, as I mentioned before, we started discovering other types of mesons.

And we started discovering new types of baryons as well.

Quite a lot of both.

Mesons (minus the muon, no longer considered a true meson) and baryons together shared the characteristic of being affected by the strong nuclear force. So as a class the two together were now named “hadrons.”

By 1956, people were talking about the “particle zoo” because there were so many different kinds of hadrons known.

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear. I’m going to throw a lot of particle names at you here; but the real point of this is later on. Once you’ve seen that point…forget about these particles. They do not matter, and never will to anyone outside a particle physics lab (who have to be able to identify them if only so they can ignore them–they’re noise).

Just for instance in the 1950s a (forgettable) baryon known as the delta particle, about 25 percent heavier than protons, was discovered. Its charge was +2e, twice that of the proton! Also discovered were three other particles of the same mass, with charges +e, 0, and -e. They all had 3/2 spin (not 1/2). These ended up all being called delta particles, with symbols Δ++ , Δ+ , Δ0 , and Δ. Physicists tended to name these particles after Greek letters but had long since run out of them and were having to double, triple, and quadruple up on them.

In fact the pi meson (now called a pion) turned out to have three varieties, π+, π0 , and π . It turned out those delta particles would decay into combinations of pi particles, protons and neutrons (e.g., the double delta would decay into a proton and a positive pion, the neutral delta would decay into a neutron plus a neutral pion or a proton and a negative pion), and generally within about 5×10-24 seconds!

This was just one piece of it. There was an obvious question. Why was there a double positive delta particle, but no double negative delta? This turned out to be a big clue, actually.

Here’s another one. There is a (forgettable) K meson, too, discovered in 1947. (And it’s K, not kappa.) Now shortened to kaon, it, too, comes in positive, neutral, and negative forms. K+, K0 , and K.

These lived much longer than pions or delta particles, about 1×10-8 seconds.

This longer life eventually led to the recognition of a property that simply got called “strangeness,” at the suggestion of Murray Gell-Mann (1929-2019) [yes, we’ve reached the Trump administration.] It was conserved in fast reactions that seemed to have to do with the strong nuclear force, but not in slower reactions (like the kaon’s decay) that had to do with the weak nuclear force.

We eventually found baryons that had strangeness in them too, sometimes even in double doses. No baryon (other than the proton, and (almost) the neutron) was stable, but the strange ones were less unstable than the non-strange ones.

We now had scores of baryons and mesons…all of them supposedly fundamental particles, and very little rhyme or reason to the mess. That’s why we had the “particle zoo.”

Which, maybe, reminds you of something.

It’s like the way we were finding more and more chemical elements in the 1800s, all of them fundamental entities (or so we thought), and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to that mess either.

And what happened, in 1869, was the first good effort to find a way to organize them coherently, then in the 1890s, the discovery that they consisted of a handful of more basic particles.

And this is exactly what happened here.

Murray Gell-Mann (again), in 1961 found a way to organize these particles, working with their charge and their strangeness. They ended up, mostly, in groups of eight. There was a group of eight mesons with a single meson left over.

Meson octet. Particles on opposite corners of the hexagon are anti-particles of each other; the two in the center are their own anti-particles. The remaining single particle is the eta-prime, η′

The baryons came in two groups:

The baryon octet. Note the neutron and proton at the top. Things with the same strangeness are in horizontal lines. Q stands for the electric charge, and diagonals running from upper left to lower right have the same electric charge (1 for the proton and Σ+ (sigma), and so on).

There was also a baryon decuplet, where our delta particles show up:

Baryon decuplet, Delta particles have no strangeness, the Σs have one dose of strangeness, the Ξ (xi, pronounced ksee not zigh) particles have a double dose. The Ω (omega) particle was a prediction, but would have triple strangeness.

This made things tidy, but just like the periodic table, there were strong hints of an underlying order. In the case of the periodic table, it turned out to be the precise ways electron orbitals would be defined by quantum mechanics. In this case, who knew?

The Ω particle at the bottom of the decuplet was not known in 1961. Gell-Mann predicted it in 1962 because it fit the logical progression, and a very close match for it was found in 1964. This was a lot like Mendeleyev predicting gallium and germanium, so it made it look like Gell-Mann was onto something.

Gell-Mann called this schema the eightfold way (inspired by Buddhism’s “eightfold path”).

It took a few decades for chemists to understand the underlying “message” of the periodic table.

It took exactly three years for the particle physicists to make a suggestion–the one which turned out to be correct–as to what was under this scheme.

Gell-Mann, and, independently, George Zweig (1937-still alive and kicking!) came up with what turned out to be the correct answer…though it would take quite some time to prove it and flesh it out.

All of these hadrons were made of something smaller, which got named quarks. There were three kinds of quarks. An “up” quark had a +2/3 charge. A “down” quark has a -1/3 charge. And so does a “strange” quark. Strange quarks are unstable, wanting to decay into up quarks. However, they are responsible for strangeness. All quarks have 1/2 spin (though they can sometimes be “upside down” with a -1/2 net spin).

The three different kinds of quarks are called different flavors of quarks.

[Up, down, strange, flavor..and you’ll soon see color names. Note a lot of English, instead of Latin or Greek. Even the name “quark” came from a poem written in English. This is why it all seems whimsical bordering on silly sometimes. “Up” versus “proton”–the word “proton” has far more gravitas.]

So how does this work?

Baryons consist of exactly three quarks.

A proton consists of two up quarks and a down quark (uud), and if you do the math, that’s a net +1 charge. A neutron consists of an up and two down quarks (udd) and again, doing the math, that’s a net 0 charge.

The delta particles cover all four possible combinations of up and down quarks (uuu, uud, udd, ddd) and doing the math you get charges, 2, 1, 0, and -1, respectively. The difference between the proton (uud) and the delta+ particle (uud) is the spin; deltas have 3/2 spin and protons 1/2 spin. (Similarly for neutrons and the delta-0 particle.) Now why isn’t there a uuu or ddd baryon with a 1/2 spin? This is excluded on quantum-mechanical grounds; a 3/2 spin is mandatory for these combinations.

Particles with strangeness have at least one strange quark. Those Σ particles (3 of them) have one strange quark each, the remaining question is whether the other two quarks will be uu, ud, or dd (three possibilities). The natural result is the decuplet shown, where the bottom member is three strange quarks, sss, making up the Ω.

Now these baryons start to make a sort of sense. What about the mesons?

As it happens, every quark has an anti-particle of the opposite charge, so there’s an anti-up with a -2/3 charge, for instance. A meson is a quark and an anti-quark. So you could pair an up with an anti-down to create a meson with 2/3 + (- 1/3) = 1 charge, and that’s the π+. The other two forms of pions are also formed from up and down quarks/anti-quarks; the negative pion is a down and an anti-up. The neutral pion turns out to be two different things. It is either an up+anti-up or down+anti-down pair and of course the two quarks right next to their own anti-particle don’t last long at all! (Neutral pions decay in about 10-17 seconds, the others are good for about 10-8 seconds, a billion times as long.)

