Dear KAG: 20220511 Open Thread

Since we went from spring to August in these parts in the last forty-eight hours, that snow looks refreshing. 🥴

Okay, folks, if it feels to you that the “news” these days is lather, rinse, repeat, that’s because there really haven’t been any bombshells this week. There has been a lot of riding on previous bombshells as Dinesh D’Souza explains in his podcast:

Yes, it’s forty-eight minutes, but he says some good stuff and does refer to the elephant in the room of this week’s scandalous pronouncement from red headed Jen.

Note to Jen: you are encouraging the “protestors” to commit felonies. It is illegal to protest outside a judge’s home in order to persuade him or her to change a vote.

Not all “protestors” are there in support of the justice.

As for the other big story this week, 2000 Mules, and the mainstream media – including the talking heads at Fox – burying it as much as they can:

The reality is, though, that the lack of reporting is getting noticed, and the citizen reporters are taking it upon themselves to spread the word.

Waking up is hard to do.

Newsmax isn’t covering it either, so crafty guests have to put plugs in where they can.

The banned network will report on it, though:

P.S. Tucker Carlson was on fire about the attacks on Christianity Monday evening, but not on voter integrity. Therefore his rant, which really was good, will only get a link.

The blood in this body may be only three eighths Irish, but Irish Amnesia applies.


A timely reminder comes from Sundance. Although, why he has to say it when we’ve been harping on this for years is a mystery.

The short answer is, it’s not that complicated. There is one permanent bureaucratic class in/around DC (two wings, same bird). The pool of appointees comes from this UniParty system. Donald Trump as an outsider faced animosity from the system itself. There are no MAGA bureaucrats.

That said, the more fulsome answer is the real issue. Because it doesn’t matter who the ‘outsider’ is, they are going to suffer the same fate until a structural change takes place.

If you take a small potential pool of America-First administrators, and then overlay the DC filtration system in the Senate, ‘advise and consent’, what you realize is that any appointment has to be approved by the same system that is opposed to the agenda the nominee would represent.

In essence, the DC system is designed to protect itself.

It doesn’t matter who the next presidential candidate is. If that President wants to advance a policy agenda in favor of the American people, they will face the same problem.

The alternate answer is he gave them enough rope to hog tie AND hang themselves.

Okay, is there anything else?

As if higher prices aren’t bad enough.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Will have to find some sauce on this one.

Yeah, but now it goes to the Missouri State House which is much less reliable, and Governor Parsons may well veto it.

Have a good day y’all.

(I don’t remember who brought this to a daily in the comments, but thanks.)

And, of course, the obligatory George Carlin:

Per the Boss:

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ACTS 12:24–13:5

1224But the word of God grew and multiplied. 25And Barnabas and Saul returned from Jerusalem when they had fulfilled their mission, bringing with them John whose other name was Mark. 131Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers, Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyre’ne, Man’a-en a member of the court of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. 2While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off. 4So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleu’cia; and from there they sailed to Cyprus. 5When they arrived at Sal’amis, they proclaimed the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews. And they had John to assist them.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

And…members of the QTree who no longer participate for one reason or another, as well as Gil, RDS, Bakocarl, and any others facing serious health issues right now..

It is quite clear, as per Wolf’s message from July, that we are under spiritual attack. Building up a robust arsenal of prayer and discipline is a must in fighting the enemy and his minions.

In that spirit, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from Tuesday’s threads, and the Breastplate of St. Patrick, not to mention the Litany of Humility are favorites recommended by exorcists in spiritual warfare.

Oh, JP, you read my mind.

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Plan ? POTATUS has a plan, suuure. The kalorama kabal has a plan..maybe another govt bureau, this one in charge of food distribution


The P L A N…

  :wpds_mad:  You will own NOTHING. And you will be happy.   :wpds_evil: 


Exactly, he’s touting a lower standard of living and telling us to get used to it.
Not to be crude but as a turd polisher he sucks.
This is widening the gap between the haves and have nots by strangling the middle class.

JW in Germany

Looks like Elon still has some learning to do about the Azov Bn and where the Pentagon is sending his Starlink equipment. Or does he already know?


FTC won’t investigate Elon much more.

Wolf Moon

Elon needs to read more WWII history. There is a reason I use the term WEFfen SS (namely the Waffen SS). European Nazism and Ukrainian Nazism – even the bizarrely uniformed Bosnian Nazism – were part of the SPREAD of Nazism.

