DEAR KAG: 20201218

The hunt is on my fellow howlers!

Red meat and red wine this day. I suggest a ruby swirl of a good French Pinot Noir to go with the veritable flood of information we are seeing. Cistercian monks cultivated the pinot noir grape, which truly is the King of Burgundy wines. A little history at the link.

That said, there are a plethora of crappy pinot noirs out there. I tend toward the French ones because they’ve been at it so much longer. However, one of the best pinot noir wines I ever tasted was in upstate New York while on a wine tour. It was glorious and memorable. Alas, I can’t remember which winery it was. It was quite the tour that day.

Now, on to the red meat.

The fake media is hanging on by their nails. It won’t be long now. The satisfaction of gnawing on the bones of their collective carcass will be delightful. I like to come at it from a clinical point of view and watch the various personalities as they react to events. Morning Joe feels the Patriot Wolf Pack breathing down his neck. His rage and fear was palpable as he gnashed his teeth at Rand Paul. It begins around 3 minutes and 50 seconds in:

It’s delicious, really.

President Trump’s pack is running down every cheater, every criminal, evil algorithm, and fraudulent ballot. The evidence is at biblical flood proportions now. There will soon come a moment when the media propagandists cannot hold back the truth. Let us begin with The Navarro Report.

This report must be read and MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHARED. The Great Election Steal of 2020 is detailed here. Peter Navarro is another patriot who will be known to history as a hero.
Gnaw on this truth from the executive summary of the Report:

“The failure to aggressively and fully investigate the six dimensions of election irregularities assessed in this report is a signal failure not just of our anti-Trump mainstream media and censoring social media but also of both our legislative and judicial branches.” (my bolds).

The Bongino Report covers it here.

Again, this is a must read and a must share. It’s about 34 pages of everything you need to know about the steal and is extremely helpful to share with low information folks and fence sitters. Easy to download PDF.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, has the Patriot Pack after him. They are sniffing around for any possible dirty deeds in his closet and they seem to be closing in. Can you smell the fear, my fine friends?

Make Government Afraid Again

Yes! Let government fear us so that there will be liberty again in our land!

And, let us give a HOWL OUT to Lin Wood, that magnificent specimen of American manhood. Next to our President, is he not unmatched with his powerful tweets?

The Supreme Court of the United States is being humiliated. That august institution is in free fall. AS IT SHOULD BE. I am out of patience with these compromised, collaborating, cowardly pieces of offal who run our nation at the behest of anyone but US citizens.

A bit of business. We stick together as a pack. Let us stop and give paws to our esteem for one another and never stick a rhetorical fang in when a tongue-licking will do. Information drops and events are happening so fast that I can’t keep up to even post in a timely manner. I will leave that to all you wonderful Qtreepers who keep this website going through information sharing, wise and sage comments, and just all-around canineraderie. This really is the best tree home ever.

If you are in the mood to bare your fangs, head over to the UTree.

Rules here if you need a refresher or are new. I must say the pub bouncers have been caught swilling beer and playing darts at the back of the bar because they have so little to do.

Well, it looks like the MO (military option) is a distinct possibility. Here’s the Insurrection Act, 1807.

Short and sweet.

[I]n all cases of insurrection, or obstruction to the laws, either of the United States, or of any individual state or territory, where it is lawful for the President of the United States to call forth the militia for the purpose of suppressing such insurrection, or of causing the laws to be duly executed, it shall be lawful for him to employ, for the same purposes, such part of the land or naval force of the United States, as shall be judged necessary, having first observed all the pre-requisites of the law in that respect.

Insurrection Act of 1807, ch. 39, 2 Stat. 443, 443

And here’s President Trump’s EO13848, detailing “certain sanctions” for foreign interference in our elections.

Executive Order 013848

Do read it. The CCP and their collaborators will be hit so hard in the pocketbook! I’m salivating at the prospect.

Martial Law is a distinct possibility. Legal definition here:

Not fun, but at this point the surgeon needs to wound in order to heal, eh?

Be prepared. You know the drill. Plenty of food, water, fuel, puzzles, books, DVDs, etc. Always have your ID on you, and obey any curfews. Here’s hoping it will be a partial and mostly geographical-based moment in our history.

If you want to know what Martial Law is like, talk to a soldier who has imposed it. It truly is the suspension of civil law. The military will be in control. There may be checkpoints. Concealed carry licenses will probably be suspended. Search and seizure and confiscating of weapons. There may be some low-level military personnel who get a god-complex. People may be arrested without reasonable suspicion. Curfews. Looting and other forms of civil disobedience will still occur.

In short, Martial Law may be great in some areas, and hell in others. Be prepared to stick it out at home if at all possible.

I hope California is the first captive freed when the dam breaks:

Here’s Trevor Loudon on the Chinese in California and the US:

Thank the good God that we are on to them! Like here:

Our magnificent President is toying with them now. The drumbeat of the election steal is getting louder and louder. He won’t let up. God, I love him!

Our warrior princess, Sidney Powell, retweeted the President:

By the way, prayers should continue to go up for Sidney. Spiritual attacks are a bitch. She is probably sustaining incoming hits like few others, and holding her up in prayer does help. God and His angels are so much more powerful than the demons.

Now for a bit of levity. The Brits have the best sense of humor on the planet, even during the Covid tyranny. Enjoy!

Speaking of the Covid, it is now dawning on people that the MASKS HAVE TO COME OFF. We simply cannot comply. I have been turned away from places of business for not wearing one. I go, but I don’t go quietly. Here’s an interesting video that purports to show the result of a) wearing a mask too long and b) having just been vaccinated:

Peter “the demon” Stzrok is back in the news. Would love to claw that smirk off his face:

Uh, here’s an idiot who doesn’t like rural Americans:

This is what we say to him:

Now for some Christmas cheer. Two versions of A Christmas Carol:

Here’s a 25-minute beautifully animated version for kids:

God bless us, every one!

-Grandma in Texas

PS – Cheers from The Editor in the back room! -W

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Well, at least you didn’t blame the alarm clock.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

You’re most welcome! It was a good experience. We got that out under incredible enemy fire, with strategy to spare!


I have no idea what you experienced – but – somehow I feel your pain, Texas Grandma!!!

I thank God for your Friday posts – they are most enjoyable – giggled my way through this one – so – if that is some consolation for your troubles – I pray that warms your heart.

God Bless You Real Good, TG!!!


Most welcome, Texas Grandma!!! We appreciate you!!!


love your play on words in the opening Grandma!
and Alistair Sim is my favorite Scrooge!!!


Worth the wait!


diggin your wine choice 😍😃🍷

Pinot Noir fan here…

here’s an excellent choice for under $30…
comment image


My old stomping grounds! We have a friend that brings a host gift of Oregon Pinot noirs a couple times a year. Imagine my surprise and delight when recently they came from my home town (which, of course, he had no idea)…when I was a child there the population was 719.
The area was always rural agricultural, but it was berries, string beans, corn and orchards.

Sylvia Avery

grandma, I just loved your opener! It was just great! And obviously I came along after whatever was wrong was fixed, so it was all fabulous in my eyes! Thanks for a laugh and a lot of good information.



Great work from GmaTX and Wolf! Once I realized how deep your mess was, I made like a tree and leaved you to it.



