2022·09·10 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

News Flash

Today, it is still the case that Joe Biden didn’t Win.

I realize that to some readers, this might be a shock; surely at some point things must change and Biden will have actually won.

But the past cannot actually be changed.

It will always and forever be the case that Joe Biden didn’t win.

And if you, Leftist Lurker, want to dismiss it as dead white cis-male logic…well, you can call it what you want, but then please just go fuck off. No one here buys that bullshit–logic is logic and facts are facts regardless of skin color–and if you gave it a moment’s rational thought, you wouldn’t either. Of course your worthless education never included being able to actually reason–or detect problems with false reasoning–so I don’t imagine you’ll actually wake up as opposed to being woke.

As Ayn Rand would sometimes point out: Yes, you are free to evade reality. What you cannot do is evade the consequences of evading reality. Or to put it concretely: You can ignore the Mack truck bearing down on you as you play in the middle of the street, you won’t be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring the Mack truck.

And Ayn Rand also pointed out that existence (i.e., the sum total of everything that exists) precedes consciousness–our consciousnesses are a part of existence, not outside of it–therefore reality cannot be a “social construct” as so many of you fucked-up-in-the-head people seem to think.

So much for Leftist douchebag lurkers. For the rest of you, the regular readers and those lurkers who understand such things: I continue to carry the banner once also carried by Wheatie. His Fraudulency didn’t win.

Let’s Go, Brandon!!

Hey China!

Or rather, “Hey Chinese Communist Party and your entire array of servitors, ass-wipers, and fellators!”

You’re not even worth my time this week. When you decide to act like civilized people, maybe I’ll give you a lesson or two in how non-barbarians behave.

Hey BiteMe!
(Or, Whoever Has Their Hand Rammed Up That Putrefying Meat Puppet’s Ass)

[Language warning]

You and yours have caused a lot of injury. Literal injury with your war on people who don’t want to take an untested vaccine. When people die in an emergency room because a hospital won’t admit them because they haven’t had their clot shot, that’s a crime.

I’m going to address here the insult on top of the injury, because I am among the insulted. I still have my health but apparently you want me to live under the 8th Street Bridge (which actually isn’t on 8th Street, but whatever, that’s what the I-25 overpass over Cimarron is called), so maybe if you have your way that won’t be true for long. Dreadful time of year to become homeless.

No, you’re just trying to make me unemployed, because I won’t take your fucking shots.

Well, that threat is NOT going to work. I. Won’t. Take. Your. Fucking. Shots.

And it looks like enough people agree, that you’re having to back down, you worthless asswipe.

You’re LOSING.


You Chinese-bought ratfucking traitor.

I would love to see you die an agonizing, humiliating death. (This isn’t a threat, because I am not threatening to cause that death. I am just announcing my intention to party if it happens.) It would be just recompense for the way you’re killing America…and millions of Americans.

His Fraudulency

Joe Biteme, properly styled His Fraudulency, continues to infest the White House, we haven’t heard much from the person who should have been declared the victor, and hopium is still being dispensed even as our military appears to have joined the political establishment in knuckling under to the fraud.

One can hope that all is not as it seems.

I’d love to feast on that crow.

(I’d like to add, I find it entirely plausible, even likely, that His Fraudulency is also His Figureheadedness. (Apparently that wasn’t a word; it got a red underline. Well it is now.) Where I differ with the hopium addicts is on the subject of who is really in charge. It ain’t anyone we like.)

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices.

Kitco Ask. Last week:

Gold $1,713.50
Silver $18.15
Platinum $846.00
Palladium $2,097.00
Rhodium $14,600.00

This week, markets closed as of 3PM MT.

Gold $1,718.10
Silver $18.93
Platinum $888.00
Palladium $2,257.00
Rhodium $16,200.00

Things are up…a bit. The industrial (PGM) metals are doing better than the traditional precious metals.

Artemis I

Apparently they’re trying to patch up the sieve known as the hydrogen fuel system before late September. If they can’t do that, they have to take the whole thing back to the VAB in order to recharge a battery on it (unless they can get a waiver) before they can make any of the October launch windows, which will cause weeks more delay.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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Gail Combs

Very Bad news.


Yes Gail…


“Charles is gonna be bad news”


He always has been.

Drunk on power will be exponentially worse.

Deplorable Patriot

Gail Combs

Amyloid fibrils: abnormal protein assembly – PubMed


Amyloid refers to the abnormal fibrous, extracellular, proteinaceous deposits found in organs and tissues. Amyloid is insoluble and is structurally dominated by beta-sheet structure. Unlike other fibrous proteins it does not commonly have a structural, supportive or motility role but is associated with the pathology seen in a range of diseases known as the amyloidoses. These diseases include Alzheimer’s, the spongiform encephalopathies and type II diabetes, all of which are progressive disorders with associated high morbidity and mortality. Not surprisingly, research into the physicochemical properties of amyloid and its formation is currently intensely pursued. In this chapter we will highlight the key scientific findings and discuss how the stability of amyloid fibrils impacts on bionanotechnology.

