2024·05·18 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

What is it that feeds our battle, yet starves our victory?

January 6 Tapes?

Paging Speaker Johnson…this is your conscience calling you out on broken promises.

For all your high talk about your Christian moral background…you’re looking less and less like you have any kind of moral background.

If You are a Patriot and Don’t Loathe RINOs…

Let’s talk about RINOs, and why they are the lowest form of life in politics.

Many patriots have been involved with politics, often at the grassroots, for decades. We’ve fought, and fought, and fought and won the occasional illusory small victory.

Yet we can’t seem to win the war, even when we have BIG electoral wins.

I am reminded of something. The original Star Trek had an episode titled Day of the Dove. It was one of the better episodes from the third season, but any fan of the original series will tell you that’s a very low bar. Still, it seems to get some respect; at a time when there were about 700 episodes of Star Trek in its various incarnations out there, it was voted 99th best out of the top 100.

In sum, the plot is that an alien entity has arranged for 39 Enterprise crew, and 39 Klingons, to fight each other endlessly with swords and other muscle-powered weapons. The entity lives off of hostile emotions, you see and it wants a captive food source. (The other 400 or so Enterprise crew are trapped below decks and unable to help.) Each side has its emotions played and amplified by the alien entity; one Enterprise junior officer has false memories implanted of a brother who was killed by Klingons. The brother didn’t even exist.

Even people killed in a sword fight miraculously heal so they can go do it again.

The second best line of the episode is when Kang, the Klingon captain, notes that though they have won quite a number of small victories including capturing Engineering, can’t seem to actually finally defeat the Enterprise crew. He growls, “What power is it that feeds our battle yet starves our victory?*”

Indeed. He may have been the bad guy, but his situation should sound familiar.

We are a majority in this country. We have a powerful political party in our corner. There is endless wrangling.

And yet,

What power is it that feeds our battle yet starves our victory?

In our case, that power is the RINOs in our midst. They specialize in caving when on the verge of victory. Think of Obamacare’s repeal failing…by one Republican vote. Think of the way we can never seem to get spending under control (and now our entire tax revenue goes to pay interest on the debt; anything the government actually does now is with borrowed money).

We have a party…that refuses to do what we want it to do, and that refusal is institutionalized. If you’ve been involved with GOP politics, but haven’t seen this, it’s because you refuse to see it. Or because you are part of the problem yourself. (If so, kindly gargle some red fuming nitric acid to clear the taste of shit out of your mouth, and let those not part of the problem alone so they can read this.)

We fight to elect people, who then take a dive when in office. But it’s not just the politicians in office, it’s the people behind the scenes, the leaders of the national, state and county branches of the party. Their job is to ensure that real patriots never get onto the general election ballot. They’re allowed a few failures…who can then become token conservatives who will somehow never manage to win (Jordan), or can be compromised outright (Lauren Boebert?).

That way it doesn’t actually matter who has a congressional majority. I remember my excitement when the GOP took the Senate in 1980. But all that did was empower a bunch of “moderate” puddles of dog vomit like…well for whatever reason forty years later the most memorable name is Pete Domenici. And a couple of dozen other “moderates” who simply had no interest in doing what grassroots people in their party–those same grassroots people who had worked so hard to elect them–wanted them to do.

Oh, they’ll put up a semblance of a fight…but never win. And they love it when we fight the Dems instead of fighting them. Just like that alien entity, whose motto surely was “Let’s you and him fight. It’ll be delicious!”

If you think about it, your entire political involvement has come to nothing because of these walking malignant tumors.

That should make you good and mad.

The twenty five who blocked Jordan, and the hundred people who took that opportunity to stab Jordan in the back in the secret ballot should make you good and mad.

I’ll close this with another example of RINO backstabbing, an infuriating one close to home.

In my county, the GOP chair is not a RINO. She got elected when the grassroots had had enough of the RINOs. Unfortunately the state organization is full of RINOs, and the ousted county RINOs have been trying to form a new “Republican Party” and get the state GOP to recognize them as the affiliate. I’m honestly amazed it hasn’t happened yet.

In other words those shitstains won’t just leave when they get booted out; they’ll try to destroy what they left behind. It’s an indication that they know we know how important that behind-the-scenes party power is.

So they must be destroyed. That’s the only way they’ll ever stop.

We cannot win until the leeches “on our side” get destroyed.

What power is it that feeds our battle yet starves our victory?*

We know it. What is going to be done about it?

*NOTE: The original line was actually “What power is it that supports our battle yet starves our victory.” I had mis-remembered it as feeds. When I checked it, it sure enough was “supports” and that’s what I originally quoted. On further reflection, though, I realized my memory was actually an improvement over the reality, because feeds is a perfect contrast with starves. I changed it partway through the day this originally posted, but now (since this is a re-run) it gets rendered this way from the start.

If one must do things wrong, one should do them wrong…right.

RINOs an Endangered Species?
If Only!

According to Wikipoo, et. al., the Northern White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) is a critically endangered species. Apparently two females live on a wildlife preserve in Sudan, and no males are known to be alive. So basically, this species is dead as soon as the females die of old age. Presently they are watched over by armed guards 24/7.

Biologists have been trying to cross them with the other subspecies, Southern White Rhinoceroses (Rhinoceri?) without success; and some genetic analyses suggest that perhaps they aren’t two subspecies at all, but two distinct species, which would make the whole project a lot more difficult.

I should hope if the American RINO (Parasitus rectum pseudoconservativum) is ever this endangered, there will be heroic efforts not to save the species, but rather to push the remainder off a cliff. Onto punji sticks. With feces smeared on them. Failing that a good bath in red fuming nitric acid will do.

But I’m not done ranting about RINOs.

The RINOs (if they are capable of any introspection whatsoever) probably wonder why they constantly have to deal with “populist” eruptions like the Trump-led MAGA movement. That would be because the so-called populists stand for absolutely nothing except for going along to get along. That allows the Left to drive the culture and politics.

Given the results of our most recent elections, the Left will now push harder, and the RINOs will now turn even squishier than they were before.

I well remember 1989-1990 in my state when the RINO establishment started preaching the message that a conservative simply couldn’t win in Colorado. Never mind the fact that Reagan had won the state TWICE (in 1984 bringing in a veto-proof state house and senate with him) and GHWB had won after (falsely!) assuring everyone that a vote for him was a vote for Reagan’s third term.

This is how the RINOs function. They push, push, push the line that only a “moderate” can get elected. Stomp them when they pull that shit. Tell everyone in ear shot that that’s exactly what the Left wants you to think, and oh-by-the-way-Mister-RINO if you’re in this party selling the same message as the Left…well, whythefuckexactly are you in this party, you lying piece of rancid weasel shit?


It says “Justice” on the picture.

And I’m sure someone will post the standard joke about what the fish thinks about the situation.

But what is it?

Here’s a take, from a different context: It’s about how you do justice, not the justice that must be done to our massively corrupt government and media. You must properly identify the nature of a person, before you can do him justice.

