20200306: Dear KAG, Open Thread

Welcome to Friday’s OPEN THREAD at the QTree! It’s the weekend and time to crack open a beer and put some steaks on the grill! Thank you for the Thursday hand-off TrumpIsMine. Thank you to Wolfie for keeping us all organized, up and running. What would we do without FLEP’s News Roundup to keep up? Thank you, Flep. Hat tip and a hearty thank you to Wheatie, Dep, BakoCarl, Michael, all contributors and the lurkers!

We don’t believe in political correctness at QTree. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time. Important Guidelines are outlined here in the January 1st open thread, with an addendum on 20191110. In other words, please keep it SOMEWHAT civil. We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

What a week we’ve had. Are you guys burned out on Coronavirus? If I hear one more shrieking pundit, wearing a bottle of Purrell for a hat, I’m gonna scream. The media has lost their collective mind – I’m waiting for Jake Tapper to show up at CNN in a HAZMAT suit, ….give lessons on how to put it on/take it off….. Hey, maybe CNN can sell HAZMAT suits on QVC to their terrified viewers to boost the profits of their lagging network. Maybe…. we could put some Swarovski crystals on Jake Tapper’s suit…….. I’m laughing now…… and he could be a Rhinestone Cowboy! I digress….

The whole thing is crazy, BUT crazy breeds opportunity. This afternoon, I checked out of politics, got my work done, and was surfing the net like a woman on a mission. Big T walked past my computer screen and stopped on a dime.

  • Big T: Whatcha doin’, babe?
  • Me: I’m shopping for real estate in Italy.
  • Big T(looking closer at my screen): You want to buy the Villa Borghese? Don’t think the Italians will like that idea.
  • Me: Well…….. no. Looking for a little place close by….
  • Big T: You couldn’t afford a closet-sized studio in Rome right now.
  • Me (convinced): Their real estate market will crash……, just watch and wait for it.
  • Big T (shaking his head but curious): Try Sicily….

The market is out of control and dumbstruck. No one has good information – thus the default becomes “hysteria”. Yet, a LOT of people are making a “whole lotta” money. Politicians are weaponizing the fear, ……. typical………., and China is probably laughing at us by now. Everyone needs to go to the beach for a weekend and gain some perspective.

While the rest of America is in line at Costco buying toilet paper, don’t you wish you knew what was going on behind the scenes while we’re all distracted?

Do you realize it was 3 weeks ago when we were at Daytona?

Do you realize Impeachment was only 5 weeks ago? Seems like 10yrs ago.

SOTU was only a month ago!

Who is ready to go back to India? That was only 9 days ago.

It’s Trump time. Remember? We’re on that roller coaster.

It’s tough to keep up with the boss!

Take comfort, however, the media simply cannot keep up the fever pitch of hysteria on Coronavirus for TWO more weeks. Note, today the convenient “survey/polling” came out on “how has Trump handled the virus”. Of course, that will give the media fuel and fake headlines for the Sunday shows………. but at some point……. the Coronavirus turns into another Flight 370…… with media speculation about black holes and aliens. It’s almost over, call it a day. Corona virus will hopefully fade away like a bad prom disco song.

Meanwhile, Andre, my happy postman showed up about noon today. He rang the bell because he wanted to stop and talk.

Our dog, Bucket always tells us when Andre is close by. Andre keeps Puperoni treats in his pocket for her, and Bucket knows the sound of his mail truck. Andre was exasperated today. I brought him some iced tea.

  • Andre (Big Sigh): Thank GOD the ba$tard dwarf Bloomberg is out of the race!!!!!!!
  • Me, surprised. Known Andre for at least 10yrs and we’ve never talked politics.
  • Big T (laughing): Oh yeah, how come?
  • Andre: I’m tired of carrying his crap! Literature and mailers flooded the local office. His $hit is everywhere! Guess we can dump the rest of it!!!!!!!!! Ha-ha-ha. I’m so sick of him.
  • Big T (confused): Really? I haven’t seen any…..
  • Andre (Laughing and smirking, eyes popping out of his head): Oh no, you wouldn’t. They KNOW who you are. You’re a Repub. The King of the dwarves is only sending his $hit to the “black” section of town. Poor Ronnie…. you know Ronnie….. (Big T, nodding)…… he was ready to quit his job. Mail TRIPLED!
  • Me: Interesting
  • Andre (Nodding): Miss Daughn, they’re targeting people……

Tell us something we don’t know, Andre. Hmmm…., Andre had no Muskrat Love for Bloomberg.

