A Tactical Analysis of Trump’s Speech to the GOP in North Carolina

NOTE: Colorful language warning. I’ve got my reasons.

In my opinion, Trump’s speech to the North Carolina GOP on the evening of June 5, 2021 was BIG COMMS.

As I was watching it, I realized that it’s IMPORTANT.

The first step is to LISTEN TO IT. If you have not done so, then please REMEDY THE SITUATION.

I will give you TWO OPTIONS.

Option 1 – Listen to a video of Trump’s speech

The speech is not quite an hour and a half – more like an hour and 15 minutes. The video contains a good chunk of time AFTER it was finished.

Option 2 – Read a transcript of Trump’s speech


The transcript is surprisingly good, although there are some minor errors.

The Big Context & Why Trump Lauds the Vaccine

Before we get started, I need to put this stuff in context. Some very BIG context. I may get a bit “drill sergeant” on you, but YOU NEED IT.

The fact of the matter is that we have been CUT OFF FROM TRUMP for – depending upon how you measure it – between 4 and 7 months. Social media attempted to BAN Trump to stop what’s coming, but as Q said, “nothing can stop what’s coming”. Nevertheless, they tried.

Trump has successfully USED this time of enforced semi-silence to get a lot of things done. You may not realize that, but it will become more and more apparent as the world which opposes Trump, MAGA and America First, CRUMBLES BEFORE US.

Some of the crumbling is beginning. This video, posted yesterday by Scott, tells you about the ALLOWED CRUMBLE. So does this post by Political Moonshine.

THIS part of the downfall is what the “cabal” WANTS.

You probably never heard of this “DRASTIC” group which is now being set up by the mainstream media as some kind of crowd-source Woodward and Bernstein.

Let’s start right here with that. Woodward and Bernstein were CHUMPS. They were USED. They found what they were supposed to find. PART of the story. Nixon was brought down by a SET-UP SCANDAL – a scandal created by the REAL scandal – just like OBAMAGATE tried to bring down Trump with a created scandal of RUSSIAGATE.

Halper was there. What do you think he was doing?

You understand?

Ask yourself – why are the members of “DRASTIC” – who have been monitored on Twitter by the CIA and DNC this whole time, without being banned – allowed to stay there, while feminist author Naomi Wolf is suspended for cautioning about the vaccine?

Likewise, you are seeing nothing on the mainstream media about the Pfizer documents released by Japan, showing that the scientists at Pfizer KNEW the vaccine was PERSISTING LIKE A DEMON and HEADING STRAIGHT FOR THE OVARIES LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL.

Only taking enough time – way too much time – so that almost anything was possible.

Suddenly the idea of a persistent lipid nanoparticle, handily schlepping mRNA, seemingly designed to migrate throughout the body over DAYS, and actually DOING SO, therefore ALSO being secreted in SKIN LIPIDS, didn’t sound like science fiction. “Shedding” is now not just a theory – it’s a natural consequence of this data. It would take a NOVEL THEORY to say why it should NOT happen.


And we didn’t just have what I had speculated – SPIKE PROTEIN shedding evidence – as powerful as that TOXIC spike protein is. We have both theory and evidence of VACCINE SHEDDING.

Oh – and speaking of snake protein toxicity – we now know that several research groups spotted the snake protein relationship to the spike protein early and submitted their discovery in April and May of 2020, in one case less than a month after what looks like a “targeted MK murder” of one of the researchers.

None of this stuff is coming out. What is coming out is a CHANGE IN SCRIPT that lets CHINA act out, and CHINA JOE respond predictably. The Wuhan lab stuff – obvious as it always was – is suddenly being admitted, both to gain media credibility, and to create a political sandbox for the DNC, the globalists, the media, and China to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE.

It is quite easy, right now, to predict that, in the end, China will “admit” that it had a lab leak, and because the WORLD didn’t provide enough money to CHINA, to have better labs, BAD THINGS HAPPENED. Robber Joe will then send BILLIONS TO CHINA.

Get the picture? This is ALL bullshit of the highest order.

NONE of the stuff about contraception, population control, spike protein toxicity, vaccine persistence and shedding – NONE of that stuff will be admitted, or even discussed.


Now, I’m not going to get into exactly WHY they all did this, because they ALL have different motivations. But just bear in mind, that when I heard Melinda Gates say that (let’s play their caps game backwards) blacks and amerinds needed to take the vaccine FIRST – yeah. When the contraceptive nature of the spike protein appeared, Gates & Gates sure went running for the MONEY EXITS, with the mainstream media helping sow the Epstein angle as the reason.

LOL. Can’t fool EITHER Wolf.

It should now be clear that there is SOME collapse of the COVID narrative that are going to be allowed, or even promoted and TIMED, and others that are NOT ALLOWED. Even within the allowed parts, the RELATIVE RATES of REVELATION and PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING will have all kinds of effects on the POLITICAL OUTCOMES, and in particular WHO SURVIVES and WHO DOESN’T.

Take a HINT from skiing, surfing, mountain-biking, parachuting, “dirt-surfing” down a mountain, falling on a rope, and a lot of other things which are a balance between gravity and artful resistance.

The key to survival, and better still, GRACEFUL SURVIVAL, is to LET IT HAPPEN BEAUTIFULLY.

SO – back to Trump – and some reality.

The vaccine is not going to kill everybody who takes it. Don’t fall for extreme predictions. Anybody predicting that idea is pushing far beyond what we can know now – to say it kindly. Yeah, if everybody keeps taking the same terrible wrong mRNA spike protein vaccines or new, changed ones, for a long time, maybe we end up with a Marek’s situation, or more likely a small percentage of cancers or immune problems, but again, we are not sure any of that will happen. In the meanwhile, most of my neighbors take the vaccine, and little or nothing apparent happens to them.

I do appreciate the various “vaccine whistleblowers” who have WISELY stepped up to point out RISKS that the industry is FAILING to tell us about.

But the truth is, the vaccines that Trump pushed almost undoubtedly SAVED LIVES overall. Yeah, the CDC lied like crazy, and a lot of people died who didn’t have to, because Trump was no longer in a place where he could modulate the vaccine administration. People who should never have gotten the vaccine got it, because the contraindications – easily GUESSED, but moreover KNOWN and FULLY UNDERSTOOD – did NOT appear on those BLANK circulars included in the boxes with the vaccines.

