Give Them Nothing


We almost had a bit of a situation…..

STEVE did not show up in the drafts or scheduled posts this evening, until about an hour before midnight, Eastern time. I began to act on my suspicion that this was due to some kind of REALITY impinging on him.

I decided to begin to do the Saturday open thread, just in case.

Fortunately, Steve showed up with plenty of time to spare. But I STILL wanted to show you an article I was going to mention in that post, and WHY I was worried about Steve. So I did this post. Now, let me explain.

Assuming that Steve could not post, I ran through the possibilities.

The most likely, to me, was some kind of problem with ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. Steve has a very limited bandwidth connection to the outside world from his abode, and whether it’s by WIRE or WIRELESS, he has a QUOTA, and that quota could have prevented him from connecting.

Likewise, Steve is at the mercy of natural conditions. There could have been some physical reason, like a power outage, that he could not connect.

Speculating further, it could have been social – and could even have been something really great, like meeting the lady of his dreams, while showing off his little friend Darwin! If that was why, then my thought was that he had better NOT show up here. And that was going to be an ORDER from THE BOSS!

Steve DID say something during the week about taking a break from the physics posts, and doing some more boilerplate Saturday posts without physics lessons, and also mentioned having some events coming up like time with friends and/or family. So his absence could have easily fallen within those outlines.

However, there was ONE significantly less happy possibility that ran through my head. And when Steve’s DRAFT showed up on the site, I was VERY relieved that what I was thinking could not have happened.

However, we need to talk about it. And THAT is the subject of this post.

There is an article that I saw three weeks ago, that a I wanted to share with you all. NOW is the perfect time. That article SPOOKED ME. You will easily see why.


Now I have to admit, when I first saw this, I was thinking OMG – that can’t be – OMG – it’s not…..

And it’s NOT Steve. But DAYUM, it brought home the point that THIS STUFF IS REAL. Real people are being thrown into prison with no chance of bail, for even minor physical contact with police on January 6. Real people are getting RAIDED with loaded REAL assault rifles (not like the FAKE ones we can get) for nearly NOTHING – like walking into the Capitol through open doors at the wrong time.

It was TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. That BUMP IN THE ROAD when I first saw that headline stayed with me.

Now – if you read this article in Politico – it will piss you off. Not because the guy is innocent – in my opinion, he CANNOT be innocent, because he was definitely grabbing at the police. He didn’t HIT the police, but he is guilty of assault for laying his hands on cops. Not battery – and he even GRABBED a police baton, which reminds me of something……

But the guy did assault police. It’s on film.

The problem for me is that FIB would not act against ANTIFA for exactly the same stuff, or WORSE.

In fact, WAY WORSE.

Dodge and FIB are clearly partisan in this matter. ANTIFA is engaging in “ideology” when they beat up cops, but an off-the-rails deplorable who grabs at a cops leg, drags a cop and grabs his baton BUT DOES NOT HIT BACK WITH IT (meaning he PACIFIED the cop) – well, that’s SEDITION and INSURRECTION.

You see what I’m sayin’? The dude clearly ain’t innocent, but – in the words of our glorious El Presidente“C’mon, man.”

It’s not fair. But commies are not fair. That’s life. And the FBI is now – FOR SURE – a communist agency.

Anyway, it’s worth reading the article. My advice – DO NOT touch other people in these circumstances. You have to stay SO BLAMELESS with Dodge and FIB. They WANT to get us. They’re LOOKING to get us.



PS – Thank you to Steve and all our other authors who help make this site the awesome place that it is. I don’t always express my appreciation, but it’s there, believe me!

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As it happens, I have plenty of data left over this month! Barely half way through and the billing cycle ends on the 6th. It will roll over.

That thar dragon’s color scheme is similar to Darwin’s, and with a similar pattern, except red where mine is a bit more orange.

As for the hot chick scenario, Darwin hit his (estimated) 3rd birthday on the 11th of last month and I took him down to a small-town…event the next day, with shops open on what passes for the main drag, hay rides, etc. Not sure how to characterize or even call the thing, but I had people run up to me to see him. Then to a couple of places that know him already. He’s a freaking celebrity!!!



There is a modern day “frilled lizard” that will absolutely put the frills out when it’s feeling threatened.

I once backed up in my office chair, felt it hit something, stopped INSTANTLY with horror…I had somehow hit Darwin with the wheels.

He was MAD. Mouth wide open, reared back, throat all puffy… and luckily, as near as I could find, no damage!!!

It took him about 15 minutes to calm down, and I have no idea what part of him I even hit backing up.

It was odd, because at certain angles when their mouth is open it looks like a “smile” though it’s NOT. Sometimes they open their mouth a little to shed some heat; in this particular case it’s absolutely “I AM GOING TO BITE YOU IF YOU GET NEAR ME!!!”


