Dear KMAG: 20210607 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.

But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

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Please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election:

For your listening enjoyment, I offer this from Audiomachine, titled ‘Quintessence’:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

I will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wheatie’s Word of the Day:

feck, feckless

Feck is a noun which means…strength, vigor; value, usefulness; effective. Feckless is an adjective which means…feeble, weak; careless and irresponsible; ineffective, useless, worthless.

Used in a sentence:

Having no feck, the Democrats put our country at risk with their feckless foreign policy.

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World Doctors Alliance
Forwarded from Covid Red Pills 


That likely deserves to be coupled with this story.

Are we looking at a shake down by our own Govt? WEF?
Maybe a ham fisted attempt to shape certain sectors and middle class businesses to shake them up and put them in alignment with global policies?
Or have we signaled to the underworld we don’t care? or combination with the above?

The cyber cops responsible for watching over this stuff now belong to O’le 10% Joe and this was not a large problem under Trump.

Last edited 14 days ago by para59r

Looking at all the news stories on this I’d add in Biden has likely taken his foot of the accelerator where it concerns cyber attacks in order to create a crisis from which to impose new dictates that will be far reaching across the private sector impacting not just business, but personal life as well. The goals are likely many and include everything from taking down Russia to getting that cashless society while bending the world to their whims.


So the Jamie Gorelick wall thing came to mind as a likely possibility of what’s happening, you know erect a barrier so one side can’t see what the other side is doing and that allows the perps to slip in unnoticed while providing the administration with probable deniability.

I figured one could go to and scan through the first couple thousand of executive orders and see which one’s might effect cyber security, but that site is so freaking muddled mixing every executive action together from proclamations of when they changed their socks and what hamper they put them into. No clear list of executive orders exist there. It’s hunt, hunt, hunt. Not a very useful sight at all unless your a shoe shine boy. (And still no petition page.. guess they don’t need to hear from the stinky unwashed).

Anyway, concerning the Gorelick Wall thing, the same effect likely can be gotten from a restructure of the governments IT structure, allowing for new compartmentation, along with new priorities and given RAC’s post on “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” by the Rockefeller Foundation to help the poor, (as if the Rockefeller Foundation hasn’t amassed enough billions already in their quest to help the poor they are most likely already set up to follow that paper to “help the poor” don’t ya know). Which of course means they did a full restructure making new dynamic puzzles out of the puzzle palace that was already in place.

Meanwhile at the same time they claim Trump let cyber security grow lax under his watch. What a crock!

Last edited 14 days ago by para59r

The fake news and lies of the left have cost so many US lives as well as lives around the world that their “Trump Derangement Syndrom” moves from an apt description of their emotional, factless, knee jerk reactions to President Trump’s policies, actions and even to his comments to a wicked use of politics with deadly results.

Victor Davis Hanson explains how their determination to be anti Trump rather than focusing on truth, their adhereance to fake news in the media, the political narrative and on social media had lead to deadly consequences.

Full article at link; extensive excerpts of the deadly results of fake news here:

“Think about it: For about five years, anything candidate, president-elect, and President Trump said or did, the media, the Left, and progressive popular culture opposed in Pavlovian fashion.

Anything that Trump touched was ridiculed or discredited—regardless of evidence, data, or cogency. The merits of a Trump policy, a Trump assessment, a Trump initiative were irrelevant—given the primordial hatred of the Left of all things Trump: the president, the person, the family.

Under the reductionist malady of Trump Derangement Syndrome, facts and logic did not matter. Instead, anything not said or done in opposition to Trump empowered the supposed existential Trump threat. … and people died as a result.

Yet, existentially hating everything Trump said or did—as opposed to expressing political opposition to him and his policies—did not just implode elite careers. It also turned deadly. The result of such knee-jerk revulsion was a great deal of damage to the country in general and unnecessary deaths of Americans in particular.
For over a year, anyone who questioned the official NIH/NIAID/Fauci narrative that the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of a new viral mutation that had jumped to humans from bats (or pangolins)—perhaps carved up in the Wuhan wet market—was attacked both personally and professionally. Why? Mostly because Trump himself had questioned just that improbable hypothesis. And Trump certainly could not be right. But even if he were, it was still the moral thing to say he was not.