They PUSHED the vaccines for POLITICS, not MEDICINE, and that, my friends, is STALINISM.

CDC LIED – PEOPLE DIED – and Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Nancy Messonnier, has quietly LEFT CDC.


Trump is going to tout the BIG PICTURE – that the vaccine – (bad as it was, but don’t say that) – worked. It was, by and large, like a mildly lethal form of cowpox would have been as a smallpox vaccine. Thanks to Democrats, big pharma, eugenicists, China, and a pantheon of allied evil, things were not as optimal as they would have been with TRUMP in the White House. But as far as what Trump was ABLE to do, it WAS optimal.

As Cthulhu likes to say, Trump pushed through the ambush, and it WORKED. The vaccines were never REQUIRED, except belatedly, by every smaller, devious, corporate-mediated and state-mediated means that the EVIL DEMS can think of. But the vaccines are still basically not required, thank God.

Now – that is only part of the context.


You will see, Trump is headed STRAIGHT INTO THAT BATTLE.

Here is a secret. The other side will do ANYTHING to stop the undoing of fake elections, and in particular the unseating of Joe Biden. They would create a “whole ‘nuther scandal” – a really big one – to distract from the scandal of fake elections. They would even push a phony conflict with China.

Are you getting the picture?


We are headed into a beautiful storm. Prepare to STORM-SURF.

The Messages from Trump’s Speech

I went BACK through Trump’s speech, and took notes. You can READ those notes at the end, as an appendix.

What I will do here is present my biggest-picture impressions from looking over those notes.

Biden is destroying America – are we going to take this?

It was a simple question, but this is a message to YOU.

If YOU resolve that we do NOT get to the 2022 election without SOLVING the 2020 election – and I mean YOU REALLY RESOLVE – that THEY REALLY SOLVE – well, things could get very interesting.

I’ve made my peace. I’m ready. Are you?

Catastrophic inflation is coming – get ready.

We lived through it before, but we will live through it again.

WHY, you might ask.

Because inflation is a weapon of FEAR, and it’s ALL THEY HAVE NOW.

Expect inflation. They are going to throw EVERYTHING at us to keep Robber Joe in the White House.

China owes US, and the world, trillions of dollars in reparations.

This is HUGE. Screw puny BLM reparations.

Do you know that they now have a way to image COVID damage to lungs? As in MY LUNGS?

Yeah. Wait long enough, and the TRUTH comes to YOU.

Now you know why I took a lesson from the Sioux and never gave up, and never relented from alleging WHAT THEY DID. And my CHURCHILL PAPERWEIGHT.


100% tariff across all products from China needs to be imposed.

Trump noted that Biden has NOT removed the tariffs. Now Trump also notes that China will send it’s stuff through other countries to beat the tariffs, and China Joe will use that to give China an out, but who knows.

But I think it’s coming. If not soon, then soon enough.

Cancelling ALL debt to China by ALL countries is a down payment

This got huge cheers, and hell yes. DO IT.

Trump is king-maker – and he is using it.

Trump was reveling in his power to SHIFT THE BATTLE.

But at the same time, Trump emphasized that his endorsements are a WIN FOR THE GOP.

Wake up, RINOs.

Trump also sent some HINTS about running in 2024. Interesting.

Dems are not letting illegals in for voting – it’s something else.

This is VERY intriguing. I’m still thinking about this.

Terror? Spies? Something is up.

Endless wars are ending, and even Robber Joe is going along with it.

Trump really spent a lot of time on this. He thinks its important. We are NOT going back to endless war.

We need to STAY on that message. They will ALWAYS try to come back with a WAR to snake us.

Critical race theory must be banned everywhere

This got massive cheers.

Critical race theory is DEMOCRAT POLITICS. It’s CHINA politics. Get it the FUCK OUT. Of EVERYTHING.

School choice must be passed to get out of insane public schools

This just makes so much sense now. We need to CLEAN HOUSE to get this PASSED.

Prosecutorial misconduct will continue until November 2024

Do you have a plan if Trump is arrested?

You should.

You don’t have to tell anybody what it is. You don’t even have to tell anybody that you have one. It can be VERY subtle. But PLAN for how YOUR WORLD CHANGES – and how THEIR WORLD CHANGES – when they pull that final fuckage.

Make sure they RUE THE DAY for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

The Arizona audit will be done in 3 or 4 weeks

Likewise, prepare.

Be prepared to NOT BACK DOWN. No matter what the Communist Democrats and CHINA do.

I’m not kidding.


Zuckerberg and Facebook broke the law, including drop-boxes

Trump GETS the insanity of MAGIC DROP BOXES.

There is a reason magicians use what are essentially drop boxes. I have described how I witnessed this, when I dropped off OUR ballots at a Democrat-wo-manned drop-box. It was not pretty.

Zuckerberg knew this. He’s EVIL. He’s a LIAR. He’s a CON ARTIST. He deserves JAIL.

After a nice fair trial that humiliates him before the world.

Expect to see things we have not seen before RE election & audits

Like I said, get ready. In a few weeks, things start getting sketchy.

Prepare to say FUCK YOU to the other side. We want JUSTICE.

The country, and many states, are not actually “50:50”

This is a powerful concept. There is NO WAY that half the electorate wants defunding the police, open borders, fewer jobs, sanctuary cities, and all these things Democrats are pushing.

The implication if clear. Democrats DEPEND on cheating to stay in the game in a winning way.

Trump even thinks some nominal blue states are not actually blue – and indeed, this would explain the massive cheating.

Our movement is far from over – it is just starting!

Yup. And if you look around, and see the WALLS FALLING, you know the truth.

We’re winning. Slowly. Painfully. UGLY. But we’re winning.

SMILE through the GRIT and the PAIN, because….


Appendix: My notes of the speech, re-watching it

America First – right up front.

Our country is being destroyed before our eyes.

Democrats are destroying America – BUT THEY STICK TOGETHER.

We’re going to have a TREMENDOUS 2022 – just like 2020 (note hint about election fraud).

“We had a great election. Bad things happened, but we had a great election.”