Ayn Rand, On Justice (speaking through her character John Galt, in Atlas Shrugged):

Justice is the recognition of the fact that you cannot fake the character of men as you cannot fake the character of nature, that you must judge all men as conscientiously as you judge inanimate objects, with the same respect for truth, with the same incorruptible vision, by as pure and as rational a process of identification—that every man must be judged for what he is and treated accordingly, that just as you do not pay a higher price for a rusty chunk of scrap than for a piece of shining metal, so you do not value a rotter above a hero—that your moral appraisal is the coin paying men for their virtues or vices, and this payment demands of you as scrupulous an honor as you bring to financial transactions—that to withhold your contempt from men’s vices is an act of moral counterfeiting, and to withhold your admiration from their virtues is an act of moral embezzlement—that to place any other concern higher than justice is to devaluate your moral currency and defraud the good in favor of the evil, since only the good can lose by a default of justice and only the evil can profit—and that the bottom of the pit at the end of that road, the act of moral bankruptcy, is to punish men for their virtues and reward them for their vices, that that is the collapse to full depravity, the Black Mass of the worship of death, the dedication of your consciousness to the destruction of existence.

Ayn Rand identified seven virtues, chief among them rationality. The other six, including justice, she considered subsidiary because they are essentially different aspects and applications of rationality.

—Ayn Rand Lexicon (aynrandlexicon.com)

Justice Must Be Done.

Trump, it is supposed, had some documents.

Biden and company stole the country.

I’m sure enough of this that I put my money where my mouth is.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system. (This doesn’t necessarily include deposing Joe and Hoe and putting Trump where he belongs, but it would certainly be a lot easier to fix our broken electoral system with the right people in charge.)

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2024 or 2026 is pointless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud in the system is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

This will necessarily be piecemeal, state by state, which is why I am encouraged by those states working to change their laws to alleviate the fraud both via computer and via bogus voters. If enough states do that we might end up with a working majority in Congress and that would be something Trump never really had.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices

Last week:

Gold $2,360.70
Silver $28.23
Platinum $1,003.00
Palladium $1,005.00
Rhodium $5,400.00

This week, at Friday close:

Gold $2,415.40
Silver $31.58
Platinum $1,093.00
Palladium $1,038.00
Rhodium $5,400.00

Silver went up 2.01 today alone, and is up over ten pecent in the last week. I don’t believe it has been over $30 since the 2011 spike.

Gold has busted through $2400 to reach $2415. And remember it was never over $2000 until November last year.

That brings my Dollar Suckage Index to 116.855+. (The Dollar Suckage index is the ratio between the price of gold today, versus the value of the dollar defined as dollars per ounce when we had the gold standard. (I use that clumsy phrasing because the dollar was defined as a certain amount of gold, such that an ounce of gold was $20.67. It’s a subtle distinction. One ounce of gold wasn’t worth $20.67 back then, it was $20.67.)

Palladium spent the last week slipping further and further behind platinum. I remember a long time ago gold was $300 and palladium was $80 or so. We are at least getting close to that ratio once again. But at that same time platinum was $400 and so my gut continues to tell me it’s WAY undervalued right now. And that opinion is probably worth less than what you paid for it.

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Justice! Justice!!
We want some justice!!!

–bald eagle chicks in their nest


comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Laura Loomer:



I was searching through Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman’s @danielsgoldman’s FEC disclosure forms for his campaign disbursements. 


According to FEC records, the address that NY Democrat Congressman @RepDanGoldman sends his checks to when he pays “Authentic Campaign” is a Richmond, Virginia address that happens to be the personal home residence of Loren Merchan, Judge Merchan’s daughter. 

Loren Merchan is the President of Authentic Campaigns 

@Authentic_HQ and her father is overseeing Trump’s trial in NYC. 

Additionally, the record in the @FEC was documented by Democrat New York Congressman Dan Goldman deceptively as “Authentic Campaign” instead of “Authentic Campaigns”, deliberately leaving the S off the end as a way to cover up the fact that Congressman Dan Goldman, who admitted on 

@MSNBC last week to prepping @ManhattanDA Alvin Bragg’s Star witness @MichaelCohen212 before his testimony in the Trump trial, has been sending his payments to THE PERSONAL HOME ADDRESS OF JUDGE MERCHAN’S DAUGHTER. 

I have blurred out the address so I don’t get accused of Doxxing, but the address on the Schedule B FEC form for Congressman Dan Goldman as it relates to independent expenditures to “Authentic Campaign” is the same address listed in the Richmond, Virginia Department of Real Estate Assessor database, which lists the address as the personal residence for Loren Merchan and her husband Taylor Murray Harper. 

The home Loren Merchan lives in where the Democrat Congressman (who advised Michael Cohen before his testimony in Trump’s trial which her father is overseeing) is sending her payments is a 2 story home with a value of $639,000.

Records show NY Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman has sent Loren Merchan over $162,091.92, with the last payment being made on March 26, 2024, right before the #TrumpTrial began on April 15th, 2024. 

This should be enough evidence to force Judge Merchan to recuse himself and to acquit Donald Trump all together. 

Absolute corruption and Weaponized Government. 

I have the unredacted copies of the addresses for members of the media if they wish to see my receipts and if they are honest enough to report my bombshell findings, but I blurred them out so I don’t get accused of Doxxing. It’s the same Richmond, Virginia home address though. I verified it and double checked. 

Worth noting that the office HQs for Authentic Campaigns is based out of Chicago and DC, which means there’s no reason why payments should be going to Loren Merchan’s personal home residence. 

This is beyond improper!!!! 

Judge Merchan should be DISBARRED! 



From the X post:

comment image

comment image


They have both been so bad…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This whole thing is just sordid.


I know that will be revealed over time because evidence of it is already coming out, but I also think people will start to see it pretty quickly. Die-hard TDS sufferers won’t, but sane people will.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Lawfare needs to be criminalized.

Gail Combs


Made a felony with a minimun FIVE year Jail sentence and triple damages to the victim!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Absolutely. IMO, it will come largely from the idea and penalization of malicious prosecution, with added elements of (1) political purpose, (2) certainty of being appealed in multiple possible ways, (3) provable selective prosecution, (4) known or easily knowable unconstitutionality, or the flouting of clear precedents, and (5) little chance of prevailing and/or surviving appeal.


It’s the D-rat way.

Barb Meier

I searhed for Richmond VA GIS but the property search is currently under scheduled maintenance. It says I should try again later. I wonder if it is simply overloaded with people checking to see where Loren lives or to verify ownership and location. What interests me is that the Area Tax in the 2nd form is set to $0. Is that standard for all Richmond VA addresses or am I missing something?


Phone numbers are at the bottom of your screenshot. Call ’em and find out.

Barb Meier

Good point. I made a note to call them on Monday and ask. IT may be working today, but I doubt they answer phone calls from the public.

Valerie Curren

let’s see if the tweet shows using twitter rather than x


Danny, Danny, Danny… I’m so disappointed in you.

You’re supposed to be a professional. When you can’t cover up any better than that, you give D-rats a bad name.

Brave and Free

He’s more than likely doing what he’s told to do so he can remain in the Big Club.
Blackmailed in around about way IMO.


Excellent use of a filet knife.


“I have the unredacted copies of the addresses for members of the media if they wish to see my receipts…”


They would certainly need to see them, since ‘the media’ isn’t capable of looking up the information themselves.

But they’re not even capable of thinking to ask to see the receipts, if Laura hadn’t offered to show them.

So the question is whether ‘the media’ is capable of reading plain English, in order to realize that they should ask to see the receipts, so Laura can provide them.

It’s like spoon feeding a baby, with one of those itty-bitty baby spoons.

They really want the sweet banana baby food — but this is carrot mash baby food, and they hate carrots 😂

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

And of course they can’t read plain English since they don’t eat carrots.


Dirty DemComms. Disbar Merchan! Thank you Laura Loomer


Disbar Merchan? Doing so would imply ethics matter with the JustUs system.

All evidence to the contrary.


