20200305: Coronavirus Ground Reports

This is a continued thread especially meant for reporting your ACTUAL PERSONAL ground reports – what you are SEEING and HEARING about the coronavirus, and your THOUGHTS in relation to those things.

OTHER reports of things relevant to PREPARATION, QUARANTINE, and TREATMENT are welcome.

However, please remember that the normal coronavirus thread may be a more suitable place for your comment – particularly if it is related to politics, international actions, biowarfare, investigations, virology, and origination of the epidemic.

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I’ll go first.

I was at the FLYOVER GROCERY STORE again today. Same grocery chain – different store.

I was there to shop for specific items that I wanted, such as guaifenesin, and to deepen our stock of normal edible items and paper products which will keep us from having to go to the store during any local quarantine.

So YEAH – I wanted to buy a good supply of TP!!!

These are the things I observed….

About as busy as usual on a busy day, before a holiday, in the middle of the afternoon.

The carts were ALMOST all GONE from the cart bay area. This is typical when they’re busy.

Crowd behavior seemed almost but not quite normal, in contrast to complete normalcy almost two days earlier. The customers just seemed edgier than before. The crowd is a bit older on average at this store, so perhaps that’s part of why they seemed more concerned. However, I suspect that more frequent reports of identified patients in the United States is having the greatest effect here.

Normally the pharmaceutical section is almost empty of shoppers in the aisles. One or two overall. Today, three or four. There were MORE than the usual number of people looking over pharmacy products – about the same density as the rest of the store.

Overall pharmaceutical and vitamin stock was good. NO EMPTY SHELVES SEEN in that section.

I did not closely inspect vitamins – I was interested in GUAIFENESIN (Mucinex) in particular.

There were many choices in the cold and flu remedies, but I could tell that they were moving quickly, because there was evidence of a lot of inspection of products (moved, misplaced, disordered).

The CHEAP GENERIC guaifenesin was moving VERY FAST, and I had to REACH WAY BACK for a second package.

Otherwise, plenty of products.

Guaifenesin (Mucinex) now requires a DRIVER’S LICENSE – not just a date – and they are scanning the DL into the system. COUGH.

According to the clerk, this policy on this particular product began A WEEK AGO. I cannot verify this – I have never bought it before.

“Normie prepper products” are being placed in prominent displays at the ENDS OF AISLES. These items include:

  • crackers and other traditional, long-lasting snack products
  • spaghetti and other dry pasta
  • helper products like Hamburger Helper and Tuna Helper
  • dried potatoes
  • coffee
  • toilet paper and paper towels
  • facial tissues
  • canned vegetables and meats
  • canned soups

I did not check wipes, despite noting that they were in the end-of-row display at the other store two days ago. I did not notice them this time, but I did not check all the rows.

LOTS of OJ, all kinds present. SOME types of milk seemed to be gone.

TOILET PAPER was taking the biggest hit. Efficiency brands (like Scott) preferred by tough-assed preppers were GONE. Fluffy Charmin and other wimpy brands of that “butt-fondling” sort remained in good quantity. The generic duplicate of Scott was moving quickly in its stead, but there was plenty.

Kleenex was not hit nearly as badly as TP.

Bulk quantity packs of most other things were NOT sold out – good quantities of “cases” of things remained.

No “prepper carts” seen – mine was probably the worst, and it was “crypto-prepper”, IMO.

In contrast to normal curiosity, I felt like people were studying my cart and what I was buying more than normally, but not negatively or judgmentally. They seemed to be asking themselves if they should “stock up”.

PSYCHOLOGY. On duty and being vigilant. People are playing attention and looking for signs that it’s OK to prepare.


I get the following distinct impressions, even though I have no proof of them

  • bigger grocery chains are working with DHS, HHS and CDC
  • the feds are psychologically ENCOURAGING normal, common sense stocking
  • the feds are psychologically DISCOURAGING panic buying
  • the chains are sharing data on both STOCK ITEMS and PHARMACY PRODUCTS
  • the feds are using the data to “make sure the spice flows”

I smell blueberry muffins somewhere, and they ain’t ours.


John Fink, James Coburn, and Jennifer O’Neill having a meal in a scene from the film ‘The Carey Treatment’, 1972. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images)

“Whoever made these blueberry muffins, tell them they taste just like Daughn’s!”

