Since Fauci and Pfizer Must Have Known the Jab Reduces Immunity, Was This Also Fauci’s Goal With an AIDS Vaccine?

Fauci and Pfizer have painted themselves into a bit of a corner.

I now believe that they “played a charade” on boosters – that boosters were their intent all along.

I think this WHOLE scam was very intentional.

But it gets far, far worse. I think I see that they have an agenda much bigger than the COVID scam.

And I think I see what that agenda is.

This is very hard to see, but I think that maybe some other people are going to be able to see it, so I’m throwing this out there in hope that those people MIGHT see this.

Let’s go progressively backwards in time.

The LATEST outrage is the Project Veritas revelation – in the words of Pfizer’s own scientists – which really shows you how utterly AMORAL or even IMMORAL the management of Pfizer really is.

Please watch this if you have not already.

H/T Sundance, Deplorable Patriot, and many others.

Discussion on CTH is HERE:

Discussion on TQT is HERE:

The big point that you need to get out of this, is that the management of Pfizer is NOT interested in doing the best thing for people. EVERYTHING that you have seen from them – the hiding of the vaccine migration data – the ripping off of countries – the manipulation of FDA against competitor J+J – it’s all confirmed by what Pfizer’s own scientists say.

And to top that all off, these scientists ADMIT what we all knew, and always knew – that natural disease-conferred immunity is SUPERIOR to vaccine immunity.

Likewise, if anybody around here has been as SHOCKED as I am, about how badly ISRAEL is now treating EVERYBODY – Jews, Arabs, whatever – with their draconian mandates and “Vaczi” passports – well, maybe it’s not so much of a surprise.

What a bunch of play-acting. THE DRAMA – IT BURNS.


Do you see how the propaganda works here? They think we’re stupid. No. We’re just as wise as the MAGA husband who comes home and finds the wife ISRAEL in bed with A DRUG REP.


But it gets worse.

This earlier video, which has also been discussed both here and at CTH, has a VERY important point that takes a while to sink in.

Again, please watch this if you have not already.

Or maybe not.

[ NOTE – YouTube video REMOVED – old URL: ]

Let’s try a different video service…..


Alternate URLS:





The biggest point is the final one, which the good doctor starts setting up at 10:00, and which he really gets down to at about 11:00 – that the COVID vaccines are actually SETTING UP BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS.


I want you to read that again.

It appears that the jabs are making people MORE susceptible to the evolving virus.

This makes TONS of sense from an evolutionary perspective – which is why I have to laugh at all my liberal non-scientist friends who hate God, SWEAR that they believe in evolution, but would never believe what I’m about to tell you.

As you know from my prior discussion of viral evolution…..

No New Bioweapon Under The Sun

OK – we’re going to have some fun here – but stick with me, and you could learn A LOT. Cue the music! Borrowed from Wheatie! Previous posts helped put both the SPIKE PROTEIN DISEASE and the SPIKE PROTEIN VACCINE into deep perspective. We were seeing that the SOLUTION was a significant part of the …

… of the best ways to look at a virus and one or more hosts, is to see how they all negotiate to a state of equilibrium, which then appears (because it IS) evidence of DESIGN. The design is just at a near-mathematical level – like a program that adapts and installs itself – rather than a cruder model that requires ridiculous microscopic interventions at every possible juncture.

Things work out for the benefit of LIFE, because we live in a PRO-LIFE universe. But the question is exactly HOW that works out. It may not be as SIMPLE in some ways as you think it might be – or conversely it may be SIMPLER.

We’re only humans, and we have a lot to learn.

And we could learn a LOT from space-time distributed, parallel-processed intelligence, a.k.a. LIFE.

Just like all our latest vaccine tech is bad mimicry of natural technology invented at least 70 million years ago (read the article – it’s fascinating), so our latest attempts to immunize ourselves are not even that.

These vaccines, which use our “next tech” but not our “best tech”, are corrupted by human GREED and DUPLICITY. Bluntly, Fauci, Pfizer and Moderna SCAMMED President Trump. They had a terrible motivation to push LITERAL “bleeding edge” vaccines, instead of more obvious and safer vaccines. That motivation was not to solve their phony crisis – it was to usher in gene therapies by using the same technology as a kind of false hero in a pandemic, riding on Trump’s coattails.

They needed “real science” to SHUT THE FUCK UP, while their FAKE SCIENCE cured their FAKE PANDEMIC with a FAKE HERO.

