Triangulating Real Mind Control (Individual Surreptitious MK)

In this post, I will shift around between three points of view:

  • The Stephen Kinzer (NYT) book entitled “Poisoner In Chief” – a restated CIA cover-up of ACTUAL progress on mind control, adjusted for new disclosure losses on MK, and blamecasting MK away from socialism and socialists, both foreign and domestic
  • The Adam and Melissa Dykes film about MK ULTRA centering on the human experimentation aspects, but also unaware of ACTUAL progress in practical programming of human beings through drugs and hypnosis.
  • My 1981 experience as a reality check against both books.

This is some major dot-connecting. While I don’t have all the answers I want, I believe that I am closer to understanding past and current black hat MK abilities.

Relevant Bible Verse:

I begin this update on my search for TRUTH about MK (mind control) with a series of four tweets, three of which Twitter will NEVER let anybody see. OK – maybe a few people. Enough for COVER.

We begin with Sara Carter retweeting one of her old tweets.

Which references one of Sara’s old articles.

This tweet walked STRAIGHT into my search for MK truth.

You see – I am reading the new Kinzer book on Sidney Gottlieb and MK ULTRA at this very moment.

Anybody who reads this book will understand – amnesia was and undoubtedly remains a “holy grail” of the CIA. The problem is that Kinzer – at least from what I’ve seen of the book – never got access to anything or anybody which violated the “MK ULTRA Failure and Abandonment Narrative” (MUFAN for short, no pun intended, OK, maybe just a little).

And – if he did – he would only try to disprove it. The signs of a CIA water-carrier are all over this one.

MUFAN is wickedly hard to get around if you don’t have both data and persistence, but if you DO have them, then MUFAN is pretty much impossible to accept. And THAT is where DA WOOF is right now.

Well, I could not help commenting into /dev/mulder, so to speak. Check out who else was on the thread, thanks to Sara’s tagging – both Loretta Lynch and the FBI.

Then I decided to really start laying it down – though gently. Note my very cryptic use of the date rather than to just spell things out. Credibility. I push RIGHT to the edge.

Now if you watch “The Minds of Men” (see below), you will see that the interest in the subject of mind control which preceded 1947 has meaning, but that meaning is most easily understood in the big picture by STILL referencing 1947 – to be really cagey about things. You’ll see.

Then we go for the finale, bringing it back to Loretta Lynch.

I honestly have mixed feelings about waking up Loretta from her innocent bliss of ignorance granted by the technology, but we cannot truly forgive without remembrance – even if we truly forget. In the end, we will all come out of this better if we accept the fact that we have sinned.


Ah, yes. Reporting on what I’m learning about REAL MK.

In the book


CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb, is reintroduced in his classic role as willing scapegoat. The TRICK, however, is that he’s not covering up failure – he’s covering up SUCCESS.

In a cover-up which works by fake betrayal of the original project, calling it a loser and a fraud that grifted the world, somebody has to play Judas. Gottlieb, weirdly, also plays Christ. The man who was most responsible for the TECHNICAL aspects of MK work, and probably least responsible for the “wet works” dirty trade-craft aspects of sentencing victims to terminal human experimentation, other than carrying out the sentences (presumably by drug overdoses), takes on all of the CIA’s sins. Safely dead, with all of the “medical errors” of early MK research dead along with him, things can now be wrapped up as “the sorry history of Sidney Gottlieb“, thrown out, and the whole forgotten and/or forgiven, while the Mengelian fruit of the effort – WORKING MK – neatly persists in secret.

The problem? FRESH SINS. Once the AMERICAN PEOPLE themselves began to wake up, and became an OPEN THREAT to the socialist occupation by our own CIA, fronted through the failing New York Times and the rest of our FAKE NEWS, it was only a matter of time until they turned the guns on us. While FAKING that we – the “Bad Americans” – are the ultimate problem.

After El Paso and Dayton, I have no reason to believe – NONE – that the MK technology will not continue to be used against American citizens – over and over and over again – into the future. Socialist politics cannot let go of any tool which keeps its minority viewpoint in power. The only way to STOP it is to reveal until we BURN THE ABUSERS TO CINDERS.

Pushing back against Kinzer’s sleazy update of the KGB-CIA’s mind control firewall known as the MK ULTRA chaff release is part of that process.

While I’m showing you the El Paso shooter and one of his handlers in the above picture, where MK aspects are only hinted at, through the FATHER of the suspect / patsy, it is the DAYTON killings that have all the hallmarks of intense MK usage.

Not only is there a highly classified DARPA contractor angle on the father and mother – not only is there satanic sexual stuff all over the shooter (one of THE best motivators for MK violence) – there is TRANS on the sister, which obeys the economy of events principle. While I have not yet discussed the important MK aspects of TRANS in great detail, I can assure you that the psychology and biology of “transgendering” have been long-researched by those who are “transforming” humanity. There is a DEEP connection between individual MK and covert psychological research in THE PAST, and the current public mass psychology of the TRANS agenda. Research first – mass action later. That’s how they keep it seamless.

And I would be remiss not to leave this beautiful clue here for everybody. The shooter’s sister, Megan Betts, a.k.a. Jordan Cofer (her toe-in-the-water “trans” name), was studying earth sciences at Wright State University, and….

….hoped to someday work for NASA on EXO – specifically “exploring the viability of life on other planets”.


Poor, dumb, smart girl. She never knew what hit her.

Yeah. Don’t expect this one to go back in the box.

So where was I? Ah, yes.

The Kinzer book is heavy on details about MK from the viewpoint of Sidney Gottlieb and the “official” combined “fake news” history of mind control. It is everything that the CIA wants you to believe, to their supposed eternal embarrassment.

What happened with MUFAN (reminding you again – MK ULTRA Failure & Abandonment Narrative) is that the narrative was so successful, many of us actually doubted the cover narrative ITSELF as being too “woo-woo”.

We FIGHT over the reality of the REALITY STRAW MAN set before us. Think about that.

This is exactly what you want, if you’re covering something up. People are picking and choosing from limited information acting as disinformation. Many people are doubting even that limited information. However, any smart collection of ALL THE COVER combines to a cohesive whole story, and the COVER HOLDS.

Taken together, what Kinzer reveals all sounds shocking and new, but it’s not. It’s merely a kind of retro-historical cover compilation of well-known MK ULTRA narrative that seems fresh.

What Kinzer does, to make MUFAN seem new and fresh, is:

  • include “everything”, so there will be “new” material for every reader
  • increase the murderousness of it, cloaked in “Bad America” narrative (NYT gospel)
  • make it all center on Sidney Gottlieb as a kind of tragic American Mengele
  • link the CIA’s LSD “suicide” scandal to MK ULTRA and Sidney Gottlieb
  • play up all Nazi connections, play down all other socialist / communist connections

All of this serves to position Kinzer’s take on things as “the new definitive reality of MK ULTRA”. However, to anybody who actually experienced Gottlieb’s work first-hand, and secretly remembered (and kept DAMN quiet) how successful it actually was, it is very clear that Kinzer is simply – either knowingly, unknowingly, or somewhere in between – helping to renew MUFAN in a sturdier way that can be used to pooh-pooh future reveals as part of a now darker, sexier, and more believable MK ULTRA project failure.

Seriously, I can almost write those future pooh-poohs now.

The Kinzer book accomplishes several things as CIA-DNC-DSA-NYT propaganda:

  • blames early CIA anti-communist “white hats” as the origin of MK ULTRA
  • pooh-poohs all Soviet and Chinese brainwashing – even the term itself
  • pooh-poohs the very idea of “truth serum” – which I know for a FACT works
  • paints MK ULTRA and the experimentation that produced it as unjustified
  • minimizes the importance of Sidney Gottlieb being a card-carrying socialist
  • covers up Gottlieb’s role as a cultural Marxist – the hidden pied piper of “acid”
  • covers up the successful internal repurposing of CIA by KGB (a.k.a. “KGB-CIA”)
  • not a word about exo or post-Roswell motivations, to maintain “scoff levels”
  • not a word about the embedding matrix of CIA interest in CYBERNETICS
  • fulfills the “bad America” narrative over and over and over again
  • renews old, forgotten, but effective Soviet and Chinese Korean War propaganda
  • diverts away from scientific core principles of REAL MK using shiny objects
  • diverts away from the pharmacology of REAL MK using “shiny molecules”

A beautiful example of what I now call FAKE PUBLISHING.

