2021·05·08 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

His Fraudulency

Joe Biteme, properly styled His Fraudulency, continues to infest the White House, we haven’t heard much from the person who should have been declared the victor, and hopium is still being dispensed even as our military appears to have joined the political establishment in knuckling under to the fraud.

One can hope that all is not as it seems.

I’d love to feast on that crow.

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

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5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices.

Kitco Ask. Last week:

Gold $1768.60
Silver $25.97
Platinum $1205.00
Palladium $2996.00
Rhodium $29,000.00

This week, markets closed as of 3PM MT.

Gold $1831.70
Silver $27.54
Platinum $1257.00
Palladium $2980.00
Rhodium $27,400.00

That is a big breakout for gold on the upside. It went up fifty dollars just since Wednesday. Platinum hasn’t done too badly either! It went up over $30 on Wednesday.

(Be advised that if you want to go buy some gold, you will have to pay at least $200 over these spot prices. They represent “paper” gold, not “physical” gold, a lump you can hold in your hand. Incidentally, if you do have a lump of some size, doesn’t it give you a nice warm feeling to heft it?)

Update: More info on Valcambi Combo Bars

Somebody asked me about the Valcambi combo bars for gold, silver and other precious metals. These are the ones that can readily be broken up into smaller pieces. I was at the Denver Coin Expo yesterday/Friday, and asked someone who had Valcambi bullion at his table if the bars were worth less broken apart, and he said yes, they are worth less.

Still, it might be worth holding a couple of them (and not breaking them apart) in case there’s a fiat money apocalypse. If that happens, you’ll have bigger problems than worrying about how much fiat you’ll get for a 1 gram bar as opposed to the full, 20 (or more) block chocolate bar, and it might be a good way to subdivide your gold holdings when you absolutely need to. Or, you can use silver for “small” change…but even there, it might make sense someday to be able to break down an ounce of silver.

Velocity and Momentum
(Part II of a Long Series)


The general outline of this story is to start off by putting you “in touch” with the state of physics at the beginning of 1895. Physicists were feeling pretty confident that they understood most everything. Sure there were a few loose ends, but they were just loose ends.

1895 marks the year when people began tugging at the loose ends and things unraveled a bit. In the next three years, three major discoveries made it plain there was still a lot to learn at the fundamental level.

Once I’m there I will concentrate on a very, very small object…that ties in with stars, arguably the biggest objects there are (galaxies are basically collections of stars). And we would never have seen this but for those discoveries in the 1890s.

It’s such a long story I decided to break it down into pieces, and this is the second of those pieces.

And here is the caveat: I will be explaining, at first, what the scientific consensus was in 1895. So much of what I have to say is out of date, and I know it…but going past it would be a spoiler. So I’d appreciate not being “corrected” in the comments when I say things like “mass is conserved.” I know that that isn’t considered true any more, but the point is in 1895 we didn’t know that. I will get there in due time. (On the other hand, if I do misrepresent the state of understanding as it was in 1895, I do want to know it.)

Also, to avoid getting bogged down in Spockian numbers specified to nine decimal places, I’m going to round a lot of things off. I used 9.8 kg m/s2 last time for a number that’s actually closer to 9.80665, for instance, similarly for the number 32.

A couple of Go Backs

Remembering my previous post on mass, one might wonder, “why bother with this sort of thing? Why should people investigate such things?”

We live in an orderly universe. This is a good thing. It gives us confidence that when we set the groceries on the counter, they won’t jump up and bite us. (Not even Darwin’s live food groceries.) It also means that when we drop a car battery on our feet, we know it!

The point of science, when it is being properly done, is to increase our understanding of this world we are in.

All that work on forces and masses and weight was at its core an exercise in breaking down phenomena we see every day into different effects and studying one of them. We removed friction and gravity from the picture and analyzed what was left. Then we took up gravity. What we didn’t get to was showing that friction is itself a force.

With that kind of understanding, you can predict what will happen in an environment where gravity is different, e.g., on the moon and in orbit. At first you won’t be used to it, but then you do get used to it. There are plenty of stories of astronauts who adapt so well to “microgravity” (i.e., the lack of any sort of sensation of “down”) and free fall that they will come home, put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, and drop the toothpaste tube, because they’re used to just letting it go and having it stay there until they’re ready to put things away. They’re applying Newton’s first law (objects at rest will stay at rest) since it is pretty much unmodified in orbit, no need to worry about gravity pulling things to the floor.

Another Go Back. Last time I rather casually used the concept of acceleration, without really going into it much. I assumed some knowledge that many might not have.

You can think of acceleration as change in speed, the faster the change, the greater the acceleration. And it can be a decrease as well as an increase; to a physicist it’s still an acceleration, albeit one which is in the reverse direction to the motion.

I know, too, I said things like “meters per second per second” a lot. That wasn’t a stammer. That’s truly how you measure acceleration. Think about a sports car, able to go from zero to 60 miles an hour in four seconds. That means, on average, every second of that four seconds, the car’s speed increases by 15 miles per hour. So it accelerates at 15 miles per hour every second, which is to say at 15 miles per hour per second. That can even be written as 15 miles / hour / second (the “per” functioning as a division). Or even, 15 miles • 1/hour • 1/sec.

Yes, when physicists do math, they will multiply and divide by units, not just the numbers. They can be divided and multiplied, and even follow the rules of cancelation. (Chemists often have to convert from one unit to another, like calories to Joules, so they really do this sort of thing a lot.)

Notice there are two time units (hours and seconds) in the denominator. It’s kind of funny that they don’t match. You could convert the hours into seconds, like this: Use the fact that there are 3600 seconds in an hour and do the following: 15 miles • 1/hour • 1/sec • 1 hour/3600 sec.

That last term is simply 1 hour divided by 3600 seconds, which is 1. You can multiply by 1 without changing anything. But now that it’s there, the two hours, one in the numerator and the other in the denominator, cancel

Do that cancellation and you have 15 miles • 1/hour • 1/sec • 1 hour/3600sec, and you can re-arrange to get 15/3600 • miles/sec/sec or 1/240 miles per second per second or 0.004167 miles / sec2. You could then move on to convert miles to meters (1609 meters is one mile, roughly), and that works out to be 6.7 m/s2, and it turns out that car is accelerating about 2/3 as much as gravity accelerates a falling object.

You may have noticed I seem to prefer metric, and that’s because just about every bit of my technical education was in metric; I’m used to it. When I got exposed to the occasional rocketry done in pounds force and pounds mass, it was like trying to use stone knives and bearskins (and you needed to know when you had to multiply or divide by that 32). Obviously it works (we put men on the moon after all), but it just seems cumbersome to me.

(And a note for the fussy, you’ll notice I’ve sometimes spelled out a unit, e.g., “second” and sometimes abbreviate it “sec” or “s.” That last one, just a plain s, is the “official” metric abbreviation for second. Likewise meters, m, and kilograms, kg. But sometimes I spell things out too, as a reminder.)

But the notion of acceleration (however you measure it) is itself depends on speed…actually, it is dependent on velocity.


So my second “go back” actually leads us into today’s topics. Let’s flesh out velocity.

Velocity is both how fast something is moving, and in what direction. So it’s actually a more complex concept than the one we talked about last time, mass. The distinction between mass and weight was probably odd to many, but at least mass can be expressed as a number. Velocity? You need a number (your speed), and a direction. (Or maybe you can get by with a bit less…stay with me.)

Direction is easy on a straight highway. You’re either going forward or backward. Since there’s only two choices, and they are opposite of each other, it’s natural to consider the forward direction positive and the backward direction negative. So driving 60 mph in fourth gear is +60 mi/hr, but switching to reverse (after first stopping, since we don’t want your engine to leap through your hood in an ugly mess), and going fairly fast in reverse might get you -10 mi/hr. The local constabulary, using a radar gun, will measure your speed and may depending on circumstances pull you over to inform you how fast you were going and how much you will have to pay for that.