Likewise, the FAKE HERO remdesivir was trotted out – a nasty, elderly-murdering mistake.

Dr. Nathan Thompson, in the video above, discovered that the vaccines are – at least in some fraction of people – LOWERING general immunity – and this appears from all data to be to everything EXCEPT a single VIRAL VARIANT which is about to SHIFT to a NEW VARIANT. And we now know that even THAT limited immunity wanes rather quickly.

But we knew that. We knew that ALL ALONG.

Go back in time, before Fauci LIED and said that everything we knew was wrong.

We KNEW that you don’t make vaccines to colds – and that you barely make them to the flu. We knew that coronaviruses were problematic. We knew that vaccines to them are plagued with failure, in some cases caused by phenomena like ENHANCEMENT, where the vaccines make catching the disease EASIER or WORSE.

We knew what these viruses are like. We knew what they were like DECADES AGO. And yet, the disgusting MEDIA played us into a state of credulity, where even expert scientists with the most basic and well-grounded knowledge from over a century of virology were not allowed to state the obvious, if it contradicted our rotten, lying CDC.

Something is VERY wrong there.

Stop and think about it.

They are pushing a vaccine that reduces immunity to everything EXCEPT the VERY specific thing they vaccinated you for – which disappears. So the net effect is to make things worse in all possible ways.

Reducing overall immunity is exactly what Trump WARNED US ABOUT.

The cure can’t be worse than the disease.


And I am going to argue that they knew this ALL ALONG.

Take a look at these screen shots.

If you have ANY kind of modern primary care physician, then you get these reports at least once a year, from the lab tests that your doctor orders.

RIGHT? Am I right?

You can actually compare THESE EXACT NUMBERS – not the CD4 and CD8 cells, which are specialized, and you probably don’t get tested for, unless you have AIDS or another immunosuppressive disease – but everything else will show up on YOUR lab results. Sometimes they say “Granulocytes” and sometimes they say “Neutrophils”, etc., but you can look at the “normal” ranges and match things up very nicely.

You can compare YOUR immune results with the ones in the video. But that’s not my point.


They had to do the basics – right? Maybe not the people in the trials that everybody was watching – maybe they “overlooked the basic tests” very “accidentally” or by some rule – but somewhere, somehow – there is no way that Pfizer didn’t run the most BASIC immune function tests – THAT WE ALL GET – on at least some test subjects – and discover exactly what we are discovering now.

They had to know what was happening, and what this meant.


If you have a virus, largely created by your friend in NIH, named Fauci, and his friends Baric and Daszak, and their friend Shi in China, and you have a vaccine for it that ONLY CREATES VERY SPECIFIC ANTIBODIES that your friend Fauci focuses on like a hypnotist, but otherwise the vaccines lower immunity and cause disease in general, and this virus changes itself quickly enough that boosters are continuously needed, or maybe only to the point where the vaccine harms immunity enough that the virus doesn’t HAVE to change……

Are you seeing what is happening here?


This is what counteracts ANY “good” that Fauci focuses on.

These vaccines are the ultimate damned heroin.

COVID vaccines are not heroic. They’re HEROIN.

Let me explain this again, in comparison to NATURAL IMMUNITY.

Natural immunity is the result of EVOLUTION – so it’s SMART. It knows from adaptive experience that a RIFLE SHOT at what just hit you will do no good – but a BLAST from a SHOTGUN will hit the bug the NEXT TIME IT COMES BACK DIFFERENT.

That is why the broad-based but complex immunity conferred by the DISEASE is BETTER than “just a few antibodies specific to yesterday’s villain.”

Nature KNOWS BETTER (by now) than to try to hit the shape-shifter where it was last standing.

Fauci doesn’t know better.


I think he DOES know better.

And I think that Rand Paul, who is VERY SMART, is scaring Fauci because Fauci knows Rand is onto him.

I am no longer thinking these people are stupid.

I think they are very smart.

I think they are RINGERS.

I think they’re up to something.

Making money to continue their program is part of it, but not ALL of it.

They have a goal – the goal is NOT for our benefit.

I believe that these things are components of their agenda.

  • lower human immunity to disease AND to genetic modification
  • implement gene therapy as a gateway to genetic modification of humans
  • increase government’s power to complete medical control of humans
  • change humanity in a Fabian way – create some socialist human ideal

And THAT takes me back to something Cthulhu said, which has stuck with me.

