The REAL “Unite The Right” – A Eulogy for Black Rifle Coffee to Create a Million Hardened Information Warfare Veterans

I just read one of THE BEST and most intelligent pieces of bleeding edge conservatism EVER WRITTEN.

Please enjoy. Afterwards, we’ll talk.


Ah, yes – how we wanted to believe.

If you read all the way to the end, the last three paragraphs are gold.

And I quote:

Many members of the military are heroic individuals, worthy of admiration and emulation. But many other members are not, and increasingly the worship of the modern American armed forces serves to distract from how wastefully American troops are used abroad, and the sinister way the Pentagon is transforming America’s security into a social science experiment.

Kyle Rittenhouse is braver and more admirable than most of the soldiers conservatives are reflexively trained to worship. The average American soldier fights in conflicts that have either no bearing on Americans’ safety and well-being, or a negative bearing on both. Rittenhouse, on the other hand, selflessly put himself in peril to protect his own community from marauding psychopaths. American troops are rewarded with college tuition, pensions, and affirmative action for millions of federal jobs. Rittenhouse’s reward for defending his fellow Americans is personal ruin, a potential lifelong prison sentence, and denunciations from cowards. If Black Rifle had an outlet in Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse would have risked his life to defend it. But Black Rifle won’t even risk unpopularity to defend him.

So what should patriots do going forward? Well, if you like coffee, buy coffee. If you can give money to a company that shares your values, or avoid giving money to one that hates them, even better. But stop tethering your identity to specific corporations, and stop being an easy lay for slick marketers who try to impress you by putting a gun on a coffee mug. Fundamentally, it is liberals who derive meaning from brand allegiance and living life as contrived stereotypes (this is why they are so attached to identity politics). Americans of all political affiliations must adhere to something greater: Family, traditional values, and enduring, inherited institutions that don’t treat them as marks from which to grift another dollar.


Or BRAVA – the author is not signed.

To me, THIS is a moment to truly “unite the right” in a way that the phony Occupy Wall Street veteran and likely FIB informant Fake Kessler neither could nor would, with his media TRAP for foolish, unwary conservatives at Charlottesville.

It is not in DEFENSE of one more phony, counterfeit, sabotaged symbol propped up by the left as a trap, but in standing over the CARCASS of another such fake symbol – Black Rifle Coffee – that the GRIZZLED VETERANS of information warfare will find supernatural replenishment in the PURE, FRESH, and STEAMING AROMA of RELENTLESS TRUTH.


Let me ECHO more deeply and in great detail, where this deep destruction of the military started – not counting all the earlier subversion. In my opinion, the most damaging subversion of the United States military began with the creation of the “unassailable vet card”, which could protect both HEROES and TRAITORS.

Heroes and traitors were REDEFINED by a treasonous media.

A card DEFINED BY TREASONOUS Democrats, operating under the cover of their own defense-savvy blue dogs, who could not deny the CHARLATANS like Chuck Schumer and Bill Clinton in their own party.

Helped by treasonous Hollywood, as a “victor” of Vietnam, with its ensuing “reeducation” that WE PAID FOR.

This goes back to the great wars of Maoist and Soviet demoralization of America – Korea and Vietnam. These wars had a purpose – WIN IN AMERICA. Because of our TRAITORS here, these conflicts were a done deal. Retreat was inevitable. One hand was tied behind our backs. But it’s not like what happened overseas would have really mattered. What happened HERE was the whole point.

The media, of course, made our inability to see this trick stick like glue. They marginalized, ignored, and ridiculed the few voices that SAW the reality.

Worse yet, these same tactics worked for DECADES.

When communist thug Robert Creamer – “husband” of Bolshivette Jan Schakowsky – joined Soviet brainwash job John McCain in trying to get us to enter another idiot conflict in Syria, it was all made clear to me – the concept of BAIT WARS. Obama led us to the gate, but WE had to enter the entrapment voluntarily. THAT is how they operate. The left needs COVER for their traps.

TRAITORS – both the despicable kind like Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the pathetic kind like Soviet psychological guinea pig John McCain – are the unbeatable ace that Bolsheviks use against us EVERY; SINGLE; TIME.

Remember how Hollywood helped Schumer and his ilk create the pooh-pooh, there-there of forgiveness for ALL veterans returning from Vietnam? This insanity, after the MEDIA had created the conditions in which it made sense, as the lesser of apparently available evils.