JW in Germany

Or at least watch Ukraine on Fire. 😀


Pretty sure the Pro Putin crowd is going to give him some education on this. I’d rush over to see but I got 12 hr suspension from twitter yesterday because I said something along the lines that “Ms Lindsey should hang along with Zelenskyy”. Come to think about it that might be the exact quote. Nope.. it was “he should… “. Didn’t need to use the name.

JW in Germany

Oh yeah, the replies are full of Azov / Nazi connection history. That said, most replies were made in a respectful way…not really thrashing Elon. I guess the Twitter free speech thing has bought Elon some leeway.


Was over at CTH, reading about the debacle Schumer set up. Cry’n Chuck couldn’t muster the votes to get cloture.

It wasn’t until I finished reading, that I noticed this infant’s subtle message to D-Rats…

comment image


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JW in Germany

Tom MacDonald explains…The System is not broken…it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

JW in Germany

I cannot verify if this is truly Julian Assange with a brand new Telegram account…but if it is…. 🍿  🍿  🍿 

Hello Telegram, I see that many of you have been transferred here because the Telegram Messenger app is the safest of all platforms, which is why I chose it. Today, is the beginning of something that some of you have been anticipating for a long time. To begin, let me introduce myself. My name is Julian Assange, and you may be aware of my capabilities. I want you to share this with all of your friends and family because it is extremely important. I have extremely sensitive and classified information about our government, Biden, and his shady associates.

I know it sounds too good to be true…let me dream damn it! 😎 

Last edited 16 days ago by JW in Germany

Ok, well, don’t read this. 😄

Assange is a citizen of Autralia, not the U.S., so he would not refer to Biden & company as “our” government. I also highly doubt that Telegram Messenger is the safest of all platforms.


Read it. Good points as usual.




That was my first thought, as well, when he said “our government”. He is not American and his wife is South African.

JW in Germany

Damn…coffee is bitter this morning. LOL! 😀


Perhaps, as extradition from the UK to the US gets closer, Julian IS prepping the release of information.

Hoping. But damn sure not dwelling on anything Julian. It’s sorta like waiting on arrests and indictments for ~six years of spying on Trump and more.

JW in Germany

I know right. Look what they are doing to 2000Mules…in my opinion, a slam dunk. The establishment blackout is wickedly impressive.


Brian Kilmeade never fails to disappoint AND IS a PERFECT FIT at Faux News.

Squish Brian Kilmeade: Rick Scott Is No “Crazy Marjorie Taylor Greene” (VIDEO)


Re-posted below… 🙂

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Hmmm. First try posted and disappeared. Prolly will reappear after posting this.


via Bernhard @ MoA
Ukraine – Congress Passes The Bucks, Realism Sneaks In, Poland Plans For More War
After a lot of talk about defeating Russia in the Ukraine and an alleged lack of Russian fighting abilities Congress passed another $40 billion fund for weapons and economic support. That brings the total to some $53 billion for Ukraine.
Most of the money will go to the U.S. weapon industry, the CIA and to various Ukrainian oligarchs. Hardly anything will be received by those in need.

With that packet now passed reality is allowed to sneak into U.S. media reporting on the issue.

Not one but two reports in the New York Times suddenly lament about the huge area of land the Russian troops have taken in east Ukraine:

From the later:

Nonetheless, the Donbas seizure, combined with the Russian invasion’s early success in seizing parts of southern Ukraine adjoining the Crimean peninsula, which Russia illegally annexed in 2014, gives he Kremlin enormous leverage in any future negotiation to halt the conflict.

And the Russians enjoy the added advantage of naval dominance in the Black Sea, the only maritime route for Ukrainian trade, which they have paralyzed with an embargo that could eventually starve Ukraine economically and is already contributing to a global grain shortage.

I have often pointed out that the Ukrainian frontline will have a huge number of casualties from Russian artillery strikes. It is even worse than I had thought:

At the main hospital in Kramatorsk, a city in Donetsk, ambulances stream in day and night, carrying soldiers wounded at the front, who describe being pinned down by near constant shelling.

About 80 percent of the patients are wounded by explosives such as mines and artillery shells, said Capt. Eduard Antonovskyy, the deputy commander of the medical unit at the hospital. Because of this, he said, very few patients have serious injuries. Either you’re far enough from an explosion to survive or you aren’t, he said.

“We either get moderate injuries or deaths,” Captain Antonovskyy said.