Around the sixth repetition of “well, it should be easy enough to just do…….crap,” I felt that discretion was the better part of valor.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, I had a hankering for some red wine the whole time, reading that copy and seeing that header pic!!!  😍 


Wow, glad you and GrandmaIT got it worked through.

I’ve noticed there are a few differences in the new system with the ‘Write’ page for composing new thread posts.

The ‘Save Draft’ and ‘Preview’ are different.

I’ve learned to open up several tabs at once, in case something screwy happens…and refresh them as I go.
That way I can get back to where I was.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. Some things are FASTER and I like them. But other things – well – be careful.


Yeah, that’s something new.

Let’s hope that was a one-time glitch.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

So far I’ve not had trouble with tomorrow.


This is good.
Let’s hope the system behaves itself.


You, I could believe — it has your name on it. I can’t believe Wolf got through it without whisky.


We have no way to know if he used whisky as part of the solution or not.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

He could be like WKRP’s Johnny Fever, who actually got faster the more drunk he was.


Hi to all. Still waiting. Almost expect to see godot prior to any action.


It’s finally Friday!


comment image


Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!!!


comment image


Be My Voice

comment image


Good Early Morning to you Duchess!
have a Blessed day!


Hey, Pat!!! How are you? Hope and pray you got a reprieve from the snowfall!!!

God Bless Your Day, too – HUGS!!!


HUGS back to you!
took me 3 hours to shovel off our deck and ramp…
hubby plowed all afternoon, but with the height of the snow, he had to bucket more than plow…and the hairpin turn is a complete mess…so he will do some more today…if his back holds up…
i hate this much snow all at once….


Received and Appreciated!!!

Oh, poor hubby – my back hurts for him – have the same problem – got an angled shovel to ease pressure on my back.

Gee – what a pain so early in the season – muscling you both up for the struggle.

Will pray for both of you – hopefully, you can find some home remedy to help ease the discomfort.

Don’t forget to salt – we are already dealing with ice – on the sidewalks and driveway…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

From Gab, no source, but QUESTIONS REMAIN…….


Don’t know how one could come up with this stat as so little is known about the vacccine … and yet that is part of the problem! No one can know if this is true or not true.
But I better be careful about posting anti vaccine or vaccine caution as I have now been labeled a “shill” for posting anti vaccine.  🙄  Who would pay someone to be anti vaccine? Silly but I was accused nonetheless of this yesterday.

(we aren’t actually “anti” vaccine. we encourage everyone to be purposeful and intentional when about vaccination, whether they do or they don’t. not vaccinationg means taking on more peresonal responsibility to stay healthy, stay home when sick and to be prepared for a variety of illnesses because vaccines do stave off illnesses to an extent .. they just also come with their own downsides)


Don’t be obtuse.

You were not labeled a shill for being anti-vaccine.


Yes, you Literally said that you think I am a “shill” because I post on vaccines. I always post anti vaccine and somehow that adds to your “evidence” that I am a “shill”.

Don’t try to rewrite history or claim you “misremembered” your previous comments.

“This poster is a shill, exactly who for I have not yet determined. The constant “excess deaths” and “vaccine” drumbeat is the tell.”




Well, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. I quote and link to her own link and she replies, in all caps, “nope”. She denies the fact of her own post, written just yesterday, that is quoted and linked.

SMH. Well at least this poster is consistent in denying what is literally laid out in front of her.


Unless Aubergine has posted an additional “shill” comment . . . the one to me is the only one I’ve seen. And it is not as you quoted. Shall I post it?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Look at the last page of December 15.


Yes, true. She has had a meltdown on multiple threads, posting similiar smears adn fantacies


I quoted precisely. I deal in facts.

Why take disagreements personal? There are a variety of opinions on a variety of topics amongst commenters here. Debate, countering opinions, etc., are *good* so that we all learn and bringing facts to fake news is *good* … and certainly not peresonal.

And if yu haven’t seen all of the comments then why jump in? She has accused me of being Chinese, of being based in China, of being a Shill and used vaccine posts to support her “theory” of me being a shill.

Yeah, people pay “shills” to be anti vaccine.  🙄  Sure, a Chinese “shill” is correcting fake news about lack of excess deaths and calling for the US to hold China accountable for the excess deaths.  😂  Silly “theories” and accusations when all I do is focus on facts, regardless of who poste them.

When I post a link to the comment the link only goes to the last page of the general thread v. the specific comment. ?

Quoting it again here:

“December 17, 2020 12:30

This poster is a shill, exactly who for I have not yet determined. The constant “excess deaths” and “vaccine” drumbeat is the tell.”

12/17/2020 comment page 2 #comment629368

There are other comments that she has made to the same effect. Why? Why is disagreeing with this one thing, excess deaths, trigger such an emotional, cursing, f-bombing, yelling, smearing, name calling response? Weird. Esp. since not having excess deaths would reduce the call/demand to deal with China on this issue.  😉 

Last edited 3 years ago by MAGA Mom

Why don’t you re-post the smearing, cursing and name calling? That I’d like to see. What I do see is a perfectly calm, one sentence, succinct comment that references your repeated posts about excess deaths/vaccine.

You take as gospel that there even ARE excess deaths. And you ram it down everyone’s throat. But, you deal in facts – so we should all heel. Right.

And it’s always a new ESSAY, pummeling and over the top.

“Esp. since not having excess deaths would reduce the call/demand to deal with China on this issue.” What exactly does THAT mean?

Yes, there’s definitely something off here.


Lol, I am sure I have probably used some expletives in all this somewhere.

Actually, I just went back and looked. I actually did tell her to “f*ck off,” with the asterisk, at one point.

The only name I think I called her was “shill.” I still feel that is accurate, I just haven’t determined the motivation yet. But she sure is mad about it  😀 

I just simply don’t believe anything she writes. There is some hidden motivation here. You are right, something is “off.”

I have experienced bullies of this kind before. The “essays” and over-the-top steam-roller pummeling is their modus operandi. All it does is piss me off and make me come back twice as hard. But I won’t engage in the back and forth with her on facts at all anymore. It is pointless with this type; they just keep “shouting” the same information over and over with minor adjustments.


Mad about it? Nope.

Again, I have not posted in emotion – not cursed, not “yelled” in all caps, not smeared, accused anyone of being Chinese or living in China, droped mulitple f bombs, etc.

And yet you say I am “mad” about.

Do you understand that your underlying assumptions of emotion are more of a reflection or projection than based on anything I have said?

Standing by facts and standing by what I have said and standing up to being cursed, called names and being smeared do not indicate that I am “mad” or any other specific emotion … just as disagreeing with facts or even opinions does not indicate emotions or feelings or animosity. It is just disagreeing.


I was looking for the f-bombs, cursing, screaming and yelling. As in loss of control. As I suspected, it doesn’t exist.

She doesn’t present facts. She chooses something, posts it, and demands that you accept it as fact. Exactly what the other side does.


RIGHT! Which is the whole point I have been making. Thank you.


doesn’t exist? She just admitted to doing it.

I have no idea why you are joining in this “discussion” but fine …

You said she didn’t post about me being a “shill” because I post about vaccines and then I gave you the facts.

Did you apologize to me after I showed you your accusations were wrong? Nope. Sad.

Ok – for an example of the rest, to which she admitted, but you continue to deny. Why? SMH

Here are just three examples and there are many more.