Some veterans were ACTUALLY heroes.

I find this particular image of Jeremiah Denton the most beautiful, because it demonstrates the utter disrespect that the left, including YouTube Menshevik diaperette Susan Wojcicki, holds for true heroes.

In contrast, let’s check John McCain around that time.

Do you see it now? Do you see how a treasonous media – operating at the edge of what they could get away with, made the evil of tolerating TRAITORS a condition of their own relenting on recognition of the betrayed HEROES of Vietnam?

Think long and hard, how the military was betrayed – not just by them – Democrats and “Mediatifa” – but by us. Yes, by us. WE THE PEOPLE.

Yes. There were a FEW civilians who resisted the psychological campaign by the media, but not many. I knew a very few conservative hardcores who never relented. I admit that I was not one of them. I sucked up all the propaganda, like most. It took me DECADES to undo the Vietnam programming which in folly betrayed the TRUE HEROES, and accepted the left’s revisionist version of patriotism.


And yeah. There appears to be a plan to help us, even though it – too – is imperfect.

Welcome to WAR.

It is my opinion that by analyzing our DEFEATS – things like Charlottesville, January Sixth, and Black Rifle Coffee – we become STRONGER.

Grizzled, SCARRED, and limping at times, but stronger. WILY AND WISE.

Rally to the flag, the REAL flag, again and again, because that is what THEY cannot truly do.


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There’s lots better coffee around by mail order than BRCC, anyway. I know from experience.


The world OF MAN is a vile, disgusting, evil place which I loath.

Fortunately, the sojourn here is quite brief.


Imagine how Christ must’ve felt. Endless love for us, but the fallen state of man must’ve been a torture at times for Him.


He wept…

Cuppa Covfefe

Matthew 23:37:

37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

The whole chapter is applicable…


Crushing. Just emotionally crushing.


If this turn-about is authentic the dishonor is on BRCC and the people who run it.

The error is to believe the fooled should not have been fooled. The shame and embarrassment is upon the BRCC leadership. However….

My suspicion?

Key individuals were framed and set up by the FIB. Dropped some child porno on a few laptops, then told them if they didn’t dance as ordered for the NYT’s (including what to say), then they would face imprisonment and a totally destroyed life.

The #1 goal was demoralization. BRCC was a rally point. A place to meet and hang with like-minded people, knowing the left wouldn’t be there.

This was also done to sow distrust among conservatives of other similar hang-outs and businesses….leaving us wonder, who else will turn on us?

I smell the corrupt, vile, politicized FIB all over this piece of crap.

Prove me wrong. Please.

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Brave and Free

This looks like this was an information gathering effort by the DS. To be used when needed.

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Mat Best moved away from corporate in Utah to L.A. to become an actor. When that happened, despite having funny videos I thought “What about helping vets?” What is this about? Id already quit at the Rittenhouse revelation but that was obviously opposite of their supposed mission.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Wolf, I have a request.

Please read the last sentence of my draft post (before the China PSAs).

I think you’ll know what I’d like for you to do at that point.


Terrific story and history lesson, Wolf.

Don’t know enough to comment on BRCC. But it would seem to me that comparing Hafer’s current MO with past statements and actions my reveal his motives or the blackmail possibility posted by FGC. I know a lot of BRCC customers. None would agree with his inflammatory statements in the NYSlime. or that he should have even answered their call.


You may be right about this guy, but if so, that is the sorry state we are in at this late date. Genuine “conservatives” with insight figured out LONG ago that media interviews were 100% propaganda traps. People following along with even minimal perspicacity understood that NO media could be trusted, and also that NO leftist was sincere.

The question is, why the continued stupidity and chumpery? As FG&C suggested, in any given case blackmail could be a plausible possibility.

But based purely on my own experience with people, I believe our side by nature is subject to exploitation by trickery. Because we are honest, sincere, and trustworthy, we assume the same from others, and are prone for those who can fake honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness. We want people to be good, and expect goodness, and that is exploitable by bad people.

My contention for many years is that leftists are sadists at heart; sadism is their motivating force. And sadism does not work without victims.

IMO, hard core criminals are sadists at heart. They actually think their criminality is proof of their intellectual superiority. “See! I got the chump! How great is that?!” Leftists literally have a criminal mentality. People like to say leftism is a mental illness, etc, etc, and maybe it is, but it is above all a criminal mentality, no different from murderers, rapists, robbers, fraudsters, con artists.

