Free French Scientists! It’s Time to Analyze the COVID Vaccines for Graphene Oxide Lipid Esters!

UPDATE: And PEGylated Graphene Oxides!

WE THE PEOPLE have a right to know the TRUTH.

What is actually in these vaccines?

What are they doing to people?

What are they REALLY doing to people?

Why are public health officials LYING to us?

I am going to begin explaining why I believe we are now at the point where, as could be done in communist China, government officials CONSPIRE WITH INDUSTRY to commit unethical acts against The People “for our own good”.

France saw this when [well-known communist] Agnes Buzyn KNOWINGLY sabotaged hydroxychloroquine prior to the epidemic.

America and the WORLD saw this when Anthony Fauci KNOWINGLY approved gain of function research to help the plotters create their “communist plague”, designed to help China, Democrats, and European globalists install a corrupt hybrid SOCIALISM world-wide.

This CCP level of deceit now infects the West, because MONEY – our own MONEY we gave to Chinese communists – is now talking and corrupting AGAINST US, thanks to the IDIOTS who let it all happen.

Now, even SCIENCE is corrupt and filled with LIES that benefit corporate interests.

The mantra of FAKE SCIENCE is this:


Please note what is going on in France, where the evil government is MANDATING inappropriate vaccines which are now KNOWN to cause immune enhancement.


Vaccines which NOBODY should be taking.

Let’s just save that information, in case Twitter deletes it.

I am going to explain why and how, momentarily, but right now we have an opportunity to DESTROY the LYING vaccine plague.

French citizen scientists have stopped GIVING the vaccine. But let’s put those vials to good use! It’s time to find out what’s TRULY in them!

I believe there is a good chance that at least one of these companies is using graphene oxide derivatives as a trade secret in their lipid nanoparticles for vaccine delivery. Graphene and derivatives are generally toxic and quite problematic in biological applications – yet at the same time, they have much potential. But how to get them into use cheaply?


The government-industry technical complex and their minions have promulgated disinformation as a way to both create opportunity and cover up their part in this COLLUSION between government health authorities and industry, in CCP STYLE.

Like China, they no longer feel a need to “go slow” on technology, and get the people’s consent. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

This is CHINA infecting the WORLD with CCP ethics.

We can fight back – and the time is NOW.

Allow me to explain.


(The explanation follows as updates to this post.)

UPDATE 1 – The Spanish Report of Graphene Oxide

You may recall my previous article on graphene and derivatives in vaccines:

Should We Be Skeptical of Industry and Media Denials of Use of Graphene Family Nanomaterials in Vaccines?

At this point, I don’t really know the answer to this question. I’ve only been studying it for a few hours. However, given the sordid track record of the Faucisphere in government, the duplicitous alien planet Big Pharma, and that wonderful global organization of medical liars and policy-reversing Tedros types, the United Nations of China, …

What I basically did in that article was to recount the following:

  • my disgust to hear the ABSURD ACCUSATION that there was graphene oxide in COVID vaccines
  • my satisfaction to VERIFY that the toxicity of graphene and derivatives is indeed well understood
  • my raised suspicions when a debunking of the ridiculous claim fell woefully short of my expectations
  • my astonishment to discover that use of graphene oxide in experimental vaccines is actually “hot”

I want to repeat that fourth point loud and clear. You can find NUMEROUS research articles on use of graphene oxide in vaccines, wherein graphene oxide gives fantastic results, in terms of antibodies, stability of vaccines, etc., etc.

Graphene oxide is like the ultimate adjuvant AND vaccine preservative.

Safety? Stop bothering me, kid!

All of this led me to the horrifying realization that maybe – just MAYBE – experimental vaccines were using an experimental component – a graphene oxide derivative – one that MIGHT be sneaking in under an EUA in which the GOVERNMENT actually has a monetary stake in the vaccines.

NOW – this is where it’s important to read the COMMENTS following the above article, because you will see me coming to an important realization about one of the events that triggered this whole thing.