Lists off all the bad that Democrats are doing, including TOXIC CRT “and illegal discrimination into our children’s schools”. NEW ATTACK ON DEMS!!!

After the long list……“Now, you tell me – do we take this?”

He talks about the radical Democrats, but then gets a misspelling on the teleprompter, at almost exactly 5:00 minutes.

“Together, we’re going to defund our freedoms…..” at which point he STOPS using the teleprompter – something is wrong.

He goes into a little spiel where he says both “defend” and “defund” a few times, and IMO he was sending a message about the misspelling back to the crew – then he talks about how bad things are, and that we’re going to see how bad things are – it’s clearly very repetitive – looks like there is some kind of PROBLEM with the script or the teleprompter and he is stalling.

It’s FIXED in under a minute, and he moves on.

Next, big kudos from Trump to Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Then an endorsement for Virginia Fox. Then thanks to David Rouser. Then Dan Bishop (big cheers). Then Richard Hudson. Then Madison Cawthorne (lots of Trump compliments). Then Greg Murphy. Then very nice thanks to Ted Budd.

Then – Deb Meadows and Mark Meadows – and an interesting tale on the dynamic there – SHE being a Trump supporter before HE was.

Then a Trump “age well” statement – 2022 is going to be a banner year for North Carolina Republicans.

He then goes into an extended spiel about how, together, “we” and “you” (NCGOP) pushed back against a “blue North Carolina” destiny and turned it red.

He mentions the NC GOP senator who was just added, and predicts that there will be 2 or even 3 new GOP House members (presumably from NC) in 2022, and that we’re going to take over from Pelosi.

Then he mentions that we will be adding a Senator from NC, and winning the state in 2024, to big cheers.

Then, he makes subtle references to us seeing things like we’ve never seen before, in rejecting Joe Biden and the radical socialist Democrats – vague but interesting.

Then, in the process of inviting up Lara Trump (Eric’s wife and NC native), he mentions that Baron is now 6 feet 7 inches at 15 years old!

Lara lets us know that she is NOT running for the Senate seat, but that PDJT will be endorsing who IS running for it, AND that she is not ruling out a future run, but that this is a family (child-raising) decision. She also hints about 2024 being “3 and 0” for Trump/Republicans – thus implying a possible Trump run in 2024.

Then Trump segues into a somewhat surprise announcement of his endorsement of Ted Budd for the Senate seat, and invites Budd up to the microphone. “Complete and total endorsement.”

Afterwards, he comments about how he surprised Budd just before the speech with the news, and also mentions the press in the back, and chides them a bit.

After this a BIG defense of how he made a big bet on the vaccine, and WON – not only saving many lives, but also ending the crisis.

Next, he moves to the border – how terrible it is now – how GREAT it was before Biden destroyed it.

Trump notes that THOUSANDS of MS-13 were removed – and how he had to fight to get the countries to take them back.

But now, he switches gear and talks about the ASTOUNDING 1000% increase in illegal immigrants at the border thanks to Biden.

“Nobody ever thought they could do this much destruction to our country so quickly.”

“They’ve been abolishing ICE through agency directives.” – this is a killer argument.

“But the border is just the beginning of the Biden disasters.” (PLURAL)

Trump then goes into the economic stuff, contrasting American energy independence with gas prices. Among the boilerplate, he makes a prediction that “inflation will cause a catastrophe in the near future”.

Wedged in there – a reminder about the success with therapeutics against the pandemic.

Trump then goes into an extended recounting of how badly the employment situation is now, under Biden – how all that the Trump administration worked for is being wasted away – even quoting the New York Times.

He goes through a litany of disastrous Biden policies – just blood-boiling stuff – and then comes the switch….


He then tags China with inflicting 16 TRILLION DOLLARS of damage onto the United States with COVID.

(Which gets interrupting applause when he calls it the CHINA VIRUS.)

Interesting point – Trump states that without the vaccines, we would have had a “1916 Spanish Flu number” of fatalities.

Then he goes to the lab origin point – the big TOLDJASO. This is then followed by lots of clarification about his relationship with Fauci, and Fauci’s love of the media. But then Trump points out how Fauci kept calling things OPPOSITE OF TRUMP, including border closures and masks – noting that Fauci said “no masks” at first, but then became a “radical masker”. Trump also joked about adding goggles and then “let’s wear them for another 5 or 6 years” – clearly what the Dems wanted.

“But Fauci has perhaps never been more wrong, than when he denied the virus and where it came from.”

And that is when he drops the big one.


Huge cheers and applause.

“China must pay – they MUST pay.”

More huge applause.

Trump then calls for an immediate 100% tariff on all goods coming in from China. (And Trump notes that Biden hasn’t taken the tariffs off, either.)

Trump notes that not only would the tariffs bring jobs back to the United States – China would stop building its military.

Trump then notes that he had no desire to do trade deals with China after the virus. He takes pride in the deal they did for the farmers, but says he just didn’t care about a deal with China after the virus.

He mentions reinvesting the tariff money in bringing back jobs and factories from China and elsewhere, and gets into a one-sided “talking” conversation with a furniture maker in the audience. Trump tells the guy to “stay tuned” because they were planning to “bring it all back”. IMO, this is where things are going, once the FAKE ELECTION is taken care of.

Trump then says that China needs to be presented with a BILL from the world for 10 trillion dollars, which he says is a very low number.

Then another kicker. ALL COUNTRIES should collectively cancel all debt to China as a DOWN PAYMENT.

And RIGHT THEN is when he goes after this administration being TIMID with China, and “frankly, corrupt”, mentioning all the Chinese money going to Hunter Biden.

After a long recounting of Biden family corruption with China, and the press and social media hiding it for the election, he mentions IRAN.

Then North Korea. At this point, it really seems clear to the listener that the Democrats are up to something with all this money they send to our enemies. Trump makes a great joke about how he was able to deal with Kim Jong Un.

Trump keeps talking about Biden’s foreign policy nightmare, including criticizing Israel while it was under attack from missiles….. FROM IRAN. No mincing of words here.

Trump then segues into the TRAVEL BAN.

It will be lifted off, even after Trump won in SCOTUS. Then Trump talks about legal refugee admission caps going up – first 700% – then later 2000% (incredible!) – but then Trump makes a FASCINATING point.