Running all the combinations of up, down, strange and their opposite numbers gives nine possible mesons. And more arise when you consider different combinations of spin (which will be whole numbers in this case).

Again, the point is NOT to remember this stuff more than 10-8 seconds after finishing the article (and if you remember it even that long, you’re strange), other than to remember the idea of quarks. So if your eyes are glazed over…that’s fine.

This whole theory was considered by many to be a completely abstract model with no bearing on reality, however, very similar to the Rutherford experiment with scattering alpha particles off of gold atoms, in 1968 someone was able to shoot things into protons and neutrons…and it became evident that there were things inside the proton and neutron. Still, scientists didn’t want to conclude that what was there were Gell-Mann/Zweig quarks, so they called them “partons” (nothing to do with Dolly…it’s off the word “part”).

As time went on it turned out that the quark model was correct, but there’s one more aspect to the story.

We’ve never seen a quark all by its lonesome. They seem to want to be in groups of three, or two (when one is an anti-particle). So either three quarks, or a (net) zero quarks!

Very shortly after the quark concept was introduced, Oscar W. Greenberg suggested that the strong force might actually have its own sort of charge. Except that instead of a positive and negative charge (two opposite charges, in other words) like electromagnetism, there might be three kinds of charges. Combining all three made a neutral strong charge.

Exactly like the way red, green and blue light add up to make white, but any combination of two of these will have some sort of color.

So in fact it’s now called “color charge” even though actual color has nothing to do with it. The three quarks in (say) a proton, consist of one “blue,” one “green,” and one “red” quark (and it doesn’t really matter which one is which). They add to white, no color charge.

A meson, with a quark and anti-quark, will have, say, a “red” and “anti-red” (or cyan) charge, again, net result white, no color charge. (It’s almost always called “anti-red”, “anti-green” or “anti-blue” never cyan, magenta and yellow.)

And it turns out the strong nuclear force is actually an indirect manifestation of the strong force (note: no word “nuclear”) between the quarks. In other words the proton-proton attraction within the nucleus is not the primary manifestation of the force. Rather, the strong force keeps the protons and neutrons themselves together. It’s sort of like theorizing that a rubber band seems to have a “rubber band” force to it, but then finding out what’s really at the bottom of it is electromagnetic forces between atoms and molecules in the rubber band.

The strong force is, fundamentally, carried by particles called gluons (which are bosons of zero spin). They have mass, but more importantly, they themselves have “color” are subject to the strong force, unlike photons which aren’t subject to the force they carry. So two quarks exchange virtual gluons, and the virtual gluons themselves can exchange more virtual gluons. That turned out to be a very interesting computational problem, largely aided by “Feynman diagrams” invented by Richard Feynman.

Who, by the way, hated the color names; he thought they would be confusing and even called his colleagues “idiot physicists” for using the term.

As it turns out the only force capable of changing the flavor of a quark is the weak force. And weak interactions tend to take more time (or equivalently, are less likely), which is why those strange baryons and hadrons took so long to decay: The strange quark had to change to an up quark, and that’s a slow process because it requires the weak force.

More Recent Developments

Having two quarks with -1/3 charge but only one of 2/3 charge was an imbalance that nagged at people; so almost immediately, there were suggestions there should be a fourth quark…which got the name “charm.” So there would be two “generations” of quarks: up/down made one, and charm/strange made another. This sort of matched the leptons, where there was an electron and a muon which could be considered a second generation.

Today, it’s stated that the strange quark was detected in 1968.

In 1973 a third generation was suggested, called top and bottom. (I distinctly remember hearing them called “truth” and “beauty” as a kid…and I did not realize they didn’t actually mean truth and beauty, so I just shook my head and probably at least thought the word “bullshit” at the thought that they were claiming to have found particles of actual truth and beauty. Fortunately almost no one calls them that today.)

In 1974 the charm quark was detected. The Bottom quark followed in 1977. The top quark is quite a lot more massive (about as massive as a gold atom!) and wasn’t found until 1995.

Similarly, there are three generations of “electron.” The tau particle or tauon was first speculated on in 1960, and detected in 1974-75. Its half life is about 10-13 seconds. So the stable of leptons is filling out too.

There are a couple more chapters in this story. One, I think I can disregard. The other one I can’t…but I will save it for later. Interestingly, it has to do with that odd bit about the sun only producing 1/3 of the neutrinos anticipated.

OK, now that you know what quarks are…forget the kaons, delta particles, sigmas. xis, and omegas. None of these will ever show up in your kitchen and even the pion isn’t a household word by any means. And you’re unlikely to ever see strange, charm, top and bottom quarks, either (though they’re easier to remember). Muons? Occasionally thanks to cosmic rays. Tauons? Never.

The ones that exist outside a physics laboratory or a smashup in the upper atmosphere are the first generation, the electron, up and down. Everything you see around you, everything you can drop on your foot, is made up of those. The others are exotic and evanescent. They only matter (pun intended) to particle physicists.

And cosmologists.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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Another Saturday, another seminar on physics/astronomy/coins.  😆 


They’re very nice seminars on physics/astronomy/coins. Only the finest.


Slow guy looks forward to every Saturday.

The rants a staple AND fun. Precious metal rates and commentary. Reminder about his fraudulency AND stolen elections gotta be corrected legally. The physics / astronomy information I am able to grasp is appreciated. Have learned a great deal. Stuff I had wondered about in a glancing way, OR simply had no clue about. Fascinating.


The part about the colors got my attention. (It’s like looking at the pictures instead of actually reading, LOL.) There’s a whole language that many of us know not of…gluons, muons, mesons…


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Deplorable Patriot

They’ve been working on remaking Christianity for a few hundred years, actually.


They seemed to have skipped morons. Strangely


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It’s all way out of my grasp but it makes me proud that we have a nice guy willing to prepare it and share the secrets of the universe with dumbells like moi !


We aren’t the only ones who have noticed all those ‘woke’ ads these days.

The same thing has been going on in the UK and in Australia.

And those ‘woke’ ads are failing to sell products.

…………….Posted beneath the video:

The IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera says “woke” ads are “failing” because they are focusing on trying to change people’s perceptions of the world instead of trying to sell products.

It comes after Kmart released an ad on TikTok featuring a bearded performer who is dancing and modelling dresses.

“The advertising’s no longer about selling products; it’s no longer about selling clothes, or razors or chocolate bars – it’s about selling ideas, it’s about changing the way people think,” Ms d’Abrera told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“It’s called purpose-driven advertising. It’s trying to change people’s perceptions of reality and how they view the world. It’s got nothing to do with selling products.

“And, it’s failing, it’s actually not working … people aren’t buying thing’s because [of] woke ads.”


We were talking about this recently. Do yall think that corps are getting subsidies or being paid to promote this crap ? Surely they’re not doing it out of a true belief in it ?


I don’t know.

Maybe they are doing it to avoid getting targeted themselves.

Antifuh/BLM have demonstrated their ability to make life miserable and expensive for businesses and corporations.

