The Magnetism Challenge: Part IV – Spanish-Made Lots of Moderna Vaccine with Magnetic Metallic Contaminants Caught by Japanese Health Ministry

OK. Something is definitely going on.

Hat tip to RF121 for finding this.

Somebody call Dr. Tenpenny’s lawyer. The Daily Mail may actually owe Dr. Tenpenny and Stew Peters an apology.

Just in case Twitter deletes that tweet, here’s an image.

So – is this REAL?


Most of this story is in Japanese, but there is enough good translation that it’s very clear what happened. There is room for more journalism here, and I would certainly know the right questions to ask, and if we pump this up just a bit, I think Japanese YouTubers (super red-pilled) will start asking the right questions and getting us some answers.

So – follow along……

First, the English report from the Twitter tweet.

Article 1




1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination

Company confirms reports of particulate matter in vials, but finds ‘no safety issues’

The Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 was cleared in May for emergency use in Japan.   © Reuters

YUMIKO URASAKI and YUKO NOMURA, Nikkei staff writers

August 26, 2021 04:48 JST

Updated on August 26, 2021 15:22 JST

TOKYO/ NEW YORK — About 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine have been taken out of use in Japan because of contamination reported in some vials, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said early Thursday.

Several vaccination centers have reported that vaccine vials contained foreign matter, according to an announcement from the ministry, which added it will seek to minimize the impact of the withdrawal on the country’s inoculation program.

The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal. “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” a ministry official said. “It could be metal.”

Takeda Pharmaceutical handles distribution of the U.S.-developed Moderna vaccine in Japan.

Nasdaq-listed Moderna confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vaccine vials distributed in Japan but said it had found “no safety or efficacy issues” related to these reports.

“The company is investigating the reports and remains committed to working transparently and expeditiously with its partner, Takeda, and regulators to address any potential concerns,” a Moderna spokesperson told Nikkei, saying the drugmaker believed a “manufacturing issue” at a plant in Spain was the cause.

The vaccine lot in question and two adjacent lots have been put on hold “out of an abundance of caution,” the spokesperson said.

The Japanese ministry has not halted the use of Moderna vaccines in other batches, deeming them safe.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he had instructed the ministry to look into the case with safety as the top priority, adding he had received reports that the withdrawal “won’t have a significant impact on the country’s vaccination campaign.”

The Moderna vaccine was granted emergency-use authorization in Japan in May.

So – what do we know from this article?

  • Lots totaling 1.6 million doses of Moderna REMOVED for “particulate matter”
  • The foreign substance could be metallic
  • The foreign substance reacts with magnets
  • The removal amounts to the problem lot(s) and two adjacent ones
  • Problem was found at multiple vaccination locations
  • Moderna statement says “no safety or efficacy issues”
  • Moderna is working with Takeda (drug company) in Japan
  • Moderna is blaming a “manufacturing issue” at a plant in Spain
  • Other Moderna batches are going forward in Japan
  • Problem has been escalated by journalists all the way to Prime Minister Suga

Now – I wanted to get more information on this, so I went to the “vanilla” Nikkei Dot Com site.

This is the first article I could find that was clearly related to this story.

Article 2



This article is NOT the same as the English, and likely a different report. Here is Google Translate.


Vaccine foreign matter mixed lot, delivery is only in Japan Pharmaceutical company statement

New corona

August 27, 2021 10:13

Foreign matter found in Moderna vaccine = Reuters

[Paris = joint] On the 26th, Spanish pharmaceutical company Robi, who was involved in the production of a new coronavirus vaccine made by US Moderna, issued a statement on the issue that a foreign substance was found, and the lot where the foreign substance was found is only in Japan. It was revealed that it was delivered.

He said he would continue to cooperate with the investigation, saying it could have been caused by one of Robi’s production lines.

Robi has a consignment contract with Moderna. For vaccines delivered outside the United States, the final process is to fill bottles with raw materials manufactured by a Swiss company at a factory in the suburbs of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

So what else did we learn here?

  • A contractor named Robi outside Madrid, Spain, filled the lots for Moderna
  • Those lots are destined for all nations outside the United States
  • Robi says that ONLY Japan received the problem vials of vaccine
  • The materials to fill the vials are manufactured by a Swiss company
  • DAVOS is in Switzerland
  • When you search on “davos” in Brave Search, you get the following page

OH! Our old friends at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Or the “Weffen SS”, as I like to call them.

One of the top sponsors of that curiously timed “exercise”, Event 201.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

I don’t particularly BELIEVE Moderna or Robi on this. I would be cautious about believing Takeda. I definitely think that the Japanese health ministry is more believable than the CDC. There is NO WAY that the CDC would have announced this, IMO.

NOW – at the bottom of the translated page, are some links to other articles about the story:

【Related article】

So you can see, there is a LOT more information about this stuff.

We’ll work our way from the bottom up.

Article 3


ENG LINK:,elem

There is also a link to a “Members Only” English article mostly behind a paywall, but that turns out to be the English article we started with (Article 1). But I also found a FIFTH article.

