ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Bioweapon

This is a Twitter thread I just did, which Twitter is WILDLY SUPPRESSING for the ChiComs.



This person’s tweet was in reply to one of mine (see addendum), where I had stated to somebody else that I feared an Italy scenario would have happened in America if Trump had not THWARTED his opponents as he did. I do NOT believe that an Italy scenario is inevitable here – AT ALL. In fact, I feel that such thinking is unwise at best – dangerous at worst.

My initial reaction was that the person subconsciously HOPES for the bad stuff to happen to America to “get Trump”. So did several other posters, a few of whom replied to him negatively.

What is very interesting is that this TDS poster does NOT see himself AT ALL as having a “Schadenfreude for Trump Failure” worldview. And yet, I am pretty sure that most of us, reading his comment, can not only sense it, but can sense the beginnings of both hoax-tolerating TDS, and maybe even hoax-permitting TDS.

To me, this is psychology which the Chinese communists KNOW deeply, CREATE easily, and EXPLOIT routinely. All of our lying, hoaxing socialist Democrat neighbors are – IMO – the product of Chinese communist understanding of how to mass-brainwash Americans through a captive media.

I kindly ask people to treat this person nicely and not give him a bunch of shit. I sense the possibility of psychological breakthrough here. I mean, I’m trying to save Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maybe HE can learn to save Donald Trump, who has done more to save RBG than ANY OF US.


Moving on again…..

Addendum I – Bill Mitchell Thread

This was a short thread where I repeated some of these ideas differently.

Addendum II – Critiques of This Work

Sorry – just had to share!

Addendum III – Miscellaneous ChiCom-19 and 4GW Tweets and Important Links
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