A central role for amyloid fibrin microclots in long COVID/PASC: origins and therapeutic implications

Feb 25, 2022

Post-acute sequelae of COVID (PASC), usually referred to as ‘Long COVID’ (a phenotype of COVID-19), is a relatively frequent consequence of SARS-CoV-2 infection, in which symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue, ‘brain fog’, tissue damage, inflammation, and coagulopathies (dysfunctions of the blood coagulation system) persist long after the initial infection. It bears similarities to other post-viral syndromes, and to myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Many regulatory health bodies still do not recognize this syndrome as a separate disease entity, and refer to it under the broad terminology of ‘COVID’, although its demographics are quite different from those of acute COVID-19. A few years ago, we discovered that fibrinogen in blood can clot into an anomalous ‘amyloid’ form of fibrin that (like other β-rich amyloids and prions) is relatively resistant to proteolysis (fibrinolysis). The result, as is strongly manifested in platelet-poor plasma (PPP) of individuals with Long COVID, is extensive fibrin amyloid microclots that can persist, can entrap other proteins, and that may lead to the production of various autoantibodies. These microclots are more-or-less easily measured in PPP with the stain thioflavin T and a simple fluorescence microscope. Although the symptoms of Long COVID are multifarious, we here argue that the ability of these fibrin amyloid microclots (fibrinaloids) to block up capillaries, and thus to limit the passage of red blood cells and hence O2 exchange, can actually underpin the majority of these symptoms. Consistent with this, in a preliminary report, it has been shown that suitable and closely monitored ‘triple’ anticoagulant therapy that leads to the removal of the microclots also removes the other symptoms. Fibrin amyloid microclots represent a novel and potentially important target for both the understanding and treatment of Long COVID and related disorders.

Looks like Aubergine’s recomendations are a good idea.
Nattokinase: An Oral Antithrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 

Serrapeptase and Lung Disease

Serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory and it clears inflamed, dead tissue. In lung disease, the lungs are filled with dead, inflamed tissue and can no longer absorb the necessary amounts of oxygen

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes! This is going to be very important. They’ve really nailed it down.

Likewise, the therapies are looking like what we’ve been thinking, including aspirin, clopidogrel, and apixiban (triple anticoagulant therapy) from this article, and nattokinase and serrapeptase from others. Note that in this article they recommend pantoprazole (stomach proton pump inhibitor) to prevent side effects.

We were on the right track. Now we need to get more specific and look at more detailed therapies.


I found this one. I think i will get it. Dealvw my bp and long covid.



A paper by Bert Hubert published in December, 2020:
“Reverse Engineering the source ode of the BoiNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine”

It appears that the source code for the spike protein used in the Pfizer-BioNTech (COMIRNATY) COVID-19 “vaccine” was altered from the original spike protein source code of the original SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus that was released into the world in November – December 2019. This apparently was done to make the “vaccine” more “efficient.”

IMO, this raises some important questions:
*** In terms of the Amyloid Fibrin Clots: Are these clots, if produced in UN-“vaccinated” persons who get COVID-19 and recover, less “severe” / less “extensive” / more “reversible”, than the clots produced in “vaccinated” persons (whether or not they get a “breakthrough case” of COVID-19)?
*** Did the changes made in the spike protein source code in the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” create a situation so that it would be “easier” for Amyloid Fibrin Clots to be produced in the bodies of those “vaccinated”?
*** What are the spike protein source codes of the Omicron BA.4 and the Omicron BA.5 variants? Were these spike protein source codes changed in the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech “new COVID-19 + Omicron BA.4 + Omicron BA.5 booster shot”, called Pfizer HCP FS Bivalent Booster? (The same questions about changing the COVID-19 spike protein source code can be asked regarding the Moderna mRNA-1273 “vaccine” and its own “new COVID-19 + Omicron BA.4 + Omicron BA.5 booster shot vaccine”, called mRNA-1273.222

Yours Truly cannot find a website that lists the actual source codes for Omicron BA.4 and/or Omicron BA.5 variants. One did find this, which has what looks like “partial” source codes in the charts sections:
published June 17, 2022
“Ba.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 escape antibodies elicited by Omicron infection”

A paper by ChiCom scientists about persons who were vaccinated with either CoronaVac (inactivated whole virus COVID-19 vaccine) or with Zifivax (harmless protein subunit COVID-19 vaccine) — neither mRNA nor adenovirus DNA “vaccines” are permitted to be used in Communist China.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

…..neither mRNA nor adenovirus DNA “vaccines” are permitted to be used in Communist China.