It’s like they have been appeased now that the ‘woke ads’ are happening.
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Hell, even the Supreme Court doesn’t want to get targeted by the Left’s flying monkeys.


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NOT enough. The American Revolution was fought by 3% of the Colonies. WAY more than 3% are becoming pissed off now than then.

Then it was taxation without representation, today it is vaccination without representation. Same scenario a far off dictator and his ilk forced policies and taxes and oppression on the people, thinking he could bludgeon them into compliance no matter what hardship he imposed from a far, out of touch with the ground and commoners HERE. It did NOT end well for him.

My son tells me “yeah but no one has done anything about it” I reply YET.

Remember, the colonists took that abuse for decades, Then ONE day, a simple tea tax, and later the killing of 2 teens by British troops lead all hell to break lose. The REST is history.

The people took it until they could NOT take it anymore, and one or tow things set it all off. America was a powder keg then, and it is becoming one NOW. ONE small spark is all it will take.

Do not get me wrong, I DO NOT want revolution. But when given the choice between oppression and slavery and Revolution and freedom.

I quote Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty, or give me death”

I WANT this handled the RIGHT way by LAW, equal to ALL. But when laws are applied unequally, arbitrarily, and captiously, with NO recourse. When laws are FLAUNTED by those in “power” who have FORGOTTEN who gave them that power and where it originates FROM, choosing to do as they and a small group of elites wish DESPITE and counter too the overwhelming will of the people, in open DEFIANCE of that will and then unabashedly using punitive methods to try and thwart that will.

I ask you, how many times do these people have to show us WHO and WHAT they are, and openly give us the middle finger and DARE us to stop them? How many times do we have to watch them openly mock us, sanction us, and abuse their power AGAINST us before we wake up and realize one simple truth.

They are NOT on our side, they do not CARE out OUR lives, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness, or our FREEDOM. They ONLY care about themselves and their elite bubble. That is NOT Govt of the people by the people and FOR the people, that is a new aristocracy bordering on The French in 1789, letting us eat cake.

It is something our founding fathers risked life, liberty, and fortune to ardently OPPOSE. They wrote the Constitution to specifically PROHIBIT that from happening here, because they had lived through the same crap we are NOW.

They rose up against tyranny, and fought. Were they alive today they would be doing exactly the same now.

I ask you, do we let all those who fought, blead, suffered, and DIED so we could be free, have done it all in vain? I know, my son tells me, but your are just one man, what can you or I do?

56 men signed the declaration of Independence
39 delegates signed the US Constitution
3% fought the Revolutionary war.

Big things start SMALL.


Forgive the diatribe, passionate about the situation we are in. I meant no offense or not to lecture. Hope it did not come off that way.


agreed, the clock is ticking. Think another fictional movie, Ghostbusters. The gatekeeper and the key master were waiting for the sign. We do not even KNOW what the trigger will be, but unfortunately, we know it will happen. Those in power have gone too far to take a step back, the VA election showed that, Did they pull back? Nape they doubled down.

IMHO they want a final confrontation, believing they will win.
I have NO doubt they have something prepared. But I remind you this. So too was King George. He had the most powerful Army, navy and military in the world that he brought to bear on us, vastly over equipped, over experienced, and over manned.

Yet he underestimated our resolve. Just as the dems ALWAYS do.

Over confidence was George’s downfall, so too will it happen here, as it has throughout history.

You and I have obviously studied history, we see the signs, History has an odd way of repeating, and evil NEVER learns and is DOOMED to repeat actions that lead to it’s demise, Over confidence is a major weakness of the left. VANITY.

Barb Meier

Those who live off of taxpayer money and also think they are more clever and wise, are not. They are simply scheming ingrates. We see right through them and their foolishness and harm cannot stand.



Cuppa Covfefe

And another example, born in (of) the 1950s-1960s, looking at the future, courtesy of Tom Lehrer (duck and cover when needed):

Barb Meier

No, rex, you were eloquent and did not lecture. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful and patriotic words that should encourage the elites to back off on their endless abuses of all their fellow countrymen before it backfires on them. We are a free and problem-solving people and have gone far out of our way to avoid harming our wonderful republic and the lives of us all. Elites may think they want us to start a civil war and they have been pushing us toward that. They are wrong. They might start a war, but American parents have shown we do have limits on our tolerance of evil.


Thank you


MORE, please.

Your posts are appreciated.


Thank you. As I have said before, the Covid scam (not the real virus, the hype), hit me hard. Then they coupled that with the election fraud, and now are ramming their unwanted agenda down our throats while those supposed to be on “our” side fiddle while America burns.

Tired of the games. Donald Trump revealed the “game”, the players, and the “rules” I will sleep no more. I cannot unsee.

The Founding Fathers would likely have hung them ALL (with very few exceptions)

I have learned a few things in my life.

One, the Lord helps those that help THEMSELVES
Two, those that do not study and learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Three, don’t believe everything you hear and only some of what you see, trust your instincts, that little voice is there for a reason.
Four pray for peace but prepare for WAR.
Five treat others like you like to be treated, with respect, but do not be taken advantage of (kindness for weakness)
Six keep your friends close but KNOW your enemies
Seven, ALWAYS be vigilant and prepared.
Eight, don’t just hear, LISTEN (pay attention)
Nine, Never get too high in the good times nor too low in the bad, try to live your life in the middle.
Ten, Never be afraid to admit you were wrong, take accountability, and learn from your mistakes.


Great TRUTHs to live by.


Taught to me by my father. I have discussed him before.


Like you….
I had a Very WISE Dad.

I miss him.


^^^ Keeper. ^^^

(I did)


Again, it is NEVER a good idea to piss of your clientele, OR your constituents…These ads force fed to us 1000 times a day are the views of .1 % of the populace. The other 40 % are not paying ANY attention and could care less. BUT, the REST of us are paying attention, and getting tired and PISSED OFF about it being force fed to not only US, but our children and grandchildren. Now we are beginning to speak with our wallets, if this shit continues, we will speak with a decidedly more harsh method than our money.


True, that is leftist doctrine. Repeat a lie often enough and it seems true.

The biggest part of this is AWARE?NESS of what they are doing. When enough become aware, they become PISSED, and then counter action follows. History is littered with that. People take it until they DON’T. Then the ones that abused the people get their comeuppance.

There IS an opposing view, it is just being subverted, obfuscated, and denied by MSM and big tech.

The Founding Fathers found ways too defeat that oppression, and get the word out to like minded patriots. So too must we. This blog is a PRIME example, There are MANY more, millions.

The only difference between then, and now is there has not been a defining coalescing event that brings us ALL together. I would have thought the election was it, but I think Covid “vaccine” mandates may just do the trick. An election to most is NOT personal, it does not hit home.

A health issue and being forced to do something or lose ones livelihood, most certainly hits home to ALL.


“We were talking about this recently. Do yall think that corps are getting subsidies or being paid to promote this crap ? Surely they’re not doing it out of a true belief in it ?”


I read about this recently, maybe on Political Moonshine, but I’m not sure now.