12/16/2020 9:54, from Aubergine to MAGA Mom
Name calling, insults, all caps: “YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND DATA”

12/16/2020 9:54
Name calling and online “yelling”, i.e. all caps: told me I was too stupid to understand the bell notification.
(would have been nice just to have someone explain it v. yell that I was too stupid to understand. Example: “BTW, the bell symbol…” and now I looked it up for myself but will not turn it on for most comments as I as I am busy enough as it is. Why yell, call names and so forth instead of just engaging in normal converstation or even in lively debate?)

1/16/2020, 9:55
Name calling and online “yelling”, i.e. all caps: Called me a “moron” in all caps.

What triggered her meltdown? I explained that her links didn’t say what she thought they did. Even quoted to her from her own links, never yelled/all caps, named called, ridiculed, smeared, cursed, etc. And suddenly she is triggered and emotional.

Uncalled for and unproductive at best.


Look. f*uck off, shill and a sentence in caps does not constitute screaming, cursing, yelling and smearing. Those are all plural. Aside from the single f command, where’s everything else?

I notice you consistently pick and choose what you’ll respond to – and you completely avoided what I said that’s the crux of the matter. You post something, and post it again and again, and demand that people accept it as fact. That’s what the left does, and their shills. I am also done with this back and forth. Not playing your game.

Last edited 3 years ago by Gingersmom2009

I have you multiple examples from multiple posts and in those examples were cursing, name calling, smearing and all caps (online yelling) Exactly as I stated.

Not playing a “game” – just answering your posts with facts. And you are reading the facts and then denying them. SMH


Lol! Lately it’s not as hard as it used to be!


You didn’t look in the correct places and yes, she said what I said she said. I deal in facts.

12/16/2020 9:53
“I already gave you the damned links, you shill.
I know what you are, as do most here.
I can’t be any more clear. F*ck off.”

Well, I had missed her reply to my comments from several days before and instead of just saying, I posted it the last time this came up and will post it again for you” she posted the above response. 
Note: her links did not debunk or disprove excess deaths at all which makes her extreme response slightly funny but more surprising and unexpected.

And then she started asking me if I were Chinese and lived in China! Wild And with more cap lock, smears and name calling.

“December 16, 2020 10:08

You are a SHILL.”

I took the time to read her link (I am always open to learning more), then quoted from her own link that she was wrong and that her own link stated it did not support what she was saying, took the time to go to cdc and, make nice lists of the #s/facts, number crunch/add them up, etc. Tried to engage in conversation, calm, no locked caps, cursing or name calling or wild theories of her being Chinese …


Another Fbomb at me.

12/10/2020 in response to my using CDC data:

Funny part? She was posting data from the CIA. Trustworthy source?

And the data had Literally Zero to do with 2020 so was irrelevant anyway.


the fact that someone posting facts, links, stats, data, and commentary triggers you emotionally (you say it “p*** you off) is on you.

Reflect and ask why it triggers you emotionally to read a differening opinion and facts that disagree with your current understanding.


Why ask me to stop?

I was made a statement and then was told, no, what I said wasn’t true and therefore I was lying.

Why not ask those who are name calling me, cursing me, saying I am lying, etc. to stop?

Should I not stand up for myself when I am name called, smeared as a chinese operative, cursed, etc? I did None of those things to anyone.

All I did was post information. Someone posted counter info. I explained and documented that their counter info was wrong and they melted down.

I said they name called, etc., and was told that I am lying. I provide evidence that I am not lying and that they did post all of the ugly things I said they posted … and I am asked to “stop”?

The name calling, smearing and cursing ought to stop … and I am doing none of those things.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I have been trying to explain to people that if they want to refer to a specific comment, there is a BUG in the commenting system that is dropping comment numbers from links to this site, when it tries to “embed” them and use the title of the post.

Hopefully one of the coming add-ons fixes this, but I have been overwhelmed by other issues like grandma not being able to connect and the “emerald” kerfuffle, so that fix won’t be attempted until tonight.

In the interim, you can post a link to a specific comment by using the “link” tool in the reply box, and linking the comment URL (copy by clicking on the “chain link hover” in a comment) to some text like this:

MAGA Mom’s Comment Above


When I did that the first time it posted the whole thread. Then I tired a 2nd time an the entire thread embedded into this one. caught that before I posted or IDK how much it would have slowed down today’s page!

Still learning all of the new bells and whistles.


You sure are desperate to discredit me. One wonders why…

Still no answer to my question.


Quoting your own posts is discrediting you? Then be more careful what you post.

I literally did not say your name in my original post today. You made this personal. Just stop.

I reply to disinformation regardless who posts it.


Where’s the f-bombs and name calling?


I quoted them extensively above. read the thread.


The purpose of China’s release of this virus was not the number of deaths (and there IS NO EXCESS death from it), but FEAR. The virus was never strong enough to be a real dangerous killer, without assistance from people like Cuomo and his nursing home policies. But the FEAR, which you are assisting, can be generated from fake numbers. That is what YOU are doing.

YOU are exacerbating FEAR with your posts about phony excess death numbers. YOU are assisting China. YOU are either too dumb to know it, or you are assisting on purpose. Get it? That is why I asked, somewhat facetiously, but you still have not answered, are you Chinese? I realize you don’t appear to have a sense of humor or sarcasm (another red flag for me; liberals are SO SERIOUS), so you probably missed the “facetious” part.

You are a broken record, as someone so aptly pointed out the other day. I will NOT respond to you again, regardless of the subject matter. I WILL however, respond to others who are having the same doubts about your motives as I am, when they express them.


Your reaction to the fact that there are excess deaths, that the virus is real, it is nasty and it is kiling people &/or to hospitials literally filling up is on you.

Facts don’t care about your feelings.

Truth has no agenda.

Stay with facts, calm your emotions, know that “fear” is the beginning of wisdom … God created the emotion of fear as a warning sign to us to take action, learn more, develop understanding and gain wisdom on a situation.

I have no “fear” of the virus. Posting facts does not need to elicit fear … that is on the reader.

We don’t have to be triggered by facts. Only by dealing in facts can we find solutions and analyze properly.

Last edited 3 years ago by MAGA Mom

1) OK – on earlier threads I addressed their “sources”. I guess you didn’t see that.

Here we go again:

1) First source was listed were CIA #s of past year’s deaths.
a) Past year’s deaths are not the fake news so 1st source of total deaths for last 9 yrs is irrrelevant
b) Trusting CIA#s to dispute CDC#s? Really trust the CIA#s more? Why?

2) Second “source” is a random website that takes previous year’s death totals and Projects Expected death totals for this year, sets a computer program in place and then has a “clock” running to help people picture/imagine/grasp the Usual/Expected deaths for 2020.

At the link posted, they explain this. They also added to this years “clock” page for 2020:
“Note: Numbers on this page do not include deaths due to COVID-19. Our estimates are based on deaths reported before the pandemic started. Check our coronovarus for information about daily and total deaths caused by the virus.”

Their Own Link to “debunk” my stats and to support no excess deaths clearly states that the deaths they are reporting are Projected not real time reporting time reporting + do Not include covid19 deaths.

CDC stats that I took the time to type up and share are real live reports from the states of actual deaths from all sources.

