Don’t Be a Yellow-and-Bluseful Idiot

In the fog of war, as I learned from the Balkans, the first side that the sheep are told to pick is usually the wrong side, which is not to say that the other side is great – it’s just less of an immediate danger. We in the Fakely Democratic West have learned the hard way that the phony Deep State narrative is usually a lie – it just takes some precious time to unravel it.

If you go back and check my postings on both this site, and at The Conservative Treehouse, you will see that for YEARS I have likened the eternal Russia-Ukraine love-hate marriage to an outlaw biker and drug dealer (Russia) with his floozy, junkie, common-law wife (Ukraine), who are constantly fighting and making up, and perpetually trying to involve everybody else in their fight, while scamming them ALL at the same time.

So when the mini-skirt beayatch Ukie comes to your door, BEGGING for help, fingers all grabby-grabby for those “my what strong biceps you have”, the smart play is to do whatever it takes to get her out of your life as QUICKLY and CLEANLY and PERMANENTLY as possible.

When her big biker boy Russ has an invitation and then a deal that seems too good to be true, hold that thought, because it’s not only too good to be true – it will put YOU in jail and HIM selling your house. The SMART play is to get out of whatever is coming NOW, because you likely WON’T be able to get out of whatever is coming NEXT.

Don’t call me “pro-Russian” just because I think that treating Russia without hypocrisy is the right thing to do. If WE have any right to the Monroe Doctrine, then so does Russia. That doesn’t mean I trust “Russ” any more than “Ukie”, or that “Russ” picked the smartest, best, or most inspired option here. I just trust GTFO-ing their world of hurt ASAP, and doing so on PRINCIPLES is usually a move that is automatically smarter than we are, BECAUSE GOD.

After seeing the results of NATObama’s immoral, haughty, and ill-advised over-expansion folly – daring to stupidly and corruptly push NATO into even-more-corrupt Ukraine, using his favorite bag-man, Joe Biden, and Joe’s stupid son, it is absolutely clear that we have corrupt but very clever geopolitical idiots behind this mess, working for the election-stealing, virus-releasing, globalist scum who got 1000 feet beyond the tips off their skis with their idiotic “Great Reset”.

Now. I could sit here and appeal to your logic all day, and it might wake you up, but I have a special treat that will wake you up faster.

Begin by questioning Ukie’s request for a sleep-over. This will help.

Be sure to watch the SECOND video. That’s the one you need most of all to WTFU.

You really want me to get in bed with these people, Adolph? FUCK YOU.


(Hat Tip para59r)

PS – Long before this crap, I was always astonished that the Ukrainians embraced the Nazis so fervently. The idea of Jazis like Soros and Schwab never even dawned on me.

Now I look back and just see how much of a dupe and a sheep I was. Evil is far more varied and inventive than what we were tricked into believing.

Are these videos disinformation? Are they propaganda? I don’t care. You need to embrace them to begin questioning. Right or wrong, don’t be afraid of the TRUTH that will come.

By the end of this, I’m betting you will agree with my little analogy.

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Appreciate this post, Wolf. I’m amazed how quickly people have jumped on the Ukraine band-wagon and it’s so very corrupt. I’m not referring to everyday Ukrainian civilians, of course. Disgusted by the meddling U.S. State Department.

Gail Combs

Interesting that there is scuttlebut — Patel Patriot — that the headquarters of Pfizer and the rest is actually in Ukraine…. DuckDuck Google say the headquarters is in NYC… We already know ALL their safety processing was moved to CHYNA.

What is interesting is @ 16:14, RESIST GB Journalism has two journalists go to the UK Pfizer headquarters AND @ 17:00 they show the headquarters IS EMPTY!!! There are supposed to be 700 people working there and there are only a handful.

Video found here. It is a compilation of several sources including a UK parliament video about the deaths in the UK and a bill having to do with that.

Duck-Google does allow:

Ukraine Latest News: Darnitsa Making Pfizer Covid-19 Pill

2 days ago On March 17, the Geneva-based patent pool said 35 companies around the globe agreed to produce Pfizer’s drug….

