Dear KAG: 2021-04-30 Fearless Friday Edition

It’s Friday and thank goodness for it. Welcome back to Wolf’s Pub, the best place in town to find intelligent talk, stellar wit and wisdom, and amazing camaraderie all in one cozy accommodation.

We’ll have some liquid courage in a bit, but let’s get to brass tacks. It’s going to take courage to overcome the globalists/communists. There is no shrinking from the task of speaking up, speaking out, and standing firm against their lies and machinations. And let’s not forget the obsequious and disgusting RINOs and other assorted tools who GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. Spit. Spit. Spit.

The sociopaths don’t think like normal people. They will kill us and feel justified in doing it simply because we don’t go along with their pogrom…I mean program. Incidentally, Wolf has a fabulous Wuhan Virus/Abortion Jab post, so I won’t say anything beyond this:

That is prescription Ivermectin at 1%. It is used to treat the Rosacea form of acne. In the USA it costs $600 for 1.67 oz of Ivermectin to topically treat acne (around $50 if you have good insurance). You could head down to the local feed store and buy Ivermectin paste to treat worms in your horse and buy it for $5 for 1.87% and a quarter pound of paste.

They aren’t like us

Big Pharma has been withholding effective treatments from us for a long time and charging the citizens of the USA ungodly amounts of money for cheap meds. The truth will come out. God have mercy on the professional criminals who have imposed their ungodly rule upon us.

They LIE TO US ROUTINELY and feel justified in it. THEY DON’T THINK LIKE WE DO. These are moral zombies. You can’t reason with them. Emerald Star gets it:

House Rules

The drill: We disagree, sometimes vociferously. Fireworks are cool. But we don’t lose our cool. If MAGA Mom and I can make nice, then everyone can make nice. 😊

If you need to kvetch, head over to the Utree, where a free-for-all is allowed. Otherwise, review the Rules, and give the bouncers nothing to do but bourbon shots when the boss ain’t looking.

Standing Up to Totalitarianism

Thank goodness prudence was not at the forefront of parents’ thinking in Vail, Arizona. Whenever people stand up against the totalitarian instinct that has taken over our government, they are WINNING. The Vail, Arizona parents who stood up to the school board are a great example. In yesterday morning’s War Room, Steve Bannon interviewed one of the parents who said that their movement started with two parents, then it went to five and then hundreds showed up at a school board meeting. Watch here, or HERE:

Yesterday, President Trump told us to keep the faith and have courage. Watch here. Or (maybe, Wolf’s fingers crossed) here:

Watch the latest video at

Our Republic has been usurped

It’s more than obvious by now that our government is NOT being run by (s)elected representatives. It is being run by Big Pharma, Big Tech, assorted globalists and communists within the bureaucracy, and the CCP among other foreign influences. The RINOs are potent examples of the sellout of our nation.

Who Needs a Drink Now?

Yep. We’re going to celebrate family and family culture with Ouzo today. Opa!

Piggybacking on Absinthe from last week, Ouzo is another liquor that has its own culture and ritual, and that also utilizes anise, a licorice-flavored herb. Ouzo and Absinthe are often compared.

Here’s a nice little introduction to Ouzo, which is really quite young (19th century) but has achieved epic fame in Greek culture and abroad. Ouzo is made from must, or the leavings from winemaking, which is basically the skins and stems of grapes. Add anise and several other herbs, and there it is. Here’s a short and lovely video on how Ouzo is made:

Here’s some additional history and information about Ouzo:

Ouzo versus Absinthe

What is Ouzo?

Super Ouzo fan here. The SNOBBISHNESS is epic. But I see his point.

How to Drink Ouzo from REAL GREEKS:

Greece’s Most Popular Ouzos

Ouzo: Do’s and Don’ts

The Bar Dad gives us the low down on Ouzo:

Greek Films

And just because the Greek culture is so family-oriented (which God knows we need in America), I’m including some films:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (of course)

Zorba the Greek (Anthony Quinn!!!)

Opa! (Matthew Modine)

A Touch of Spice (A great foreign film about family and food)

And just because we love to watch Greeks dance, Dance 2019:

Out of Slavery

“Courage is the rarest of all the good traits. There are far more kind and honest people than there are courageous people.”

