I am absolutely in love with this image which Deplorable Patriot brought to our attention in yesterday's daily post: Cover image: The Apotheosis of Washington, fresco, Constantino Brumidi (1805–1880), USCapitol (in the rotunda dome) In this scene armored Freedom, sword raised and cape flying, with a helmet and shield reminiscent of those on the Statue … Continue reading STRENGTH

DEAR KAG: 20201218

The hunt is on my fellow howlers! Red meat and red wine this day. I suggest a ruby swirl of a good French Pinot Noir to go with the veritable flood of information we are seeing. Cistercian monks cultivated the pinot noir grape, which truly is the King of Burgundy wines. A little history … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20201218

Prepare For Historic Times

I just read a post on Gab that pulled together several visions of the BIG PICTURE. I think it's worth getting ALL OF US on this page! Look through this stuff, but the ESSENTIAL THINGS are the following: (1) a YouTube video by Thomas Wictor / Carlos Osweda (2) an article by retired intelligence officer … Continue reading Prepare For Historic Times

Screw Sick Boycotts – Send Lawyers, Guns & Money!

We're GOING TO GEORGIA! THE FIGHT IS ON! "I will be in Georgia on Saturday." -President Trump BUT WAIT...... WHAT THE ACTUAL FRACK! Trump supporters BOYCOTTING? I'm calling B.S. on NewsMax and "Trump supporters"! DUPES and CONTROLLED OPPOSITION! Saved as an image, useful now for those of us who turned off Twitter embeds..... Here … Continue reading Screw Sick Boycotts – Send Lawyers, Guns & Money!

Dear KAG: 20201127 Open Thread

Friday Happy Hour is here at the Wolf's Head Pub. What a week. The Kraken was released. Sidney Powell made good on her promise. The wailing and gnashing of teeth as the Fake News Media reacted was epic. Her lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan caused Hack Dorsey to wrench down on censoring the filings. Good … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20201127 Open Thread

My Plan To Get Us Kicked Off Of WordPress

Prepare to defend "conspiracy theories" until the globo-nazis have no choice but to close this blog. Because there's nobody better at defending "conspiracy theories" to their proof than US. When Sundance was kicked off WordPress, and more precisely - the .com part being a subtle distinction - I decided to leave WordPress, too, in … Continue reading My Plan To Get Us Kicked Off Of WordPress

How PDJT Will Win A Second Term…..

It dawned on me yesterday after listening to what attorney Alan Dershowitz had to say about the 2020 election. Our President doesn’t have time to reach 270 electoral votes. He has to prevent SleepyCreepy Joe from reaching 270 electoral votes by December 14th. In doing so, the 12th Amendment will be used to elect our … Continue reading How PDJT Will Win A Second Term…..

Dear KAG: 20201120 Open Thread

Happy Hour begins now at the Wolf's Head Pub. Friday's featured drink is YOUR favorite ale on tap. Do tell. First round on the house. A bit of history about pubs. Public houses, as they were first called, began in the latter part of the 17th century. They were also known as alehouses, taverns, and … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20201120 Open Thread

The Dominos Are About To Be Knocked Over…..

I wrote the following on Twitter the other day: If you were going to have the Dominion voting system take votes from President Trump and give them to Biden, you would target the 36 counties out of 156 that had at a minimum 25,000 votes counted in this past election in Georgia. Of the 36 … Continue reading The Dominos Are About To Be Knocked Over…..

Forces of Evil Want To Steal Our Freedom in the Dark of Night, But God Stands with Us

by Michael Flynn In my opinion, this is one of the most important essays you will ever read. LINK: "There are seminal moments in American history that test every fiber of our nation’s soul. "We are facing one now." Please continue at the link: W