“I don’t know what they’re doing [Democrats]. They don’t need them for voting. People say they need them for voting, but they don’t need them – they cheat so much for the voting, you don’t have to go through this process, OK?”

Something to think about.

Trump goes into a great comparison about how the press doesn’t report on Biden actually falling on the steps up to the plane, versus how they reported on him walking “gingerly” down the ramp at West Point.

He even jokes about “maybe that was a booby trap”, but (this is me talking) we know that’s no more possible than the teaching of critical race theory at West Point.

Trump then goes into stories about all the positives of his administration on military matters, including Germany and NATO. South Korea – making them pay.

Space Force – then ending the “endless wars” – then talks about wounded vets. Then he goes into the story about the bodies coming back. Definite tear-jerker. He spends a LOT of time on this. A LOT of time. He gets to the climax about the mother jumping on the coffin while it’s being carried, and segues that into WHY – these coffins coming back from “these places where so many mistakes were made – where we shouldn’t be”, and it just finishes it, on how they’re coming home now.

“And we haven’t lost one single soldier in Afghanistan since January of last year – not one single soldier has been lost.”

Then Trump notes that Biden has NOT stopped bringing the soldiers home – even questions whether stopping it would be possible – but finishes by saying he’s honored that they’re continuing to bring the soldiers home.

And then Trump gets into a very interesting section about bringing the soldiers home – “and we have other things to possibly get ready for” and then “we have to be respected as a military power” referring to “other bigger countries”, and then “they will take advantage of us, and you know what I mean by that”.

It all sounds very interesting, but just a HINT of what might be going on.

He then gets into a long section about what the Democrats are trying to take away from us. BIG APPLAUSE for RKBA (the right to keep and bear arms).

Next, he gets into Democrat indoctrination, and gets MASSIVE applause about BANNING critical race theory in schools.


Then Trump notes that Democrats are trying to pass legislation to spend billions of dollars giving phony academic credits to students for going to protests. (Note – this is STRAIGHT OUT OF CHINA).

Then, Trump makes a HUGE link here, to SCHOOL CHOICE.

“If government-run schools are going to indoctrinate children with radical ideas, then Republicans must immediately pass legislation (basically school choice to get out of government schools)”.


Trump then gets into a really good and long section about the perversion of justice, and the weaponization of the law, using in part the fishing expeditions against him, including particularly within that, the handing of the attack to the radicals in New York.

“Prosecutorial misconduct.”

Then, a load of “where’s Durham?”

“Has anybody seen Durham?”

Talking about the Democrats:

“”All of this for nothing. It’s a shame.”

But then at the end…..

“We’ll never let it happen again.”

And then, after some more about the New York prosecutors….

“They won’t stop until November of 2024.”

This is where Trump gets into the election fraud in a HUGE way.

“The 2020 Election HOAX.”

And then he gets into the Time Magazine “confession”.

“They had to brag about what they did.”

Big cheers about people SEEING THE FRAUD.

Absolutely NO backing down.

Trump says the Arizona audit will be done in 3 or 4 weeks.

He talks about other states, and how they’re looking at it, too.

“Zuckerberg broke the law.” AMEN!!!

Followed by an interesting recounting of Zuckerberg and his wife coming for dinner at the White House.

Then Trump gets into one of the absolute best arguments he has ever made – that there is NO WAY the country is divided “50:50” on stuff like open borders, sanctuary cities, defund the police, and other issues like that.

This is brilliantly putting a disturbing thought in people’s minds. Let them “solve the problem”, because we know how it will solve.

Fake elections make all kinds of sense.

He then comes out and basically says that he does NOT believe the results of “some of these elections where Democrats have the advantage”. He argues that some of the blue states “just aren’t blue”. It’s VERY powerful.

“There is something going on, and we have to be very, very careful with our election process, because I don’t believe that we are a 50-50 nation.”

He then makes a great point about not only dead people voting, but dead people APPLYING to vote.

This is where he slides into one of his greatest lines, about how with stolen elections and open borders, we could have a dictator. But then….

“I don’t even think Biden is the dictator. If anybody knows who’s running that operation, could you let us know? Because I don’t think it’s Joe, but who the hell knows? Maybe it is.”

Back to the prosecutorial misconduct. And then:

“I’m not the one trying to undermine American democracy. I’m the one trying to save it. Please remember that.”

“We all know what happened with the election – and we can never, ever, let that happen again.”

Trump then goes into election integrity, and how important it is. He takes Biden’s attack on election reforms as “un-American”, and flips it right back on China Joe.

“Joe Biden called these common-sense reforms un-American, but the thing that is really un-American is an election scam.”

What’s interesting is that Trump puts CHINA at the top of the list of nations “happy” about the election theft. He mentions RUSSIA next, and then Iran, and he then puts them in order, with China at the top, and Iran next.

He then states that if HR1 passes, there will never be another fair election in our country.

But then, after going through a litany of needed reforms, including protection of poll watchers, Trump absolutely NAILS the “drop-boxes” and ZUCKERBERG.

“And we cannot have drop boxes paid for by Facebook and Zuckerberg – where, by the way, massive numbers – 95, 96% of the vote, is for Joe Biden – doesn’t happen.”

Trump then wraps up on election reform.

“Our movement is far from over – in fact, it is just getting started.”

He then goes into his end speech – WE WILL FIGHT FOR – family, jobs, made in America.

You need HIS WORDS.


Here in North Carolina, across the country, the Republican party will continue to fight for strong families, safe communities, and secure and sovereign borders. We will fight for more jobs, lower taxes, and pro-American trade deals that result in more North Carolina workers, forging more products, stamped with beautiful, beautiful phrases, but in particular made in the USA, Mr. Furniture Manufacturer. We will shut down outsourcing, bring back our supply chains, crack down on trade cheaters and violators, and ensure that America, not China, dominates the future of the world. We will protect innocent life. We will defend our glorious Constitution and we will uphold the Judaeo-Christian values and principles of our nation’s founding.

Donald Trump: (02:28)
We will break up the big tech monopolies, reject left-wing cancel culture, restore free speech in America, and demand free, fair and honest transparent elections. We will strengthen our military, support our great police, and always take care of our amazing veterans. Do you know that we got a 92% approval rating with respect to the VA? They rated us 92% approval rating. It’s never been anywhere even near that number. Very proud of that. With the American pride that fills our souls, we will teach our children to love their country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag.

