Make Black Kick-Lynching a Federal Crime

It’s time to fight the Democrat BIGOTS – who tolerate black racism with approval and smirks – just like the criminal ex-KLAN members that they are. And the best place to fight them, is on their own badly managed “social justice” turf.

When gangs of black “yout” kick lone white kids or elderly into a grave or a wheelchair, we citizens with even a shred of decency, recognize the act for what it is.

LYNCHING without a rope.

The evil left creates FAKE LYNCHINGS all the time. We remember the Duke lacrosse team. We remember the Obama years, when legal self-defense against black criminals was turned into a new riot and leftist cause every six months. And most of all, we remember red diaper Marxist Jussie Smollett, who in my opinion CANNOT serve enough time for trying to set America on fire with his LIES about lynching by “MAGA” who were in fact two HIRED African men.

But what is the REAL mob violence that America experiences every day? It’s gangs of black kids, getting somebody down on the ground and kicking the victim to death, paralysis, or months in the hospital.

It’s time to stand up to this heinous crime, and to FORCE the evil Democrats to suckle their wicked monster baby of social injustice in the process.

By making kick-lynching a FEDERAL CRIME, the evil Merrick “Kapo” Garland will be forced to ignore one more law – but his flouting of the law will show America WHY we need Donald Trump in the White House, and a Trump AG in the Department of Justice.

Put the nose of the evil Democrats on the DOG POOP they helped create.

Make their evil spawn go to federal prison AT ANY AGE for their mob violence.

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Every one of those sub-human thugs should get life in prison. Period.

You are right, there should be a law. This is hate crime.

Gail Combs

Second degree murder AT MINIMUM!

First degree if there had been other incidences showing previous HATE


There are plenty of laws. There should be enforcement.

Gail Combs



In particular, there are far too many Federal laws. This should be handled by state law.


So true, Wolf, and I like your idea. Whether it is constitutional, I don’t know. I’m so grieved for that boy’s family.


Charge as adults. Murder. Court in Vegas.

Daily shuttle between Vegas AND Pahrump. Federal contract prison.

Contract guards can deliver beating of sorts, whenever they feel like it.

^^^ Not so many years back, Bundy’s endured this same BS. ^^^

Or as a jail did to Ammon Bundy in Idaho, during Covidiocy. Arrested for disorderly, or some BS charge. Then, for not wearing a damn mask in court… Details on the Internet somewhere. Something about really cold jail cell, little clothing, IIRC, bare foot.


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Yes!! Well said.


the schools aren’t doing a damn thing about this kind of rampant racist anti white crime.

white kids are being victimized by raciss bullies all the time, and the parents are basically helpless when the school authorities promote wokeness, and are afraid to exert any authority or discipline or punishment.