But does he have his own bath floatie?
comment image

Last edited 3 months ago by gil00

They are astoundingly “chill” lizards.

Most lizards I see will simply bolt if not held constantly, when out of their cage.

You can find videos of beardies riding roombas and remote control cars.


Can Darwin swim?


He can, but ultimately he’d drown in a bathtub like that absent human intervention, basically once he got too tired.


TY for answering. I actually worry about your little friend.


I always give him a way out of water. If it’s the right temp he’ll stay in it quite a while, but it’s generally in a plastic tub he can easily climb out of at his size.


Somehow, I don’t see “would you like a hay ride with my lizard?” as being a very successful pickup line…..


Actually I got there after the hay rides were over…and of course not so much as one single woman there.


The early bird….


A celebrity dragon. Sounds like Game of Thrones to me.


January 6 was my first thought when concerns were raised. Glad all is well!

Yes, “blameless.” Avoid confrontations and even gatherings that would spark them. I hope Trump rallies are kept insulated from this sort of thing.

I feel powerless to help those being arrested and incarcerated.


I 2nd that…Wolf and the daily authors are much appreciated and loved! Thank you all for keeping us informed and entertained!  💜 


Oh, and the obligatory…..

— Little Fish


“Speculating further, it could have been social – and could even have been something really great, like meeting the lady of his dreams, while showing off his little friend Darwin! If that was why, then my thought was that he had better NOT show up here. And that was going to be an ORDER from THE BOSS!”

This reminds me of a “pep talk” I used to give, back when it was popular in Silicon Valley to demand that employees declare their job’s pre-eminence in their lives.

I pointed out that people’s first duty was to safeguard their health, so they could be present and helpful for all the other things they hold dear without being the burden of something else to save or rescue.

I continued with the observation that they were responsible for the needs of their family — whether their kids or parents, or spouses or “partners”.

They should hold to their moral/ethical/religious code — and have virtue/have integrity/walk with God.

Further, they should observe the rightful laws of the community.

It is vitally important to continually improve oneself throughout one’s lifetime. They should seek positions where they may learn, and seek positions where they may economically advance. Their career flow should be more important that this one job.

To sum up [and it is helpful here to toss newspaper clippings or printed internet stories on the conference table], these companies are proud of claiming to be the most important thing in their workers’ lives. To tell you the truth, I’d be flattered if this job is in your top ten — it’s in my top ten, and I want us all to succeed.

But if this job is in your top five, you are sick in the head and I really don’t want you here. The rest of us will find some way to live without you.

Brave and Free

Great points Wolf. Reminds me to keep practicing Jeff Cooper’s “color code” of situational awareness.


See, this is what pisses me off!

A HANDFULL of dipshits were in DC on Jan. 6 doing really STUPID shit.

You never hit or disarm a cop!!!

What are you, an idiot?

And the rest of the people who were there are tarred with the same brush, when they were doing nothing WRONG at all.

Pisses me off.


Agreed. Glad everyone is now on the same page that the way to MAGA/Save America/Put America First is by *ONLY* Peaceful, Legal political action. I was attacked for saying exactly this months ago. Give them No excuse to stop Peaceful, Legal political action.


Trust you to try to turn any comment into something you can use!

This comment has NOTHING to do with your AGENDA.

Please ignore my comments when you see them. They are NEVER intended for you.

Don’t play the martyr with me. You bring whatever treatment you receive on yourself.


I agreed with your current stance on non violence and somehow turning your comment into My “agenda”? That doesn’t even make sense. What do you think “my agenda” is and how is it different than yours?

My “agenda” is and was to encourage everyone to participate and engage to MAGA but in only legal and peaceful political activity because doing Anything other than this will distract and negatively impact MAGA.

I have not changed … glad to see many others have and are now taking a more helpful approach.

Martyr? Play? Ummm … NOPE. Pointing out that I am glad others are no longer advocating and encouraging violence is not playing a martyr. That comment doesn’t even make sense.

Ignore your comments? Post on a public blog, get comments from the public.

Weird that you take offense to someone agreeing with you. smh …


Proving once again that I am completely correct about you.



 😂  😂  😂 
Proving you are correct about what?

I agreed with you and this post, noted I was so glad the tone was a 180 from other previous posts when I was attacked for disagreeing with other posters, when I said, No, we must remain peaceful and no we are not huckleberries.

Was I wrong then or wrong now for advoctating for everyone to get involved, taking active political (legal & peaceful) action for MAGA?

I am agreeing with peaceful action … and much of it … what is your problem?

I have no agenda but MAGA and everything for which I advocte is to MAGA and only to MAGA.

I was for only peaceful political action – others disgreed. Now others are for peaceful political action, I agree and somehow that is the sign of an agenda?

You are imaginative and creative … use that imagination and creativity elsewhere because I do nothing but work and advocate for MAGA … same as Always.

