The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collapse

Wherein we look at how the COVID scammers are now using “magnetic” disinformation to try to escape justice for REAL abuse of liposome biotechnology to achieve [most likely contraceptive] vaccine persistence and migration.

TL;DR – after mRNA vaccine persistence and anatomical migration were revealed in leaked Pfizer data, explaining “shedding” via persistent liposomes, the COVID scammers began using “magnetic disinformation” to hide the intentional chemical and physical DESIGN of the lipids and liposomes to achieve persistence and migration, necessary for contraception and/or sterilization.

Things are moving very fast now. I wanted to sleep in today. I guess that’s not happening.

OK – let me quickly update everybody on where “things magnetic” are going. They are moving VERY quickly.

You need to understand HOW and WHY.

You will recall the very dubious “magnet challenge” where people were “sticking magnets” to the sites of their COVID vaccinations. To be very blunt, I have become so skeptical of our government, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and all these other creeps, that I was half-inclined to believe it – even though it SEEMED like nonsense.

And – as an act of partial disclosure – I’m not just some guy with refrigerator magnets. Some stuff from a field that I worked on (no pun intended) is actually now grabbing headlines. Yeah, I was a part of “fake science” – and I can assure you that some of it is very real. But – as I discovered very painfully – there are a LOT of lies in “fake science”, too.

SO – I decided to actually “give it a fair chance”, and investigate it myself. The results of my investigation turned out to be very enlightening, but not in any way that I expected. I am going to take you through it now.

But first, this.

The Motive To Cover Up Scientific Misconduct

It is important to understand that the CREEPS behind this whole COVID COUP are trying to evade responsibility for what is likely the most egregious scientific misconduct I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

Possibly the greatest that has ever happened on this planet.

Just take THIS, for example, as a warm-up:

In 2020 Indian Scientists Discovered COVID-19 Was Engineered with AIDS-Like Insertions – Emails Show Fauci Called It “Outlandish” which led to the Published Study Being Withdrawn

June 8, 2021, 8:20amby Joe Hoft 642 Comments


Basically, one of the first papers to spot the likely genetic engineering of the COVID bug was forced into retraction, thanks to Tony Fauci. This is, as many people are calling it with some irony, “political science” – or more seriously “politicized science”.

This is the same Tony Fauci who is in that picture above, with all those media puppets and David Rockefeller, right around 9/11, and 20 years before the medical bureaucracy and the media would try to pull off the COVID coup. That picture is quite real, by the way.

I actually did a lot of digging on this to find that open source, too. It’s a very legit photo.

Thanks to Deplorable Patriot for this tip on Rockefeller, which brings things full circle.

In my opinion you MUST see this, to get the big picture.

If you’re starting to see why Bill Gates and Melinda Gates (remember – there is a Gates in that picture, too – Bill’s dad) are doing a “move the money” dance with a media-assisted divorce, where the MSM is obviously “helping” with an infidelity narrative, you understand that there is some serious downfall going on.


And SPIKE PROTEIN is not somewhere you want to be. If you need to catch up on where I am at, on the spike protein (and you WILL need this background, some of which I will cite later in this post, but not all), then take a detour to my last post on coronavirus vaccines and the spike protein.

The Spike Protein’s Purpose Betrayed By Its Own Superiority

TL;DR – you MUST listen to a short podcast of a scientist revealing the latest research on the spike protein vaccines. The VACCINE ITSELF (not just the spike protein – the mRNA vaccine itself) is persistent and is not only concentrating in ovaries – THE VACCINE ITSELF IS EXCRETED – e.g., in breast milk. Meaning …

And THIS is where it gets worse. The downfall is MORE THAN DESERVED.

This whole COVID scam is Lex Luthor stuff. It’s like something out of a movie. And THAT is why they are using top-shelf, almost magical, movie-level disinformation to hide what is going on.

This is why they are controlling the disclosure narrative with that Twitter-groomed group “DRASTIC”.

When you have to use “Chinese cover-up” as a cover-up, you’re covering up something BIG.

People actually DIED by the thousands and even the low millions because of GREED.

Remember “Lancetgate”, that DISCREDITED PAPER against use of hydroxychloroquine, which appeared in The Lancet? That bad paper, not by real scientists, but by some kind of data-mining cut-outs. That terrible paper, which was used by WHO and the UN to get several countries to BAN treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine – only to see (1) the paper retracted after popular investigation showed the paper was actually terrible – bad scientific analysis, and (2) DEATHS spiking in countries which banned HCQ in response to Lancetgate, and then dropping after HCQ was re-allowed.

