The Magnetism Challenge: Part III – Suramin: A Lesson in Discreditation of Dissident Scientists and Science

This is for the historical record. I hope that this analysis gets to the “dissident scientists” involved, but even if it never does, future historians will get a powerful look at what I call “Fake Science” – the establishment’s phony, deceptive and controlled scientific complex – and how infiltration, control, and discreditation of dissident populist scientists was used in this era to keep them in check, protecting controlled science and the interests that keep it controlled – for money, power, and “say” in human destiny.

Even though this story has little or nothing to do with magnetism, I believe this was the beginning of strong discreditation of Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny, and other “COVID dissident doctors and scientists” who are pursuing the “spike protein and COVID vaccine gynecological problems”. Ultimately, the “coup de grace” was delivered via the phony vaccine magnetism psy-op.

The BIG HIT on this group was the discreditation of Dr. Tenpenny on “vaccine magnetism” – a CIA-constructed sandtrap which I could see coming a mile away, with great horror, as it was placed in front of these “insufficiently skeptical skeptics” – who are skeptical enough to doubt the controlling LIES marbled into mainstream science – but who are blithely unaware of just how evil the establishment really is, in making sure nobody listens to them.

That poor, poor woman. Sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? Well, here is the deal. The “establishment science skeptic community” is social, and because it’s a bit lonely in Skepticville, people become tolerant of the crazier stuff, very unlikely to be true, which can easily be fed into the community. Obviously an intelligence agency which knows psychology better than all our universities combined can have a field day with that stuff.

However, before THAT story – which we will get into later – there is THIS story – where I saw these doctors being set up for discreditation on a different topic.

Every time they used the word “suramin” I winced, and this is why.

I will follow this story in roughly chronological order, from my first awareness to today, when I saw the complete picture. However, I may “fast forward” to later knowledge, at times, to put things in context.


When I first saw THIS headline from the SGT Report posted in this site’s open thread (I think it was Duchess, so THANK YOU!), all I could think was “OMG, what a pile of unbelievability THIS is.”

Not only did I think that “vaccine shedding” was preposterous – the idea that it could be fended off somehow with pine needle tea just sounded NUTS.

That was May 10, 2021 – ironically exactly one month ago. I had NO CLUE that one month later – today – I would be convinced that not only is “vaccine shedding” real – Pfizer knew it was a “thing” all along – and long ago.

This is the Pfizer data obtained from the Japanese government.

This is the data up close.

The most important data is simple – the fact that the vaccine is relocating all over the bodies of the test animals – SHOCKINGLY to the ovaries as one of the primary destinations – and the amount of TIME it’s taking to do so. The reason is that the vaccine is encapsulated in lipids – fatty substances – which protect the mRNA, and give it time to get into cells.

Looking at this data, there is no reason to doubt that the vaccine could express in skin lipids, and given that it WAS INDEED expressed in breast milk (full of lipids), killing at least one baby, the EXCRETION of the vaccine at this point makes logical sense.

Thus, when this information got out, the CRITICS were in the catbird seat, and the INDUSTRY which oddly tolerated these results, was in trouble.

How does one flip that around? DISCREDIT THE CRITICS.

Now I did not realize at the time that THAT was what was going on with “pine needle tea”. I thought this was just the usual stuff that pops up routinely in the “natural health” world. However, a closer look at the article surprised me.

There appeared to be a chemical error, and it appeared to be Dr. Judy Mikovits making that error. But it’s not her making the error.

Here are two paragraphs of interest:

There is a potential antidote to the current spike protein contagion which is called Suramin. It’s found in many forests around the world, in Pine needles. Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Excessive coagulation causes blood clots, mini-clots, strokes, and unusually heavy menstrual cycles.

Dr. Judy Mikovits asserts that globalists are well aware that pine needle tea is the answer to covid depopulation weapons, and they are secretly using pine needle tea to protect themselves from the very plague they have unleashed upon the world, Mikovitz explains.