The link was a page set up to run throughout the year before the year began and based on previous year’s totals.

Their “source” to disprove excess deaths doesn’t disprove excess deaths at all … as stated clearly by their own source!


2) Now you are “suspicious” … suspicious about what? what bad purpose could there be in correcting bad info like “no excess deaths”?

3) My “insistence on making Covid out to be terribly dangerous”. It is. In a group of 20 retirees who come down with Covid, 1 will die.

Of those who live, unknown number will have long term health issues.

Hospitals are filling. I hear it all day long (husband works from home) and have heard it since this began. I know what they are doing to prepare and what they expect.

I have been through it personally, have had family members infected, have had many friends go through it, seen them go ot the hospital and have had deaths – people who would otherwise be alive right now, including a wonderful GOP volutneer who volunteered many, many hours all summer and fall with me in this campaign.

This virus sucks and is more deadly than the flu and we have excess deaths.

And yet I am 100% against gov overreach, masks mandates, mandated vaccines, etc. We do not need to be fearful – but being unrealistically optomistic kills people as they don’t take personal responsibility or precautions.

4) Lastly, “What makes me suspicious about you is that you don’t have the same camaraderie that everyone else exhibits. And you have been around long enough to have picked it up.”

Been around as a reader/lurker since 2012 (OT) and as a commenter since I became active for President Trump early in the 2016 primary, fall of 2015.

Even at OT I rarely went on the “open” thread after they split and still scroll past most personal conversations of music, recipes and funny videos. Just too busy.

I come here to read and talk politics, some news in general, but mainly politics.

On the other hand, I have shared much, read many other’s personal posts and commented/conversated on a personal level many times over the last 5 yrs of posting.

Healthy cooking, homeschool, walking with PHC those last months, gardening, living in the city and then moving to the country, prepping, son, my own health issues, etc. Not sure why the “no camaraderie comment.

Maybe because most of the time I am juggling 5-6 balls in the air, hopping on to scan for break news/new info and then off again to homeschooling, housekeeping and GOP officer (turned into almost a full time job for the last 6-8 months and a part time job before that). Don’t have a lot of spare time to chat. IDK …


Great. You now acknowledge the cursing, the name calling the smears, and that Yes, I quoted you exactly for calling me a “shill” because I am anti vaccine & because I advocate for facts and based on those facts that we need to hold China responsible.

And, yes, I answered you multiple times about your wild theory that I am Chinese and/or live in China and am operating as a shill for China.

Thank you for posting that here as well so that others know that you are not dealing in facts or even logically –>> why would a China “shill” advocate for holding China responsible?!  🤔  🙄 

I don’t have a sense of humor? Well, I think your accusations have been pretty funny.  😂 


I scan the commentary here every day, all the time. I don’t notice you gathering many thumbs-ups, in general. And I’m not talking about this discussion. There comes a point when people change the channel.

Your MO of choosing something, posting it, repeatedly, and demanding that everyone accept it as fact, is not working here.

Actually, as I said above, that’s what the other side does.


Last edited 3 years ago by Gingersmom2009

You don’t notice me gathering many thumbs up? What?!

Odd that you notice such things. For what purpose? This isn’t high school!

I literally never notice anyone else’s popularity and keep no track of my own.

I don’t post for thumbs up.

Truth doesn’t depend on popularity. This isn’t high school.

Kind of odd to even care about thumbs up and really odd to track/notice the thumbs up other people receive.

Post info and facts for people to use for MAGA. That is all.


MAGA has been temporarily pre-empted by KAG.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Without taking too much of either side in this very needed fight, I want to thank you for QUESTIONING the “excess deaths” narrative.

I always try to remind people that even if COVID were [slightly] more infective and contagious than other ILIs, and would (cue evolution) displace other ILIs at massive levels – HUGE numbers – There need not be ANY “excess deaths”. With all the chicanery going on now, I find it very hard to suppress my gut scientific intuition that what we are seeing is 95% “naming the current flu bug” and 5% “this flu bug is actually worse”, because it’s not. China was a very smart social manipulator here.

There is a guy on Twitter who we ALL need to look at – “The Ethical Skeptic” whose Twitter handle is “ethicalskeptic” (there is a “the” – it’s not him). This guy can dig truth out of superimposed curves like nobody’s business. He sees the massive scam, and can explain it well. Note that he will report POSITIVES from lockdowns honestly! A real scientist.

He has many tweets on “excess deaths” with beautiful graphics. A few of those images and tweets explained would end “excess deaths” very quickly.


I am all about “just the facts”! Have already clicked the above to another tab and will check it out.

Here is the thing … excess deaths isn’t some pet project or hot button topic with me. Until 2 weeks ago, didn’t really think about it specifically.

Saw someone post no excess deaths … thought, “How could that be? Doesn’t make sense … ” so started clicking around and saw what I saw so shared back.

Took time to look up each week’s numbers for this year, last year and some weeks for 2018 too. Typed it all up neatly. Shared. Didn’t expect Thank yous but shocked when I was attacked and also suprised that this is considered “fear porn”.

Facts are either true or they are mistakes &/or fake news. Period.

When I see something is wrong, or I am curious to trust but verify before sharing and then find out it is wrong I just naturally share to others assuming they would want to know too.

Guess I should assume.

Guess some prefer their own version of comfort and fake news that fits their narrative.

Truly shocked to see posting facts be attacked and those attacks be turned personal with name calling, smearing (Chinese agent?! really funny or pathetic, not sure which), and cursing with F bombs.

Why? Why so triggered by data and excess deaths? Comforted by saying wuflu isn’t real?

Have to deal with reality but don’t have to be fearful of it. Can take wuflu seriously and yet still (politically) fight against gov overreach, etc. IDK….


There I go again … I don’t know what that means. Please specify so I can understand. I am replying to posts. that is it.

Interestingly, I did not even realize that excess deaths posts had upset people until I was critisized for Not answering back and asked to go back and reply. So, today I am replying.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The situation is complicated. The term “excess deaths” is a loaded propaganda term because it assumes math which is not actually in evidence and/or not beyond question. It also does not state exactly what the excess is in relation TO – something that varies. This is a strong propaganda technique – the “loaded term” which automatically “begs the question” by assuming unprovens to solidify bad assumptions by sleight of hand.

The whole thing is a bit like climate “facts” which are not really facts, but derive their treatment as such because political and politicized authorities put them out.

We live in an interesting time when government numbers cannot really be trusted – particularly from highly politicized state, local, and federal governments and agencies.

This is a good fight. Covid communism will not be ground down until we duke it out! Carry on. 😎


“The term “excess deaths” is a loaded propaganda term because it assumes math which is not actually in evidence and/or not beyond question. It also does not state exactly what the excess is in relation TO – something that varies. This is a strong propaganda technique – the “loaded term” which automatically “begs the question” by assuming unprovens to solidify bad assumptions by sleight of hand.”

Thank you! That is worth repeating!

I am suspicious of ALL numbers coming from the CDC. I also note that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find prior year death numbers from any source, which ALSO is suspicious.

I don’t respond well to people who make a statement as if it is fact, and insist that their assertion is absolutely correct. Any data I post here is only what I have managed to find, and as such, is of course open for further research. BUT, I reserve the absolute right to disbelieve any particular source, especially in this instance, where political machinations have overwhelmed decency. They have murdered old people in nursing homes, for God’s sake! Fudging numbers is NOTHING.

