What’s Going Around? Ground Reports on the 2023 Virus Season

During my recent absence, I was blessed with great health. However, 3 days after my return, something that is NOT COVID showed up. Definitely NOT COVID. But three days – that’s about right for some kind of exposure to a virus. I’m taking care of things nicely, but remain curious what this infection might be. Very likely a cold, but still – it would be nice to know what it is.

Beyond that, I’m very curious what’s happening out there, in the COVID, flu, and RSV worlds, as well as with all the other ILIs (influenza-like illnesses) that are vying for our respiratory systems.

Thus, I provide this thread as a dumping ground for all thoughts, opinions, and facts that you wish to report on the topic of transmissible illnesses currently making the rounds. In particular, ground reports of cases in your world are desirable.



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Happy to report there’s nothing going on in my corner of Upstate NY. I personally don’t know anyone who’s sick. Not hearing anything about flu, nor much about covid. No spring colds yet. Too soon for allergies. A peaceful respite.


Hi Wolfm00n. My brother, who is not vaccinated, caught a bug mid February that caused fatigue and lots and lots of phlegm and mucus. He sneezed, coughed and spewed for over two weeks. Never ran a fever, no chest or head congestion just tired and copius amounts of gunk. He and I both believe we had the Omicron variant in January 2022 and neither of us have been sick since. I don’t know what he had, but I was around him almost daily and I didn’t get it.

Gail Combs


One of the other Treepers suggested in Feb that it was an H1N1 flu (I think) per ID in their family member.


btw wolf that’s an intriguing header graphic. Trying to figure out what language it is.


My guess is Polish.


Ha!!! Love the foreign detail!


We have had friends down with coughing and schmoots for about four weeks. No one has a term for it. Long term cold?


Valerie Curren

schmoots? Yiddish?


I’ve heard about some nasty cold-type illnesses knocking people down over the last couple of months (Jan-Feb). However, right now, it seems there is not as much illness where I am in Montana.

I think a WHOLE LOT of people have caught on to the vitamin I, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc. protocol that we here all know about, and they are treating their own illness now.



Suzanne pooler

Hello everyone, it’s been a good while since I’ve been here, life has a way of taking over our interactions with groups we hang out with does it not? Several sudden deaths in the family which I contribute to the jab and dealing with a serious family matter concerning my grand children has taken a couple years and turned my hair gray overnight but things are calmer now so want to report that here at the farm no one has been sick since 2019.crazy in retrospect but we are a hardy bunch after all. Not even the sniffles around here. and I am a woman with one lung and potential for respiatory issues but so far not even a sneeze lol. Thanks Wolf for all you guys do here I still read the articles and post when I have time between gardening and raising chickens.

Suzanne pooler

My mother-in-law was so scared by all the lies, she got the jabs and boosters. About 6″ months ago she was feeling bad and had to have blood transfusions every couple of weeks, it was nuts.she went unconscious on nov 30th after falling at home admitted to ER with a “flu” which we questioned and were brushed off. She was vented and passed on Dec5th Dr. told us she had stage 4 leukemia and her immune system was gone so she couldn’t fight the “flu” bug. All in a matter of days?? not buying it.
My daughter’s fiancée had a jab and booster and is now worried and stressed out and getting angry since his job required the shots to stay working. Hes worried he will drop dead. It’s just horrible what those monsters have done to the world isn’t it.



It would probably help your daughter’s fiancee (physically and mentally) to do what he can to mitigate the negative effects of the shot / booster.

This is a post from RDS here at the qtree, from February 6th. I saved it because I need to get around to doing these things myself.

Note that she says the “I-Recover (SM)” protocols and cardiovascular supplements recommended by Dr. Malone, along with getting a D-dimer test and CD4 – CD8 immune function level test, would be good for everybody, whether:

A) unvaccinated but did have Covid at some point

B) vaccinated but didn’t get Covid

C) vaccinated and did get Covid

So basically everybody.


Reply to Aubergine
February 6, 2023 10:47
https://doi.org/10.1128/JVI.00794.21 (link not working)
August, 2021

Yours Truly: Paper on “premature aging” induced by the spike protein / mRNA of the COVID-19 virus (and of the COVID-19 spike protein / mRNA that’s in the “vaccines”, since the “vaccines” use the entire spike protein sequence.)
This, combined with the PRRARSV “backdoor key” of the virus code, which allows the spike protein’s mRNA into the nuclei of the cells of the body — voila! — “premature aging.”