You can even add and subtract your velocities, just like you do with masses. The usual example here is a railroad car moving along on tracks, also nice and tidy and one-dimensional. If the train is moving at 60 mi/hr and a pitcher is in a cattle car, playing catch with someone, and he throws the ball forward at 60 mi/hr, someone standing on the side of the tracks will see the ball moving at 120 mi/hr, because the speed of the train and the ball add together. If he and the catcher switch places, he’s now throwing the ball at -60 mi/hr and the ball is now stationary as far as the guy by the side of the tracks is concerned: +60 mi/hr plus -60 mi/hr = zero.

OK, I’ve used a very limited situation to make a couple of points, but it’s not very interesting in the real world. What about two or even three dimensions?

I’m going to do what everyone else does when explaining velocity in two dimensions: I’m going to use a pool table as my example. It’s the best choice I can think of, and I guess that was the best they could come up with too.

Let’s say the pool table points north-south along its length. A ball is moving directly north at 1 m/s. Another ball is moving directly east at 1 m/s. They have the same speed, but different velocities, because the direction of motion is different.

Figure 2-1
Two balls moving at one meter per second so they have the same speed,
but they are moving in different directions so they have different velocities.

Now let’s consider a different ball, a red one moving at 1 m/s exactly to the north east. If you think about it, that ball is moving north at a certain rate, and at the same time it’s moving east at a certain rate. Or to put it another way, how fast would a ball (let’s make this one pale blue) moving straight east have to move so that it’s always directly south of the diagonally-moving ball? And how fast would a (purple this time) ball moving straight north have to move so that it’s always directly west of the diagonally-moving ball?

Figure 2-2
How fast does the purple ball have to move so it’s always exactly west of the red ball, which is moving diagonally?
Similarly, how about the turquoise ball? How fast must it move on the horizontal line to stay exactly south of that red ball?

You can do this visually by drawing a diagram like this, then measuring the vertical and horizontal lines. You should get about .7 the length of the diagonal line. Since that diagonal line is 1 m/s, the horizontal and vertical lines should be .7 m/s. (The exact number is actually 1, divided by the square root of 2. That can be derived from the Pythagorean Theorem. To six places, it’s 0.707107, but you will never be able to measure quite that accurately off a drawing you made on a piece of paper.)

You can do this with any velocity, big or small, in any direction. You can break it down into a north-south component and an east-west component.

So any velocity on the pool table can be expressed with numbers, but by writing two numbers, not one. Our diagonal moving ball has a velocity of [ 0.707 north, 0.707 east ] meters per second.

That pair of numbers is enough to do the job of a speed and a direction.

The Vector

And this is what is called a vector in its mathematical form.

You can also represent a vector by picking a scale (1 inch equals 1 m/sec, for instance), and drawing an arrow with the appropriate length, pointed in the appropriate direction. We’ve already done that. You can’t compute things this way but it sure does help you visualize it. And you can get estimates by measuring off the diagram if you’re careful drawing it.

Vectors are considered equal if they have the same length (mathematicians call this the “magnitude” of the vector) and the same direction. There’s no notion built into a vector of “where it starts” and “where it ends.” We can move them around for convenience, especially on those diagrams, just so long as we don’t stretch them or rotate them.

Figure 2-3
Vectors are equal to each other if they have the same length and distance, they are not equal to each other if they are of different lengths (“magnitudes”) even if they’re in the same direction, nor are they equal to each other if they have the same magnitude but different directions.

If you think back to last time, I talked about force, mass and acceleration. F = ma. But it turns out the force is a vector. When you push on something, you’re pushing in a certain direction. Likewise, acceleration is a vector too, you’re speeding up in a certain direction. It’s customary to write vectors in bold face (or if on a blackboard, by drawing a line with a little arrowhead over the letter). So it’s actually F = ma.

Mass was not written in bold, because it takes a single number to express it; it doesn’t have direction. (Weight does. Why?) Such plain-old-number quantities are called scalars in distinction to vectors.

Returning to our current topic, velocity is abbreviated v, bold because it’s a vector. So in our diagonally moving ball example, v = [ 0.707 north, 0.707 east ] m/s.

When you take a vector and express it like this, you’ve broken it down into its north and east components. It actually doesn’t matter which two directions you use, so long as they’re perpendicular, but for now let’s stick with north and east.

Even a total distance moved can be a vector. The total distance is equal to the elapsed time, t, times the speed or velocity (depending on whether you want just the distance, or the distance and direction). d = vt.

What happens when you multiply a vector by a scalar, as shown here? What you do on a diagram, is make the arrow that much longer or shorter. Mathematically, you go to each component of the vector and multiply each one by the scalar. In the case of the diagonal moving ball, you have:

d = 5s [0.707, 0.707]m/s = [3.535, 3.535]m. This is how far the ball has gone, relative to where you first started watching it five seconds before. (And it would go right off the pool table, too, if not for the bumpers. More on that later.)

Mathematicians like to do things as generically as possible. So they will write vectors in terms of x and y, rather than north and south. That means they’re not really wedded to any particular orientation. Remember I said it didn’t matter which directions you used, so long as they were at right angles to each other. For convenience when they draw diagrams, the x direction is to the right, and the y direction is upward, the y axis being 90 degrees counterclockwise from the x axis.

You can do more to vectors than just multiply them by a scalar. They can be added together, provided they’re in the same units. (No fair adding speed to force!) This also means they can be subtracted.

Of course when dealing with pure mathematics (as opposed to mathematics applied to physics), generally units are not a concern. Like in the following example.

On a diagram, take your first vector, whatever it is, and then put your second vector so that its tail is right at the head of the first vector. Then draw a new vector from the tail of the first vector to the head of the second vector. That’s the sum of the two vectors. Mathematically, you add each individual element. So [ 3, 4 ] + [ -1, 6 ] = [ 3-1, 4+6 ] = [2, 10].

Figure 2-4
Vector addition. The two black vectors add up to the red one; vectors must be placed “head to tail” to add them pictorially.

Conservation of Velocity?

So now let’s go back to the pool table, make the scenario slightly more complicated and see what we can use this whiz-bang vector thing to figure out.

This is pool, after all, balls are supposed to hit other balls. So, if we have a cue ball moving along in the x direction at, say, 1 m/s…or more rigorously [ 1.0, 0.0 ] m/s, and it hits another billiard ball head on, what happens? Well, the cue ball hits the other ball. Then the cue ball stops, and the second ball continues on along the x direction, also at 1 meters per second.

Figure 2-5
Two billiard balls, head on collision between a moving and a standing ball.

It’s as if the velocity transferred from the cue ball to the other ball, perfectly. So, is it possible we’re on the track of another conservation law, conservation of velocity?

Let’s do a little more investigation. For starters, consider a glancing blow. Let’s have the cue ball moving at 1 m/s in the x direction (ahem) v = [1.0, 0] m/s, and hit the other ball quite a bit off from head on, as shown below.

Figure 2-6
Billiard balls, an off center collision. This time both balls move after the collision.

You’ve seen this happen often enough, you know the cue ball will, in this case, continue moving, up and to the right. And the second ball will move down and to the right. And perhaps one of the two balls moves at a steeper angle than the other. That doesn’t look very much like velocity was conserved, does it? A motion in the x direction turns into two sort-of-diagonal motions?

But actually, when you look at it a bit closer, it looks good. As you can see, we’ve broken the two vectors into their x and y components.

We started with the cue ball moving at [1, 0]m/s, and the other ball (not) moving at [0, 0]m/s. Afterwards, the cue ball is moving at [0.750, 0.433]m/s and the other ball is moving at [0.250, -0.433]m/s.

If velocity is conserved, the sum of the velocities before must equal the sum of the velocities afterwards. These are vectors, and I already told you how to add vectors. So let’s do some addition:

Before: Cue ball [1, 0]m/s + Other ball [0, 0]m/s = [1, 0]m/s.