I love a good discussion, but I am out of patience for the “CDC-bots” who are all in on government propaganda. Believe me, this is not the only place I confront them.




So now you are confronting “CDC-bots” when someone questions less deaths than usual? Newest theory just because someone disagrees with you?

Grand misison label for posting links that don’t say what you say they say.

Don’t trust any CDC #s? Well, then one can no longer post that we have less deaths than usual, correct? After all, the “usual” is 100% based on previous year’s CDC #s?  🙄 

So you are essential now in the position of saying, we have no idea how many people in the US have died in all previous years as well as this year. seriously?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I hear you. Trump bringing on Dr. Atlas and moving some of the data OUT of CDC made a huge difference in understanding the problems of testing. Think about that! Cutting off a “#Resist”-tainted government agency actually improved the SCIENCE about COVID-19 which they had been in charge of! Outrageous!

I trust CDC – to be liars, snakes, communists, plotters against Trump, and conspirators against the American people – and even against TRUTH itself. A sad situation.


THANK YOU for that thread and that twitter account. facts matter. without correct facts we can’t ask the right questions.

Favorite part? Data/fact focus and can hold multiple thoughts at once without having to subscribe to an all or nothing agreement. I agree we need to know specifically what covids tests picks up, we are overspinning the test (not a scientific way to put it but you know what I mean) and many other “right” talking points and I also believe this virus is horrible for many and it kills more than the flu.

so are the shutdown.

I kind of feel like there is a cancel culture happening if one does not agree with all of the accepted/popular narrative with some people … and so personal.

Has happened to me before on this site.

It was random that I looked up excess deaths, found something different, took several hours to look up and type up all the data and then share. Not some specific thing I cared about … but the emotion filled blow back to refusing to agree to fake news … wow!


the Natural News article has Zero to do with “excess deaths”

What are excess deaths? Deaths of all causes that total more than expected based on previous year’s totals deaths and adjusted for population growth.

A death by gunshot or by Covid is still a death and counts as 1 death toward the total deaths.

Excess deaths look at total deaths of all causes.


I went and took a look. Interesting stuff. One thing I noticed is that the number of all-cause deaths has risen every year since 2012, but varies wildly year to year. That is from this chart:

What would be interesting, and I didn’t find it in here, would be a percentage of increase of population growth against the increase in deaths each year. Do they coincide or conflict? Are all-cause deaths going up because there are more people, or are there other factors? Are those wild swings due to flu, or what?


Why do you find this interesting? #s are from the CDC… ???

So is CDC credible source or not?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes. Very complicated. And TES never oversimplifies!

We don’t even have good numbers on deaths BY COVID-19 – in whole or in part – because there is so much fudging with flu, ILIs, pneumonia, cases, bad tests, and everything else. So jumping to the next step – “excess deaths” – is IMHO unwarranted.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. All those MUs (misunderstoods) are downstat.
No floating needles there…


What is your question that I have not answered?

One wonders why you are so upset at someone for posting proof/stats of excess deaths? Why lessen China’s harm to the US?


Since I was questioned and told I was being dishhonest about the cursing (F bomb), name calling (moron, stupid, shill), smears (shill, agent of China, Chinese, posting from China) and all caps (online yelling), i scrolled through the previous week’s posts. Had to LOL at how many posts I have posted against China, including Pompeo’s speech in GA last week.

China “shill”? Not even logical!  😂 


Why do excess deaths matter? I have posted repeatedly …

1) they matter because to downplay them is to down play what China has done and to lessen the demand to hold China accountable

2) they matter because 1/3 of them are Non Covid19 related. If we accept the fake news that there are no excess deaths, we can then not address the 1/3 of excess deaths that are none Covid19 related.

3) they matter because to accept that there are none is simply erronious and fake news

We have to have a foundation of facts so that we can go forward. Facts first.

Truth has no agenda but fake news does. Who benefits from the fake news that there are no excess deaths? China & CDC (from what are 1/3 of excess deaths from if not Covid19 – the shutdowns!).

Lastly, posting fake news here hurts this site’s credibility & effectiveness for MAGA.

Posting fake news here hurts the creditibility and effectiveness for MAGA of all who repeat what they read here without first verifying.

We let Fake News stand and then all else posted here becomes unreliable.


covid 19 doesn’t have a recovery rate of over 99%. That is comforting fake news.

3% die.
97% recover.

the hospitals in many states/regions are filling. I hear the stats every day due to husband’s work. I know the #s.

unknown how many have long term health consequences. I still pant when doing normal life. Oxygen levels fine but panting none the less and weak. fertility issues suspected in some males. etc.

to lessen wuflu is to be dangerous to those who will then not take it seriously and to less everyone’s understanding of how much this is an Attack on us by China.

And yet it is overplayed, used and spun by the left and gov over reach is wrong and must be (politically) fought and peacefully protested. I helped organize 3 such protests in TN.

We can be realistic and factual about wuflu and yet not be in fear … fear is only the beginning to wisdom. Live in wisdom!

(just like prepping doesn’t mean living in fear but living in peace by walking in widsom)

We can be realistic about wuflu and china (is an a***** as Steve always says) and still be against the media and the left on their policies for wuflu. facts do not oppose conservatism!


97% recovery is false. 99.97%.

You have missed a zero.


Literally not wrong – 97% recovery rate.

#s & facts matter. Math matters.

We have had 10,392,547 cases resolved/ended.
10,713,375 have ended in recovery.
320,828 have ended in death.

Crunch the #s and that equals 97% recovered. 3% died.

93/4% recovery rate for 65+ yrs. that means chances are out of a group of 20 friends infected friends in that age group, 1 will die. this is not the same death rate as the flu.

i have backed up my #s. Do you have any back up data for saying 97% is wrong or to support your claim of 99.97%?


Still wrong.


I have which is why husband left big pharma and we don’t do vaccines.


I trust the CDC #s of total deaths from all causes because that # is tracable back to the states.

the weekly reports of total deaths for all causes are very tracable and documented.

Their numbers for all deaths have never been questions and are supplied to the CDC by state health departments with the reporting available.


“unquestioned” because they are easily double checked.

Unquestioned not in the sense that no one has thought to double check them but no one has questioned their facticity after double checking them.

they are not in doubt, not never doubled checked.

Those numbers are easily tracable and confirmable


This has Zero to do with excess deaths.

This is a case of inflating Covid #s.

Two different issues.


FYI: I wasn’t obtuse. I simply did not refer you to by name. I was clear as a bell. As was obvious from your quick reply. Why did I not use your name? Because it isn’t Personal. Just facts. Just opinions. Just healthy discussion and/or debate. We ought not be so easily triggered by a difference of opinion, esp. when backed by facts.

This is to you… PLEASE Stop with the conspiracy theories just because someone disagrees with you. You also theorized I was Chinese and posting from China. That was the funniest one you came up with – esp. considering my family’s background that I have shared.

A “shill”? A shill for who? How would it even make any logical sense that I am a “shill” for China by pointing out that Yes, the virus is horrible and Yes, we have had excess deaths and Yes, the virus is responsible for a portion of those, and Yes, China needs to be held accountable!?!

