20201007: VP Debate, Race Bannon Vs. Heels Up Harris

For all those political junkies who honestly believe that while Creepy, Sleepy Joe Biden is the Democrat front man – for now – the real candidate is actually Senator Kamala Harris, tonight’s debate against Vice President Mike Pence may actually be revealing.


The pair will be in Salt Lake City, Utah to square off with USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page acting as moderator and a big piece of plexiglass separating the combatants as the former Attorney General of California is afraid of getting a bug with a 99% survival rate.


With all luck, this will be an interesting evening.


Live streams will be added closer to the opening bell.

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When ever I see Pence speak this quote comes to mind “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Theodore Roosevelt


The only agreement I had with a LIBTARD COMMENTER was this – that we may see this same match-up AGAIN in 2024.
And if so, Mike Pence will beat Kamala Harris AGAIN!!!


THANKS to all the commenters here–wonderful thread DePat!
Cameltoe brings nothing to the table—she doesn’t appeal to women–she’s too sleazy–maybe that’s true for guys too…she doesn’t appeal to people with brains–too childish for an important office. she’s not black, not likeable, not trust worthy–so i gotta ask–what the hell were they thinking making her vp nominee???


“Childish” sums it up. From Congressional hearings, I had thought she was a tough prosecutor and questioner. It was not apparent then that she has no substance. I can only guess that she checked off boxes for the Left: gender and race, radical agenda, young and vigorous (though she appears a little lazy to me). I think the Left has gone completely off the rails with their lack of principle, dishonesty, and destructiveness. Their pushing Kamala fits in with that. But it is sttill inexplicable that they aren’t politically savvy enough to continue to hide what they’re really about. TDS has brought them out into the open!


good insights!

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