I do disagree with a portion of Mikovits’ beliefs, but not everything. She really changed my whole view of “gain of function” – she sees very deeply into the problems of “Faucism”, shall we say. One thing she is NOT is stupid. So when I read that second paragraph, I simply didn’t believe it. It’s complete crap. “Pine Needle Tea vs. The Globalists”. Yeah, great movie! And kind of ironic that one would use a NATURAL ABORTIFACIENT to face off with “depopulationists”, but we’ll save that bit of “oy vey” for later analysis.

Well, deeper digging showed me where this came from. ANOTHER person who I usually trust, up to a point – Mike Adams of Natural News. From the day BEFORE – May 9.


Mike Adams is actually a pretty decent scientist, although he does allow guests on his show to wander off into clickbait generalities, far-fetched speculations, and utopian (or dystopian) characterizations. It’s just edgy stuff. Typical “natural remedies” world. I still buy the rational and reasoned parts of it – it’s just “old science”. And on the basic FACTS coming out of labs, Mike Adams doesn’t present “fake data”. He waits like a buzzard for REAL DATA that looks good for “naturalism” and then plays “AHA! LOOK AT THIS!” with mainstream medicine. It’s a “schtick”, but it’s a pretty good one.

Anyway, the wording is identical – SGT Report was just copying and mirroring Natural News, as they often do.

I saw at the time that Mike Adams had just picked this information up from some naturals blogger, and had copied it verbatim.

Word is spreading that pine needle tea may offer a solution against covid vaccine “shedding” or transmission, which appears to be a phenomenon where vaccinated people are spreading harmful particles or substances to others around them. See this article from a WordPress blog site called “Ambassador Love.”

That article states: (rest of article)

I thus attributed the problems to some error at Mike’s source, but I never really looked CLOSELY at the source.


Now – beyond the nonsensical attribution to Mikovits, there are actually TWO big chemistry problems with this article that Mike is citing.

One is on the idea that shikimic acid – the desired ingredient in pine needles – IS Tamiflu.

Quoted in the story:

Researchers at the University of Maine at Orono say they’ve found a new and relatively easy way to extract shikimic acid — a key ingredient in the drug Tamiflu — from pine tree needles.

That’s not exactly true. Shikimic acid is NOT Tamiflu, nor is it an ingredient in Tamiflu. Now, a more accurate statement is also given:

Shikimic acid derivatives have also been shown to exhibit useful biological activity. Most notably, the well-known antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu), which acts as a viral neuraminidase inhibitor, is used to treat seasonal influenza and has been deployed during H1N1 influenza outbreaks.

YES. A derivative. Tamiflu is RELATED to shikimic acid, but it is a distinctly different molecule. Shikimic acid can be used to MAKE Tamiflu. But it is a building block – not the same thing.

All that said, shikimic acid, whether from star anise or from pine needles, is indeed antiviral in some contexts, and antiinflammatory in others. So, YES, pine needles are an actual curative thing. More than just containing an exotic natural acid, they were the equivalent of citrus fruit for North American Indians.

Indeed, pine needle tea can be used to treat scurvy, and it’s BETTER than just vitamin C (which it contains in vast amounts), because it also contains flavonoids which are curative for vascular symptoms of scurvy.

However, you have to pick the right pine needles – some are poisonous, and even the good ones can INDUCE ABORTION.


The part about inducing abortion is VERY critical. That would be very problematic for these doctor critics of the spike protein vaccines, if they were in fact advocating “a different abortifacient instead”.

See how that works?

That is – how do we say this? – ah, yes – discreditation.

Now, at the TIME, I just thought to myself “Wow – how unfortunate that these people who are going after the ‘abortion vaccine’ are advising people to take an abortifacient.”

And I’m not the only person who observed this. It turns out that the original blog article was edited a number of times, to ADD warning information about the potential abortifacient risks of pine needle teas. The information was not there originally. It looks to me like blog commenters (comments are invited but hidden) likely cautioned the author about the problem.

