Dear KAG: 20220614 Open Thread

Cover image is stock wall paper. No specific artist this week on FLAG DAY!

The one at my house actually flew over the US Embassy in Bagdad back during the Gulf War. One of the benefits of having a brother in the Marines at the time.

Just because the darn thing is perpetually loading…from the Babylon Bee:

Official Timeline Of Events On January 6th

6:03 AM — President Trump wakes up at his regular time and crushes his usual 45-minute HIIT workout.

6:30 AM — VP Mike Pence wakes up grumpy with a serious case of “the Wednesdays.”

6:50 AM — President and First Lady enjoy breakfast of Sausage Egg McMuffins with ketchup.

7:00 AM — Mike Pence does his daily Bible reading in Habakkuk. Repents of his earlier grumpiness.

8:06 AM — Trump tweets, “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd has never eaten at Arby’s! Sad!”

8:30 AM — Joint chiefs of staff sit down to play a game of Risk Legacy. Gen Mark Milley is later declared victor.

9:00 AM — Trump tweets, “They just found 50,000 ballots last night. But they won’t accept the 100,000 I just found under the couch. RIGGED!”

9:02 AM — Trump tweets, “Why would a Sith cultist leave clues to find something he already knew the location of? Blade of Ochi was a bad idea. Terrible movie!”

9:37 AM — Rep Mike Nearman of Oregon performs blood ritual to summon Buffalo Guy from the Netherrealm.

10:07 AM — Members of Congress slowly filter into the Capitol building throughout the morning. Many of them are late due to nasty hangovers from the previous night’s coke orgy.

10:58 AM — Proud Boys spotted discussing Eddie Bauer’s Winter Collection with FBI agents while marching on Capitol building.

11:30 AM — Sen Todd Young is hassled by protestors for enjoying The Rise of Skywalker.

11:32 AM — AOC dies tragically in a coal mining accident.

12:00 PM — Trump speaks to his supporters at a rally next to the George Washington Memorial. During his speech, he claims to be taller than George Washington, a statement fact-checkers later determine to be “mostly true.” He then suggests the monument should be renamed the Trump Monument “since I am taller and pointier, believe me.”

12:15 PM — Trump says, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” in a dramatic call to violence.

12:53 PM — Protesters rudely leave Trump’s speech early to break through barriers around the Capitol building.

12:58 PM — Buffalo guy casts Divine Favor for +1d4 radiant damage.

1:05 PM — House Speaker Pelosi bangs her gavel to call Congress to order. She accidentally strikes AOC, who dies.

More at the link.

The J6 Committee’s Real Target Is You

All I heard from the Democrats’ prime-time telecast of their J6 Soviet show trial was blah, blah, blah, Americans are racist, Trump’s a terrorist, and Congress must tear up more of the Constitution to save “democracy.” Lights, camera, distraction! The way-off-Broadway tragicomedy produced by State media at once radiated the cheap emotionalism of a soap opera while leaving the ludicrous impression that our exalted leaders are nothing but ventriloquist dummies seeking refuge from a bad vaudeville routine. It was difficult not to laugh at the parade of dour faces glaring intently into the cameras with their punishing nursemaid scowls imploring the audience to take them seriously. Even watched on a phone screen, the staged spectacle reeked of sweat, desperation, and community theater amateurishness.

Like a third-rate Vegas show performed by mediocre magicians, there was no surprise or suspense. Listening to the players read from their corny scripts, I thought they would have been better off just breaking into incantations or hypnotic chants: abracadabra, pay no attention to obscene gas prices or the imploding economy…forget about Hillary’s Russia collusion hoax…never mind that more evidence of a fraudulent 2020 election emerges daily…it is imperative that we take away more of your rights! Free speech is deadly, America. Stop following the man with the red hat. It is Congress that loves you. It is we who will keep you safe. Love us. Worship us. We promise to be good masters.

Just what could compel D.C.’s reptilian ruling class to go to such lengths in its attempt to scramble Americans’ brains with such overt propaganda? Well, this is obviously the only issue Democrats and their masochistic enablers have in terms of a midterm election strategy (aside from another round of late-night mail-in ballot dumps and a compliant judicial system eager to rubber-stamp ballots as “valid” deemed “invalid” by state law). I kept thinking over the last eighteen months that the geniuses running America into the ground would come up with a second or third pitch in their 2022 election repertoire, but that was foolish; this is it; the Democrats are still running on nothing but Orange Man Bad.

Oh, and things heated up at the Supreme Court even if the decision hasn’t been handed down yet.

Note which side is masked.

So, BioClandestine connected some dots:

Russian Military Moving into Nicaragua targeting US Funded BSL-3 Veterinary Biolab


This is from CBS on Saturday, Nicaragua gives Russia permission for Russian troops to enter the country?!?