After: [0.750, 0.433]m/sec + [0.250, -0.433] = [1, 0] m/s.

So it does look like velocity is conserved. Yes, here I could have just made up the numbers to make it work out, but the fact of the matter is in real life, these billiard ball examples really do work out like this.

(And, since I did contrive this scenario, the direction of the cue ball is 30 degrees “up” from the x axis, and its speed is 0.866 m/s. The other ball is moving “down” at a 60 degree angle, at a speed of 0.5 m/s. Those who took some trigonometry might remember there’s something special about 30 and 60 degree angles and the square root of 3, divided by 2.)

A pool player will have played so many games of pool that he knows this behavior in his gut; he knows exactly where to hit the other ball with the cue ball to get the angle he wants, to send that other ball into the corner pocket.

But if it’s a conservation law, it has to hold all of the time, not just in billiards scenarios. And this one doesn’t hold all of the time in billiards, much less in the “real world.”

Nope, No Conservation of Velocity

What happens when a ball hits the bumper? If it hits the bumper head on at 1 m/s, it bounces back at 1 m/s, in the opposite direction. In other words, whatever the vector was before, it’s now a vector in the opposite direction. That’s not conservation!! (And the pool player knows this one too, of course.)

Also, not quite within the realm of billiards, what if the balls are of different weights…er, masses? You already know from your own personal life what will happen. Hit a pool ball with a cannonball and the pool ball will go rocketing away, much faster than the cannonball was moving, and the cannon ball will slow down the tiniest but not stop moving. Reverse the process, hitting the cannonball with the cue ball, and it will barely budge, but the cue ball will bounce back the way it came.

If you want to mess with a pool player, randomize the masses of the balls. Because normally all of the balls have exactly the same mass, at least as close as the manufacturer can make it. In real life very few objects have the same masses. As soon as the masses are different the tidy behavior we illustrated above goes right out the window and the player can’t predict what will happen.

So if you do some experimenting, it seems like what might be getting conserved is not velocity, but something that is the product of mass times velocity. You have to add the mass times velocity, before and after, and that will be conserved. A heavy object will move less under the same impetus from some other object, than a light one would. If mass goes up, velocity goes down to compensate, and vice versa.


That product of mass times velocity is known as momentum. And it’s a scalar times a vector, so it’s a vector, too. And for some reason, they chose to symbolize it with p. (They didn’t use m because m is mass, but why did they pick p instead of q or u or…?). p = mv. And if m is in kilograms, and velocity is in meters per second, we can define the momentum as being in kilogram meters per second, kg•m/sec. That way we can avoid the use of a fudge factor, since the units are already consistent with each other. There is, unfortunately, no named unit of momentum like there is with force (the Newton), so “kilogram meter per second” it is.

OK, that takes care of the unequal masses behaving oddly, but what about a ball rebounding off one of the bumpers?

Actually, what’s happening there is that the ball is striking a much more massive object–the pool table. And the pool table is firmly fixed to the entire planet, if nothing else by friction.

So the entire Earth, it turns out, is reacting to that ball hitting the bumper, and picking up motion in that direction, but the earth is so massive that the motion is very, very small. In fact, in order to make the ball rebound, the momentum of the ball is changing by twice its prior value. If the mass of the ball is b, and it was moving at 1 m/s in the x direction before, its momentum was [ b, 0 ]kg•m/s before, and afterwards its moving in the opposite direction with a momentum of [ -b, 0 ]kg•m/s. Net change in momentum is [ -2b, 0 ]kg•m/s. The earth has to make up this change by gaining [ 2b, 0] kg•m/s. But the earth’s mass is much, much, much more than b, so the velocity imparted by the ball to the earth is microscopic. If one goes up the other has to come down to compensate.

One could complain that since we can’t measure the earth’s “rebound” in this case, maybe it isn’t rebounding. But the absence of evidence (i.e., the failure to be able to measure it) isn’t the same as the evidence of absence (i.e., evidence the earth doesn’t actually rebound when the ball hits the bumper). If we had a way of measuring the earth’s rebound that was sensitive enough to show what we expect based on theory, and it didn’t show that change, then we’d have evidence that momentum isn’t conserved. But if we know our measuring is inaccurate enough that we can’t see it even if it’s there, then not seeing it doesn’t mean anything, one way or the other.

Conservation of Momentum

Since this is a part of the story of where physics was in 1895, I’ll put it out, here, that as of that time, no exception was known. Every time we could measure things, momentum was conserved. It was considered a solid part of physics.

Because a vector consists of two components, and the addition rules keep the two components separately, you could treat the conservation of momentum as if it were two separate laws, conservation of momentum in the x direction, and conservation of momentum in the y direction. No one actually does this, but from a bookkeeping standpoint it’s definitely twice as much time with the ledger as conservation of mass is.

And, Oh By The Way…vectors can be three dimensional, too! It’s then a triple number, and the new axis is the z axis, perpendicular to both the x and y axes. The three edges of a cube that meet at the corner are a good representation of this.

Rockets and Guns

Now for an application. How does a rocket work? It works entirely through momentum. Let’s say the rocket’s mass is a thousand kilograms (one metric ton or “tonne”), including the fuel it has on board. And let’s furthermore imagine that it’s out in space somewhere.

A rocket engine works by shooting matter–burnt rocket fuel, to be specific–out the nozzle at very high velocity.

So if the rocket burns one kilogram of fuel plus oxidizer, and shoots the combustion product out the nozzle at 4000 m/s, what happens?

Let’s do this in one dimension for simplicity. The direction the rocket is pointed is positive. And we’re moving along with it, so it looks stationary to us. The rocket, including the fuel, has a momentum of zero.

The momentum of the rocket fuel after it has been burned is 1kg • -4000m/sec. (Negative because the rocket is blowing the exhaust out behind it, the nose points in the positive direction, the nozzle points in the negative direction.

If momentum is conserved, the rocket must now also have a momentumm, this time of +4000 kg•m/s. The rocket has a mass of 1000 kg, so that works out to the rocket now moving at 4 m/s in the forward direction.

So if we want another 4 m/s, burn another kilogram of fuel and oxidizer, right?

Good logic, but there’s a complication here. Because the rocket burned 1 kg of its own mass to get to this point, and now it masses 999 kg, So another kilogram of fuel, adding 2000 kg•m/s to the rocket’s momentum, will actually add slighly more than 4 m/s, precisely 4000/999 m/s, in fact.

For that matter, if you think about it, the mass of the rocket was declining while we did that first burn, so we must have gained a tiny bit more than 4 m/s even the first time around.

That’s quite true, actually, and the real formula for how much velocity a rocket gains by burning some amount of fuel is a bit more complex. But the takeaway is that even in following the other formula, the rocket and its burnt fuel are abiding by the conservation of momentum; in fact it relies on it to operate.

(If you’ve ever heard astronauts, or NASA types, talking about “delta vee”, that’s a reference to the total change in velocity given how much fuel is left, or alternatively, they’re talking about the total change in velocity for a specific maneuver, because that will be equivalent to a cost in fuel for that rocket, with its current mass.)

How about firing a gun? It’s sort of the flip side of a rocket. With a rocket the goal is to make the big thing move, and flinging the fuel out as fast as possible is a means to that end. With a gun, the goal is to make the little thing (the bullet) move, and the gun kicking in the opposite direction is the price paid.

Why does the muzzle flip up on a handgun? Shouldn’t it go straight back, instead of up? It would, except that the line of the barrel does not go through the gun’s center of mass, so there’s a bit of torque there, that causes the whole gun to rotate. If you grip it solidly enough, it kicks your arm up too. Tense up your arm and the entire weight of your body resists the torque and you don’t move much. (Torque, by the way, is another concept that beginning physics studies…)

These particular scenarios are also vivid illustrations of Newton’s third law: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

This is actually just another way of stating the conservation of momentum. And the first person to put forward the observation that momentum seemed to be conserved was John Wallis in 1671. Newton put forward his three laws in 1687.