This is NOT Fauci’s first rodeo.

Anthony Fauci: 40 Years of Lies From AZT to Remdesivir

Fauci was up to something VERY similar with AIDS. He wanted a vaccine desperately. He didn’t want to treat AIDS, but eventually he HAD TO – and when he finally did, it was remdesivir all over again.

And what I’ve come to realize, is that IF there had been a “working” vaccine for HIV / AIDS that worked anything like these terrible coronavirus vaccines, that vaccine would have LOWERED HUMAN IMMUNITY in the same dubious strategy – as the “prevention” for a disease that lowers immunity.

Do you see how WRONG and WEIRD that is?

You know – something is just “not right” with all this.

I’m not taking this vaccine. And I sure as hell hope YOU aren’t taking it either.


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One of the earliest things we heard about from S. Korea was that they’d discovered a ‘link’ to the HIV virus in this Covid-19 virus.

“…sheathed in the HIV virus.” <– was the way they put it, iirc.

I remember thinking at the time…”sheathed”?
That’s a strange way to put it.

And lo and behold, Fauci, mister HIV researcher himself, is neck deep in all this.


Scarf Lady did as well.

So when do they pick the shooters for the firing squads? I want to be considered.

Valerie Curren

I thought one of those Pfizer guys said something about a parasitic vax delivery mechanism, a possible reason why anti-parasitic Ivermectin is so effective. Maybe the engineered “virus” AND (logic) “vaccine” both contain some parasitic elements…


I did not know that ! Interesting that explains a lot.


Farmers knew that a long time ago 🙂
Thank you good info

Valerie Curren

Thanks Wolf I’ll try to remember that truism!


This poor woman developed an autoimmune skin disease after getting the jab:

Jane Stroud: British woman develops gruesome skin disorder after second AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection – The COVID Blog
comment image
comment image


IRONBRIDGE — A British woman originally from Nigeria is struggling to live a normal life with her new, horrifying reality that is unlikely to resolve itself anytime soon.
comment image
Jane Stroud before AstraZeneca.

Ms. Jane (Sandra) Stroud received her second AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection on or around July 19, according to her Facebook page. Her life became a living hell one week later. Ms. Stroud developed an “itchy, watery, dripping rash” as she described it. It swelled her legs and arms to the point that she could barely move them. It got so bad at the beginning of September that she went to her doctor at Stirchley Medical Practice in Telford.

Medical personnel diagnosed Ms. Stroud with bullous pemphigoid, a rare, and sometimes fatal, autoimmune skin disease. It causes your immune system to attack healthy skin tissue. Doctors also confirmed that, in Ms. Stroud’s case, the disease was triggered by the AstraZeneca injections.

…………………….More at link.


[They] want us to be medical slaves.

The ACA was the first stage, Ozerocare, which was designed to control us while sucking billions of dollars out of our middle class.

This bioweapon was the next stage.


Indeed. 😕 

Evil walks the earth now, in plain view.

The commies have embraced the demonic in order to gain power.


comment image


This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting…

Valerie Curren

& passing the ammunition!


Goes without saying. 😇

Valerie Curren



They took power

Valerie Curren

Oh, Zero Care!


I think it is likely that we are dealing with people who get gratification out of inflicting pain on others.

People with dominance, submission and sadomasicism disorders.


#7 – Top Twenty Tweets.


Here it is again with the link:

Fauci should be HBTNUD.


Where will the new Nuremberg trials be held? That comes first.


Hey there, good friend, Churchmouse! Hope you are doing well.


Thank you for another perceptive post, Wolfmoon.


of course they knew all along…

they planned it…
comment image


The window is slamming shut, Klaus.

Cuppa Covfefe

French window…


Too nice. I would opt for a bit lower.


Yeah! My thought exactly GMT … 🤗❤️☺️


Well … zeig heil you miserable scum sucking pus ridden putrid putz …


Under Collins and Fauci – the NIH became a pit of inhumane ghouls – who worked with Communist China to alter viruses to increase virulence, potency and hit particular groups of people.

Under Collins and Fauci – the NIH showed a complete lack of value of human life and reverence for God:

Concerned Virginian

Well, if this report is true, perhaps Dr. Collins thought about the situation and possibly decided to resign in order to turn “state’s evidence” in hopes of saving his own skin.


