QTreeper Health Updates

This is a new thread for QTreepers with health issues of ANY kind to keep us updated. I have absolutely no problem with people posting HERE, on the OPEN THREADS, or BOTH. You do what is right for you. We're here for YOU. I want people to post wherever they feel most comfortable. I also … Continue reading QTreeper Health Updates

Health Matters of Various Kinds

TL;DR - Wolf needs to take care of health matters - both HIS and THE SITE'S. This should not significantly impact things here in the short term, and in the long term, it will improve things. However, this means that Wolf's appearances on the site will be even more unpredictable than they already have been. … Continue reading Health Matters of Various Kinds

Socialism Freebies ~ What's the Cost?

Whaddya mean Bernie Sanders is trying to sell me on Socialism? Woke up this morning and flipped on the news. First story was about a survey of how socialism is gaining traction among women. What? Makes no sense! Contradiction in philosophy. How are women supposed to be modern, strong, make their own decisions, independent.... yet … Continue reading Socialism Freebies ~ What's the Cost?