Yep, ethics is a musty old white man ideal? Not relevant in this woke-globo-amoral world.

Valerie Curren

I Love your latest avatar KBK!


comment image


comment image

Valerie Curren

Hope he has Tina Forte there too!


comment image


Yet only Shimon Prokupecz appears on the truth article.

BTW, isn’t Shimon a Jewish name?

Seems like NYT is giving a pass to everybody except him. Wonder why.


comment image

I don’t know which influencers he is referring to. I don’t think I follow any of them closely enough to be aware.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That smarmy Bill Mitchell has to be one of them!


Valerie Curren

hopefully your pic shows now after running it through Gab (I can’t see yours here) 🙂

comment image

Gail Combs

“…smarmy Bill Mitchell…”


He even looks EVIL

comment image


Looks like a retired lounge lizard from f e r n bar days, hitting on every single female in the place.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




During a Fox News interview, Vivek, who has access within the Trump camp, says he believes the sudden decision to have Biden debate is a “setup.”

On one hand CNN is hosting it, they’re going to prop up Biden, try to make him look as good as possible. But also note this is the earliest Presidential debate in recorded American history, in June. Why is that?” Vivek stated.

“This is a Hail Mary attempt for Biden as his numbers are tanking,” Ramaswamy further urged, adding “this is their last chance to give him a desperate attempt to succeed, and if he doesn’t, as I expect will be the case, that gives them time to swap out somebody else for the nomination.”

“It’s part of a of a broader plot for a replacement plan they’ve been having in the works,” Vivek concluded.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think he’s right. Obama is nervous that his pawn ain’t gonna make it, and Kamigula ain’t gonna work, either. Obama is kicking Joe’s tire, and if they’re too flat, basement boy is GONE.


I agree. I just can’t figure out how they expect JB to be able to debate. They might be throwing him to the wolves, knowing it will be a complete disaster. Maybe there are super drugs that can help enough to make him appear slightly less debilitated, but I would think there is only so much that can be done.


From Nancy Pelosi’s dog whistle today, I have a takeaway.

The Dim side of the coin is petrified that Joe said he would debate. They ALL want him out.

Joe called for debates (early) so the Dims will not switch him out. By calling for debates from June through September, he stays relevant and ‘In’ through the convention. Dunno.

Barb Meier

I don’t think Joe called for anything, so which “staffers” want him to stay (thus keeing them in charge?)


Jill…and Joe.

Barb Meier

Yes, Jill is probably the only one pushing it and Joe just repeats whatever Jill sticks in his head.


IMHO…Joe and Jill have goods on everyone else, so…


This is a very internal FIGHT!!!!!


Joe agreed to debate PT. NO ONE on his handling team wanted that AT ALL!


I hope you’re right.


Jill and Joe, family, and Ukraine, China, etc.


I agree with WSB. It’s JILL, the so-called doctor, who is driving this bus.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That means CIA thinks it can handle the debate!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly. There’s a FIGHT in Puppetville.

Barb Meier



I think you are correct.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Makes sense.

I say it’s the people who want Biden in that long, but THAT could be those who want him to run in November, or those who want somebody else switched in LATER. So it could be either side of the Dems – pro or anti Biden. Basement boy may be more safely and reliably removed AFTER the convention. That way the true candidate never debates Trump, and can be installed by a cheat that can’t easily be discredited, because there was never a debate to conflict with the fake victory story.

Valerie Curren

have him wear a mask & seem to be speaking but have someone else’s voice w/ Mission Impossible voice altering capabilities to speak for/as FJB/LGB  🙄 


Why stop with the voice? I vote for M.I. face masks, too. Make him look like Alfred E. Newman.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

CIA managed to drug him up right the last time. Whatever they did seemed to work.


Kicking Joe’s tire could be kicking tired Joe.

Nevertheless, he’s just an old Firestone tire.



Imagine if DJT throws the debate, to keep Brandon in the race… 😂🤣😂


You could spin that one way out.

Thermite a car that Barron is supposed to be in, and have VSGPOTUSDJT do an imitation of Ross Perot or Brian Kemp right before the debate…..let the dust settle, and bring Barron back out afterwards.

Valerie Curren

Yikes  🙄 


Sounds like the next Mission Impossible movie.

Has Mr. Cruise green-lighted it yet?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Heck yeah – that’s a wild strategy! Tie the Dems to their own concrete blocks and let them swim for the finish line!!!


Watch them all say, “oh, no — that never happens!”


RFK Jr. needs to be eliminated. He will be the third party dump for vote switching…like Perot was.


Listen for it.


I couldn’t tell at the time if he was mocking himself or confessing.


hahaha..interesting idea!

Valerie Curren

Hi Steve, have an awesome Saturday. I noticed your Klingon pic & was thinking about the evolution of the look from TOS to Worf, in The Undiscovered Country & STTNG. Do you have any insights on these developments over the years? I’m guessing that the Klingon culture was also expanded in story lines, especially because of the prominence of Worf as a character, who I love. On the extra features on one of the Star Trek DVD’s we possess they actually had a college version of Hamlet, iirc, all done in “the original Klingon,” so it may have been on the Undiscovered Country, with all those epic Shakespeare quotes by General Chang aka Christopher Plummer, which would be fitting 🙂

Valerie Curren

TY I never really watched DS9 so don’t know those story lines At All. I’ve read a number of ST novels, but not for a long time. I’ll have to see if I can get that Final Reflection one, if my hold option opens up at the library (I’m always filling it up w/ requests for some reason). I appreciate the info.

With Worf being embarrassed I can think of a favorite line of his we like to quote “Captain I must protest, I am not a Merry Man” from a TNG episode where they are on the holo deck & acting out Robin Hood w/ a troublesome character, sort of a love interest for Picard, as Maid Marian, I think the character’s name was Vash, & Picard as Robin Hood. I believe they were both interested in archeology but Picard would try to stick within the boundaries of the law while Vash was more “creative” 😉

Just thinking of Worf in tights makes me laugh  😆 

Last edited 1 month ago by Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren

I ended up watching All of Voyager & All of Enterprise, I think via a streaming service. I have yet to do the same w/ TOS & TNG, both series which I prefer to the ones I’ve fully watched. One can get spoiled via a streaming service. Previously I’ve checked out entire seasons of shows, like 24 & Lost, from the library so the family could binge watch for fun 🙂

Valerie Curren

That first season was a bit rough with all the stupidity surrounding Jack’s daughter. We’ve seen All of the original series, many of which were pretty good & certainly adrenaline producing…

Valerie Curren

I must have missed all those, hmmm 😉


Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

It’s a little embarrassing to admit but I don’t understand this.
AI is like bitcoin? Isn’t that what is said..bitcoin uses huge amounts of power?

Last edited 1 month ago by mollypitcher5

Nothing to be embarrassed about at all, I would guess many people don’t understand it, now that you mention it.

I am no expert, but I have been paying attention to the subject long enough to have some general understanding.

Bitcoin and AI both require a lot of compute power, so in that specific sense they are similar. My understanding is that AI requires a lot of power when the computers are turned on and being used to process information on a large scale.

As time goes by, technology improves (e.g., “Moore’s law is the observation that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles about every two years. Moore’s law is an observation and projection of a historical trend. Rather than a law of physics, it is an empirical relationship linked to gains from experience in production.” — Wiki).

