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The Boss

Friday once more at Wolf’s pub. Belly up to the bar and let’s have a drink. The special today is Maker’s Mark, a lovely Kentucky Bourbon that is known for its gentleness on the palate and the pocketbook.

See those gorgeous butterflies in the header? I put them there because goodness and beauty go on no matter what happens in the political realm. Those beauties are pollinating garlic chives. God is good! Let us never forget that GOOD will always win.

Ya gotta read the American success story of the Bill Samuel family. It’s full of that “Never give up,” “Can do,” “Screw the bank” type of attitude. FTA:

“To understand why Maker’s Mark is so significant, it’s important to understand what bourbon was like in the past. Unlike many of the things we tend to be nostalgic about, things were certainly not better in the ‘old days.’ Bourbon was a rough spirit. Marge Samuels, the wife of Bill Samuels and mother to Bill Samuels, Jr., often would say, “That shit will blow your ears off.” It was this fiery spirit that was being produced at the TW Samuels Distillery. It turns out that Bill Samuels, Sr.’s father was right – Americans were thirsty after prohibition, but it was Scotch and Canadian whiskey that they had developed a taste for.”

A great story. Here’s a video on how Maker’s Mark is made. I learned a lot about bourbon making:

Remember that scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, when George and Clarence hit the bar for a drink? George is at his wit’s end. He’s cynical and his mood reflects the changes that happened to Bedford Falls because George had “never been born.”

He orders a double bourbon and slams it fast. It’s been that kind of week. I identify with George Bailey.


Americans are dying in Afghanistan. Our soldiers are being slaughtered.

Our citizens are trapped and abandoned. We will now be forced to watch the torture and murder of our people. And what do you want to bet, we will be going back to war. Brigadier General Don Bolduc said as much on the War Room yesterday.

Our own military leadership apparently gave a KILL LIST to the Taliban of Americans and others who needed to be evacuated.


Joe Biden is NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I have no words to describe what a craven, vile, depraved creature he is. He actually conflated the cancer death of his son with the MURDER OF OUR TROOPS. Dear God in Heaven, have mercy on us! Just listening to his address to the nation made me down a bourbon.

Round on me. Bartenders, pour a round!

They are going forward with leaving Americans in that hellhole. This cannot stand. This is one of the most heinous and destructive political acts I have ever seen in my life.

Biden is not in charge. He is the MEAT SHIELD for those who act and pull the strings in the dark. We really need to pray for our troops. Imagine having a pretend Commander-in-chief and incompetent generals like McKenzie directing your life. INTOLERABLE!

War is coming, don’t you think? The drumbeats are sounding.


Zev Zelenko is my hero through this whole thing. His cancer has returned but he is undeterred from speaking the truth. Here’s a fantastic interview with him and Brother Bugnolo of From Rome. It goes more into the psychological aspect of how the Cabal are attempting to implement totalitarian control over the peoples of the world. Link here:


I’m not in the mood to be nice. I’m in the mood to battle. But we have rules and for a good reason. Visit here to review the rules for keeping us civil. Grrrr. Okay. I’m good.

If you want to really throw a punch, here’s the Utree, which is also the go-to if we need to reconvene. We know the attacks that have been happening.


From Zerohedge:

“In April, May, and June, the inventory-sales ratio of around 1.08 – or about 33 days’ supply – was at the lowest point in the data going back to 1992. In the years before the pandemic, the overall ratio was around 1.5, providing 45 days of supply.”

Seeing the world situation as it stands now: Afghanistan, Communist/totalitarian takeover, medical tyranny through dangerous shots, supply chain disruptions, and stolen US elections going back to God Knows When, it is just plain common sense to stock up on provisions.

For about a hundred bucks you can buy 100 pounds of flour, a pound of yeast, 10 pounds of salt, 25 pounds of rice, numerous cans of vegetables, 25 pounds of dried beans, and some sugar.

In a pinch, this will feed a small family for weeks. For another hundred you can add those foods that you would miss if shortages occur. Stock the freezer with meat, add some canned meats to your pantry. Buy some powdered milk (or buy regular milk and freeze it). Stock up on eggs.
You will be glad you did. Food security can mean everything in a tough time. Make sure you have extra vitamins and supplements, any scripts you need, and so on.

Now that you’ve got a little extra, spend an extra $5 or $10 when you grocery shop and stock up with more canned foods, pasta, butter (freezes well), oils (olive oil also freezes), and anything that would make a time of shortages go easier.

That hundred pounds of flour will make lots of pancakes, biscuits, gravies, cookies, bread, pasta, pies, cakes, and so on.

I can’t bear the thought of any of us going hungry. Let’s suppose we end up not needing the extras. Well, you can donate to the local food pantry or a family in need.

Prepper Hack: Cocoa Powder (makes everything chocolate and lasts for a long time). No food fatigue for us!


Did ya hear about this book? Just came out.
Pedogate Primer: The Politics of Pedophilia

Just for nice, let’s pass this around one more time:

Governor Abbott talks a good game when he bans vaccine mandates, but they are ONLY FOR GOVERNMENT ENTITIES. He must know that Warren Buffet’s Clayton Homes is mandating vaccines to all the management and low-income workers at his manufacturing plants in Texas, not to mention MANY other businesses. What’s he gonna do about that? NOTHING. Why?

Abbott is a RINO. Abbott = Bush. Bush = Globalist.

Seth Keshel is calling out Abbott, too:

Abbott isn’t the only RINO governor out there. That creature, Kristi Noem is another one. Goodness, what an actress!

Have you heard of the band Southern Raised from Missouri? Enjoy!

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The doctors KNOW.

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Well, let’s be positive here. The decision is a bit easier here in the States. Only three are available. I think. Novavax soon. AZ, lost track of. AND, the Philippines has SinoVax. Yea, NO.


Spoke with neighbor. He has a 71 year friend. Had both Moderna injections. No major health issues before Moderna. Active life style. Three or four weeks later developed issues in one of his legs. Clots, circulation… Leg cut off above the knee.


There. Documented.
Truth is relentless.
Relentless Truth is needed.

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Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!!!


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Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me.

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

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Father God:

We come to you before the Throne of Grace on our knees to ask You lay Your Healing Hands on our Beloved Brother, Wolf.

We give You all Honor and Glory and Praise as we put our trust in You to hear our prayer.

