The Adrenochrome Deception

The Truths, Lies, and Disinformation Surrounding a Mythical yet Very Real Substance

There is nothing more intriguing than an enigmatic character who defies political and cultural boundaries to tell great truths, yet mixes in just enough lies, fakery, shiny objects, red herrings, exaggerations and omissions to make himself or herself economically viable solely on their product.

It also helps if that character furthers the interests of cultural Marxism.

Exhibit A: Hunter S. Thompson

It is a minor forbidden delight to read such people, as well as to write in that style. The problem, however, is that what the author gains in the ability to “get past the censors”, is lost in terms of ultimate credibility. In the end, we are left with – more than anything else – entertainment – not journalism.

Gonzo journalism has a price. And in addition to loss of credibility, part of that price is what I would call the satanic train-wreck factor.

Read enough of a guy like Thompson, and eventually one thinks something like the following:

THANK GOD I turned away from (fill in the blank) back when (fill in the blank), and I stopped hanging around with (fill in the blank), because otherwise I would be living through the same skanky, tacky, vomit-smelling nightmare of drugs, alcohol, bad sex and psychotic living that Hunter S. Thompson lived through, which is NO LONGER VERY FUNNY.”

Indeed – if you EVER got to the point of being “kinda sick” of any writing by Hunter S. Thompson before you finished reading it – even better if you put it down and didn’t finish it – then this article is going to make a LOT more sense, than it will to those who hung on his every word.

Hunter S Thompson, more than anybody else, was responsible for the myth of adrenochrome taking hold of America’s collective drug consciousness. Whether HST himself originated the urban legend of adrenochrome, or merely passed it on, is not certain. What IS certain, is that when people feel the need to provide SOME kind of reference to demonstrate the reality of adrenochrome, they almost always cite Hunter S. Thompson and his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Here is how the “adrenochrome scene” was transferred to the big screen.

However, here is what IMDB has to say about that scene:

Near end of this film, Duke takes too much “andrenichrome” and has a nasty experience. Andrenichrome was a substance that Hunter S. Thompson made up for the book when he originally wrote it, and was kept in the script by Terry Gilliam. The name itself wasn’t new – Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline, while Adrenochrome semicarbazone, also known as carbazochrome, is used as a medicinal drug to reduce capillary bleeding – however, neither compound is a hallucinogenic drug as portrayed in the book and film. After showing a rough cut of the film to a test audience, Gilliam was approached by a group of young men, one of which complimented him on the film in general, but said that his favorite scene was the andrenichrome scene. He said that he had used the drug, and that Gilliam had captured the effects perfectly. Gilliam didn’t have the heart to tell the kid that it was made up, and went along with his story.

IMDB Trivia entry for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

So what’s the truth about adrenochrome?

Let’s look at it again, but more slowly.

Adrenochrome is, for lack of a better term, a MYTHICAL DRUG.

Not a drug ampule. An “unstable research chemical” ampule.

Adrenochrome is not mythical in the sense that it does not exist. It is mythical in terms of being almost 90% sexy but untrue (yet potentially profitable) legend, and 10% oddly unsexy reality.

Even the notoriously dubious aphrodisiac “Spanish fly” – which CAN (sometimes) cause priapism as an annoying side-effect of dangerous inflammation of the internal mucosa – is “more real” than adrenochrome.

All recreational drugs are, to some extent, mythical, in that they become focal points for petabytes of rumors, lies and disinformation. However, some drugs are more mythical than others, and of all the “highly mythical” ones, adrenochrome is one of the worst.

Adrenochrome is marketed to the unwary – meaning the vast majority of humans – by layer upon layer of mutually reinforcing LIES. With a name that sounds half-way between adrenalin – something natural, good, exciting, quasi-sexual and biochemical – and chromosome – something natural, powerful, mysterious, quasi-sexual and deeply biological – adrenochrome can be whatever your mind wants it to be.

Thus, the very name adrenochrome sets it up perfectly for its primary myth:

THE MYTH: that adrenochrome is some sort of EXOTIC BIOCHEMICAL giving an EXTREME HIGH, and that it comes from either the….

  • blood
  • pineal glands
  • pituitary glands
  • hypothalamus
  • adrenal glands
  • or some other exotic location

….of the living or recently deceased bodies of terrorized innocent people, particularly tortured, trafficked, or imprisoned women or children.