Donald Trump: (03:23)
Tomorrow marks the 77th anniversary of one of the most epic military trials in the history of the world, the allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day. As we remember this incredible achievement, let us summon the spirit of generations of Americans before us who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for our beloved country. All of us in this room inherit the legacy of the selfless patriots who won the battles, crossed the oceans, forged the steel, made the breakthroughs, climbed the summits, these great, beautiful summits, tamed the frontiers and seized the victories that built America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world. That’s where we want to keep it. That is our magnificent American inheritance, and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world, and there never will be. Let us go forward tonight, moved by their sacrifice, motivated by their example, inspired by their resolve, committed to their values and more determined than ever to make America prouder, freer, stronger, and greater than ever before. Thank you, North Carolina. God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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THANK YOU, W!!!! Beyond an excellent, timely rendition of PDJT’s speech.


I was on RSBN as well.

Brave and Free

Yes he sure did, pulled the curtain back just enough to see behind-the-scenes. Loved the contrast between where were at now and where we were before the fraudulent elections. People are awakening to the fact that life definitely isn’t better with, Joe n Hoe.
Everyday this s*** show goes on I am sure there’s another dem voter regretting it to themselves, because they can never admit defeat. Like PDJT said they stick together way better than an R’s do.

Last edited 2 years ago by Brave and Free

I watched it on the TV on NewsMax. I also had RSBN on the computer as a backup.


Thank you, Wolf! This is a great analysis.
 😁  👏 

I especially loved the part about cancelling all of China’s debt.
I had been hoping for that!

This was an epic speech…and we needed it.
It was wonderful to hear from him.


That would certainly pants the Belt-and-Road Initiative.

“Wait, we funded all those dams and harbors, and we don’t get paid back with interest?”

Sylvia Avery

Wasn’t that great? Loved it!!!! I miss him so much.


I had never heard of DRASTIC until I saw an article yesterday. It’s disappointing to learn that they are not what they seem. I need to be more aware of these things.


“Trump has successfully USED this time of enforced semi-silence to get a lot of things done.”


If I was a conspiracy theorist ( 😁 ), I might think DJT avoided going on GAB (he could have done so at any time, and been welcomed with open arms) because DJT wanted to maintain radio silence.

But he didn’t want his supporters to know that, so he let the blame for not going on GAB fall on Kushner, because that’s Kushner’s role in their ‘good cop / bad cop’ routine.

Valerie Curren

Love it. You are refreshingly insightful–pretty much always! Thank you 🙂


How are you, and how’s the fam???

Valerie Curren

Hey CT! At the moment I’m very tired & sore, but thankful to be home, even though I Love being at the Cottage. My son Josiah got sick a couple days back so we delayed our return trip. Our daughter got sick over the holiday weekend so she & fiancé delayed their return home too. My oldest son also got sick, likely the same crud being passed around…hmmm

I haven’t seen my husband in a week & was still out of town on our anniversary (29 years) basically unavoidably w/ son’s health issues.

My daughter’s well enough to return to work but not sure about the oldest son.

Josiah & his fiancée Rose had a wonderful time Up North. She was very loving & caring toward him in his illness. A neighbor commented on how happy J seemed, the happiest he’d ever seen him. Rose is so good to/for him! What a blessing!!!

My husband was keeping very busy w/ music endeavors last week & apparently this week will be more of the same. His band is in upheaval w/ their drummer departing.

J’s twin bro forgot a couple things at The Cottage so we’ll hopefully get to see him sometime this week, which is always a (rare) treat!

I only checked in on the Q Tree a couple times since we went Up North as I had limited computer access.
Id idn’tsee Any Masks on anyone in the little resort community where my parents’ cottage is!!! That alone is very psychologically liberating. Lockdown lunacy has been oppressing us in Michigan, & Metro Detroit, quite heavily for like a year & a half. Up North you can almost “pretend” that things are still “normal”.

I got a couple swims in, hence the soreness! 😉

How are you, the fiancée, & your projects doing?


We’re getting along at Casa de Cthulhu, and things are moving along.

You were talking about vaxx advice w/r/t your son just as you were bailing out, and I found some resources that I posted when you were probably about 4 hours out of town, and had found more since. Then I figured, “oh, she’ll be back Tuesday…..” And you weren’t. So I asked, and someone mentioned surgery….but things are in the “sorting out” phase.

Glad to see you back, and we’ll probably interact more after we have both done some sleeping.

Valerie Curren

OK, thanks much! Rose’s mom & other family members are strongly considering taking the “vax” & we are all trying to help inform them of dangers so they can make informed decisions.

Sleep well, my friend 🙂


Some of Denninger’s links apply to adults, as well.

Valerie Curren

Thx 🙂

Valerie Curren

I forgot that it was Josiah’s twin who’s strongly thinking the “jabs” are the only way he’d get to see his Canadian lady love face to face…boy I have been on vacation, to have that terrifying possibility have slipped my mind!!!


Resources available — https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?blog=Market-Ticker-Nad and just keep scrolling backward.

He offers several versions of arguments against getting jabbed. All are based on solid science (with links) and all based on math….but coming from slightly different directions.

Scroll back and read, and if it sounds like something that would work, try it. If it doesn’t work, scroll back more and consider another.

They start about the Wednesday before Memorial Day.

Valerie Curren

Thanks much!!!!


And one major, major, major point — what use might it be to be “protected” against an actual virus, if the border is closed because of entirely political BS?


Happy anniversary, Valerie!

Valerie Curren

Thanks Scott 🙂

Valerie Curren

Please excuse the weird formatting in the above reply. Something started acting up & being no techie it confounded me!


“It is quite easy, right now, to predict that, in the end, China will “admit” that it had a lab leak, and because the WORLD didn’t provide enough money to CHINA, to have better labs, BAD THINGS HAPPENED.”


Except China is a world ‘super power’, their economy has been growing faster than any other major country in the world for years (decades?) now, so for China to claim they don’t have enough money to keep the world safe from their own Island of Dr. Moreau experimental bio-weapons labs will come across as ridiculous.