You know only too well the trials and tribulations of our Brother Wolf who suffers daily physically, mentally, and spiritually.

He rarely complains unless we need to understand something he has gleaned from his suffering we need to know and for that, Father God, we ask You to bless him.

You know all, see all, and control all in this world so his suffering is well known to You and he knows that trials work patience.

We ask for Your patience with us because we are impatient for Wolf to heal so he may glorify, honor, and praise You another day.

Pour Your Healing Oils over his body, Father God.

Strengthen his lungs and breathe new life into them, Father God.

Comfort him daily as he brings forth the truth, Father God.

Guide him daily in Your Truth, Father God.

Bless him daily for fighting the good fight, Father God.

Let him know You have not abandoned him, Father God.

Make his sleep restorative and refreshing, Father God.

You are the Heavenly Physician who heals all wounds whether they be physical, mental, and/or spiritual. 

We trust You will increase Wolf’s faith as he puts his trust in You and You alone.

We lean not on our own understanding because Your ways are not our ways.

We acknowledge You in all of our ways because You and only You will make our path straight.

We ask you to make the path straight for our Beloved Brother Wolf and that with each step he takes, he can feel Your Healing Power.

We ask it all in the Precious and Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.




Surely miss Kayleigh.

Speaking of beautiful women. Have we had a Melania siting recently. Couple months for me.


Kayleigh: “As one high level Trump official reminded me today — When we walked out the door on January 20th:”


I wouldn’t rest on those laurels.

Guess what?

They’re baaaack!

Because the job was never finished.

You just left.

Nobody in the administration even OPPOSED the insanely obvious stolen election.

Just surrogates, who couldn’t even be openly idenitified with the administration (remember they had to disown Sidney Powell, and then Rudi was thrown under the bus by the administration with staffers saying he was drunk or had no idea what was going on).

All the BS, all the games, all the talk, and like always…


And here we are, reminiscing about victories that happened a political lifetime ago.

The people who were killed have been replaced, and ISIS and Al Quacka are back.

Ten months after the election was stolen (which the administration didn’t even contest), we’re still twisting in the wind.



Prayers for their families 🙏



As an FYI. Corpsman assigned to FMF -Fleet Marine Forces are every bit as tough as Marines. Serve side by side.


Yep 👍


ONLY 5,000 AMERICANS!!! 🤬 🤬 🤬

Twuck FITTER…Tweet now deleted.

Lucas’ tweet says 100,000 evacuated, only 5k are Americans.

Last edited 11 months ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎ULTRA MAGA😎


Concerned Virginian

This 5,000 Americans number was also reported on 710WOR, New York, today.


This mystery has nothing to do with the current events plaguing us, but it is interesting, though tragic for those who died.

Nobody Knows What Happened to Family and Dog Found Dead on Yosemite Hike

The bodies of John Gerrish, his wife, Ellen Chung, their one-year-old daughter, Miju, and their dog were found last Tuesday on a hiking trail near Hite’s Cove in the Sierra National Forest, but autopsies performed Thursday have provided investigators with no clue as to how they died.

A friend reported the Mariposa family missing last Monday after they did not return from a one-day outing in Yosemite National Park on Sunday and Gerrish—a software engineer who had recently switched jobs from Google to Snapchat—failed to show up for work.

“Investigators have considered whether toxic gasses, toxic algae, and carbon monoxide from abandoned mines near in area may have contributed to the deaths,” Mariposa County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kristie Mitchell told Fox News.

The U.S. Forest Service warned last month that toxic algae had been discovered in the nearby Merced River and urged visitors not to swim, wade, or allow their pets to drink the water. Investigators had also initially treated the scene as a hazmat situation due to concerns over carbon monoxide and other noxious gases coming from abandoned mines in the area, but that precaution was soon lifted.

Police have been able to rule out blunt force, gunshots, or other intentional means of death due to the condition of the bodies, and no suicide note was found.

The sheriff’s department is still awaiting toxicology results and a necropsy is being performed on the dog, Oksi, though investigators said that no other dead animals were found in the area.

They are also reportedly considering the possibility of rattlesnake bites, but Mitchell said they did not find physical evidence supporting that as the cause of death.


In before anyone says they were vaxed (the dog, too!).


Another mystery


Stoopid enough to get injected. Stoopid enough to not check the lottery results.

Concerned Virginian

DOGS have a Coronavirus vaccine also!
It’s called by various names, among them the “DHPP CV” shot.
One of these types of vaccines is made by MERCK.
The name is “Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv+Cv.” It contains “inactivated virus” in an ADENOVIRUS envelope — the same delivery system that the Johnson & Johnson “vaccine” has.
Any DHPP vaccine that has “Cv” as part of the name is a Coronavirus shot for dogs.
Know this before you take your dog to the vet for their shots.


Good grief! Thanks for the info.


So sorry to learn that this can happen to dogs too.


Poor pooch! I don’t know if COVID can be serious in dogs, but it looks similar to the situation with humans, that the vax can be worse.

Concerned Virginian

OK, there’s another canine vaccine that “piggybacks” a Coronavirus vaccine element onto the usual distemper / canine parvovirus — it’s called “VANGUARD PLUS 5/CV”, by the Zoetis company.
Both the Nobivac Canine and the Vanguard Plus5/CV prevent “respiratory diseases” like CANINE CORONAVIRUS.
Almost all dogs take some sort of IVERMECTIN on a monthly basis — Heartgard, etc. — in a combination with Pyrantel. This is to prevent canine heartworm and intestinal parasites.
One now wonders if IVERMECTIN is a prophylaxis for things that can attack human hearts and lungs also.

Brave and Free

Hmmm made by Phizer, must be why the vax didn’t take long to get to market. Couldn’t find the components it’s made with …….


What was the altitude the bodies were found at?
If vaxx related, altitude may play a role in the deaths.


“If vaxx related, altitude may play a role in the deaths.”


Except it seems unlikely the 1-year old daughter and the dog were vaxxed.


Good point.

Wolf Moon

ChiComs and their DNC allies.


“They are also reportedly considering the possibility of rattlesnake bites, but Mitchell said they did not find physical evidence supporting that as the cause of death.”


Right, one rattlesnake cornered a family and killed three people and their dog.

His name is Crazy Snake, a local legend, the tourists say it’s a myth, but the locals know it’s real.