Connecting the dots of a biosafety level-4 virology lab, at or near the first recorded cases of COVID-19, was a mortal sin—simply because Trump had alleged just that….
Had the country removed such knee-jerk, venomous hatred from the equation, and instead encouraged scientists to examine the evidence in disinterested fashion in early 2020, then we might have known what we are only beginning to learn now—a year earlier and with hundreds of thousands of Americans perhaps still alive.

In the months when COVID-19 was sweeping the country, frontline doctors the world over were desperately seeking to recalibrate known drugs, through modeling and theories that they possessed anti-viral or anti-inflammatory properties useful for either attenuating the virus or ameliorating the lethal “cytokine storm” immune reaction.

Doctors in poor countries such as India were attracted to one, hydroxychloroquine, an old, cheap, anti-malarial drug, generally recognized as safe and also known for its efficacy in treating inflammatory diseases such as lupus.

When stories surfaced that both American and European doctors had independently claimed clear effectiveness of the drug in treating some COVID-19 patients, Trump in reaction tweeted that it couldn’t hurt to take the drug, either as a medicine or a prophylactic. Rumors swirled that he had taken the drug himself.

Furor ensued. Outrage followed. And soon the time-tried hydroxychloroquine was considered an existential evil on par with Trump himself. If prior to Trump, the drug had been hailed by the United Nations as an essential medicine, especially in poor countries for its dirt-cheap cost, effectiveness, and general safety, suddenly it was now considered little more than a toxic witch’s brew. Fauci’s legions demonized the drug and soon it sometimes proved illegal for doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for off-label usages.
“Double-blind” studies supposedly “proved” that the drug was useless, even though there was not comprehensive research conducted at different dosages and at different stages of the COVID-19 disease. Additional reports from India that some doctors there felt that the sudden widespread use of hydroxychloroquine and the anti-parasitical drug Ivermectin were responsible for decreases in COVID-19 lethality were likewise mocked.

Now we read this week that a new study conducted at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey, found that when the dosages of hydroxychloroquine were calibrated and adjusted by patient weight, and fortified by the antibiotic azithromycin, there was a more than 100 percent increase in survival rates among COVID-19 patients—without any correlation to heart arrhythmias.

More specifically in this context, maverick frontline doctor and infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Smith, of the nonprofit Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health, recently argued that perhaps 100,000 lives might have been saved had the medical guild not demonized the drug and utterly dismissed it. Note that we are learning that once-heralded, far more expensive and difficult to administer drugs, such as plasma therapy and Remdesivir, offered little efficacy in treating COVID-19. Why were the latter drugs considered legitimate experimental protocols in desperate times to treat the seemingly untreatable disease, but not hydroxychloroquine?

The answer may be that Trump advocated the latter and not the former. Ergo, the safe, cheap and well-known hydroxychloroquine was transmogrified into deadly and useless, and “the jury is still out” on plasma therapy and Remdesivir.

In a Trump nanosecond, we went from the prior Obama appeasement of Putin (or is that too kind an appraisal, given Obama’s own hot mic, quid pro quo deal with Putin to put the interests of his own reelection campaign above U.S. national security—specifically dismantling missile defense in Eastern Europe if Putin would only calm down and give Obama space during his reelection efforts) to a Cold War-style “Russian Under Every Bed” national mania.
The result was that the Left talked loudly and insanely about Russian “collusion” while carrying a tiny twig. The most dangerous formula in foreign policy is to aggravate, goad, and incite a volatile enemy (with 7,000 nuclear weapons), with no intention of keeping him cornered and caged. Before Trump, we had the Obama reset appeasement of Putin. After Trump, we do again. In both cases, we also get the obligatory anti-Russian rhetoric in a way not accorded to the more dangerous Chinese Communist government.

The lethal examples of the wages of irrational and deranged Trump hatred are nearly countless. A once calm Trump border is now the scene of utter chaos, misery—and death—as the erstwhile advocates of immigrant children abruptly grow mute. A once calm Middle East and the successful Abraham Accords disappeared and were supplanted by mayhem, death, and destruction. A once-booming energy sector and inexpensive fuels are now mired amid spiking prices at the pump, an end to new federal gas and oil leases on federal lands, the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve put off-limits, and pipeline projects canceled.