When President Trump calls the play, I play it. Period.


Arrogant. You answer your own question.


The truth is that if people like you want to do MAGA a favor, you should stay out of politics.

Arrogant, over-bearing, self-righteous, know-it-alls run the good people off.

If I had to spend time with you to be involved, I just wouldn’t. And most people I know wouldn’t either.

There are too many people like you involved in local politics. Take your ego and get out of the way, and the wiser salt-of-the-earth types might move in.


She is an obnoxious “know it all”, with an outsized ego. Most always I try to ignore her posts in there entirety. Have given up bantering with her. I simply don’t have the patience or time.

Sometimes I figure she is getting paid by the key stroke.


She is worse than obnoxious, she is dangerous.


True. Dangerous to some folks here and the site itself.




She keeps going on and on about the one thing that outs her/it/him as a very dangerous individual who seeks to harm this community.

Boy, who would’ve thought our country could come to this?


Not me, Grandma.


Dangerous? For being 100% against illegal activity back in Nov only to be proven right?

dangerous for being glad that only peaceful actions are now being promoted?

dangerous for following President Trump’s lead and President Trump’s request that we use the Republican Party to elect MAGA?


Dangerous for misrepresenting the sentiments of those here.

You were not “proven right.” No one here thought violence or anything unlawful on Jan. 6 was to be promoted.

No one needed you to convince us of anything. Nor is it appropriate for you to say that you’re glad people now agree with your position. That is disingenuous, misleading, and dangerous.


RINO cooties.


See I’m so f’ing pissed I am going miss most of this because of life.


“She’s” gathering info and setting up narratives, don’t you think?



The stuff she says sounds like Chris Wray.


Hmmm. What does that mean with regards to MM?

I really did mean it. I can’t stay if she does. I won’t participate in being set up when I can literally see it coming. I get that you can’t catch them all. But this one is caught. It’s obvious.


I agree. And I DO NOT like drawing lines in the sand, truly. It is a last resort for me, always. But these are dangerous times. And she IS quoting and twisting your words. Period.


I wouldn’t believe her if she told me water was wet.


I wouldn’t believe her if she told me water was wet.

And I can think of several responses she might have. The easiest way out would be to ignore Wolf’s challenge post and never post here again.

Last edited 3 months ago by TheseTruths

You people just amaze me. I could never find this stuff out. I am a red neck you see. This is why I don’t comment that much.

Joe Biden didn’t win and Lizzy is a traitor


I know stuff that they want shut up.

Till the time is right.

Valerie Curren

I’m doing some catch-up reading A & hope you are still hanging around the Q-Tree, regardless of MM. Perhaps ignoring her/it might be best. She/it’s mostly a one trick pony, but you are a horse of a different color, favoring royal purple, to be sure. Blessings 🙂


I agree.

This is someone who is literally libeling others here, right in front of our eyes in an attempt to entrap and suggest patriotic, law-abiding Americans have been espousing violence, are unhinged, crazy, etc.

It simply cannot be tolerated.




I agree. Which is why I will not tolerate it. Sometimes I just have to say no. This is one.


Holy molly she played a good game for awhile but you all cracked her, I do believe. I do remember some of these fights before and I was amazed she stayed so calm most of the time. But now she has call everyone a conspiracy theorist and attacking 17. Not a good look and saying Trump is working with the GOP. Nonsense he has outed countless of them.


This is someone who is literally libeling others here, right in front of our eyes in an attempt to entrap and suggest patriotic, law-abiding Americans have been espousing violence, are unhinged, crazy, etc.

A perfect summation.


She won’t help unless she’s a real patriot, who can admit (like me) that she was duped, and who will HELP take down the leadership of the plot. I’m not seeing really good chances of that at this point.

I have yet to see her admit to any fault re: political discussion and matters. She would have to experience a very quick realization and change of mindset to cooperate. It would not only entail her recognizing the plot you refer to, but also seeing (and admitting) how her posts here have been part of furthering it. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it happening.

The flip side is that she’s fully aware and cooperating with *someone* to infiltrate and take us down.


It was the recognition that my words and intent were misrepresented…

…in a way that brooked no rebuttal. It was, “That’s what the words say, in black and white.” No attempt to ask you to expound, no attempt to understand; just insistence that her interpretation was correct and that people here had been condoning violence. It’s lying in the style of communists.

We’ve been on to her for a while, but she keeps coming back like an automaton. She shows no embarrassment, no remorse, no spirit of cooperation, and no recognition of wrong. That is telling.




Setting up individual poster’s AND QTree. The latter, QTree, crystal clear in many recent posts.

Something is truly off. Nothing innocent about it, IMO.


You are so FAKE. As fake as the Fake Insurrection…


You are flat wrong and I have posted nothing that has not proven correct and yet get attacked for the most innocent of posts again and again.