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I talked to a friend who’s a nurse and she kept ranting about how the MSM keeps pushing these hysterics about this virus.

Gail Combs

And if they can hang the cause on President Trump so much the better.

Gail Combs


Bill In Oz says:
7 March 2020 at 4:37 am
EM I think that there is Corona Virus issue in Denver.
Here is Oz we have just found out that doctor returned to Melbourne Australia on the 29th of Feb from Denver in USA. Despite having a runny nose during the flights he went back to his practice last Monday & treated over 70 people before being diagnosed with COVID 19 on Friday….
So more Corona Virus chaos unleashed !
But it seems he got it in Denver or close by. So was he on holiday skying in the area or at a medical conference in the area ?
But I have not seen any references to Corona virus in Denver !


Gail – came here looking for you! Concerned for you about a) reusing plastic bottles too much as they begin to break down and leach plastic into your fluid & b) using bleach on said bottles as that will hasten the plastic break down and leaching, won’t it? Consider using mason jars/glass. Draw back: heavy if dropped on toe (yes, broke a toe that way about 8 yrs ago) and can break/shatter. Positives: can dishwasher, lasts long time, no leaching of plastics and no need to use bleach so less chemicals running out into your property. Bonus: to some you look hip with the whole mason jar thing! ha You are the consistent genius here…so well informed so I suspect I might be wrong about the plastic as you would surely have looked into this.
OK – now back to wuhan flu.

Gail Combs

I do not re-use them for very long and they mainly stay in the freeze. Dark and cold will delay the decay in the plastic.
Since I have people help me this is an economical way to make sure they get fluids. (They usually toss the bottles so the use is just a few times.)
Since we are doing kids parties I do not want any glass in the area.
However thanks for the tip.


I figured you had it all thought through as you are a detail kind of person. Just concerned about you.

Concerned Virginian

March 7, 2020
“Area schools, officials prepare for potential arrival of coronavirus”
Central Virginia is starting to put the procedures in place to deal with the Wuhan/SARS2 coronavirus, if and when it shows up.
There are 31 people in Virginia who have been tested for the virus — all were negative. There are 130 under “public health monitoring”.
Some hospitals, like the one at the university of Virginia and at selected Sentara Health System hospitals, have “negative-pressure units” that will be used in the event that patients test positive for the virus.
However, a negative-pressure unit, a good choice for controlling airflow when handling deadly / highly infectious virae and specimens — is designed to be an ADJUNCT UNIT within an EXISTING BSL-3 or BSL-4 biocontainment area.
And there’s another wrinkle here: the ER “best practices” protocols that are being adopted in various ways by hospitals. Many of these “best practices” protocols are well-intentioned: getting the patient with an ER doctor within 30 minutes after arrival, for example. However, the flip side of the “best practices” protocol is to get the patient either discharged, or admitted, within a tight timeframe (2 hours, for example).
The questions here revolve around just how fast and accurate the Wuhan/SARS2 Coronavirus tests are. A patient who presents with flu-like symptoms that may or may not include coughing, may only be tested for the flu if that test has a fast turnaround time: and not for the Wuhan Coronavirus, if that test has a 12 / 24-hour turnaround time.

Valerie Curren

“TOILET PAPER was taking the biggest hit. Efficiency brands (like Scott) preferred by tough-assed preppers were GONE. Fluffy Charmin and other wimpy brands of that “butt-fondling” sort remained in good quantity.”
This cracked me up, like you are glorifying those that “enjoy” sand-paper level butt wipage. One long day at the hospital with their see through jumbo rolls can lead to bleeding wounds on poor little “butt-fondling” me!

Valerie Curren

Didn’t Sarah Connor get a bit of a head start on prepping w/ a time travel cheat? Unlikely any TP in John Connor’s future…Means any survivors are automatically Hard-A’s!

Valerie Curren

Days of future past! or even Back to the Future


Walmart has a ‘both/and’ solution store brand. It’s cheap and soft and strong – and even has a pretty roses with tiny leaves stamped design.

Valerie Curren

Oh & Sky-Net has been watching for way too long!


Coronavirus In NY: 76 Cases, State Of Emergency Declared
Dozens more New Yorkers contracted coronavirus as Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency. Ten people were hospitalized.