Dennis Prager

I have been reading Dennis Prager’s commentary Exodus: God, Slavery, and Freedom. Prager’s Rational Bible takes Scripture and makes it applicable and relevant for our times in a unique way.

He gives a great perspective on why God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt:

“Moses fights evil. He is instinctively intolerant of suffering and injustice…Moses…was not raised among them [Israelites]. That made him far more worldly than people who were raised as slaves…Moses does not have a slave mentality. Unlike his fellow Hebrews, who were so demoralized that they could only cry out…Moses does not share their demoralization and does not merely cry out; he takes action.” (P. 24., Exodus, Slavery, and Freedom.)

Prager says, further, when discussing the God-fearing midwives who helped save Hebrew babies (Exodus 1:17),

“There is another important moral aspect to fear of God. People fear those who are more powerful than they are. Therefore, the only way not to fear powerful people is to fear God…It was the midwives’ fear of God that liberated them from fear of the Egyptian tyrant. This point is often overlooked: Fear of God is a liberating emotion, freeing one from a disabling fear of evil, powerful people.”

Dennis Prager

When I read that, a bright light went on in my head. Megawatt.

God-fearing people are the ultimate target of the Biden crew and other globalists/communists because they know such people are able to defeat evil. They may say God-fearing people are “white supremacists” or “Deplorables”, but what they really mean to attack are the People of God.

For every martyr that a totalitarian regime makes, a hundred spring up in their place. We won’t give up. We will win. We are winning.

“The secret to happiness is freedom…And the secret to freedom is courage.” Thucydides

So, some links for your reading pleasure, as we plot and plan to stand up to evil…and overcome:

University of Tennessee Coach Fights Back

Where’s the Beef? Uh, in our gullets and you ain’t gonna get it back

Ya Ain’t Gonna Castrate Our Kids!

The truth will out: Horrors of Transgender Mutilation

The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix:

Trafficking BABY PARTS? Go Straight to Hell!

Who is surprised that a Deutsche Bank employee/whistleblower goes missing?

General Flynn defends liberty, and you should too.

Have courage and don’t look away: Killing African Children

The great John Zmirak: Woke Culture is a spastic reaction

Mark Judge avoids a honey trap. This is SOP for the Derpa State, I mean Deep State.

We Don’t Need No Federal Handouts!

Wheatie shared Gutsmack, an alternative sports site. Go eff yourself ESPN.

Christians, beware. The snares of the devil are many. Josh Duggar arrested on federal charges.


Gregorian Chant to keep the vibrations stable:

If you are in the mood for a more totally American music scene, go here to listen to Abby the Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues;

Pure Americana.

And a last bit of intellectual wrangling.

Scientism is a New American Divinity

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Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

I’m thinking it’s either desperation or COVER. But if it’s REAL, it’s nice to know that WE are not the only people being fooled by “phony same person disinformation”.


Had a bunch of their devices seized. Same as Rudy. Whadaya wanna bet they are later returned (if returned) infested by FBI malware rootkits?

Wolf Moon

I think the Rudy spying was to get insight on the audit.



Heads up! Started w/this story, then went to F_B tweet.

STUNNING: FBI Goes After Grandma Who Walked Through US Capitol on Jan. 6 — Ignore Hunter’s Crimes, Kerry’s Treason, Mass Shooter Warnings and Antifa-BLM Terrorism (

Then wound up here…. These TRAITORS are assisting to track down PATRIOTS who were at the rally. On this main site is a list of ‘helpful’ sites on the left. Those sites include photos which are then scanned w/corresponding videos uploaded from multiple sites/sources trying to identify EVERYONE who attended the rally. They also pull in videos from other social media where a face is matched.

Capitol Terrorist Attack – Parler Videos – January 6th (

Faces of the Riot

‘This is a mapping of the videos taken during the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021.
Also check out our Facial Recognition Tools
US Capitol Attack Video Map (

This is some SINISTER EVIL stuff right here. If only they would repurpose to identify Antifa and BLM criminals.