Yeah, let’s just give THAT the “jaundiced editorial eye” that Maria does so well.

ANYWAY, on to the OTHER chemical mistake – SURAMIN.

This is actually rather cute, and the wicked industry that just savaged Dr. Tenpenny is going to get a little karma here.

As you will see, shortly, part of the “discred” here is also for suramin itself – because it’s a potential and very legitimate “HCQ” or “ivermectin” – a readily available treatment. I didn’t realize this at the time.

I will explain that more fully in a moment.

Suramin is a synthetic drug – it’s not a natural product. Many of us can tell just by looking at the structure.


And NO, this stuff is NOT in pine needles. Anybody who says this is INSTABLOCKED in SCIENCEVILLE.

Suramin is a killer of parasites – it’s used to cure sleeping sickness and river blindness in Africa. It’s actually a well-known, long-term, old drug. Indeed, it’s a lot like hydroxychloroquine, being on that WHO list of essential medicines.

Aubergine, our local naturals expert, quickly spotted that this was a synthetic drug and very unlikely to be in pine needles. I confirmed her suspicions, but I didn’t really dig into WHY this error had been made in the article – until today, when I saw it from a discreditation angle.

First of all – to my surprise – there is some real science behind suramin as a treatment for COVID-19.

The following is from a very solid source that monitors new medical developments in the scientific literature.


That work actually came from a Chinese group in Shanghai, which was trying to explain good results from suramin in the laboratory.


Here is the relevant part you need to see:

Here we report the discovery of suramin, a 100-year-old drug, as a potent inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) through blocking the binding of RNA to the enzyme. In biochemical assays, suramin and its derivatives are at least 20-fold more potent than remdesivir, the currently approved nucleotide drug for COVID-19. The 2.6 Å cryo-EM structure of the viral RdRp bound to suramin reveals two binding sites of suramin, with one site directly blocking the binding of the RNA template strand and the other site clash with the RNA primer strand near the RdRp catalytic active site, therefore inhibiting the viral RNA replication. Furthermore, suramin potently inhibits SARS-CoV-2 duplication in Vero E6 cells.

Better than Remdesivir? AWWWWW. Where did we hear THAT before?

OH, I REMEMBER! It was some drug called “hydroxychloroquine”!

So what you are seeing here, is that ANOTHER old antiparasitic drug looked to be BETTER THAN REMDESIVIR as an antiviral. Why, that would almost be THREE FOR THREE. Were it not nipped in the bud.

So indeed, Dr. Judy Mikovits had spotted that suramin was a useful drug for COVID. She had prior knowledge that it has been trialed as a treatment for AUTISM, and that, also, with some surprising success.

Now – here is where it gets really interesting.

THIS video was cited in the “pine needle tea” blog post. It is HIGHLY edited. Just listen. The MUSIC is absolutely CRINGEVILLE.

NOTE ADDED LATER (June 14, 2022)

You will note that the video is now just a link.

Here is an EARLIER screenshot from right after the video went down – which was basically a day after I published.

Note that it was NOT removed by YouTube – it was removed by the uploader at that time.

Here is a screenshot from the video when it was up.

This Academy of Divine Knowledge (June 14, 2022 discussion HERE) seems tied to many of the luminaries of the “discredited dirty dozen” – but IMO it may very well be part of the discreditation of them.

It’s too bad the video is down – you cannot see the skillful editing. Basically, an earlier video of Mikovits which was “good science” was recast by editing to create a point of division on falsehood, rather that a unification on truth.

As I was saying (before this note was added)……

This is a beautiful editing job which accomplishes two things:

(1) makes Mikovits look authoritative to people in the new age end of the natural remedies world ($$$$$)

(2) makes Mikovits look utterly discredited in the scientific world (?????)

One would not know, from this video, ANYTHING about the idea that suramin is turning out to be ANOTHER potential HCQ, safer and better than remdesivir.

But yet this video is “helping” her, and I seriously doubt she realizes just how undermining it is.