An update.
North Texas Municipal Water District is going through Chlorine Maintenance in March. This has a number of side effects on the quality of the water coming to residences.
We stocked up on extra bottled water for drinking as a result – bottled gallons of water and bottles. This is largely independent of any Corona virus prep but obvious there is preparedness overlap.
It’s hard to say how much stocking up is going on in North Texas due to the water district and how much is from NTMWD. Most ppl are unaware of the maintenance, but those who know seem to prefer getting separate drinking water.

Annual water system maintenance may increase chlorine smell, taste in North Texas water in March
Water in Plano, Richardson, Frisco and other North Texas cities may have chlorine taste or odor this month
Here’s why and what you can do about it throughout March.
By Teri Webster
10:45 PM on Mar 2, 2020
Erin Brockovich says she wouldn’t drink North Texas water
Last month, The North Texas Municipal Water District came under fire during its regularly scheduled chlorine maintenance.
Author: Matt Howerton
Published: 10:13 PM CDT April 5, 2018
Updated: 4:34 PM CDT April 6, 2018
^ Of course she wouldn’t. She gets paid for crazy.


Ground report from a friend of my wife’s, via LIFELOG:
What you see in Costco amid Covid-19: Someone sanitizing the handles of shopping carts for you, more employees scattered all over the warehouse wiping down food shelves, counters, and spaces you touch. They move fast, they zoom in as you zoom out. Poor germs, not a second to live. More self-checkout stations in place (in my area), but so you don’t spend the whole hour checking out, they have checkers in place zapping items for you. No hand to hand contact. You only touch the screen for payment, and after that, alert germ terminators come to sanitize the screen and any space you’ve touched. It’s an interesting sight. Shopping at a time of Coronavirus.


We had a few online orders come in.
One is the kids’ new bike helmets.
A quick word about the bike helmets – they are more than just “bike helmets” as they are designed for multiple types of sports, like roller blading, scooters, etc.
As a form of body armor, bike helmets and other kids’ safety gear is very good to have for the kids in a pinch. This week Tennessee had a tornado outbreak. In the past my wife and I read a story of a family whose house was obliterated in a tornado and they survived in the storm cellar, but not without problems. The mother had a thought and made the son wear his bike helmet during the storm. During all the chaos the son’s head was hit by debris – it cracked the helmet badly but saved the boy from blunt head trauma.
This isn’t exactly Corona virus prep, but good preparedness for the spring storm season.
We also had a SLEW of supplements arrive. We’re big fans of Puritan’s Pride, BTW, and recommend their supplements highly.
We also stocked other brands, in no particular order:
Vitamin C 500mg – Airborne Kids Assorted Fruit Flavored Gummies (63 count in a bottle)
Boiron – Oscillococcinum 30 Dose, 200 ck, 30 dose (for Flu-like symptoms)
Childlife Essentials Liquid Vitamin C Natural Orange Flavor Liquid Formula, 4 ounce
Vitamin C 1000mg – Airborne Very Berry Chewable Tablets (96 count in a box)
Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Black Elderberry Syrup for Immune Support* with Real Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc, 4 Ounce Bottle
Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies, Herbal Supplements with Vitamin C and Zinc
Medi C Plus Lysine Berry Flavour (300G) medi-c plus Brand: Preferred Nutrition
We have a spread of choices here that work for adults, children, and infants. Some of our children are picky about supplements and only like chewables. In the end we have more than we probably need but we should have a selection that will ensure everyone in the house has immuno supplements they can and are willing to take.
North Texas has one week left to apply pre-emergent, and based on the weather situation that means tomorrow (sadly). The key idea here is preventing the spread of weeds. We also made sure we had plenty of allergy meds, both kids and adult dosages, so more preparedness on that front as we enter allergy season.
This afternoon I decided to swing by ALDI and buy some meat and other groceries, trying to do it earlier in the weekend rather than waiting until Sunday evening when most of the stock has run out in the store. It seems that ALDI in particular runs out of stock on items over the weekend even in a good week, but this afternoon I saw nothing out of the ordinary in the store and stocks seemed completely normal. The plan is for some of the meat to go into the freezer. One of their feature items is Texas-raised beef skirt steaks which come vacuum sealed and pre-marinated in fajita seasonings. I bought several of these as they give us enough meat for about two meals, are incredibly easy to cook, and are amazingly delicious 😉 They also had a lot of corn beef brisket but I did not buy any as it is not one of my wife’s favorites – she tolerates making it for me but generally does not like it herself. It makes a lot of good meat but I’m the only one who eats it.