I refer to this as “the Lancetgate effect”.

There is a lot more than this, too. Cuomo, the nursing home killer. China and WHO preaching AGAINST steroids, when those were what SAVED people with really bad cases of COVID-19.

This whole COVID coup was really a kind of “we must not fail” operation. And it is FAILING BIG.

OK – so now you understand the MOTIVE for covering up.

Let’s get to part of the MEANS – disinformation.

Giving Magnetic Vaccines a Chance To Be Real

I did an earlier post which summarized MOST but not ALL of my investigation of the “magnet challenge”.

That post is HERE:

The Magnetism Challenge: Part I

Wherein we examine, in something like “MythBusters” style, the dubious “Magnet Challenge”, without relying (too much) on the anti-scientific crutch of scientific authority First, a confession. The main reason I am attracted to these videos of people sticking magnets to the COVID vaccination injection sites on their shoulders, is that I love to watch normal …

The basic result of my open-minded look at magnetism in vaccines, comes down to the following points:

  • the “magnet challenge” is not an adequate test due to surface adhesion phenomena
  • people are not being very scientific in their testing – or at least not scientific enough
  • there is no way people are getting fat RFID chips – which could interact with a magnet
  • however, that is not to say there is nothing magnetic – we need more and better data
  • we need more sensitive tests to investigate any alleged magnetic effect of vaccines
  • there is real, published, intense scientific interest in biomagnetic nanotechnology
  • magnetic recording nanomedia COULD be used to uniquely ID vaccine recipients
  • and yet, the whole thing – both the real and the false – feels like disinformation

Now – here is where it started getting good. This is in the COMMENTS of the “Part I” post.

Deplorable Patriot alerted me to allegations that magnets were sticking not just to COVID vaccine injection sites, but where people had been COVID-swabbed for TESTING.

Well, I had not been vaccinated for COVID-19, having already had the disease, and knowing basic science that I didn’t need a vaccine. Thus, I was unable to do the “magnet challenge” myself. However, I HAD been very recently COVID-swabbed, in the front, near my nose.

So, I did the test.

Deplorable Patriot

Deplorable Patriot Online Coyote  Reply to  Wolf Moon May 28, 2021 12:25

I take it metal does not stick to your nose?

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Author Coyote Reply to  Deplorable Patriot May 28, 2021 12:25

Let me test……


Yeah, it does, which freaked me out a bit until I examined things very closely.


I took my neodymium kitchen magnets and tested to see if they “stuck” to the bridge of my nose. I had not tested there before.


Shockingly, I found that the magnets stick surprisingly well to two spots on either side of the bridge of my nose, high up near my eyes, and directly over the area which was COVID-swabbed. I could even make the stick defy gravity, like the key demonstration, which was very convincing.

Had I stopped testing right there, I would have been convinced that the magnets stuck to those spots above the COVID swab site for magnetic reasons.

The behavior mimicked very strongly an actual attraction, BUT if I carefully observed the approach of the magnet, when using a leveraged HOLDER which would allow an acceleration to show itself, I was completely unable to observe an ACTUAL acceleration of the magnet. It NEVER accelerated to the skin.

As a check, I began testing many other sites on my face, including my FOREHEAD, where I got some excellent sticking. With enough testing, it became obvious that sticking is proportional to several factors:

  • local flatness
  • local hardness when flat
  • local softness when curved
  • skin moisture
  • skin oiliness

All of this adds up to SURFACE STICK. I then began testing for surface stickiness with a single fingertip, which mimics one flat side of a magnet. I would “stick it” and then then pull it away. Sure enough, the places where I get the magnet to stick the best, are places where I can get AUDIBLE “peel” when I pull my finger away from the “stick”.

I also observed, very carefully, how the magnet detached. In all cases, it appeared to be a “flat peel to a drop”.


It’s a surface stick. The reason I don’t get this on my shoulders is DRY SKIN.

Vaccination sites are likely BETTER FULFILLING the criteria I found for magnet surface sticks.

  • showing central moisture and oiliness due to penetration
  • showing local flatness due to nurse selection of centrality, depth, and non-edge character

This is all making sense to me now. At this point I think it is very unlikely that we’re going to find something that would show an acceleration of a magnet.

I hope you get that. I basically learned WHY people are being fooled by surface adhesion. I experienced it myself. It’s extremely convincing.

SO – at this point, the “magnet challenge” really struck me as a VERY professional psychological operation – even better than “flat Earth trolls”, although not as good as “masks”.