This is how discred works. Very often, the subject has NO IDEA. They may see the discrediting actions as not just neutral, but well-intended. But outside the understanding of the target, discred keeps things DIVIDED. Serious people are not going to take Mikovits seriously. Suramin will look like one more fish tank cleaner. Remdesivir (very likely on the cutting room floor for that video) won’t be threatened.

It’s so SLICK.

But THAT is not the best part. When suramin is FALSELY linked to pine needle tea, and the CHUMPS – the MARKS – are tricked into saying it – everything falls apart.

  • Mikovits’ advocacy of suramin as another potential HCQ / ivermectin looks loony
  • The Chinese chump scientists’ very legitimate work on suramin, but threatening remdesivir, gets memory-holed
  • Any doctors who pick up and repeat the error about suramin and pine needle tea are tainted by the error
  • The chump docs are now ready for the coup de grace – the phony magnetic vaccine psy-op

I hope you now see WHY these small errors matter – and why “opposition research” is a THING not only in politics, but in the highly politicized science, under which we now suffer.

I think these good doctors were SET UP.

I think that THIS:


“Dissident” doctors and scientists need to be more careful. We are up against very EVIL people.


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Wolf, I have a very, very smart woman friend who is a cranial-sacral therapist, among other alternative practices.

She believes some of the craziest shit I have ever heard. All of the nut-ball stuff coming down the pike just gets accepted.

I personally think a lot of that is because as an “alternative medicine” provider, she has been met with extreme skepticism so much that it has turned her OFF of skepticism altogether.

I called her down off of the “pine needle tea” ledge, and sent her the information you found about shikimic acid in combination with quercetin for the vascular system. She is an incredibly popular practitioner here, so hopefully that info will help a lot of people. So thank you again for finding it.


Speaking of alternative therapies against the vaccine damage, I found another possible herbal that might be useful.

Lady’s Mantle, which I grow (it’s beautiful as well as useful) is a uterine astringent. It can regulate spotting and bleeding between menstrual cycles. It might be helpful in stopping the break-through bleeding women are having from primary and secondary exposure to the fake vax.



The thing I find with most herbs is, they generally have many uses, not just one. They effect the “system” of the body, not just one tiny component.

This is why I take White Willow Bark, not aspirin. The Willow contains the acetylsalicylic acid, but it also contains all the other components which buffer the stomach and the rest of the system against the negative effects of the acid.

God made beautiful natural cures for so many things.


Sad to see fake news be believed.

Wolfmoon1776, you have done a great service on this issue

it is a reminder that being focused on facts, or at least trying to figure them out, doesn’t equate to supporting one side or the other

Pointing out the magnetism fake news does not equate to promoting the vaccine, to saying the vaccine is safe, or to recommending the vaccine.

Pointing out fake news against something does not mean one is not against the same thing the fake news is against.

You are only pointing out the magnetism fake news.

Debunking fake news, esp. when the fake news involves science and facts, is Incredibly important! Fake news is used to discredit those who believe and repeat it so that they are no longer believed on the real issues.

“No excess deaths” …. FAKE News from last spring that persisted until well into Jan. of this year by people misusing the data reporting. Refusing to believe there were No excess deaths made those who were pushing back against gov overreach look foolish & prevented many from asking credible questions as to WHY there were excess deaths that were significant totals above the covid19 death totals in a timely manner when we could have changed shutdown policies to stop/help prevent more excess deaths.

Same with trying to discredit/disagree with gov actions/overreach by comparing the early totals of covid19 deaths with the final/total numbers of deaths from previous pandemics. That is idiotic and discrediting and a complete distraction from those using logical reasons and actual, legit data, etc., to argue against and fight the gov actions/overreach.

Being against fake news does not mean one is on the “other” side. It just means advocating for the Real reasons/facts against and not letting the other side win because fake news has been used to discredit those fighting for freedom.

Fake News from the side of freedom is then used as the strawman to “prove” MAGA conservatives are wrong and they are right … without them having to deal with the real/legit arguments against them.