Crazy snake often appears out of nowhere, commits multiple strikes with a bottomless pit of venom, leaving no puncture marks, and then Crazy Snake slithers back into the mist from whence he came, leaving no trace.


Ah come on.

Crazy Snake leads a gang of Crazy Snakes. Now that is plausible. /s



It’s like the seven dwarves, except vicious crazy killer snakes instead.

There’s Crazy, Looney, Wacky, Batty, Nutty, Goofy and Headcase… 👍😂


“Recently software engineer at Goodle switched to Snapchat”.
What did he know?

Last edited 11 months ago by singingsoul1

“Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman holds press conference recommending Ivermectin to all COVID patients”


Excellent. Now we will have an example to point to, showing that it works.


Besides most states in India.

Wolf Moon

His reasoning is sound. Add in the India-Japan relationship which visionary President TRUMP encouraged, and you see that Japan (long experienced understanding the mendacity of the ChiComs) is going to stop listening to the WEFFEN SS.


Citizen Free Press just published this very long list of studies showing the effectiveness of ivermectin. Good info and ammo for all to have.


That page also has links to other treatments and the studies showing effectiveness they have.


The tik tok video of the communist lesbian soldier saying Americans were the enemy under martial law and she would be pointing her weapon at us is rumored to be part of the Ft. Bliss, Texas command.

I called the Commanding General’s hotline to complain. Sgt. so-and-so answered and informed me that they were indeed aware of the situation, the phone had been ringing off the hook all morning, and “the highest levels of the command were investigating and taking this extremely seriously.”

If you would like to call and add your demand that this soldier be disciplined…and you should…. the number is


This woman should be court martialed and thrown out of the army with a dishonorable discharge after she serves time in Levanworth. What she did, and said, was BEYOND outrageous. And blatantly illegal per the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Excellent! Thanks for the hotline and the update.

Sadie Slays

Thank you.


I’m seeing some posts on Telegram with links to a longer version of her video and it appears what she said was taken out of context, that she was responding to someone else — and was not wise to do it in the way she did. Seems some are trying to doxx her with details about her job, vehicle and location. I think we need to be aware of enemy tactics to divide us and incite criminal behavior.

On a separate note, I am very inspired by what Tore has been doing to mobilize everyday people to find addresses for leadership at various levels in military and to write letters supporting those in uniform to be free from pressure to take the shots. Her example letter makes an appeal to their oath. Really appreciate that she leads by example and teaches others to make a difference. Other things her group have done together include getting for “Trump Won” billboards put up on main highways, making Trump Won stickers and distributing around town locally, going to local county and school boards, researching the hidden connections between school boards and Gates, Soros, Pfizer, and more.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gudthots

I had wondered if she could have been quoting someone, or an attitude that some have, since we don’t context.


I called. The gentleman asked for my name and number, which I gave him. What that woman was saying was atrocious. Even if she was “taken out of context,” she (or someone) posted her saying it. That needs to be addressed.

This bullshit of pretending like American citizens can be treated like we are in Communist China needs to end. NOW.


Thanks for the info and number. Call Fort bliss is on my Monday morning stuff to do.


Have they been living under a rock? How could “leaders” be that uninformed? Will post a few links in a while.


For Point #1:
● New Study Finds Even a Mild COVID Infection Leaves Long-Lasting Immunity

This might be the same study:
Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection 

16-minute video:
Video of doctor saying the purpose of the pandemic was to get people mass-vaccinated. Those who have had COVID have natural immunity for life. He says all the things we’re thinking and are concerned about.

Immunity could last years and even decades:
“How long might immunity to the coronavirus last? Years, maybe even decades, according to a new study — the most hopeful answer yet to a question that has shadowed plans for widespread vaccination.” 

Study showing no need for previously infected people to get vaccine

Dr. McCollough short clip stating that natural immunity is superior 

“‘NCLA remains dismayed by GMU’s refusal—along with many other public and private universities and other employers—to recognize that the science establishes beyond any doubt that natural immunity is as robust or more so than vaccine immunity.’” 

8/19/21 – Prof. Zwicki wins case against George Mason University.
“Prof. Zywicki has already contracted and fully recovered from Covid-19. As a result, he has acquired robust natural immunity, confirmed unequivocally by multiple positive SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests conducted over the past year. In fact, Prof. Zywicki’s immunologist, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, has advised him that, based on his personal health and immunity status, it is medically unnecessary to get a Covid-19 vaccine—and that it violates medical ethics to order unnecessary procedures.” 

Scientists Uncover Evidence That a Level of Pre-Existing COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Is Present in the General Population 
“These T cells were also found in all subjects who recovered from SARS 17 years ago, and in over 50% of both SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 uninfected individuals tested, suggesting that a level of pre-existing SARS-CoV-2 immunity is present in the general population.”

Doctor’s Dire Warning Regarding Vaccines: “We Have Made A Mistake” (VIDEO)
re: spike protein
“Bridle goes so far as to say that the unvaccinated are building natural immunity naturally, which is known to be stronger than immunity gained from the vaccine. This is in no way a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections
“Conclusions: This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

Natural immunity from Covid infection could be stronger than vaccination in protecting against Delta variant: Recovered patients are 13 TIMES less likely to be infected than those who have Pfizer jabs, Israeli study suggests 

Dr. Rand Paul says this shows that T cell immunity after having COVID includes variants.

● Yardley Yeadon (someone on Twitter?) reports that immunologists say once you’re immune to one strain, you’re immune to all.


YW! And thank you for the work you’re doing!


Good find! 👍👏


Thanks. I’ve been saving links as I found them. 😊


This is excellent! Thank you for all that work.


YW. I had been saving those links in a file, and it does take a little time. I don’t know how Gail Combs does it. 😊


Me, neither!


For #5, there are multiple headlines about the vaxed and even the double vaxed getting sick. I don’t know how anyone could think otherwise.

Last edited 11 months ago by TheseTruths
Sadie Slays
Wolf Moon

That was the link I was going to provide. Note in that paper the double-digit stronger immunity of disease recovery – which has ALWAYS been true (Thank GOD for EVOLUTION, which BUILT OUR NATURAL IMMUNITY). This matches up with Dr. Peter McCullough’s SARS-CoV-1 (i.e., original SARS)-based estimate of 17 years immunity.

The only thing which will REDUCE THAT TIME is……(drumroll)


In other words, refuse the vax to SAVE GRANDMA. 😉

Wolf Moon

Those kinds of virtue signal “Republicans” are SICK!!!