I repeat. “Magnets sticking” is a psy-op.

It is very clear that magnets stick to you in the right spots. It’s very EASY to convince yourself that they are sticking BECAUSE they are magnets. It’s very HARD to “re-convince” yourself that they are REALLY sticking because of surface phenomena.

I wanted to then do another post – a “Part II” – about actual, real, magnetic biotechnology. However, there is clearly no rush on this. So I set the whole project aside – until now.

Hiding Real (and Guilty) Lipid Vaccine Biotechnology Behind Rumors of Magnetic Nanotechnology

This is where it gets REALLY GOOD. They are trying to cover up SO CLOSE to their little unholy grail, that it really gives away what they are trying to cover up.

They are MISDIRECTING us. They are MISLEADING us.

RedLegLeader68 alerted me to a highly relevant video:

W – can you check this out? (sincerest apologies if already posted; I just got home!)

Magnetism Added To mRNA “Vaccine” Intentionally To Force It Round Your Body

Here is that video, with Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby.

As SOON as I saw this, I realized what is going on. The people who have promoted these ideas onto us are utterly and TOTALLY taking advantage of most people’s lack of scientific training and expectations.

Yeah, you could actually do some kind of cool stuff with vaccines and magnetism….


I don’t know who those people ARE, who are manipulating us, but they are taking advantage of people like us – of people like Stew and Jane. I don’t blame people like us for not knowing better.

When I get into the later post about biomagnetic technology, you will see that there really is EXTREME interest in manipulating our internal biology and biochemistry using magnets, microwaves, radio waves, oscillating magnetic fields, and much, much more. They are doing it right now, in a very basic but sometimes quite elegant way in the laboratory, and they are deeply interested in it. Some of it – maybe even most of it – is alleged to be for good purposes. Whatever. No matter what, they are extremely interested in it.

It is VERY EASY to assume that is what is going on here, but that is NOT what is going on here.

There is no REASON – there is no NEED – to use anything but PLAIN OLD CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY to do what they are doing, in terms of sending the vaccine around in our bodies. No magnets are needed. Absolutely none. Now, of course, “moving around the body” is not supposed to happen, but just ignore THAT little shocker for now. Yeah, that vaccine is supposed to stay right there in the arm muscle, if it was anything close to a normal vaccine.

Nope. All you need is plain old chemistry and biochemistry. And that PLAIN OLD CHEM AND BIOCHEM has to be carefully and delicately DESIGNED. And it centers around the LIPIDS used to make the little nanodroplets. PICK all the right stuff. ADD all the right stuff together. Watch what it does. Tweak it until it does what you want.

Let’s look at that more closely.

I see that data, and I start seeing data that is “off the charts”, so to speak, and that data is even more striking.

This stuff is discussed more fully in my last post about the spike protein, but I was fairly explicit in a recent comment on a daily thread, where I explained WHY shedding is a kind of unintended consequence of the persistence and mobility of the vaccine. You know – little lipid nanodroplets that HANG AROUND might actually get expressed in BIG OLD LIPID MICRODROPLETS coming out of our skin.

We had all (or at least most of us) thought “shedding” the vaccine was impossible, because the vaccine would work quickly and locally to build immunity, not go “moving around”, and certainly not go around “persisting” for – say – 24, 48, 96, or some other absurd number of hours.


No. I’m sorry. I do NOT need “magnets” of any size to explain that SOMEBODY designed these vaccines to PERSIST, to RELOCATE, and – probably accidentally, but who knows – to SHED – you know – like in body lipids that we secrete.

Why the #### do I need MAGNETS, when LIPIDS explain everything?

OK, I’m done here. I need some sleep.

Come up with a new excuse, your Faucists and Rockefelleroids.

Magnets aren’t working.


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Gail Combs


I am so glad you gave the explanation that my intuition was telling me.

Not enough LOCALIZED ferrous (magnetite) to actually cause a magnetic response.

And yeah very early on I got a refrig magnet to stick to my arm and stay while I was typing.

Gail Combs

The whole thing STUNK of Red Herring ‘Carny Magic’

Gail Combs


It keeps us of the track of the stuff they do not want us to see. Like concentrating in the ovaries.

As one doctor explained. Women are born with a set number of eggs and THAT IS IT! Target those eggs and the female is STERILE…

 Upon reaching puberty, a man will produce millions of sperm cells every day. A man’s  testicles are constantly producing new sperm in spermatogenesis. The full process takes about 64 days. During spermatogenesis, your testicles make several million sperm per day

Therefore the WOMAN was the TARGET!