Here’s the stuff:

Foreign body of Moderna vaccine, some may be metal Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

New corona

August 26, 2021 3:20 (August 26, 2021 15:04 update)

For US Moderna vaccine, some products will not be inoculated = Reuters

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on the 26th that it will postpone about 1.6 million doses of new coronavirus vaccine made by US Moderna, saying that it was found to be contaminated with foreign substances. Some have already been vaccinated, but no health hazards have been reported at this time. The details of the foreign matter are being confirmed by Moderna.

【Related article】

On the same day, the ministry revealed that the substance that had been mixed in could be metal. “It is a substance that reacts with magnets and may be a metal,” he said. There are several inoculation sites in Japan where foreign substances were found, but some of them reported such reports.

Since mid-August, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited , which handles domestic supply, has reported foreign matter contamination from eight venues in five prefectures: Tokyo, Saitama, Aichi, Ibaraki, and Gifu. It includes large-scale workplaces and local government venues. In each case, a foreign substance was found by confirmation before inoculation. Vaccines containing foreign substances will be collected by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and sent to Moderna for investigation. The survey results have not been released yet.

Inoculation is postponed for the production number 3004667 (about 570,000 times), which was reported to be contaminated with foreign substances, and the vaccines of 3004734 (about 520,000 times) and 3004956 (about 540,000 times) manufactured on the same line. All are produced in Spanish factories. Delivery destinations are 863 venues. It is said that there are reports of rubber pieces being mixed overseas as well.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare explains, “I think that foreign substances were mixed in during the manufacturing process. The health risk is not so great.” We have determined that other Moderna vaccines can be used without problems. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company will continue to supply alternatives. “We will try to minimize the impact,” such as delays in inoculation.

Modelna “No safety or effectiveness issues have been identified”

 [New York = Yuko Nomura] On the 25th, U.S. biopharmaceutical moderna said that a part of the company’s new coronavirus vaccine supplied to Japan was found to be contaminated with foreign substances. No safety or efficacy issues have been identified at this time. “
 The company’s public relations responded to inquiries from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. “We have confirmed that there have been multiple reports of particulate matter in one of the production lots of vaccines distributed in Japan. Two adjacent vaccines to prioritize quality assurance. We have also withheld the inoculation of production lots. “
 Regarding the future, he said, “We are currently investigating the problem and will respond promptly and transparently with the affiliated Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and regulatory authorities.”
 Moderna outsources vaccine filling and finishing to Spanish pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Pharmaceuticos Robi.

COMMENTS: The charming appearance of “Modelna” makes me realize that Google’s AI likely has a slight accent in information space. Just more proof that “artificial” is a poor distinction of intelligence.

Let’s move on to some more articles.

Article 4


ENG LINK:,elem

Tokyo, inoculates about 9,100 people Lot suspected of foreign matter contamination

New corona

August 26, 2021 19:39

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 26th that it was using the target lot of the US Moderna vaccine, which is suspected of being contaminated with foreign substances, at the Nogizaka venue in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and at the workplace inoculation for employees in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. At the Nogizaka venue, about 2,800 people were inoculated from the 18th to the 25th, and about 6,300 people were inoculated after the 17th in the workplace inoculation. The relevant person was informed of the vaccine adverse reaction consultation center by e-mail or other means.

The Nogizaka venue will suspend the vaccination on the 26th and resume the vaccination using another lot of vaccine from the 27th. The inoculation date for those who were scheduled to be inoculated on the 26th will be set separately. It is said that the use of the relevant lot was stopped for workplace inoculation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and the inoculation was continued by switching to another lot from the 26th.

Article 5


ENG LINK:,elem

This article is for members only

Vaccine for discontinuation, inoculated at 2 locations in Ibaraki Gunma partially delivered

New corona

August 26, 2021 20:46 [Paid members only]

Regarding the announcement by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the 26th that the use of some new coronavirus vaccines made by US Moderna was discontinued, Ibaraki Prefecture revealed that the product was being used at two large-scale inoculation sites. Gunma Prefecture announced that some of the relevant products had been delivered to the prefectural vaccination center, but said they were not using them and could replace them with other vaccines.

In Ibaraki, a pharmacist discovered small particles mixed in at the Prefectural Medical University (Ami Town) on the 23rd, and took measures to collect them without using them …

This article is for members only. You can read more by registering.

551 characters remaining

Article 6


ENG LINK:,elem

This article is for members only

Inoculation interrupted, such as made by Moderna with foreign matter, ANA, etc.

New corona

August 27, 2021 2:00 (August 27, 2021 5:09 Update) [Paid members only]

A foreign substance was found in the new coronavirus vaccine made by US Moderna. No health hazards have been confirmed at this time, but the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has requested that the use be postponed for about 1.6 million times, which may be contaminated. All Nippon Airways (ANA) and others have suspended vaccination. The ministry believes the foreign material may be metal. We want to reduce the impact on vaccination, so we will hurry to take measures such as alternative supply.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company , which is responsible for the domestic supply of Moderna vaccines, has been in Tokyo, Saitama, Aichi, Thorns since mid-August …

This article is for members only. You can read more by registering.