One important technological improvement is greater efficiency, so that you can achieve the same (or greater) computing power with lower power requirements, which lowers cost of use.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity, but silver is expensive. Copper is good enough (for many non-critical uses), and much cheaper. In any future that might include the electrification of practically everything, copper (and other raw materials) will be in extraordinary demand.

chyna has been securing these resources, while America has been navel gazing at equity and diversity and inclusion and globull warming and other idle, vain and self-destructive pursuits.

Blackrock, the largest financial asset manager in the world (supposedly $12 trillion under management, but I have read it could be double that), is, for some reason that is undoubtedly intended to be beneficial to their own interests, bringing this to public attention.

It could be, for example, that Blackrock has invested heavily in uranium mines, and now they intend to use the power consumption needs of AI to justify telling Congress and Brandon to authorize building nuclear power plants all over America. This would create the power necessary for everything AI related, and send Blackrock’s (hypothetically owned) uranium mining stocks to the moon.

AI is a kind of arms race with chyna and other adversaries. Our adversaries are developing it as fast as they can, and they are not going to stop pursuing the advantages that technology brings, so that means we are in an arms race whether we like it or not.

If we unilaterally ceased AI development and use, it would be like unilaterally ceasing the invention, development and use of firearms, while all of our adversaries develop machine guns.

If you have sticks and your enemy has iron weapons, you lose. If you get iron weapons to reach parity and your enemy develops steel, you lose. If you have steel weapons to reach parity and your enemy has mounted cavalry, you lose.

If you have mounted cavalry to reach parity, and your enemy develops chain-mail or steel plate armor, you lose.

If you have armor to reach parity, and your enemy develops gunpowder and firearms, you lose.

If you get guns to reach parity, and your enemy develops tanks, you lose.

If you obtain tanks and your enemy develops planes and bombs, you lose.

Follow this through ships, missiles, nuclear, space, etc. Everything is an arms race, because having the latest and best technology often makes the difference between victory and defeat, all else being relatively equal.

AI is no different. If the enemy develops AI and we don’t, we will lose.

With regard to Bitcoin, it requires a lot of electrical power to ‘mine’ the Bitcoin, which is really just solving computational problems. There is an arms race in Bitcoin mining, too, it is survival of the fittest.

There are at least 9 or 10 publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies, and they all have different approaches to achieve the same objective, which is to mine the most Bitcoin as efficiently as possible.

Because if (for example) it costs you $30,000 to successfully mine 1 Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is currently selling at $66,964 per Bitcoin, you have a $36,964 profit per Bitcoin you mine.

But if your competitor has newer and more efficient mining rigs (specially designed computers that do only one thing, mine Bitcoin), and has access to cheaper electricity, his cost to mine a single Bitcoin might only be $20,000. So his profit is $46,964 per Bitcoin.

If your competitor is making that much more money than you are, for the same amount of work, you better find a way to become more efficient, or you won’t be in business for very much longer.

Because your competitor will use his financial advantage to buy the latest and greatest (and more efficient) mining rigs (computers), which will lower his cost per Bitcoin (and increase his profit per Bitcoin), and you will get left behind.

And every four years, the amount of Bitcoin that can be mined is cut in half (it is programmed that way). It still costs the same amount to mine, but you only get half the amount of Bitcoin, so effectively your cost doubles in order to produce the same amount of Bitcoin.

So if it used to cost you $30K to produce 1 Bitcoin, it now costs you $60K to produce one Bitcoin. You better hope the price of Bitcoin is at least $60K (and doesn’t drop below $60K), or you are losing money.

If your mining rigs (Bitcoin mining computers) are not efficient enough to be profitable, you have to unplug them (stop mining, because you’re losing money).

[continued next post]


Someone might question why does it make any sense to spend all this time and effort (i.e., work) and money to mine Bitcoin, when other ‘crypto currencies’ are just created out of thin air and traded like stocks, with no need to ‘mine’ them or all the expense that involves.

This was one of the ‘problems’ the creator(s) of Bitcoin solved, it is called ‘proof of work’.

It is why Bitcoin can be a store of value, and this gets into the entire concept of “what is money”.

Why is gold considered money?

If you look at gold under an electron microscope, you won’t see any dollar signs at the molecular level, it’s just metal.

So why did people decide gold was valuable? It doesn’t have many use cases (unlike silver).

Not having many use cases turns out to be ONE of multiple reasons why gold is a good store of value. The price of silver fluctuates wildly because it has so many industrial uses, and because it has so many industrial uses, it is constantly being consumed (and ultimately ending up in landfills, as components of old cell phones, TVs, solar panels, etc., etc.)

Since gold doesn’t have many use cases, its price is less volatile than silver, because demand doesn’t fluctuate with the business cycle.

Another aspect of the value of gold is that WORK needs to be performed (and money spent) in order to obtain it.

There is the cost of exploration, the cost of testing mining samples, the cost of building infrastructure once a gold deposit is found, the cost of machinery and labor to extract the gold ore, the cost of processing the ore to turn it into gold bars, the cost of transporting the gold bars to market, and the cost of storing and securing the gold bars.

All of those costs are part of the value proposition of gold. If the price of gold drops below the amount necessary to cover all of those costs, plus profit, then the gold mines will be shuttered, until the price of gold rises high enough to make the mine profitable again.

This exact same principle is what makes Bitcoin different from all (or at least most) of the other cryptos.

Bitcoin isn’t printed out of thin air like fiat currency (and like most other cryptos, which can be likened to digital fiat currencies). Bitcoin has real hard costs, time and effort required, to produce every single Bitcoin in existence.

The cost to produce a Bitcoin is ‘stored’ in the Bitcoin, in the same sense that cost to produce an ounce of gold is ‘stored’ in the gold. Miners won’t sell it for less than it cost them to produce it (plus a profit for their labor). Once it is out on the market, price will fluctuate according to supply and demand, but if the market price drops below the cost to produce it, the miners will shut off their mining facilities, and theoretically, Bitcoin production could come to a complete halt.

Supply would cease.

So long as demand exists, if supply goes down (or stops altogether), price must go up.

Once price increases to a point where it is profitable to mine again, the mining rigs will be turned back on, and production resumes.

All of this is part of the value proposition of Bitcoin, an analog to the value proposition of gold, an analog that most other crypto currencies do not share. Those few that do, have lost the contest for market dominance that Bitcoin has already won, so they are effectively irrelevant, and since they are irrelevant, no one wants to invest much time or effort in creating them.

So more briefly (a bold claim at this point 😂 ), a big part of the value proposition of Bitcoin is that it costs so much to mine / produce / create it, just like gold (and silver, and platinum, etc.)

Another major value proposition is that Bitcoin is finite, there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin produced, and then it ends. Currently there are 450 Bitcoin possible to be mined per day. In 2028 that will be cut in half to 225 per day. In 2032 it will be cut in half to 112.5 per day. This continues for about the next 140 years, until the last Bitcoin will be mined.

With gold, if the price goes up to $10K per ounce, it will create a gold rush of exploration and production, so the amount of gold produced will increase dramatically, and eventually restore market equilibrium between supply and demand (i.e., price will stabilize and then come down again).

With Bitcoin, that can’t happen. Even if the price of Bitcoin goes to $1 million per Bitcoin, there can only (currently) be 450 Bitcoin mined per day, and that amount gets cut in half every 4 years, regardless of how high the price goes. There is no way to increase the amount of Bitcoin produced, in order to meet increased demand, so if/when demand increases, the price of Bitcoin must go up. It is not possible to satisfy demand by increasing production (unlike with gold, and every other store of value).