For those who don’t know geography, Nicaragua is in Central America, 1600 miles from the Texas border.

Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, signed a decree on 06/08/22, allowing Russian troops to carry out law enforcement duties, “humanitarian aid, rescue and search missions in emergencies or natural disasters.”

Russian spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, made the following statement on the activities in Nicaragua:

“We are talking about a routine — twice a year — procedure for the adoption of a Nicaraguan law on the temporary admission of foreign military personnel to its territory in order to develop cooperation in various areas, including humanitarian and emergency responses, combatting organized crime and drug trafficking,”.

So the Russian Military are moving into North America, looking for organized crime? My first reaction was… “DO WE HAVE BIOLABS IN NICARAGUA?!”.

Lo and behold, we do. And it’s worse than I imagined.

So I started digging on US bio activity in Nicaragua.

As it turns out, not only do we have a BSL-3 Veterinary biolab in Nicaragua, the Biden STATE DEPT added the Nicaraguan government officials to the “Corrupt and Undemocratic List” on 03/09/22, barring them from entering the country.

Keep in mind that’s the same day the State Dept put out their disinformation statement claiming there are no biolabs in Ukraine, right after Victoria Nuland from the State Dept just admitted there were Biolabs in Ukraine, the day before in congressional testimony.

They really are trying to kill us.

New hashtag from American Thinker:

No one should be surprised that these fools are now openly telling us that they are “grooming” the next generation into the evil LGBTMYNAMEISLEGION agenda. We’ve been on this path for years. What was long seen as immoral — and even laughed at by numerous Hollywood leftists — and more recently something that needed to be treated and cured, is now promoted and celebrated.

The Democrat Party seems to be fully on-board with every new perversion the LGBTMYNAMEISLEGION apologists can dream up. In addition to anything they can accomplish legislatively in support of this evil agenda, one of the leading Democrats in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will make a promotional reappearance on RuPaul Andre Charles’ TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In describing drag, RuPaul has correctly noted that it is a “very, very political” act because it “challenges the status quo.” He further adds, “Drag says ‘I’m a shapeshifter, I do whatever the hell I want at any given time.’” Of course, “I do whatever the hell I want at any given time” is an admission that one fully embraces the godless Pagan philosophy of “Do as Thou Wilt.” This godlessness is the foundational principle of the modern left.


And please, if you are going to try and dress like a woman, men, consult one of us for fashion tips. Rainbow hair and clown make-up will not allow you to blend in.

The RINOs are out in force on the ‘framework’ for new gun laws

According to a statement from the bipartisan group of senators, they have an agreement in principle for legislation that includes “needed mental health resources, improves school safety and support for students, and helps ensure dangerous criminals and those who are adjudicated as mentally ill can’t purchase weapons….” More specifically, the senators have agreed on the following concepts, which I’ve listed along with my comments:

Funding for school safety resources. If this means armed safety officers and hardened infrastructure, that’s good. Cynically, I don’t think it will mean that.

Extending background checks to juvenile criminal justice records and mental health records for buyers under 21. This is a good idea and might actually stop some of the crazier 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds from beating background checks because their juvenile records are under seal.

Expanding mental health and support services in schools. Schools have become lunatic asylums that encourage race hatred and push students to deny biological reality. It used to be that liberal colleges took in bright, normal kids and, after four (or five or six) years of marinating these kids in leftist gender and race theories, graduated basket cases. Now, those same theories are part of elementary school curricula, so I don’t see schools as bastions standing ready to help students’ mental health.

Penalties for straw purchases. Meh. The likelihood of this effectively ending gun crimes is limited at best. Other laws already cover this practice in one way or another and they’ve been ineffectual.

Federal government funds for state and tribe red flag laws. Red flag laws, which deprive people of a constitutional right without due process, are unconstitutional. That’s it. They are. And it’s no use saying “but they might save lives” because they also might cost lives. Imagine a vindictive woman calling in a red flag on her legally armed boyfriend and, once he’s disarmed, killing him.

Blunt’s actually not running again, but the rest of them…yeah.

You’ll Never Escape COVID

Meanwhile, the media magnify fears over the mystery of Long COVID.  One third of all infected will suffer chronic and debilitating symptoms!  Niggling details didn’t make it to press, though, such as how most subjects were the vulnerable elderly and hospitalized for severe acute infection.  One in five may develop Long COVID, says the CDC, and vaccination will protect you!  Yet the article buried how vaccination can also increase risk of Long COVID and lead to worse outcomes than hospitalization for influenza.  Marvel in horror as people lose ten I.Q. points to Long COVID!  Never you mind all subjects were severe and critical cases.  Long COVID can even lead to death!  Actual underlying causes may have nothing to do with Long COVID, but let that not stand in the way of sensational headlines magnetizing clicks.