Thank you for fighting on the ground for freedom!

comment image


The Blackhawks left in Bagram are probably not as useful to the Taliban as first thought. Taliban have no access to the military internet; thus the helos cannot ‘see’ or ‘hear’ beyond what the pilots can see and hear. They might not even fly. I would be surprised if there wasn’t an ID system built into them so that only authorized personnel could ‘unlock’ the system in order to start the helo.

Heck, we have alcohol ignition interlocks in cars and passwords to access websites. Also, Taliban might have our biometric ID devices but they do not have access to the data in the military network.

IOW there’s a good chance that the Taliban possess a bunch of scrap equipment that looks good.

Last edited 11 months ago by pgroup2
Cuppa Covfefe

Look for a lot of mil stuff showing up on eBay or “Mohammed’s List” 🙂

Good to know that the stuff is not easily usable. Have to wonder if the ChiComs will help them to get things “up and running”…

This whole fiasco makes me want to scream and kick the walls a few times…

Good to see that you’re doing better and better!




Be careful. My comment was speculative, not factual. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down.  😵 




And how long will they remain airworthy without skilled maintenance and spare parts.


“And how long will they remain airworthy without skilled maintenance and spare parts.”


No doubt our allies can keep them supplied with any spare parts the Biden administration can’t provide.

The bigger problem is that not many camel jockeys can fly a chopper.


How much in the way of classified electronics were left on those Blackhawks? That’s the real value, even if the copters are dead weight.

Last edited 11 months ago by SteveInCO

Exactly. It will end up in the hands of the ChiComms.


Easy to sabotage prior to abandonment. But that’s probably classified info.


“How much in the way of classified electronics were left on those Blackhawks?”


All of it, if I know the circle-back administration.


“he Blackhawks left in Bagram are probably not as useful to the Taliban as first thought. Taliban have no access to the military internet;”


I’m sure the Biden administration can provide them with access.


“I would be surprised if there wasn’t an ID system built into them so that only authorized personnel could ‘unlock’ the system in order to start the helo.”


Biden administration probably had them retrofitted with a key-lock in the steering column.

If the keys are lost, you just hotwire it like an old Pontiac.


Sylvia Avery

You crack me up, Scott!


“IOW there’s a good chance that the Taliban possess a bunch of scrap equipment that looks good.”


Unfortunately it’s probably already in China.

And unlike the camel jockeys in Stanstanistan, the goofs in Beijing will certainly gather plenty of info.

If they haven’t already been given a whole fleet by the Biden administration already.


That’s a good article that highlights how we are building parallel societies (Point #3). Also:

2. One In Five Parents Is Homeschooling Right Now

6. Blowing Up While Republicans Don’t Control Anything

As much as Biden and Democrats want to continue blaming Afghanistan and all the other coming catastrophes on Trump, even dumb people can see through that. And for once, rather than Democrats ruining the country for Republicans to deal with (usually badly) once the political pendulum swings back control of Congress, the catastrophes are happening while Democrats clearly control everything. There is nobody to blame but them.


Rep. Madison Cawthorn – Requests Invocation Of The 25TH AMENDMENT And REMOVAL OF JOE BIDEN FROM HIS OFFICE.

I truly believe that he is unable to discharge the duties of the office he holds. That is why today, I sent letters to each member of the President’s cabinet, and to the Vice President, asking that they invoke the 25th Amendment of The United States Constitution, and remove Joe Biden from his office. I’m also calling on Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi to immediately call Congress back into session to construct a disability review Council and assess the President’s state. I cannot sit idly by and watch the nation that I love spiral into death and devastation, because our leader cannot discharge his duties. When there is no time to wait, the time for action is now. I take no pleasure in sending this request, the gravity of this weighs heavily on me, but I find no other recourse.

I’m torn on this. Old Joe is awful and is getting people killed and letting everyone into our country. People are waking up under his fake reign. Kamala is also supremely incompetent, but she is aware enough to produce a facade of capability that leftists would fall for.

But yes, for the sake of our country, he has to be held accountable and removed before he can do more damage.

And of course, we need to right 2020. Joe Biden didn’t win!


And the very real probability that the WH squatter was put there knowingly that his failure was on the cards, what is the next twist.


One thing the Ho won’t be able to use is the “sympathy” card.

Joe even makes me forget myself (briefly, to be sure) and feel sorry for him. My lord, even the man’s WIFE is allowing this to go on.

Kamala is EASY to despise. She will be just as catastrophically horrible as Biden, with absolutely NO MERCY called for.

Biden needs to go. NOW.

Cuppa Covfefe

I wouldn’t call Jillary his wife so much as his handler.

She’s just as much of a witch as Hell-the-BEAST…


She has a doctorate degree in dog walking.


“Biden needs to go. NOW.”


It won’t make any difference at all.

Biden isn’t running anything, and whoever replaces him won’t be running anything either.

It’s just 3-card Monte.


What I think we have to do is, one at a time, run them out.

This would hopefully serve to keep them tied up in knots until we can a) correct 2020 OR b) get to 2022 and vote in such massive numbers that cheating is apparent and c) be damned sure we have the people and mechanisms in place to catch the cheaters. Because last time, too many gullible poll watchers just “walked off the job” when they were told they had to. Can you imagine that happening again? I can’t. I think there will be RIOTS if that shit gets tried again.

I no longer have much faith that 2020 will be corrected. Too much time has passed. I can’t see it. I would LOVE to be wrong.


That’s going to be a problem for Camel-Uh! from Jamaica by way of Canadia.

Wherever she claims to have been born, it wasn’t here.

Maybe Hussein Odoofus can let her borrow his phony credentials.

Last edited 11 months ago by scott467

Not a natural born citizen, which disqualifies her from the vice presidency as well.


I thought she was simply an anchor baby – as opposed to a NBC. Neither parent was a citizen at her birth, and who knows if they ever naturalized.


That’s part of the problem, nobody knows where any of these traitors come from, and they are never required by anyone to provide proof, because there is no legitimate news media to demand it.

She could have been born in China for all we know, and the entire MSM could know about it, and the American public would never find out.

Not because the MSM are bad people (they are horrible people) but it’s much worse than that.

The MSM are part of the illegitimate government crime syndicate.

Which I’m sure you know, I just want the China spies and traitors reading here to know that we know.