There was a vial of Pfizer vaccine that was obtained by people who I can only really describe as “5G conspiracy theorists”, and this vial was sent to a Spanish lab for analysis. The Spanish lab found that the contents of the vial were 99% graphene oxide.

To me this absurd result was at best utter incompetence, and at worst a HOAX. That is what had STARTED ME on this investigation.

The thing is, I read as much as I could both FROM and ABOUT the investigators in Spain, with my rusty Spanish, and I could not dismiss their story. I will add some links in the references. I got the impression that they not only found graphene oxide – they took it to more qualified experts who CONFIRMED IT.

I have extreme difficulty believing that even SOME lots of ANY vaccine could be pure graphene oxide, although a former Pfizer employee has no problem with that theory (more on her amazing investigation later). This leads me to conclude that, if there is any truth to the “99% graphene oxide” claim, then it must be due to ADULTERATION of the sample that was given to them.

A point which, ironically, had been raised by the MSM DEBUNKERS of the graphene oxide claim. This sample could have easily been adulterated.


And THAT led me to make these comments.

Wolf Moon
Reply to Gudthots
July 16, 2021 03:37

Here is the part I’m interested in:

The first one is at 200 nanometers and the second one is at 500. Anyway, as I say, all the people who have worked with this material, obviously, when they have been presented with this material, have told us that without any doubt it is graphene oxide.

Apart from the evidence, as I say, of spectroscopy and magnetic resonance, we are now going to see some images under the optical microscope. These have much less magnification, but it is also significant. As you can see, this is the vial sample. 

You see, I actually understand use of spectroscopy and NMR as tools of analysis, and THAT is how to unambiguously tell what’s in the vial. If they have the data, then they have the proof. The pictures are just icing on the cake for normies. If the data say graphene oxide, it’s a done deal. But if the spectroscopic and NMR data are bad, then this is destroyed.

But better still, is the age old CHN analysis, AND mass spectrometry. Pure carbon will stick out like a sore thumb in ALL of these. All 4 together are bombproof proof.

The fact that they have taken the material to people familiar with graphene oxide, and THOSE people think what they have been given is graphene oxide – THAT is significant. I don’t know what they did, but it’s significant that FAMILIAR experts think it’s graphene oxide.

But it’s NOT conclusive.

The spectroscopic and magnetic resonance data ARE potentially conclusive.

And if these people were competent, they did CHN and mass, too.

Now, the university is denying this completely. THAT would be expected under any circumstances. That has little effect on me. If the university BACKED the report – that would be highly unusual, and would have SOME effect, but just a little.

But if this can be shown at publication-grade levels to have been almost completely graphene oxide, then YES – I will believe that the vial they were given was full of graphene oxide.

THEN the question becomes WHY.

“Bruce Lee” in the Forbes article notes – as does the university – that this sample lacked a chain of custody.


Now – here is the deal. These guys sent (bad chain of custody) the sample for analysis THINKING that it was graphene oxide. But their reasoning – how they got to suspect graphene oxide – is highly flawed. Let me say very bluntly that their understanding of the science is not good, because it’s out of their field, and they’re victims of the magnet-sticking psy-op, like so many others.

But the key point is this. These guy are being monitored, AND they were already LOOKING for graphene oxide BEFORE they got the vial. The IC knew what they were expecting.

All of that said, I’m thinking it’s more likely than not that they did get a vial of Pfizer vaccine and SOMEBODY injected some graphene oxide into the vial – likely 100 times the amount of stuff already in there, thus giving the result. That is the FASTEST and SIMPLEST explanation for what happened and why.

A truly thorough “Wolf future science” analysis would have caught this, just like the Arizona audit caught stuff, because Wolf future science assumes that DECEPTION is going on at all times – both self-deception and other-deception.

The VERY first thing to do, expecting deception, is to check mass. And I will bet money right now that if they did check it, the mass of the sample was WAY too high.