The exact myth varies, but all forms of the myth require either the murder, torture, or terrorizing of innocent people.

And it is ALL – as far as either a WORKING DRUG or an ACTUAL ORIGIN is concerned – absolute bullshit.

However, that does not mean that one cannot:

  • sell people things that they believe are or contain adrenochrome
  • buy things that one believes are or contain adrenochrome
  • do horrible things that one believes will create adrenochrome

Are you with me?

I want to make sure you understand that just because adrenochrome isn’t “real”, doesn’t mean that some or all of the sick universe surrounding it isn’t real. As one descends into the world of drugs and casual / illicit / paid sex, from there into the world of crime and cruelty, and from there into the world of satanism and utter evil, “truth” is of little value. What one BELIEVES controls reality, and people do believe a lot of really horrible stuff.

The Johnny Depp movie about satanism – “The Ninth Gate” – is instructive. People who BELIEVE in evil will ACT on those beliefs to CREATE evil. Evil EMERGES from BELIEF in it.

Or just read about the SATANIC serial killer, Richard Ramirez, who was actually PROTECTED by Dianne Feinstein (she leaked information that helped him avoid capture). The fake news media likewise HIDES and PROTECTS satanism, while demonizing the tools that evil chooses to use.

So, in an odd way, the VERY BELIEF in the LIES about adrenochrome actually creates the evil of it.

Are you ready for me to explain?

Good. Let’s begin.

Most people are not prepared to debunk the mythical chemistry or pharmacology of adrenochrome, and there is a huge part of the world that has no intention of debunking it, beyond doing so quietly enough to maintain their own political credibility and – in my suspicious cat opinion – CASH FLOW.

We will get to the part about CASH later.

Unless you have at least two semesters of college organic chemistry, and one semester of biochemistry, it is highly unlikely that you will be suspicious enough to figure out that there is something terribly wrong with the “standard myth” of adrenochrome.

Allow me to help.

A chemist or other scientist with enough training looks at THIS simple organic chemical structure:

Adrenochrome, C9H9NO3

….and then thinks the following:

“This is a dead simple molecule – easy to make. Even the chiral center is no problem. Heck – we could have made this in Organic I Laboratory. If it actually worked as a DRUG, people would be mainlining it or vaping it. There is no need for terrorizing children or carving out the adrenal glands of murder victims. That would be like giving somebody an ASPIRIN and then extracting aspirin from their blood. It’s ridiculous. Make it and take it, like METH.”

Short version: Adrenochrome’s own MOLECULE outs most of the myth as a lie. It is a simple organic chemical that can be made in the lab. It has been OBSERVED as the pinkish oxidation product of adrenaline since roughly 1909, and was fully identified in the laboratory in 1937.

Upon separation, purification, and crystallization, adrenochrome is basically reddish crystals that slowly decompose and go bad in a few weeks. The reason that it goes bad is that the adrenochrome molecule is both an oxidizing agent called a “quinone”, and a reducing agent called an “amino alcohol”. Adrenochrome was born to destroy itself.

Nevertheless, for subtle chemical reasons, this substance is stable enough to work with in a laboratory or clinical setting, or even send through the mail. THAT is why scientists could actually STUDY adrenochrome AS A DRUG in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Same with adrenalin – it’s easily made, studied, and transported. SCIENTISTS MADE THEM BOTH IN THE LAB TO STUDY – a LONG time ago.

Why try to isolate these simple chemicals from any biological source, once it’s obvious what they are, and knowing that you can make them easily – on a far bigger scale than they can be isolated biologically?

Fast forward to NOW. You can buy this stuff PURE from companies like Sigma Aldrich, where EVERYBODY gets chemicals. Here it is, shipped in an ampule, to keep it nice and pure, because the stuff DOES decompose slowly at room temperature, and faster when open to the air. Even in the ampule, it slowly decomposes, so refrigerating it is a good idea – probably best kept in the FREEZER.

Now – before we get started – I want to make something EXTREMELY clear.

The MYTH of adrenochrome does not mean that people don’t actually pay a pretty penny for the stuff – WHATEVER they may actually be buying. They may be buying the real thing. They may be buying something else. They may be buying a complete LIE. Doesn’t matter.