Vector fun.

OK, here’s another application of stuff we’ve learned today. You have two identical cannonballs. You drop one. (Hopefully not on your foot.) At the same instant, the other is fired out of a cannon, perfectly horizontally. (Hopefully at a deserving target.) Oh, and you do your drop at the same height as the cannon’s muzzle.

If you’re on perfectly flat ground, which cannonball hits the ground first?

They hit at the same time.

Look at it from a vector standpoint. X is the direction the cannon fires. Y is straight up.

The dropped cannonball starts the experiment with v=[0,0]m/s. The fired cannonball, on the other hand, starts out with v=[200, 0]m/s. I just made that x number up; it doesn’t matter what it is as you’ll see in a moment. (Well, you’ll see it if if I did my job right, today.)

The force of gravity imparts an acceleration of –9.8 m/s2 in the y direction, i.e., straight down.

This acceleration can only affect the y component of the velocity vectors, since it’s purely in that direction. And in the y direction, both cannonballs are stationary and in the same place when the experiment starts.

Thus, they both have the same fall, and they will both hit at the same time. It doesn’t matter how fast one of them is moving sideways! And in fact they don’t even need to be the same weight.

I’ve seen demos of this principle done where steel ball bearings are used, in a special little gizmo that drops one the same time a spring shoots the other one out horizontally. You only hear one clack as both balls hit at the same time.

Can’t get the drift.

Last time around, I highlighted what was, in 1895, a standing mystery. Gravitation seemed to work, except they couldn’t figure out what was going on with Mercury’s orbit about the sun. A similar problem with Uranus had led to the discovery of Neptune, so it seemed as if there must be some planet closer to the sun than Mercury, lost in the Sun’s glare, perturbing its orbit. Despite the best efforts of astronomers, that planet (already pre-named Vulcan) had never been found.

This time I’m going to highlight a different little issue.

I mentioned before that velocities were additive, right? A ball thrown by a pitcher on board a moving train ends up moving, relative to the outside observer, faster or slower than the pitcher threw it, by the speed of the train, depending on the direction of the throw.

Can we do this with other things? Sound, for instance, travels at a specific speed (one which varies depending on temperature, humidity, pressure, whether His Fraudulency is on or off his meds, and a host of other factors, but still, a speed that will remain constant until one of these factors changes). Trains have a nice source of sound on them, the whistle (or today the horn). So how fast is the sound travelling in front of the train, and how fast is it travelling behind the train? Measurements from the ground show that they are travelling at the same speed, not different speeds. (They also show that in front of the train the pitch is higher, but that effect is a different rabbit hole. Some other time, perhaps. No, some other time, definitely.) What’s going on here?

It turns out that sound is a wave that travels through a medium, air. It’s going to move at a certain speed relative to the air.

The train is moving, the air is not (unless it’s Wyoming). Thus the sound wave travels the same speed in all direction from the train’s whistle (horn), as seen from someone on the ground on a breezeless day. If some bored passenger on the train were to measure the speed of sound (assuming they’d let him climb around on top of the train in the first place), he’d see the sound move slower, relative to the train, when measured from in front of the whistle, at a normal speed to the side of the whistle, and faster behind the whistle. He could even figure out how fast the train was going by taking the difference between his “in back of” reading and his “in front of” reading and dividing by two. If he were really ignorant of how trains move, he could even prove it wasn’t moving sideways, but rather forward, this way.

Looking at light, we had originally thought it was instantaneous, it was so doggone fast. But then…well, remember Jupiter’s moons from last time? We could predict their motions once we knew Newton’s law of gravitation, actually we could do so from Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, known earlier. (We didn’t even really need to know the mass or distance to Jupiter to be able to do that.) Well, there was one little anomaly. We could predict the motions all right, but the motions were about eight minutes and twenty seconds early when we were closest to Jupiter, and eight minutes and twenty seconds late when we were farthest from Jupiter.

A little thought and someone realized, that the difference was due to the speed of light not being infinite. What we see now going on around Jupiter actually happened at some time in the past, when the light left Jupiter. It then took some amount of time for the light to get here.

The eight minutes and twenty seconds, really in total a 16 minutes and 40 seconds difference, reflect the amount of time it took light to span the entire width of the earth’s orbit about the sun, because it has to cover that much additional distance when we are farther away, versus closer, to Jupiter. (This works out to about a thousand seconds, by the way, a neat coincidence.)

We didn’t know how big the earth’s orbit was, and wouldn’t until the 1760s. Before that we just knew however big it was, light took a thousand seconds to cross it, you could even call it a distance of one thousand light seconds. But once we discovered that the earth’s orbital diameter is roughly 300,000,000 kilometers, we now knew light moved at about 300,000 kilometers per second (186,000 miles per second). This was another product of all that work measuring the solar system that I totally forgot about when writing that article (which is OK, because it fits better here anyway).

Light was, and is, believed to be a wave. So, presumably it goes through a medium, just like sound does. But it must be an otherwise intangible medium, or planet earth would be suffering drag plowing through it. Only light could “feel” that medium. We knew it had to be there, and so we gave it a name: It was the ether.

We might not be able to feel the ether, but we sure as heck ought to be able to measure the Earth’s velocity through it, the same way as the man on the train: by measuring the speed of light in different directions here on Earth.

Measuring the speed of light in a laboratory was difficult to do accurately in the mid 1800s, but we could be much more precise by comparing two different beams of light in two different directions, and seeing what the difference in their speed is.

Michelson and Morley tried this in 1887. They found no difference in the speed of light no matter which way they measured.

Well, it’s possible that at that point in our orbit, we just happened to be stationary with respect to the ether. But that couldn’t be true a couple of months later, because the earth would at the very least be orbiting in a different direction, so they kept trying.

Others have tried too, with much better equipment.

No difference. Ever. No one has ever “got the drift.”

What’s going on here? Well, that, like Vulcan, was a mystery as 1895 dawned.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



This is one of the all time best!


Lin Wood and Sidney Powell strut their stuff at the beginning. 😂


Can someone tell me what that music is? I keep hearing it in memes.


comment image?w=600&h=500


comment image?w=600&h=540


Just in case. 😉


comment image?w=600&h=1097


I like this women more and more.

She asks audients: “Who is your President?”
Audients answers: “Donald Trump”

Last edited 1 year ago by eilert


$2mil from the Gates Foundation to the MIT Media lab thru Epstein. Gates denies the involvement of Epstein, but Joi Ito email says otherwise.

In the category of “they have it all”?:

In about 2006, a visiting professor teaching about love and apperceptive visualization left one ivy for MIT, with his inappropriately young GF in tow.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OK, this is good stuff. All of this looks like Gates and Gates getting ahead of a tsunami.


And it looks like Gates was one of Epstein’s “rich people.” According to the report, Gates donated $2 million to MIT’s Media Lab, which university officials described as having been “directed” by Epstein.
According to Arnold, Gates’ spokeswoman, “Over time, Gates and his team realized Epstein’s capabilities and ideas were not legitimate and all contact with Epstein was discontinued.” 


Something is up here. I think that Arnold statement is meant to age into a new meaning.

ALL vaccines went for the full spike protein and genetic technologies that would cause it to genetically incorporate in a significant portion of the population. GATES via his own foundation and CEPI which gets behind all major vaccines, combined with Event 201 which pre-conditioned everybody into the same track on COVID-19, tells me that Gates was a key player in the centralization of THAT faulty response to the pre-planned Democrat-Chinese release (where the Dems and China view each other as the stooges).

Gates and Gates are trying to exit. China is helping, as we see with the translator rumors. RATS ARE FLEEING.



‘Gates thought Epstein’s lifestyle was “kind of intriguing”‘


Last edited 1 year ago by churchmouse


All of these places that allow this are No-Go Zones.
It’s lawless anarchy with permission. Citizens are not/will not be protected.