However, as you can tell from the above, the book also GIVES AWAY MUCH:

  • accidentally reveals how CIA was immediately hiding MK successes from the military, something which I always suspected
  • reveals what was important in MK success by AVOIDING ALL MENTION
  • reveals current American and global socialist / cabal / “allied bad exo” goals
  • validates key points of my own story on MK abuse, including the larger CA3 scandal
  • validates the core idea of KGB-CIA’s penchant for regarding political opponents or people who simply get in the way of their projects as “expendable”
  • validates criminal interactions like Mueller-Bulger as normalized in the Deep State
  • validates the reality of DOMESTIC OPERATIONS as normalized in “bad CIA”
  • throws enormous shade on ANTHRAX as a key totem which appears over and over in the larger cabal story, and the story of which may be important in bringing them down
  • reveals that there is extreme sensitivity on SOCIALISM and CIA (a.k.a. KGB-CIA)

Based on this final list, you can see why I *highly* recommend this book, despite it being a combination of whitewash, distraction, diversion, propaganda, and cover.

Kinzer has given us a ROADMAP into socialist reliance on MK, socialist embedding in CIA, socialist abuse of CIA, and socialist weaponization of CIA. All we have to do is simply read the book BACKWARDS and INSIDE-OUT as cover-up. If you KNOW it’s a cover-up, their strategy and weaknesses just FALL OUT.

Kinzer’s over-reach on protecting socialism in America and its secret weapon – the owned, pwned, and duped-out CIA, along with their secret AND public MK weapons – is where this book really becomes valuable for most lay readers. To the astute anti-communist, knowing how the book was written and what its objectives are, the book REALLY gives away a LOT.

However, for readers interested in the TECHNICAL aspects of MK, you will be intensely interested in what is NOT FOUND in the book, and thus I recommend the KINDLE VERSION.

Search on any chemical term that you think might be used in actual MK drugged hypnosis and psychological programming – things like fentanyl, carfentanil, valium, librium, chlordiazepoxide, benzodiazepines in general, and any other agents with known aerosol induction utility or amnesic properties. Because we KNOW that benzodiazepines REVOLUTIONIZED sedation, DESPITE their amnesia-inducing side-effects. They undoubtedly revolutionized amnesia as well.


And yet, an espionage-aware and historically skeptical reading of the literature indicates that the KEY amnesic/hypnotic drugs were discovered *accidentally* in the WEST in 1956-1957, meaning they could have EASILY been discovered a decade earlier in the Soviet Union – in novichok fashion – in time for actual brainwashing use in Korea.

Now do you believe me about how much of a HOAX the “MK ULTRA FAILURE AND ABANDONMENT NARRATIVE” actually was? The KEY DRUGS for amnesia that are never even mentioned in MUFAN – foisted on us in the mid-1970s – were found 20 years earlier – and possibly 30 years earlier in the more psychologically oriented Soviet Union.

And I’m only a quarter of the way into this book. Think about THAT.

Now – one last point about Sidney Gottlieb.


Yes. Joseph Scheider may or may not have been Sidney Gottlieb’s birth name. But it was definitely used as a pseudonym.

Yeah. Are you smelling the DIAPER yet? Oh, I am smelling diaper all over this guy. Add Kinzer’s OTT defense of socialism in this book, and I’d say we have PAY DIRT.

Kinzer says that Joseph Scheider was just a pseudonym that Gottlieb used for testimony. However, Wikipedia says that Gottlieb was actually born as Joseph Scheider.

Which was it? INTERESTING QUESTION. Time to dig.





Let’s move on. This next part is what REALLY blew me away. You’ll see why, momentarily.


Aaron and Melissa Dykes, the creators of a fascinating documentary – The Minds of Men – about MK ULTRA and the larger effort within which it fell, don’t think much of the Kinzer book. This 21-minute video is worth watching to see why.

Very important to note that CIA-Bezos-WaPo-Amazon kicked this movie off of Amazon for absurd reasons. That’s how over the target this banned work actually is.

The bottom line is that the Dykes’ work shows Sidney Gottlieb to be a scapegoat of MK ULTRA. It is very likely that Gottlieb was a WILLING scapegoat, in my opinion, and this is shown by the level of responsibility he had in the project, which Kinzer points out. Gottlieb knew enough, that he knew exactly WHAT to HIDE, and HOW.

So – once you get BEYOND Sidney Gottlieb, there is MUCH, MUCH MORE. And THAT is where the documentary, The Minds of Men, goes.

[vimeo 280034914 w=640 h=360]

The Minds of Men from Aaron and Melissa Dykes on Vimeo.



This film is very much worth watching. However, I will warn you in advance, it is NOT going to leave you as any kind of happy camper. If anything, this film will leave you thinking that the Cabal’s control of the world is vast beyond correction or even restraint.

You will be taken down one rabbit hole after another, and shown that “mind control” and MK ULTRA were really just small parts of a much vaster CIA interest – CYBERNETICS.

The Wikipedia entry for Cybernetics provides a good definition, as follows:

Cybernetics is a transdisciplinary[1] approach for exploring regulatory systems—their structures, constraints, and possibilities. Norbert Wiener defined cybernetics in 1948 as “the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.”[2] In other words, it is the scientific study of how humans, animals and machines control and communicate with each other.

Cybernetics is applicable when a system being analyzed incorporates a closed signaling loop—originally referred to as a “circular causal” relationship—that is, where action by the system generates some change in its environment and that change is reflected in the system in some manner (feedback) that triggers a system change. Cybernetics is relevant to, for example, mechanical, physical, biological, cognitive, and social systems. The essential goal of the broad field of cybernetics is to understand and define the functions and processes of systems that have goals and that participate in circular, causal chains that move from action to sensing to comparison with desired goal, and again to action. Its focus is how anything (digital, mechanical or biological) processes information, reacts to information, and changes or can be changed to better accomplish the first two tasks.[3] Cybernetics includes the study of feedbackblack boxes and derived concepts such as communication and control in living organismsmachines and organizations including self-organization.

Concepts studied by cyberneticists include, but are not limited to: learningcognitionadaptationsocial controlemergenceconvergencecommunicationefficiencyefficacy, and connectivity. In cybernetics these concepts (otherwise already objects of study in other disciplines such as biology and engineering) are abstracted from the context of the specific organism or device.

The word cybernetics comes from Greek κυβερνητική (kybernētikḗ), meaning “governance”, i.e., all that are pertinent to κυβερνάω (kybernáō), the latter meaning “to steer, navigate or govern”, hence κυβέρνησις (kybérnēsis), meaning “government”, is the government while κυβερνήτης (kybernḗtēs) is the governor or “helmperson” of the “ship”. Contemporary cybernetics began as an interdisciplinary study connecting the fields of control systemselectrical network theorymechanical engineeringlogic modelingevolutionary biologyneuroscienceanthropology, and psychology in the 1940s, often attributed to the Macy Conferences. During the second half of the 20th century cybernetics evolved in ways that distinguish first-order cybernetics (about observed systems) from second-order cybernetics (about observing systems).[4] More recently there is talk about a third-order cybernetics (doing in ways that embraces first and second-order).[5]

Studies in cybernetics provide a means for examining the design and function of any system, including social systems such as business management and organizational learning, including for the purpose of making them more efficient and effective. Fields of study which have influenced or been influenced by cybernetics include game theorysystem theory (a mathematical counterpart to cybernetics), perceptual control theorysociology, psychology (especially neuropsychologybehavioral psychologycognitive psychology), philosophyarchitecture, and organizational theory.[6] System dynamics, originated with applications of electrical engineering control theory to other kinds of simulation models (especially business systems) by Jay Forrester at M IT in the 1950s, is a related field.

There you have it:

“The scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.”

Norbert Wiener is key:

Norbert Wiener is credited as being one of the first to theorize that all intelligent behavior was the result of feedback mechanisms, that could possibly be simulated by machines and was an important early step towards the development of modern AI.[3]

One of the key types of revelation in The Minds of Men regards human experimentation. Not only is it very ugly, but there is LOTS OF IT. Almost four hours just touching it at a HIGH LEVEL. Much of it centers on mapping the brain using implanted electrodes. This work seems cruel and wasted from what the Dykes duo knows, but I now believe it was NOT WASTED. Just knowing what stuff appears where in the brain, and what drugs fire up or shut down what parts of the brain, was likely KEY in understanding how to pharmacologically play with the circuit breaker panel, so to speak, and create a HACK into the brain which allowed rudimentary programming.