1356 characters left

WOLF: Now – while I was going through these, I found one more ENGLISH article.

Article 7


Here’s the text:


Moderna’s contaminated jab only shipped to Japan: Spanish maker

Detection of ‘particulate matter’ in vials led Japan to suspend 1.6m doses

Moderna and Takeda Pharmaceutical, which distributes its vaccine in Japan, said they had not received any reports of safety issues due to contaminants.   © Reuters

August 27, 2021 12:42 JST

PARIS (Kyodo) — A lot of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine doses in which contaminants were detected had only been shipped to Japan, the Spanish manufacturer for the U.S. biotechnology company said Thursday.

“The detection of this particulate matter refers to certain vials of one product lot distributed exclusively in Japan,” the Spanish pharma company Rovi said in a statement, adding it is conducting an investigation into the matter and cooperating with health authorities.

As a precaution, Japan suspended Thursday the use of around 1.63 million doses of Moderna vaccine after contaminants were found in some unused vials.

Both Moderna and Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical, which is in charge of the sale and distribution of the vaccine in Japan, said they had not received any reports regarding safety issues.

“The origin of this manufacturing incident may be in one of Rovi’s manufacturing lines,” said the company. “As a precaution, this lot and two adjacent lots have been put on hold.”

Under a contract with Moderna, a Rovi factory in the suburbs of Madrid handles the final process of vaccine production for doses shipped outside the United States, filling the bottles with raw materials produced by a Swiss company.

WOLF: While looking at that one, I found more MINOR articles based on automatic searches in the web page (“you might be interested in….”).

Article 8

ENG LINK:,elem

Hamamatsu City, Vaccination for Foreign Body Problems “No Visual Problems”

New corona

August 26, 2021 20:31

Hamamatsu City announced on the 26th that it was using the vaccine with the target serial number in the mass inoculation of “Zaza City Hamamatsu” over the problem that a part of the vaccine made by US Moderna was contaminated with foreign substances. It was used for about 17,000 people from August 14th to 21st. The city explained, “Before using it, I always check it visually and find no foreign matter. Please be assured.” Vaccines to be used at the venue in the future do not include those with the target serial number.

Article 9

ENG LINK:,elem

Moderna foreign body problem Inoculation in Fukui / Toyama, no health hazard report

New corona

August 26, 2021 19:42

On the 26th, Fukui Prefecture was found to have a foreign substance mixed in a part of the new coronavirus vaccine made by U.S. Moderna, and about 10,100 doses of one of the lots that were not used were distributed, of which about 6,600 were Announced that it has been inoculated. In Toyama Prefecture, 1100 doses have been delivered, of which 780 have been inoculated. There are no reports of health hazards in either prefecture at this time.

In Fukui Prefecture, a total of about 5,300 vaccines were inoculated by the joint inoculation of six workplace inoculation establishments and small and medium-sized enterprises carried out by the prefecture, and a total of about 1,300 inoculations were given at the large-scale inoculation site in early August. There are no reports of foreign matter contamination by visual confirmation when the vaccine is placed in the syringe. A person in charge of the prefecture said, “Since each venue has stock (of vaccines that have no problem), it seems that the vaccination schedule will not be affected for the time being.”

According to Toyama Prefecture, a total of 1100 doses were delivered to some workplace inoculation venues in early August, and 780 doses have been inoculated. A person in charge of the prefecture said, “I heard from the company that there is no effect on the speed of inoculation so far.”

WOLF: I will comment more on my theories of what is going on below. But before I do, I’m going to simply reference my prior posting about “magnetic vaccines” and “graphene oxide”.

The Magnetism Challenge: Part I

Wherein we examine, in something like “MythBusters” style, the dubious “Magnet Challenge”, without relying (too much) on the anti-scientific crutch of scientific authority First, a confession. The main reason I am attracted to these videos of people sticking magnets to the COVID vaccination injection sites on their shoulders, is that I love to watch normal …

The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collapse

Wherein we look at how the COVID scammers are now using “magnetic” disinformation to try to escape justice for REAL abuse of liposome biotechnology to achieve [most likely contraceptive] vaccine persistence and migration. TL;DR – after mRNA vaccine persistence and anatomical migration were revealed in leaked Pfizer data, explaining “shedding” via persistent liposomes, the COVID …

The Magnetism Challenge: Part III – Suramin: A Lesson in Discreditation of Dissident Scientists and Science

This is for the historical record. I hope that this analysis gets to the “dissident scientists” involved, but even if it never does, future historians will get a powerful look at what I call “Fake Science” – the establishment’s phony, deceptive and controlled scientific complex – and how infiltration, control, and discreditation of dissident populist …

Should We Be Skeptical of Industry and Media Denials of Use of Graphene Family Nanomaterials in Vaccines?

At this point, I don’t really know the answer to this question. I’ve only been studying it for a few hours. However, given the sordid track record of the Faucisphere in government, the duplicitous alien planet Big Pharma, and that wonderful global organization of medical liars and policy-reversing Tedros types, the United Nations of China, …

Free French Scientists! It’s Time to Analyze the COVID Vaccines for Graphene Oxide Lipid Esters!