Regarding energy use, Bitcoin is environmentally friendly and getting more so all the time, in that it can take advantage of energy sources that are otherwise wasted (‘stranded energy’), like the flare gas from natural gas production, as one example.

In fact, the CCAF has determined that the bitcoin industry uses a significant amount of renewable energy, sometimes more than half, depending on the jurisdiction. This is a testament to the industry’s commitment to sustainability and its potential role in the green revolution.” — excerpt from the larger excerpt of the Forbes article posted below


Forbes Online Magazine

Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin And The Environment
Jonathan Buck
Contributor – I’m the CEO of JB & GS Mining GmbH, a bitcoin mining company.
July 7, 2023

“Bitcoin miners are exploring a novel solution to the problem of stranded energy, which refers to energy that is generated but remains unused due to its isolated location. For example, remote natural gas mining often allows some gas to escape.

By establishing bitcoin mining operations in such areas, bitcoiners are converting this otherwise wasted energy, escaped natural gas, into a valuable resource that fuels the mining machines. For yet another example, bitcoin miners are also harnessing stranded sources of wind and solar power, thereby improving the financial viability of these renewable energy projects. Furthermore, bitcoin miners such as EZBlockchain and Crusoe Energy are addressing the issue of natural gas flaring, a common byproduct of oil drilling, by utilizing this gas to produce electricity for mining operations.

This strategy does more than merely utilizing stranded energy; it’s also emerging as a cost-efficient method to decrease atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas. According to a report by ESG analyst Daniel Batten, this approach could significantly aid in the fight against climate change. Surprisingly, bitcoin miners could potentially play a beneficial role in environmental conservation. Batten’s study suggests that by 2045, bitcoin mining could reduce global warming by 0.15%. The report emphasizes that currently, bitcoin mining is the only technologically viable solution for mitigating methane emissions.

Bitcoin’s Journey Towards Sustainability
It’s crucial to remember that in the grand scheme of things, bitcoin’s environmental footprint is relatively small when compared to larger industries and adjacent sectors. These financial sectors require our immediate attention and concerted efforts to significantly reduce global carbon emissions.

In conclusion, the environmental narrative surrounding bitcoin is multifaceted and evolving. Its journey towards sustainability is fueled by relentless innovation and efficiency enhancements, making it a promising player in the green revolution. Bitcoin’s unique ability to harness stranded energy resources and mitigate potent greenhouse gas emissions positions it as a potential ally in our fight against climate change.”

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Thank you Scott.. My brain is in sleep mode right now .I’ll have to read it a couple times in the morning, appreciate the explanation


You are very welcome, I hope it might be helpful 👍

When I first came across Bitcoin, I was immediately skeptical, I had lots of questions, and without having spent any time to investigate the answers, I filled in the blanks with pure (bad) guesses that were irrational so I could dismiss the entire thing as lunacy and turn my attention to something (anything) more interesting.

It took repeated exposure, getting answers to questions, which then filled in more blanks, before getting to a point where it seemed plausible that there actually were good answers to all the questions I could think up.

At that point, skepticism was slowly replaced with curiosity, and when the answers kept making sense and filling in more blanks, what at first appeared to be ludicrous or nonsense began to make sense.

So it’s a process 🙂


I guess it’s a good thing that Fink has decided to pay attention to this issue.

Dave Walsh has been loudly talking on Warroom about the insanity of birdchoppers and hailstorm targets for well over two years.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

IMO this is all downstream from the October 7 wake-up call. The only question is HOW they plan to rescue their objectives.


What is the October 7 wake-up call?

The HamISIS attack on Israel was on October 7, but if that is what you are referring to, how does that relate to Larry Fink and Blackrock, and windmills (birdchoppers) and solar panels (hailstrom targets)?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



RFK Jr. just jumped the shark in rented water skis and wearing Fonzi’s leather jacket:



But he doesn’t sound like Fonzi …

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

His invisible TRUMP T-shirt is showing – but only to some of us!  😉   😎 



Screw analyst musings – BUY NOW!!!!


“Screw analyst musings – BUY NOW!!!!”



Or maybe they’re setting up retail investors to be the bag holders, to get in at the top, right before a global deflationary dump.

Unfortunately, the precious metals market is the opposite of transparent, and therefore subject to manipulation so vast that we probably can’t even effectively speculate on it.


I was half serious and half poking fun at the PM paper hustlers.


“letting the price rise…”

or losing the ability to tamp down the price thru paper silver shorts.


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Friendly reminder, don’t cut in front of a big truck unless you’re sure they know you’re there 😲😁



Dumb bunny is lucky to be breathing today.


This is who the political-class thinks they are.


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Not only did Caesar stomp Gaul, he wrote a book about it —



“style is simple and straightforward” More like blunt and it gets blunter as you go. Still it was a rather enthralling piece of work with few spots for a breathe. Gives meaning to veni, vidi, vici ( I came, I saw, I conquered).
Seems strange that, that is his only extant work that exists in it’s entirety. He was said to have been one of the most accomplished authors his day, although I don’t think you could prove such with that book. I think at one time I searched for his ‘captured by pirates as a boy, and then got free and had them all killed book’ but was unaware that it never survived to the present.

Gail Combs

I wanted to comment on Steve’s comment yesterday.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

 Reply to  Gail Combs

 May 18, 2024 01:32

Honestly the uranium in granite is no worry…unless you let radon accumulate.

The reason for the Radon Gas Scare (PSY-OP) was because of Dr Petr Beckmann (Access to Energy News Letter)

Beckmann first challenged the Enviro-Nazis to eat gram for gram caffeine to his plutonium. Plutonium is more or less inert and will pass thru the system doing little to know harm while at high levels caffeine will kill you.

No one took him up on the challenge.

Then he mentioned that Radon gas was emitted from granite. (And IIRC the cancer rate is LOWER which he showed!)

Well the Enviro-Nazis went NUTZ and started the granite/radon gas scare as a result.

I posted this in 2019:

From Dr Petr Beckmann and Dr Robinson (Biochemist) of Access to Energy

Long story short.

Dr Petr Beckmann advocated FOR Nuclear energy. There was a major pissing contest when he pointed out most homes had radioactive Radon NATURALLY from granite. The Rockefeller funded Anti-nuke people then scrambled to tar Radon as dangerous although the original studies showed people from high radon homes had LESS lung cancer.

Somewhere in my Hubby’s Packrat clutter we have the original info but I am NOT going to risk my life looking for it.

There is however THIS:
Radiation Hormesis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

….A major bad is banning radioactive drugs by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) without due process. This termination was triggered by the press coverage of a gruesome facial cancer and death of a celebrated millionaire, Eben Byers, who overdosed with 1500 vials of Radithor (each had 1 uCi Ra-228 and 1 uCi Ra-226 in 1/2 ounce of water) from 1928 to 1931 (Macklin, 1993). FDA ignored the benefits to thousands of people who took recommended doses.

The bad is: BEIR IV and BEIR VI committees downplayed the epic research of Cohen which proved (p < 0.00001) that home radon reduces lung cancer death rates (Cohen, 1995). They rejected radiation hormesis without providing any studies showing harm from ambient levels of radon. “…in the absence of credible evidence to the contrary, the committee adopted a linear-nonthreshold model for the relationship between radon exposure and lung cancer risk.” (BEIR VI, 1999, p. 6, emphasis added). Cohen’s data (Fig. 3) show the EPA recommendation to reduce home radon levels to less than 4 pCi/l is carcinogenic (Luckey, 1993).