The old model for Fascism was for a government to essentially conscript corporations into their servitude, and weaponize corporations against the People.

The new model for Fascism inverts that process, since not just one country is trying to achieve totalitarian control over their population, the psychopaths are trying to achieve totalitarian control over the entire planet.

So the solution was fairly straightforward.

We are familiar with the graphic showing that 90% or more of all media companies are owned by just six giant corporations.

That’s apparently the case in all of the other industries that matter as well.

And then you have companies like Black Rock (and one other company, starts with a “V” I think) that own shares of everything, so their people sit on the board of directors of all the companies who control all of the major industries globally.

And then you have the people who own and control Black Rock (and the other company) who essentially have a controlling interest in every major industry.

The banking cartel of course facilitated all of it and works hand in hand.

The global multinational corporations have then, over the past couple of decades or more, taken control of the governments of the world (or at least of the Western world), and use the governments to achieve totalitarian control over the populations.

Fascism in the 1930s ~ 1940s = government uses corporations to achieve totalitarian control

Fascism in the 21s century = corporations use governments to achieve totalitarian control


With that in mind, it appears we’re much further along than people realize. It’s mind blowing that they’re actually talking out loud about monitoring our own bank accounts.
They have the courts, the press, the police and military, the supply chain, energy, elections, medical, our privacy, education ..

Last edited 2 years ago by mollypitcher5

The so-called white hats have done an extraordinary job of keeping all of this under the table, on the down low, so the enemy can complete the totalitarian takeover.

Couldn’t do it without ’em. 👍


Yes. The white hats are doing everyone a huge favor by ‘letting’ us see it for ourselves so..uh..something.

We spend so much time fighting each new outrage that the big picture blurs.

Realistically there’s only one way out of this and even that is doubtful.


Molly, yes ‘THEY’ have carried the sleepy public quite far along thus far. ICYMI, watch the “Monopoly’ Vid Kalbo posted below.
Rather long but well worth the time.

William (Bill) Cooper wrote an Excellent description about how our economy and markets were being controlled and manipulated years ago in his book
“Behold a pale horse”,
Computers now replace what used to take, multiple floors of bookkeepers and accountants, to make decisions instantly… and of course it too is rigged.

Barb Meier

The Bank Secrecy Act BSA E-Filing System (April 1, 2013) introduced Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) where banks must report suspicious banking activities, such as cash transactions exceeding $10,000 (daily aggregate amount). https://www.occ.treas.gov/topics/supervision-and-examination/bank-operations/financial-crime/suspicious-activity-reports/index-suspicious-activity-reports.html

Gail Combs

The other was Vanguard.

Here is the list:
The 147 Companies That Control Everything
And do not forget they have interlocking boards of Directors, since one person can sit on multiple boards.

Concentration of transnational companiesOf those companies,

  • There was a core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownership
  • The 1318 companies represents around 60 per cent of global revenues by collectively owning through their shares the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms — the “real” economy
  • An even tighter 147 (about 1%) of these were described as super entities that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network.

The top 50 companies are as follows:


Capital Group Companies Inc

FMR Corporation

State Street Corporation

JP Morgan Chase & Co (Rockefellers own Chase)

Legal & General Group

Vanguard Group Inc

Merrill Lynch & Co Inc

Wellington Management Co LLP

Deutsche Bank (DR. REINER FUELLMICH   called them real sleaze bags– He sued them.)

Franklin Resources Inc

Credit Suisse Group

Walton Enterprises LLC

Bank of New York Mellon Corp


Goldman Sachs Group Inc

T Rowe Price Group Inc

Legg Mason Inc

Morgan Stanley

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc

Northern Trust Corporation

Société Générale

Bank of America Corporation….

Cuppa Covfefe



^^^ B I N G O. ^^^

Once I saw it, I can’t un-see it.

Corporations, OWNED by the few elites.

Governments owned by the few Elites.

Media owned by the few elites.

“Monopoly – Who Owns The World.”


Dunno if there are follow on videos to Monopoly, but I look forward to them.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

TY for this Kalbo, some may have missed it during the week.
I agree, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.
Rather long vid, but very much worth the time imho.


“And then you have companies like Black Rock (and one other company, starts with a “V” I think) that own shares of everything, so their people sit on the board of directors of all the companies who control all of the major industries globally “

Please allow me to insert VANGUARD  😁 

Barb Meier

I wonder if the threats of large fines would bankrupt smaller companies who cannot afford expensive legal solutions.


“Do yall think that corps are getting subsidies or being paid to promote this crap ?”


For a long time it has been evident that giant corporations don’t care at all about profits, which means their money is coming from somewhere else.

Professional sports don’t care about profits, clearly, because they keep doing things designed to drive fans away. And yet they all stay in business, no problem.

Legacy media clearly doesn’t care about profits. We’re told their ratings have fallen 50% every few months (which would get their ratings down to zero pretty quick if that was true).

They don’t care. Their mission isn’t to make money, their mission is to control via propaganda.

Nike hates money, you can tell, because they hate their customer base. All of the ‘woke’ companies hate their customers. They only way you can hate your customers and lose money for doing so is if your money is coming from somewhere else.

So how are all of these companies staying in business, when they are openly driving their own customers away in the name of cramming their hate-America propaganda down everyone’s throats?

Where does all of the taxpayer money go?

Where do all these stimulus bill funds go?

They’re not fixing bridges or upgrading the electric grid or anything like that where I live, and they haven’t, at least not in my lifetime.

Highways are perpetually under construction, because apparently the construction companies can’t figure out how to build a road that lasts more than 10 minutes.

Where is all the money going?

If Political Moonshine is correct, that the entire government is essentially a mafia enterprise (my characterization), then they have direct access to the money machine.

They pass the funding bills, and that money goes all over the world, to be laundered and kicked back to the government and their handlers and owners.

Taxes are just a means to keep a boot on the Peoples’ necks, they don’t need taxpayer money for anything, not when they can create money out of thin air via spending bills and an accomplice Central Bank.

That can’t go on forever, eventually you’ll get hyperinflation and the whole system will collapse — but if the objective is to crash the global economy anyway, in order to facilitate a ‘great reset’ where chaos and disaster are used to consolidate power and control, then they just keep printing money and using it to achieve their own objectives until the system collapses.

They win by stealing trillions of dollars to fund their takeover of the world, and when the global economy collapses from their abuse, they can move in and take control of everything (and everyone).


There are very good reasons, lots of them, why governments working together with private corporations is a very, very bad idea.

Shrub, of the Nazi Bush family, referred to these entities lovingly, as “public-private partnerships”.

Good old fashioned fascism with a modern PC label.

He gave us the Patriot Act too.

A real miracle that the Patriot Act was all set to go, the day after 9/11.

So fortuitous.

For somebody.

Someone who is not us.

Gail Combs



The Grace Commission confirms the allegation that the income tax revenues go 100% to pay the interest on the national debt and not a single nickel of it goes to the government.

Whatever government services we have, they are not being financed by the income tax. The underlined section of this report is from the Grace Commission that proves that none of the personal income tax goes to pay for any government services and is used to pay only the interest on the national debt.