UPDATE: And PEGylated Graphene Oxides! WE THE PEOPLE have a right to know the TRUTH. What is actually in these vaccines? What are they doing to people? What are they REALLY doing to people? Why are public health officials LYING to us? I am going to begin explaining why I believe we are now at …

So What the Heck is Going On?

I’m going to wait and comment more definitively later, so that people can offer up their theories without worrying about what I’m thinking. Besides – I want to sleep on this.

Originally, I was very sure that “magnetic vaccines” was disinformation. I did a lot of thinking on how it MIGHT be true that jabs could show ferromagnetic activity, but it just seemed unlikely that anybody would put ENOUGH iron or ferrite into a vaccine.

On top of that, my own experiments with magnets sticking to my NOSE due to adhesive forces, showed me how oily skin really works to STICK the flat surface of a neodymium magnet. That was a great experiment in psychology.

Then came graphene oxide – a separate (I think) question. I thought that the ONE vial of Pfizer that was analyzed in Spain, which was found to contain MOSTLY graphene oxide, was intentionally sabotaged with excess graphene oxide to prevent analysis of the ACTUAL level of graphene oxide.

But what if I’m wrong? Karen Kingston thinks these people are just evil, and don’t mind doing Tuskegee-like experiments on us.

What if there is some weird magnetic crap in these vaccines – possibly as a tracking technology?

As a scientist, I’m willing to change my mind. But as a victim of a lot of Deep State shenanigans, I’m also skeptical of disinformation.

Something is clearly going on here. This is not just a case of somebody sticking a magnet up to a vial of dry vaccine and static electricity doing something weird or unexpected.

People on the Moderna side are admitting and reacting.

But we don’t really have enough details about what is going on.

SO – with all that said – what do YOU think is going on?


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Might this be related to reports of the 5G mobile networks being used in conjunction with graphene / metal being put into the vaccines?

Maybe Japan is more advanced than most nations in having 5G networks (and also 3G and 4G) in place.

Here are interactive network maps of different company distributions in Japan:


The map shows info for four different mobile carriers. Choose which one to view in the drop down box next to the country of choice. In this case it is pre-selected for Japan.


So if this proves to be what is going on, might they fine tune vaccine distribution in Japan, or other countries, based on 5G coverage( plus 3G and 4G?) maps?


Far beyond the wildest imaginations of evil by Ian Flemming, or maybe even Tom Clancy.


Looks to me they learned well from the “Waffen SS”.


🙂 🙂 🙂


Gab delivers again.

comment image

Deplorable Patriot

One of the things I came across reading through the conspiracy sources was that in the fall of 2019, the Chinese actually turned on 5G in the areas where “COVID” struck. Apparently, 5G is deadly to humans on its own.

I posted a video of “lightening” striking a 5G tower. People on this board said, “It looks exactly like lightning.” I live in the Midwest. I know real lightning when I see it. That wasn’t lightning like I’ve ever seen it. Other sources claimed it was a direct energy weapon striking.

I’m wondering if the shots combined with 5G aren’t meant to be a 1-2 punch for killing all of us. I mean, the cabal is going for broke with all of this. They’re going to use whatever they have available to achieve that 500M goal.

Evil people.


We all know lightning. That video you are talking about was an obvious lightning strike.

It was dramatic, but common.

Why would either good or bad guys take out a 5G tower?

Deplorable Patriot

It was the wrong color to be true lightning.

And it just happened to hit a 5G tower on a 45 degree angle.

I’m not completely buying that it was lightning.


Are their videos of actual DE weapons? That might help us out.

Deplorable Patriot

I can’t find any.

Cuppa Covfefe

The color can be wrong on night photos, especially for time exposures. Would shift the spectrum, probably to blue as it’s pulling in more light…

Someone into sky photography could probably go in to more detail…

Deplorable Patriot

This was yellow. Every lightning strike I’ve ever seen was pure silvery white.


Slow guy here. 500M goal. As in ill them? Unfortunately, I can see the globalist do that. But why ONLY 500M? unless it is a test run, a trial or sorts. Proof of concept.

Sadie Slays

The number comes from that line on the Georgia Guidestones about keeping the population under 500 million. Why they chose that specific number is a mystery.


Got it. Thanks.

Deplorable Patriot

Supposedly, that’s the sustainable number.

Cuppa Covfefe

Probably based on the miscalculated malevolent misanthropic math of Malthus and his Satanic Fabian friends…

Deplorable Patriot

And getting normies to understand just how evil these people are is going to be a challenge. I’ve come to that conclusion.

Cuppa Covfefe

There’s a Q&A vid from Ronald Bernard that might help, as well as the first video of the set, that explains the high finance world and their mores… or lack thereof…

(Don’t have the links at hand as I’m burning lunch right now  🔥 , but I’ll find them)…

Cuppa Covfefe

Here are all the Ronald Bernard videos with English subtitles (there are five, plus an FAQ) from the interviewer’s channel: (replace underscores with periods) (Hope sausage-squisher doesn’t do it automatically…)

The interview of Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Financier, explains the levels ABOVE the “red shields”. There are 7.5 Billion of us, but only about seven thousand of them.