Nevertheless, actual SARS-CoV-2 infections can lead to actual chronic conditions, but nailing down the prevalence is elusive.  Government analysts with the U.K. Office for National Statistics grappling with this issue found that overall, 11.5 percent on average suffer longer-term symptoms out to 5 weeks that falls to around 3 percent at 12 weeks improving afterward.  Women and elderly are more vulnerable, including those with the well known comorbidity obesity, itself a “pandemic” estimated to kill 2.8 million per year.  Imagine the lives saved if government policies focused on nutrition, exercise, and general health instead of, well, other things.

But what exactly is Long COVID?  The U.K. report struggled with three different definitions and three different analyses for the condition.  Typical symptoms include difficulty breathing, cognitive decline or “brain fog,” chronic fatigue, malaise, headaches, and runny nose.  Yet these things plagued humanity long before the now-vindicated pangolas of Wuhan wet markets unleashed their “never could happen” gain-of-functionin-a-laboratory viral strain on a world bristling with triggers for these symptoms including, of all things, isolation.

Curiously, social stressors such as isolation are linked with inflammation, particularly in the brain, or “neuroinflammation.”  Brain physiology is altered by inflammatory mechanisms and implicated in fibromyalgia and Gulf War Illness.  Research into this issue predates the pandemic, showing rising risk for mental illnessfatigue, depressionwithdrawal, and mood disorders — symptoms that strikingly overlap Long COVID descriptions by the CDC

I have a cousin who identifies as an unwilling vegetarian and blames her inability to tolerate meat on COVID. It may have been a tick bite, but still.

Not sure that I agree with Revolver on this one, but prior to being occupants of the Oval Office there really is no comparison:

Don’t Compare Biden to Carter: Joe’s Not Fit to Shine Jimmy’s Shoes

The Biden-Carter comparison is a natural one, and not just because Biden shares Carter’s gruesome approval ratings. Both had to cope with similar problems: Inflation, an energy shock, Russian assertiveness, and the implosion of an American Middle East ally. Both inspired widespread feeling that the American superpower was over-the-hill and soon to be surpassed by foreign rivals.

And then, there’s the personal dimension: Joe Biden was the first U.S. senator to endorse Carter for president all the way back in 1975, when Carter was a longshot dark horse candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden and the American people, however, Joe Biden isn’t half the man Jimmy Carter was….

The piece goes on to tell of Carter and the near nuclear meltdown versus Biden plagerizing and finishing at the bottom of his class at Syracuse Law.

Please, see Mark Twain. Yes, he’s actually a well-known American author.

Tear jerk alert.

This is me on float trips.

Something to remember, always.

Per the boss’s instruction:

I’d throw in a few Rockefellers and Rothschilds also.

Of course, this does not mean committing felonies, but standing up to the forces that want to tear this nation – and humanity apart. The very people XVII told us will be destroyed by the time this movie comes to an end are currently roaming the halls of power…supposedly. It’s a sickening sight.

Your weekly reminder to take the pledge:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out. There is also a “rescue” thread there for members of the Tree to rendezvous if the main site goes kablooey. A third site has been added for site outages of longer duration.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And Auntie DePat’s requests:

If you see something has not been posted, do us all a favor, and post it. Please, do not complain that it has not been done yet.

The scroll wheel on your mouse can be your friend. As mature adults, please use it here in the same manner you would in avoiding online porn.

Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


1 KINGS 21:17-29

17Then the word of the LORD came to Eli’jah the Tishbite, saying, 18“Arise, go down to meet Ahab king of Israel, who is in Sama’ria; behold, he is in the vineyard of Naboth, where he has gone to take possession. 19And you shall say to him, `Thus says the LORD, “Have you killed, and also taken possession?”‘ And you shall say to him, `Thus says the LORD: “In the place where dogs licked up the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick your own blood.”‘” 20Ahab said to Eli’jah, “Have you found me, O my enemy?” He answered, “I have found you, because you have sold yourself to do what is evil in the sight of the LORD. 21Behold, I will bring evil upon you; I will utterly sweep you away, and will cut off from Ahab every male, bond or free, in Israel; 22and I will make your house like the house of Jerobo’am the son of Nebat, and like the house of Ba’asha the son of Ahi’jah, for the anger to which you have provoked me, and because you have made Israel to sin. 23And of Jez’ebel the LORD also said, `The dogs shall eat Jez’ebel within the bounds of Jezreel.’ 24Any one belonging to Ahab who dies in the city the dogs shall eat; and any one of his who dies in the open country the birds of the air shall eat.” 25(There was none who sold himself to do what was evil in the sight of the LORD like Ahab, whom Jez’ebel his wife incited. 26He did very abominably in going after idols, as the Amorites had done, whom the LORD cast out before the people of Israel.) 27And when Ahab heard those words, he rent his clothes, and put sackcloth upon his flesh, and fasted and lay in sackcloth, and went about dejectedly. 28And the word of the LORD came to Eli’jah the Tishbite, saying, 29“Have you seen how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself before me, I will not bring the evil in his days; but in his son’s days I will bring the evil upon his house.”

