Gab Welcomes QAnon Across Its Platforms #WWG1WGA

Well, it looks like Gab CEO Andrew Torba just struck back at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, capitalizing on Zuckerberg’s mistake.

You will recall that the Zuckster has had to upgrade his CHICOM POGROM against QAnon followers from “if violence” (which there was none, of course) to “any”. Basically, if you post about Q, you’re gone. If you EVER posted about Q, they can kick you off at their leisure.



Well, Torba’s Gab is already home to Neon Revolt’s big QAnon group, and our small group as well.


And now Torba is ready to take aboard the ENTIRE QAnon MOVEMENT!




Gab Welcomes QAnon Across Its Platforms #WWG1WGA

Today Facebook announced that it would be banning all “QAnon accounts” across all of its platforms. This includes banning individual accounts as well as QAnon groups across both Facebook itself and Instagram. Facebook also announced that it has an internal “Dangerous Organizations Operations” team that will be monitoring for and banning these accounts.

In light of this news Gab is happy to announce that we will be welcoming all QAnon accounts across our social network, news, and encrypted chat platforms. Gab exists as an alternative to Silicon Valley tyranny and control over the flow of information and communication online. We welcome everyone to speak freely and invite their friends to do the same.

We have several existing QAnon groups on Gab that have grown significantly over the past few weeks to tens of thousands of members. Members of the QAnon community have been active on Gab for several years. We have never seen any calls for violence, threats, or any other illegal activity from this group of people.

From what we have observed these are very fine people who love freedom and their country. They seek out the truth for themselves rather than depending on the mainstream media or Big Tech companies to do it for them.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Neon Revolt, a prominent member of the QAnon community as well as the Gab community, to discuss the censorship crackdown by Big Tech among other topics. You can watch our interview below.


But here is where it gets even more interesting. And maybe a bit….. exciting.

I’m not going to mince words.

First there are Russians, and – YEAH – it’s all very sketchy, because – surprise, surprise, surprise – the Russians seem to be on THEIR side in reality.

But it gets worse.

Some two-stepper ChiCom diaperette “reporter” who works for CNET – YES – another “Wedgy The Diaper” story – was feeling out Gab to get INTEL for their upcoming TREASONOUS ELECTION COUP – their “color revolution” – which we all know is coming, and for which those TRAITORS will all deserve some serious prison time.

Just google the chick using DuckDuckGo.

I keep telling people – these “journalists” are low-grade commie SPIES. DO NOT GIVE THEM A THING.

Don’t believe me? Just read. I am including the entire story here so you can see just how shady these people are. I am 1000% convinced that Torba has this right – they are building narratives and also trying to figure out exactly how we will react to their TREASONOUS COUP.


Seed The Narrative Early and Often: How “Journalism” Works, According To CNET

There are two emerging narratives that are being seeded by the mainstream media as weapons for censoring post-election information online. I know this first-hand because I’m getting inbound media requests daily asking how Gab plans to “handle the election.”

Last week the first post-election narrative was being crafted by the mainstream media: The Russian Hoax 2.0. I wrote about this narrative and shared my experience with a Reuters “journalist” here.

One of the many players behind the emerging Russian Hoax 2.0 narrative is Graphika, a strange organization made up of former Google employees and, ironically, some Russian guy named Vladimir.

Graphika partners with DARPA, The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Facebook, Google and more to “map social media landscapes and reveal unique patterns in information diffusion.” In other words: it appears that Graphika partners with the Deep State, the mainstream media, and Big Tech to track you and shut you up.

This week a new narrative is emerging: pressure social networks to censor post-election information from President Trump and anyone who supports him.

I received the email below today from CNET on this subject:

Hello, I’m Queenie Wong, a reporter at CNET who covers social media companies. There’s been some concerns about a presidential candidate declaring victory on election night before the votes are counted. How is Gab planning to handle this type of content? Other social networks have mentioned using labels directing people to accurate results. Are you planning to do something similar? Thanks for the help!

Queenie Wong

Reporter | CNET News

My reply:

Her Reply:

Thanks for the quick response. Does Gab also plan on releasing any data about the top posts on election night? This is mainly for planning purposes.

My Reply:

Her Reply:

Thanks again for the response. Sometimes social networks will provide data outside of top posts on the site. This isn’t for an article this week. I’m just trying to gather background information for any potential stories on election night. 

We are about a month away from the election and the mainstream press is already lining up several different post-election narratives about who to blame and why . I’m sharing this information with you all now so that you have the time to plan ahead before it happens. You can do so by getting on and telling a friend to do the same.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King
October 5th, 2020


SO – there you have it. The COUP is going to involve media and social media shutting up TRUMP and shutting US UP. Be ready for it. QAnon will be first, but it will be all Trump supporters after that.

You can already see how this is going to work.

Spread the word. GAB isn’t just OUR backup. It’s for ALL QAnon followers!


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Vile, slimy, septic tank shitladling cocktwaddles.
The solution is simple.
Continue making them utterly insane, pissed off, and fringe. We should welcome their extremism. It only serves to marginalize them, drive them even more insane than they already are, force them to dehumanize themselves, and subsequently grind them…slowly and irreversibly…into the dustbin of history where they and their ideological forebears belong and reside.
If they think they are going to silence us they really have gone utterly insane.
“Do you know? I honestly feel sorry for these poor sons of bitches. I honestly do. We’re going to cut their living guts out and use them to grease the treads of our tanks.”
– Gen. George S. Patton
Rhetorically speaking, of course.