The trouble is that these bullshit marches can happen anywhere anytime so vowing to avoid them isn’t reliable.


Antifa the democrats brawn shirts spit


Honestly I never ever would’ve believed it if someone had told me years ago that this could be possible.


Neither did I

Sadie Slays


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Now THAT is interesting. Will it work to make companies back off?


It would if they don’t change the rule.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. Bidenistas can fix that pretty quick.

Mounting insurance claims and lawsuits is good leverage for our side.


FTA: worth noting that this OSHA position has been operational since April 20.

Deplorable Patriot

I wonder if they will try it with volunteers. Hmm.


Thank you, Dora.

Great news!

As a caution, though, one can only avail oneself of it by using LEVERAGE.

That is, a lawsuit must be filed … and adjudicated.

This takes a LONG time … and the Enemy’s time is short.

Meaning, they won’t give a rat’s petunia whether they break the law *today*, and long as it gives them time to win “tomorrow”.

I would ask – why hasn’t OSHA been on the ball when it comes to assuring that employees are getting enough OXYGEN while working with a mask on for 8 hours?

I want the mask orders to be ACTUALLY dead – not just “effectively” dead.

It’s that space of time in the middle which the enemy will surely try to exploit.

We ain’t done yet!


I’ve noticed a few of the medium-to-large fast food chains have dropped the mask requirements for employees.

The small restaurants have dropped them for the most part.



#VanMorrison #LatestRecordProjectVol1
Van Morrison – Why Are You On Facebook? (Official Audio)



Unfortunately, Van the Man isn’t quite tuned in to the Zuckerschmuck target demographic…

Sadie Slays

Folks, I warned you all last year that cyber attacks on critical infrastructure were next on the cabal checklist. Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum (those Great Reset scum) told us their plans back in July 2020 with a “simulated digital pandemic.” This is literally on their website right now:

Technology and cybersecurity are of crucial importance in this COVID era. One of the most striking and exciting transformations caused by the pandemic has been our transition to the digital ‘everything’, both in our professional and also in our personal lives. I am glad that Cyber Polygon has proved itself as one of those brilliant initiatives that address the need for developing and enhancing global cyber resilience in the fight against cybercrime and cyberattacks.

Klaus Schwab


When I found out about this in 2020, I ramped up the prepping to make sure I had the supplies to go through extended utility outages. A few weeks after that, Texas had their big power grid disaster (which I strongly suspect was an attack rather than natural disaster). Once again, I encourage everyone to have an emergency kit and preps in place.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays

Glad you posted this – I saw it, and figured it should be included here.

Teamsters Union (still Hoffa-esque comp’d) truckers striking against NE food supply; lumber being hoarded to created artificial “scarcity”; HCQ manufacturers being taken out WW; domestic targeting of made-up categories of “threats” …

… and now, a fuel attack to cripple airlines, trucking, and cars.

Is it beginning to feel like a real WW?

“Can you hear me NOW?”

It’ll only be “funny” in retrospect, once we win.

Sadie Slays

The latest one is a chlorine shortage, allegedly caused by hurricane damage to a chlorine plant. I suspect sabotage.

Then a manufacturing facility of one of the country’s major suppliers of chlorine tablets, BioLab, burned down last August, right after Hurricane Laura. The plant, located near Lake Charles, Louisiana, expects to resume operations by spring 2022.

They’re spinning it as a crisis for pool owners (demoralization op), but chlorine has other important uses, too:

KIK Custom Products, Bio-Lab’s parent company, is based in Toronto, Canada, and bills itself as one of North America’s largest independent manufacturers of consumer products. KIK’s products include Comet, Spic and Span, The Works household cleaners, Prestone Automotive fluids, Clorox and BioGuard pool disinfectants.

EDIT: Didn’t they just release GMO mosquitoes into the country? Convenient timing with this chlorine shortage.

“Chlorine also helps prevent swimming pools from becoming a hotbed for mosquitoes and associated diseases, as well as aiding in preventing unsafe conditions that could contribute to drowning — such as cloudy water,” Stankowitz said.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays

>>”a crisis for pool owners”<<

Swimmers too.

Swimming in chlorine-treated water seems to be AMAZINGLY effective at preventing infection / infection-spread / killing the virus (as are SUNSHINE and FRESH AIR).

With the “herd-immunity” rising, and the artificial virus’s danger waning (mutation of artificial back to the natural norm), perhaps the Enemy hasn’t enough time to introduce the NEXT phase of bio-weapon before people get cured / immunized by chlorinated water (swimming).

Their game-plan is coming ever more sharply into focus.

***EVERYONE – Get in the pool!***

And eat BEEF.

No bugs, no worms, no soy, no HFCS.

I’ve already boycotted Coke (and Pepsi). It’s easy enough to use distilled water, and cane sugar, with the juice of a lemon or lime to have a refreshing drink.


I agree. And stevia is a good sugar substitute.


I just read today that one can drink a WHOLE bottle of wine and still get only 1/3 the sugar in a can of soda.

From “Fat Chance” by Dr. Lustig.

Someone once told me their doctor considered soda to be the major culprit for Type 2 diabetes.


Makes it really easy for clubs, apartments, etc to put the “Closed” sign up.
No swimming plebes

Cuppa Covfefe

Saw this the other day over at chiefios

Yet another hack, with the ChiComs behind it.

H/T chiefio, more detail on ArsTechnica:

More US agencies potentially hacked, this time with Pulse Secure exploits
Zero-day vulnerability under attack has a severity rating of 10 out of 10.
DAN GOODIN – 4/30/2021, 10:00 PM


At least five US federal agencies may have experienced cyberattacks that targeted recently discovered security flaws that give hackers free rein over vulnerable networks, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said on Friday.

The vulnerabilities in Pulse Connect Secure, a VPN that employees use to remotely connect to large networks, include one that hackers had been actively exploiting before it was known to Ivanti, the maker of the product. The flaw, which Ivanti disclosed last week, carries a severity rating of 10 out of a possible 10. The authentication bypass vulnerability allows untrusted users to remotely execute malicious code on Pulse Secure hardware, and from there, to gain control of other parts of the network where it’s installed.

Federal agencies, critical infrastructure, and more

Security firm FireEye said in a report published on the same day as the Ivanti disclosure that hackers linked to China spent months exploiting the critical vulnerability to spy on US defense contractors and financial institutions around the world. Ivanti confirmed in a separate post that the zero-day vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-22893, was under active exploit.

[end excerpt] more at chiefio and ArsTechnica. Likely the comments at both places are informative…

Good point from chiefio at the end of his article:

IF something is really really important to you, do NOT connect it to the internet. Have an isolated internal network that does not connect out. You do not need ALL your stuff on-line all the time available to the whole internet.

Sounds obvious and simple (OK, mostly), but still, most people don’t take the trouble to wall off stuff that doesn’t need to see or face the internet…


How does one implement an “isolated internal network”?


You need a switch, something to handle DHCP, something to handle local DNS. And there it is. Both run nicely on Raspberry Pi computers.

For slightly fancier setups, you can do things like host local copies of your distro’s repo.


Thanks for the reply. I think i would need to hire a nerd, LOL.



Isolated networks is easy. Just don’t connect ’em, and they’re isolated.

What’s very much trickier is making them just enough connected.

And that’s when you start getting into firewalls, port forwarding, and the like. And, then, when you do reach the Spanish Main er, the Internet, you get to face the multitudinous risks therein and try to chart yer course amongst the pirates and rogues.



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


bfly, the radical difference between this insanity, and the States wherein Governors are siding with drivers vis-vis this situation is simply stunning.
Methinks people in general, are going to come down on the side of common sense.
The disparity is just too great…and so obvious.