Additional to those more realistic reports the NYT allowed one of it authors to write an opinion piece against the widening of the war:

At first, the Western support for Ukraine was mainly designed to defend against the invasion. It is now set on a far grander ambition: to weaken Russia itself. Presented as a common-sense response to Russian aggression, the shift, in fact, amounts to a significant escalation.

By expanding support to Ukraine across the board and shelving any diplomatic effort to stop the fighting, the United States and its allies have greatly increased the danger of an even larger conflict. They are taking a risk far out of step with any realistic strategic gain.

When I was in Ukraine during the first weeks of the war, even staunch Ukrainian nationalists expressed views far more pragmatic than those that are routine in America now. Talk of neutral status for Ukraine and internationally monitored plebiscites in Donetsk and Luhansk has been jettisoned in favor of bombast and grandstanding.

What’s more, the invasion has led directly to greater military spending in second- and third-tier European powers. The number of NATO troops in Eastern Europe has grown tenfold, and a Nordic expansion of the organization is likely. A general rearmament of Europe is taking place, driven not by desire for autonomy from American power but in service to it. For the United States, this should be success enough. It is unclear what more there is to gain by weakening Russia, beyond fantasies of regime change.

Diplomatic efforts ought to be the centerpiece of a new Ukraine strategy. Instead, the war’s boundaries are being expanded and the war itself recast as a struggle between democracy and autocracy, in which the Donbas is the frontier of freedom. This is not just declamatory extravagance. It is reckless. The risks hardly need to be stated.

Indeed. The current U.S. strategy will end in a catastrophe for Ukraine because it is based on false narratives. Lt.Col. (ret) Daniel Davis has consistently provided a more realist view of the military situation in Ukraine. His latest piece fits that record:

Con’t reading


Relatives of victims of the 2021 Surfside, Fla., condo collapse reached a $997 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The agreement, announced Wednesday during a court hearing, settles claims against defendants such as the condo’s insurers and an engineering firm that warned about structural problems in the building, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The settlement, which is much higher than expected, settles the claims brought forward by the family members of the 80 people killed last June in the Champlain Towers South collapse.

“The initial pool of insurance money to settle both claims for victims who lost their homes and those who lost family members was $50 million,” the WSJ stated.

The victims reached a $83 million settlement in March for their property damage claims through a class-action lawsuit against the condo’s builders and others.

i’m wondering why an engineering firm that warned about the danger is having to pay.


A warning to the others to see something say nothing.

Wolf Moon

Typically in these scenarios, everybody is sued. The many reasons to sue “good guys” along with the bad guys include:

  • good guys may have unknown guilt – suing them covers that scenario
  • suing good guys pressures them to stay on plaintiff’s side
  • “Let’s You And Other Defendants Fight” is a goal at all times
  • good guy may have more money
  • good guy may lead to more money

In the end, it’s an insurance company calculation. Sometimes the certainty of a small part of a payout is a great deal in the bigger picture of company finance.

Example: New management took over a place I worked, and immediately set out to befriend and settle all lawsuits and conflicts with everybody in the Rolodex. Huge gain in reputation, money, etc. Without the personal aspects, and without the history of the conflicts as part of the calculation, the bottom line said “settle and save big!” Worked like crazy.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for these insights…


PDJT posted this on Truth Social, TT62:

comment image


It’s because of this:

Joe Biden dubbed Trump the Great MAGA King!

Biden is the best PR for Deplorables EVER! First we’re Ultra-MAGA, now our leader is the Great MAGA King.



Hahahaha the other day I said it would be hilarious if PedoJoe said something about ” MAGA Country”….omg..this is soo much better!!

Wolf Moon

I was wondering if Rick Scott set us up with the whole “Ultra MAGA agenda”, but it looks like he may have accidentally tripped up Biden with it, in a completely unintended way.

The “Ultra MAGA agenda” was a bit of a facepalm, until Biden picked it up and made it cool for us.


Ultra MAGA has taken residency, in BiteMe’s mushy mind.

Last edited 15 days ago by kalbokalbs



That first one is awesome.


This is what they’ve done to our military:

General McInerney

Myocarditis Up 2800%: Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base

Myocarditis – Up 2800%
Cancers – Up 300% to 900%
Infertility (Both Genders) – Up 500%
Miscarriages – Up 300%
Neurological Disorders – Up 1000%
Demyelinating Disorders – Up 1000%
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Up 600%
Guillain-Barré Syndrome – Up 500%
HIV – Up 500%
Pulmonary Embolisms – Up 400%


For once I’m speechless. That’s a horrific way.


Probably shouldn’t get into a war right about now.