The interviews are in Dutch, with English subtitles, which are extremely accurate, according to my Dutch-speaking friends (and other reviews).

In the first video he explains the “network”… the vids are well worth the time to watch, and EXTREMELY informative. Also as to what goes on at that level. Money embargoes (e.g. Iran)? No problem. They can be gotten around, even without pallets of cash…..

Ronald Bernard – FAQs

Part 1

Channel: www_youtube_com/channel/UCOvbkPculjIPn0ufvroG7sg/videos

And the rest of them:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Geography FYI. Japan is roughly the size of California. Japan is 80% mountains.

Pretty cool interactive map.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

I’m surprised the particulates are large enough to be seen.

That would indicate to me a mishap in production. The mishap outed their plans, perhaps?

Gail Combs

OR a production worker decided to OUT THEM when he realized what was going on. (Think Sabot-age aka a wooden sabot tossed into the machinery.)

There is a story I read where the Nazis were using Jewish slave labor in manufacturing munitions. One of the British aircraft was hit but the ‘bomb’ did not detonate and they made it back to base. When the ‘bomb’ was dismantled there was a note inside saying “We are doing what we can.”


I am surprised that no one has analyzed a vial and determined the “contaminant” and the level of contamination. It would seem to me, that if the contamination was precisely the same in each vial, that it wasn’t a mistake.

Gail Combs

Modern analytical chemistry certainly has the tools available!


Contract or not, Japanese ARE quite savvy. 100%, they have opened some vials/bottles. They gotta know what they are holding, was shipped to them by Spain, Pfizer.

As noted up thread, Japan and China are NOT friends by an stretch of the imagination.

Coincidence? 1.6 million bottles Moderna put on hold AND Ivermectin taking a more leading role in Japan? No. Not a coincidence, IMO.


I wonder if nascent iodine would help the body to purge it out like it does for heavy metals?


That is an interesting thought!


The black hats have begun to cover that angle. Besides the medical community having driven iodine into the shadows of disuse, iodine is being driven out of the marketplace by, of all things, methamphetamine production (article from back in 2013):


I need to learn more about iodine.

Gail Combs

What do I think is going on?

Lots of Mind Fuckery!

Looking at a problem with recent history in mind can help us see more clearly. I think we all agree that the Cabal sees us as LESS THAN ANIMALS. Do you think they would not experiment on us? that they would inject different substances into different ‘Test Groups’

Quote by John Davis, editor of Earth First! journal: “Human beings, as a species, have no more value than slugs.”

p@ Dolan
 January 16, 2014 7:43 pm
TO: Brandon Shollenberger:


Have you read Umberto Eco’s ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’? Your comment about “teasing out” desired correlations makes me think you are (or would be) an admirer of that story…

However, given the writings of many of the Eco-fanatics, who, seems to me, tend to be Progressives or of the Left, sadly, they DO support genocide. It was Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood, originally a Eugenics crusade to help end undesireable bloodlines; i.e, people other than good white anglo-saxon/protestants of European decent like herself.

Eugenics was a Progressive program praised by Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Teddy Roosevelt, caused the Lost Generation in Oz, and was taken to it’s nadir with the Nazi “Final Solution.” Recently, loons of the Eco-Left (within the last 40 years) have taken up where the Progressives left off (many of the Eco-Left could be described as ‘Red-diaper Babies’ or appear to share sympathies therewith) and have written variously about cannibalism as a way to reduce the planet’s population, and that child slavery would be considered a minor crime next to cutting down a tree (these last two reported in Ian Wishart’s ‘Air Con’; I hadn’t seen them before, can’t recall the criminals which stated them, but they were well documented)…

The acorns didn’t fall very far from the tree, surprise, surprise.

I’m afraid that although your little demonstration/comedy was poking fun, you accidentally (or accidentally on purpose?) struck the truth: the Eco-fanatics HAVE supported genocide.


From a list of Global Warming Quotes

Quote by David Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!: “My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.”

Quote by Christopher Manes, a writer for Earth First! journal: “The extinction of the human species may not only be inevitable but a good thing.”

Quote by Ted Turner, billionaire, founder of CNN and major UN donor, and large CO2 producer: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Quote by Paul Ehrlich, professor, Stanford University: “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer.”

Quote by John Holdren, President Obama’s science czar: “There exists ample authority under which population growth could be regulated…It has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.” 

Earlier From Fabian co-founder George Bernard Shaw,

“The moment we face it frankly we are driven to the conclusion that the community has a right to put a price on the right to live in it … If people are fit to live, let them live under decent human conditions. If they are not fit to live, kill them in a decent human way. Is it any wonder that some of us are driven to prescribe the lethal chamber as the solution for the hard cases which are at present made the excuse for dragging all the other cases down to their level, and the only solution that will create a sense of full social responsibility in modern populations?”

Source: George Bernard Shaw, Prefaces (London: Constable

and Co., 1934), p. 296.  

The original goal of UNESCO was to prepare children for world government.

Sir Julian Huxley was the First Director of UNESCO. (His brother was the writer Aldous Huxley) Along with J. M. Keynes (as in the rotten economic model), Sir Julian Huxley was a prominent member of the British Eugenics Society and its president from 1959–1962.