This, combined with the “embedded instructions” in the COVID-19 “vaccines” that keep forcing the body of the recipient to produce antibodies to fight off the “pseudo-infection” that the “vaccines” induce, and — voila! — a “recipe” for constant “premature aging” in the bodies of the “vaxxed.”

One is of the opinion that any “UN-vaccinated” person who had COVID-19 and recoveredany person who is “vaccinated” — any person who is “vaccianted” and ALSO had COVID-19 and recovered — need to be taking IVM / HCQ and the other FLCCC-recommended “I-RECOVER (SM)” protocol items, in addition to the cardiovascular supplements recommended by Dr. Robert Malone. And to keep taking them for an indefinite period of time. And consider getting a D-dimer test and a CD4 – CD8 immune function level test.


Here are two links to the “I-Recover” information at FLCCC:



Gail Combs

Aubergine’s recomendations are a good idea.
Nattokinase: An Oral Antithrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 
Serrapeptase and Lung Disease

Serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory and it clears inflamed, dead tissue. In lung disease, the lungs are filled with dead, inflamed tissue and can no longer absorb the necessary amounts of oxygen

There is.

Bromelain, combined w/NAC, was shown to “completely” degrade spike. 

(No wonder FDA tried to ban NAC in 2020).  

Tell your vaxxed friends.

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Thank you, I was hoping someone would post Aubergine’s info, now I have that copied too 👍

Gail Combs

You are very welcome!!!

I was very happy to read of the NAC + Bromelain

Bromelain is a group of enzymes found in the fruit and stem of the pineapple plant. 

My NAC comes with selenium surprisingly.

Valerie Curren

I’ve been boiling the pineapple castoffs, stem, & skin, for a number of weeks now (periodically) & having a hot glass sweetened with honey periodically, especially when I was fighting that nasty cold a while back. It seemed to also help too 🙂

Suzanne pooler

Thanks Gail, love getting good info. I will pass this to them also. Enjoyed your articles you posted a bit back on the depopulation plan and your other posts they are very informative and we need to understand that all of this didn’t happen just a few years ago but many years in the planning.

Gail Combs

You are very welcome.

Suzanne pooler

Thank you so much Scott!! Ive been searching around for good info to send them. I will pass these links along to them.


You’re very welcome! 🙂

Valerie Curren

So glad you shared this info so I didn’t have to look it up (again)–TY!



Suzanne pooler

Thanks Wolf! 😀 

Valerie Curren

Wow Suzanne that’s some rough stuff to deal with. Hope things are much better with you & the grandkids. I’m jealous that you can have chickens. My daughter checked & our city doesn’t allow it 🙁

Glad you dropped in & shared a bit of your journey here too. God Bless YOU!

Gail Combs

FWIW, I had some sort of respiratory bug about 60 days ago. I had started a course of 7 days of vit I for possible Benign Adrenal Tumor, followed by vitamins plus Fenben. (low potassium + intolerance of NaCl + high blood pressure slowly getting worse was indicative.)

The respiratory bug pretty much cleared up except for nasty nasty gunk and what seems to be a sinus infection that lasted for weeks.

I happened to crack a tooth during this and had it pulled. The dentist put me on ten days of clindamycin antibiotic which FINALLY slowly cleared the sinus infection.

On a positive note, we started daily Fenbendazole + added Calf Manna to my Cushings pony’s normal feed. (She is on grass pasture too) She is shedding out her winter coat a lot faster than the other ponies unlike last year. Heck she is almost completely shed out!!

Cushing’s Disease in Horses | PetMD

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in Horses. Cushing’s disease is a progressive disorder. The symptoms may be slow to present but will ultimately progress with time. The most common signs observed in horses with Cushing’s disease/PPID include: Failure to shed winter coat fully, or patchy shedding; Long and/or curly coat; Chronic infections

Understanding Equine Cushing’s Disease – Horse Illustrated

An abnormally high level of stress hormones in the bloodstream cause what are known as the classic signs of Cushing’s in horses: a potbellied appearance coupled with muscle wasting; a long, shaggy hair coat that doesn’t shed out in the spring; and increased thirst and subsequent urination.