Police State doesn’t classify any BLM as criminals apparently. Antifa occasionally but usually they’re released.
Guess the Stasi hasn’t pursued any charges against JaylenX ?


Have they identified and charged the man cutting the fences down, his face was very clear? Have they charged the cnn reporter with Jaylen ?


OK, I guess some of you probably remember how I got an RNC mailing with a postage-paid return envelope, and how I used it to give them a piece of my mind.

I just got another one.


They keep sending them to me too. Keep shredding them, inserting washers for weight and sending them back on their dime! 😂


I’m thinking of visiting a shop that makes ductwork and asking if they have any scrap the right size.

Cuppa Covfefe

Duct and (first-day) cover…..
(Philately will get them nowhere…..)…


You’ve definitely put your stamp on this conversation, and cancel culture is probably targeting you.

Cuppa Covfefe

I’m sure it’ll get sorted soon enough 🙂
And maybe zip right through, at that… what a plus four the post…

Cuppa Covfefe

The title of a great book by Chuck Swindoll about the Book of Nehemiah comes to mind:
“Hand Me Another Brick”…..

Wonder if they’d pay return postage on that 🙂

(OK, OK, a brick would be too big… maybe a smattering of Pulsar material then [assuming the thermal *cough* issues could be handled]….. or maybe lead… as RINOs are easily lead (ok, led))…..


Lead would be feasible, but some asshat would claim I was trying to poison them,

The pulsar matter, even if suitably cooled, would of course glue the envelope to the ground, then have it punch a 4000 mile deep hole. The envelope wouldn’t be strong enough to hold it even if you were able to pick it up off the ground. 😀

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. And not just folks here, but entire planets nearby would be quite perturbed at the whole thing.

But just think what the postage would be (if the USPS could weight it)…

Kind of reminiscent in HHGTTG where Ford Prefect (or Beeblebrox, I forget) dialled up the speaking clock* and had it broadcast through the spaceship’s intercom. He mused about the charges, knowing he wouldn’t be there (or traced) when they came due 😀

[* beep beep beep. “At the tone, the time will be Ten O’Clock and Thirty Seconds”… beep beep beep] spoken in perfect British English]

Deplorable Patriot

And another one.



The Coiffured Commie screws up.

The interesting thing is they still haven’t found it.
Am pretty sure if it had fallen into civilian hands some of it would have been leaked by now.
If the commies had it they wouldn’t be looking for it.
So who has it.


Rudy does, he told them it was Hunter’s and they let him keep it! 😜

Wolf Moon

Hilarious! That would be funny.


Nobody has it I bet. It’s the reason they invented for the persecution of innocent people.
Not for 1 second would i believe that that nasty hag a) didn’t know exactly what was going to happen and b) she’s not going to leave anything important………….so either it was a planted laptop..candy for the taking and whomever took it realized it was toxic and worthless and got rid of it or it never happened ???

Wolf Moon

Excellent theory IMO. Mafia Nan KNEW what was happening that day.

I’ll bet it went to CHINA, and FIB knows it.


Personally never believed she has a laptop or even uses one.

Wolf Moon

Would make sense! It then becomes an interminable and unassailable gripe for her to wield against Trump and his supporters.


Wasn’t there a few videos out right after the 6th that showed a girl in a skirt/boots that didn’t exactly fit a MAGA person that SHE had it, showed her with her backpack, moving around after exiting.
At the time people were curious about her and her allegiance..was she another FF person, fully aware of her role and now the “stolen laptop” gets these brown shirts all the warrants they want?????

Anyone else recall anything like that? I don’t think I imagined it

Wolf Moon

Oh, I remember, too, and it was EXACTLY what you’re saying. I think she had an animal print bag to put it in, too. She had that “bookish barista” look – I was having a hard time thinking she was military, but who knows.


LOL, thank goodness you remember it. Sometimes I remember weird stuff but can’t back it up.
There’s SO much that proves antifa and FF players were there and yet their pictures aren’t ever highlighted. Set up for EVERYTHING that followed


“Thermonuclear: CDC announces that infections in the already DeathVaxxed thralls will only be counted and investigated IF the PCR test cycle threshold is under 28 cycles… which would have eliminated over 90% of the fake “cases” used as ceaseless fear porn for the past 15 months.”