In other words, I believe the work was FRUITFUL, and if we want to turn this stuff in a Godly direction, it needs to be REVEALED.

Now – something very STRIKING about the revelations in The Minds of Men.

On the one end of it, you have famous members of the intellectual elite like Norbert Wiener and Margaret Mead, jonesing up the cybernetic revolution in New York City at fancy conferences sponsored by the Macy’s Foundation. The names – the players – businesses, foundations, universities, governments – it is all HUGE and OVERFLOWING WITH MONEY and utterly UNSTOPPABLE. As soon as I saw the MONEY and POWER behind cybernetics, I understood WHY MIND CONTROL MATTERED.

And yet these people were “reputationally” disconnected from the very people they met with at these conferences. The ones who did the real dirty work of cybernetics – the wannabe-famous medical scientists who did sneaky, CIA-funded experiments that could NEVER ultimately make them famous – only infamous – because REAL LIVE PEOPLE were experimented on like animals.

And yet, put it all in the context of Roswell and the headbands, of which I’m sure only a few players knew (Wiener, Dulles, Helms, maybe Gottlieb), and one starts to understand WHY such experiments were “green-lighted”. There was URGENCY on this stuff.

Earth – HUMANITY – was way behind. Anybody who received briefings of what was experienced at Roswell would have surely realized that RADICAL MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS in hopes of curing people while gathering precious data to unravel alien near-telepathic communications and programming were almost saintly next to German and Japanese experiments on prisoners.

Although – yeah – see Kinzer – we did THAT, too. *face-palm*

And speaking of unwilling subjects experimented upon, I would LOVE to see my data someday – I can really correct a LOT of it.

So now, let’s bring it back to

My Hot Date With Nonexistent Tech

After watching The Minds of Men, it is VERY clear to me now why my ass got run over by MK ULTRA. There were HUGE forces, on a schedule, on a timetable, to advance this world – and more correctly SAVE IT in ways that Stephen Kinzer MOCKS and LAUGHS AT (read the book). Do those forces justify SHOOTING and KILLING US NOW?

Well, I tend to think NOT. Just like I think that trying to kill two guys who BARELY got in the way of their runaway train was not justified.

And trust me – Stephen Gottlieb is not the guy who ordered my “expending” in 1981, at which time (same month!) a similar job was used on Ronald Reagan – PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan – and some guy named Brady to advance the SAME FOREIGN AGENDA.

Are you all starting to see why they would dump that Kinzer book now? I only have to remind myself of what I actually went through, and what this NATION went through, to get a wee bit pissed about this stuff.

It turns out that the RULES I thought we had to obey are a JOKE and WINDOW DRESSING so that people like you and me can pretend that we’re in a nice fancy moving restaurant – when in fact we are actually in a BOXCAR on a TRAIN on a CONTINENT on a PLANET in a SYSTEM in a STAR GROUP in a GALAXY in a CLUSTER in a UNIVERSE in a SUBSET of an INFINITY of universes.

As lying Greta – that child shill whose role I once played – says: “THERE’S NO TIME.”

No, not “no time to save the planet”. NO TIME TO SAVE THEIR MONEY.

Here was me, thinking we had to do the right thing, even if that meant slowing down a good, well-meaning, GIANT idea just a little tiny bit to meet reality, when – little did I know – a day’s delay in the MONEY was worth more than my entire lifetime’s work.

These people had NO USE FOR ME. They had even less use for the student who caused the problem. They needed us dead, and they TRIED, but they MESSED UP. And then the backup failed. And then the backup to THAT failed.

And here we are. My happiness just to be alive is schadenfreude, because I was, am and always will be a PEST to them.

What is REMARKABLE is that my story falls RIGHT INTO “The Minds of Men”. I won’t say how or where, but that is now my biggest nuke. I was SHOCKED to hear FAMILIAR WORDS in the movie.

If anything ever happens to me, just fit me into the movie, and crash the whole damn thing to the ground. Every Trump accuser and enemy in the “60% that won’t be revealed” will spill out on the ground like some broken alien doll-person falling out of a flying saucer and


Although maybe a bit too much. But if they want it that way, it could happen.

Little did I know, when I walked into my would-have-been life of science, I walked right into a hotbed of MK ULTRA research. Everything and everybody was RIGHT THERE to take care of the problem. The NAIL stuck up. The HAMMER was there, just looking for a job.

That hotbed is only mentioned tangentially in the documentary, but combined with other things, it forces me to realize that there was a NEST of practitioners of cutting-edge PROGRAMMING OF HUMANS at my university. A department – a program that everybody thought was PUDVILLE – was actually housing human psychological programming that this world would not even BELIEVE POSSIBLE.

And there is so much money in it, KILLING PEOPLE is part of doing business.

It’s hilarious. I remember being a student on a plane, visiting universities, deciding where I was going to go. The guy next to me – a regular, random guy – thought I should go to the university with the most research. I liked that answer. I listened to him.

And here we are.

SO – the following is what I currently believe about the human individual MK tech which is now in use by the black hats.


  • it is based on initial access to subjects while they are incapacitated, such as sleeping
  • initial induction of anesthesia may be done with a fast-acting narcotic such as carfentanil
  • devices and protocols are designed for the operation to be aborted at almost any time without the subject ever gaining awareness of the process
  • scheduled operations are almost risk-free – my awareness was due to a string of misfortunes, accidents and errors, including likely protocol violations
  • they don’t like subjects having access to guns – hence the tendency of sides using MK to attempt accessions when subjects are traveling or visiting prepared destinations
  • white hat accessions may exhibit ethical aspects in both programming actions and the programming itself (gonna leave that as a generality)
  • failed employer or service drug tests may serve as indicators of past MK accessions
  • highly amnesic sedatives, probably benzodiazepines, are used in combination with other drugs which may include specific stimulants or depressants
  • the goal is to increase *particular* areas of voluntary brain activity such as speech, while decreasing others, such as CONCURRENT MEMORY STORAGE, to gain a state where a subconscious persona can respond to questions and the subject cannot remember it
  • thus, the drug combination and the parts of the brain affected are KEY to the target state

Psychological / Cybernetic

  • the implantation process requires entry into a highly hypnotic state not achievable by normal hypnosis
  • the implanted programming can be described as a kind of artificial obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • the implantation process involves a skilled combination of input and output, much like an interactive computer programming session
  • remote programming was not possible in 1981, but is likely now, using advanced technology to connect a programmer to a subject
  • AI will soon be able to function as the programmer, if not already
  • subject requires a motivation to perform scripts
  • success requires freedom from “showstopper” inhibitors of script actions
  • “unthinkable” is “undoable”
  • motivations can be implanted, within limits
  • some but not all inhibitors can be overridden by motivations
  • success is proportional to motivation
  • success is inversely proportional to inhibition
  • script executes or fails in ACTUAL environment, just like scripting/shell languages
  • script can be insulated from environment by creating “tunnel vision” and internal focus
  • existing intelligent sub-processes can be used to support missions
  • new intelligent sub-processes can be generated in situ
  • interrogation is used to find motivators, inhibitors, and other existing programming to exploit or bypass
  • event triggers are used just like value checks and logic tests in normal programming
  • like any hacking, the more programming has been introduced, the more becomes possible
  • subject ability to SELF-PROGRAM increases ability to be EXTERNALLY PROGRAMMED, but also presents RISKS of SELF-DEPROGRAMMING
  • hypnotic suggestion can close off access to memories outside of the programming session, but cannot guarantee against possibility of accidental re-creation of access
  • hypnotic closure can be breached by trigger creation if the subject accidentally gains concurrent consciousness in the session and this is not spotted and erased by the programmers

Now – to be completely blunt – I believe that the alien tech is way better, and has likely benefited from human research since the Barney and Betty Hill days. I also believe that the human tech has improved, and may now be a generation BEYOND what I experienced. Nevertheless, I think these “fundamentals of human programming” still apply, even if they are highly automated and compressed now.