It will sound like this:

China: We are a great power and you should fear and respect us. But we don’t have enough money to keep from regularly losing control of bio-engineered weapons (which we’re not supposed to be working on anyway).

So the world, and especially the USA, needs to send us more money, so we can keep committing our crimes of bio-weapon research but do it more safely.

And we promise, promise, promise (pinky swear) that even though our country is very rich after stealing all of America’s manufacturing base and still getting MFN status decades after we no longer need it, and after having manipulated NAFTA to our advantage for decades, we won’t use the money from America to line CCP pockets or to fund more bio-weapon research.

We will only use it to do important security things, like putting locks on the windows and installing new metal security doors to replace the aluminum screen doors we use now.

Because we’re China, and we can’t afford security for our bio-weapons labs without money from American taxpayers.

But we’re powerful and scary China, a superpower, so fear us. But give us your money so we can make our terror labs safer, because even though we are great and powerful and rich beyond measure, we need American taxpayer money to put new padlocks on our bio-weapon lab doors…

It’s ridiculous!

It doesn’t pass the laugh test, that China needs our money to make their terror labs safer!


“But the truth is, the vaccines that Trump pushed almost undoubtedly SAVED LIVES overall.”


This and the next part are confusing (to me).

How did the vaccines save lives?

It appears that the only people who have a chance of dying are 70+ years old, and they have a 97% or better survival rate, unless they have a series of comorbitity issues.

And as far as I can tell, people who get the vaccine don’t have protection from getting Covid at all, like the vaccine wasn’t even intended to address China virus.

They were told to still wear their masks, to keep social (<– Orwellian / Marxist word twisting) physical distancing, etc.

And plenty of people have tested positive for China virus AFTER getting jabbed.

All despite known remedies (HCQ and Ivermectin) being available.

So how were lives saved by the so-called ‘vaccines’?


“Trump is going to tout the BIG PICTURE – that the vaccine – (bad as it was, but don’t say that) – worked. It was, by and large, like a mildly lethal form of cowpox would have been as a smallpox vaccine.”


This is the other part I don’t get, much like his continual reminders about the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on ventilators.

Why keep pushing the vaccines, if he knows they are dangerous, don’t accomplish their intended purpose, raise billions of dollars for Cabal / Big Pharma, and furthers the Cabal depopulation agenda?

When he was POTUS, presumably he had to be careful about outright contradicting Fauci/Birx because the Left could try to use the 25th Amendment to remove him for incompetence (so the theory goes, seems like that would have failed like everything else, so I’m not sure about that one).

But supposedly he’s not POTUS now, so he has no such constraints.

He is free to throw a monkey wrench in all of Cabal’s plans, to reveal newly learned knowledge that the vaccines aren’t really vaccines at all, that they’re dangerous, and to use the cheap treatment therapies of HCQ and Ivermectin.

But he’s still pushing vaxx and ventilators.

Which works directly against his own supporters who are trying to warn the world against the dangers of the vaccines and wake people up to the Cabal conspiracies.

When we do, they point to Trump and say “But your leader even says we should get the vaccine, he’s proud of it!”

And so DJT marginalizes us, cuts our legs out from under us, while we’re trying to fight the very battle he (and Q) taught and trained and presumably still wants us to fight.

With the enemy undermining us, and with DJT undermining us, when we’re surrounded by friends like that on all sides, who needs enemies?


“There are limits to what can be done. Those limits change, but they are always there.”


This is the hardest part to accept, because the ‘limits’ are artificial and because these artificial ‘limits’ are imagined and perpetuated by people (‘experts’) who have their own skin in the game, so they can never be objective.

It’s their OWN fears which create these ‘limits’ which in turn ensure that the ‘game’ never ends.

The longer version:

The only reason (as I understand it) there are ‘limits’ to what can be done is due to ‘perceptions’ and ‘psychology’.

But the real reason there are ‘limits’ to what can be done is because of the limitations of the beliefs of the so-called ‘experts’.

They are not ‘outside’ of the ‘system’, they are not unbiased, they have their own skin in the game too, so whatever they counsel as a ‘limit’ is based on their OWN beliefs, which is based on their OWN ‘limitations’, i.e., “we can’t do ‘x’, because ‘y’ would happen”, but nobody knows for sure that ‘y’ would happen, that’s just the group-think counsel of the ‘experts’.

The ‘experts’ will NEVER cut the Gordian Knot.

The ‘experts’ will ALWAYS choose whatever process prolongs the contest, because the value and profit and motivation of the ‘experts’ expires if the contest/problem is ever actually solved/concluded.

It’s the same reason we have endless wars, because it is never in the interest of the military industrial complex for wars to end. It’s bad for business if war ends.

Likewise, it’s bad for all the ‘experts’ and ‘perceptions managers’ and other glorified dice rollers to ever counsel a definitive solution to anything.

It is the ‘experts’ who applaud the emperor’s new clothes. They applaud to please the emperor (behaving according to expectation in a social setting).

Even more, they applaud to avoid the emperor’s wrath (i.e., FEAR of the emperor’s displeasure if they are not ‘yes’ men).

They applaud because they see their peers are all applauding (i.e., FEAR of non-conformity).

They applaud because their paycheck or career advancement depends on doing what is socially expected (GREED + FEAR of loss, both of paycheck and future opportunity).

This (it seems to me) is why the children in Hans Christian Andersen’s story had no problem pointing out that the emperor was NAKED.

The children were not subject to any of the social or economic or fear restraints which all of the adults (‘experts’) were subject to.

The children were FREE to express the obvious, while the adults were compelled to live in a FANTASY world, hemmed in on every side by fear of loss or punishment, and greed for pay / social status / future opportunity.

If it had been left to the ‘experts’, the ‘spell’ would NEVER be broken, because it is not in any of the ‘experts’ interest to break the spell.

Quite the opposite.

It is only when people OUTSIDE the ‘system’ were introduced (in the case of the story, the children) that the spell was broken.

That is exactly the impression I get, all the time, about all of the BS PC garbage that goes on inside the D.C. ~ N.Y. bubble.

It’s all a game of ‘perceptions’ and ‘greed’ and ‘fear of missing out’, so they live in a fantasy which serves their own personal objectives (while actually being used and serving higher peoples’ objectives).