No surprise. They knew that it wasn’t the killer virus portrayed, but had to gin up the numbers and the fear porn. Positive cases doesn’t mean “sick” – just a positive test, of which some people will have symptoms.

Wolf Moon

A rightful presidency POLITICALLY ASSASSINATED by the CDC, the media, and the Deep State in our own government. With CHINA’S help. And quite a few others.


They knew. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Can you guess what the next words are?

” What we need is all nations together, a One World government to handle (control) these worldwide issues”

notice how all the issues listed were created by them?

one ring/cabal to rule them all…. and faux biden didnt win

Last edited 9 days ago by Please
Cuppa Covfefe

Hmmmm. Isn’t .@ (with the preceeding dot) an indirect reference in the twitterverse???
Such that Bye,Done could be Resident but not president? (or, perhaps, not-present-dent)…..

I’m left wondering if all of the sheeple and Bye,Done fans are part of the “deception at the end of the age”…….


Wait til we’re faced with the mark of the beast. Nobody will be able to make me believe that their CV scan marker is anything but that.

Last edited 8 days ago by mollypitcher5

april 30, 2021 the marshall report

Every once in a while there is one little few seconds of video that says it all. This is one of those little videos. Think fast and know, God is always watching!

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…




The Feds Use An Arcane Law To Persecute Rudy Giuliani
The FBI is at it again. It’s as if James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok never left.



Deplorable Patriot

McCabe was a product of the system. Strzok, supposedly, was on loan from the clowns. Comey was a figurehead with all of the effective power of one, IMO.

Time for the Bureau to cease and something else put together in its place.




Cuppa Covfefe

Hmmm. 49-48. Wonder if Kamel-HOe stepped in and broke the tie?????


Deplorable Patriot

Power hoarding?

There’s nothing supreme about hoarding other than the size of the dumpster you have to get when cleaning out houses.

Cuppa Covfefe

And most of DC are power whores in any case…

Wolf Moon

Sure looks like Human Civilizational Supremacy to me.

Wolf Moon

OH WAIT – no – it’s WESTERN Civilizational Supremacy.

Yeah, this is CHICOM. This is a CHICOM ATTACK.


More Liberal Lunacy!!!


Wolf Moon



Navy Seal.

That explains a few things.



Good for her.

Cuppa Covfefe

Time to cancel Bya, Done and Kamel-HOe… and the entire DEMONRAT party…


Ep. 2466a – The [CB] Attempt To Stop The Transition Will Fail, People Are Waking Up
X22 Report Published  April 30, 2021


Ep. 2466b – Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of The Country? The Silent Majority Will Reign
X22 Report Published  April 30, 2021


As soon as the Biden administration took office, companies already had plans to move their manufacturing plants out of the country. GM will build electric vehicles in Mexico, leaving American workers jobless. The [CB] is pushing global taxes, this about control and removing competition. [CB]/[DS] are doing everything they can to stop the transition, but this will fail. The [DS] is now becoming more desperate than ever before, but the patriots are continually dripping out information and the [DS]/MSM are scrambling to sweep it under the rug. By raiding RG they are bringing Hunter’s Laptop back into the news. [JK] is in the spotlight for treasonous acts. The audit is continuing and the [DS] is doing everything to stop it. The people are ready to take back their country, the silent majority will reign.

Cuppa Covfefe

It’s well beyond time for the silent majority to stop being silent, and start DOING SOMETHING!!!

“When in the Course of human events”….

Yep, Silent Majority, WE’RE THERE…..


Why post this? It is a year old and all turned out to be bullshit.


Why not?

You’re free to just skip over it and let the people who want to believe it even though it’s now known to be bullshit, alone.



You aren’t being mean, are you? Is the /sarc meant to imply that just telling people to scroll by this stuff is stupid, and that people shouldn’t post it at all?

Because that would be disappointing. Why belittle someone’s hope, even if you think it is nonsense? The poster you are responding to is not always very kind, but you usually are.

Did I misunderstand?


I doubt you misunderstood. And so it goes.