People must not be allowed to block public right-of-way, ever, no exceptions. There are people trying to get to doctors’ appointments; people trying to reach home at a certain time because their kids will be there; people going to appointments that, if missed, would delay important business and maybe even kill deals; people trying to get home to do multiple chores and prepare for the next day; and much more. Some of them might be headed to work and will be late, which sets off its own cascade of consequences. Besides that, it looks to me as if the people in those cars are in danger. This has to stop.


truths…I totally agree.
When we had mayhem up her in Seattle and Portland, back in the CHAZ Days, these vermin actually prevented Emergency Vehicles from proceeding to Hospitals. They cate ab NOTHING except what they get paid to do.
I don’t know what the answer is if LEOs do not side with regular Citizens.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Pelosi posted a pic of her with Willie McCovey (who is dead) instead of Willie Mays whose 90th bday she was trying to honor

comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I’m sure she could reply, “at a certain point, all those willies start lookin’ alike” and get full agreement from Harris.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, for Pete’s sake!


White Phosphorus?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

A smoother smoke than White Owl, White Privilege, or Wet Willie!


/sarc Who wants to join me and say this was totally unexpected? /sarc

Major Patriot
REVEALED: Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm. https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/liz-cheney-hus
REVEALED: Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm. (thenationalpulse.com)

Representative Liz Cheney’s husband’s law firm represents several Chinese Communist Party-linked clients – including firms tied to the regime’s military – and employs former party officials to undergird its massive China practice, The National Pulse can reveal.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I TOLD people that China celebrated on 9/11 when the idiot neocons did their work for them, and they had the entire US government over a barrel!

Sadie Slays

Dog comms.

Sadie Slays



Or it’s just a fake photo for comms – a deke, a green-screen, or AI whatever.

Perhaps signaling the imminent demise of someone IN the photo.

“Learn our comms.”

>>”turns out to be”<<

I find your apparent surety – when one oughtn’t be sure – quite disturbing.


When one analyzes according to only ONE measuring stick … then one assumes that there is ONLY ONE measuring stick.

“Learn our comms” provides another measuring stick.

The precedent has ALREADY been established for another purpose / meaning to twits (et al.) (to wit, dog comms – which haven’t ANYTHING to do with the straight-line, “obvious” interpretation).

>>”explain it perfectly”<<

The error is the “it”. Error of omission. You see only one “it”.

I – and others – see other “its”.

I maintain my prior assertion.

But you’re still a good guy!

Internecine damage is to be avoided among us patriots. Yes?


I anticipated your response almost before I finished typing mine to you.

The WHY is the context; the HOW is merely text. I question the HOW in order to gain intel on the WHY.

The HOW is a partial derivative; the WHY is the total function.

It’s valuable to know that the photo has been analyzed – for steganography, for lensing, etc.

Thanks for doing that due diligence. It does help.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you found the key. Likely there were a variety of pictures and for some reason they selected what may actually be the freakiest one. It has an EXCUSE to select it – GET BOTH BIDENS. And in the process, diminish the Carters. THAT is pure Biden administration.

IMO *that* is largely due to the bizarre nature of the Biden administration, where “normal doesn’t happen very often”. Weirdness is tolerated as the NORM.

Here, there is zero consideration for the Carters, and it shows. They’re like Charlie McCarthy puppets in the chairs. The most Biden-favoring photo selected, to elevate the Clown In Chief and his still-teenage wife, Dr. Masky Lemons.


Jill is directly beside Jimmy but is huge. Joe’s foot is even with Jimmy’s but appears normal in size, although Joe himself looks like a paper cut out. Nothing about that picture radiates “normal”, nothing radiates at all.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Even in the center, there is a fascinating distance distortion above normal. Jimmy Carter’s head is too small relative to his body because he is simply leaning back, while Rosalyn’s head is too big for her body because she’s leaning forward. Meanwhile, as you point out, Jimmy’s shoes are monstrous, as is that cabinet door on the right. I suspect that the top of the photo may have been cropped, too, but not sure.


There has to be some reason for this photo. Aside from the sizing issue, Rosalynn’s right thumb is larger than her fingers and Jimmy’s fingers on his right hand appear to be cut off.


*Jimmy’s left hand. Jill’s left hand is odd looking as well with a long thumb. There’s something red behind Rosalynn. I blew the picture up and it’s very weird.


That is true I suppose (because many have said this ) but why publish a distorted image?
Any reputable photog or agency would scrap it

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is my point, and I thank Steve for it.

The composition priority is “get both Bidens in the shot”. It is all about the Bidens and doesn’t give a damn about the Carters.

Concerned Virginian

Wide-angle camera lens or not, is there some reason why RobberJoe’s body double and “Dr.” Jill aren’t wearing masks around the Carters, both of whom are in their 90’s?


Good point. RobberJoe wears 2 masks outside.


The Enemy just lost someone important.

They haven’t been able to adopt new comms signaling, so they’ve had to use whatever they’ve used before (Twit et al.) to signal a defeat to their “world”.

IMO, we just had a significant win …

Deplorable Patriot

comment image




I am sure I remember seeing some tweet last year or the year before of Obunglehead talking about the death of his dog Bo.
Probably on QResearch.


comment image


Image by GrandOldMemes

comment image


Internet meme, creator unknown, but it does seem appropriate given Biden’s upcoming attacks on the Second Amendment.

comment image


comment image


comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

THIS is the truth.

Deplorable Patriot

This will be the new iWatch. I know people who will rush out to get it, too.


Rolling my eyes – anything for attention – and what they think is privilege, DP!!!

Deplorable Patriot

I think of it more like a social clique than anything else. It’s a signal of some sort of imagined “coolness” that the rest of us just don’t have.


Yes – for the young and uneducated – or should I say indoctrinated

Deplorable Patriot

Most of the people I know who would do this are older than me. Boomers between about 57 and 70. All addicted to their phones and iwatches.


Really? That is odd – was not aware the ‘mature’ among us were into bracelets – wonder if they are into ‘chips’, too.

Deplorable Patriot

IDK about that, but these are upper middle class “educated” sorts who really are trapped in a bubble.


IMO, it’s one of the reasons for the derision toward the “boomers”.

It’s a generalization, of course, so it needn’t apply to any *specific* individual … yet, as a group, they seem to have been the last culmination of self-promotion (see below).

They got richer than any subsequent generation did, and after that – largely because of obliviousness to the future consequences to our nation – they just kept on virtue-signaling.

The psy-ops have been going on for DECADES, and the “boomers” – again, as a whole – seemed to be the last generation with the financial wherewithal to DO something about the malign trajectory of our society.

When they were young, one of the major subsets of the boomers was the “hippie” generation (especially psy-op’d by the clowns).

IMO, it’s where the tide turned.

Last edited 1 year ago by Emeraldstar
Deplorable Patriot

They’re narcissistic is what they are.


Yes – and they created *malignantly* narcissistic progeny, in many Gen-Xers.

I’ve read some hopeful stuff about the Gen-Z crew. We’ll need them …

Deplorable Patriot

As a gen-Xer…there is a difference between those of us who were born to parents who were pre-WWII, that’s for sure.


A number of people commenting here are Boomers.

I try to give Gen-X a pass wherever possible.

Each generation has its crosses to bear.


Yep. I was born at the tail end of the Boomer generation and have almost nothing in common with those born in the 40s and 50s.

Technically I’m a Boomer but I identify as Gen X. 😁


Liberal educated?

Deplorable Patriot

To an extent, yes.

Deplorable Patriot

Wake me when they turn off the WOPR.


Cool. The purity bracelet.

They’re insufferable enough…now a visible symbol of their moral highground


A college here will have buttons for students and their guests to wear at graduation that say “I am Safe”, for those who have been injected. It’s absurb because anyone can get one without showing proof. Just more division.


Unfortunately, yes, Molly – * Sigh *

Concerned Virginian

One must first upload their “vaccination” information to a “secure government server” (so one need not worry about being tracked on “your travel habits”) before they are “allowed” to purchase the wristband.
There alone are several red flags.
And, by the way, the price for the wristband is $19.99. I remember the Ginsu Knife being sold via TV ads in the 1970’s for the same price. The ads were pretty hard-sell. Will be the similar with this “vaccination wristband”.