We keep son’s last helmet in the emergency bathroom. Doesn’t fit him great but when tornado warning blares on the radio (we have a weather radio set to warn us of nothing but tornado warnings and have Always had one since being an adult – and always evaluated our places to live with natural disasters in mind) there is no time to run to the garage for his current helmet. Can’t keep 2 for his current size due to budget but the last one still fits good enough and will protect from impacts.


It’s almost impossible to keep kids in more than one helmet at a time. Especially like us you have multiples 😉 Having an emergency one in the bathroom makes a lot of sense.
Yes we have a weather radio too, bought that specifically and it dutifully does its job. They don’t seem to be as common/popular as they used to be which I find very strange since I trust the cell network about as far as I can throw it. AM radio is pretty much bulletproof.
I still have to work on my HAM radio licensing. I have one of the cheeeeep made in China Baofeng radios – in theory I can use it in a pinch but I haven’t played with it or learned how to use it yet. The advantage of the cheeeeeep radio is it lowers the barrier of entry into HAM dramatically. I know law enforcement guys that bought several for personal use, handy to get information during heightened states of emergency.


Love all of the vit c choices! We just bought the powder and son has to deal with the tartness. But he is 13 and if younger we would have found more favorable choices. Now, I give him teas and try to make them good…sometimes I tell him that this tea is “almost good” ha. Honey and maple syrup help the herbal teas…spoonful of sugar! 😉
Will look at some of the ones you ordered as when we are sick need things to go down easily!


Glad I could help!

Sylvia Avery

No oral fever thermometers to be had in town. Had to buy an upgrade “basal thermometer” to track ovulation. More accurate. More expensive. But at least I don’t have to stick it up my behind……
Received an email from a restaurant chain whose loyalty club I am a member of. It was telling me how safe and clean they are and how they are sanitizing everything and will encourage guests as well as staff to leave it they are ill, blah blah. I suspect restaurants are hurting……. Local news interviewed caterers. They’ve had to lay off all their staff. No one is catering anything. Events are cancelled.


Yeah we were trying to find a RELIABLE thermometer for the 1 year old back in December . . . the thought of flipping her over to get a reading was NOT what ANY of us wanted! 🤣🤣🤣

Sylvia Avery

Right? And I’ve bought all these modern hi tech things, but when I’m sick………..the last thing I want is to fiddle around reading instructions in tiny little print. I just want to be able to stick it under my tongue and get a reading. And DEFINITELY under my tongue, and not elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We ordered old fashioned thermometers from India. Use them when the temp is climbing and we need to be Very accurate as we make patient care choices

Sylvia Avery

Been thinking that

Gail Combs

Felice give us the MOTIVE for turning loose the Corona virus.

America’s mood on the economy argues that Mr. Trump’s polling rise may go higher still. By 7-1 (63 percent to 9 percent), Gallup found Americans saying the economy is good, versus those declaring it bad. By 2-1 (61 percent to 31 percent), they said it was getting better, versus getting worse.
The economy has been a key variable for incumbents’ re-election success. Since 1916, elected incumbents are 11-3 when seeking second terms. Of the three losers (Hoover, Carter and Bush I), each saw annual real GDP contract within a year of their election. That is unlikely for Mr. Trump now, and just as importantly: Americans feel it is unlikely.