After everything is put back into place, the specifics of what constitutes a NBCitizen need to be clarified. Born here of two citizen parents, like Book of Nations. Period.

Valerie Curren

We can dream. I keep “hoping” that all the depredations of the aka BHO usurpation to be undone, but expect that’s not happening in this life 🙁

Concerned Virginian

Did M. Trudeau know something ahead of time, so he ordered Canada to cut and run from Kabul just before the Biden-Harris massacre? Trudeau left an “unknown” number of Canadians behind.
“Canada ends Afghanistan evacuation mission”


🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️
Texas House Passes Voter Integrity Law (

Texas House Passes Voter Integrity Law After Arrest Warrants Issued for Democratic Fugitives

And a big FU to Houston’s Dem Cabal led by Mayor Sylvester Turner *SPIT*

The Texas bill restricts methods of voting, tightens the rules around mail ballots, empowers partisan poll-watchers and creates new rules and penalties for mistakes by election officials and people helping others vote. The measure also outlaws drive-through and 24-hour voting, which were successfully implemented — and widely embraced — in Harris County last year as pandemic-era voting alternatives.

Last edited 11 months ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎ULTRA MAGA😎

After Phelan signed the arrest warrants for the fugitive Democrats, lawmakers slowly poured into the state of Texas before the special session could conclude on September 5.

So the whole trip was in vain, and some of them got COVID.

It looks as if the Texas Senate passed the bill on August 12.

I hope it goes to the governor now for signature.



If there is little or no B-cell recall then the vaccine is a failure as it cannot stimulate durable immunity at all.  That is, the jabs are basically the same (via a different mechanism) to receiving monoclonal antibodies if you get infected; yes, you have an antibody titer but the jabs fail to train your immune system to recognize the infection in the future.  As that titer wanes the protection becomes increasingly worthless and, since we know mutational binding changes are occurring the potential for vaccine-caused harm by potentiating infections remains a distinct possibility as that occurs.

This demands immediate investigation and, if it is found that the dosing was set intentionally with knowledge of the decay dynamics everyone involved in that and its concealment had better hang for it — for starters. That is not a mistake, it is active fraud.

Wolf Moon

Yes. It was FRAUD to help green-light mRNA-based GENE THERAPY.


This demands immediate investigation and,”


Investigation by whom?

What investigative or law enforcement body is not corrupt?


“if it is found that the dosing was set intentionally with knowledge of the decay dynamics everyone involved in that and its concealment had better hang for it — for starters.” 


That sound you hear is laughter from the political-class and the medical establishment, as they get in a limousine together drive off to another bestiality orgy and child sacrifice soirée.

“That is not a mistake, it is active fraud.


Of course it is. It couldn’t possibly be anything BUT active fraud.

They hardly even tried to cover their tracks, because they don’t need to, because who is going to investigate of prosecute them?

There is no one.

Who will even inform the Public about this blatant crime against humanity?

There is no one.

It’s all empty outrage.

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Cuppa Covfefe
Wolf Moon


Cuppa Covfefe


Let it pour, let it pour, let it pour!

The rain, truth sayin’
Is driving them insane…


Wolf Moon

Is Milley a ChiCom asset?


Plausible. Didn’t someone post yesterday that Milley in High School was on the football team with the current trans head of the HHS (I think) that Racheal creature.

Wolf Moon


Cuppa Covfefe


Lots of ways to unpack that acronym…


I think so…


“Is Milley a ChiCom asset?”


Well, his middle name is Manchurian Candidate…


We cannot forget it was the Obama Biden regime who supported ISIS so why wonder that Biden regime freed ISIS in Afghanistan?


Jack Posobiec: “Are you paying attention yet?”


Yes Jack.

It’s like we’re running the hot dog stand at a magic show, and the performer’s job is to explain the magic act.

We work here.

This is about the ten thousandth time we’ve heard how the trick works.

We’re just waiting for the other shoe to finally drop.

Starting to suspect that there is no other shoe, and that’s the real trick.


I disagree… not everyone has been paying attention, and certainly not at the level you have, right 😉 …


I would expect that everyone who follows Jack’s tweets is reasonably well informed though 👍


But they tweet out to other… most of whom are not as well informed.


This is the problem.


“…a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

Bingo! But there is some consolation in the fact that he wasn’t really elected. We have to overcome the fraud that is stealing our country.

Wolf Moon

YES. And of all people, the CZECHS should understand communist elections.


comment image


Except me.

I’m not smart enough to be silent, so I offend the stupid people all the time.

It’s like a hobby 👍 😁

Last edited 11 months ago by scott467


Election fraud is what made Biden possible, not a majority of fools.


Even so, a majority of fools have decided to live with the outcome of the election.


No necessarily.

The majority are no fools and therefore are charting a path around the fuderel beu-row of insurrecsions.

I’ve got my eyes on Gen Flynn, looking for where to apply efforts.

I’m also watching for ways to put the hurt on commie corporations via the Lin Wood strike for freedom.

We will NOT “live” with the election outcome.

Gail Combs

I agree. At most you had 1/3 of the American people actually voting for the fool.

One also has to take into account Five years of CONSTANT BASHING of Potus in the news PLUS the Fake News, Twatter & Farcebook HIDING all the actual facts about Bye-Your-Done.

On top of that we have been slowly impoverished until many homes need THREE JOBS to make ends meet. This leave ZERO time to do any investigating of political candidates.

Then we have the Church.
Between LBJ’s 50lc3 muzzling of churches and infiltration by communists we had ZERO real spiritual leadership for years.

From Rockefeller Funding Of Franklin School educated John Dewey, the Father of Education in the 1800s, as The Hand that Rocked the Cradle in 1920-1960 to their role in Feminism and in Big Pharma (think ADHD, RITALIN AND VIOLENCE) we have been TARGETED by the Rockefeller’s and the CABAL. Remember the CABAL that took over our monitary system/economy and politicians in 1913 and our ‘defense’ a free and fair press in 1915

I consider it a MIRACLE that we, as a people, after over one hundred years of covert warfare are managing to throw off the communists bewitchment.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gail Combs

Yes that is the problem. Another problem is hate people hated Trump so much that they were willing to put Biden in.
The real problem is media who is the mouthpiece of people behind the curtain that brainwash half of the people who voted for Biden. They developed dislike for a man into hate.


The election was stolen. Few people voted for Joe Demento.