One of the greatest insights in this post, Wolf, is the observation that our side trusts too easily by subscribing to stereotypes and symbols too easily (my words, I hope I am not distorting what you said). We are TOO CATAGORICAL in our thinking (and as usual, I say that understanding that this site is a unique exception). And we are beguiled by our eager desire to want things to be right.

Lucy and the football is such a beautiful cliché.

We want our country back. But that will be harder to do unless were are less inclined to accept things at face value, when the pretty words and images are not so readily and ENTHUSIASTICALLY accepted.

The lower case good news is that our side is slowly but surely getting it. Can we outrun the avalanche?


I agree. Of course I agree with you a lot on most things.

JMO – follow the money. These guys are sell outs it appears. They founded a hot niche, started growing on the backs of patriots and conservatives, wanted to cash in on it and expand operations, did the dirty for capital.

Check out the managing director.


I am lucky. When it comes to marketing, I am so jaded I am immune.

I worked for years in several jobs in advertising and marketing. My last job was as the assistant to a marketing director. That bitch…er…woman was a real ball-buster who “came of age” in marketing in New York City.

She was the single most manipulative, aggressive, unscrupulous person when it came to getting people to “buy” her clients I have ever seen. It was horrifying.

So see, I know that mostly marketing is all LIES. And since it MOSTLY is, I behave as if it ALL is. I highly recommend it.

That way, buying decisions become about REAL stuff, like “how’s the coffee?”

I had a cup of Black Rifle early on because a conservative friend made it for me. Meh, I like my cheap Chock Full O’ Nuts just as much if not better. And I have NO IDEA if the Nuts people are Republican, Democrat, Aliens, or Mets Fans (the horror!).

They just make tasty coffee I can buy for $6.99 a can at the grocery.


I never bought any BRCC coffee. But I sure have been suckered on other stuff.

That said, I will buy My Pillow stuff all day long. Lindell is a true hero.

Wolf’s larger point is much needed. Stop letting them manipulate us with fake patriotism.

I recently bought a wooden flag from a veteran who has started a small business out of his home.

That has been one of the most satisfying purchases I have made in a long while. REAL.

And yes, we are learning. I have said it a hundred times, but if you stop watching TV, your mind gets free. It recovers from brainwashing and helps you think much more clearly.

This is the problem so many Americans have…they are addicted to TV in all its forms. It’s a terrible thing.


Yes it is. And good for you for buying the real deal. Lindell and the veteran are real people. You can tell when people are genuine.

It isn’t just with patriotism for me. I despise getting my crank yanked. It pisses me off no end. And so much marketing is just crank-yanking.


I was in PR for a short while. Craven BS, even back in the day.


 I despise getting my crank yanked.

Oh my, yes. Don’t lie to me, don’t try to pull one over on me, and don’t tell me BS and expect me to accept it.


Or, as the popular saying goes — “don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s rainin’.”


Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!

Brave and Free

^^Absolutely ^^ the truth right there! Get the garbage out of your mind is what I tell people. Read a book, Read The Book.


Stop letting them manipulate us with fake patriotism.

^^^^This. I think we are so tired of the media and corporations being in the tank for the Left, and being in our faces, that we tend to latch on to anything that runs counter to their message. The Left vilifies the police and the military, so we support them almost unthinkingly. The Left hates guns, the flag, the National Anthem, and patriotism, and we double down. Some of this is effective, and positive; but we need to be more discerning.

One circumstance where we are justified in doing the polar opposite of what the Left wants is in our support of PDJT. They hate him; we love him. We love him for what he stands for and does — not because the Left hates him. Another is our defense of Constitutional rights.

But we can’t continue knee-jerk reactions because then the Left knows how to pull our strings, and will use that against us. We have to be uber smart because we know they will try to infiltrate and set us up.

Last edited 2 years ago by TheseTruths

I said at the time that our side was 100% wrong in supporting George W. Bush. Our side stuck with him because he was being unfairly attacked by the left. So we assumed he was on our side, and defended him when he would not defend himself OR us. It was a game understood by Bush and Bush denouncers: they both were playing the chumps and rubes.

At the time, no one on our side would listen to such an assessment. It is a great sign of progress that such an assessment is now finally getting understood by our side.

But how many years did it take? And what happened during those years, as our side was being duped? Not worth thinking about too much, except in judging the actual intent of our phony “leaders,” many of whom are still around.