I posted a simple question. Three images posted full of info taking up space. You start reading it just to find out it’s just old stuff that turned out to be 100% wrong. So what’s the point?

Got some new article, post the link, say check this article on blah, blah and we can go chase the rabbit. If it looks, sounds good, great. Otherwise beating a dead horse is just wasting everyone’s time.


The post is misinformation. That has been demonstrated.

It doesn’t benefit anyone and could potentially sucker some of us. Why it’s considered OK to post this shit is beyond me.

[Edit: It’s obviously someone’s right to post it here in what is very nearly a free speech zone, I wasn’t trying to say it should be against the rules. But it’s harmful, and we should disapprove of it.]

Last edited 8 days ago by SteveInCO

So, ok. Mean it is. Good to know. I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t just state that you believe it to be misinformation. I think all of us here are smart enough to evaluate what to believe.

Whether you know it or not, I know there are some for whom holding on to hope that something is going on that we don’t understand, and that all of what went on with 17 and the anons wasn’t a fiction is the only knot at the end of their rope. I know some in real life. Whether I believe what they do or not, I will continue to be kind enough not to attempt to crush their spirits. Some people are really struggling to cope with how bad things are. They don’t need me to piss on their parade.


I know. But I honestly wonder if they will ever find their way out of the rabbit hole.

Sadie Slays

Thank you for posting this, Duchess. Screw the haters.


Thanks, Sadie!!!

Deplorable Patriot

I’m seeing a lot of dredged up posts from the last year, and some other info that says “we’re there” to an extent. I’m still not sure of that, but Durham himself posted a video that is interesting.

Not sure on any of it. It’s all just data points, and the messaging between the various factions continues. We out on the fruited plain are not the only audience for all this stuff, and if we’re not in on the coding, symbols and word signals, it’s not going to make much sense.

Last edited 8 days ago by Deplorable Patriot

Why would Durham post a video and a dumb one at that?

Many people have been researching different aspects of our conundrum for years – much of what we are seeing now we may or may not know – roundtables bring these people together – to compare notes – and there is always something new added to the mix – we cannot possibly follow everyone all of the time – and no – we are not the only audience.

Deplorable Patriot

There’s a number of Durham videos with all sorts of crazy stuff in them. It has to be signaling and messaging of some sort.


Is that really him, DP? Call me crazy – but, I cannot imagine a man with a reputation such as his acting stupidly!!! Just not buying this is one and the same.

Deplorable Patriot

I wondered about that, and went and looked at photos of him, and if it’s not, then somebody out there had some REALLY good plastic surgery. Better than the Biden doubles.


Have seen many wearing masks – and not the pandemic kind – Harris, Biden, Fauci – to name a few – I am not saying this guy is wearing a mask – just saying it does not look and/or act like I would imagine him to look and act – and since there have been NO LEAKS – why would he come out and do these silly videos? Just asking…

Deplorable Patriot

Who knows. Half of what we are seeing and hearing is psy-ops, I’m convinced.


No doubt, DP!!! Sometimes, it is difficult to sort it all out – however – there are the Kew Drops for reference – it is all there – we just need to review it – and pay attention to the date/time stamp clues – imho


Bobby Piton on vote audit in Maricopa County:




Unfortunately, that video won’t load for me. That seems to happen to me a lot with Bit Chute videos, which I think this one is.


Thanks, Rosa!


Rosa got the Rumble Video for you, Linda!!! See below!!!

Thanks, Rosa – This roundtable is very worthwhile!

Concerned Virginian

Gregorian Chant is amazing. There is a body of research on how Gregorian Chant helps to focus the mind, calm and heal the emotions, and foster a sense of connection to the Supreme Being. This is on top of its being a powerful adjunct to worship, prayer, meditation, or spiritual reading. One does not have to be Catholic to tap into what this music can do.

Concerned Virginian

I stream Gregorian Chant every night while I do my bedtime meditation.


DeSantis makes me smile every day!

Wolf Moon

Yup. Those drop boxes are such a scam!


Fighting back !


For those that use public transit, trains and planes. My wife, flight attendant, just received the TSA update. Mask use will be extended now through September 13th. Was set to expire May 13th. Totally based on science I am sure.