We have to prove it. I know it was stolen but many do not and that is the problem.

Wolf Moon

Video HERE:


14:00 :

“RealPOTUS loves his country but was duped (about the vax) He trusted people that lied to him. This is one area that he has to fix. He has to come to the public and explain that these vax …are only potential for harm.”

Wolf Moon

Yes. Trump took all the right positions, but the left did what it does best – it USED Trump’s position of authority to advance their bullshit, but then locked him out with the fake election.

These Health Nazis have to go.


He emphasizes that PDJT should make statements that children should not get the vax, but I have already heard him say that. More would be good, though.


More Uniparty trash that needs to go out.

Wolf Moon

Bet they were elected by FAKE ELECTIONS.


Two democrats pretending to be Republicans.

Lots of those.


Unfortunately, Yes.

Deplorable Patriot

Bringing this over from Marica’s.

Sylvia Avery
August 27, 2021 at 4:33 pm

“Samples from early Wuhan COVID-19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus, an American scientist has found.
Henipah was one of the two types of viruses sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory at the centre of a controversy over the firing of the scientists and collaboration with Chinese military researchers. It is not clear whether the virus found in the Chinese samples is related to the virus samples sent by the Canadian lab, which were shipped in late March 2019.
The finding was confirmed for The Epoch Times by another qualified scientist…..”

Deplorable Patriot

Henipavirus is a genus of negative-strand RNA viruses in the family Paramyxoviridae, order Mononegavirales containing five species.[1][2] Henipaviruses are naturally harboured by pteropid fruit bats (flying foxes) and microbats of several species.[3] Henipaviruses are characterised by long genomes and a wide host range. Their recent emergence as zoonotic pathogens capable of causing illness and death in domestic animals and humans is a cause of concern.[4][5]

In 2009, RNA sequences of three novel viruses in phylogenetic relationship to known henipaviruses were detected in African straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) in Ghana. The finding of these novel henipaviruses outside Australia and Asia indicates that the region of potential endemicity of henipaviruses may be worldwide.[6] These African henipaviruses are slowly being characterised.[7]

Wolf Moon

CCP is clearly a problem for humanity.

Cuppa Covfefe

And always have been.

It’s no accident that their national symbol, the Dragon, is also the symbol of Satan, the Devil.

Could explain why the Holy Spirit forbade Paul to go to Asia… Acts 16ff…

Deplorable Patriot


On the face of it this implies that the shot is no deadlier than the placebo. (Which flies in the face of what we here at QTree have concluded.)

It can’t possibly be evidence that the shot works.


I think the question above is meant to have the /s mark after it because those figures (to me) say the jab is useless.


Oh, I’m sure it was sarcastic.

But those numbers indicate the Jab is also harmless.


What the study suggests is that in the first six months there is no difference (benefit or harm) between the vaccine and a placebo. Long term benefit or harm is not determined. The summary presented by DP does not address morbidity associated with the vaccine.

Deplorable Patriot

From Marica’s

Lin Wood
Every lie will be revealed.
Red Voice Media
Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No “Pandemic”
WOW! Dr. Paul E. Alexander appeared on “The Stew Peters Show”, confirming what we have all suspected, and leaving no doubt about what’s really behind the

August 27, 2021 at 4:45 pm

Every lie will be revealed.
Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No “Pandemic”
WOW! Dr. Paul E. Alexander appeared on “The Stew Peters Show”, confirming what we have all suspected, and leaving no doubt about what’s really behind the COVID narrative.
Stew Peters lived up to his reputation for asking the real questions, in search of the uncomfortable truth.
Dr. Alexander was not shy about answering the questions surrounding President Trump, the “pandemic” and the “vaccines”.
Then this was the next post by Stew

Deplorable Patriot

[well, that didn’t work]

Tried to embed Rumble video. Didn’t work for me.


Last edited 11 months ago by Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon

This is FANTASTIC!!!


Another huge drop from the old leaky faucetcomment image


And who headed up the Task Force?

Traitor PENCE… worked CLOSELY with Fauci…


Pence, does NOT have a leadership bone in his body. Pence is a weak follower, easily manipulated. Worse, Pence IS a traitor.




And he’s the most boring man alive. I swear, every time he opens his mouth, I fall asleep. Nothing buy syrupy platitudes, no matter what the subject is.


Linda…AND he, with his dramatic pauses, begs for applause!
I am w you…never could tolerate listening to him.
And, he’s definitely a beta.


Lin Wood
Every lie will be revealed.”


Sure, but when?

If you mean on Judgment Day, okay, but then there’s no reason to get our hopes up until then.

If you mean sometime between say, NOW and, oh I don’t know, say before the 2022 midterms, that would be different.

But nobody ever says anything that can’t be interpreted any way that helps us feel better.

And that’s a red flag the size of the sun.


General Flynn – “This is our Alamo. The next two weeks are going to be brutal”




Wolf Moon

AMEN. This is where the TRUTH has to come out.

This is MUST WATCH!!!


Yes Wolfie… Monday, the 30th is a day to watch… I think. Two weeks takes us to Sep 14th
People have got to take a stand

Wolf Moon

False flags coming for sure.


Totally agree…

Cuppa Covfefe

Huge strikes in Oz, and other places as well on 31st August.

Trains are on strike here; it’s eerily silent (we live up the hill from a station). Trouble is, there are businesses around here that rely on the trains… such as a coal-fired power plant (that the Greens hate :lol:) Now, if only I had a long enough extension cord (OK, a 250 or 500KV extension cord complete with trafo) that I could, erm, borrow some juice 🙂

Last edited 11 months ago by Cuppa Covfefe

You always make me smile Cuppa…!


Wolfie, so glad to read you are doing much better. We are all praying for you. God Bless

Wolf Moon



General Flynn – “This is our Alamo. The next two weeks are going to be brutal”


Didn’t everybody die at the Alamo?


And lots will die in the next two weeks plus… we are at war.


I can’t get on Telegram, so I don’t have access to whatever Flynn was talking about.


You can’t read there? I don’t belong, but I can read. I tried to join, but they want me to sign up on the Cloud or whatever, and I don’t intend to do that for anyone.


“You can’t read there? I don’t belong, but I can read.”


I don’t think so, I used to be able to read posts, but I haven’t read anything there in a long time. Whenever I click a link, it tries to launch a desktop application, and then nothing happens.