Cybernetics. The CORE principle is that – carbon or silicon – it’s all MACHINES. But that means that GOD’S MACHINES – all of them – can love God, too. I am convinced of this.



My MK Experience:

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Plain Jane

Oh my gosh Wolfie. This is gonna drive me nutty not to read it before tomorrow. It’s 1:15 a.m. here, and I have to hit the sack. Aaaaaaaagh!!!

Plain Jane

It’s loaded with info. It might take me as long to digest. Thanks Wolfie.


OMG, Wolfmoon!!!!!
I came back to this post to write to you about this. It seemed the best place.
I just watched an episode of the X Files called “Jose Chung From Outer Space,” and I can NOT believe how much truth is in it.
The thing is, what they did. It was made super campy and goofy, so it could reveal all of this stuff, but people would pass it right by. My DH was laughing away, until I explained what he was seeing.
And OMG again, there is a REALLY OBVIOUS Q-PROOF IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am blown away. The parallels to your story, the Corso book, Q, everything. Holy shit.




The plot summary at Wiki is ok, but leaves out some important things.
The people who are hypnotized say “they are stealing my memories.”
When Scully autopsies the alien, it has “two skins,” until, of course, she finds a zipper.
But the real “moment” for me (I literally gasped, and put my hand to my mouth) was when Mulder went back to the hotel where he found the “men in black” in Scully’s room. ROOM 17. And the room number was big and black, super obvious. Not brass, or normal at all.
There’s more, but those are the big things. I hope you can find it to watch it. I could not believe what I was seeing.


Woah…what an epic post, Wolfie.
Well done! This is amazing.
I’m still trying to digest it, but took a break from it because I couldn’t help but think of this:comment image


But hey…we don’t know what kind of alien technology that the spooks may have gotten their hands on.


Oddly enough, I was thinking back today on how Carhles Jonhson, and his blog “Big Pink Hockeypucks” [BPH] was so popular and flying so high until he experienced a psychotic break, banned everyone, and took public positions 180 degrees offset from those he had espoused three months prior. A lot of people ascribed it to being evil, while I expressed concern that he had experienced a stroke…..but here we are, and it was probably MK Ultra.
I had wandered onto the subject when thinking about how BPH and Q&A and Ace and a bunch of others had supposedly “rolled their own” blogging software, and how many people were on WordPress lamenting its peculiarities.
But, yeah…..CJ getting MK Ultra’d seems really, really, really plausible when you look at it today.


David Brock for sure.
Question…… out on a limb here….. What about the whole little group of Trotskyites?
They were all Dems and became NeoCons, within the Repub party.
We’re still driving them out and they ruined America for the past 40 years.


“The movement has EXTREME sociological and psychological appeal to humans. The neocon deception was a weird form of “can’t we all get along” which appeals to the psychology of the idea that “freedom to be hawkish in action means freedom of thought”… ”
I don’t remember exactly when anymore (early in Hussein’s tyranny? Cocaine Mitch was Sen. leader), but the neo-cons blew their cover when we gained control of the House AND the Senate, and they STILL didn’t do ANYTHING they campaigned on for the previous 20+ years.
How does anybody continue to be under the spell, when the sons of bitches finally get the ball on the enemy’s goal line, and don’t even try to score, they just walk off the field and let the clock expire?!?
That’s when the gig was up.
Traitors all.


The cheetos man…..


Yeah, he has a huge history with pysch, med, and weird problems. At one point he was talking about something or someone trying to control him, iirc. It was WEIRD. I wonder if he tried to fight it, unsuccessfully.


Beck is a very sad case for me to consider.
He has had so many hardships in life, and overcome them to achieve so much. He is kind-hearted, patriotic, persistent, smart, self-educated, and has an incredible sense of humor. He was dishing out red-pill after red-pill to the deplorable masses via his radio show, then via TV, during the long, lean years when that was not a popular thing to do. Despite his relative lack of formal education, he actually became one of the most intellectual members of the right-wing resistance to the Clinton and Obama forces.
But, that said, he has also made a series of spectacular blunders. It’s a real shame that, despite all his positive attributes and achievements, he has still managed to stumble into some kind of alignment with the anti-Trump resistance, at least sporadically enough that he can’t be trusted now.
When the truth about MK comes out, if it turns out Beck was a victim of it, that would go a long way to vindicate his heroic aspects.


I’ve seen references to a “Mormon mafia” over the years.
Beck is Mormon.
Mitt Romoney hates Trump.
And the Mittster has a lot of power within the Mormon structure…as evidenced by his win over a much better guy in the R-primary in Utah.
It isn’t just governments that use MK on people.
Beck’s irrational hatred of Trump in 2016 was so out of character for him.
It’s like someone flipped a switch.
It didn’t make sense…because Trump was the embodiment of everything that Beck had been advocating for years.


“And I know ANOTHER right-blogger who did a 180 like that, who was really effective and then just reversed, and became a PEST for our side. He was a pretty big name – I don’t want to say who it was, because now he’s actually very annoying to a lot of people on our side.”
I think that’s enough for me to guess whom you mean, unless it’s more common than I think, and we have different cases in mind.


Sorry for repeated comment. I was in a place with poor connection, and couldn’t get any feedback that it had already posted after I got each error message.
I’m embarrassed to admit that I demonstrated a shocking lack of perceptivity a few moments before, in reading the thread above, and that I actually confused “Big Pink Hockeypucks” with itself !


Great minds think alike. 😐😶🙃


“Because – quite honestly – this is a bigger deal than just “trillions of dollars”. Way bigger. Huge stuff. Integrate those “instantaneous” trillions over REAL time. It’s BIG.”
Where are all these ‘trillions’ we always talk about GOING?
Enormous sums like that would have to leave a big footprint as they are spent, because they sure aren’t being disseminated down to the common folk like ‘trickle down’ economics.
Trillions of dollars buys BIG TICKET items. Really BIG. So what are they buying?
Where is all this money (it’s not really money, it’s just 1’s and 0’s on a computer) going?
If it’s all about the money — and it always seems to be — then why not wipe out the debt-based fractional reserve banking system and go back to hard money / gold & silver backed?
That is a finite system, as opposed to the infinite fiat currency system.
There is enough gold and silver to back currency, to do anything we need to do.
All the excess ‘trillions’ created by ‘signature’ and added to ledgers on banking computers…
Where are all these ‘trillions’ going?


Well that just seems not good to me.


Also, to convince the Chinese to send their colonists, for now, to Africa, rather than to Siberia, or (this one being Viktor Suvorov’s theory, which I respect highly,) Australia.
Left to their own devices, in a world of English-speaking weakness and humiliation, the Chinese would pick Australia, or, if the US is out of the picture, the Chinese fantasy continent of North America.
Rodham, James Commie, Pedosta Bros., all seem to be going to ground in New Zealand. Also, Q apparently said Rothschilds are now based in Australia? (I don’t remember reading that drop myself.)
If the fact-pattern of the previous paragraph is correct, the bloodline families have a plan for not allowing Suvorov’s theory of Chinese long-term intentions to come to pass.
Maybe the idea is for China to kick off the Great Northern Hemisphere Nuclear Holocaust by attacking America, then Russia stabs China in the back, resulting in China getting Lee Harvey Oswalded out of existence? Is this what Skolkovo (the “Second Silicon Valley”) and the rest of Zero’s and Rodham’s Russian Reset were about, to give Russia the means and will to take out China, once it becomes a liability?
It all sounds far-fetched, but Q has alluded to a war to kill off the larger portion of the human race. Satanists in the Anzac countries make me think it is supposed to be the northern portion.


“Rodham, James Commie, Pedosta Bros., all seem to be going to ground in New Zealand.”
I wonder if SEAL Team Six can find New Zealand on a map?


!!!!! Yep!


Just as nefarious people are working against the US and its citizens in politics, social media, business and finance – I believe they would not hesitate to exert influence on individual and group thoughts, emotions and actions….using every possible means – chemical, biological, deception, disinformation, psychological ‘conditioning’ by empirically-proven methods, educational heuristics and even electronics…. radio/microwave frequencies, sound and light waves, etc.
Remember what happened to our diplomats and staff in Cuba?
No telling what the media moguls and others might consent to do.


The media has gone over the line again.