At the time of the report, the US debt was $1.6 trilllion.

JW in Germany

Another great comment Scott! I have to steal/share this one too! 😎 


“It’s called purpose-driven advertising. It’s trying to change people’s perceptions of reality and how they view the world.”


It’s called brainwashing, propaganda and psychological warfare.

And it should be a death-penalty eligible criminal act to attack your own population in such a manner.


Seeing a guy dancing in a dress is definitely an attack.

Valerie Curren

pretty sure aka BHO “legalized” propaganda during his 1st AND 2nd Usurpations…it’s now on steroids during his apparent 3rd Usurpation  😡 


The things that have always worked will continue to work. These include:

  • Romance/romantic tension between a man and a woman. It’s one reason why no one wants to see two guys ballroom dancing. It ruins it. It’s why romantic comedies and Hallmark movies are successful.
  • Beauty in its classic form. Morbid obesity isn’t beautiful. Weird clothing, pink hair, and a sloppy body and attire (male and female) are not attractive.
  • Classic masculinity and femininity. Gender-bending is not appealing.

Cute and beautiful women and men will still sell cars and a lot of other products. Dancing bearded men in dresses, no.


People that look like they fell into a tacklebox (EXCESSIVE Piercings) are repulsive to me also.

Cuppa Covfefe

Our shopping news ads (ALDI, Lidl, Penny, Rewe, Kaufland, Edeka, etc.) are all filled with agenda-driven ads. Indeed Penny hired a gang a transvestites dressed in single-color outfits of different colors to “aid” their ads.

I can just see it now: “Mommy, why is that man dressed up like a woman” (OK; it’s happening in real life now with that idiot “healh secretary” who’s too stupid or perverted to know if he has a willy or a won’t he). Lots of birds and bees dialogues set to take place a little early now, although the schools here are teaching it so early the kids can’t possibly practice their lessons at home…

Add to that the shopping news itself, a birdcage liner of allegedly local news aimed at creating consensus (con-NONSENSUS) with whatever covIDIOCY the gubmint has planned.

Criminy, even this month’s EKD (Lutheran Church of Germany) bulletin/newsletter laments the refauxgee crisis, the climate crisis, the COVID crisis, yet not a SINGLE WORD about the crisis of all the unsaved souls out there and those backsliding and drifting, which are what the Church should be addressing, and which has ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES. They’ve gotten as useless as sleepy creepy Joe and his ilk; indeed BLIND GUIDES leading folks straight into HELL.

So Penny no longer gets our (and many others’) patronage, and many people here rail at the ads… probably yet another reason why they’re bombarding us with offers (soon to be threats, I expect) to “get our app” or get no discounts…


I don’t download any store apps because I don’t trust them. I also don’t trust those blocks of code that you can scan into your phone for service of different types (menus and the like). To me, it’s like a stranger handing you something to eat, and you take it without question.

Deplorable Patriot

Now that it’s out in the open and people understand what is happening….

This has been going on for decades, actually.


True, but it is MUCH more pervasive now, in all things, they OVER REACH. A guy once said, they do not hide their symbolism, they openly FLAUNT it. All we had to do was pay attention and recognize it.


Yup ! as DJT once said..
“Everything WOKE turns to Shit ..”
But we here knew that already.

I actually find all the virtue signaling in woke commercials rather handy ,
It acts as a double face slap. 1st slap is to wake me from my slumber and remind me that I am watching the corporate media propaganda arm in action .
2nd slap is to remind me not to send any $$ in that direction… and to scratch them from my memory .

but that’s just me,.. sometimes I NEED that double slap..I tend to fall asleep in front of the boob-tube.  😂 
apparently I’m one of many and ‘some’ are just realizing it.
Odd to hear THEM admit it though

WE DO outnumber THEM
So it all makes sense  😀 


WE outnumber them by FAR. It is NEVER a good idea in business to piss off your CLIENTELE


Lee Harvey Oswald was a sharpshooter, one grade behind “expert.”


The lone piece of evidence used to prove Lee Harvey Oswald was a good enough rifle shot to assassinate former President John F. Kennedy from a perch 265 feet away was auctioned off this week.

Oswald’s U.S. Marine Corps Score Book, which showed he was in the “sharpshooter” range and the second best behind expert, was sold by RR Auctions of Boston for $75,000.

“It’s an extraordinary piece of history used as a major exhibit of evidence in the Warren Commission conclusions implicating Lee Harvey Oswald to the Kennedy assassination,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction.

The 80-page softcover workbook was issued on Dec. 3, 1956, filled out by Oswald in pencil. It showed that while in the Marines, he was a good shot. That’s all the Warren Commission, formed to probe the JFK killing, needed to conclude that he was the killer.

The commission concluded, “Oswald possessed the capability with a rifle which enabled him to commit the assassination.”

A rifle shooting scoring page in Oswald’s book.

Photo courtesy RR Auctions.

comment image


I believe that the standard “rapid fire” is 10 in 60 seconds.

JW in Germany

I have seen many many soldiers score expert….and many more than that score sharpshooter. I even scored expert 7 times in a row.

My point is that it seems pretty flimsy evidence to convict on.


“Maggies drawers”


I agree, and I think they were looking for anything to use to convict.


Who knew that PDJT has an envoy ambassador? 😃

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


The great people of Serbia and Kosovo have overcome tremendous obstacles in their pursuit of economic normalization. The agreements my administration brokered are historic and should not be abandoned, many lives are at stake. The region is too important and the people have waited too long for this work to be cast aside. Today, my Envoy Ambassador Ric Grenell visited the Kosovo-Serbia border to highlight this important agreement. Just like we proved in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords, peace and economic normalization is possible, but it takes a sincere effort and unwavering leadership. Peace is possible, don’t give up—long term prosperity for those two nations is at stake!

Patel Patriot https://t.me/s/PatelPatriot

Forwarded from CatTheGreat

Isn’t it odd for a “private citizen” to go to another country and hold a press conference for a job they’re no longer doing?

Former US Envoy to Serbia-Kosovo Ric Grenell didn’t want the current “admin” to screw up all their hard work-

“People of the Western Balkans deserve American leadership.”


Patel Patriot

Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)

The more the media & poticians become aware of devolution, the more Trump trolls them about his shadow government.

“Grenell is my envoy to Kosovo.”

Pompeo: “Looking forward to working with Glen Youngkin.”

Meadows: “Trump’s cabinet met this week.” 

Enjoy the show. 🍿


This is VERY interesting.



  1. Formerly, and sometimes still archaically, a postscript to a composition, particularly a ballade or other sentimental poem, to enforce or recommend it.
  2. Figuratively, termination; end.
  3. One despatched upon an errand or a mission; a messenger; specifically, a person deputed by a ruler or government to negotiate a treaty, or transact other business, with a foreign ruler or government.

Things that make you go ‘hmm.’


Too me, it sounds like “someone” is prepared to do a second act.

Combine this with NO Biden “live” events in the Oval office, ALL recorded or at a mock up. Then the WEEKLY weekend trips to Delaware.