Gail Combs

I really hope KARMA strikes and they lose some of their top level OLD people. That looks like a distinct possibility too.
Asymptomatic cases in a family cluster with SARS-CoV-2 infection
“Since December, 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has led to a serious epidemic in China and other countries, resulting in worldwide concern.1 Family clusters of infected individuals have been reported, and this phenomenon could present a serious threat to public health if not strictly controlled. In a previously reported family cluster, most infected individuals had clinical symptoms, decreased lymphocyte counts, and abnormal chest CT images, and were positive for the virus on quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) analysis.2, 3 However, some of the family members had abnormal chest CT images and positive qRT-PCR results without any clinical symptoms.3 Here, we report the clinical characteristics of a family cluster of SARS-CoV-2 infection. In this family of three, one 35-year-old man (patient 1) had clinical symptoms, a decreased lymphocyte count, abnormal chest CT images, and a positive result on qRT-PCR. By contrast, the other two family members—a 33-year-old woman (patient 2) and a 3-year-old boy (patient 3)—were both asymptomatic, with normal lymphocyte counts and chest CT images but positive qRT-PCR results (figure)….”
Presumed Asymptomatic Carrier Transmission of COVID-19
Patient 1 (presumed asymptomatic carrier), a 20-year-old woman, lives in Wuhan and traveled to Anyang on January 10, 2020. She initially met with patients 2 and 3 on January 10. On January 13, she accompanied 5 relatives (patients 2 through 6) to visit another hospitalized relative in Anyang District Hospital (Figure). There was no report of COVID-19 at this hospital. After development of disease in her relatives, patient 1 was isolated and observed. As of February 11, she had no elevated temperature measured or self-reported fever and no gastrointestinal or respiratory symptoms, including cough and sore throat, reported or observed by the physicians. Chest CT images on January 27 and 31 showed no significant abnormalities. Her C-reactive protein level and lymphocyte count were normal (Table). Results of RT-PCR testing were negative on January 26, positive on January 28, and negative on February 5 and 8.
Patients 2 through 6 developed COVID-19. Four were women, and ages ranged from 42 to 57 years. None of the patients had visited Wuhan or been in contact with any other people who had traveled to Wuhan (except patient 1)….

Gail Combs

I am planning to send this to the Wake Public Schools System after I call them.

Sadie Slays

The local media and Leftist Mayor are claiming that business is down as the local Asian restaurants because of “racism” over the WuFlu (they jump on any excuse they can to call the locals “racist”). I can’t confirm it myself because I very rarely eat at any restaurants. The popular pizza parlor I often go past continues to have a line out the door every time I see it. WuFlu’s not stopping people from ordering pizza apparently…


Ground report on Sunday – not a whole lot to report.
Visited a small church in another town, returning visit. The sanctuary was full during the service. They announced that they had done chemical cleaning to all the chairs and surfaces throughout the church to kill any lingering viruses. Hand sanitizer was available everywhere, but otherwise no concerns.
I called the local Chinese take-out restaurant again, no answer. Wondering if they’ve closed – would be sad b/c they are the best close place.
In the end we did lunch and dinner at home.
This afternoon’s top priority of course was putting out the pre-emergent treatment, doing our part to prevent infestation. If everyone else would just do this too we might prevent a major outbreak. Some people in the neighborhood were busy working on yards today but still a lot of negligence.
We are finding some supplies that we need to stock up on – like baby wipes. Some things we can order from pickup, either at Walmart or our normal grocer.
Work has put out major notices on Coronavirus and telework options.