Irrationally hating everything Donald Trump touched was not just pathological, it often became downright scary—and deadly—for Americans.”


Very interesting…..

The DoJ says they got the Pipeline Ransomware payment back by seizing the wallet it was in.

This was either:
(a) Possible all along, in which case the whole Silk Road scam and all the government whinging about Bitcoin was BS.
(b) A lucky break.
(c) Technically brilliant sleuthing.
(d) A by-product of government spying.
(e) None of the above — they just went down to Langley and told ’em to give it back.


4.4 million in ransom retrieved. Stories range from that being the bulk, to half, to partial. My guess would be partial and the change has been pocketed.


Some of the loss is Bitcoin’s decline in value.


Evenin’ Cthulhu….gonna go with (e) None of the above – they just went down to Langley

April 14, 2021 – (FORBES)
The Senate on Wednesday confirmed President Joe Biden’s nomination of Gary Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs banker and a forceful commodities regulator under former President Barack Obama, to head up the Securities and Exchange Commission, setting the stage for wide spread reform as the agency takes on unprecedented stock-market volatility and booming institutional adoption in the nascent cryptocurrency space.

And then today we hear from one of the tools in Gensler pocket…..

“The misuse of cryptocurrency is a massive enabler here,” Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger said on CNN. “That’s the way folks get the money out of it. On the rise of anonymity and enhancing cryptocurrencies, the rise of mixer services that essentially launder funds.”

The NSA..well what da ya know…..the point is….If one believes the answer is anything but (e), I’ve got a bridge I’d love to sell….


That’s pretty much what I’m thinking as well. The whole thing stinks.


El Chupa Harris is once again visited by Willie B. 🎶 😄

Last edited 14 days ago by Gingersmom2009

I can’t be authoritative, but I don’t think that’s the right word.

There are two meanings of “chula” — one is botanical (the rosy periwinkle), and the other scatological (schlong). There is a California city by the name of Chula Vista, and a continual challenge to figure out which meaning the city was named for….

I believe the word being sought would be “puta” — someone who performs intimate services for money — as memorialized in the creek that runs through UC Davis, Putah Creek. [The H was inserted so the signmakers could make signs for it without laughing.]


OK, now it says “chupa” — a leather jacket.

I was thinking it could have been attempt at “chulo” — pimp.


comment image


That’s what the guy says in the video, introducing her. 😄 If you look it up chupa means suck, or so it’s claimed. Also I think it’s her laugh looks like a chupacabra.


All I know is common construction-site versions.




I once did accounting work for a bronze foundry (they did Remingtons and such). The owner used to say that it took him three years in the business before he figured out that “tu madre” didn’t mean “boss”.


Well, he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, was he?


Sidney Powell
Forwarded from 
BREAKING: Texas Governor Greg Abbott just signed SB968 banning private businesses and government agencies from requiring vaccine passports

Forwarded from 
BREAKING: Texas Governor Greg Abbot just signed HB574 increasing the penalty for election/voter fraud to a 2nd degree felony


Is 2nd degree felony where you get to hogtie ’em, whip ’em, and leave ’em in the sun on top of an anthill? Or is it some sort of half-measure?


I think you’ve got it, as long as it’s fire ants.

Under Texas law, second degree felonies are punishable by two to 20 years in prison, and a fine of up to $10,000. For example, selling between five and 50 pounds of marijuana is a second degree felony. (Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 12.33 (2019).)

But two years is not in the fire ant category. Twenty years is more like it.


Lin Wood
Forwarded from 
Pay very close attention to Seth Keshel as he walks through, in detail, election fraud.

Voter fraud data exposed & explained in detail! 

Doug Billings’ interveiw with former Army Captain of Military Intelligence, Seth Keshel

Lin Wood
Forwarded from 
Doug Billings
Voter fraud data exposed & explained in detail! Doug’s interveiw with former Army Captain of Military Intellegence, Seth Keshel