But of course!

The next-level psy-op by the Chinese was to make sure the Americans and British, thinking themselves superior, would use these technologies (especially mRNA) to demonstrate their “advancement” and “superiority”, while “poor” China would use older [and SAFER – SHHHHH!] technologies.


CA IS Screwed… Them dictators in Sacramento WILL do this…

CA Energy Commission Member: We Should ‘Triple Down’ on Renewables, But We’ll Need Programs to Shut off Appliances, Turn Down AC

Gail Combs

YUP, I was screaming about the REAL REASON for Smart Meters and Smart appliances for almost a decade.


Yea, THIS crap is heading to every D-Rat controlled state.

We’ll see if the bastards in District of Criminals can give this one a go. Surely the R-cons have enough traitors, to support such non sense.


The tech was a great idea for the convenience it creates for utility companies in reading meters. Just like cashless is a huge convenience for consumers.

The problem as always is the willingness of gubmints to abuse the tech to abuse the citizens.


Isn’t it the purpose of govt to abuse the peons? That’s been my experience.


That is not its purpose. But the nature of people is to abuse power.


I saw that. This guy is another immigrant and communist and authoritarian, appointed by NewSCUM.
They have these programs as voluntary, esp w the ac. I get a bribe of a potential rebate every year if I sign up but I will never agree to it.


It’s like the Salem Witch hunts / trials.

They’ve literally lost their minds.

Or they’re complete psychopaths who are causing misery just because they can, and because it’s fun for them.

The best thing to do is just sit tight, grin and bear it. That kind of weakness in the face of evil always prevents future aggression… 😂


My theory: sadism is the fundamental motivation for all people on the other side (nomenkultura, apparatchiki, house players), for everything they do. Scrape away the often absurd rationalizations, and you get the sheer pleasure and psychological “comfort” of punishing and inflicting pain.


BERLIN, September 10. /TASS/. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in Kiev Saturday, according to a report by DPA. This is her second visit since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

According to the report, the Minister’s visit aims to show that “Germany will continue supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes – by shipping weapons, humanitarian and financial aid.”


Germany has money to give away?

Habeck is under fire


And Daniel Föst (46, FDP spokesman for construction and housing policy) reinforces: “My baker is pretty sure if he stops producing and selling and has laid off all employees, then he’s broke.” Means: Practically everyone in the Economy knows what an insolvency is – except for our Minister of Economics.


Habeck is … a Green Party activist, a philosopher and a writer of children’s books, and



His video interview the other day was just brilliant, a real command and grasp of the subject matter.

It really did remind me of Nigel Tufnel explaining how his amplifiers were louder, because they go up to ’11’… 😁


Last edited 15 days ago by scott467
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

comment image



Like I always say.



A nice — and oddly satisfying — compendium….



“If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she’s not interested.”

  • If I didn’t know the speaker, I’d have guessed a normal guy.

Old joke — Queen Elizabeth is riding in a horse-drawn carriage with an American President. Suddenly, the horse in front of the President lets out a yuuuge fart. The Queen fans herself and quietly says, “I’m so sorry….”

Whereupon the President responds, “No worries, Ma’am — if you hadn’t said anything I’d’ve assumed it was the horse.”


 😂   😅   😂 


I could believe that if it was our current bozo in the WH.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Doctors around the world came together to sign a Declaration of an International Medical Crisis due to the diseases and death co-related to the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

At 11am on Saturday, September 10, 2022 top doctors from across India met virtually with doctors from 34 countries to sign a Declaration of International Medical Crisis.


There are several videos, and this declaration:


We, the medical doctors and scientists from all over the world, declare that there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and deaths co-related to the administration of products known as “COVID-19 vaccines”.

We are currently witnessing an excess in mortality in those countries where the majority of the population has received the so called “COVID-19 vaccines”. To date, this excess mortality has neither been sufficiently investigated nor studied by national and international health institutions.

The large number of sudden deaths in previously healthy young people who were inoculated with these “vaccines”, is particularly worrying, as is the high incidence of miscarriages and perinatal deaths which have not been investigated.

A large number of adverse side effects, including hospitalizations, permanent disabilities and deaths related to the so-called “COVID-19 vaccines”, have been reported officially. The registered number has no precedent in world vaccination history.

Examining the reports on CDC’s VAERS, the UK’s Yellow Card System, the Australian Adverse Event Monitoring System, Europe’s EudraVigilance System and the WHO’s VigiAccess Database, to date there have been more than 11 million reports of adverse effects and more than 70,000 deaths co-related to the inoculation of the products known as “COVID-19 vaccines”.