Usually, the left would go NUTS on something like this. Mums the word.

Is the game afoot Mr Quartermain?


Gotta wonder.


NO Biden “live” events in the Oval office, ALL recorded or at a mock up.

Do we have evidence of this?


Yep. They caught him numerous times taking his “vaccine” and giving “live speeches” from a mock up in a building next door. You have to ask WHY. I will try to find some of the articles with pics and post links,


there is one, I’ll see if i can find more. Again WHY? What would be the difference of using the set or the REAL thing?


and another…note the mock up made to LOOK like the Oval office and the resolute desk. WHY NOT USE THE REAL THING? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/biden-blasts-republicans-production-set-near-white-house-raising-debt-limit-paying-old-debts-nothing-new-spending-video/

Deplorable Patriot

I need to read up more on devolution. That does seem to be the underpinning of the weirdness going on right now.


There’s a whole series which you probably know about. I have only read snippets but want to read the whole thing.


Deplorable Patriot



Dr. Jordan Peterson explodes about the ‘vaccine’.

H/T: Citizen Free Press

Jordan Peterson — ‘I got the Vaccine, stupid me’… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS


He understands that nothing makes sense anymore, but he still appears to be unwilling to accept the reasons WHY nothing makes sense.

Like most people, they can’t believe we’re in the middle of a world war.

And the reason they can’t believe it is because either

A) there is no one fighting against the powers that are waging war against the population of planet earth


B) if there is any ‘white hat’ power opposing the takeover of planet earth, they have an arrangement with the enemy to keep it a SECRET

Which of course is insane, which brings into doubt that there is any organized ‘white hat’ entity at all.

Secrecy facilitates the enemy takeover.

If the enemy is trying to keep WW3 a secret, why would any so-called ‘good guys’ go along with that plan?

What’s the game, tit-for-tit?


Sounds like a rigged game.

Gail Combs

A) there is no one fighting against the powers that are waging war against the population of planet earth

Not quite. They have been SILENCED.
Dr Tenpenny
Dr Zylanko
Dr. Luc Montagnier
Dr Didier Raoult
Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole 
Dr Roger  Hodkinson
Dr Malone…..

Steve Bannon & his associates

DR. REINER FUELLMICH LAWYER and the Berlin Corona Committee. ==> Nuremberg 2.0
Not to mention the Arizona audits, Mike Lindell, and a bunch of other stuff going on to TAKE OVER THE REBOOBS.

Deplorable Patriot

They haven’t just been silenced. They’ve been labelled as unreliable, which is libelous and slanderous in and of itself.


Yes, those people are all trying and doing what they can. I was referring to any kind of organized opposition, e.g., the secret military in charge of the country concept, or the former DJT administration, or patriot military intelligence, etc.

In other words, opposition on the inside with access to the levers of power, an entity that is professionally trained and a worthy adversary, as opposed to individual civilians 👍

JW in Germany

Jordan Peterson says “not to get conspiratorial…” YES he SHOULD get conspiratorial…because that will lead to a deeper understanding of what is really happening. He is such a brilliant mind…but seems to be putting unnecessary road blocks to his own ability to recognize the bigger picture aka The Great Reset/New World Order. So close…but yet so far.

Deplorable Patriot

If people only knew about the conspiracy they would be rendered mentally ill fairly fast.


“If people only knew about the conspiracy they would be rendered mentally ill fairly fast.”



We know.

Did it make us mentally ill?


Looks to me as if he wants to be liked by whomever prevails in the world war. We used to call this, hedging your bets.


Yes, we really ARE in a World War, and I don’t think most people understand what that war really is.

Around the world, a handful of people run everything. And they do things like manipulate advertising, give the peasants “bread and circuses,” and scare the shit out of everyone with fake health crises like Covid.

But there are billions of peasants. The problem is that the peasants have gotten comfortable with their peasantry.

It is getting more uncomfortable daily to be a peasant, though. Look back through world history at what happens when the peasants get sufficiently uncomfortable for a preview of coming attractions. When the privations get bad enough, populations revolt.

No military in the world will fight against ALL of the people. After all, most of the military comes from the peasant class. But the few “rulers” at the top, in all their hubris and ignorance, always think that they will. Until they don’t…

The end of this is in the hands of the people, “en masse.” When enough are fed up with it, it ends. Period. We here are different, in that we are hyper-aware of what is going on. We are waiting for the ignorant to get uncomfortable enough to stir. And when they do, watch out!


This War, global peasants including Americans, better rise up before the gulag/camps are instituted.
If we think it’s hard now to resist or defy… once their enforcement troops are brought out peasants rising up en masse wont happen for decades.



Mysterious blasts have been happening in China.

And the ChiComs are trying to cover it up.


Muslim Uyghurs doing payback for China’s genocide?


India delivers more truth in China than our propaganda news.

Hoping for more blasts in China.


I can imagine multiple scenarios in regard to these blasts.

1st thought- Xi is consolidating power prior to becoming KING XI at next years commie conference.. his minions are eliminating the opposition , my guess it is those Xi knows for certain will not approve of a King Xi.
2nd and naturally reciprocal-.. Xi’s rival opposition factions , not happy with Xi’s heavy handed commie ‘negotiating skills’ show their displeasure.. with tit for tat bombings everywhere ,
This is tricky business -once initiated ,This could go on for some time , as in ‘ The beatings will continue until moral improves ‘ for both sides/factions.

3rd- Who knows who struck who first, but it appears at this early stage, there is no ‘ total and complete control’ to ‘prevent’ the bombings altogether… yet. Good this means they are all bleeding.

Separately, but not unrelated

There is talk in other quarters of a falling out between Xi and Cabal.
Why ? One faction or another feels cheated, blamed or.. double-crossed.
With so many factions involved, both chi knee and Cabal , it it does not take very long to realize the possible combinations of butt hurt any of the players may feel is exponentially
I have enough on my plate, rather not go there,as long as they’re bleeding I’m content to wait.  😁 


I thought this was very interesting.


I vaguely recall a study that showed that administered statins had no improvement all-causes mortality — they just made cholesterol numbers “look better.” That and a liver-synthesized statin being an indicator for future Type II diabetes seem….ominous….


My vascular surgeon says they also have antithrombotic properties. More here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15569822/


Yeah, I get that — but it’s a symptom of the type of pigeonholed medicine we practice.

Back about five years, I really looked into it (which means, BTW, that I have no links), and I kept coming back to “statins show no improvement in all-causes mortality”. The heart guys loved ’em, ’cause they made heart numbers look better — the liver guys, not so much. The circulation guys said “no thrombosis! these are great!” — the kidney guys, not so much. Maybe they improved body function all over the place but made you dizzy enough to faint in front of cars — who knows?

All-causes mortality showed that whatever benefit was being derived from these drugs was merely being taken from somewhere else. It was pushing the problem off onto some other specialist (who you might not yet be seeing). It never fixed an actual problem “cleanly”.

Back when I had a doctor I halfway trusted, I took ’em for a while. I doubt I ever will going forward.