As the war in Ukraine rages around them, employees at Kyiv-based Darnitsa, the country’s largest drugmaker, are working around the clock to produce antibiotics, painkillers, heart medications and other critical products their fellow citizens desperately need. Now they’re taking on an additional challenge: making their own version of Pfizer Inc.’s promising Covid-19 pill…

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You have such a talent for seeing (and stating) things clearly.

It’s not just the State Department, of course — it’s the IC, the DoD, Commerce….it’s every bit of the US Government Cesspool. And, then the slime goes off into the governments of Europe…..


Y’re so right, cthulhu. And thank you for the kind words. Glad my few comments are read and thought about.

Gail Combs

They are. We value your insight.


Appreciate knowing that Gail.


Wolfie – you sound like my N FL Cat Neighbor….


Russian military correspondent, TV host and current Deputy Speaker of Moscow City Duma Andrey Medvedev on the video showing torture of Russian POWs:

People are DMing me “Have you seen this?” and sending a video of Ukrainian military torturing POWs. Our POWs. Shooting their legs. I won’t publish it. Those who want will find it.I have only one question: does something surprise you? Did you really think that the state media have been lying to you all these years about the cruelty of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in the Donbass?

Did you think that we were, as they used to say, “working out a propaganda narrative”?

When in our reports or in the studios of large TV shows residents of Donbass or militias were telling how the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are torturing captured civilians or fighters of the republics, did you think that this was all just for show? That that’s not really there?

That is, the terrible shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk, their peaceful neighborhoods, was not evidence of the fierce cruelty of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine? Or when we said that Bandera’s Nazi ideology with all its consequences is being implanted in the Ukraine, did you also think that that’s state propaganda telling tales?

Banderism is exactly that: if you’re not Ukrainian, you’re not human. And if you’re not human, then they can do whatever they want to you. And they can do whatever they want because “Ukrayina ponad use” [“Ukraine above all”, Ukrainian Nationalists’ motto — S]. That is, above morality, God, faith. Banderism is a quasi-religion, a demonic sect. And this hatred for everything non-Ukrainian is implanted from school. And the streets named after Bandera and Shukhevych are the legalization of Banderism—executions, Babiy Yar, the Volyn massacre, the Lvov pogrom, burned Russian and Belarussian villages. Then again, we have talked about this many times as well.

And so I ask a question again: did you really expect something else from them?

And that’s why in Donbass, which the Armed Forces of the Ukraine planned to attack, it would be the same as in the video that everyone is watching on Telegram today. Even worse. There would be massacre and destruction of everything.

So the Special Military Operation began precisely in order to prevent all that. You have long been told—we are at war with the Nazis. The Armed Forces of the Ukraine are largely saturated with these ideas. And the Nazi scum will have to be cleaned out completely.

But we talked about that as well. And compare how the Russian military are treating POWs. That is the answer to all of you, once and for all, on whose side is the Truth.

So do not be surprised at the atrocities. There are Nazis over there. An the operation is being carried out so that they no longer exist. Anywhere. You have been told this many times by my colleagues, the military correspondents of Vesti, the hosts of Vesti.

Just understand, finally, already: many are accustomed to scornfully argue that, they say, there is only propaganda on this TV of yours. Really?

So for 8 years we have been saying that the Ukraine is being molded into an anti-Russian, Nazi project. The video is just one of thousands of proofs of this.

I hope that the commanders of the Russian army will show the video to their subordinates. So that they understand who they are fighting and why.


Over the last few weeks my wife and I have been putting memory books together of our hero fathers’ participation in WW II. We have many photos, documents and details. The one that hurts the worst is with her father, who fought in the brutal Monte Cassino battle in Italy. He was captured and a POW of the Germans for 15 months in two Stalags and Jerskowitz before American forces pushed close. At the end before release they were marched 600+ miles in 56 days away from the front in the dead of winter with the equivalent of a quarter of one ration of food per day per man along with rotten dead horse or stillborn calf meat, potato peelings and some even ate worms or rats to survive. They slept under canvas, in fox holes and occasionally in barns. Naturally, some did not survive. During their last week of captivity 13 POW’s were even killed by friendly fire of planes strafing them while they marched.