I am going with the idea that the vial was tampered with. Why? Because it is a GENIUS intelligence operation. If I was in Chinese or Russian intelligence, I would have put up to 5 million dollars into the operation. Takes SECONDS to pull off, and it’s worth so much. ONE ChiCom student is all that’s needed.

You put graphene oxide into that vial, it just throws Western science into complete turmoil. It advertises graphene in vaccines. It discredits all their enemies. It deepens the magnetic vaccine hoax.

It’s awesome. If you’re the ChiComs.

So I had found SOME motive at that point, for the Chinese or their allies, to adulterate the vial, but not as much as I have NOW. And that will be the NEXT update.

Update 2 – Karen Kingston, Pfizer, CDC and Sinopeg

This is actually a fascinating scientific detective story.

Here is the link to the Stu Peters article about this segment of his show, in which he interviewed Karen Kingston on the possibility that Pfizer is using graphene oxide derivatives in COVID vaccines.


Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee, who as you will see is obviously familiar with researching patents and trade literature, and presumably in a Pfizer insider context. What she found is strong circumstantial evidence that Pfizer is using China-produced “pegylated” graphene oxides as a trade secret in their COVID vaccines.

Here is the 98-second version of what she found. Take a listen:


Now, obviously Kingston didn’t give the full story there – and she didn’t even give it in the full interview, because Stew Peters did a Sean Hannity on her and kept cutting her off and deflecting her from the complicated final connection of the dots. NEVERTHELESS, the full interview is quite AWESOME.

This is the 25-minute segment of Stew’s show, with only Karen Kingston, on Rumble.


Now, just for completeness, and in case this gets lost from Rumble, here is the Bitchute version of the FULL SHOW. You need to start at around 29 minutes, although he mentions Karen and graphene oxide a couple of times prior to that.


NOW – if you didn’t bother to listen to any of those, or just listened to the short one, then follow along with this WRITTEN explanation, showing each of Karen’s slides.

If you watch the full interview, it’s fairly clear that she had a great slide presentation which she was not able to show, because she got sucked into the “Stew Peters format”, which is basically BLUF and then push that to even greater outrage.

What I want to do here is focus on her slides and what she said about them. I would really love to see her planned presentation, but these slides REALLY help to see how strong of an argument she has.

She starts off by flashing this critical slide. We will come back to it. This slide shows a Chinese patent for graphene oxide lipid nanotech COVID-19 vaccines, sought by a Shanghai research center connected to a Chinese company called Sinopeg, which is connected to Pfizer and Moderna and other vaccine producers. This is basically the smoking gun that – yeah – they are using graphene oxide in COVID-19 vaccines – the only question being if they have deployed the graphene oxide-containing vaccines already.

Which I now believe they HAVE. We are taking too much flak. We are DIRECTLY over the target.

Karen then flashes a Moderna patent. She mentions this patent as a source of various kinds of information: explanation of the lipid nanoparticles, listing of the lipids used to make them, AND the code names of the lipids, all of which are in the patent.

The she flashes the Pfizer authorization report. She has actually noted two relevant lipids by their code names in the upper margin – those lipids being ALC-0315 and ALC-0159. You can see where they were identified in the document itself.

At this point Stew does a great interviewer trick but it’s a bit of a disservice to the explanation – he gets Karen to quickly summarize where it’s all going, and tries to get answers to the “Why the hell are they doing this?” types of questions. It’s fun, but it breaks up the detective work.

Then she gets back on track.

The next slide is from our old friend, Chemical and Engineering News, abbreviated C&EN. You’ve heard me go to them for vaccine news all the time. Karen calls them a “rag” – LOL – I avoided that term, but yeah, that’s what they call them. But I will say this – C&EN is a really great rag.