For the MK’d it could be a signal to act. Sheesh! I want to hear about a platoon of Secret Service descending on Rockefeller Center to do extensive investigations on those scum.


“For the MK’d it could be a signal to act. Sheesh! I want to hear about a platoon of Secret Service descending on Rockefeller Center to do extensive investigations on those scum.”
The Secret Service called, they would love to help, but they’re busy boozing it up with hookers in a Brazilian hotel.


This makes me wonder how many of the brain-dead young Leftists might have been MK’d. The tendency for college-age people to think they can save the world is not new, nor is the tendency for some of them to become more conservative once they have to earn their own living and pay taxes. But I wonder if there are other factors at play to hasten the collapse of society.


“It’s just a wild theory, but I’ve been thinking for a long time about alien communications, and why we never see them.”
The simplest answer is because they’re not there.
“One of the primary candidates is a combination of three things – extreme encryption, extreme steganography, and an extreme understanding of randomness in nature, so that we just see stuff that is indistinguishable from natural junk. In other words, a level of camouflage far above anything we can attain now is “normal” for them.”
That might make sense once they become advanced and it occurs to them that they might want to be a little more careful, but what about the time between discovery of long distance communication technology and learning that it would be smart to stop broadcasting everything you do to the universe?
Suppose we (earth) suddenly encrypted everything having to do with signals, so that nobody could detect any of our communications outside our atmosphere.
We still have what, 100+ years of old radio waves and TV transmissions and every other type of signal traveling through space for eternity. If there is intelligent life in other galaxies, one day old episodes of “I Love Lucy” and “Twilight Zone” will finally reach them, and they can tune in and see them for the first time 😁
The point is, why wouldn’t any OTHER intelligent life form go through the same learning process, and put out an ENORMOUS amount of communications signals, between the time they invented the technology and the time when they realized it might be a good idea to SHUT UP and go ‘dark’?


“religion tends to favor (2) above (we’re alone)”
Here’s another reason religious people (and this goes at least double for religious leaders) favor “we’re alone”:
Clarke’s Third Law —
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Back in the 70s it was (allegedly) the Age of Aquarius, (that was a psy-op right there,) and there was enormous interest in UFOs, and there was Erich von Däniken with his Chariots of the Gods?, and its sequels, and a host of imitators and copycats and television pseudo-documentaries, sometimes with voice overs by Vincent Price.
I remember a Catholic priest, circa 1979, complaining to me about one book that said something to the effect that Jesus walking on water was a 1st century AD Roman’s or Jew’s description of Jesus waterskiing behind the speedboat he brought to Lake Galilee with him in his flying saucer.
So, if you’re not sure you can answer a bunch of questions about this stuff from members of your congregation, especially the teenagers, or the Bart Simpson types, it’s a lot easier to say “We’re alone!” Full stop!


“religion tends to favor (2) above (we’re alone)”
That is a very interesting statement.
A few things immediately come to mind:
1) If God as revealed in the Scriptures is real, then all other gods are false, along with whatever ‘religion’ may be associated with them.
2) God’s Word does not say much about ‘religion’, in fact, the word ‘religion’ only appears FIVE times in the entire KJV (OT and NT). Three refer to the Jewish religion, and the other two are in James 1:26 and 27, with a positive and negative example.
So I am generally suspicious about ‘religion’, because it seems to mean many things to many people, and an awful lot of those things can’t be found anywhere in Scripture.
3) God’s Word (the Bible, the Scriptures) does not reveal whether we are alone or not, and since the whole point of the Scriptures (ultimately) is salvation, the fact that God doesn’t say whether we are alone or not indicates that the answer to that question is not relevant to our salvation.
“I remember a Catholic priest, circa 1979, complaining to me about one book that said something to the effect that Jesus walking on water was a 1st century AD Roman’s or Jew’s description of Jesus waterskiing behind the speedboat he brought to Lake Galilee with him in his flying saucer.”
Sounds like an excerpt from ‘Arguments for Idiots’ 😁
1) People in the 1st century knew what walking was, and what it wasn’t. If Jesus was water skiing, they would not have had a word for it, but they could easily have described it a whole lot more accurately than giving up and calling it ‘walking’.
2) There is no mention of a speedboat or anything like one in any Gospel account, so speculating there might have been one just that, speculation, assuming facts (or claims) not in evidence
3) same goes for a flying saucer, calls for speculation and assumes facts / claims not in evidence
“So, if you’re not sure you can answer a bunch of questions about this stuff from members of your congregation, especially the teenagers, or the Bart Simpson types, it’s a lot easier to say “We’re alone!” Full stop!”
But that would be dishonest.
And hopefully we can go toe-to-toe with teenagers and Bart Simpson types without too much difficulty.
Seems better to say there is no definitive answer one way or the other, because the Scriptures are silent on the subject, and despite all the fascinating circumstantial evidence available on the Internet and in books, until or unless someone declassifies and/or PROVES it, how can we be sure, one way or the other?


Thank you for taking the time to give that detailed reply, I appreciate it. I’ve been thinking about it off and on for the last few days.
“Using what we know now about exoplanets, and time scales, distances, and recent history, plus Corso and Lazar (Lazar’s briefings are VERY important to solve this), a set of answers emerge, if you make reasonable projections about what might be called “exo-politics”.”
I don’t know a lot about exoplanets, and my only familiarity with Lazar (besides his name) is about an hour long interview/video I watched recently, where he explained his employment at Area 51 (or somewhere in the immediate vicinity but called something different), along with a video by someone doing a body language analysis of Bob Lazar’s interview, who concluded throughout that Lazar believes what he is saying.
I think I understand what you mean about time scales (vast), distances (vast), not sure about exo-politics. The “scale” and vast distance arguments are also a foil, because if we argue that the vast scale of the universe and distances involved make it impossible to pick up communication signals, then it should be exponentially more difficult for beings that far away to travel here. Or the other way around, if they are able to travel here, then their electronic communications should have preceded them by a good long time — or so it seems to my simplistic understanding.
“The reason NOBODY in academia can see (or more truthfully SAY) the proper answer sets is because Fake Normal and Fake Science simply don’t allow them to admit crucial ideas. They are forced to do one of two things:
(1) leave the question open
(2) accept the trivial answer (we’re alone)
It’s the SAME problem as PC. They have a huge blind spot where they simply can’t go. If you have that blind spot, you can’t see it, either. I had that blind spot until recently.”
I like this argument and dislike it at the same time.
It seems like it could be true, except that it assumes that practically nobody would buck the ‘system’ and spill the beans. I would, so it’s very difficult to believe that I’m unique or special in that regard. Possibly unusual, but we’re talking about a complete and total ‘blackout’, where NOBODY does the ‘right thing’.
“Accept Corso and Lazar simply as an EXERCISE, like accepting special relativity, or accepting the Copenhagen interpretation, or accepting dark matter. Accept them for the sake of thinking things out for a few months. THAT will CHANGE the blind spot.”
I’m not familiar with Corso yet, but the Bob Lazar interview was certainly fascinating, and what he described seems plausible, the only problem (as always) is proof.
“Now, what is interesting to me is that religion tends to favor (2) above (we’re alone), and that helps to keep us stuck there, as long as we “supernaturalize” any evidence of strange historical stuff into practical non-existence.”
I have a lot of issues with ‘religion’ as a general term, because it means so many things to different people. For example, it’s entirely possible to self-identify as a Christian, consider oneself (or be considered by others to be) ‘religious’, yet believe or practice all kinds of things for which there in no Authority in Scripture.
As for ‘supernaturalize’ evidence of strange historical stuff, do you mean like the ancient ‘battery’ (discovered in Iraq, maybe?), or what appears to be a painting of a light bulb (on the walls of one of the great pyramids of Egypt maybe? I can’t remember off the top of my head), or the ancient hand-sized object that appears to be a model of a jet airplane, and similar things or objects that appear to be out of place and time?
We can’t explain them, and while they are ‘evidence’ of something, the problem is always that we can’t be sure ‘what’ they are evidence ‘of’.