Check out <a href=””>The Beast on East River: The UN Threat to America’s Sovereignty and Security</a>

From page 16

UNESCO published a ten-volume series of instruction manuals for teachers entitled Toward World Understanding</b> Volume One asserted

<i>“..Children and adolescents to participate consciously and actively in the building of a world society….[and] this preparation should include not only the acuisition of skills, but more particularly the formation and development of psychological attitudes favorable to the construction, mainenance and advancement of a united world…“</i>

Volume Five… criticized parents for not being properly “world-minded” and for “infecting” their children with unacceptable attitudes of “nationalism, chauvinism, and sclerosis of the mind.” The teachers’ job would then be to “correct many of the errors of home training’ that have produced “attitudes running directly counter to the development of international understanding”

THIS was the reason for the feminist movement which traces back to David Rockefeller.

THIS was the reason for the attacks on child care facilities with false charges of child abuse.

The combination of driving women out of the house and into the workforce plus an excuse for government regulation of daycares allows the state to start brainwashing children very very early.

Both George Orwell (1984) and Sir Julian’s brother Aldous Huxley were Fabians. While at Eton, Orwell was taught French by Aldous Huxley

How Eugenics Poisoned the Welfare State

For the Fabians, eugenics was not merely some eccentric hobby or sideline, but central to their social thinking. Beatrice Webb regarded eugenics as ‘the most important question’ of all, while her husband revealed the statist and dirigiste character of the movement with his declaration that ‘no eugenicist can be a laissez faire individualist… he must interfere, interfere, interfere!’ Even for George Bernard Shaw, ‘the only fundamental and possible Socialism’ was ‘the socialisation of the selective breeding of Man’.

Deplorable Patriot

Minor nit from one of the quotes. Margaret Sanger grew up Catholic, actually, and was influenced by watching her mother struggle with having had a lot of children.

Gail Combs

FWIW, FauXi, Nasty the Pig Louse and Joey Bye-Done are also ‘Catholics’ or sayt they are.

She also spent time in the UK with the Fabians.

Her bed became a veritable meeting place for the Fabian (socialist) upper crust: H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Arnold Bennett, Arbthnot Lane, and Norman Haire. And of course, it was then that she began her unusual and temptuouse affaire with Havelock Ellis…. virtually all of her Socialist friends, lovers, and comrades were committed Eugenicists as well—from the followers of Lenin in Revolutionary Socialism, like H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and Julius Hammer,” to the followers of Hitler in National Socialism, like Ernest Rudin, Leon Whitney, and Harry Laughlin.” But it wasn’t simply sentiment or politics that drew Margaret into the Eugenic fold. She was thoroughly convinced that the “inferior races” were in fact “human weeds” and a “menace to civilization.”

(Grand Illusions, pp. 76 & 115)

Margaret Sanger America’s Josef Mengele

George Grant – Killer Angel – A Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder 

Deplorable Patriot

We’ve got our fair share of heretics. Believe me. I know.


When I came across this document in my research related to city planning and urban renewal, I was shocked, because I believed, and still do, that the planners behind it, were serious.

Check out the authors of the document: Gilmore Clarke, Edmund Ezra Day, and others.

Gilmore Clarke was the Dean of Architecture, and E. E. Day, was the 5th president of the same university that sent a 1000 talent president to china. The dean that followed Clarke allegedly held a dual role with the CIA. Clarke had a large role in the 20th century plan for Washington DC, and the college of architecture, under the next dean, had a major role in planning urban renewal projects across the US, and world wide, including plans for Baghdad. The plans were implemented utilizing the full power of the government, including eminent domain, domestically. Imagine that the US military had the plans for Baghdad when they invaded.

Burnham Kelly’s (the CIA dean) writings clearly articulate a case for the use of urban planning in controlling societies.

Some universities hold too much power, imo.

In that moment, I realized that these monsters had killed the hope of my profession, before I was even born.


Are you paying attention yet?

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) August 27, 2021

Pakistan's ISI has their fingerprints everywhere in Afghanistan

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) August 27, 2021

And then there’s this sh*t, after the 1000 talent president was replaced with an MD:


…”First of all, they had connections — and a solid understanding of protocol. And then they had the fact that Sanford Weill, chairman of the WCMC Board of Overseers, was a major contributor to relief efforts after Pakistan’s devastating earthquake in 2005.

With those factors on their side, the members of the Musharraf Welcome Committee — Wasif Syed, a graduate student in applied and engineering physics; Omer Bajwa, an alumnus in Near Eastern studies; and Dr. Saeed Bajwa, Omer’s father — asked Cornell senior administrators for help.”…

Surgeon Bajwa gets probation for false statement to FBI
Anthony | @PSBABorrelli
A Broome County neurosurgeon who admitted making a false statement to the FBI related to a donation to a Pakistani charitable organization has been sentenced to two years of probation.

Dr. Saeed Bajwa, a neurosurgeon for United Health Services and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, was sentenced Tuesday in Virginia by U.S. District Court Judge Liam O’Grady. The judge also imposed a $25,000 fine.