The bottom line here is that the C&EN article explains the very BASIC composition of the lipid nanoparticles in COVID-19 vaccines. You can tell by looking at the cross-section diagram, that these lipid nanoparticles are like a “ball of balls”, with both larger and smaller balls each containing a complex assortment of components. ONE of those components is something called a “pegylated lipid”. This means a lipid – a fatty substance – attached to PEG, otherwise known as polyethylene glycol.

Hook them together, and you have a “pegylated lipid”.

What do the lipids do? Basically, they assemble into what serves as a container for the messenger RNA. They not only helps DELIVER the mRNA – they STABILIZE it, too.

Next slide!

What this is, is the emergency use authorization (EUA) composition of one of the vaccines. You will note that the wording of the composition says that it contains what I could call “synthetic pseudo-mRNA” (what they call “modRNA”) AND ALSO [but not exclusively so] four lipids, plus inorganic salts – KCl, KH2PO4, NaCl, Na2HPO4.2H2O, and sucrose.

The four lipids in the vaccine appear to include one pegylated fatty amide, although she mentions that there are TWO of them, plus their Pfizer code names, ALC-0135 and ALC -0159.

While she’s here, she mentions the point about WHY graphene oxide is added – to add STRENGTH and STABILITY to the vaccine.

Next slide!

The above is a Sinopeg web page for one of the Pfizer pegylated lipids. You can see the code name. However, she didn’t find this company by any links from Pfizer – she had to do a lot of detective work using MSDS sheets (material safety data sheets) for these substances. THAT is how she discovered this company that Pfizer is using to make their nanoparticles.

Pfizer and Moderna really don’t want to say that they’re including Chinese nanotech in the vaccines, but yeah, that’s exactly what is happening.

Next slide!

Here, Karen shows how these substances are listed as COVID-19 excipients on the Sinopeg web site, and sure enough, they match exactly what you would expect in the Moderna patent.

Next slide!

Here, Sinopeg is talking about pegylated graphene oxides as “news”. Clearly they’re interested in them. However, don’t expect to find them listed along with the others under “COVID-19 Excipients” on the website if they’re a trade secret.

Starting to get the picture? See how that works? Trade secrets are a really stinky little concept. Especially when the GOVERNMENT is a PARTNER to them. A FINANCIAL PARTNER. Which is an extreme conflict of interest, IMO.

At this point, Karen is trying to explain that these graphene derivatives are interesting to a LOT more people than pharma. In fact, pharma applications are likely to be SECONDARY relative to much more overtly electrical applications.

Next slide! “Hydrogels”!

Next slide! More electrical and bioelectrical uses!

Karen and Stew then get into a long, beautiful back-and-forth conversation that is worth listening to SEVERAL times.

She mentions the Shanhai Nanotech patent again – the one for graphene lipid nanotech in COVID vaccines – and describes their relationship with the heads of Moderna, one of whom is in that picture below. Let’s look at that smoking gun again.

She describes the relationship of Fauci and Daszak and all the rest of these people through WHO – it’s really something.

Then she talks about REDACTIONS in the manufacture of the vaccines.

Let’s look at those.

Then they have a great conversation. For me, the most important part is how she describes a kind of “Cassandra wall” trying to tell people what she found.

Here is a woman – an industry insider – who knows what she found – and nobody believes her.

In my opinion, it’s our duty to try to understand this. And I believe that when you understand this that you, too, will believe her – just like I do.


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W – Doing the Lord’s work for us!

Just sent the link to our very dear, non-English speaking French friends in Lyon (yea, I’m sure they *might* know what’s happening, but let’s make sure!) so they can stay up to speed. We talked with them last weekend and they are very disheartened. Trying to fight back, but my sense is they’re getting the BS we’re getting x1,000,000.

I’m guessing that “the plan of the Elites” is to “do” Europe first -massively”- then us. The Asian, African & South Americans will fall into line given the $$$ floating around.

I’m getting a drink!

Brave and Free

Hopefully every nation will follow the French on this. Then again if we didn’t have a corrupt media to go along with the communist it would be all over the News.
Thanks again Wolf for what you do !!
A tip of the glass to ya!