“Anyway, you can solve this. The word to make it all work is SCALE. Adjust the values, bearing in mind the SCALES, and remember PROBABILITIES, and it all makes sense. If you don’t see the answer in a few months, I’ll spell it all out in a post. I hate having to actually pull out a calculator and do numbers, so I’d rather that the idea be expressed in words alone, but I’m not convinced that others will see it without numbers.
When you get to the STRONGEST OBJECTION, do a Mythbusters on it. Ask how you even if that objection is REAL, you could STILL MAKE IT WORK, using any idea that makes it work. THEN understand the motivation – why that idea would actually be a good idea from certain points of view. Then validate with the scales.”
It appears that you are referring to the argument that due to the vastness of space / universe, that we simply can’t be ‘alone’, that the probability that we are alone must approach zero.
THIS is an interesting argument, but it seems self-defeating, probably because I am missing some important bits of information.
There are at least several issues:
1) creation – either life can spontaneously come into being on its own, and then given enough time, the infamous “monkey –> man” evolution chart eventually takes place (assuming single-celled organisms can evolve into monkeys first, of course)
2) or life can only be created by an entity we would call ‘God’
3) if life requires God in order to happen, OR if intelligent life requires God in order to happen (i.e., no amount of time is long enough for single-cell organisms to spontaneously manifest OR to ‘evolve’ into intelligent creatures), then how is ‘probability’ due to the vastness of space even a consideration?
If God created us, if it was an act of His will — or expressed another way, if God is a necessary factor in the creation of life, then the only ‘probability’ involved regarding extra-terrestrial life is the probability of whether God decided to also create life somewhere else.
Either He did, or He didn’t.
The vastness of the universe is not relevant to that determination, and unless He chose to reveal the answer to us (He didn’t), there is no way for us to know, unless we ‘discover’ them (or they are declassified, etc.) independently.
I want to know what the aliens’ explanation is for life.
The ‘big bang’ doesn’t work for anyone’s explanation, because even if ‘big bang’ is true, something had to CREATE the conditions (not to mention the matter and anti-matter) in order for the ‘big bang’ to happen.
The fundamental problem is that something cannot be created out of nothing, or expressed another way, ‘nothing’ doesn’t create ‘something’.
If there are aliens, I want to know their answer to that enigma.
At this point, in my opinion, ‘creationists’ have the stronger argument.
And if ‘creation’, then something ‘supernatural’ (i.e., something outside of nature) necessarily did it.
I think I enjoy the subject because the basic issues are not very complicated, and so far as I know, the best and brightest minds in the world cannot answer them.
Probability due to the vastness of space seems like a red herring, because it skips over the bigger problem of how life comes into existence in the first place.
If macro evolution is ‘real’, then where is the evidence in the fossil record? There should be millions of fossil examples, and yet as far as I know, there is not even one. It’s just a ‘theory’ based on observations of MICRO evolution and extrapolated to Macro.
And even if macro evolution could be proven, we still have the problem of ‘original creation’.
Whether alien/extra-terrestrial or human — what caused life to come into existence?
If the answer is “God”, then we also have the answer to how the universe was created.
If the answer is something else besides God, then we still have the question of how the universe was created.
It’s the age-old ‘chicken or the egg’.
We don’t have an explanation, because (so far as I know) there is no possible explanation that doesn’t involve ‘supernatural’, i.e., something outside of nature acting within the natural world, something intelligent, engaging in a willful act of creation.
I love this subject, I always have 😁


Which is reason #9,467 why the Trump administration should DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING.
Give us a fighting chance to defend ourselves.
As it stands, we don’t even know how we’re being attacked.


Very valuable post, and very valuable work in general. TY so much!
Not worth getting into, but I can understand some puzzling personal history now, at least theoretically.


Hey, this is cool!
We get our own Book Club!


Thank you, Wolfie for all the time you spent on this one. Your book reviews are so valuable to us.
Becoming informed in the Age of Trump and Wolfmoon has been nothing short of mind boggling (MB instead of MK)!! I say that facetiously, but I am torn between longing for the days when ignorance was bliss, and waiting anxiously with the rest of our Den for the next big uncover in a long history of government subterfuge betrayal, and EXO encounters.
I have one very minor experience with a benzodiazepine that has haunted me ever since it happened. It was years ago during my first colonoscopy when Versed was used as the “you won’t remember a thing” portion of the anesthesia combo. I woke up fine, doctors didn’t tell me anything except ‘procedure was without incident’ and I went home.
Several weeks later, I started to have flashbacks of the nurse forcibly holding my upper body down on the bed, and yelling at me to stop moving. I was struggling to get away, and it felt almost violent to me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind; neither could I convince myself it hadn’t actually happened. And it frightened me, primarily because I thought I was imagining it.
I finally booked an appointment with the doctor to ask her about it. She admitted the incident was real. She said I woke up in the middle of the procedure, and they couldn’t give me more anesthesia because my blood pressure had dropped below the level to safely administer a higher dose. The nurse had to hold me down so my thrashing didn’t cause me to injure my ‘innards’ while the instrument was in me. As it was, they were unable to fully complete the internal scope.
BUT they sent me home without telling my ANY of that, hoping the Versed would work well enough that I’d never remember!
Every time since, when I’m being put under even mild anesthesia, I tell the doctor and warn them to tell me EVERYTHING that happens to me while I am ‘under’.


My occurrence was in very early 90’s.


Wolf, when I had my first child, they gave me something called “twilight sleep.” Wikipedia will tell you it was discontinued in the sixties, but my first child was born in 1985!
It was supposed to make labor painless, and you weren’t supposed to remember anything. Well, lemme tell ya, that’s a lie!
I remember most of my labor, and I remember the pain. I can recall all the people around me, the way-too-young mother-to-be down the hall shrieking like a banshee, and screaming at my husband to make it stop.
It was a nightmare.


Who knows, although my doctor was an antique! He was the same man who delivered me, and was way too old to be practicing medicine. I moved back home when I was almost nine months pregnant (long story) and he was the only one who would manage my delivery.

Valerie Curren

When I was delivering my first child, late 1993, I was in near constant contractions, the uterine monitor would show the contraction would only dissipate about half way between then go back up to the highest peak. I’d wanted a drug-free delivery but ended up asking for something to “take the edge off”. They gave me a shot of Demerol w/ Vistoril & it helped me to relax “between” the peak contractions, but it didn’t cause memory loss…
My sister-in-law, who labored for many hours with their first child was given I don’t know what but both she & my brother, who was her labor coach, would actually doze off between contractions & then when another wave would hit he would hold this stuffed animal in front of her as a focal point & they’d focus on her breathing. Perhaps it was a “sleep” of exhaustion but it was pretty strange to watch.
My oldest son, a then High School Freshman, was given Ketamine for a displaced forearm fracture so the doctor could manipulate the bones back into their relative proper position (he had multiple surgeries on this later)…Anyway under K his eyes were open but he seemed completely unaware of what was happening in the room. It took a couple of hours for the effects to wear off sufficiently for him to be able to walk steadily & go home. He commented later that he liked how that drug made him feel, & he’s never been into substances beyond moderate alcohol as an adult. The movie “Armageddon” mentions Ketamine in the medical prep scene & calls it a “horse tranquilizer”…so I think about my son’s K experience whenever we watch that.
Speaking of movies, Mel Gibson’s “Conspiracy Theory” gives a “fun” take on MK Ultra…it’s one of our family’s favorite go to flicks…

Valerie Curren

Isn’t the CIA the ones who are war profiteering from opium in Afghanistan? & their market is US???

Valerie Curren

I believe Corso mentions the CIA quite a few times in his book & none of it is complementary! I have no direct info on my previous comment, just a loose recall of something I heard or read elsewhere…

Valerie Curren

Your insights are pretty mind-blowing…lots to process

Valerie Curren

Amen! 🙂

Valerie Curren

Beautiful…Thanks & God Bless YOU & your ongoing work to beat back the darkness with the Light!

Valerie Curren

You’re making me recall when my son was an infant & to come home from the hospital for the first time after heart surgery. I went with the staff into a procedure room to help hold my then 4 pound baby down while the staff removed “leads” (wires) that were sewn to his abdomen with the wires entering his chest cavity & laying directly against his heart, in case they needed to re-start his heart post-op. They gave him some med & said he wouldn’t “remember” anything of the procedure then snipped the stitches & yanked the wires out of him…yikes! I would guess that experience would be extremely painful & one would hope to forget!