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Bajwa admitted he failed to disclose to the FBI in 2011 that he had earmarked half of his $10,000 donation to a nonprofit — the Society for International Help — for a Pakistani women’s college overseen by his uncle, according to his lawyer, David Deitch. However, O’Grady said in court the government had not met its burden of proof regarding an alleged conspiracy and there was no evidence of Bajwa’s involvement in the FBI probe of ​the Kashmiri American Council, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., which prosecutors said was a front for Pakistani military intelligence.”…


Which all adds back to why PDT busted Huawei, doesn’t it?

Never been a doubt in my mind about this. I trust us over “experts” and authorities every minute of every day. Our motives are pure and we seek truth.

So how do you trust any injection into your bloodstream going forward? How do you trust that solution going into your veins before and after surgery?

Whether you are a believer or not, you might want to spend time readying Dr. Michael Heiser’s books. They help explain the war going on. This is just another step in the final push for the NWO in my opinion.

Just my opinion, if this war, not a battle, is not won now – we will forever be on the defensive as the countdown will have begun. They have the capacity to control and make zombies out of all of us. Believers know that is not necessarily a bad thing as we know how it ends. However, getting to that point will be awful as we will be hunted down like diseased animals.

So – we fight on using Godly principles and weaponry.

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What do I think is going on?

Tuskegee 2.0, worldwide.

We are all being subjected to a science experiment. ALL of us.

We who will not take the vaxx are part of it. But we are too large a group for a control, so they are trying to whittle it down.

I have my suspicions about who all is in on it. They might get me in some hot water here. But I think about WHO the vaxx-refusers are, and I wonder. The least-educated, and the most-educated. Taking out the middle.

Why would they do that? I think I know. Master and slave. But I don’t want to play.

I believe EVERY report of fuckery with the vaccines. I think it is purposeful. They want to try graphene? Why not now? They want to see if they can inject a tracker via vaccine? What better opportunity? Nanobots? Same.

All I can do is hold out. I made my plans for the end of the world after reading The Stand as a teen. Not much has changed since then.

Deplorable Patriot

You have a point.

I am beginning to believe there is some sort of genetic component to it as well. I don’t have any hard data to back that, but the eugenicists have been trying to exterminate any number of races and ethnic backgrounds for the entire length of the movement.


Yes, they have.


China + 5G + mandated vaccines + metal in vaccines + genetic alterations??

Mengele is SOOOOO jealous right now.


Here’s something I remembered from the Tom Clancy novel, “Rainbow Six”. This is from pages 721 & 722 of the hardcover edition:

“…The newest version of the DKL people-finding system was up and running now. He spotted two of the receiver units about three hundred yards apart. Each had a transmitter that reported to a receiving unit that was in turn wired to his laptop computer.

“The DKL system tracked the electromagnetic field generated by the beating of the human heart. This was, it had been discovered, a unique signal. The initial items sold by the company had merely indicated the directions of the signals they received, but the new ones had been improved with parabolic antennas to increase their effective range now to fifteen hundred meters, and, by triangulation, to give fairly exact positions–accurate to from two to four meters. . Clark was looking down at the computer screen. It showed blips indicating people evenly spaced in their rooms in the headquarters/residential building.”


I’m wondering if this tracking system is fact or fiction on the part of Clancy. It comes across to me as believable. If this system did indeed exist in 1998 when the book was published, that would give around 25 years to experiment with other applications.

Why I bring it up is the similarity between triangulation in that system, and in cell phone networks using triangulation to locate a phone and its user.

Here’s the far-fetched part:

Could 5G technology be combined with whatever is being mixed in with the vaccines (think also nano technology that can be injected through a hypodermic needle) and be used to locate and manipulate the electromagnetic field of a beating human heart? In effect, could there be a “switch” created in the heart that could cause a heart attack in a specific individual, or stop the heart from beating to kill?

Control of people through fear of consequences.

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Cuppa Covfefe

The thing about 5G is that it has to be transmitted/repeated along line-of-sight line, much like the old infrared transmitters were. The upshot of this is that the transmitters need to be around 100m (110 yards or so) apart. Basically every or every other lightpole.

This would be a VERY good resolution compared to what we have now, probably enough to determine house by house (and car by car) who is where, and pretty much what they’re doing (thanks to Alexa, Nest, Siri, and all the other intrusive devices out there)…..

Not to mention smart meters that can even tell what TV program you’re watching by your energy use profile, and even which appliances are running and when… (there was a study in the UK about this).

They want total, utter, COMPLETE control of us, our lives, our progeny, and our future.
But even that won’t satisfy them. They want control over our lives and our deaths.

In short, they wish to be GOD. Just like their father, the Devil.


Thanks for the additional info.

Line of sight seems like it would be an inferior method of determining exact location verses triangulation. The Clancy novel implies that.

Cuppa Covfefe

Problem is that as the frequency goes up, the range and susceptibility to interferences goes up as well, e.g. 2.4Ghz WiFi versus 5GHz WiFi (bands, in both cases).