  • Andre (throwing his hands in the air): And now we’re on to BIDEN???? Who promoted him from water boy to college quarterback overnight? He’s crazy.
  • Big T (fascinated by Andre’s reaction and letting him run): What do you think about Biden? I thought he was the middle of the road guy?
  • Andre (coming unglued): Middle of the road????!!!???? He can’t decide what he stands for. Was he the guy who shot the .22 off the back porch (Good snag Andre, forgot about that sound bite) or does he want Beto to take our guns? Was he for the working man in PA, or does he now want to ban oil and gas. Biden is all over the place…….. will say anything to anyone.
  • Me………. thinking……… Biden is Andy Gibb. Worst song, ever.
  • Andre (walking back down the brick path to his mail truck): All I know is, don’t trust a word Biden says and don’t let him near your wife or daughter.
  • Big T (He couldn’t resist it, yelling at Andre, who was almost to his truck: So, I guess you’re voting for the Communist on Tuesday (our primary is this Tuesday).
  • Andre (stopped dead and spun back, pointing his finger): Mr. T, you know those are fightin’ words. America will never be a ” social”shit” ” country.
  • Me: I’m going to remember that line……

Okay, we dug up all the bad songs from the 70’s we could find because that’s what Bloomberg ads were like………. an overplayed AM radio disco song. Hope we didn’t give you an ear worm. But we did forget to talk about Pocahontas/Liz Warren exiting the stage, and this awful song from the 70’s.

As always:

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People.” Candidate Donald J Trump

Remember to say a little prayer for the President, family and team. They need our help.

Remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone – no skimping.

See you all at Wheatie’s Treehouse in the morning!!!!!!!!

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PM smells it… y’all smell it? Rain? Storm Comin’?
Praying Medic
Why is Mark Meadows leaving Congress?
Because he’s one of the President’s most trusted colleagues and POTUS needs all hands on deck for the coming storm.
Mark Meadows to become White House chief of staff
Trump’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, will become the United States special envoy to Northern Ireland, the president added on Twitter.


So who is going to fill meadows spot? Do we need to retake the house or not? Is Mulvaney leaving his other positions? And why?


Meadows announced he would not be running in November months ago…
He represents the 11th District in NC… here is link to primary results held three days ago
https://ballotpedia.org/North_Carolina%27s_11th_Congressional_District_election,_2020_(March_3_Republican_primary) No Carolina has plenty of Trump people who can win that seat in November…
Mulvaney had completed the work for the other hats he wore…


Ok. I thought he was going to be a senator. To mch to keep track of.


Rep. Doug Collins is running for a Senate seat.


Youd think id be able to remember the core people better. Ty….


We get by with a little help from our friends 🎵, which we all need sometimes. 😉

Rodney Short

Jim Jordan??? I did see a new smear campaign start on him.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

They’re always after “MUH JIM”!!!

Rodney Short

He’s a threat to their order.
Sorry I been a stranger Wolf, our internet was down again. Third Friday in a row it’s shut down between 8:30 and 9 and stays off all weekend until after 9am Monday morning.
I am so over this Tribal internet bullshit.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WEIRD. Why does it turn off? Is it some tribal policy?

Rodney Short

As far as tribal policy goes we haven’t seen anything yet. The guy who works on the internet has not responded so I am clueless and pissed off.


I thought this was already announced and known? Or did I read speculation and now it is confirmed? Confused…somewhat usual for me I guess

Gail Combs

It’s usual when traveling at Trump Speed.comment image

Gail Combs

Snippet from the article from another source.
“…Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has detained one of the most senior members of the royal family, a former crown prince and a royal cousin for unexplained reasons, a relative and a person close to the royal family said Friday.
The senior royal, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, is a younger brother of King Salman and an uncle of the crown prince. He was for a time the great hope of family members and other critics who hoped he might try to block Prince Mohammed’s ascension to the throne, but he had shown no signs of seeking to do that.
The former crown prince who was arrested, Mohammed bin Nayef, is also the former interior minister and a longtime favorite of Washington.
He had already effectively been under house arrest since he was removed from those roles by the current crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in 2017. It was unclear why he was detained.
Continue reading the main story
His younger brother, Prince Nawaf bin Nayef, was also detained….”

Now isn’t that interesting?


Praying Medic
You have right to remain silent. You have the right to speak with an attorney…
Quote Tweet
Undercover Huber
· 3h
“Steele said he would not cooperate with Barr and John Durham’s new investigation”

7:02 PM · Mar 6, 2020·Twitter for Android
Praying Medic
Replying to
Even if Steele was cooperating with Barr and Durham, he would be a fool to admit that publicly.
Replying to @prayingmedic
March 6th, 2020. Crowdstrike recants Russia Russia Russia – We told…


Praying Medic
Libel laws.
End of MSM.
Trump campaign sues CNN over ‘false and defamatory’ statements, seeks millions in damages
Brian FloodBy Brian Flood, Brooke Singman | Fox News


🤔🤔🤔 I hope we snare Pierre Delicto for Ukraine or Puerto Rico, but this works too.


are pigs flying?! Do I actually agree with Bernie about something?! I am all in for free enterprise but cheating? Nope! Drain the swamp and I appreciate all help


LOL, I thought the same thing, MAGA Mom. Agreeing with Bernie ?!? WTHeck 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
I don’t even mind a tax haven but I suspect in many cases these are ill-gotten gains, and that’s not kosher.
I keep wondering where Barry stashed his pallets of cash from the Iranian deal.




LOL. But who wants to hear from Warren at this point? She is already old news, unless someone thinks she might be a VP pick.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

comment image


Itshe Etiler and documents that trip up the lies. Ilhan liar liar

[…] of my readers, Daughn, had this to say about the president’s appeal on another site (emphases […]