Those Nazi bastards in Ukraine are just doing what all Nazis do and have done. They are Satanic monsters. What they are doing is evil and so stupid because no human being escapes a personal appearance before God Almighty.

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Oh Lord thats awful. But the story needs to be passed down.


We had an assembly in 9th grade about ww2. 3 con camp survivors were there. I made myself speak to one woman and she showed my her tattoo.
Truth with my own eyes.


In this, you were fortunate.




Ty. Thats puts a preamble onto doing actual research before you support anyone.


Yeah theres war crimes there, however they have been fighting for 100s of years. Its actually fairly common….and bloody. So your analogy is right. Jazis are just another means to an end, and there are stories untold or unspoken from ww2 where they were not the victims. War is shit. You can conduct yourself with honor but death and destruction are going to happen.
Theres a bigger drama at play and we just need to stsy out of it.
The best thing is everyone hates biteme and the dimms. And we are wise to the neocon rinos.


Yes. Foaming at the mouth. Its hideous.


Whenever I see a bunch of kumbaya “why wouldn’t Ukrainians love Russia?” bunkum, I wonder if they’d recognize the word “Holodomor”.


If you suffered from production quotas that starved your family and shipped your food off to Ulan Bator, you’d get awfully resentful about Mongolians, Cabal or no Cabal.


Wolf your are on the target with analyzing of the situation of Ukraine is on the mark. Everyone in Europe knows Ukraine is run by Nazis.
I do not know Ukrainian people but have known Russians and the people are delightful. Of course I like to separate the people from their governments. It is the people who suffer no matter what country it is when their leaders go wrong. Sadly a small group ruins a country and can create WWIII.


Yes you have identified the problem. Always a small group power hungry people with to much money or those who want to accumulate wealth. Biden is a hateful mean spirited person he is showing it because his facade he cannot keep.


Viva Frei and Barns are speaking about the crime against Russians this weekend.


I have been saying to friends here locally for weeks that there are NO good guys to cheer for in this war!

Americans are absolutely PROGRAMMED by movies and TV to want to cheer for a) the good guy and b) the underdog.

So what do the powers-that-be promote Ukraine as?

But it’s bullshit, if you know anything at all about the country and what’s been going on over there.

Again, there is no one to cheer for here. They’re all BAD.

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Deplorable Patriot

I have been saying to friends here locally for weeks that there are NO good guys to cheer for in this war!

If the reports of precision strikes on military targets, and collection of evidence against the [CB] is all true, I’m willing to give Putin credit for doing it.


If that is true, so am I. I wonder if we’ll ever know for sure.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA


I wonder if they can’t both lose.

Though I do sympathize with those Ukrainians-in-the-street who do not want to be a part of Russia.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It was deliberate Soviet policy to “Russify” other republics. In other words they encouraged Russians to move into the other fourteen republics (particularly the Baltic states, which were “invited” to join just before WWII). To some extent this was just a continuation of tsarist policy, also in the Baltics (which were Russian territory before the *first* world war).

So, some Russian guy is born and grows up in, say Uzbekistan…it’s home to him, but only because his grandparents were transplanted there under Stalin. Sucky situation with some analogies to the DACA dreamers, and some key differences too, but from the standpoint of the individual raised “there” where he “shouldn’t have been” the situations are largely the same, “This is my home, WTF are you doing treating me like a damn outsider.”

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA


Tibet, by now, is probably majority Han.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Correction: Tibet is still majority-Tibetan.


I agree. Them I feel sorry for.


Russians With Attitude (@RWApodcast) Tweeted:
Ukrainian mortar team driving around in a DHL truck. The Ukrainian soldier explains that they were given six of those trucks for free by the company


Had to drop this SOMEWHERE.



TY Wolf.

Okie Patriot Girl

Hi Wolf!
Just stumbled upon you – where have I been?! An avid follower of Treehouse.
Just glad I did – your take on Ukraine is spot on in my opinion.
Thank you!