……Spooky Wolfmoon!!!!
Can’t wait to read this when home from work!


‘While I have not yet discussed the important MK aspects of TRANS in great detail, I can assure you that the psychology and biology of “transgendering” have been long-researched by those who are “transforming” humanity.’
Your remark here about Trans brought back something that has bounced around in my brain every time I’ve read one of your MK posts, but I kept neglecting to mention it, until now.
Though she never used anything like your vocabulary, the late novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand made a statement decades ago about a different “Holy Grail” of socialist research that is tantamount to a cousin of the MK Trans research you mention here, if not just a different aspect of (or way of spinning) the same program.
She claimed in one of her nonfiction essays, in the context of discussing the use of potential new technology for controlling human beings, that there was a totalitarian goal of developing something that could be used to limit other people’s orgasms, so that somebody would not be able to have one without permission.
Needless to say, if such tools or techniques existed and could be harnessed to serve the State, they would constitute a powerful new enabling force for modern slavery.
I don’t recall the citation, or her exact words. She may have only been referring to a stated goal she came across in enemy literature, rather than to a an actual research project. But if the goal was stated where she could find it, it is easy to imagine somebody over there had already started working on it.
She witnessed the Russian Revolution and subsequent Bolshevik Putsch and Russian Civil War with her own eyes. Then came here, where she worked as a writer in Hollywood. She knew Marxism inside and out, and was co-founder of some circles on the West Coast of Anti-Communist, pro-American thinkers, public figures, and other professionals. Especially she was an expert in Communist propaganda techniques, and in Soviet penetration of Hollywood, the OWI, the publishing industry, etc.
She was asked to testify about this stuff in HUAC hearings on Communist infiltration, but, unfortunately, the Congressional questioner was careful to keep her time short and keep her confined to the minutiae of one case study of a film that was so obvious a well-informed 6th-grader could have spotted the Moscow line in it. Thus, she tragically was not allowed to discuss the more subtle, and therefore more powerful, and more deniable, techniques where she was the real expert, and that she had been promised the opportunity to speak on.


“And I know ANOTHER right-blogger who did a 180 like that, who was really effective and then just reversed, and became a PEST for our side. He was a pretty big name – I don’t want to say who it was, because now he’s actually very annoying to a lot of people on our side.”
I think this is enough for me to guess whom you mean, unless it is more common than I think, and we have different cases in mind.


“And I know ANOTHER right-blogger who did a 180 like that, who was really effective and then just reversed, and became a PEST for our side. He was a pretty big name – I don’t want to say who it was, because now he’s actually very annoying to a lot of people on our side.”
I think that’s enough for me to guess whom you mean, unless it’s more common than I think, and we have different cases in mind.


I stopped reading where you said “dig.” I will go back and read the rest after I dig a minute.
There were several Joseph Scheiders in New York, but none of them ticked all the boxes from Wiki, those being the right birth year (1918), correct birth place (the Bronx), birth place of parents (Hungary), and Jewish (harder to determine, but not impossible).
However, there IS a Sidney Gottlieb, born about 1918 in the Bronx to Louis and Fannie Gottlieb, Hungarian immigrants who are noted on the census as Yiddish speakers (Jewish).
This Sidney is on the census in 1920 and 1930, and disappears on the 1940 census. The Wiki page says Gottlieb didn’t serve in the military due to a club foot, but I think he may have. Here’s the record, correct birthday from the Wiki page, father Louis. Sidney was a student at Cal Tech (which he attended, again according to Wiki). There is no mention that he was 4-F, but he may have been:
Name: Sidney Gottlieb
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 22
Relationship to Draftee: Self (Head)
Birth Date: 3 Aug 1918
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA
Residence Place: Altadena, Los Angeles, California, USA
Registration Date: 16 Oct 1940
Registration Place: Altadena, Los Angeles, California, USA
Employer: Teacher Cal Institute Tech Student
Weight: 159
Complexion: Dark
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6
Next of Kin: Louis Gottlieb
Household Members:
Name Relationship
Sidney Gottlieb Self (Head)
Louis Gottlieb Father
In his obituary in the New York Times in 1999, his wife is named as Margaret Moore:
I found their marriage record in California in 1942. The record also gives Gottlieb’s mother’s maiden name:
Name: Sidney Gottlieb
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 12 Sep 1942
Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Year (Estimated): 1918
Father’s Name: Louis Gottlieb
Mother’s Name: Fanny Bender
Spouse’s Name: Margaret Moore
Spouse’s Age: 23
Spouse’s Gender: Female
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated): 1919
Spouse’s Father’s Name: Alfred William Moore
Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Louise Keach
Page: 122
GS Film number: 2114963
Digital Folder Number: 005698692
Image Number: 00374
This is what I’ve found so far. I think the idea that he was born Joseph Scheider is misdirection. He was born Sidney Gottlieb.


I was not able to find an actual birth record for Sidney Gottlieb in New York, but that is not unusual at all.
If his parents were the people he lived with on the census he is found on at age 1 5/12 (one year, five months, making him born in Aug. 1918), then they are Louis and Fannie Gottlieb. This matches the birth date from Wikipedia.
There are some contradictions in the information on father Louis Gottlieb. On his Naturalization Declaration, he claimed to have immigrated in 1903, but on the 1920 census he claimed 1908. The Declaration is dated 1906, so he didn’t confuse those two dates. Either he didn’t remember when he got here, the census taker wrote down the wrong date, or Louis lied. Who knows?
I found the marriage license for Louis Gottlieb and Fannie Benda in 1909. So that gives us her maiden name. Sidney Gottlieb had three older siblings, the first born in 1910, according to census info. He appears to have been the last child born in the family.
I found what I think is Fannie Benda’s immigration record in 1903. She is stated to be 18 years old, arriving with a sister Rosa, age 15, but I think she lied about her age, as she is really about 16. The girls are met by their uncle, Ignaz Laliwarz (this is the closest spelling I can derive from the handwriting, but it is really illegible, and I can’t find anything else about the man. Given the way names were Americanized, that’s not a surprise.)
So, these people were Hungarian Jews.
I ran across this statement about Hungarian Jews on Wikipedia, no citation given, but interesting nonetheless:
“The majority (75.7%) of the Jewish population reported Hungarian as their primary language, so they were counted as ethnically Hungarian in the census. The Yiddish speakers were counted as ethnically German. According to this classification, 6.94% of the ethnic Hungarians and 11.63% of the Germans of Hungary were Jewish. In total, Hungarian speakers made up a 54.45% majority in Hungary; German speakers (including those who spoke Yiddish), made up 10.42% of the population.”
On the 1920 census, the Gottliebs were reported with the mother-tongue Magyar, and in 1930 were reported as Yiddish speakers. These people were in a very small minority in Hungary before they immigrated.
I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I wanted to put it out there.


What is MUFAN, what does it mean or stand for?
I searched for it, and brings up nothing.
Even a website dedicated to abbreviations — and MUFAN is long enough to be very specific — has no answer.


Thank you!


“What is MUFAN, what does it mean or stand for?”
I think it is a Wolfie original.
He tells us what it stands for:
MK ULTRA Failure & Abandonment Narrative


Thanks wheatie!


You’re very welcome, Scott. 😊


Wolf…have you seen this?
Twitter has a psyops editor!


I’m thinking that his ‘mission’ at Twitter is to Demoralize & Divide Trump Supporters.