Valerie Curren

Well here’s a report from Michigan.
My special needs son had a clinic visit at U of M Hospitals in Ann Arbor on Tuesday. For the most part things appeared, at least superficially, much as usual. We were asked about travel, contact w/ CV people, & general cold/flu symptoms upon sign in at the clinic. We had similar questions when later entering the Women’s & Children’s part of the hospital.
I made a point of checking out the free-standing stations that have auto-dispensed (touch free) foaming hand sanitizer, tissues, & masks. All stations I checked had the sanitizer, few had tissues, & none had masks. Later, upon closer inspection it was clear that the masks were removed deliberately as there was a written notice (that I didn’t read) but presumably directed people to security stations if they needed a mask. I believe they were limiting mask access to use them for people who were clearly sick, at risk (like my son in early months post-transplant), or potentially contagious. I informed a staff person about the nearby station missing tissues & masks (before I noticed the mask sign) & she immediately reported this to maintenance/housekeeping? Hours later there was still no replenishment of tissues…
There was a young man near the hospital entrance we used who was wearing a reflective vest. He appeared to be scanning people entering the facility, perhaps to head off cases that were clearly ill, but this is purely speculative on my part.
That evening we heard on the radio that MI had 2 CV cases in Metro Detroit, in 2 different counties.
The next day, I believe, the Governor announced what seemed to be overreacting directives including the temporary closing of some facilities, like colleges, for like a week I believe.
My Special Needs son also heard that MI Special Olympics was cancelling all activities, including State Games for Basketball. He also heard that a local special needs organization was cancelling future events (they usually host Wed pm gatherings & occasional weekend events). He & his worker were going to take his girlfriend to a local arcade tomorrow, but now her mother is concerned for CV issues so is keeping her daughter home instead.
The next day the sports events went into cancellation, so the March Madness games & a Detroit Pistons event a son was to attend are now gone.
Today, the Governor decided to declare a state of Emergency in MI (& I think said there were like 40 CV cases in MI but there was no clarification of this), & this was before the Trump presser. Schools are being closed, K-12, for a number of weeks & public universities for a few weeks too. Some type of online learning is to be taking place. My college daughter is on Spring Break & she’d heard that it was to be extended another week. She was to have a test in a class on Monday & classmates were alarmed to be on campus before they heard of the pending closing–not sure where the testing situation stands now. The Governor also declared that no gatherings of more than 250 were to be happening for a number of weeks. We heard on the radio that the Archdiocese of Detroit (I believe) was cancelling All Services for a number of weeks.
We heard from a family member who is visiting Dallas. He & a friend asked a stranger to take their photo, which happened just fine. Afterwards, while thanking him they shook his hand & suddenly everyone realized they weren’t supposed to shake hands so were laughing about the extreme recommendations. Apparently they were also joking about runs on stores & lack of TP there in Dallas.
My married son stopped by this evening to say that his company is suspending deliveries (I believe). He used to cover a local route where they replenished stock in a number of companies a couple times a week, this is a Bearing Supply type of business. He also said that they are limiting staff time at work & that he is having to work at home on Fridays for a while (I didn’t know that working from home was even possible for his job).
His wife is looking for a new job & recently had an interview. They are of the opinion that no one will be hiring as long as the CV “crisis” is happening. Although we all expressed doubt as to whether or not the CV situation was completely legitimate or possibly politically motivated to try to tank the economy to disrupt Trump’s re-election bid, he was convinced that the “panic” on many people’s parts was real & being fueled by seeing major events cancelled. Several local concerts & stage productions were announced to have been cancelled on the radio this evening…Interesting times we live in…

Valerie Curren

Here is a cross post of a Michigan update from here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/deconstructing-chinazi-iranian-fake-news-false-narratives-about-coronavirus-and-reconstructing-the-truth/comment-page-1/#comment-429450
NEW 3-16-20
Sat. a son returned from a missions trip to Guatemala. He was part of a team that mostly consisted of college students from Detroit, WSU & a school in Ohio, OSU?. They heard while away that their campuses were both cancelling classes & holding classes online. The Ohio students were told that they would have to vacate the campus & move back home, not so for the Detroit students. Also as they were leaving Guatemala they learned that Sat. was the last day that flights out were going to be allowed. It sounded like Guatemala was locking their country down including not letting people leave. I think there may have been 2 corona virus cases there…
Sun. our Dallas traveler returned. One activity he attended in Texas involved going to the gun range. He noted that most of the shooters there were using some type of AR rifles. His return flight, Delta, was seemingly pretty empty. About a half hour before boarding there were only like a half dozen people waiting for that plane. There were some people wearing masks he noted.
Other relatives attend a large church, 4-6 thousand & their services were going to be televised from an empty church with just platform ministry people present. My husband is quite active in music ministry at his church & they are not having services until next month some time. They may seat about 600 people & usually have 2 services.
My daughter, whose college classes are to be online now, heard from a classmate who said that President Trump was planning to “quarantine the United States” for 2 weeks starting in about 2 days. This info alleged came from a “Senator Hunter” who’d met w/ Trump recently & was advising everyone to stock up on necessities & plan to be housebound for 2 weeks–I’m hoping to find some confirmation of this “rumor” here at the Q-Tree later. I believe this info was going around Facebook…
Son made a Wal-Mart run for a couple things. They were out of the lower-priced dog food he usually gets so he got a bit pricier large bag of Purina. A lady in that aisle was complaining that there was “no” dog food & “no peanut butter” so what was she gonna do. 2 of my kids said there seemed to be heavier than usual shopping but they didn’t notice things being out of hand. One bought produce & one got a loaf of bread. They didn’t see empty shelves but didn’t check the paper &/or cleaning aisles either.