One of my key points to Not posting fake news about low death counts or denying excess deaths is that it lets China off the hook for the damage and death they caused.

(As even the CDC recognizes, there are more excess deaths than wuflu deaths. Excess deaths are also related to the gov imposed shutdowns and we need to hold them accountable as well – another thing that ignoring &/or denying excess death makes harder to do)

Just stop. Stop creating theories, fantacies, and alt realities to explain disagreement and debate – esp. when someone backs their opinions with facts.
Why make it personal? Why curse, yell in all caps, call me names, smear me, etc, simply because I disagree with you (without any of the emotionalism mentioned post to me) on various subjects? What triggers you emotionally when someone disagrees with you?

Just move forward and focus on facts and political (legal & non violent) activism to accomplish MAGA.

Fake News, false facks and calling me names, saying things like F***, smearing, demanding to know if I am Chinese and/or from China, posting in all caps … just silly and all non productive, even counter productive, for MAGA.


Simply asking a question you have yet to answer.


What question have you asked that I have not answered?


I answered the “are you a china spy” questions before today. ws a little hard to beleive that was a serious question v. a joke

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Vaccination is now going back in the hands of the people, to understand that it’s a complicated mess! Yes – we don’t know for sure – THAT is REAL SCIENCE!!! 😀

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you, too, for managing this “heated discussion which probably needs to be had” on the thread.  😃  Sometimes mostly “hands off” is the best approach!


I over-and-outed and continued wrapping gifts. It is what it is.


Implied I was lying for saying she posted exactly what she posted and then left when I posted example after example of me not lying and never apologized for implying I was lying?


Seems more like she agrees with them and is joining in (she is “suspecious” of me too as she states above) than “managing”

But ok answering her question too

Not upset – just trying to answer

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I feel like quoting my mother’s survivor spirit here:

“You say ‘suspicious’ like it’s a bad thing.”

LOL! 😉

Honestly, the fact is, we all have agendas. We all “shill” for what we believe in. Only the TRUTH itself does not have an agenda. It’s better than us, quite frankly! But we can aspire to be like the Truth.

I just LOVE the idea that “The Holy Spirit” and “Spirit of Truth” are the same thing. To me, that is the core of both Judaism and Christianity – the unifier and corrector of us in the Godly religions. “Seek Truth”.


I posted above an extensive comment (and not for the first time) explaining

a) the person responding used government stats/data to reply (hers from the CIA  😂 )

b) that no, the “evidence” is not reasonable. The link provided by the upset poster did not list Any reported 2020 deaths at all. I took the time to post that before your comment that I hadn’t replied. Please read the posts before saying I haven’t replied.

Also, if we trust No Gov Data/Stats then the point of excess deaths is mute … but so is the talking point of less deaths. If all gov data is out of bounds then claiming there are less deaths is equally impossible because both are based on gov data of previous years and this year.

Logically, we either accept the data as it really stands or we conclude there is no way of knowing lower, normal or excess deaths.

the orignal poster was claiming lower deaths, based on gov data, thereby implying gov data is not out of bounds but is actually reliable – but just for their own more comforting conclusions.



My “motives”?!

Do you question everyone’s motives who disagree with others on stasts/facts/fake news?

Why are so many so attached to one particular statistic?

What would it mean to people if they accepted the fact that we have more deaths this year than usual?

If we start asking the right questions – like how many of those excess deaths are caused by shutdowns (even CDC only claims 2/3 from covid) woudn’t that be a better use of our time?


I posted this, dealing with her “sources” (not reasonable sources”) at 15:50 – 1 hour before you asked me address these issues in your comment to fish or cut bait, to put it in a way my mother taught me. No need to apologize for critizing me for doing something I had already done. Many comments and it was easy to miss.

Also, I already had done so on other threads multiple times.

(Note: I have explained to her multiple times that she has not “debunked” excess deaths with her “sources”. This is not just as I did not start a personal converstation, debate or argument with her, this has been ongoing for over a week –>> why is she so determined to deny that many more people have died this year than expected? Weird!)

Reposting here for your convenience as you missed it and then gave me a hard time for not addressing her “sources”.

“1) OK – on earlier threads I addressed their “sources”. I guess you didn’t see that.
Here we go again:

1) First source was listed were CIA #s of past year’s deaths.

a) Past year’s deaths are not the fake news so 1st source of total deaths for last 9 yrs is irrrelevant
b) Trusting CIA#s to dispute CDC#s? Really trust the CIA#s more? Why?

2) Second “source” is a random website that takes previous year’s death totals and Projects Expected death totals for this year, sets a computer program in place and then has a “clock” running to help people picture/imagine/grasp the Usual/Expected deaths for 2020.

At the link posted, they explain this. They also added to this years “clock” page for 2020:

“Note: Numbers on this page do not include deaths due to COVID-19. Our estimates are based on deaths reported before the pandemic started. Check our coronovarus for information about daily and total deaths caused by the virus.”

Their Own Link to “debunk” my stats and to support no excess deaths clearly states that the deaths they are reporting are Projected not real time reporting time reporting + do Not include covid19 deaths.

CDC stats that I took the time to type up and share are real live reports from the states of actual deaths from all sources.

The link was a page set up to run throughout the year before the year began and based on previous year’s totals.

Their “source” to disprove excess deaths doesn’t disprove excess deaths at all … as stated clearly by their own source they are not actually reporting 2020 deaths at all!”


I am not stuck on this today. I made a passing reference to being called a shill due, in part, to my vaccine posts. Didn’t even mention the person who had called me that. But she started attacking again so this time I answered.


God bless grandma! My patience is a bit low right now, and it is probably showing.


Post fake news and I reply.

Post fake news repeatedly and I reply repeatedly.

Stop posting fake news.

Why have you never responded to your sources being 100% bogus – they stated on the page you linked that they are not reporting actual death totals but are merely a site that “clocks” Projected death totals based on what is expected?


Great job on the Friday thread, Grandmaintexas!
 😀  👍 
Sorry you ran into so much trouble with it.

Woah…that video of the nurse getting dizzy and fainting, after getting the covid vaccine, is really something.
 😬  😷 
I’ll bet [They] would like to scrub that from the internet.

And Peter Strzok is a demon.
comment image
comment image

Two soul-less demons who should face capitol punishment:

[video src="" /]

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That dude is CREEPY!!!


Yep…creepy and demonic.


Demonically possessed!!! There must be a ‘legion’ of demons controlling that man – YUK!!!


There have to be levels of possession – he’s way past knee deep.


This video looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but scarier.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

From GAB…..
comment image


Perfect! That works for me.  😆 

Deplorable Patriot

This particular meme text is one of my favorites.


So, on the subject of web readers…..I swapped emails with the guys at w/r/t NVDA. Because they’re FOSS, they have certain patterns of development.

Part of the reply was: “THanks for your kind words and your email. To my knowledge, no-one is working on a Linux port of NVDA itself – although I think the main Linux screenreader, Orca has borrowed a couple of our features.” After a short technical aside, he continued: “At this point, we feel our energies are best spent making NVDA the best screenreader for Windows it can be, which is why we have concentrated on that ourselves.”

I took a brief look at ORCA (also FOSS). It’s almost entirely written in Python, where the bulk of NVDA is C++.