We know that these numbers represent between 1% and 10% of all real events.

Therefore, we consider that we are facing a serious international medical crisis, which must be accepted and treated as critical by all states, health institutions and medical personnel worldwide.

Therefore, the following measures must be undertaken on an urgent basis:

1-A worldwide ‘stop’ to the national inoculation campaigns with the products known as “COVID-19 vaccines”.

2-Investigation of all sudden deaths of people who were healthy previous to the inoculation.

3-Implementation of early detection programs of cardiovascular events which could lead to sudden deaths with analysis such as D-dimer and Troponin, in all those that were inoculated with the products known as “COVID-19 vaccines”, as well as the early detection of serious tumors.

4-Implementation of research and treatment programs for victims of adverse effects after receiving the so called “COVID-19 vaccine”.

5-Undertaking analyses of the composition of vials of Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Janssen, Sinovac, Sputnik V and any other product known as “COVID-19 vaccines”, by independent research groups with no affiliation to pharmaceutical companies, nor any conflict of interest.

6-Studies to be conducted on the interactions between the different components of the so called “COVID-19 vaccines” and their molecular, cellular and biological effects.

7-Implementation of psychological help and compensation programs for any person that has developed a disease or disability as a consequence of the so called “COVID-19 vaccines”.

8-Implementation and promotion of psychological help and compensation programs for the family members of any person who died as a result of having been inoculated with the product known as “COVID-19 vaccines”.

Consequently we declare that we find ourselves in an unprecedented international medical crisis in the history of medicine, due to the large number of diseases and deaths associated with the “vaccines against COVID-19”. Therefore, we demand that the regulatory agencies that oversee drug safety as well as the health institutions in all countries, together with the international institutions such as the WHO, PHO, EMA, FDA, UK-MHRA and NIH respond to this declaration and act in accordance with the eight measures demanded in this manifesto.

This Declaration is a joint initiative of several professionals who have been fighting for this cause. We call on all doctors, scientists and professionals to endorse this statement in order to put pressure on the entities involved and promote a more transparent health policy.

This is the site where doctors and citizens can sign the declaration. It lists those who have signed. There are 310 so far.


^^^ Spammed out.


The Fiancee is re-watching the BBC TV version of “The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.”

As I wander by, doing dinner things, I keep catching lines like, “….behind a sign saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.” And, of course, “….some of the metaphysical imagery was particularly effective, with interesting rhythmic devices which seem to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the Vogonity of the poet’s compassionate soul which contrived through the medium of the verse structure to sublimate this, transcend that and come to terms with the fundamental dichotomies of the other….


Has me wondering, can we use “Volgons” as shorthand for TPTB?


Stupid brutes? They were poets!


comment image

Can we get an unpronounceable symbol in here somewhere?


This one has got to hurt the commie leftists – one of their own following the constitution.

I suspect this is fallout from the leaked abortion opinion.


Last edited 15 days ago by pgroup2
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Interesting! And I think you may be right!!!


Asked sincerely: how would this be fallout?


So, I got another “spare router” today — a tp-link ER605. That puts the number in-house up to six with four currently in-use. Five are owned, with one provided by ISP with an integrated modem.

Had an interesting conversation with a sales-kid at Central Computer. I explained how I couldn’t rely on the ISP router for jack-diddly, so I put a business router under it to provide some isolation. I then fed two regular wireless routers — a secure side (with the wireless turned off) and an insecure side (because the Fiancee never updates her software).

The sales guy says he knows how that goes — he’s got a low-feature wireless router hanging off for his family members that don’t know security from a hatbox. I ask him the model, and he says he’s flashed the firmware — I ask if it’s OpenWRT and he says it’s DD-WRT because there wasn’t an OpenWRT image available.

We’re probably 35 years apart in age, but I could tell we were speaking the same language.

I told him I was singularly unimpressed about using an app to tune my router, or having any of its configuration accessible through the cloud. And I really didn’t need gaming-level wireless with multiple antennas. OTOH, I wanted reasonable control over what was going on over my wires. He recommended this one. TP-Link is trying to push their “Omada” centralized management BS, but it can be curtailed.

Having now accessed some of their configuration information, I’m amused to find that a bunch of their options are labelled “standalone only” (as in their Omada can’t touch it). I have a feeling that their Marketing Department can be stood up against the wall after the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is done with it.

I’m looking at standing up the ER605 in place of the “business router”, then reflashing the old “business router” (it’s out of support from its manufacturer). If I don’t feel like putting it back, my other spare router needs reflashing and might fit there (though it is a bit wireless-centric). I can borrow the ER605 as my “secure-side” router while I reflash the “regular” wireless routers……

It was such a pleasure to encounter a youth that was nearly as paranoid as I am.