If I am “fake” then what is your theory of who I really am?

Tell me, just for laughs.


Show us the posts where violence is being advocated!

Come on. Put your money where your mouth is.


Go back and read the thread. Tired of spoon feeding and tired of having words twisted and people seeing drama & conspiracies theories where there is none.

Tired of this Aubergine created drama. I agreed with her post and attacks, conspiracy theories and idiocy by others quickly followed. Absurd, time wasting and an energy suck.

I will not waste any more time with seemingly normal people who are so easily sent of the deep end into conspiracy theories.

So glad to have spent time with PHC but wish I had never followed him here.

I guess that people who easily fall pray to crazy conspiracies theories are kind of par for the course as I never “followed” Q or let that stuff influence me in any way, shape or form.

To be effective for MAGA, I follow President Trump, period, and do what he has asked his supporters to do, period.


You are so outed. There’s more outing to do, undoubtedly.

Look, MM just called us conspiracy theorists. Lol.


So glad to have spent time with PHC but wish I had never followed him here.

What are the implications of that? Are you going to stop posting here?

I guess that people who easily fall pray to crazy conspiracies theories are kind of par for the course as I never “followed” Q or let that stuff influence me in any way, shape or form.

Clarification, please, so I can be sure I understand: Are you saying that Q is a “crazy conspiracy theory”?


My purpose in posting this is so everyone can see how she is twisting things and (seemingly) purposefully misunderstanding. Here is what she quoted:

“I just realized that if Biden takes office, we are giving control of our nuclear weapons to CHINA.


Cannot happen. I support military intervention or civil war before we give our nukes to China.”

Then here, she said:

Literally No one mentioned the military being called up and to stand with the military.

Yet, the post she quoted did mention military intervention. I think it is understood by all patriots that we would stand with the military.

Then she quoted something else of Wolf’s where he said something akin to being willing to die before he would “see this woman in the White House.” Maga Mom said, “Being ready to die in a fight implies physical fighting.” As if she has to come in here and talk us all down from using physical violence. As if this site were calling for us to be violent. This is so wrong, and it is dangerous to have someone misrepresenting sentiments presented here. How someone could so grossly misunderstand the spirit of true patriots is beyond me.


“I think it is understood by all patriots that we would stand with the military.”


If the military would just stand…


No doubt, but that doesn’t let the rank and file off the hook.

To the contrary, it makes them all the more important.

If leadership is compromised, you don’t just go along with lawless leadership.

“I was just following orders” is not a legitimate legal defense.


“Maga Mom said, “Being ready to die in a fight implies physical fighting.”


But her assertion is simply not true.

Look at the guy in Tienanmen Square who stood in front of the tanks.

He was prepared to die, and probably did. He didn’t engage in any physical fighting, he was just a regular guy, who had the guts to stand in the way of a tank.

If I remember correctly, Jim Bowie (after whom the Bowie knife is named) was carried in a stretcher ‘across the line’ to be with those who would fight to the end at the Alamo.

He wasn’t able to fight, he was injured, but he chose to stay with those who did fight, and died with them.

There are countless examples of people throughout history who have been ready to die without engaging in physical fighting themselves.

Last edited 3 months ago by scott467

I have been advocating for what amounts to a ‘peaceful protest’ for a long time now.

A ‘sit-in’ or a ‘sit-out’ or a ‘strike’ or “withdrawing the consent of the governed” or whatever one wants to call it.

The circus in D.C. only continues so long as We the People continue playing our parts.

That is always true, in good times or bad, under good leaders or traitors, it only works to the extent that We the People play along with it.

If even a fraction of We the People STOPPED participating — stopped working, stopped obeying, stopped participating, just STOPPED — the country would grind to a halt, and the government would be powerless.

Even SD makes this basic point about ‘consent of the governed’ all the time.


You are so transparent.


I am so with you on this. History must know the truth of it.


You want to know the great thing about becoming an old fart? IDC – I Don’t Care. Can say it over and over without giving a rip what anybody thinks. Old farts tend to be that way and many of us are also country strong. Know what I mean? We quietly assemble arsenals for ourselves as well as enough to share with our family and friends. We sit around and figure things out for how we are going to protect ours because we already know we can’t trust the government since it has proven itself over and over that it is not for the people.

We know that our daddies and grandaddies for generations fought for the Red, White and Blue with honor. We know that our leaders messed up and were less than honorable in their intentions much of the time. We know that it took our family’s blood to make things right again. We know that the Lord has guided and protected to the extent we would let Him even if our country’s leaders and elites didn’t. We know we answer to Him personally even if the evil elites do not know or recognize Him. So, we step up even if it means our blood will flow. Evil knows this as well and does everything it can to stop us.

Which is where we are today.


Give them nothing.

One more.