A random aside — Nvidia, the graphics chip company right up the street, is listed with the stock symbol NVDA. It makes researching anything for the screen reader annoyingly more difficult. “Do you mean where’s the lobby?”

Anyway, regarding the technical discussion….

There is a classic opening to any discussion of a programming language — run the program and have it print “Hello, World!” on your screen. In Python, this looks like:

print “Hello, World!”

You just save that in a file with the .py extension, and when you point Python at it, it’ll print on the screen. [Note that this is Python 2]

In C, the same task is performed with:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
printf(“Hello, World!”);
return 0;

You then compile, link, and rename that into a file Called helloworld, change its attributes so that it is runnable, and stash it somewhere your computer will look for it when you type things at the prompt. [That’s your $PATH variable.]

Why all that complicated rigmarole? Because C is a systems language. You have to tell it you’re going to want the standard printf, because you could have a printf function that prints to files, other computers, devices, disk drives, or memory……or, frankly, anything your computer can touch, even over the internet. We just want the vanilla one.

We want this to be an integrated unit, so we call it main(). It is going to return a 0 if everything goes right, and it could return a variety of other numbers if things went wrong.

Now the guts of stdio.h are going to be different for a Linux system or a Windows system. But if your program looks just like this, it’ll compile and run just fine on either a Linux or Windows system. All the differences in the “printf” functions are hidden away inside <stdio.h>.

Mind you, it is entirely possible to compile a Windows program under Linux, or a Linux program under Windows — you just have to #include the proper <stdio.h> for the system that you want to run it on (and, BTW, it won’t run right on the other system). You can compile for different processors. That’s how new hardware gets “lit up” with new operating systems and applications — it’s all compiled on OLD hardware, but with the right “libraries” it should work. So long as the program asks stdio.h for a printf, and not for a Fast Fourier Transform, things should work fine.

Now, the technical note that the guy from NVDA talked about was “a screenreader uses many operating system specific techniques to find out the information needed to pass on to the user” and he was concerned that this would be a problem “since I assume many will not have a direct corresponding feature or information source.”

I can think of no cases whatsoever where you have more freedom under Windows than under Linux. With Linux, you can touch every byte in the box — and everywhere the box can touch.

Furthermore, there is a project — — whose raison d’etre is to take random “Windows-ish” requests and turn them into Linux requests ON-THE-FLY so you can PLAY GAMES. [Wine, BTW, can convince different programs that it is their favorite flavor of Windows, moving effortlessly from one to the other.]

So I’m feeling somewhat optimistic.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I wrote a fair number of cross-platform applications in my day, using different languages and extensions, and IMO Linux/Unix/etc. always gave the best results. Windows versions were always flaky compared to Linux/Unix. I think your Linux version would be SUPERIOR.


Just to be clear, I’m not looking to rewrite the complete application for Linux. But it would be handy to get the piece that figures out “where you are” running, so I can ask it, “just where do you think you are?” and trace why it might think this. I also suspect that it gets this information from the browser, and not the operating system. Mind you, if someone had already rewritten significant parts of the complete application, it’d be a lot easier to ask him/her if that was a part that was done and borrow the result.

As an example, JAWS seemed to be doing a bit of HTML deconstruction, because it kept saying “Heading:”.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

My kinda fighters!!!

From GAB!!!
comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

See if this video posts. If this is right, today is big.

[video src="" /]


I’ve seen other reports like this on Gab…of NG and retired mil being called up, put on standby.

So yeah, it looks like something is about to happen.

I hope it means that our VSG is going to let the hammer down.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Our civil rights are being violated in these states. I am 1000% behind whatever Trump does!!!


Me too!!

Bring the pain.
comment image

Sylvia Avery

Oh most definitely!!!!


Santa baby, hurry with your hammer tonight…


I got a ‘black box’ but, I cannot play it – after refreshing the page – ???

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Works great for me! What system are you on?



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’ll do some testing.


Thank You!!! Did not mean to bring more problems for you!!!

Sylvia Avery

This ties in with something I read earlier today. It was a proposal for limited martial law in the battleground states to re-do the election. Not recount, revote.

I don’t know how they will do that with no notice, but I expect the Marines will get it done. I wonder if our people will emerge from the polling places smiling and waving aa purple ink stained thumb????

God bless and keep President Trump and his team.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup! I’m behind this BIG-TIME!!!

Sylvia Avery

I’m wondering about the logistics. Can’t use the machines. No time to print ballots. Setting up polling places? Gotta make arrangements in advance, usually. And then notifying people to go. Yikes!

But again, I have a lot of confidence in our military. Look how quickly they built hospitals out of convention centers (which weren’t needed). I bet they can put together an election and make it happen. And it will undoubtedly be better than the shit storm we had on November 3.

JW in Germany

Why not have the Military observe EVERY election from here on out? Who better than those that put their lives on the line to protect our Constitutional Republic?

Let us see them make our Military stand 100 feet away from observing ballot signatures and threaten to throw them out. In fact, wireless cameras have gotten so cheap…let us demand a live stream of each precinct and each machine and table so that every American can ensure that no shenanigans are in play.

Make the software code for voting machines OPEN SOURCE! NO SECRETS…NO HIDING!


How about…No More Voting Machines.

Go back to paper ballots.

And paper ballots with distinctive paper and watermarks!

People might say, “That takes too long.”

Uh…it’s been 6 weeks since the election.
We’re in this mess because of all those ‘time-saving’ things like voting machines!

JW in Germany

Absolutely! We have a country of over 300 million people…seems to me that we can get several thousand to count and observe ballots from all sides of the political spectrum.

More votes…more people counting and observing. Duh.

Many European countries only do paper ballots. From what I understand, Germany has over 80 million citizens and only vote between like 12 noon and 8PM on election day…no problems.

Absentee ballots are a very controlled mechanism to vote that is only permitted in certain verifiable circumstances.

It is not rocket science that requires complex (CORRUPTIBLE) machines to do the counting and auditing. Again, it is very simple…more votes…add more people counting and auditing. Use cameras for live-stream public viewing.


Yes! Absolutely, JW.

Not sure about Early Voting.

It could cut down on some of the crush, on election day.

But sometimes there are ‘revelations’ that finally come out in the days leading up to election day…
And people want to change their vote!

So I’m thinking that old school all the way.
Keep it simple.

Add more polling places, if need be.

Gail Combs


You can keep the polls open from five or six in the morning until seven at night.

We are a big country so you can have MORE POLLING PLACES if things get too crowded.

Having ‘Election Month’ just makes FRAUD that much easier. The same group of people could easily vote in every single state in the union MULTIPLE TIMES with that much time. I am sure Soros would be happy to pay them.

Last edited 3 years ago by Gail Combs
Deplorable Patriot

I’m actually for making election day a national holiday and assigning citizens a 15 minute slot during the day at their precinct. Show up during those 15 minutes, and the lines will be manageable.


15 minute slot?

Too many Americans can’t go to the bathroom in 15 minutes.
Traffic problems on the way?
Flat tires?
too much could go wrong.

Need open all day…..
ONE day.

I like the National Holiday thing though.

Deplorable Patriot

I forget not everyone can walk to their polling place. One of the perks of living where I do.

Gail Combs

Because there is a LAW that does not allow the military to take part in elections.