The voluminous BEIR VII provides no solid dose-response data to prove or refute the committee statements (BEIR VII, 2005). The abandonment of scientific principles by national and international radiation protection committees is so bad, it is ugly. A few examples of many deceptions by radiobiologists are provided (Luckey, 2000)….

Last edited 1 month ago by Gail Combs

Amazing unknown facts. ThanQ.

BTW, I stole this: Somewhere in my Hubby’s Packrat clutter we have the original info but I am NOT going to risk my life looking for it.


Valerie Curren

applicable chez moi too, but I’m the offspring of said pack rats 😉

Gail Combs

The problem we face about getting decent studies is 2 fold. The first is the Rockefellers WANTED to kill nuclear power because it competed with their oil. (And that is aside from ‘the Soviets are going to drop THE BOMB and kill us all’ fear mongering.)

The second problem is research is bought and paid for.

The above snippet was from when hospitals and doctors could get radioactive sources for peanuts and then the EPA/OSHA came in and the costs went thru the roof.

One of my customers, a doctor was complaining bitterly to me when it happened.


MTG is awesome. r-Cons should pay attention AND follow her lead.

Some people are upset about the scene from Oversight Committee last night, well I’m upset and disgusted pretty much everyday at the Democrat controlled DOJ, federal government, and Congress in general.

The Democrat DOJ is weaponized against us. They want to put Pres Trump in jail the rest of his life which is a death sentence!

They are throwing people in prison by the thousands for years for protesting the 2020 election but ignore their own paid criminal rioters.

They put Peter Navarro in prison and will soon put Steve Bannon in prison because of Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt January 6th Committee that broke House rules and hired an ABC TV producer to put on their prime time nightly hearings of LIES.

The Democrats are the same people who voted to kill unborn babies up until the day of birth and they would march us all in front of a firing squad if they could.

Congress has enslaved the American people in over $34 TRILLION in debt and that will be over $55 TRILLION in only 10 years.

Washington DC only cares about funding and fighting foreign wars while fully and cowardly refusing to fight the war waged against the American people at our own southern border.

Pardon me if I don’t talk as nicely as some people would like to hear.

I’m not going to keep you all addicted to outrage and hopium that never solves a problem or stops the inevitable implosion of the United States of America.

I’m completely over it.


Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs

What she says is the truth. At this point her words weren’t any more inflammatory than what the Dems, especially the women, yammer from the perches in there.
They all have been given the greenlight to insult MAGA conservatives any place anytime .

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Evil Demmunist harpies remain evil.


With you, kalbo.

And if you aren’t “talking nicely,” then I am an outright scandal some days!


Lol! Whoops.


Yea, I missed the quote stuff and I commonly bold headlines…

Additionally, likely no errors in the material that missing quote marks.

  • Indicates I copy paste in my case.

Got any room in your foxhole?

Valerie Curren

let’s see if her tweet will show this way, using twitter rather than x


Cracking up at the EV line of shit collapsing.

NOT to pick on the much vaunted Tesla, well designed, built or not.

  :wpds_arrow:  >>>>> Common folk know EVs Are Stoopid. <<<<<

From the article.

Unsold Teslas Pile-Up In Mall Parking-Lots, Big Discounts Likely
Please consider Tesla’s Storing Unsold Inventory In An Abandoned Mall Parking Lot

Parking lots full of Tesla vehicles are becoming impossible to ignore as the electric automaker seemingly can’t sell enough cars and trucks to match its rate of production. According to its own figures, the electric automaker produced 46,561 more vehicles than it delivered to customers during the first quarter of 2024. Where are all these cars going? Parking lots at its factories, malls and airports.

By John Varga, The Express UK

Major EU ports are almost full to capacity with Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) that no one wants to buy. A slump in sales across Europe has caused parking lots at the Belgian ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to fill up with the Chinese imports.

A spokesman for the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the second largest in Europe, said: “This is what is happening in all European ports that handle large numbers of cars.”

UK needs to revolt against their tyrannical government.

Drivers warned of petrol car shortages as net zero to ‘choke off’ supply
By Matt Oliver, The Telegraph

Car salesmen face a shortage of petrol vehicles under Rishi Sunak’s net zero crackdown, one of Britain’s biggest dealership chains has warned.

Vertu Motors said sales of electric cars had “stalled” in the UK, raising the risk that manufacturers will miss sales targets mandated by law. Under the zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate, 22pc of carmakers’ sales must be electric this year with the target rising annually until it reaches 80pc in 2030.

But with manufacturers risking fines of £15,000 per car for breaching the rules, Vertu warned that many might simply throttle supplies of petrol and diesel cars to artificially boost their compliance.


Lots of people are unable to afford new cars whether they’re ev’s or gas. With penalties like higher insurance, taxes on miles driven, sky high gas /diesel prices, driving a vehicle is becoming a budget buster.


Briben’s war on Americans, courtesy of hussein is effective.


Well, the Tesla issue has just hit the fan around here.
Yours Truly’s DIL’s ex-huband (the father of their two children) bought a Tesla. The children (one’s step-grandchildren) will be riding at times in this vehicle.


Good opener, Steve. Very valid points on all things RINO. With that in mind…


I have been saying for years on here and you have lent your efforts by being involved in the political “system” in your area (thank you). For positive outcomes, patriots have to get more involved locally. Document, report to local authorities and dox the crap out of the enemy while they are attempting to criminally circumvent the elections. Promote only MAGA politicians and call out everybody else publicly.


Yesterday, the DJIA closed at over 40,000. This “success point” will, IMO, be pushed hard by [the well-coached (and, perhaps, the “person portraying”)] “President Biden” that would appear on any debate stage with Donald Trump.

The reference to Klingon reminded Yours Truly of the program one watched with son years ago — Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3000 or MST3.) This series is still available on You Tube, as a 24/7 video loop. Sometimes I can’t tell which is more hilarious, the videos or the running comments that scroll underneath the videos.

Valerie Curren

We got some good laughs with our kids w/ MST as well–fun!

Valerie Curren

B movies, no wait C movies, no D movies Live!

One line our family has incorporated in our movie quoting lingo from MST is “unleash the great dane” in reference to letting the shillelagh come out to play LOL


comment image?w=1024

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

THANK YOU, each and every one who has served or is serving! o7


Amen and Amen!


Thanks, W!! I’m just VERY worried about our current condition and leadership. Not looking good. Come on, PDJT!!

Gail Combs


OH!Bummer INTENTIONALLY tried to destroy the US armed forces and his meat puppet Bite-me continues.



Gail Combs

Barb Meier

Transparency will help us. Tucker just released an interview with J Michael Waller (45:52 minutes) on his tuckercarlson site. It is not available on X yet. I’m starting to listen now.


“Congress is funding things that they know are unconstitutional. The Justice Department is enforcing things that its lawyers know are unconstitutional. And now you have [the Transition Integrity Project] writing the whole orchestra for the transition after November of this year to rip the Constitution to shreds.”


The guy who coldcocked the actor in NYC arrested. The man, by all accounts, is a malicious asshat.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

bUt hE’s SUch A g00D BoY! sO mISunDerStOOd!


Welp..you know how all that internalized victim ideology manifests itself..violence on whites..

We’re in a bad bad place. This kind of violence is one sucker punch away from manslaughter. Then we have the new policies about not charging people, and now the focus on prison reform which on it’s face isn’t a bad idea but anything the govt tries to fix always makes things worse

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

comment image



comment image


comment image


comment image



comment image

comment image

comment image



Happy are those who Feast on Wisdom;
Who savor her knowledge of His Kingdom;
She will refresh and nourish them wisely;
Her assistance is welcome – quite precisely!