So yesterday I am at Milwaukee Airport, TSA PRE line. Lady in front carrying baby with stroller. TSA wizard of smart decides to put the stroller through the bag scanner. Of course the stroller gets stuck. Cue the “how many TSA agents does it take to remove a stroller from a bag scanner” joke’s.


Tsa is as bad as public schools admin, or worse. I can just look at tsa employees and know iq approaches single digits, rapidly.


april 30, 2021 the marshall report

Crimea in the news again, and no one seems to understand why or what could possibly be going on. It is easier to explain what is happening now if you first get filled in on the back story. The one no one wants you to know and the one Biden’s handlers are trying to avoid at all costs. How many know that Biden has been charged by Ukraine of a Class A Felony? Joe Biden Wanted in Ukraine on Class A Felony Bribery Charges see article:  Joe Biden Wanted in Ukraine on Class A Felony Bribery Charges (

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


Michigan Governor Whitmer Blackmails Citizens, If You Don’t Get The Shot I’ll Keep the Mandates in Place 
April 30, 2021 | Sundance

Well, this takes governmental threats to an entirely new level. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has just proclaimed that she will not permit a return to liberty and freedom for Michiganders until they submit to the COVID vaccination.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


OK, very recent whole house fan update (last 10 minutes).

The fan motor is physically mounted. I wanted to have the Fiancee around to spot for me when I did it, and she informed me that she was working tomorrow…..

So, major events between last comprehensive update….

I MacGyvered around the hole that used to have a stress relief because it really didn’t need wires laying across a sharp edge. I closed the edges with metal tape (the real tape that ductworkers use with ducts, then overlaid the edges with little strips of duct tape. Unfortunately, the Fiancee had used all the “real” duct tape for craft projects and backfilled our stash with Harbor Freight. Accordingly, all the tags ended up sticking in the air. So I used metal tape to hold the duct tape flaps down.

I then routed all the wire ends so they were sticking out of the junction box. It’s counterintuitive, but when you’re attaching a supply wire to something, you want them both poking out at you so you can screw the wire nut on from the outside.

So, with all four brackets loosely attached, I tried shoving the motor up and through…which worked not at all. I had to take three of the four screws completely out before it would go up there, and then it caught nicely, so long as I was holding the brackets together. Should have brought a couple of clamps with me. As my arm was about 8″ too short to reach the screws from the top of the ladder, I called the Fiancee in to hand ’em to me. Got two of the three screws on, and one nut on….then used a screwdriver to hold the bracket in alignment while I descended and found a nut that I dropped. At present, it has 3 screws and a screwdriver holding it together, and I have an extra screw. But it’s up there pretty well, and (without an earthquake), I doubt it’ll fall and bean someone.

Next is attaching the junction box to one of the braces, doing the wiring, reattaching the fan (I did verify that it needs a 3/8″ 12-point socket — its head is square). To clean it, I stuck it in our shower for my morning ablutions….water was running black off of it. A final test of operations, and I’ll be ready to final-clean the shutters and put them back.

So, things are looking up! (….because all the action from here will be overhead.)


BIDEN’S HANDPICKED CONGRESS IS IN SESSION!april 30, 2021 the marshall report

Imagine if the puppet masters decided to add some new congress members to adhere more to Biden’s world view. I imagine that at best, it would look similar to this.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…



Kelli Ward with an important update. The FEDS are butting in on the AZ audit and Kelli is fired up.


Dinesh speaks our language. Hopes he keeps beating the drum on this.


Wait! What happened?

Oh that.

Ofcourse Buck is right.

Hey Joe, get a clue… the CV is pouring up from the basement and your fiddling with the air vents. Plug the damn holes on the border you shiftless cheat!

And what’s up with the CDC? They give advice about India but not Mexico?

Disband them too! Hell we’ve been calling for that for over a year!


If on the off chance anyone knows any democrats looking for their new green jobs Joe has been promising them, tell them to move to Mexico. They’ll be waiting for them there.


One more… these counter protests are always fun 🤗

Last edited 8 days ago by para59r