18 U.S. Code § 592.Troops at polls

Whoever, being an officer of the Army or Navy, or other person in the civil, military, or naval service of the United States, orders, brings, keeps, or has under his authority or control any troops or armed men at any place where a general or special election is held, 𝘂𝗻𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗡𝗘𝗖𝗘𝗦𝗦𝗔𝗥𝗬 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗣𝗘𝗟 𝗔𝗥𝗠𝗘𝗗 𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗠𝗜𝗘𝗦 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both; and be disqualified from holding any office of honor, profit, or trust under the United States.

This section shall not prevent any officer or member of the armed forces of the United States from exercising the right of suffrage in any election district to which he may belong, if otherwise qualified according to the laws of the State in which he offers to vote.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 719Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(K), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

So that makes it pretty clear it would be the Seizure of Evidence by the military that is going on if the rumors are true.


Seizure of Evidene or for the expected riots when other action takes place.

Or for other purposes altogether.

I hope it is for election investigation v. engaging with other countries.

Deplorable Patriot

If they’ve got the special bond paper, there’s plenty of time to print ballots.


more polling places? Throwing out an idea…in order to get a tax exemption…churches, non-profit organizations with buildings, etc. you must open your facilities as a polling location.


If you look at all the security features used on the paper with which the US Treasury prints $5 bills, the security used to print ballots is a complete joke.


I don’t see how a revote can be ordered when that is not the Constitutional process if there are problems with the Nov vote. There is a process outlined for what to do with there are problems and a revote is not part of the Constitutional process.
Curious as to how that would be possible and curious as to why one would support a non Constitutional process.

Gail Combs

Is this what you read?
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Sylvia Avery

no but thanks GA……….most interesting!

JW in Germany

God Bless our Military if they are not able to spend time with their Family and Friends during Christmas. In exchange, they deliver to We the People the PRICELESS gift of protecting our Constitutional God given Rights. Thank you all!


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Nothing but black box …iOS 12.5 here…😕


What would be the point of a recount one and a half months after the election? How many Trump ballots have disappeared? How many fake ballots are in place?

Deplorable Patriot

Hence why the bars (taverns), churches, and all that could not be allowed to operate. This is the sort of information that gets exchanged on the church steps, in the choir lofts, across the table after rehearsal, etc.

The alternative media has become the tavern.

Group report coming when I get caught up.


Was responding to this and then got “rolled…again’” and lost it. Grrr..
point was that it’s a control technique of isolation…used throughout the world, but basically unknown here until now. Question is…will we cave and allow it to happen. Time will tell.


Anyone seen this.
Nurse collapses 17 minutes after receiving COVID vaccine:

Nurse Collapses On Live TV During Press Conference Soon After Getting Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine | GreatGameIndia

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Deplorable Patriot

I hadn’t seen it, but my brother told me all about it.


Ya…. Give me some of that SHIT! …. NOT!


There is not a chance in hell I am taking this vaccine against a virus that my own immune system has a 99.97% chance of defeating! NO CHANCE!


Yes. We have cures and preventives, that WORK. I literally cannot wrap my head around this, at all. It’s like a parallel universe.

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I can’t understand why people have bought the government KoolAid about covid. Nonexistent “excess deaths,” masks are “preventative,” a vaccine will “save us” from a 99.97% survivable illness.

It’s all B.S. but many people have just slurped it up. It’s crazy.

Cuppa Covfefe

Just goes to show P.T. Barnum was right. One born every minute (I daresay, quite a few more than that)… Sheeple and Karens…
Incipient Stasi…

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. I’m wondering where that $2.00 kit they have in India is going to show up in the USA (and maybe here, via Doc Morris or something)…

No need for a basically untested, DANGEROUS vaccine when there are a number of cures available. Especially when the overblown number of cases (retests/multiple tests of the same person count as multiple caes) and the horridly insensitive/poor selectivity PCR test is used as some sort of a gold standard, when, in point of fact, it’s fools gold. The inventor of the test said much the same thing (no diagnostic value, just an indicator of possibility) before he was murdered.

C enter for
D isaster
C reation

Faux-Xi, et al.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Demonic Demonrats in IC refuse to speak ill of CHICOMS!!!


I wish he would just go ahead and release what he’s got so far!

He could say there is “more coming”…and release that as Report 2.

Sylvia Avery

Me, too, Wheatie!


Something is awry – imho – Timing – Maybe – Lack of cooperation from other agencies – Maybe – Some Signal – or Revelation comes first?


Maybe CIA refused to admit ChiComs or any other Commies involved at all — which, from a legal point of view, is the whole ball of wax for triggering The Storm.


As DNI, Radcliffe can order them to comply and fire them if they don’t.

I would imagine that he has his own evidence which shows that the ChiComs were involved.

A lot of it is already out there, open sourced.
So this ‘refusal’ by the CIA just looks like an admission of guilt.


So this ‘refusal’ by the CIA just looks like an admission of guilt.




There is something more to this, IMO.

The E.O. says this:

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.

The report itself is strictly from the DNI. He “consults” with other agencies, but the “assessment” is his to make. He should not be “signing off” on anything. It is HIS REPORT.

Somehow, I think this is smoke and mirrors. The actions we are seeing, and the news reports we are getting DO NOT JIVE with the language of the E.O.


Yes, you’re right, Aubergine.
Something is up.

There really is no reason for Radcliffe to delay.


It’s not nice to speak ill of your boss, Wolf.

JW in Germany

No worries. We already knew that the “17 intelligence agencies” were corrupted. These shenanigans were to be expected. No doubt the WH has predicted this and has alternative plans.

President Trump is making his Deep State list and checking it twice…finding out who has been naughty or ni….oh damn…they are all naughty.  🎅 

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Deplorable Patriot

17 just keeps coming up.


Gma noted above that the Insurrection Act of 1807 is “short and sweet”. It is, but it also reflects something VERY TRUE about legislatures.

They’re supposed to legislate EVERY YEAR and are sent to Washington to do so. So, the first year (1789), they slap up the 10 Commandments, a bunch of stuff about “trial by jury” from the English, next year’s budget, and open some post offices. Great job, guys! You’ve enacted about 80% of all the laws the country needs.

The next year (1790), they show up and approve the next year’s budget, open new post offices, put in some weights and measures and patent stuff (from their allowable topics in Article I, section 8), and spend the rest of the year making grandiose speeches and having hearings (It IS and election year). They now have about 90% of the Federal laws the nation actually needs.

The next year (1791) they have a bunch of pomp and ceremony to pass the time, approve next year’s budget, twiddle tariffs and naturalization, pass a couple of laws, open some post offices. Despite trying to milk it for time as hard as they can, they end the year with about 95% of the useful and necessary Federal laws the nation can use.

By 1807, they’re getting into the weeds with the Insurrection Act, but we’re over 200 years beyond that. Congress is now regularly passing unnecessary and unconstitutional laws and regulations that do not benefit the nation, to avoid being mistaken for other statuary in the Capitol. And those laws are left vague and confused as long as possible in order to solicit bribes for “clarification”.

And, BTW, has anyone else noticed that the ONE continuing function when every good, just, and righteous law is on the books — passing a budget — has been punted since before the Obamanation’s first term?


yup, just CR’s to avoid shutdowns…


And to keep that 8% cost-of-living yearly increase. This means that the budget actually has increased 88% since the last budget vote.


notice, how they can always vote to give themselves raises