Wolf Moon

Very much agreed.

Cuppa Covfefe

Perhaps that was/is their intent?

Force the USA into a war we cannot win???

It was once said that “the purpose of NATO was to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”.

Seems that’s been changed to keep everyone down (Germany’s military has been a shambles ever since they put von der Leyen and a string of women who have NEVER seen combat at the helm… current one’s in how water now)…

SSSchwab is probably saying “you’ll have NO MILITARIES, and you’ll be happy”…

Would be funny to see him have to drop down and do a hundred push-ups, then run 10 miles….. along with Satan Sauros and BillyGhoul Gates… with a few armed drones and some REAL soldiers following, just to make sure…..

Wolf Moon

Minion Idi Amin and CiC Pedoboy have a lot to answer for.


Wolf Moon

We’re getting there.

My account is still suspended.

Valerie Curren

Just checked again, mine too.

I re-started this appeal shortly before Musk’s purchase happened…

Thanks for your appeal
You appealed:

  • 1 Tweet

comment imageValerie Curren

@TheCrimsonWorm @MichaelDeLauzon Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, vitamin D–Dr. Zev Zelenko protocol Ivermectin other treatments shared by AAPS, American Association of Physicians & Surgeons & other patriot doctors all were suppressed deliberately & diabolically!
Apr 21, 2021, 10:10 AM

Please note that while we review your appeal, you won’t be able to access your Twitter account. We’ll take a look and will respond as soon as possible.
If you’d rather just delete the content, you can .


SD describes the disconnect between Uniparty, 99% of politicians and Americans.

It also perfectly fit BiteMe’s disconnect from Americans.


Precarious Leftist Tells Democrat Caucus Grocery Prices are Hurting Americans, Colleagues Respond “We’re Not Seeing it in the Polls”

I’ve been pondering this disconnect for several weeks as the messaging from inside the beltway, including their expressed priorities, seem even more disconnected than before.  The DC bubble has always been present; however, lately the disconnect is even more profound.

Perhaps the increased distance in priorities can be explained by federal politicians cancelling townhall meetings and constituent engagement due to the pandemic. Perhaps politicians are holding party positions disconnected from the population they are supposed to represent because they have spent two years physically distancing from the voters. Whatever the cause, the disconnect is now more severe.

The contrast is even more significant when it comes to the far-left politicians, because they travel amid a very closed communal tribe where outside opinions are considered toxic to their sense of identity. The term “safe spaces” was literally coined because leftists cannot handle differences of opinion.

Sadie Slays

From Politico article SD linked to. I laughed.

One Democratic House office has received so many calls from a constituent complaining about the cost of bacon that she was connected to a policy aide to talk about why it was suddenly so expensive.

But the woman had little interest in understanding the effects of meat consolidation. Instead, she simply urged the lawmaker’s office to get the price down, according to a person familiar with the conversations who requested anonymity to speak candidly.

Wolf Moon

The idea that pols serve voters is SO 20th century!

Cuppa Covfefe

Could that be our “eveything’s better with bacon” Ms. Butterfly??? 😀

Last edited 15 days ago by Cuppa Covfefe

Looks interesting. Scary if true. Likely is. In the past even a whiff of something wrong with a product would send folk scurrying away.

ALERT: Covid Pills Cause Deadly Relapses and Supercharge Mutations


  • So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous in one way or another. Remdesivir, which to this day is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage and, often, death
  • Despite that, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved remdesivir for in-hospital and outpatient use in children as young as 1 month old
  • Another COVID drug, Paxlovid, will in some cases cause the infection to rebound when the medication is withdrawn
  • Molnupiravir (sold under the brand name Lagevrio) also has serious safety concerns. Not only might it contribute to cancer and birth defects, it may also supercharge the rate at which the virus mutates inside the patient, resulting in newer and more resistant variants
  • The fact that U.S. health authorities have focused on these drugs to the exclusion of all others, including older drugs with high rates of effectiveness and superior safety profiles, sends a very disturbing message. They’ve basically become extensions of the drug industry, protecting the drug industry’s interests at the cost of public health

….farmed herbivores with worms hardest hit….

Last edited 16 days ago by cthulhu
Cuppa Covfefe

Kind of an “anti-dewormer”…


Now what vitamin serves as a dewormer and excellent COVID-killer???
Vitamin I, perhaps….

These people are Satanically evil…

Wolf Moon

Yup. All accurate. The problems with the new Pfizer drug were subject of an article in the Boston Globe!