And this tiny fraction of shallow, arrogant, short-sighted, greedy, fearful people wag the dog, which in this case is the entire planet.

We the People are all dragged through their insane nightmare fantasy world because nobody will ever cut the Gordian Knot.

Nobody will ever point at the ’emperor’ and shout “He has no clothes!”.

So the whole world becomes hostage to a lunatic freak-show, whose machinations are all determined by ‘experts’, none of whom have any interest in the freak show ever ending.

All it takes to pop the freak-show bubble like a zit is for one person — with a megaphone big enough to be heard — to point at the farce and declare “You’re all naked, and everybody knows.”

It just takes one Who in all of Whoville, to break the spell.

DJT could have done it on his first day in office — but no doubt, the ‘experts’ warned of the ‘limitations’, unintended consequences, and just imagine what the Howell’s at the Polo Club would think.

DJT could have done it on his last day in office. But the experts counseled “Sir, there are limitations… it’s simply not done.”

DJT could do it yesterday, today or tomorrow.

If someone of DJT’s stature breaks the spell, the whole entire fantasy construct collapses like the derivatives market in the next financial crash.

It is only because reality is never spoken on MSM that the fantasy spell can exist and perpetuate itself.

Puncture that bubble, reveal the truth, so the People see that it’s okay to talk about reality again, and the whole facade collapses.

Like an avalanche.

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Sensational, Stupendous Tactical Analysis, Wolf!!!

Why the mass migration if they do not need the votes? Maybe because…

Posted: July 5, 2014

Categories: NewsVideos

The Globalist Multicultural Migration Agenda
comment image

Zen Garder


This plan has been in the works for a long time, but for some reason they’re kicking it it up several serious notches of late, flooding the US borders while continuing to inject European countries with any immigrants they can from a variety of cultures.

What and who is behind it?

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

Cuppa Covfefe

Coudenhove-Kalergi (and Cloward-Pivven, the stateside version thereof).

C-K has been here in Europe since the 1930s, and is tied in with the foundation of Europe, and probably somehow with the NAZIs and WWII (if not WWI). Merde-Kuh is a HUGE (potato-shaped) proponent of C-K, as are a number of the other “leaders” of the EU community.

Interesting to note that almost all of them (23 of 28 IIRC) are childless (if not downright pervy alphabitiots). So they have no worries about their progeny, and the only legacy about which they care is their bank account and/or possessions, which somehow manage to escape the negative interest/haircuts/penalty interest the rest of us have to pay…….


True, Cuppa!!!Thanks for posting!!!

God Bless You Real Good!!!


“They would create a “whole ‘nuther scandal” – a really big one – to distract from the scandal of fake elections. They would even push a phony conflict with China.Are you getting the picture?”


Yes, but as so often is the case, that ‘picture’ ONLY works in a vacuum, where the enemy is allowed 100% control of the narrative.

Which they only have because DJT allows them to have it.

Who is going to believe that China Joe and Red Jen are enemies of Red China? Nobody except those who want to believe whatever KAM (Kool-Aid Media) is selling.

It can only ‘work’ to the extent that DJT allows it to ‘work’ for them.

“We have it all!”… how many times as he said so, personally and directly?

Yet because he won’t release any of it, there is no effective pushback against the lies of the MSM propaganda machine.

That reality changes, as soon — or as late — as DJT wants it to.


Thank you for doing this, W. Have not been able to spend time on things lately and this really helped.

As a follow-up to the Moderna jab issue with our elderly friend, she is now 100% convinced the second jab caused her TIA and BP issues – which are continuing some 3+ months after the shot. Basically lives at the doctor’s office now. In addition, my cousin in her mid-60’s also had the Moderna earlier in the year and still does not have her depleted stamina back. She experienced a lot of respiratory, sleep and stamina issues after the second jab. She is immune depressed and was taking Cellcept successfully for hair loss and had to take something else. Never had a problem for over a year on Cellcept until she had the jab.


My thoughts and sense about it all exactly. It is not an all one way or the other situation or answer. It should be tailored to individual circumstances. Herd immunity happens – nothing they can say or do will impact that unless they have weaponized the gene therapies to continue the lifespan of the virus variants. So it was a money/power grab. Create a crisis that you can solve and make a killing out of it along the way physically and figuratively. Push it hard to create fear and anxiety to drive demand.


Yes it is all about power and control. Sadly all we see are the front people and not those who are behind it.


It is a power grab not just by Biden regime but also by hidden rich people who seek power.


“There is a complex, true answer in the middle, between “everybody must take it, there are no problems” and “it’s a death jab, nobody should take it”.”


When you know the people and the motivations behind the concept, production and distribution of the death adder juice, I don’t know how any ‘good’ could come from it, except accidentally.

And good coming from evil, even accidentally, seems to be exceedingly rare.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? [17] Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” (Matthew 7:16-18, KJV)


War Room had a good explanation from a lawyer in Germany.
Ruffly paraphrased, ” The people who want control are the one seizing opportunity.
The pharmaceutical companies make money but that it not the key issue.”


“had the Moderna earlier in the year and still does not have her depleted stamina back. She experienced a lot of respiratory, sleep and stamina issues after the second jab”

So sorry to hear this

Very similiar if not the same as people who actually went through the illness

Valerie Curren

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear of those issues 🙁 My son’s on Cellcept again since his bout of rejection of his transplanted liver. It’s been years since he’d had to take it before that, in the early post-transplant phase…


Excellent, will finish reading second part later, but I agree with you about the necessity of having a vaccine available for those who want it. Also agree that if our POTUS had been in office, he would have controlled who should and who should not take the vaccine.

IMO, what you wrote here, is the essence of the entire Big Picture.

They PUSHED the vaccines for POLITICS, not MEDICINE, and that, my friends, is STALINISM.


Then there is this in Wolfie’s abundance of gems:

Then, a load of “where’s Durham?”
“Has anybody seen Durham?”
Talking about the Democrats:
“”All of this for nothing. It’s a shame.”
But then at the end…..
“We’ll never let it happen again.”

My take? The fact that POTUS says we’ll never let it happen again… means he’s going to be in a position (along with We the People) to keep it from happening again.