Calf manna label:


Gail Combs

The tooth extraction is mucking things up a bit, however the BP is not too bad right now as long as I keep pushing the potassium and limiting NaCl. I wasn’t really eating for 10 days and that mucked up my potassium intake ==> muscle cramps and migraine.

My BP is still too high however a slug of salt (snacks while on the road yesterday) has not pushed my BP as high as it normally does and other symptoms are SLOWLY subsiding I think.

I am thinking it will take several months to see major improvement. For now I can control things mostly thru diet. I just wish meat and cheese was completely NaCl free!


Good to hear from you, Wolf.

Daughter and family got the bad cold like symptoms. Older neighbors got some kind of virus that moved from respiratory to the digestive system and took a couple of weeks for them to recover. All are doing fine now. Amoxicillin Rx did not help any of them. One of the neighbors took Augmentin to recover indicating it had moved into a bacterial infection.

Most folks are getting along fine around here, no COVID or flu. It has run its course for the most part.


Wolf Moon
Thank heavens you’re getting back up to speed!

Around the Raleigh-Durham area, it’s the tree pollen that’s showing up in force, literally turning the air greenish-yellow. It seems that all the trees have come out during the past week. One’s own bad allergic conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis are both kicking up, so working on keeping the immune system in good condition is going on.
One suspects that allergies can have an impact on whether the immune system is affected enough to let viruses (flu, COVID, RSV) “slip through the cracks.”

Gail Combs

BOY is the pollen BAD here in NC!!! My eyes have been itching something fierce the last couple days and I am having trouble breathing again.  🙄  grumble….

Because of the tooth extraction I am off the Serrapeptase and Nattokinase until healing is complete. Hopefully in a few more weeks.


Ah ok. Glad youre ok. Heres our household illness report. Mr Gil got something at work. Bad cold, severe upper respiratory with significant hoarseness. Chills w/o fever, no appetite. I told him go to the friggin dr after 9 days and his congestion was worse(he must enjoy being miserable). I told him its now a sinus infection.
Lo and behold it was a SI. He took antibiotics and just started draining it all by day 4. A lot. Took him another week to get his voice et al back. Lots of bad post nasal drainage.
Kiddo got it from him by day 7 bc he was spreading it around.
Pretty significant nasal congestion and coughing. Having asthma makes me more careful w him. No fever but it turned into an infection quick. Same type of post nasal drainage. He took regular amoxicillin for 10 days, got better, but it hadnt cleared. He saw his allergist who said he would probably need Augmentin which he just started last night.

I got a little sick. Very fatigued for 3 days. Minor congestion, worse at night. Only took a little benadryl, extra vit c and zinc. Day 4, woke up feeling a whole lot better, almost instant.
This was my first post covid cold and I fought that sucker off way better than they did.

Id be curious if youre shaking it off faster.


Hey the vit C and zinc helped. I made sure i took it and yeah, my immune system kicked in !
Id say if you havent gotten that congestion gone after a week to 10 days max its going to need antibiotics.

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Valerie Curren

I drank a lot of citrus infused water (orange peels &/or boiled pineapple) plus a decent amount of spiced chai tea latte, that I tend to crave when sick too 🙂

Valerie Curren

My recent illness was also the first time I’d been sick since covid roughly 2 1/2 years ago too…hmmm…


How did you do w fighting it?

Valerie Curren

Covid was pretty rough on me for like about 3 weeks, there were times that I thought I might suffocate on the heavy mucus in my lungs that was very difficult to clear. I had co-morbidities of age, weight, & diabetes (type 2). The recent illness knocked me down for 2+ weeks but I was not nearly as sick as with Covid, though Very Fatigued & needing Lots of fluids & rest to get past it…


Wow. Long time for this. Hope you’re better now.

Valerie Curren

just longhaulers issues linger & mostly annoy briefly after waking up–Thanks 🙂




My circles are pretty small, so little to report.