“The Ginsu Band”.

I like it!

(for the purpose of mocking, of course.)


Wondered what one would have to do to purchase one – Thanks, CV!!!


What would prevent someone from buying one for a relative who has taken the shot and then using it for entry into venues that require them?

I’m tired of this.


Dunno, Molly – Don’t blame you – It is way past the time to take these dictators down – and take back our freedom to choose!!!


I don’t remember this being posted, but repeating the Boss can’t be bad.

From the Boss’s Desk 7 May.

Donald J. Trump1:41pm May 7, 2021
Josh Hawley, our fantastic Senator from the beautiful and great State of Missouri, has a fantastic new book, just out this week, about the terrible Big Tech companies and their attempt to ruin our Country. It’s called The Tyranny of Big Tech—it has my Full and Complete Endorsement. Buy it now!

Share on Facebook
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Donald J. Trump10:11am May 7, 2021
At 6:31 in the morning on November 4th, a dump of 149,772 votes came in to the State of Michigan. Biden received 96% of those votes and the State miraculously went to him. Has the Michigan State Senate started their review of the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 yet, or are they about to start? If not, they should be run out of office. Likewise, at 3:42 in the morning, a dump of 143,379 votes came in to the state of Wisconsin, also miraculously, given to Biden. Where did these “votes” come from? Both were State Election changing events, and that is on top of the other corruption without even including the fact that neither state got Legislative approval, which is required under the United States Constitution.

Share on Facebook
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Donald J. Trump9:03am May 7, 2021
The Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C., has totally dropped the phony case against me concerning payments to women relative to the 2016 Presidential Election. It was a case built on lies from Michael Cohen, a corrupt and convicted lawyer, a lawyer in fact who was so corrupt he was sentenced to three years in jail for lying to Congress and many other things having nothing to do with me. I thank the Commission for their decision, ending this chapter of Fake News. Between two sleazebag lawyers, Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen, we were all able to witness law and justice in our Country at its lowest!


  :wpds_shock:  Excellent information from Dr. Merritt


Dr. Lee Merritt – The Medical Rebel


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This video led me back into about a week of 9/11 research, so that I could fully re-analyze the videographic theory. I am even more convinced of the soundness of the videographic hoax + bombs theory. This is the idea that we were fooled by the small corps of videographers, whose work was degraded over time.

There is NO WAY that – if this video is authentic – a plane hit that building. I assure you of that as a scientist. I tried to find a way to leave open real planes – I can’t make it work if this video is real.

I won’t go into the details, because the intelligence agencies behind the plot have already taken measures to cover up and discredit the videographic theory.

I discovered MORE than just the issue of this plane and video. By enlarging my focus on the entire event, I have PROVEN what I suspected based on New York local news videographers attempting a hoax at MK University 20 years earlier.

THERE WAS VIDEOGRAPHIC HOAXING. It is DEFINITE. There was hoaxing on 9/11.

Now the backup position of the hoaxing intelligence agencies will naturally be to sacrifice the minimum number of videos to preserve the LIE of planes hitting the buildings. But IMO they’re liars – 9/11 was a neocon plot which got buy-in, and thus served the Bolsheviks who needed the entire American government over a barrel.

CCP allegedly toasted 9/11 as they watched on TV – of that I have no doubt. It was a masterful gain over the American government.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The piece de resistance of the Clinton subversion.


Yeah. I’ve never believed there were planes either – at least not any planes I’m aware of. They simply could not have penetrated a steel reinforced building like their hoax videos showed.


I am questioning, though, how this particular video suddenly showed up – and why.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes. One of the psychological techniques used on us scientists at that time, was that we had never seen anything like it before, and thus we should be open to the idea that “things were different” for a crash of that type. That was a brilliant attack.

What we FAILED to do was to simply admit that and say “Yes, but this is not reason for us to stop questioning and doubting things.
We must proceed starting from doubt.” And indeed, physically the plane injections make no sense. They’re WRONG. Totally, utterly WRONG. Anybody who watches them can see it if they’re honest.

The problem was that PATRIOTISM was played against us at that moment – a stunning victory for the neocons. Right-wing political correctness hemmed us in from questioning properly.

The plotters were SHREWD to let it happen during Bush.


Mother and daughter shot in Times Square…
Posted by Kane on May 8, 2021 6:22 pm



Also this. Society is crumbling






Low IQ, no impulse control and completely comfortable with lawlessness. It’s just how they roll. Some people are just not as far along on the evolutionary timeline.


I don’t know how it can be fixed. When that’s all people know and they are reinforced by their friends and communities, and they are admonished not to be “white” in any way — since they mistakenly think being civilized and educated and speaking articulately is “white” — that’s what they’re stuck with.

They need to watch Pygmalion or My Fair Lady. How they speak and act affects everything. How they think, as well.


It can’t be fixed. The whole “thug life” thing is their greatest influence on popular culture. They’re proud of it. It’s their world, and it works just fine – because someone else is footing the bill.


These are not responsible gun owners – two groups of people – gangs? And – why are people still wearing masks?


Guess the mask nazi attendants are okay with some not wearing the mask correctly every minute. My daughter flew with Southwest recently…she said they were obnoxious and relentless with constant PSA’s about masks


As Breitbart News reported last month, from February 19 to April 22, the Biden administration has flown about 7,200 border crossers into the U.S. interior on domestic commercial flights. Border crossers are allowed to bypass photo identification requirements, boarding flights without a photo ID, and do not have to prove they are negative for the Chinese coronavirus.

Deplorable Patriot

The Couch Commando complained about the flight attendants being obnoxious when it came to the mask thing on SWA.


The last time I was on there (Nov) they were useless, snarly, overtly weird gay….There’s a rant in these threads somewhere about that experience

And they used to be so fun and lighthearted


My wife is a SW flight attendant. I have flown Delta a lot and SW and United. Every month since this began. TSA is in charge of mask mandates and they set the policy the airlines must follow. Which is a lot of announcements and reminders to passengers. The flight attendants can get disciplined/fired if they do not follow the guidance. There are both flight attendant inspectors who travel incognito to audit them as well as Fed officers who can be on board to issue citations etc.

Are many happy about being mask police, no. Do some like it. Yes. Before flying passengers are well worned about the policy and yet people still board and be jerks about the mask. I walk through the airport mostly without it. But once it is time to board and fly, it’s mask on. And this will go on through Sept 15th.


Maybe it’s service in general but people are getting rude and nasty.

My daughter’s comments I take as truth because she herself is a lefty lib so when she says they were over the top..I believe it. She flew American last week and said it was much more mellow than SWA….

IDK..I always loved SWA. From top to bottom they were always nice..something’s changed. The audits or policy I suppose


PS~ on my flight all the attendants were fairly young, acted bothered at the least question, played on their devices almost the entire flight


No doubt the airline has changed. My wife comments all the time. But the stories I hear from her on the idiots she has to deal with on a daily basis are nuts.

My experience with flight attendants is there are always a few power hungry types and they do the airline no good. The crews are put together in advance. My wife can put notes on people she has worked with in their system and if she sees a knuckle head she will change her trip.


It’s interesting that with CV and endless unemployment checks, endless free time, no kids going to school, etc the many vids of insane airport brawls.
People who didn’t fly a lot are now going places ?

Those huge groups of out of control freaks actually are seated in those planes and anyone believes they behave much better on the plane ..they’re nuts. So maybe the incessant PSA’s are becoming a norm in part because the customers are acting like street thugs during flight too unless monitored like babies

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Travel is picking up. Employees are being called back and flights are being added. Each airline will be working to capture all these returning passengers. So if you see one with to good to be true prices, remember the quality of passenger that will attract.