I have a “FRITZ!Box” that does both, and the lower band has a much longer range, with the higher band (conveniently for us) with a shorter range, but higher throughput-so curious eyes can’t see much, as it were.

If there were two or three towers nearby, with nothing much in-between, they could probably still triangulate. And they’d pretty much have to be sited so that signal blockage was minimal. So, they put up a forest of 5G towers, cut down the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and put up a forest of windmills.

And then they yap about we normies destroying nature….

Sadie Slays

The World Economic Forum recently put out a video about identifying people by heartbeat. Vigilant Citizen has an article about it:

According to the WEF, masks will be a permanent thing. And, because of that, their precious face recognition systems won’t work as well. So what’s the solution? Stop with the masks because pandemics are temporary? Of course not. Stop with the tracking of individuals? Are you crazy? Their answer: Shoot lasers right at our hearts and listen to our heartbeats to ID us. Yes, that’s the most insane answer to that question and that’s what they put in their video.

Cuppa Covfefe

I think they’re possessed. Their abject evil is nothing short of Satanic. Again, they’re doing everything that Ronald Bernard and others (cf VigilantCitizen) warned us about… and Vance Packard, back in the LATE 1950s!!!

Deplorable Patriot

This is why I flat out refuse to wear anything digital on my body. My dad just doesn’t get it, but I read about the heartbeat being a biomarker at least a couple years ago, and as that could be traceable by satellite, and with DEWs available, etc., it would make a target a sitting duck.

Cuppa Covfefe

I also worry about medical devices being hacked or tracked. The little injector units they use in hostpitals to deliver IV meds, for example, have been hacked (there was an article in c’t about it).

And pacemakers, some hearing aids and CIs, etc., have a warning to avoid strong magnetic fields, such as induction hotplates/stoves, and some microwave ovens…

Sometimes advanced technology can bring advanced problems as well…..

Fitbit and the like are also stealth tracking devices. I probably could use “fatbit” instead 🙂

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Sadie Slays

Japan’s main broadcaster has an English language news website. Here’s their English language story about the Moderna recall if people don’t want to rely on awkward Google Translate. I recommend following NHK’s English language page for updates on this story.

Substance in Moderna vaccine believed to be metal


Was it “contaminated”…or was it intentional?

They got caught — and now they say “Oh it was contaminated!”

Seems like an extremely sophisticated caliber of ‘contamination’.

Who would have the means to accomplish this ‘contamination’?
How could it happen?

If this was just an ‘oops’…then why would they have these ‘metallic particles’ just lying around?

This gets the full side-eye from me.
comment image


And remember…Moderna gets their name from:

Mode + RNA = Moderna.

Cuppa Covfefe

And they have bragged, bragged, bragged and gloated about “hacking the human genome”…

Proverbs 16:18:
18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

They’ll get comeuppance and judgement before this is all over… Haman style…


Trying to think outside of the box.

What if the vaccines were part of a component system? What if the disposable hypodermic needles that are used to inject the vaccines come preloaded with nano technology (nano capsules?) that would prevent their detection if they had been within the vaccine vials.

The needle sucks up the contents in the vaccine vial, mixes with the nano tech, and then gets injected into the victim.

The end game being control.


In the spirit of discovering and sharing, here’s something to chew on. This is what was going on in Germany in 2009, or so we are being told.

Article excerpt:

NANO chips in needles? Chipping humans with vaccine needles?

Yesterday, 27 August 2009, I was giving an introductory talk about German New Medicine (GNM) near Vienna, Austria. My wife was with me and about 40 listeners. At the end as part of the discussion the swine flu was mentioned and a lady got up and declared the following:

A friend of hers works for a pharmaceutical company in Vienna and told her that the swine flu injection needles indeed contain nano particles in their very tip, which cannot be detected with the naked eye but are clearly visible with as little as a 12 times magnifying microscope like children’s toy microscopes. The staff of the pharmaceutical company was advised that these nano particles work in the human body like a motherboard in the computer and lots of data can be stored on it, which will make cash cards obsolete. This measure was also intended to do an accurate census and to protect babies, as many mothers would simply “discard” their newborn, without knowledge of the authorities.

This lady further disclosed that she was working in the medical field. She had asked a lawyer who came to her as a patient, how it was possible to avoid being chipped. He told her that he was aware of the planned chipping of the population; in fact most upper class members of society were aware of this plan. For this year no forced vaccinations were planned but to rather encourage people through the media to volunteer for the jab.

In case too few would come forward, forced vaccination was planned for next year. Exempt from those were certain professional groups like the police, medical personal, politicians etc. Being a lawyer, he knew ways for himself to avoid the jab, but for the majority of the population there was no escape.



Yeah, what kind of tech ‘advances’ have taken place since then? (if the article is true)


Here’s another article on nano technology being administrated through a hypodermic needle. I’m sure there are a number of others that I haven’t stumbled across yet.

On the article from 2009, they obviously didn’t do the forced vaccinations in 2010. Too optimistic on the time frame? Maybe it has taken another 10-12 years to work out the glitches and make the technology stable and able to be mass produced.


Hey Wolfie, have you seen this?I saw this one a few months back