Gail Combs

Wolfie don’t miss my two comments. The CCP BRIBERY using ‘On-Demand’ Organ harvesting for the Movers and Shakers of the world explains SO MUCH.

CEOs and the Party of Davos are NOT YOUNG PEOPLE… David Rockefeller lived to be 101. Did RBG live as long as she did with pancreatic cancer BECAUSE she got new organs???

It also EXPLAINS FauXi and John Hopkins involvement.

Several years more life IS A PRICELESS BRIBE!

Cuppa Covfefe

As in Bill Gates…

Rockefeller had SEVEN heart transplants… the last one shortly before he popped his clogs…

I really have to wonder why Satan Sauros is still around. Then again, I wonder why he wasn’t nailed in the Nuremburg Trials…


Just scrolling through Gab for memes.

comment image


What if all the vaccines produced post PDJT were tampered with? What if 2021 injections are not what was there in 2020? Excuse my tinfoil hat just trying to reconcile.


Exactly – no checks and balances. How would one know if the formula was changed? No way to compare the ingredients used in December/January to the newer batches.


Thank you – I get it now. This is what I was trying to find out

Gail Combs

” It only takes a few pharmacists and university scientists to begin analyzing these things and publishing the results on the internet.”

All it takes is ONE nurse with access and ONE analytical chemist with the appropriate lab equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. — UNIVERSITY NOT REQUIRED! (I do not trust them)Then verification and validation by two more teams.

When I ran my last industrial analytical lab, I had easy access to:
Gas Chromatograph
FTIR spectrophotometer
UV spectrophotometer
Atomic Absorption spectrometer

Other labs had other equipment but GC, AA and spectrophotometers were pretty much standard equipment not to mention wet lab equipment.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs
Gail Combs

Industry DONATES used equipment to Universities for tax write offs. You just need the correct labs. (I bought a lot of state-of-the-art lab equipment.)


I like your assumption that deception is always in play.

Once you do that, things are much easier.


I don’t really think this is the right place for this, but saving it here anyway…
comment image

Gail Combs


We are just learning HOW satanic these POS really are.




Gab has been good to me tonight.

comment image


It’s a miracle! /sarc

Gail Combs

Power hungry psychopaths will ALWAYS rise to the top of a hierarchy if normal people do nothing. Our founders knew that and that is why John Adams said:
comment image






I’ve not got my animal, nor my logo w notification alert rt top.


WordPress keeps rejecting my password.
I’ll try to work it out tomorrow.


It’s like so many other sites want to throw away their commenters…..and this one will go the extra mile to keep them.

Thanks, Wolf!!!


Things are getting much easier to discern.

comment image


Sick does as sick is…

comment image

Gail Combs

They did not take into account the facts:
We are SMARTER than they think.
We are more MORAL than they think.
We have a passionate DESIRE TO SAVE OUR FELLOWS.
The bought and paid for Priest Class would be OUTED.
The Lock-downs and Censorship WOULD NOT STOP THE TRUTH.

Clay Clark outs paid for Priest Class. (6 min)

That info may only be in the full podcast: @ 11 mins

Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs
Gail Combs


  :wpds_arrow:  𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟱

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗘𝗟𝗦𝗘 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟱?

The United States of America has been a WTO member since 1 January 1995. Bush 1 could not get WTO ratified but Willy Clinton (who took campaign donations from China) did.

WIKI — “China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 December 2001, after the agreement of the Ministerial Conference. The admission of China to the WTO was preceded by a lengthy process of negotiations and required significant changes to the Chinese economy.”

GEE, do you think THIS BRIBE was part of those ‘negotiations’

13 min critical part starts @ 6:00 minutes.

In 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟱 The CCP turned LIVE ORGAN HARVESTING into a business. “They not only turned it into a business, they also turned it into a way of BRIBING Western politicians.” — @ 7:00 minutes statement by Chinese organ harvesting surgeon, Dr. Enver Tohti.