Before I was fully awake, I remember thinking, ‘Why the hell doesn’t Bush fight back? Why does he just take it?’

I thought he was weak and I thought most politicians on the right were weak.

Nope. They are playing a well-defined role.


People got “compassionate conservative” 100% wrong, and excuse my ego but I said so at the time. They argued intensely over the semantics of the word “compassionate,” and completely accepted without question that Bush was “conservative.” It drove me nuts, but no one would listen.

“Compassionate conservative” was a genius piece of propaganda. It caused a debate about whether it was redundant (because conservatism by definition is compassionate); it implied that Bush was a “different” conservative, unlike the rubes and yokels, he was a kinder, gentler American; and it got OUR SIDE to accept the premise, without a scintilla of questioning, that Bush was a conservative, which he was NOT.

The thing about Bush which makes me mad even now, and which appies to others, is the slimey exploitation of his alleged Christianity.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tonawanda

Yes. He and that witch he married who came out as pro abortion the moment his term ended. I despise her.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Basically it’s hard for me to say, in reference to the people who do it, “Marketing” without immediately saying “pukes.”

Like willfully making a grammar error (and I mean the real grammar rules no one writes down because any native speaker of English gets them right, like distinguishing between mass nouns and count nouns).

Last edited 2 years ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There’s a former marketing guy in the Catholic blogosphere. The guy has manipulated more Catholics than the devil.

Well. Almost.

But these types are ALL OVER THE INTERNET and in all areas of life, not just politics.

Of course, everything is politics, so yeah.


Great post. And this was in the comments:


6h ago

Replying to NavyMan

I never bought the BRCC hype, mostly because I’ve used another brand for going on 35 years and I’ll never change it but also because of Hannity, who is NOT trustworthy on any subject whatsoever. Evan Hafer came out with a denial that Sundance at CTH bought hook, line and sinker for some reason. I’m sticking with Revolver’s take, though, as I said, I don’t use the product.

Sadie Slays

I had an “AH-HA!” moment about BRCC when I considered the timeline of the company’s history. This is assuming that they are CIA-controlled. For the rest of this post, I’m going to draw heavily from this Vice article about BRCC. Vice is worse than CNN, but this is about picking apart the public narrative.

Officially, BRCC made their first sale in January 2015. Based on that timing, let’s assume that this particular CIA op was designed with the assumption that 2016 election would be between Jeb vs. Hillary. In other words, BRCC was created with the assumption that conservatism would remain the same as pre-Trump, professional loser era of the Bushes, Romney, Paul Ryan, and McCain. So much about BRCC’s recent moves make sense when you realize this CIA op was already outdated from the start. Of course they were going take the same political positions as the RINO GOP. For whatever reason, BRCC/CIA is unable or unwilling to deviate from RINO political positions. Trump and MAGA never fit into their original plans. 

They did, however, try to salvage the op less than one month after President Trump’s inauguration. February 2017:

But because this is America in 2017, Schultz’ announcement seemed to be more problematic than Trump’s. A Twitter-fueled backlash started with a hashtag, and a guy you went to high school with loudly announced that he’d be deleting the Starbucks app immediately. And that’s where Black Rifle Coffee Company came in. The independent roast-to-order coffee company jumped in and announced that it would hire 10,000 veterans over the next six years. “[Schultz] went on to talk about how Hipsterbucks will not ‘Stand by or stand silent’ and stated that with Trump’s order ‘we’ are sounding an ‘alarm’ to Starbucks that civility and human rights are being taken for granted,” Black Rifle wrote on its blog. “Is Starbucks so narcissistic to think that they are somehow an authority that people other than their hipster customer base will actually sound an alarm?!”

February 8th, 2017. That’s 19 days after the inauguration. Apologies—the numerology side of my brain can’t get over the 1s and 9s that show up in every spook op. 

I’d wager that the sole purpose of that Starbucks refugee stunt was to establish BRCC as go-to brand for the customers that the CIA wanted to target—Trump supporters, gun nuts, patriots, etc. I know that the Starbucks refugee nonsense was the first time I had heard of BRCC. 

The Vice article I’m quoting was published August 1st, 2017—11 days before the Charlottesville psy-op. Again, I can’t help but note the unusual timing of all this media attention on BRCC. They wanted BRCC’s name out there before their planned ANTIFA false flags involving Charlottesville, Las Vegas, and God-knows-whatever else. Maybe they intended BRCC to be a much bigger and influential brand by this point? 