FEAR…plain and simple, “It’s SHOWTIME folks!”

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I can already see the wheels turning in Bob Creamer’s head…what dirty tricks can be pulled on the Gab platform to discredit them…😠

Cuppa Covfefe

More like his guiding DEMON whispering in his ears what to do…
These DEMONicRATS are from the pit of HELL, and are headed back there unless learn and turn and repent.
Ephesians 6:10-18 says what’s really happening, and what we should do, for there are indeed dark forces at work:

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;




Agree…never enough reminders of the depth of malignancy we face!

Brave and Free

Looking like once again you’re right Wolf. How long before word piss shuts everyone down ?


I’m just glad not to have posts taken down when they do nothing but tell the truth about Islam.


I have never used FakeBook – it’s deep DS and provides inside details for the enemy’s purposes. Still cannot understand why ordinarily sane people decide to voluntarily expose their lives and the lives of family and friends to international criminals that hate them.
I do not use Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, WeChat, etc. – they are controlled by Chi-Coms and DS. Same issues as FB. Don’t mind our VSGPOTUS using Twitter to troll them at all. He knows what he is doing. Most people don’t.
I put up with WP, until I won’t have to anymore.
I have tried Parler and it’s vanilla with a meh platform. Really don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. Some good patriots post there occasionally though.
I’m on ruqqus occasionally. Not enough usage to get current info though. The platform works fine for what I can tell.
I’ve used Voat some, but it’s weak.
I do use Gab and have since 2016. It has been worth enduring the many platform upgrades. I see it as the future of social media if they keep plowing the fresh ground and stay true to their principles. Andrew is a patriot.


It is great to be able to express oneself on gab … but do we reach the undecideds or people new to our ideas?
I do use fb because that is where the people are that I want to hear our message and learn the info.
Note: not anti gab – its great. Great to speak out and read freely. Like coming here to read and comment. However reading here and commenting does not bring New votes for President Trump and here we are preaching to the choir and we are resting and renewing, learning and preparing to go back out into the general public that doesn’t know what we know and take the info with us.
Twitter, fb, etc. are tools to reach others that don’t agree with us or who might not have heard the info from MAGA supporters.
On fb we have to pick our battles. I have occassionally mentioned some forbidden topics but in a very cautious way and some not at all. Why? So that I am free to share and do so much else that is effective for MAGA (esp. Long term, after President Trump as we have to build toward 2024 and beyond while we have this unique opportunity and windon) and for President Trump.
If you want to hunt moose, you have to go where moose are. I could sit in a deer stand in the TN hills all day and not shoot a single moose.
That is why I use fb – to reach those who are there. It is a tool for a purpose and not my actual place to self express or speak with friends/likeminded people. I value that tool for its purpose and use it intentionally.


Yeah, me too. I hate Fakebook, but it IS where the moose live. After the election, I plan to quit FB. The next election is on its own, at least on that platform. I’m just too old for that shit anymore.


I have no doubt they can shut us down at their whim. Not delusional about them at all. Know they let us be there at their pleasure.
until then it is a tool to use. Most of our followers are actual people in our region – some, IDK and are from elsewehre so could be anyone. But most are real people from our area.
Sad that they get so much $ from us be effective for us for now.


Im grateful for Gabs efforts. The fight will continue.


Shared on Twitter!


I had a Catholic troll after me yesterday because of Q. Finally had to block.
It all makes sense now.


Yes! I just know that as soon as they turn nasty, my distrust kicks in high gear.
Getting less inclined to put up with anything.


Idiots don’t know what they’ve awakenedcomment image


Interesting … many have speculated that SD banned Q to protect his own site and yet his site is down and this site is up. Just thought about that today
(of course, other theories about banning also exist – just thinking about that particular one today)


No doubt he is being attacked and yes, much of it is really great. I still read there daily.
+ will never forget its were I came from (country phrase), it was my red pill, it was my nursery, it were I learned the need and gained the courage to do what I do in my own little corner of this great country.
Two biggest take aways:
-Always, ALWAYS look at the #s behind the #s on polls. Always click through the article to the actual polls and read the methodology.
-The GOP is what we make, including what we let it be if we forfeit all roles/responsibility and are not involved. The GOP primaries are what determine if we have a real GOP serving in DC or a Uniparty. Being involved in the party prior to the primaries to even get good GOP to run and to be part of the rules making for the primaries and then be part of the primaries to make sure they are fair, etc., is where we fight the GOPe/RINOs. Post primary, its too late – must vote GOPe if that is what they give us because that at less the lesser of 2 evils …. but that choice stinks! Must fight the GOPe/Uniparty or they win by default and all other activism is fighting a machine we let grow and be entrenchged, fighting an uphill, rigged battle. See 2010, 2012 & 2014 … and probably Long before that and I just didn’t realize/notice.
Anyway, wasn’t knocking him or laughing at him, etc. Should not happen in a free country. And yes, I figured he was purposefully attacked as other blogs not affected by WP “upgrades”.
Just irionic … *if* that was the reason some were booted. I am not sure that is even why
He had an interesting past even if just his past/early development online since 2010. His roots in another blog and his first posts fascinate me. But who has time? I will read and stay busy as I am barely/probably not even keeping up with all I have to do/can do as it is.