If I click on a video like the Flynn video above, it takes me to Telegram and says the video is too big to be viewed without logging in.

I also don’t know how to verify whether the people representing themselves as Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lindell, etc. are who they say they are.

When I tried to go further into the registration process, I get to a point where they want to send a text message verification (I don’t have a cell phone) or something similar.


“And lots will die in the next two weeks plus… we are at war.”


With whom?

Isn’t this the most critical question?

If we are at war, how is it possible to win, if the enemy is not clearly known and identified?


The enemy is the Cabal and it is CLEARLY know and identified. You and others simply don’t believe that.


“The enemy is the Cabal and it is CLEARLY know and identified. You and others simply don’t believe that.”


I definitely believe it!

But ‘Cabal’ is as vague as ‘terror’ (and the ‘war’ on the same).

When you are at war with someone, you have to CALL it by something, something which everybody recognizes and agrees on.

We don’t have that here.

What we have is Soros, Hussein + administration, [JB] + administration, Clinton + administration, Bush + administration, China, Bill Gates, Klaus Scwab, Rothschilds, apparently the Vatican, the political-class and leadership of EVERY Western nation, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the leadership of the EU, the U.N., the W.H.O., and that’s just the short list.

Until or unless there is a NAME for the enemy, for the ‘Cabal’, then we are at war with shadows, with a nameless, faceless enemy, and that doesn’t work.

In order to win, we need to be united against the evil.

That means the evil must be identified and defined, otherwise, how can you ever know whether you are attacking the enemy, or when the enemy has been defeated?


There’s tons of info albeit scattered… Some time ago a 12-part series came out … I posted it here a couple of times, as well as elsewhere…

I have an entire folder of research, most of which has been purged from the internet… ! I should have archived offline.

The first of this Part I takes a while to get to the Cabal, but she gets there…


Thank you PR.

We need a name, something specific.

Nobody ever fought a war against a vague nondescript nothing.

Canaanites, Amelekites, Moabites, Trojans, Vandals, Romans, Gengis Khan, the Goths, or in more modern times, the British, Krauts, the Japs, the Vietcong, the North Koreans, Al Quacka, ISIS, panti-fa, BLM, etc., etc.

It can’t be a laundry list the People are fighting against, there has to be a comprehensive name, an identity, something against which the consciousness and will of the People can be directed — or there’s nothing to do or be done, except analyze how we’re being defeated.

If someone is attacking you, you have to know who or what it is, in order to defend yourself.

The name (whatever or whoever it is) has to be generally understood by everyone.

This is foundational.

If everyone has to watch a multi-hour video on ‘Cabal’ to understand who the bad guys are, then the bad guys win, because the general public is never going to watch a multi-hour video.

Last edited 11 months ago by scott467

They don’t know the names of those in the MSM, but they clearly believe POTUS when he shouts out FAKE NEWS… many unplugged the BORG. They don’t know all the crooked Pols, but they know most of D.C. is crooked. Peeps say TPTB all the time and don’t really know the names of anyone. They know EVIL when they see it, and they recognize lockdowns, mask, vaccines as EVIL, as DARKNESS. The real problem with what is going on now is that peeps don’t research. I went on a mission this morning… to the local CVS. I wanted to see if they have quercertin in stock. The ‘clerks’ didn’t know what I was talking about and called out to the pharmacist on duty, who said aisle x, etc., and when the clerk and I got there, it was cold medicine she referred us to which phonetically sounded the same. I pointed that out and the clerk asked me to wait a few and the pharmacist would be with me. Well, she finally walked over to me, and she had “never heard of it” and said she was sure they didn’t stock it, I could probably get it at GNC. I replied “it’s a prophylactic or for Covid and you probably don’t know anything about it because it’s cheap, like HCQ… which you are prohibited to carry” … oh no, we are not prohibited… and I said I read it on line. She looked me straight in the eye and said very curtly “you should be careful what you read online.”

A pharmacist who doesn’t know what querertin is?

As for the enemy being shadowy… one doesn’t resist against a person or persons, one takes a stand AGAINST mandates, which Barack and Big Mike engage in, but which are NOT laws… that is what peeps need to resist… orders to get a shot. “Orders” of any kind. Orders from City Councils, whose members live in the neighborhood… peeps surely know their names.

Your idea, that one needs a NAME, reminds me of peeps who cheer at football games for the NAME of their school, or scream at the NAME of Trump.

I don’t think those who fought in the Civil War were interested in NAMES, they shot the color of the uniform, never even knowing why.


As long as you are focused on defeating the puppet show, you will never defeat the Puppet Master(s).

You cannot defeat an idea. If you could, Christianity wouldn’t still exist, and neither would islam or communism.

You can only defeat PEOPLE.

Bad People.

And Bad People need to be identified by name.

This is basic and foundational.

No nation ever won a war against a nameless foe.

Or did they?

I’m not aware of one.

We’re always chasing after these esoteric concepts, and never focusing on the foundational issues.


Forgot to include Big Tech, Big Pharma, globalist multi-national corporations, MSM, etc., etc.



And for Scott, this is why the military does not stand up to save the country. As soon as any stick their heads up to rally the troops they get immediately chopped off. So this guy just effectively ruined his career but he knew that before making the video. Which is why many will not say anything. Enlisted types doing this can easily do jail time plus loose everything they earned.


He may very well have twenty in. We dunno.

Contributing could be the ignorance over vaccine mandates in the military.

More to the point. This Marine took a stand that IS worth taking.

Regardless, I am glad this LtCol spoke up.

It is past time military STOPS and speaks the truth. At some point, careers be damned. The man has to look at himself in the mirror every day. He has three sons, IIRC, that need a strong Patriot father.


I think he said he had 17 years in. Yep, he took a stand.


He’ll land on his feet. The loss is a good man not serving the Corps, America.


Great news. clearly he is a Patriot WITH integrity.


They take a stand every single day. It may not be the stand Scott and a few others want but I haven’t seen anyone here putting their life on the line. How many of you here have been in the military during war time ? I think 13 young men just took a stand. Wasn’t that good enough? Don’t bother to respond because I have seen enough of your snark and attacks on others so after many years I will not be back. Is it any wonder so many have gone over to Marcias?

Valerie Curren

Katydid, thanks for your comment. I hope you’ll continue to read & comment here at Q-Tree, in addition to Maricas. All patriotic voices are Very Welcome here.