Indeed, the more and more I read into BRCC, the more it seems like an outdated remnant of a failed CIA op.

Maybe the original plan was to make BRCC into a serious Starbucks-level competitor in red states in order to facilitate surveillance, social/narrative engineering, false flags at BRCC locations, and other illicit CIA ops. Maybe the white hats subtly sabotaged this plan, including somehow getting Kyle Rittenhouse into a BRCC shirt in order to force the mask off BRCC (I’ve got questions about Kyle, but that’s for another time). Maybe the real reason the NYT wrote a 7,000 word article about BRCC recently is because they’re attempting another reboot this twice-failed CIA op now that Trump is no longer in the White House.

I keep going back to, “Why would the CIA waste their time building a coffee chain when there are more efficient ways to push social engineering and surveil conservatives?” At first I thought that maybe BRCC was meant to be a front for illegal activities, and all of the other surveillance stuff on the side was a bonus (I haven’t ruled out this possibility). But after considering all the above, the conclusion I’ve come to is that BRCC was intended to have a much bigger role by 2021 in the great information war than the niche mail-order company with a handful of physical locations that they are now

Last edited 2 years ago by Sadie Slays

The coffee shipping cover, corporate in utah but ceo in texas etc etc and this are great possibilities.

Valerie Curren

are you alluding to drugs shipped under cover of coffee as appears in so many movie &/or TV storylines?

Sadie Slays

There was a good discussion about BRCC as a possible CIA drug trading front in the 7/18 Open Thread. Lots of good points made from several people in favor of the theory.

Link to discussion

Valerie Curren

Thanks Sadie 🙂

Valerie Curren

That was an enlightening read–thanks

Sadie Slays

The Vice article I linked to originally was angling at this, too. This is from an interview with Hafer:

What does your six-year hiring plan look like? I’ve already picked 50 franchise options and we’ll announce those in July. We’ll open 50 in 2017 and my plan is to double that every year.

So those are brick and mortar stores? It’s a combination. We’ve teamed up with a number of [gun] ranges nationally, and we’re putting coffee shops in ranges. We’ve also teamed up with 5.11 Tactical and they’re putting in 24 stores nationally, so this is a real, no-shit plan. My board of advisors for this includes a three-star general

Installing BRCC cafes at gun ranges and stores selling tactical gear is one way to surveil gun-loving, right-leaning Americans. I went to the BRCC’s store locator page, and typed in some random red states to see what popped up. It gave me a list of local gun ranges, tactical gear stores, sporting goods stores, etc. It was like a phone book for preppers, gun hobbyists, hunters, and the types of people who would join a militia. A data-mining galore on the types of patriot businesses and customers bases that the intelligence agencies would love to keep tabs on.

Sidenote: Anyone else find it extremely suspicious that BRCC has a “three-star general” guiding their expansion plans? WTF?

There’s also this gem from the Vice article:

The not-even-thinly veiled travel ban (AKA Muslim ban) attracted criticism even before Trump managed to get the cap back on his pen, and its opponents rallied against it from one of the most historically appropriate places: the coffee shop. It has been said that the OG American Revolution began at a table at colonial Boston’s Green Dragon coffee house, and its current counterparts did what they could to step up against Trump. More than 850 coffee shops held a nationwide fundraiser for the ACLU last weekend, raising more than $423,000 for the cause.

Again, this article was published shortly before the Charlottesville false flag. IMO, it’s no coincidence that they wanted BRCC’s name out there before their big planned 2017 ANTIFA domestic terror campaign. In addition to serving as a vehicle for surveillance and possible fronts for illegal activity, I suspect part of the original plan was for BRCC to serve as a much bigger political influencer than they are currently. They wanted/needed a politically conservative coffee shop scene for the information war we are in. If I had to guess the objectives here: monitor offline political discussion and organization, drive the narrative in the information war, provide targets for ANTIFA/BLM, and false flags.

The idea of BRCC being a big name influencer sounds preposterous now in 2021, but remember, this plan was hatched in 2014-2015 with the expectation that the brand would expand under a Hillary administration and MAGA never existed. It’s why I called this whole boondoggle a “remnant of a failed CIA op.” It appears the white hats under the Trump Administration neutered at least part of this plan. Maybe the real reason BRCC got a big NYT expose is because they’re trying to reboot this plan again with Trump out of the White House.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sadie Slays

Anything can be shipped. Esp if there are military and cia connections.