Then a Francis can run a nice hot tub, down a good bourbon, climb in the tub and open his veins or ……


Really good analysis, wolf. Thank you.

Some of us on here and throughout the web called the general flow of all of this back in early 2020. We said – bioweapon. Check. We said USA involvement. Check. We said the motives were world domination. Check. We said they would take revenge on PDT for his America First moves and tariffs (hit them in the pocketbook). Check. We said they hate We the People so they would use media and sheeple to win the publicity war. Check. We said the voting booths were totally compromised for decades. Check. We said the alphabets are controlled by traitors and seditionists. Check. We said the “judiciary” was a farce and controlled by the NWO. Check. We said to get out and kick out the UN and they would refuse. Check. I could go on and on, but it gets too depressing. I’m just glad the documentation is getting out to support what we suspected and knew.

We learned of it by reading The Word, current events/press releases, and research. We learned by observing how evil people can be and how they manipulate good, honest people into doing what they want. We looked for motives, personal agendas, and followed the money. We watched the hate and vitriol toward the one POTUS who had done more for the common man than anybody in the history of America. So, when they implemented their plan and laid in wait to strike our heel and it happened – it was no surprise.

What happens when you step on the tail of a snake or enter what it considers is its domain? It strikes with an instantaneous reaction with no consideration of what happens next. Biblical. It has struck our heel with its fangs, but we will crush its head. Gen. 3:15. Whether that be now or with Christ’s return – it will happen because YHWH said it would.

The Great Reset in America began long ago. It was so easy to push illegal, mind altering drugs into the culture after they had already won battles over products we consume that are harmful, but taxable. We had become so materially minded after WWII. We abandoned our first love (Jesus) as a nation over the years. The next natural move was to destroy the sanctity of life. No school prayer and eventually, no pledge of allegiance and respecting the flag happened. Add into the same timeline was the complete removal of any resemblance of the gold standard to back the dollar in the early 70’s. Out of all this comes the military industrial complex and their endless wars “to protect America” by starting the wars to make money and gain power. Using the patriotism of young men and women earned from parents fighting to save the world in two world wide wars led to the evil doers using the patriotism for their evil purposes. Winners and losers economically predetermined by the next “crisis” that drove the markets up and down after the removal of anything to back the dollar. The currency printing presses began to roar and still do. Stealing SS/Medicare “trust” funds to use however they wanted with no pretense of balancing a budget. No need to say more, because we all know plandemic scamdemic is just another one.

I’m ready for this movie to end and the destruction of the evil doers to begin. It’s the only hope we have of restoring what has been lost barring the return of Christ, which will be better by far.

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Thank you yet again for putting this together!

Dr. Thompson said that the immune system panel test he used was essentially the immune system test for a patient WITH HIV. This test is used to measure the progression of the disease.
The person he tested, of course, DID NOT HAVE HIV, but Dr. Thompson believed that this particular test would minutely track immune system response. (6:57 in the video)
The person tested DID NOT FEEL WEAKENED after either shot of the “vaccine.” In fact, the person tested KEPT UP the exercise / diet changes / supplements regimen that he followed to eliminate his Type-II diabetes.
However, by ONE MONTH AFTER the 2nd shot of the “vaccine”, the test shows that his immune system HAD COLLAPSED. His “killer cells” had been decimated.

Since the Pfizer-BioNTech AND Moderna “vaccines” have elements of either the original COVID-19 virus, or lab-created elements of that virus, embedded in them; AND that the adenovirus DNA envelope of the J&J “vaccine” ALSO has a “snippet” of the COVID-19 virus in it (which the Mayo Clinic doctor HERSELF called a “Trojan Horse”) — AND,
If there are AT LEAST 4 “spikes” of HIV in the virus itself (shown in the Indian study and others) —
What one is looking at is the REAL possibility that BOTH the virus AND the “vaccines” contain HIV spike elements.

The “vaccines” had basically created INDUCED AUTOIMMUNITY in the person who was tested — his immune system had EXHAUSTED ITSELF in fighting the SPIKE PROTEIN in the “vaccine”, thus leaving him susceptible to infection by ANY virus, AND leaving him open to a BREAKTHROUGH COVID-19 INFECTION.