PSALMS 51:3-6, 11, 16

1Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy steadfast love; according to thy abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. 2Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin! 3For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. 4Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done that which is evil in thy sight, so that thou art justified in thy sentence and blameless in thy judgment. 9Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. 14Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation, and my tongue will sing aloud of thy deliverance.

MATTHEW 5:43-48

43“You have heard that it was said, `You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47And if you salute only your brethren, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.


Anonymous ID: hHkrVD7x No.148156632 
Nov 5 2017 20:06:36 (EST)

Anonymous ID: pqW40Wgk No.148156518 
Nov 5 2017 20:05:48 (EST)


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast down to Hell Satan and all his evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Amen brother.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

Is it getting hot in here?

And then, of course, there’s JP.

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There’s probably a booster for that or a booster that caused it..I forget which is which  🙃 


Also, lo Q popo says withdrawal…. prince alaweed, you know, other types of things being ingested for youth and vigor.


Reap what ya sow and all that… there’s so few hollyweird peeps that I like anymore.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



Of course everything is suspect these days, but it could be something as simple as essential tremor. I’ve known several people who had that. Merkel’s was whole-body, and I don’t know if essential tremor ever affects people that way. I think it’s usually in the hands and possibly jaw.

Last edited 5 months ago by TheseTruths

Yeah its likely but the coincidence among suspected elites is worth pointing out.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Gotta be some kind of “lifetime cocaine use” thing.


These people live high and crash hard at some point.


(NO Threadreader)


From RDS to Numbers girl
June 14, 2022 at 9:06 pm Edit

First of all — DO NOT SIGN A DNR. The man is still responsive and he apparently survived a similar episode several years ago (per The Q Tree posting and replies).
Second — at The Q Tree, numbersgirl mentioned that her brother’s hands were tied to his hospital bed. RIDE THE STAFF ON THAT ONE. Otherwise, it could quickly turn into a “Tourniquet” issue.
Third — Who has the brother’s Durable Power of Attorney and/or Healthcare Power of Attorney?
Fourth — Start talking loudly but politely about the “RIGHT TO TRY” law signed by POTUS45.
Fifth — Ask your brother if he wants to live and keep on fighting. Since he can nod his head in response, a “YES” answer would indicate that he wants to keep on living. RECORD THIS RESPONSE.
Sixth — Start looking for an attorney who has experience with the families of patients who wanted to live, but the hospital staff “overruled” the patients.
Seventh — take notes on everything you see and hear. LOTS OF NOTES. Keep them with you.
Eighth — be prepared if necessary to literally live in the hospital to make sure your brother gets the proper care and chance to survive. Been there, done that. Slept on chairs, in family waiting rooms, etc.
Liked by you and 2 other people


Thank you so much.


Great points about documenting and taking lots of notes. I’ve seen signs in hospitals that forbid taking photos or video-recording, but that would not stop me if I needed to get an answer from my loved one or if I needed to get a snapshot of something that was going on.


Hi Wolfie’s Awesome Den!! Hanging in…Just wanted to Post up..WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE!!!! It’s coming Peeps!! America.. And the WORLD is gettin SAVED!! Happenin! DJT’s 12 page term paper complete with footnotes…Uh Yeah!! GOD WINS YA”LL!


Hiya Marica ! Hope all is well. What’s the term paper?


Molly!! DJT posted yesterday ..Hang on..


[Forwarded from TheStormHasArrived17 (TheStormHasArrived17]
[ Photo ]
Things are heating up. President Trump just released a 12-page letter addressing the nation and it’s pure
Go read the whole thing, but my favorite part is where he reminds the world that NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING.
Full letter here:


Alright !! That’s awesome and hadn’t seen it yet. Thank you

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



You make me SMILE!!!! Am so glad butterfly.. IS IN MY FOXHOLE!!!! I love you so much girl!!!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



Good news, h/t Citizen Free Press:

RACE CALL: Mayra Flores (R) is projected to win tonight’s special election in south Texas, flipping an 84% Hispanic district to the GOP. The district voted Biden +13 in 2020.


Wolfie!! WE are on the Freaking Precipice!!!! I needed to hug you guys!

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