16 yo Grandson (with autism), Pfizer double jab. (Courtesy of bitch mother)

  • Around MLK holiday. Fever 102/103 x 7 days. Terrible persistent cough – near continuous coughing…seemingly not deep cough.
  • Ruled out Covid, RSV (if that is the other kid infection) and lung x-rays clear.
  • Diagnosed upper Respiratory infection.
  • Azithromycin, cough suppressant and something else cleared it up.
  • CAME back four weeks later ~ President Weekend holiday. Same drill – tests and meds..

In Philippines. 22 yo niece jabbed and boosted. Guillain Barrs Syndrome GBS. Facial paralysis. Lasted a week or so. Seems to be OK now.

Valerie Curren

Around mid January, iirc, I got a nasty “cold” that wore me out so I spent a lot of time resting for 2-3 weeks. Took extra Vitamin C. Might have had a mild fever but never checked. Eventually it slunk away.

I still have my version of longhauler’s with coughing up colored junk most mornings. Other than that I’m mostly OK. My blood sugar is likely way too high as we’ve been going without medical care for 13+ months now.

Hubby had a minor bug a month or so ago & only missed one day of work.

My mom just had a recurrent incident very similar to 2 years ago, almost to the day. My dad & brother wondered if it could somehow be connected to the Spring Equinox as both incidents happened within a day or 2 of it though obviously 2 years apart.

Last time Mom lost the ability to speak for some period of time. She also had some other motor & speech difficulties. This time I was there & observed her mixing up words (using the wrong names &/or nouns &/or adjectives) that she was aware of & couldn’t correct. Her gait was off & at one point she was using the wrong end of the fork while eating. We had her do some reading & she kept making verbal errors that she didn’t correct. I think she knew she was making mistakes but couldn’t say the right words for a bit.

By the time Dad took her to the ER all her symptoms had cleared up. They gave her blood thinners & admitted her to the hospital so they could get a brain MRI. The MRI is apparently more sensitive than it was 2 years ago for this time they are speculating that she had some type of TIA. Neither incident resulted in tissue damage in the brain.

This time they said she had micro particles in her blood in the brain, they speculated that it might be cholesterol so put her on some type of statin, baby aspirin, plus some type of blood thinner (Plavix?) for a few weeks.

This made me think that her other incident 2 years ago Might also have been a TIA but the less sensitive MRI then couldn’t tell. She’s had some lingering intermittent verbal confusion & sometimes increased emotional sensitivity, especially when stressed, some of which may be connected to the aging process–she’s almost 83 now.

I wondered if she Might be having some spike protein issues from having come in contact with people who’ve either had Covid or taken the shots & could be shedding the spike on others. Neither she nor my dad have had Covid, that we are aware of.

She’s back home from the hospital as of Friday evening & will see the neurologist soon to check on how thigs are going…

Our son, daughter-in-law,, & granddaughter all caught some nasty colds that kept them away from our 2nd & 1/2 Christmas gathering last weekend when Brandon’s Canadian girlfriend was finally able to join us (son & baby stopped by for a couple minutes to pick up hubby’s epic smoked pork ribs that multiple people claimed were the best ribs they’d ever eaten!). They had lots of sinus drainage & lingering coughs for 1/2 week plus & were generally rather miserable.

Special Needs son had some type of cold like illness in January, likely around the same time I was sick. He had a Liver Transplant clinic visit & blood draw when he was past having symptoms but his WBC count was still elevated. Given his liver has never returned to its pre-rejection functioning & now the increased anti-rejection meds (both dosage of Prograf plus the nearly 3 year addition of Cellcept & Ursadiol) it’s likely that his immune system functions at a sub-optimum level.


In a mixed age group that I’m part of, there are several couples in their 70s, all multi-boosted. One couple both got COVID recently, and the male had a relapse and got it again. They have both recovered.

A store I shopped in recently had masks prominently for sale at the cash register, and the checkout clerk was wearing a mask, though I don’t think the store requires its employees to be masked. I also have seen several masked people shopping.

Flu season is supposed to last from October to May, or sometime in April, so it’s not as if we’re gearing up for it.

I just want it to stop.

Valerie Curren

I wonder Wolf, if you are still in the Ohio area, if you might be experiencing any issues connected to the East Palestine train disaster…