Valerie Curren


Sadie Slays

The fatal flaw in their plan was that they never anticipated Trump. They were supposed to expand their brand under a Hillary Administration (no doubt with help from her flunkies). They were supposed to be the “edgy conservatives” compared to the very low bar set by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. Then Trump came along and showed us what real “edgy” was in politics, and BRCC was never able to recover. Even to this very day, they are unable or unwilling to adapt. It’s like they’re perpetually trapped in 2015.

Earlier tonight, I visited BRCC’s Youtube page out of curiosity to see if anything there supported my theory. A video called “Banned Commercial” immediately caught my eye. I refuse to link to it, but I’ll describe it. The video is of a woman in porn-level lingerie having toilet trouble. It’s as degenerate as it sounds. Does this sound “conservative” to you? Does Mike Lindell need to resort to such degeneracy to sell his pillows? It’s like I said, they’re operating as if they’re in an alternate universe where Trump, MAGA, and Q never happened.

The more you examine it, the more it looks like a giant LARP who truly doesn’t understand the MAGA base. Trapped in forever 2015 where Hillary was never supposed to lose. It’s like the CIA concluded, “All we need to sell this op are lots of guns, white women in bikinis, and toilet humor.” And you know what? Maybe that would have worked under a weak GOP led by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. There was some level of complacency back then with America falling apart as long as they didn’t take away the guns. I’m pro-Second Amendment so I won’t judge the single-issue gun voters too much, but BRCC, the CIA, and the traitors certainly took advantage this.


Brilliant comment.


There are quite a few leftists who enlist in the military…for the benefits.

I remember there being a flood of enlistments right after 9/11.
At the time, I found myself wondering if some of them might be ‘sleepers’ that the leftists had some purpose for.

After the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan got underway…I remember a female making a fool of herself, when she learned that she was being shipped out to fight overseas:
“I didn’t sign up for this shit!”, she declared.

There were other similar stories like this, where a soldier was speaking out against ‘Bush’s war for oil’.

So not all ‘veterans’ are the same.

Some of them signed up because they sincerely wanted to defend our freedoms and serve our country.
But some of them signed up for different reasons.


Thing is…we still had the Draft during the Vietnam War.

So it was really sad that Vietnam veterans were spit on and called ‘baby killers’…when they didn’t have a choice about going over there.


One of the things about this is that the guy, Hafer, starts squealing about “they twisted my words!” which makes him look like an idiot. The natural reply is, “ok, play your tape.”

He didn’t make an independent tape? –> he doesn’t just look stupid, he is genuinely stupid.


I think he is abashed that his cover is blown.

Classic lizard person with his scales showing.


Thank you, Wolf.


It was a good article, but I have to take some issue with this: “The average American soldier fights in conflicts that have either no bearing on Americans’ safety and well-being, or a negative bearing on both. Rittenhouse, on the other hand, selflessly put himself in peril to protect his own community from marauding psychopaths. American troops are rewarded with college tuition, pensions, and affirmative action for millions of federal jobs.”

When you enlist in the military, you don’t get to pick and chose what wars you fight in and whether they have a bearing on America’s safety and well-being. You hope for integrity in your Commander in Chief, that he would never send you to put yourself at risk in a war for someone else’s benefit. Looking back on our recent history, we can see that the military has been used and abused horribly by our government. But how many young people enlisting in the military really have a grasp on what is REALLY going on? Not many older people do.

And yes, American troops are rewarded with some benefits Congress grudgingly gave us. But when you go and fight a war your country has sent you into and come back without arms and legs and PTSD, maybe you deserve those rewards.


Linda and also others who have served in our military, thank you for your service to our country and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made.


Thank you, Zoe. It was a long time ago for me, but I particularly feel for those who had to do one tour of duty after another in Afghanistan and Iraq and either didn’t come back or if they did, didn’t come back whole. Many were National Guard, who are often disparagingly called “Weekend Warriors” and were never expecting to go overseas at all. Those wars – particularly the Iraq war – should never have happened. Or if they did, as with Afghanistan, should have ended quickly. They seem to have known where Bin Laden was all along, but failed to even go after him. And he was supposedly the reason we went there. I took issue with this article in the part I mentioned because none of the people who actually fought those wars had any idea what was really going on and should never be disparaged for it.


Agree with you on all counts, and you express it all so very well.