Brave and Free

IMHO, just another drug they get you to take forever with no real benefit .
I also “took” them when my numbers were approaching 200, and stopped when I wasn’t able to rise out of bed without rolling over the side because of the back pain.
That’s when I started to take a serious look at the world of Big Pharm. and Dr. relationships.

Gail Combs

Dr. Jason Fung: Financial Conflicts of Interests and the End of Evidence-Based Medicine

I can not post that video enough!!! It needs to be spread far and wide.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Excellent reasoning – and precisely the kind of thinking that Fauci intentionally ignores to suppress.

Fauci always “plays the problem down to a sub-part that can be flipped in some perspective, to support the antithesis of greater truth, while distracting and delaying”.

The Bolsheviks at C&EN and their favored voices in science play the same game. Most scientists can’t catch it – they’ve been trained to think the way that Fauci exploits.

Fake Science – which would horrify the classic titans of science – is MASSIVE.

Cuppa Covfefe

Statins cause issues with the Mitochondrial respiratory chain. They get in the way of the action of Coenzyme Q-10, along with the other “participants” in the ADP–> ATP transformation…


Thanks for explaining the meson things. They’re less mysterious to me now. Not sure what they can be used for, which is why they’re mysterious. Ah, well, fleeting thoughts on fleeting objects….

And as noted, a lot of the inhabitants of the particle zoo is rather forgettable, but this makes it likely to be omitted and then the whole rest of the non-forgettable particle fauna becomes unnecessarily magical (in the sense of «magic number» in software) and unexplained as well.

So it is really helpful to have the intermediate results shown, even as they are just intermediate, and are not carried to the answer.

«Three quarks for Muster Mark» — from Finnegans Wake is where the term came from.


The number of them is also right for the duration.


Actually, it’s easier to “un-derive” it — and it’s an exercise that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.


The trick with deriving the quadratic equation is to do the opposite of what is usually being done. And perhaps also know when to do this.

The big focus is usually to simplify equations once the unknown has been separated to one side, but here the equation is then expanded by adding the square of half the first-degree term’s coefficient on both sides. This is like aiming for making a full square on that one side, which then allows us to take the square root of the whole thing, and proceed from there.

But having done it once for the general case, it is easier to remember the solution and plug in the coefficients into that.

Last edited 2 years ago by slowcreekno

That’s why the reverse path seems so easy by comparison.


The varieties of quarks seem designed to document orgies. “Noted top Madame Zelinski practices her art with strangeness and charm with bottoms Ned Nebbish and Obedient Ophelia.”


Ha ha ha!

Cuppa Covfefe

Dreams of Quark(s)…
comment image

Low fat, no less…. less mass…


Epstein didn’t kill himself.

And…𝕁𝕠𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟’𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕟.


𝕁𝕠𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 didn’t kill himself.

Oops too early with that one.


And Epstein didn’t win. Yes, too early.


Americans did not elect Joe Biden.


Beware — it’s one of his “usually behind a paywall” dealios, so it’s not just text.

Gail Combs

Also it is NOT slam Dunk.

Provocation and Provocation with Intent….

Rittenhouse Trial Day 9: Prosecution Big Win On “Provocation” Jury Instruction Saves Chance At Conviction

Lacking any factual rebuttal to self-defense, the State will argue that Kyle Rittenhouse was a “provoker with intent” eliminating self-defense privilege under Wisconsin law that cannot be regained by withdrawal from the fight.

For Leftists STOPPING DESTRUCTION or Carrying a gun is “ Provocation with Intent’ because we are supposed to ‘GIVE THEM ROOM TO DESTROY’ — Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake  — April 2015.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. They retreat to their perversion of law.


World Economic Forum embraces a METAVERSE future…

What Is The Metaverse ? And Why Should I Care ?





comment image


comment image


comment image


My face 2020 AND 2021.

2022 needs to be a breakout year for ALL of us.


If “WTF?” had a face, this would be it!

JW in Germany

Pray for this kid…he is up against a Beast.


comment image


[video src="https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/090/339/107/original/c9bf28db08315538.mp4" /]


de-fanging biden’s weaponized OSHA…

Florida…To Decide On Withdrawing State From OSHA’s Oversight And Allowing Employers To Sue Over biden’s Vaccine Mandates, In Emergency Special Session Next Week

article link…



Gov DeSantis has called state legislators for a special session to consider various proposals that push back against biden’s COVID 19 “vaccine mandates” for workers and employers.

 👉  the main piece of legislation being considered is to decide whether Florida should withdraw itself from the partisan oversight of biden’s OSHA.

do it !

more, at the link.


If Florida does it, other states will follow! I hope so much they go for it. One of the keys to re-taking America is states reclaiming their Constitutional rights.


MeThinks Montana would be the second state.


It’s possible. Our governor is a businessman. He understands what OSHA overreach costs. And how it undermines small business.


States Decoupling from Fed OSHA and likely MANY Agencies IS A GREAT way to FIGHT BACK AGAINST FEDERAL OVER REACH.

EVERY Red state ought to be doing this.


I’ll have to look into Calhoun.

Across the board. It seems to me, the states, counties and cities enable the Feds by playing partner. A willing accomplice, enforcing Fed laws, regulations, mandates…

States, counties, cities doing the grunt work, ENFORCING FED BS.

So, states, counties and cities STOP being accomplices in the tyranny. If Feds threaten or do cut off funding, so be it.

In addition to Fuck Joe Biden, FUCK THE FEDS, comes to mind.


About that ‘enforcing fed laws’ thing …

I’d add ‘except immigration laws’.


Agree. AND, NOT release illegals on request from Feds. Hold for trial OR bus to NH, CA, NY, IL, NJ, CT…


By that I assume you mean the Civil War. We’ll somethings you just have to try twice, and when you go in with a different argument you may just well win. Meanwhile not making the argument is too accept the boot on your neck. Calhoun had a great argument going in, states rights, but slavery got wrapped around that axle. We don’t have that issue, though the left would certainly wish to smear us with something similar, but were going to do our version of Critical Theory and tell them to take a hike. Meanwhile what they are trying to do is wrap us up with vaccine mandates. Hell no, CT their asses. Not accepting it and instead were going to wrap the unethical, unmoral and unscientific vaccine mandates and heck of lot more around their necks and watch them swing.  🙃 


If you’re like me and don’t watch the doofuses on the Fake News, then you may not have seen how much they lied about and maligned Kyle Rittenhouse.

Here is a compilation of some of it:

[video src="https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/090/341/428/original/dfcb098f41b2134d.mp4" /]


I don’t have cable, and I don’t watch TV much. The handful of times lately when I have caught something on a screen in a business or bar, I have been SHOCKED. The news is ALL lies, the advertisements are all gays, trannies, and freaks, and the shows are completely stupid. No wonder people are morons if they watch that shit all the time.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

It’s propaganda of the worst kind.



Valerie Curren

Disturbing “zoom” segment toward the middle of that video montage where Toobin was lotioning up his hands after unzipping & playing w/ his own boob tube apparently–barf!


comment image


comment image


comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly. KAPO is a MONSTER – Obama’s pet dirty judge.