Ignoring twitter is probably a good move.
I was never even able to get going on Twitter, once I finally decided to violate the Eastwood rule (i.e., would Clint Eastwood ever do anything that sounded as unmasculine as ‘tweeting’? Nope, no way…) and use it to go after Leftists.
After a few test tweets, I confronted some Leftist (probably a celebrity, I don’t remember now), and boom, I was suspended for violating some ‘hate speech’ rule.
After a week or so I could be reinstated, but I had to enter my cell phone number to receive a text message code to enter on Twitter to unlock my account.
I don’t have a cell phone, so I don’t have a way to receive texts, and they didn’t offer any other options.
So I opened a new Twitter account, and this time, they suspended me on the very first tweet, again for supposed ‘hate speech’ violation.
I would love to engage the enemy on Twitter, once I decided to do it, but they won’t let me on their field.
Like soup nazis.
No more tweets for you! 😁


“#AMNESIA?@AGLynch, fmr AG Loretta Lynch told Congressional lawmakers in closed door testimony that despite the #DOJ having approved the @FBI warrant and renewals to spy on #CarterPage, she did not recall the applications nor any details.”
About that amnesia thing, it could just be the old fashioned kind, too.
I remember when Frank Pentangeli had a sudden case of amnesia, when Michael graciously flew Frank’s brother from the old country to America, so he could be at the trial in support of his brother 😁


Well this is the thing with the idea of having induced amnesia from MK-ultra or related activity.
Suppose you’re Loretta Lynch, and you’re called to testify, and you are asked the questions she was asked.
As the Attorney General, she has to know that she SHOULD know the answers to those questions.
She has to know that it’s STRANGE that she DOESN’T know the answers to those questions.
And she has to know that it destroys her credibility to CLAIM she doesn’t know the answer to those questions.
For sake of argument, suppose she’s being honest, and she was MK’d, and she really doesn’t remember.
That would have to be a SCARY realization, much bigger to her personally than ANYTHING she might otherwise try to cover up. What does it matter about her part in the conspiracy — or anything else — if she’s losing her mind?!?
It would be like asking me if I remembered winning the Daytona 500 (if I had in fact won the Daytona 500).
If I didn’t remember it, and it was something I actually did, not only would it be incredibly alarming that I could forget such a thing, but I would immediately seek medical assistance to figure out what was wrong with me, how I could forget something so big and obvious. Did I have a stroke? What happened to me?
I wouldn’t just blow it off and go back to work!
So either she’s lying through her crooked little teeth, or she’s losing her mind.
If she is losing her mind, she should be doing some obvious things (like making appointments with neurologists and undergoing some expensive medical tests) that would lend credibility to her claim of amnesia.
Even (especially) if she was FAKING it, she should be doing that, to lend credence to her story.
If she is NOT doing anything like that, if she’s not concerned in the slightest that she appears to be losing her mind, that would seem to indicate that she’s just lying.


And she’s not even a good liar, if she’s not getting tests done to at least make it look like she is as concerned about the amnesia as any other normal person would be.


“I remember being a student on a plane, visiting universities, deciding where I was going to go. The guy next to me – a regular, random guy – thought I should go to the university with the most research. I liked that answer. I listened to him.”
From its placement right after the section on your university containing a hotbed of MK research and practice, I assume what you are saying here is that you now suspect, or at least consider it a possibility, that you had showed up on the radar screen of recruiters for the MK program, and that the “regular, random guy” on the plane might therefore have been a plant, placed there to influence you towards choosing that university — which, if that were the case, would be a more subtle form of manipulation.
I remember in college, around that same era, that many of the left-leaning individuals on campus were very worried about “subliminal advertising” as an insidious, and possibly growing, evil of capitalism. Madison Avenue could allegedly “force” us to buy things that were bad for us, and which we didn’t really want, by using this invisible tool in its arsenal, bypassing our conscious awareness so that we could be fooled into opening our wallets without even being aware that we were being influenced.
Now I combine my old recollection of that lefty “flavor of the month” (so to speak, though it actually lasted much longer than a month) with more recent knowledge that Hillary Rodham and the Dims always accuse their enemies of doing what they themselves are actually doing…
Boom. Yes, I do believe the CIA-KGB was entirely capable of planting someone next to you on the plane, as an undercover influencer, if they wanted you to study at one of their favored universities.
Would they have had a sufficiently accurate psychological profile of you on file to be able to tell the guy what to say so as to be reasonably confident that you would respond as they wished? That’s a big question mark for me.
I’ve never been one to have a lot of confidence in psychological profiling. Otoh, we have to consider that some of the bad experiences our society has had with it, serial rapists given early parole, psycho killers released from mental wards, and so forth, may have themselves been psy-ops designed to degrade society.
Also, there is the real possibility that psychology, or any other science, as available to an undergraduate on the shelves of the college library, is only a watered-down version of the real science practiced sub rosa in cutting-edge government-funded labs.
So it’s a possibility.
Your comment quoted above made me reflect on my own life.
In my memories, there are definitely many people who stand out, drawn either from the small percentage of humans who are larger-than-life, or from those acting unusually for other reasons. When my exposure was short enough, I was not always sure which of those two groups a particular individual belonged to.
I am forced to reflect: Was I ever targeted? How many times, when I reached a fork in life, did I take the path less-travelled, or the path more-travelled, or was too discouraged and enervated to continue on the path, in part due to the malign influence of covert State or transnational actors?
Did that ever happen? Could that have ever happened?
Or was every remarkable encounter I had with someone in my circle, or with some teacher in an exciting lecture, or with a random (or “random”) stranger next to me on a plane, just due to the regular fortunes of life?
Very hard to consider all the possibilities. Impossible to know for sure, barring an eventual Declas a lot more detailed than any that is reasonably possible.


I, too, am having these thoughts.
Due to a weird experience in college, I now am forced to wonder what I don’t remember. What did I do, or not do, that they influenced. Did that happen? I don’t know.
Was I set up to influence someone else? I don’t know.
Was I guided away from or towards something? I don’t know.
This is very uncomfortable stuff.


Yes, MK could explain it.


This is a reply to your replies to my reply regarding your quote about being a “student on a plane”. I’m intentionally putting it here at the top level, because those replies don’t have buttons.
Absolutely mind-expanding article and comments, btw. Awesome job, both you and all the other commenters.
Q says “there are no coincidences”. That might be true for select incidents that the Q team has vetted based on FISA-obtained data, classified literature, corporate memory within the team, etc. But it is certainly not true for regular life. Everyday life is full of coincidences.
So I’m truly agnostic on whether your “random guy” incident on the plane was just the casual meeting it appeared to be, or an influence operation targeting you. I don’t have any idea which it was, as I indicated in the earlier comment. Only that I think either is possible.
“THEY STRIKE MOSTLY NEAR THE BEGINNING – new school, new environment – best time to make a move.”
The psychological term of art is “state binding”.
Our migratory remote ancestors lived in bands that were part land-mobile, part territorial. To a large extent, this has been true ever since. There was a whole lot of survivability and a whole lot of ability to reproduce the bloodline involved in having good genes for being able, when you arrived in a place, being able to know instantly if you had ever been there before and, if so, to swiftly recall what had happened there before.
So our ability to store and retrieve memories is intimately tied in to our sense of where we are physically. This is the reason the “Palace of Memory” trick works, which Scott and I discussed on an earlier thread some weeks ago. Our memories are automatically catalogued, in part, by immediate geographical location.
But Palace of Memory is more for short-term storage of intricate verbal data for public speakers and performers, political speeches, legal pleadings in court, recitals of epic poetry, etc. State-binding in general is more about visceral memories, physical pain from old wounds, stomach ache from eating bad roots or berries, grief over murdered loved one, hysterical shock from being captured by enemy tribe and separated from family, etc. Is this where that tribe ambushed us? Is this near the place in the forest where we buried that dried jerky? (Or clay pot full of water, in the desert.) Is this where we buried Granny?
Auditory, but especially visual and olfactory clues, are closely connected to strong emotions of any kind, but also to habits, attitudes, and outlooks, as well as to concrete verbal and other factual information.
To break any bad habit, whether drinking, gambling, overeating, drug addiction, whatever, it is best to combine cessation with a move, at least from one domicile to another, but better to a new city.
And the best way to fall off the wagon is to return to the old haunts where the bad habit was indulged, and to meet the old buddies again, especially if they haven’t stopped yet, themselves. But even if they have. The criminal law recognizes this, with judges and parole boards routinely placing restrictions on released felons from coming near to the places or people associated with their earlier criminal activity.
And a new beginning, conversely, is the best time to start forming any new desired habit, attitude, etc. This may well be true even if you are not the one who desires it.
Smell is the sense most powerful for evoking old emotions and recollections of places. If the room where you were interrogated had a particular odor, and you could experience it again, it certainly might help you recall what happened there, or at least how you felt at the time.


A complete disclosure of a black hat MK attempt is high on my list of dream “breaking news” events.
Those bastards so deserve what’s coming to them.


Note to self: never go anywhere without a loaded firearm.


Avoid air travel.
Avoid metal detectors.
Avoid anywhere you need to provide your real name, or a valid picture ID, especially in advance. (Except voting!)