Dr. Thompson had to be “careful” about the way he was talking about “certain things” in the video.
However, methinks something MUST be said, at least in veiled language:
Dr. Anthony Fauci KNEW, or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, that immune system collapse would happen in a recipient’s body after taking the “vaccine.” So did RALPH BARIC know, or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.
Dr. Anthony Fauci was OK with, or DID NOTHING TO STOP, BOTH the COVID-19 virus, AND the “vaccines” for this virus, being engineered in the lab (UNC, Wuhan) to contain spike elements of HIV, in addition to bat neurotoxin virus elements to attack the nervous system AND parasitic bacterial elements to attack the epithelial cells of the lungs.
Dr. Anthony Fauci is OK with, or DID NOTHING TO STOP, the use of the engineered induced autoimmunity of the “vaccines” to create ADE in billions of people.
Dr. Anthony Fauci withheld this information from POTUS45, either deliberately, or because of following the “orders” of “someone.”

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS

There is something that MUST be accepted by all of us before we can adequately fight the monsters among us.

These people do not see US as “REAL.”

We are “theoretical” to them. It is well-known that if you are in the hands of a killer, the best you can do is try to make them see you as “real.” Tell them your name. Tell them about your children and family. Because until you are a real person to them, you are in grave danger.

We are the “mob” to Fauxi, et. al. Like cows, or deer. They convince themselves that they are benefiting “the group” by culling the “herd.” They don’t see us a people. They are sociopaths.

I know that I don’t want to be in the hands of a killer, so I will do whatever I have to do to remain free of them until they are caught. I believe they will be, because this winter’s flu season is going to be BRUTAL. And doctors are waking up and will not be silent much longer. Most of them really DO want to help people, and this is the opposite of help.

NO CLOT-SHOT. Do whatever you have to do to avoid it. There is no “honor” to be had in playing by “the rules” if the other side obeys none of them. Lie if you must. But LIVE to see the other side of this. We will be all that is left of sanity and decency.




Well stated So much ground truth.

Repeating Aubergine’s closing para. ABSOLUTELY WORTH EMBRACING.

  1. NO CLOT-SHOT. Do whatever you have to do to avoid it.
  2. There is no “honor” to be had in playing by “the rules” if the other side obeys none of them.
  3. Lie if you must.
  4. But LIVE to see the other side of this.
  5. We will be all that is left of sanity and decency.

Thanks, Kalbo.


Simply, again. “There is NO money in the CURE, the money is in the DISEASE”.

Fauci had 40 years to study AIDS, and “cure” it. I am going to go one step further than you.

Fauci did not cure it, he STUDIED it, and then he USED its spike proteins to create SARS, H1N1, and now Covid 19.

Thats right, Covid is the culmination of what Fauci learned from AIDS. He repackaged its spike proteins, and grafted them to a corona virus through Shi. Now he is peddling “vaccines” ENDLESS ones to modify our immune systems. So that ENDLESS money flows.

It is EXACTLY like Heroin, you will NEED more and more to “survive”.



There is a VERY SCARY video Alex jones found from 2019 with Fauci, talking about creating an Avian flu to get RNA “vaccines” into the public because 300 years of using eggs to produce vaccines was just too damn effective. Fauci is NOT Mengle, he is FRANKENSTEIN.


They ALWAYS tell us their plans, we just need to be AWARE


Then there is THIS.

Fauci and DARPA. I told you my friend over a year ago…They want their WEAPON.

WE made this WE funded this. China was our PARTNER. How SICK is that. THAT is why the PTB will NEVER willing provide the “origin” of Covid, because it is a MIRROR. We have met the enemy, and it is our own agencies. These people ALL need to see the business end of a 6′ rope over a sheer 8′ drop


EXACTLY. You know what happens to monsters.

Concerned Virginian

Agreed, ADE induced from the “vaccines” will create “vaccine addiction”, since the “vaccines” will contain more and more of the spike protein to fight the “next variant.”
Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and J&J have ALL “boasted” of how “much more antibody response” their “booster shots” will induce in the recipient’s body.

And there’s something else going on, too — taking more and more of these “vaccines” will necessarily keep forcing the recipient’s body to OVERPRODUCE any immune system response IT HAS LEFT — leaving the person wide open to infection from ANY OTHER virus and possibly also to BACTERIAL DISEASES.
This vicious cycle will keep going until the person’s body IS NO LONGER CAPABLE of forcing itself to produce antibodies — thus kicking the door off the hinges to potentially severe illness and/or death from ANY VIRUS infection.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. One thing that really worries me is the explosion of hand and other disinfectants being hawked here, there, and everywhere as protecting against COVID and other virii.