I flew on Alaska not long ago. Horrid bitches. Karens on steroids.


The cop was very close to the angle of this photo. The cop was too short to be effective, and their chief is compromised.

John Cardillo (@johncardillo) Tweeted:
.@PlanoMayorHarry, @PlanoPoliceDept, @GregAbbott_TX, disgraceful that you allowed #BlackLivesMatter  terrorists to illegally block traffic and pull a gun on an unarmed law abiding citizen while your officer stood by and protected the criminals.

You should all resign in disgrace. https://t.co/M4vxcSBAWU


Savages and ferals running the show now.
Whether it’s lunatic Left policies or no LEO wants to get Chauvin-ed ..citizen John or Jane Doe are on their own.


We are. Its going to come down tobthe savages killing innocents on film before people start vigilante posses.


Gil, I almost worry that to the same parallel that liberals are brainwashed..so are a lot of Conservatives..we’ve had it ingrained in us to wait for the police, wait for the courts
In the ghetto ganglands revenge and payback are the rule but in surburbia…we’ve had the fight bred right out of us


Until this past year, over and over and over, seeing the rule of law passed over for political gain has made many aware now. Being aware isnt enough. Holding out to speak publicly isnt emough. It will come down to using force when all rule of law is gone.
As fast as the disintegration is happening under bite me, it does seem a certainty.


It seems a certainty that if our loved ones were in immediate danger we wouldn’t hesitate to take action but how in the world do we put up a united front that comes anywhere near giving ‘we mean it’ vibes ?


Well true Patriots in the Military and in Congress would do whats necessary. All govt is so bloated that despite cogs being broken or missing the ds machine keeps grinding bc it cant stop. Something bigger than the machine itself must occur.
Wars are distractions and easy ways to eliminate political opposition. With Iran I dont know what the bite me people are trying to do. War here will hurt their interests too.
We have no leaders just poorly kept corruption on display.


Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) Tweeted:
JUST IN – Sadiq Khan re-elected for second term as #London mayor, beating the Conservative’s Shaun Bailey.

Cuppa Covfefe

Wonder if “Dominion” voting machines were involved…..


Very good question.

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Allegedly, yes, but a number of Labour majority London boroughs voted majority Conservative for Shaun Bailey, who is also a person of colour.

I read that 56,000 ballots had to be discounted because they were unclear.

Shaun Bailey, a true family man, was not supported by Conservative Party HQ, for whatever reason. They chose him, yet they did not support him. He did really well under such circumstances.

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Thats unfortunate. And L9ndon is not better off now.


Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) Tweeted:
BREAKING: Less than an hour after Pastor Artur Pawlowski hosted this “illegal” church service in Calgary, he was swarmed by police and arrested. Details to come. We’re crowdfunding his legal defence at https://t.co/bMwAj1iNfP


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Black dude disguised himself as a white ginger yo commit burglaries.

“Masked bandit linked to 30 burglaries across Los Angeles arrested in Beverly Hills

By Mary Stringini

Published 1 day ago

FOX 11

“LOS ANGELES – Authorities arrested a man believed to be connected with more than 30 masked burglaries across the Los Angeles area.

Rockim Prowell, 30, of Inglewood, was arrested on Sunday following a traffic stop in Beverly Hills. He was later charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand theft, and one count of vandalism”
comment image



LOL…that’s funny. Clown world (if other way around) would be marchin…that’s rayciss and all

Cuppa Covfefe

Should’ve booked him for felony cultural appropriation… and black privilege…

Wonder if he hails from Mad Maxine’s district?????


Inglewood is her district.


Kamala is finally working on the border problem…  😒 


“Border Czar” Kamala Harris Got Up and Walked Out of First Meeting with Mexican President on Border Security – Obrador Accuses Biden Admin of Orchestrating Coup

Mexico has sent a diplomatic note asking the United States to suspend funding for an anti-corruption group critical of the government, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday.

Lopez Obrador said the formal protest was sent because of financial backing for Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), a group that investigates political corruption. The president says the group is seeking to undermine his government.

“It’s interference, it’s interventionism, it’s promoting coup plotters,” said Lopez Obrador, describing funding that includes money from the U.S. Agency for International Development, commonly known as USAID, as an affront to Mexico’s sovereignty.

So is this financing of Obrador’s enemies why we are seeing (not really, MSM is doing a great job of keeping it all out of the news) unrest in many of these South and Central American countries? ((well not the deep why, just asking about the short reason why. The deep why is more likely more diabolical and ultimately targets this country.))


She cant handle it, and she was the ca ag….


Her puppet masters didn’t prepare her for that accusation


The cartels need to be kept happy and free to do their dirty stuff in the US and we and the other globalists need to appropriate the natural resources in Central America. Win/win for the cabal and sooo much easier than regime or leader changes which can be so time consuming and bloody.


Someone should wake up Glen Beck and tell him to bring his chalk board.

This is all very reminiscent of Biden’s Ukraine problem with Burisma. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) <<<—->>> Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI)



EVANCE00 (@EVANCE003) Tweeted:
My favorite part is where @ricardy4mason says, “YOUR TIME HAS EXPIREDDDDD” really slowly and hits that “D” nice and hard as if the speaker doesn’t understand English. You no longer represent us, @fcpsnews school board. #recallFCPS


She should consider bringing twenty friends next time and when her time expires bring them up to do all the cringe worthy BLM/Antifa antics on them as it is the only thing these people seem to recognize.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Never forget – CHINA DID THIS.

Doesn’t matter who the victims are.

Soviets planted the poison ivy. CHINA FED IT.


My daughter in Tenn is telling me some of the Chinese rocket debris came down near her house. Lots of military planes in the air and on the ground there. About 30 mins ago.


12 military planes flying in formation above it.


Wow ! I wondered where it was going to hit.
Was it spreading debris over a wide area? If you might know


Pretty wide she says the large piece is still out there. She thinks the major impact could be NY or NJ. Circling the earth every 90 mins. So this is part of the rocket out from her house.
All the data is coming from top secret sources as far as geolocation tracking. So info to public comes in late. Her husband has a huge telescope that has its own building. He was watching this and scared the hell out of him.


Thank you so much for the info.


Rutherford county


Thanks for posting this. It is fascinating and terrifying at the same time, you know?


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Public schools are designed to neuter American human children for somebody’s sake, and it ain’t ours.


I got an email from petco today to dress up you animal in gay pride, and that they donate to some alphabet depression group.
I unsubscribed and in the comments told them their jackass ceo to not inject politics into my pet supplies.


giloo, Years ago, somebody told me Petco supports PETA.
no more Petco.


Petco is pricey too.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Ashli Babbitt’s husband. This is pretty off-pissing.


There is no way they can keep the name of that officer from them. Total complete corruption. Some people with nothing to lose might not let that go.

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Jihadwatch still has a lot of interesting stories on a day by day basis. Wish we had time for them but alas we’ve serious problems here. Still though here’s one rather well written.


Sadie Slays

Best theory I’ve heard so far about the Chinese rocket. I don’t believe the official narrative one bit.
comment image


…..and they’re already planning their next one.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. THIS IS CHINA. Everything stealthy and hidden. And the EVIDENCE BURNS UP.


I just saw this on Citizen Free Press.

BLOCKBUSTER STORY — Inside Trump’s secret plan to assassinate Qassem Soleimani…

This article, based on interviews with 15 current and former U.S. officials, reveals new details about the Soleimani strike and the Trump administration’s long-running deliberations about killing the Iranian general and other top Iranian officials and proxies. It depicts an operation that was more sophisticated, and with a broader list of people potentially targeted for killing, than was previously known. And it describes previously unreported threats to U.S. officials in the aftermath of the strike.


That was a good article. I’m curious who okay’d this to be published and why now?


Here’s another from CFP. “Attention Texas Republicans — You have a (serious) problem!”

Attention Texas Republicans — You have a (serious) problem!

Starts at 16:08 if I messed that up.

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