The Problem with Sanders Field Organizers.

James O’Keefe, III, has done it again.

Those Gulags weren’t that bad…….. and that Kulak genocide, those 5 million people, yeah……. Probably wasn’t as bad as we thought it was. WHAT??????????????

Mason Baird is the guy with the nose ring. He stutters, is slightly effeminate, but dreams of big strong union guys, and a militant labor movement, leading a revolution akin to 1917 overthrow of the Tsar Nicholas. Problem is, union guys aren’t stupid. Donald Trump is on their side, and they KNOW the Dems and former union leaders cast aside the workers for personal gain. They’re increasingly Trump voters.

It wouldn’t be Mason in the midst of the fight, cuz he’s a little squeamish about killing people. Yet, as Mason says, if we outlaw landlords, “We don’t have to kill them.”


Where are Mason’s parents? This young man is a danger to himself and far too easily led. He’s clearly not thinking for himself.

Mason seems to be one of the guys who wants to “do the prep work before the capitalists got hip to what we were doing”. Ahhhhh, Mason imagines himself as an office guy for the revolution of 2020. Got it.

And Mason doesn’t want a show of force right now, because first they need the Presidency, then a militant labor movement, and THEN they will be so strong that the Trump supporters, half the country, will be intimidated and back down…………… Yeah, right.

Cass Tyson, the elder guy, agrees. Armed struggle is possible…… perhaps unavoidable.

Daniel Taylor, field organizer, likes it when a woman says he has, “fire in his belly”. His
pride is visible. And yes, the movement will continue after Bernie, should he lose, cuz sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Do these people have an FBI file?

Who are these people?

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Deplorable Patriot

Empires weren’t toppled by internal struggle? Do these snowflakes know nothing about China, Greece, Rome, Egypt…France…
Never mind. Don’t answer that.


I am delighted with the videos. Sanders is popular with the Dems and is in the top of their current candidates. Implicates & implicates the entire Dem party with their beliefs.
Great for motivating the base, even in over confident Red states!
not “worried” about them – they are Great for our side!!!
Plus dividing their own side. Making even more Dems wake up & “walk away”.

Harry Lime

In my opinion, there is absolutely no way that the powers that be in the Democrat/Deep State Party allow Bernie to become the Dem nominee. Which means millions of lost voters for whoever eventually becomes the nominee. Crooked Hillary is still saying, just the other day in fact, that she would like to run and that she would win…bwahahahahah!

Cuppa Covfefe

Wall Street has already said that if Bolshevik Bernie, or Fauxcahontas Liarwatha become the DEMONicRAT candidate, they will sit this election out…
Or, perhaps, even support VSGPDJT…
As was mentioned a while back, Wall Street eventually sides with VSGPDJT and Main Street…

Brave and Free

This is scary, sad and predictable all at the same time. Just like the 60’s radical left, young and not a clue about reality. Their power masters are the ones you need to worry about because there not going away. The comment about the majority of the people backing down, haha like that’s going to happen. All of them that they have doing their ground work will run to their parents basement if TSHTF .You are witnessing the fall of the moderate democrats, so where do they end up? Right with PDJT.


DO NOT Underestimate Bernie…Pastor Marty ! 😀

latest !

Deplorable Patriot

Bernie is really scary and his followers are scarier..TY daugh

Gail Combs

A bit easier to read…comment image




This kid is just a sad commentary on the radical left in America.
He’s a feminized, effeminate, metrosexual little guy who will melt when he comes in contact with real American patriots.


This is what happens when they are fed no red meat, have no hard work or responsibility, and didn’t get their @$$ busted when they did wrong


I tell ya. A stint in the Army would make men of most of them.


Grandma – can you imagine a kid like that in the battlefield? Me, neither….


Only after Basic Training a good long deployment under their belt.


He wouldn’t make it through basic…..


True. My bad. 😁


Thanks, Daughn, for posting the latest video.
Happy to see it was a lengthy one with no rehashes from the previous three, as is often the case with O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

Gail Combs

Another Bernie Bro.comment image


Does anyone know if this guy is in jail or did he die during the shootout? Can’t remember.


The shooter was shot at the scene and later died at the hospital, if my memory serves.


Thanks, Wheatie –


He is winning in CA. He made his mark the last time. I heard a long radio ad by Michael douglas for bloomberg today. Still spending his dough. Gruesome backed Kamala so I’m not sure who’s courting him, but it aint bernie. Im seeing Trump flags on cars here, but dont go to l.a.
Our primary is in march, not sure when NY is but i believe the dimms will brawl unless POTUS is scampeached.


I posted a comment on Utree.


“One US Senator called a CNN reporter a hack and the DNC Media Complex freaked out for a week.”
So do it every day, until they get desensitized to it.
It’s the exact same thing they do to us, on all kinds of subjects — but mostly having to do with sexual perversion.
It’s so easy to defeat these people, but we never do to them the things they do to us.
They do those things to us for a good reason… because they WORK.
But for some reason, our side feels like they’re ‘above’ that sort of thing.
Our side would rather LOSE the whole war if it means we have to fight battles using tactics that actually work.

Gail Combs

That is why we love President Trump, he take the fight to them and is a NYC Street Brawler. No Marquess of Queensberry Rules for him!


I need some sleep. Totally read the headline as sally fields! LoL


LOL you like me you really really like me!


seems like every generation needs to cut their teeth on the bones of their parents…revolt against the man kind of stuff…my hubby? he refuses to wear socks…LOL…to revolt against his parents–he grew his hair a little longer (it actually grew OVER his collar–GASP) and refused to wear socks.
don’t remember what my generation did–I was too nerdy to be a part of it apparently…
but these kids are looking for something in their lives…they’re not gonna find in Bernie’s camp…