Think of David Rockefeller with FIVE heart transplants! NOW do you understand WHY CEOs transfer businesses to China?

Gail Combs

If you go to the full video at the very end (45 minutes) Mitchell Nicholas Gerber mentions someone (si pasov?) has linked the organ transplant business to COVID bio-weapon.

Dr. Tohti mentions the Saudis pay extra $$$ for Halal organs… Now does the selling of part of Saudi Aramco to the Chinese and DISPLACING THE PETRO DOLLAR make sense?

Their website


Wolf, thank you for the update #2. This is just unbelievably evil.

Sharing this!

Gail Combs

Well, we now know WHY they played the ‘Magnetic vaccine’ HOAX on the gullible. Shades of the little boy who cried wolf. Use a subtle hoax to DISCREDIT the skeptics and then no one will believe them.

The more they pull this crap the more I think The Jab is REALLY REALLY BAD NEWS!

Deplorable Patriot

That’s just it…the main goal is to make the people telling the truth to look like raving lunatics.


A word of encouragement for you today…
comment image


Has anyone seen Dr. Fleming’s info and videos? He thinks there is something else in the CLOT Shots:

A 3 minute video at this GAB link:



Gail Combs

Thanks wolfie,

I watched the first 45 min. and found another symptom — blue lips.

Boy did they ever make that a NASTY disease!
Mad Cow crossed with the flu and add a Cancer promoter….


Okay, I passed this onto my dear skeptic friend and they went to his website and were totally turned off. Feedback went something like this: “He’s a felon.” “Medicare billing fraud.” “Says he’s a PhD but he’s not.” “Papers don’t say, what he claims they say.”

Important to know what we are linking to when we are going to pass info along.


Re-read on Monday. TY.

Amazing how many Cassandras we have now, and amazing how many Biblical and mythological ideas can now be understood with crystal clarity, not just theoretically.


This comment is on the open thread, but Valerie thought I should put it here, too.

Here’s a weird one for you, Wolf.

I work hard, so in my “down” time I like to read “junk.” No high-brow biographies of past Presidents for me. Nope, I read thrillers, mysteries, police procedurals, i.e. junk.

I happen to be reading a book called “The Sixth Extinction” by James Rollins right now. Rollins in known for including “real” science in his work. In this book, scientists have created a “particle” that has escaped into the wild and is wreaking havoc.

The hero scientists have just discovered that the “inner shell” of the particle is…graphene.
“Graphene was a remarkably tough material, stronger than a spider’s silk. “It almost looks,” she said, “as if Hess was trying to engineer the equivalent of a Kevlar layer under that shell…

“Once you have an empty shell, you can build from there. Add organic or even inorganic compounds, like those graphene fibers. And once you create that shell,” Edmund added, “you can fill it with whatever wonders or horrors you want.”

I literally read those words last night.

This book was published in 2014.

This crap is a known thing in creating bioweapons, viruses, etc. People KNOW about this. It’s just crazy to me how all of this stuff is in the culture before they use it to try to kill us.


I’ve read many of those authors. I enjoy the “fake but not so fake” science.

Gail Combs

CodeMonkey comes thru!


Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Interact and Interfere with SARS-CoV-2 Surface Proteins and Cell Receptors to Inhibit Infectivity – PubMed

Nanotechnology can offer a number of options against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) acting both extracellularly and intracellularly to the host cells. Here, the aim is to explore graphene oxide (GO), the most studied 2D nanomaterial in biomedical applications


Something to watch for is any research on what substances are GO reducers (rGO), what breaks it down?

Do you remember Dr. Hulda Clark with her “zappers” to clear the body of “parasites?” She was certainly marginalized for her novel approach to curing cancer.

I’ve got a suspicion that electro-chemical processes can deal with a lot more than we know. The POWER of PRAYER.

Deplorable Patriot

Yep. I wrote about some of this earlier this year. The truth is showing up in all sorts of mass produced media.