Heavenly bread – her drink – understanding;
So succor her knowledge notwithstanding;
Her nourishment is constant and truthful;
Not for the blind of faith – or for the youthful!

Refreshment is – the fruit of the Spirit;
Through the lens of faith – we can intuit;
What can one do with only knowledge alone?
With no understanding – knowledge is prone!

The sweetness of Wisdom is God’s Great Gift;
Knowledge plus understanding – a lofty lift;
From the abyss of deception we will arise;
The richness of Wisdom is for only the wise!

His Word alone – not the fruit of the earth;
Sustains His faithful ones – from their rebirth;
The bread of Wisdom is insight – not mirth;
Her drink is understanding – knowledge worth!

Refreshed by His Word – and nourished divine;
His faithful ones repent – sin – they decline;
His Spirit indwells – in the temple of man;
Where wisdom is instilled – according to plan!

Your steadfastness, Lord, assures that within;
Both knowledge and understanding defeat sin;
When the two are united – wisdom be told;
A magnificent miracle – inside to behold!

For what is a man who is wise beyond years;
If he hears not – listens not – to what he hears;
If he has knowledge without understanding;
His foundation is shaky – so is his landing!

The Gift of the Spirit is Wisdom – and Grace;
The mind becomes avid – with Faith in place
The body is sound – the spirit is free;
So Feast on Wisdom – sweet delicacy!

Proportioned and balanced as God created;
With knowledge and understanding related;
Combined with His Word in perfect harmony;
Let’s Feast on Wisdom – His Word brilliantly!

D01: 08/20/2013




Thank you for all of the wonderful inspiring things you post on the board every day. You will never know how many times Yours Truly has read something that you posted that made a very difficult day a little better.
Prayers ongoing for you here and at Marica’s blog. Be well.



Valerie Curren

TY!!!  😍 


Psalm 91.The most powerful prayer from the Bible. God’s protection, healing

#psalm91 #psalms #prayer
Pray Everyday


Sleep Well with Psalms. Psalm 91, Psalm 121, Psalm 3, Psalm 4, Psalm 139.

#faith #god #psalms

Pray Everyday



by Administrator
Yours Truly: TBP is, rightfully, upset about the “remarks” by JARED BERNSTEIN (“advisor” to “President Biden”) about the current inflation rate.
HOWEVER, one begs to differ with this, FTA:
“This lying fuck has a fucking degree in music…”
Getting a “fucking degree in music” is not a walk in the park.
Sometimes, that music degree can lead to other things, for examples:
The redoubtable Walter M Chesnut (https://wmcresearch.substack.com/), who does continuous and STERLING work in uncovering the mechanisms and effects built into the lab-created COVID-19 virus itself, has a degree in music composition. He co-authored a paper with the late Dr. Luc Montagnier.
Yours Truly’s son earned two music degrees, sang in opera and worked as a professional opera stage manager, until he went back to school to get the science and math courses needed to take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), which he passed with flying colors. He then went to medical school, and is now a neurologist.
Yours Truly herself, who earned two music degrees, retired from being a professional musician/teacher, and has been an “all things COVID-19” researcher/poster for the last 4+ years.
In the case of Jared Bernstein, his music degree was in double bass from the Manhattan School. IMO, where he “went in the wrong direction” was when he got his PhD in Social Work from Columbia.


Last edited 1 month ago by PAVACA
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Love it!

I have some interesting science stories here, but they would be doxxing, so just know that this is true.


Assuming that music degrees truly ain’t a walk in the park, then your comment leaves Mr. Energy Advisor with one explanation for his brain fart interview.

He’s just plain stupid when outside his lane.


Music degrees aren’t a walk in the park.
And it’s possible for people with music degrees who “go outside that lane” to be productive (in a good way.)
IMO, Mr. Bernstein decided that “veering to the Left” was the place for him to land.

Valerie Curren

It would be interesting to see a graph of percentages of All Christians in America for comparison to the mainline denominations. I would guess that percentages might be down across most forms given how secular the culture has become, but perhaps not as steeply as the mainline decline.

Around here in Michigan there are a handful of churches that didn’t bow the knee to the Covid Crapola & they are overflowing, or so I’ve heard. Those who surrendered to tyranny rather than God are not necessarily thriving as much.

Gail Combs

Well I am certainly one who LEFT.

Our contributor Lloyd Billingsley wrote a book back in 1990 about the leftwing politics of the National Council of Churches, From Mainline to Sideline: The Social Witness of the National Council of Churches, detailing how the mainline Protestant churches that compose the NCC had swung far left….

Last edited 1 month ago by Gail Combs

Fashion History from the Islamic World.


Valerie Curren

Let’s see if it shows here using twitter in place of x


ty… was just over at the test page. Knew you have been doing something by using twitter vs x. Wasn’t sure if you were going to a site or just doing a quick substitute.
And just managed it. So yeah… erase x and put in twitter. Thanks, I’m all caught up until the rules change again. 😁

Valerie Curren

You’re Welcome 🙂 I just copy/paste the link that someone shares here & replace “x” w/ “twitter”. If I want to enjoy the conversation I replace “x.com” w/ nitter.poast.org & read it in another tab since the nitter posts don’t show here (yet?) since I’m still banned on Twitter.

Frankly this is mostly out of laziness for I prefer to see the tweets here & to have the videos play here too. So if clicking on the play button in a tweet opens that tweet in another tab then Sometimes I’ll right click on the video & get the video address that can also be pasted here so the video plays (assuming the address is “twitter” rather than “x”) on the Q-Tree.

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Valerie Curren

Those traditional dress outfits are beautiful!


Along with the gals showcasing traditional dress.

Valerie Curren

True 🙂

Gail Combs

We did events at 2 different Turkish Mosques for the end of Ramadan. Some of the dresses were BEAUTIFUL! I complimented more than one lady on her dress.

One of the bennies of our business is getting to see so many different cultures and getting to try so many different foods.

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Gail Combs
Gail Combs

Sorry about that. I was hoping it would be a good workaround for you.


This article has multiple solutions so keep scrolling till you find one that might fit.

I know I had a problem seeing comments on certain web sites and I had to go into my browser’s settings and allow comments for those sites. Same might apply for video. Sometimes I suspect it hackers have changed my settings or the program I’m using did not keep up with the latest updates… or some such. Hard to figure this kind of stuff out and you won’t fix it till you get totally frustrated with it. After two or three of those type sessions you find the fix or it miraculously fixes it self. Good luck.



17 May 2024
by Tyler Durden
Yours Truly: The deceased was “active in sports.”

by Administrator
Yours Truly: The deceased was a teenager.

But here’s the truth:
“Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality”
Michael Palmer, MD, and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD
Yours Truly: Here is Slide 10 from the article:
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Yours Truly again: Slide 10 shows an aortic crack and cardiac lymphocyte increase, leading to the aortic rupture on the right side of the slide. These were the result of the person having been injected with a COVID-19 “vaccine.” The aortic rupture image was from the autopsy of the deceased person.

May the deceased rest in eternal Peace, and may their families find Comfort.

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Bank of America trader dies suddenly at 25, cardiac arrest.

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Bank of America trader, 25, dies suddenly ‘of a cardiac arrest’ during work event – two weeks after ex-green beret turned investment banker died aged 35 while doing 100-hour weeks

A  25-year-old Bank of America trader died of ‘cardiac arrest’ on Thursday 

The young trader reportedly collapsed and was given CPR at a company event 

It comes just two weeks after another Bank of America employee died


PUBLISHED: 22:58 EDT, 17 May 2024 | UPDATED: 00:36 EDT, 18 May 2024

A 25-year-old Bank of America trader has died of a suspected cardiac arrest at a company event.