JW in Germany

Wheatie! You are on fire with these memes! 🔥 


The only reason to discriminate against the unvaccinated is to eliminate the control group — so it’s impossible to know how badly they screwed-up doing the vax.


Has there been any sign of GA/FL lately?

Sylvia Avery

She checked in very briefly yesterday. Her daughter’s health has been in crisis again, so she is busy.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! Will pray for them both. 🙏

Sylvia Avery

Thanks Wolfie! ❤❤❤


Tbh. I think they are deliberately trying to get a mistrial in the Rittenhouse case as this one has been a train wreck for the prosecution. They want a do over


This is the Woman who sued Trump in 2016 for groping her and her shady, ambulance chasing lawyer.comment image
The Corrupt, Bald face Lying media beat it to death for 5 years! Seems she dropped her lawsuit, curious will the MLM cover this?comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by trumpismine

Who, the one on the right?


The one on the leftist SHE IS SCUM

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



the notorious Gloria Allred…
comment image

famed ambulance chaser and women’s rights lawyer…and protector of harvey weinsten’s secrets.

boo hiss

Valerie Curren

“slip AND fall lawyer” in Levin’s most contemptuous, yet melodious, voice 😉


Here We Go!


Why would there be rioting… none of the people who tried to kill him were blick, were they?

There were all panti-fa soy pajama boys, weren’t they?

Who’s going to be upset if the pantie-boys take one in the gotcha?


it’s just a bad sign all the way around
comment image



I had the same questions, then I read that from the get-go they labeled Kyle as a white sypremacist. The people he shot were white, so of course there is no logic to any of it. I guess we’ll see what the rioters say, if they can put together a complete sentence. Maybe they will carry signs.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. Signs that someone else wrote…





Michelle is a warrior for Good.

GREAT interview. Have spammed it out.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

Dr. Robert Malone: “This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.” – The New American

In an exclusive and explosive one-hour interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American, pioneering mRNA scientist Dr. Robert Malone explains the intensely corrupt workings of the government regulatory bodies that have mismanaged the pandemic, discusses the problems with the vaccine program and delves into potentially explosive and game-changing revelations about the shady origins of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China.

Who is Dr. Robert Malone? While working at the Salk Institute in 1988, Dr. Malone discovered important findings about in-vivo and in-vitro RNA transfection. He continued his work on the technology a year later at the biopharma start-up Vical where he conducted additional experiments. According to his bio, “The mRNA, constructs, reagents were developed at the Salk institute and Vical by Dr. Malone.” His research has also included important work on DNA vaccines. In addition to his fundamental work developing mRNA and DNA vaccine technology, Malone is also a medical doctor. According to his bio, Dr. Malone “received his medical training at Northwestern University (MD) and Harvard University (Clinical Research Post Graduate) medical school, and in Pathology at UC Davis.”

Few people are as qualified to comment on the course of the COVID pandemic and the mass vaccination campaign as Dr. Malone. In this important interview he shares his unique and deep insights on matters of critical national and international importance.

Direct Rumble link:
Dr. Malone: “This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.” (rumble.com)


comment image
.comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

There is a simple explanation. Democrats are communists.


Hell yeah!




Praying for Kyle. 🙏

Judge Schroeder and he was appointed by a Democrat. His explanation about not understanding technology and allowing the blurry, doctored photo as evidence is disingenuous imo. The photo which dovetails with the Provocation charge.

Suspicious Cat on his Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’ ringtone, which went off loudly at least 3 times on 2 separate days. I think the fix is in.

Last edited 2 years ago by holly

tampering with evidence !

 👉  directed verdict of acquittal !!


Let’s hope. The ‘photo expert’ testified that he never compared the original with the enhanced photo. Red flag.


And he was saying, somewhat off topic, about not understanding his phone enough to read his txt’s. I wondered then if he was making a pretext for the accidentaly introduced ring tones. I may be wrong, I hope I am, I’m getting very distrusting.


Yes! He went on and on multiple times about not understanding how to work even the simplest technology. It was very strange.

Deplorable Patriot

Something is going on, that’s for sure. Assuming a not guilty verdict, or the case being tossed, the preparations for riots look like all of it has a purpose.


Washington Post columnist demands CNN retract claim that Steele dossier had been ‘partly corroborated’ after key source was arrested for lying – as paper corrects its own stories



Check out the comments at the Illegitimate Occupants Facebook.
The Great Awakening:
Jobs are up, wages are up, home… – President Joe Biden | Facebook

JW in Germany

The Facebook memories function can be interesting at times…

2012 memories on election fraud.png
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes! Very interesting!

JW in Germany

I was not aware that the likes of Will Farrel and Mark Wahlberg were also telling Biden to go F himself.  😎 


Last edited 2 years ago by JW in Germany

^^^ LIKE. ^^^


IMHO, Mark Wahlberg is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. There is no competition. Crown him now for all time.

JW in Germany

You haven’t seen me yet.  😜  😂 


Someday…. 🙂

You could change my mind!

JW in Germany

I doubt it. LOL!


You never know…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LMAO!!! Most brazen regular dude response ever! A+

JW in Germany

I have never been accused of being ‘brazen’ before. 😎 


But have you been accused of being full of it? That’s the critical query.

Last edited 2 years ago by pgroup2
Cuppa Covfefe


You need to have a statue made 😆

JW in Germany

I could do it myself…I know how to ‘braze’ metal together.  😎 


Aubergine, post a favorite pic of Wahlberg?


Hope this one works:
comment image


Here’s another. You can never have too many!

comment image


Aubergine…oh, yes: very nice, Thanks!!!!
AND, a twofer!!!




84 Million Americans not wrong Patriots Standhttps://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/13.1.0/svg/1fa78.svg

She is an AZ poll worker that double counted biden votes! And took 9batches of ballots from a back room to add to the pile! ARREST HER AND WATCH HOW FAST SHE TELLS WHO PAID HER TO CHEAT!comment image


Last Friday Gov. Lee in TN signed into law COVID legislation that prohibited government, schools and business from mandating vaccines. It also prohibits mask mandates by schools and other entities unless there are at least 1000 positive cases present within a population of 100,000 people within a 14 day period.


Gov. Lee wanted more in it and has been working with legislators relating to permitting visitors in nursing homes regardless of COVID issues when end of life is involved.

So, in addition to the federal judge putting a hold on Brandon’s mandate; the above legislation is in place in Tennessee. Despite this, Covenant Health chose to inform employees they would enforce the vaccination mandate of Brandon’s and other corrupt,, murderous politicians and Big Pharm controlled businesses.

I am still tracking where and what happened through other sources since the news media is not so strangely silent, but last night all non-jabbed employees walked out of our local hospital that is part of the Covenant group. All non-jabbed employees scheduled to report on their shift today planned not to do so. I know because a SIL was in it due to having pneumonia. She is immune depressed with COPD. Fortunately, she was scheduled to come home today anyway.

Will provide more when I know more.