And the lipids are the POISON, too!

Remember the SM-102 in the Moderna shot that was discussed a week or so ago? It’s one of the lipids:

SM-102 was listed as “not for veterinary or human use” but only for lab use only, but they changed the MSDS after we figured it out! They must not know about the Wayback Machine. It’s POISON.


Brave and Free

The deception that’s taking place is unbelievable. But it fits right in with the deception of the alphabet agency’s.
Two parallel story lines with the same ending. “Control” of the masses.




Well, the dead giveaway for me was when we figured it out and the MSDS sheet wording was abruptly changed.

They know it is not safe for human or even animal use, and they used it anyway.


Honest question. (Yes, I am this dense.) Does J&J injection lead to shedding?

Besides wondering for general information, son unfortunately accepted J&J injection That was ~four weeks ago. Returns from overseas assignment, employment in a few weeks.

His asshoe employer directly linked getting the injection to conditionS of employment. Financial and creature comforts. Unfortunately, he made a poor decision.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

Thank you Wolf.

Gail Combs

I would worry more about a daughter or a husband of a daughter.


The clotting and reproductive issues. Correct?

Gail Combs

The targeting of the ovaries. A woman is born with ALL the eggs she will ever have. mangle them and she is sterile.


Yea. Evil targeting women.


Concerning clotting, I bought salmon oil and looked up on internet that said ” salmon oil prevents clotting “.
I am wondering if one has gotten a shot to take salmon oil to counter the clotting.
The problems is I also read some people have internal bleeding from the shot then salmon oil would be bad.
This is a mess all the way around.
Maybe salmon oil will help if one gets covid ?

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

Thank you good info. I use it for my knee .
I used salmon oil for years. but it was the first time I noticed the thinning of blood.

Cuppa Covfefe

Oh, joy…. more illegal aliens…. 🙂


Distraction is the game afoot?

many actual scandals and yet this isn’t one of them.

Seems like you are asking the right questions! 🙂

Much appreciation for your deep dives and dedication to rationality


First, the gaslighting….then, if that starts cracking, distraction.


For regular people such as myself, it is exhausting to try and make sense of it all. The lies, the disinformation, the contradictions.

You get to the point where you don’t believe anything you are hearing. There’s no time or energy left to live because you are constantly trying to figure out what you need to do to hold your life together and protect your family.

It’s Alinsky for the soul. They are overwhelming us on a human level which is Evil as Hell!!! I think that’s the problem for me and probably a lot of other people too. I don’t have any experience dealing with this level of Evil. I’m not giving up, but I’m getting really pissed about it all. Suppose that’s a good thing at this point.

Valerie Curren

Excellent & practical insights–thank you!


For regular people such as myself, it is exhausting to try and make sense of it all. The lies, the disinformation, the contradictions.

^^^ Folks like myself, I absolutekly stay away from fale news, which includes Faux News. My primary source of truth is QTree. Daily poke around OAN, Gateway, Liberty, Epoch, Conservative and a few others. The only stuff I get from fake news is what folks post here.

Anything the masses tune into, including Faux news, I stay away from. They are all Mind Control Media – MCM. And certainly no TW, FB, and the like.

Valerie Curren

Well said. I know warriors who are just tuned out due to weariness & trying to avoid hopelessness. Difficult days descending…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Were they even iron/cobalt/nickel/gadolinium spoons?

Probably not.

Valerie Curren

So glad to see you commenting Steve. I haven’t noticed you here since I got back home early Tuesday morning. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods. God Bless!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Just busy. Don’t think I was on at all monday and tuesday.

Valerie Curren

I wasn’t “on” since memorial day weekend, at least not signed on, either. I still have Plenty of catch-up reading to do. Hope you & Darwin are both A-OK 🙂


Thank you, Wolf.

I really hate the people who have engineered this crap. And the ones who are covering it up by tricking us. They think that intelligence and knowledge equates to superiority.

Wait until these creatures meet their Maker. 😇😂


So people get distracted by disinfo and look stupid.

their disinfo is proven wrong and so vax are then supposedly fine

They are using misinfo to stand against the vax instead of the real problem with the vax


I hate living with a suspicous mind … but I am training myself to do so

So unnatural to my sunny side up personality and natural naivity. But then we have been scammed multiple times in our life … guess its time to wake up


[…] The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collaps… […]


[…] The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collaps… […]

[…] The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collaps… […]


[…] also explains the Magnetic Shot Hoax used to discredit the addition of graphene to the […]