Adnan Deumic died suddenly on Thursday while playing a five-on-five soccer match at a tournament with bank colleagues.

The young trader, based in the bank’s London office, collapsed and was given CPR, a source told the New York Post

‘The death of our teammate is a tragedy, and we are shocked by the sudden loss of a popular, young colleague,’ a spokesman for Bank of America said. 

‘We are committed to providing our full support to Adnan’s family, his friends and to our many employees grieving his loss.’ 

The young trader reportedly collapsed and was given CPR at a company event

Adnan Deumic died suddenly on Thursday while playing a five-on-five soccer match at a tournament with bank colleagues

Deumic was based in the bank’s London office (pictured) 


Deumic was under a large amount of stress at work, where he would be handling trades of up to $1 billion, the Post reported. 

‘He probably worked 11 to 12 hours a day and those hours were incredibly intense… he didn’t have time to get coffee,’ the source told the publication. 

Adding: ‘The stress he was under was so much more than any of the other analysts and he couldn’t take a day off. 

‘He was learning to do this all when he was very new to the job.’ 

According to the source, Deumic was not happy with the bank, which he said did not treat him well, and he was trying to ‘get out.’ 

‘He was not happy, he was looking at other jobs,’ the source explained.  

No connection has been drawn between Deumic’s work and death, and no official cause of death has yet been announced. 

It comes just two weeks after another Bank of America employee died of ‘acute coronary artery thrombus.’ 

Just a quick note. 11 and 12 hour work days is nothing new. RIP Adnan


What is somewhat new is the significantly increased degree to which students – high school & college – are using some kind of amphetimines or adrenal-boosting synthetics to study & take tests, etc. it’s become almost the norm 😢 This guy is 25 and possibly part of that culture; it wouldn’t surprise me if these finance guys don’t take something.

i agree that 11-12 hour days are nothing new; did plenty of them myself. However doing it every day for weeks on end under pressure does take its toll in one way or another.

But all this ‘died suddenly’ of undefined heart attack/stroke is just as likely to come from the surge in drug use as it is from the vax … or both!! Any way you look at it, we have become a drugged society.


True, but people have been tending toward more stimulants to drinks to include illicit drugs for at least twenty years or more now and we haven’t had the died suddenly phenomenon until the vax came along. Your “or both” thought on the other hand is a distinct possibility.


Also the number of them that don’t respond to life saving measures. That seems different to me.It’s like they die immediately and no CPR or other can help.


Well, they should have collapsed on an NFL field where the best EMTs are available.

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Yup. THAT is the difference with JABBITIS. Cardiac nerves destroyed.


Yes, that is what I believe it is. Their heart’s electrical system just stops. It can’t be restarted.

Gail Combs

From my old notes…

It references a 2005 study so the use of drugs to help ‘study’ has been a KNOWN problem for 2 decades or more.

Adderall, Ritalin and other “smart drugs” have become popular among college students and young professionals, who use them to enhance performance. The drugs are normally prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but healthy students use them to get a leg up in school, by improving focus, concentration and memory. The question is, do they work?

Maybe not, according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania. Students who took Adderall didn’t actually perform better on tests of cognitive function — they only thought they did. Casey Schwartz blogged about the findings on the Daily Beast:

The research team tested 47 subjects, all in their twenties, all without a diagnosis of ADHD, on a variety of cognitive functions, from working memory — how much information they could keep in mind and manipulate — to raw intelligence, to memories for specific events and faces. Each subject was tested both while on Adderall and on a placebo; in each condition, the subjects didn’t know which kind of pill they were receiving.

The researchers did come up with one significant finding. The last question they asked their subjects was: “How and how much did the pill influence your performance on today’s tests?” Those subjects who had been given Adderall were significantly more likely to report that the pill had caused them to do a better job on the tasks they’d been given, even though their performance did not show an improvement over that of those who had taken the placebo.

It’s not surprising that Adderall gave students an inflated sense of productivity, Schwartz writes, given that the drug — a close cousin of amphetamine — “unleashes the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, triggers the brain’s reward system, and can produce a mild sense of euphoria.” (More on Time.com: Drug Surprise: Meth Makes You Feel Almost As Cuddly as Ecstasy)

So whether or not the drug boosts performance on cognitive tests in the short-term, could it be possible that its “euphoric” effect simply makes studying more pleasurable, helping student achievement by ramping up enthusiasm for academics overall? (More on Time.com: Clues to the Genetic Roots of ADHD)
Schwartz points to a personal essay about performance enhancement by a recent college senior, Molly Young. Writing for N+1, Young noted, “Of course, I could have studied in college without Adderall, just like I did in high school — I just couldn’t have studied with such ecstasy.”

Then again, ecstasy doesn’t necessarily mean creativity, which is another marker of cognitive performance, and one that’s hard to pin down in a scientific study. “Though I could put more words to the page per hour on Adderall, I had a nagging suspicion that I was thinking with blinders on,” wrote Slate’s Joshua Foer in 2005. (More on Time.com: A Five-Minute Brain Scan Tracks Kids’ Development and May Spot Disorders)


Well, they could have just asked me about uppers.

Gail Combs

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I’m crushed that you would think that of me.





Jab absolutely in play. Quite possible, drugs as Alison points out.



In the last few days, I have noticed that twitter/x links are showing the entire tweet, including any referenced tweet, instead of just a link to the entire tweet.

Wondering if that is because of something WordPress did (seems unlikely), or whether it was something Elon did.


Wolf mentioned something, I think it was in his special post the other day. Valerie would likely also know. I thought the two had conversed on the subject.

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Here is an X link:


Here is the same thing changed to Twitter.com

Let’s see what that does…..


Wow, that TES thread is some rabbit hole! Fascinating.


We’ve seen this talk before as it was part of the Eye of the Sahara talk about a likely lost Atlantis. Meanwhile this seems messy if anyone wants to say the water was up that high for any extended period of time which would involve bringing the Younger Dryas into the equation when the Pyramids are commonly believed to have been built roughly around 2500 BC. Younger Drays is closer to 9000 plus BC. So were likely looking at a short term flood problem as in Tidal wave thing, but volcanic activity or natural earthen dam busting as happened in up in Canada.

Now we know the Nile floods every year from the glacial ice melt along Lake Victoria.

Below are the ice ages for the last million ages if I’m reading that right. The very last blue line on the left depicts the end of the last ice age. I assume it’s the younger dryas, seems to be near enough to the 9000 year mark. So as that blue line ascended and the Lake Victoria mountain ice melted (I don’t think there were glaciers there but there was farther to the South in South Africa) somewhere in there a large earthen dam likely flooded the Nile Delta during a period after the pyramids were built?

comment image

Or more likely something got jarred loose along the rift valley where the continent has been splitting apart and caused a massive flood.

comment image


I would think they’d of had a record of it also.
They did keep records back then. Mind you we are trying to fit ethical skeptic’s theory, except instead of looking to the North I’m looking to the south. I think rift valley earth quake makes most sense, but where’s the record. They kept records of their kings during the Pyramids being built. A one time event that big should of gotten at least an annotation. The waters would of risen much faster than regular. Could of left everyone, ran for the hills and then were so embarrassed they stripped all record of it or were unable to keep records for a while? Just spit balling.