The thing is, even plain soap will destroy the double lipid ring that holds the ChiCom virus together.

But all those bacteriacides are killing off the mild bacteria, leaving their more dangerous brethren room to grow, as it were… Soap-a-dope…


Bingo! This is “Super” AIDS. Gee what does aids so? Attacks the bodies T cells and puts them into overdrive killing THEMSELVES. Gee ya think somebody LEARNED and funded that over the last 40 plus years.

This is Faucis Frankenstein monster. HIS baby, He like Victor Frankenstein will go to ANY lengths to protect his creation.

Recall that eventually it did NOT go will for Frankenstein OR his monster. Pitch forks and torches and burning it ALL down comes to mind.


Haven’t seen anything to de-bunk this,yetcomment image


kidnapping !

child abuse !

holding infant hostage for ransom !

Civil Rights violation !


Remember those who could not be with their loved ones as they passed because of Covid ?
If this is proved true,We have come full circle in the cycle of life.


comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

Maybe a couple of gallon’s worth. Mr. (liquid) Creosote…


Birx was head of PEPFAR. And great article by the way.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

Fabian version of brave new world genetic modification .

I saw several weeks ago or months in re to the rba/dna modification that since the globonazis have a universal definition of human being in as much as they do for hay bales or vegetables that taking these shots allows the definition of “human” to be discarded because people are now gmo.
Since theyre gmo, no laws apply in the same fashion.
Reality is people are people but it sounds like an easy way to disassociate and label recipients as other.

Valerie Curren

Lowering overall immunity creates a windfall for Big Pharma for basically Every Disease category for which they produce meds. Evil Unmasked–yet again! Thank you Wolfmoon!

Valerie Curren

No doubt!

Valerie Curren

An extremely necessary Individual Right!


For the globonazis it also creates the ubermensch, which they have not been able to accomplish through breeding.

But if they chemically sterilize and weaken the people, they will by default be the ubermensch they so fervently desire but could never attain.

Valerie Curren

Hildabeast as the God-Emperor of Dune–at least then evil would find its true form!
comment image


No Worries Wolf…..
No “Jab” for me either.


Mini ground report. Another red pill consumed.

SIL has severe rheumatoid arthritis. Immunity stays in a compromised state for the past 25 years. Her doc tells her to take the jab (Moderna), so she takes them. Limited side effects for six months. Does her scheduled exam (every 6 months to check blood and medication). Has them test for COVID antibodies. Zero. None. Nada. She gets angry at the Doc when he recommends the booster due to her RA/Immunity condition. She asks why, what purpose would that serve? Then her version of, “AW, H–L NO!” comes out.

Of course her BIL laughed at her when he heard the news and got in a fun told ya so.


This Doc is retiring, yet refused to prescribe it. His own wife has RA and he is afraid of its “side effects”. I say BS. He’s kept her on increasingly more expensive and harsher RA drugs all these years. Her hands are nearly useless now and are bent and deformed with nodules. It’s amazing she can walk at all with how messed up her feet are. The meds have caused her body to bloat. Yet, the same doc never pushed her to quit smoking.

HCQ bad, Smoking OK. Cray-cray as the kids say.

SIL is one of those who wants to be petted. Talk nice and sweet to her and she becomes compliant. Bedside manner is more important than getting well and living her best life. She loves, but only tolerates me because I stay on her case to make positive changes. Now that she has a young grandbaby to spend time with she seems to be waking up a bit.

SIL is average American sheeple.


Sounds like methotrexate treatment to me. Horrible.


It was for a lot of years, then a couple others like gold infusion and other alchemy. She’s been on Enbrel for awhile now.


I am having a rough day.

I learned this morning that a local man I know died Friday in the hospital of “covid.” I am all but certain he was vaccinated. I want to tell you his story.

Jimmie was 62 years old when he passed, but he had the mental capacity of about an eight year old. He simply adored my daughter. She used to manage a local store, and Jimmie went there every day. My daughter let him hang out, and would give him simple tasks to do to help her, like counting candy for inventory. He could do that, and loved to help.

He knew me as her mom, and every time I ran into him out and about, he had to tell me to be sure to tell my daughter ‘Hi.’ He would ask over and over how she was, especially after she transferred to another store, and he didn’t see her as much.