“Iron sharpens iron!”

God Bless You!


How genuinely civil of you.


So right. Talk is cheap.


“They take a stand every single day. It may not be the stand Scott and a few others want but I haven’t seen anyone here putting their life on the line.”


It doesn’t matter what I want, what matters is the LAW and the Constitution.

And the oath they SWORE to protect and defend our country, our People and our Constitution, against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

That’s their job, that’s their duty, that’s the oath they swore.

And what are they doing?

Is it not the bidding of a lawless and illegitimate criminal who stole the presidency of the United States and who is a puppet of a foreign superpower?

Is that who the military is following?

How does anybody square that with protecting and defending the Republic and the Constitution, as opposed to doing what Hitler’s troops did?

Wasn’t that their defense?

Weren’t they just ‘following orders’?

It doesn’t matter what I think about it, but doesn’t RIGHT and WRONG always matter?


“How many of you here have been in the military during war time?”


For the sake of argument, let’s say ZERO.

How is that relevant?

In our Constitutional Republic, does the Republic serve the military, or does the military serve the Republic (and the Constitution)?


“I think 13 young men just took a stand. Wasn’t that good enough?”


I don’t know, ‘good enough’ for what?

What did they take a stand for?

What did it accomplish?

Are those not fair and reasonable questions?

Are we not supposed to ask questions anymore?

Or are we just not supposed to ask questions about what the military does?


“Don’t bother to respond because I have seen enough of your snark and attacks on others so after many years I will not be back.”


Why not engage the debate instead?

I take the heat for what I say here every day, and most of the time I know it’s coming.

Make your best case, test it against cross-examination, to see if it can withstand scrutiny.

If it can, then your case is stronger, and your conviction likewise.

And if our position can’t withstand scrutiny, then shouldn’t we adjust our views or argument to be in alignment with what CAN be defended, what CAN be established?

In other words, isn’t the intellectually honest thing to either refute a view or position we disagree with, or if we can’t, recognize our error and be changed by it?


“Is it any wonder so many have gone over to Marcias?”


I don’t know why so many have gone over to Maricas, it’s a good question, and I’m sure there are many different answers.

You seem to be implying one specific cause — me.

So let’s talk about it.

Let’s find out if you’re right.


“And for Scott, this is why the military does not stand up to save the country. As soon as any stick their heads up to rally the troops they get immediately chopped off.”


A) I understand there are going to be consequences for doing the right thing, that’s not unusual. If doing the right thing was easy, nearly everybody would do it.

B) the fact that he was relieved of duty for doing the right thing (does anybody even remember what that means?!?) is proof that his commanding officers are with the enemy, because if they weren’t, they would have supported him and JOINED him in condemning the abject TREASON, right on up the line, right up to the Oval.

The TRAITORS in command CAN’T fire the entire military, so if enough of the military does the RIGHT thing and calls out these ABJECT TRAITORS who are WORKING for the ENEMY to DESTROY our COUNTRY, the traitors would be powerless.

Because if they FIRE the military, then they don’t HAVE a military.

And if they don’t HAVE a military, then they have NO ONE to protect them.

And if they have no one to protect them…

C) But they didn’t, they abandoned the one guy with the guts to do the right thing

D) Facebook was a stupid and pointless place to post anything


Here is SD’s article:

Marine Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Relieved of Duty For Criticizing Pentagon Decision on Bagram AFB
August 27, 2021

SD: “Lt. Col Scheller made a public Facebook post criticizing the insufferable decisions in Afghanistan that led to the deaths of 13 U.S. Marines.  The primary issue was the closure of Bagram air base, which many have looked upon at the most brutally obvious strategic blunders in the Afghan exit. Within his remarks Scheller said:

“I’m not saying we’ve got to be in Afghanistan forever. But I am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, ‘Hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we evacuate everyone’? Did anyone do that? And when you didn’t think to do that, did anyone raise their hand and say, ‘We completely messed this up’?”

Me: He’s right to ask those questions, every single American should be asking those questions, because the people giving the orders are TRAITORS, they’re OPENLY traitors, they WORK for an ILLEGITIMATE crime syndicate who OPENLY stole the election.

The military, right now, is ‘fighting’ (being sacrificed is more accurate) for a BANANA REPUBLIC.

He is calling out the COWARDS and TRAITORS, asking if any of them had the GUTS to do what he’s doing, “throw your rank on the table” and CHALLENGE the treasonous leadership.

And they didn’t have the guts, they just went along with the traitors.

Then SD posts Lt. Col. Scheller’s FB follow up:

“To all my friends across the social networks. I have been relieved for cause based on a lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today.

My chain of command is doing exactly what I would do… if I were in their shoes. I appreciate the opportunities AITB command provided. ”

The rest is canned ‘looking forward to spending more time with my family‘ drivel:

“To all the news agencies asking for interviews… I will not be making any statements other than what’s on my social platforms until I exit the Marine Corps.

America has many issues… but it’s my home… it’s where my three sons will become men. America is still the light shining in a fog of chaos. When my Marine Corps career comes to an end, I look forward to a new beginning. My life’s purpose is to make America the most lethal and effective foreign diplomacy instrument. While my days of hand to hand violence may be ending…I see a new light on the horizon.”


Me: Exactly WRONG thing to say.

Either be committed, or don’t do it at all.

Don’t do the right thing, and then walk it back when you get punished for it.

His chain of command did NOT do exactly what he would do. We know what he would do, because he DID IT.

So if his chain of command would do exactly what he would do (and did), we wouldn’t be having this discussion, and [JB] would be trying to ditch security and escape to China for asylum.

Myanmar is the model, not the Third Reich.

Last edited 11 months ago by scott467

The people who opposed Hitler and tried to remove him, were they heroes, or were they traitors?

Technically they may have been traitors who were heroes.

But this is different.

There is no doubt that the illegitimate [JB] administration are not just traitors, but CRIMINALS who STOLE the election, who STOLE the position and power of the PRESIDENCY of the United States.

That means they have ZERO lawful authority — over the military, or ANYTHING else.

THEY are the traitors, THEY are the criminals.

So what does that make ANYONE who opposes them?

It makes them ANTI-TRAITORS.

It makes them HEROES.

It makes them PATRIOTS.

People who are determined to RESTORE lawful Constitutional order.

Last edited 11 months ago by scott467

Latest numbers, VAERS.