Truth has no agenda and we should never be emotionally attached to specific talking points, esp. when they are easily disproven.

Cuppa Covfefe

And here come excess deaths yet again…….


Broken record…

Gail Combs

Despite data showing there were no excess deaths in 2020. (And no I am not going to hunt up the info again)


I know. I have done the data dump myself. Means nothing to this one, because it has an agenda. Demoralization troll, but a very subtle one.

Gail Combs

That certainly seems so since it refuses to look at contrary data.


Same in the UK.


Brilliant post. Evil people can be genius sociopaths.

Gail Combs

Actually emphasis on TAUGHT as far as I am concerned.


Dark > Light.

Those you are taught to TRUST MOST….


Cuppa Covfefe

And from an historical recording of “Who’s On First” by Abbot and Costello, there’s a commercial which states, “More doctors smoke Camel than any other brand”….

Talk about trust.
And “truth in advertising”. Deceptive “truth” like a pusher uses…


Thank you for this post. Wolf. Are you familiar withe M..I.T. senior scientist, Stephanie Seneff? I have read parts of Plague of Corruption and knew a little about Suramin but never had the idea pine needle tea was some kind of equivalent. I do also know some pine extracts have possible medical uses, which will be interesting for future research.

Brave and Free

So is it just a coincidence that this showed up today??


Seems like whether true or not, the stories about ‘magnetism’ going viral draws more attention to the vaccines, which draws more attention to the real dangers of the vaccines.

Gail Combs

It would have worked if it were not for the wide awake Deplorables who are no longer such easy targets.

Gail Combs

I get the feeling that POTUS Trump’s DELIBERATE ‘loss’ of the White House was done to FORCE US to stand on our own two feet and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. To get us to SEE just how corrupt the system actually is.

I have been listening to Bannon’s Warroom, and it is amazing just how much farther the ‘Tea Party’ MAGA movement has come. Seems we now have our shit together.  🤓 


Regarding the silly refrigerator magnet garbage, just for fun, I tried sticking a refrigerator magnet on my arm right where a shot would probably go, and it stuck, at least for a minute, and I promise I have not taken the “vaccine.” I tried making the same magnet stick elsewhere on my arm, and it fell off right away. I think it’s something to do with fact that there is more fat where it stuck. Probably other factors, too.


Nice double bond to the Q Tree.


I become more informed every day I spend time on here, Wolf. Thanks again to you and everybody else in this great place.

Nothing new under the sun. Evil doers continue their evil ways, the just come up with some unique methods at times. The rest of us try to stay ahead of their plants and operations so we can help whoever is willing to listen.


QTree in many ways is my “continuing education”. Incredibly smart folks here sharing knowledge, experience, wisdom…freely.

I count my blessings everyday, that Felice vectored me over this way a few years back. And Wolf allowed me inside the QTree. I treasure QTree, Authors and every Poster.

Last edited 3 years ago by kalbokalbs

Very thankful he also showed me the way….and I agree wholeheartedly at wishing him well.


And now, a bit of silliness….

Gail Combs

That deserves a Tom Brier rag…

Efficiency Rag” Tom Brier Performing(Tom was in an auto accident that left him badly handicapped several years ago.)

Please pray for Tom.


Oh, dear….I hadn’t heard.

Gail Combs

You are a Tom Brier fan too?

He is an incredible pianist. Hubby plays his music all the time.


Not a giant fan, but I was aware of him (being as he’s practically in the backyard).


I was more familiar with things like

(Please watch in SchmuTube to get the joke in the description and comments.)

Gail Combs

Hubby immediately hung over my shoulder as soon as I started to play this.


Now that I’ve had a little time to deal with the shock of Tom Brier’s current condition, I should note that “Efficiency Rag” is by James Scott (1917). It is not one of Brier’s original compositions. The credits for the vid got mangled a bit.

Gail Combs

So the other shoe dropped as we thought it might Wolfie.


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