The last time I ran into him was last year at the height of the “mask craziness.” We were in the grocery store, and neither Jimmie nor I were masked, but pretty much everyone else was. We talked a little and Jimmie asked if I would give my daughter a hug from him. I enthusiastically said “yes!” and hugged him hard. The “maskies” were glaring, of course. Screw those people.

I am SO GRATEFUL I knew better than to be afraid to hug Jimmie, and that my last interaction with him was not marred by false fear. I would be devastated now if that had happened. As it is I am terribly sad, but not guilt-ridden. What a blessing. Thanks to all of you here who contributed to my knowledge and enabled that interaction.

I know Jimmie is in a better place, where his disabilities won’t even exist anymore, and his spirit will be purely him. But I am sure he was probably vaccinated by whomever was in charge of his care, because that’s what they all seem to be doing to the disabled here. I am also sure the hospital probably treated him incorrectly as almost all of them seem to be doing. It is a fucking travesty. It is the hardest thing to know that if Jimmie was in my care, I could probably have saved him with Ivermectin, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories.

I honestly don’t feel too bad about the grown adults who take the vaxx and do it to themselves. But the children and the child-like, like Jimmie, are innocent. It is just crushing me that this is happening to them.


Touching story Aubergine 😤 


Yes, I’ll bet he is. He was like a ray of pure sunshine.

Concerned Virginian

I’m sorry to hear about Jimmie. He is now in a better place. I hope he didn’t suffer too terribly.
IMO, part of his spirit is around. I am persuaded that this is what happens when people how meant something to us pass on. You’ll get a “signal”.
I understand it’s hard to know that Jimmie could have been healed if he were in your care.
Hugs and Peace to you, Aubergine.


Thank you so much, CV. I, too, believe that some part of us stays, and that we get “visits.”


Beautiful memories for both you and your daughter. Jimmie was such a treasure.

Thanks for sharing. Stuff like this warms my heart AND brings a smile. 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs


Jimmie would like that.


So sad for you, Aubergine. But you did good with Jimmy.

We have a guy similar to him in our town that everybody knows and loves. Probably about 10-12 years old in maturity and in his mid 50’s. He’s very functional and works at the local grocery doing bagging and cart return. Always loving and gives big hugs while working very hard. Special place in Heaven for souls like theirs.

Wearing a mask has been off the table around here for quite awhile. You wear one, you are on your own as a virtue signaler and people avoid you instead of the reverse.

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Thanks, TB. The mask-off thing has been the rule here for quite a while. I hadn’t seen Jimmie lately. I have to wonder if someone wasn’t keeping him close to home from worry.

Small towns always seem to have these type of people that everyone looks out for. We have had a few; all but one or two have passed on.


You all have probably seen this Dr.Martin vid ,
..hope the link is still good.. yea they knew of course they knew.
You cannot patent a Natural virus.Covid has at least 19 patents.
Who patents a virus? and why?


Seems like the ‘answer’ is obvious.

Whatever is the worst thing you can imagine, that’s almost certainly very close.

Take every aspect or angle, and extend it to its maximum or logical conclusion.

Even if all we knew was that Fauci knows it’s killing people and Fauci is working in collusion with the illegitimate government to coerce 100% of the population to be vaccinated with something Fauci knows kills people, it’s genocide.

Total eradication of the indigenous population.

But we know a whole lot more than just those two things.

And everything else we know only serves to confirm those two things.

And that is 100% consistent with everything we know about Hussein, Cabal and psychopaths in general.

They know what they’re doing.

We know what they’re doing.

They know we know what they’re doing.

And we know they know we know what they’re doing.

And yet they keep on doing it, because we don’t stop them.

Why don’t we stop them?

Because of the ‘white hat’ unicorn narrative.

Narrative says if we do anything, it only interferes with the unicorns’ ‘plan’.

We’re just supposed to ‘watch’ the ‘movie’… while up to 180 million Americans are murdered.

Logic says if we don’t do anything, it only hurts our cause… but that unicorn narrative… it’s so *&^% strong… and it’s a perfect excuse to do nothing.

Doing nothing is easier than doing something, so that’s the easy choice.

We just sit back and wait for the unicorns to act.

How’s that workin’ out for us so far?

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Saw a detailed (dates and stats) theory yesterday that the Moderna is the only shot that has a graphene that will be configurable to “adjust” and protect recipients from a future killer disease. All how avoided the shots and “first in line” elderly, vulnerable, etc. will both succumb to new plague leaving the young, healthy and special elite.