This fits his remarks on his last day in office – when he told the White House Press Corps that he’d see them again, hopefully in the not too distant future. Something to that effect, but POTUS said a number of things which indicated that all was not as it appeared on the surface – which makes his, “The Best is yet to come” seem like a solid message.

PS – POTUS knows exactly where Durham is…IMO, he brought him up ’cause it might be soon that we see the results of Durham’s work. This was to bring Durham back into the public’s consciousness.

Remember POTUS’ words, when he is back in the White House, and sooner than we think… The clues of all clues.

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Valerie Curren

Wolfmoon owning the downside like chess champion Trump? 😉

Excellent post boss. Thanks for taking the time to include your notes on Trump’s speech. You are providing a fine service here, especially for those of us who can’t/won’t get to the actual speech &/or transcript…Blessings!

Barb Meier

From the transcript: “Donald Trump: (57:08) And maybe again, I have nothing to do with the Arizona situation, they’re doing it, the state senate of Arizona, because they have so many discrepancies, so many problems. And they’ve heard from so many people about the corruption and what took place, so they’re doing it. Let’s see what happens. They’ll be finished in three or four weeks. It’ll be very interesting…” 4 weeks from 5 JUNE puts us right around Independence Day. hrmm… Joe Biden’s warning about 4th of July: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/biden-warns-fourth-of-july-celebrations-might-be-canceled-if-people-don-t-get-the-covid-vaccine/ar-BB1fW3hP



may be so bold as to add?

i think the ventilator “treatment” was also a trap that was nipped in the bud and was a key reason for the first 2 week voluntary but requested “shutdown”

(not the only reason but a key reason – healthcare systems and state/local gov were Scrambling to prepare for the projected #s + new systems to handle covid19 specifically. one tiny example: slew of new billing numbers which meant code red for IT teams in multiple companies and very Long hours. one other tiny example: testing procedures and requirements for dismissing patients back to long term care/nursing homes as most were requiring at least 1 negative test and many, wisely, were requiring 2 negative tests in a 24 hour period which means protocals for floor nurses, chart work, Many IT hours and new programs. more examples easily but it was a Huge scramble time to prepare, plan and ready the systems for large numbers of patients admitted with &/or because of the virus, and, yes, there were both cases and different procedures, etc.)

If we remember back, ventilators were Huge in the news in Jan – April, 2020. The horrible images and narrative were focused on the large #s of people hit early and hard with virus that resulted in hospital space, equipment and staffing shortages. Ventilators were a key piece of equipment being used for many and some older patients in Itally gave up being ventilated to let younger patients be ventilated. The media was very focused on the US “cupboard” being “bare” and therefore the Trump Admin being unprepared with the proprate equipment warehoused and ready to go.

They were not focused on pharma treatment options, esp. with existing drugs, but were VERY focused on ventilators.

President Trump’s first rabbit out of the hat (and a HUGE credit was given to private enterprise, dedication and ingenuity of the good ol’ American Spirit, Know How and Can Do Attitude) was to get venilators manufactured and produced in a miraculous time frame so that by the time we began to reopen 6 wks later we would not run out of them and never ran out at any location ever.

Also, hospital systems were ready as well as gov agencies including military ready to deploy field hospitals. Never hit the numers because caes spread out due to shutdowns and gov overreach.

Forced to reopen now as ALL who want a vaccine can get one and the many have had the virus, esp. in the younger ages and those who work.

But first dodged crisis was the lack of ventilators

And, once there were plenty, doctors were finding pharma treatments and ventilators were less needed and had been found to be not the first choice for most cases.


VSGPOTUSDJT didn’t act in a perfect way; he acted in an optimal way. They wanted to hang vents around his neck, so he charged into the ambush with, “vents? — I gotcher vents right here!”



Same way with vaccines … breaks the stronghold

and remember that falsey et al were 100% fake news narrative that there was no way the vaccines would roll out that fast so do not plan on them being ready by the end of the year … and yet they were

wonder when they knew they would roll out by the end of the year? How long did they deny the possibility and then the probability before finally acknowledging the reality of how soon they would be available?

Bet they knew that Operation Warp Speed would work before they let the good news out so as to keep their fake narratives and control going for longer and to give cover as to why President Trump “lost”, cover as to why people were unhappy. true for some but not true for enough that he actually, legit lost


Great work Wolf !
In many ways this speech reminded me of the Jan 6th Rotunda Speech.
Years ago I used to enjoy watching a weekend morning program that involved professional building structural engineers working with explosive experts to painstakingly place explosive charges exactly , structurally, where they needed to be , to drop tall buildings in confined areas without damaging anything around them ..perfectly performed every time.
No surprise after 9/11 the show disappeared….
I am seeing a lot of the same painstaking preparations ,
World wide.. even MSM can’t hide it anymore.

My gut tells me , we may be watching a controlled demolition in slow motion.
We should all prep accordingly.
I will never believe this country is divided 50/50 ..no effing way.
Not even close, the entire idea itself, is a Con Job
More like only 20% Left , the rest are normal good folk just trying to live a somewhat normal life. and create space between them and the wacko 20%
Thats why the STEAL is so important to them.
Their Con is about to be exposed and laid bare.
THEY know what’s coming.

Never quit
Never give up
jo biden didn’t win


Thank you, Wolf. Much to thoughtfully chew on here.

I watched about half his speech before I had to tend to other things.


Great article, Wolf, with lots of juicy bits to chew on. I’m glad you brought up the DRASTIC people. They had my spidey senses tingling the minute I heard about them. Everything they had uncovered had long ago been uncovered by lots of different people. So suddenly the lying media reads their work and starts reporting on it? Yeah, right. I can’t help but wonder if they are real, or if they are actually some media idiots in disguise putting it out there so they can report on it.

I do think the vaccines are dangerous to more people than just expecting mothers and a few other categories. There have been too many reports of 17 year old males, for instance, in perfect health, getting heart attacks from them.

Sylvia Avery

It took me awhile to get to this, but it was very good Wolfie. It affirms what I was thinking so that MUST mean it was good, right??? LOL! Seriously, good stuff. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Thats an amazing hitler meme. So accurate and scary too.
Going to just now listen to the speech.