If you know anything about the ILLEGAL AND RECREATIONAL DRUG WORLD, then you know that every single thing that is sold is very likely to be FAKE, to be IMPURE, to be a LIE, and to either NOT WORK or WORK TOO WELL, because it is really SOMETHING ELSE.

The drug world is 30% about drugs. It is 70% about MONEY. Maybe MORE. Understand that, and you will understand why the top echelon of the political left promotes the adrenochrome mythology – not openly, but through the political operative middle, who are tasked with keeping the myth alive, although THEY are not told the full truth. That effort is not simply to distract and discredit conservatives, but also to create a market among Hollyweird idiots and Shillicon Valley chumps for bogus adrenochrome products.

Do you see where this goes?

That kid in the IMDB story was very likely SOLD something – ANYTHING – under the guise of it being “adrenochrome”.

Use AND LOGIC to see all the reasons why the left promotes the adrenochrome myth. Overall, adrenochrome WORKS for the left. But not in the way that ANY of the “true believers” think it does.

I will return to this point later, in even more detail.

Now that we have cracked the first part of the myth – namely that adrenochrome is some “special” substance that needs to come from abused humans – WHICH IT DOES NOT – we can move on to the second half of the myth – WHAT REAL ADRENOCHROME ACTUALLY DOES.

Because “adrenochrome” SOUNDS LIKE “adrenaline”, people assume that it has some kind of similar effects. The adrenochrome myth always offers some kind of ultimate high or euphoria that the rich are willing to pay boo-koo bucks to experience.

This idea is ALMOST reasonable. Although adrenochrome is actually a metabolic degradation product of adrenaline, something which has strong, known effects, there ARE many cases where drugs that are given to people actually turn into STRONGER drugs in the body. The administered drugs serve as what are called “pro-drugs” – meaning they are biochemical precursors of the stuff that ACTUALLY has the main pharmacological effect. So it isn’t totally unreasonable to think that perhaps adrenochrome, as a decay product of adrenaline, has some kind of magical effect that is STRONGER than adrenaline.

However, this is NOT the case. It is KNOWN that adrenochrome does NOT have any of the profound physiological effects of adrenaline – either the same ones or different ones. In fact, like most metabolic degradation products, adrenochrome is “a lesser, weaker product that gets flushed”. It’s weaker, different, and not even particularly stable, turning into OTHER THINGS as it breaks down.

And it gets worse for the myth.

Part of the reason the myth works is that people believe adrenochrome can affect the brain, because of something called the adrenochrome hypothesis. This is a formerly dubious but increasingly foundational hypothesis that adrenochrome itself causes the symptoms of schizophrenia. It comes from the fact that early pharmacological tests of adrenochrome elicited psychotic symptoms in some subjects.

Yes, that’s right. Psychotic symptoms. Not Psychedelic. PSYCHOTIC.

This is not exactly something that people who want to get HIGH are looking for. They may be looking for pretty colors. They are probably NOT looking for turning into a crazy person.

Here is a quote:

Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorderderealization, and euphoria.[2] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxicpsychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.[3] In what they called the “adrenochrome hypothesis”,[4] they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.[5][6] While the treatment of schizophrenia with such potent anti-oxidants is highly contested in the literature, and adrenochrome is not currently believed to have any psychedelic properties,[7] a number of recently published papers consider Hoffer’s paper a landmark contribution to the notion that impairment of what’s now termed the anti-oxidant defense system (AODS) seems to play a role in schizophrenia.[8]

Wikipedia, entry for Adrenochrome

A good insider review of the history and scientific politics of the adrenochrome hypothesis, along with the somewhat allied movement called orthomolecular psychiatry, can be found here:

To put things quickly in perspective, one might say that the original adrenochrome hypothesis was a crude but remarkably foretelling sketch of what we now know to be true. It turns out that oxidized neurotransmitters such as adrenaline ARE in fact partially responsible for neurotoxic degradation of neurons in the brain, and THAT is in turn largely responsible for neurological diseases including schizophrenia and Parkinsonism.

An example of the kind of research that brought increasing respect for the adrenochrome hypothesis is this paper, showing that certain enzymes which may be missing or impaired in schizophrenia are capable of removing adrenochrome.

Similarly, and in an almost remarkable proof of the current model of schizophrenia and Parkinsonism, the very oxidizing agents that can be used in the laboratory or factory to turn adrenaline into adrenochrome, are in some cases THEMSELVES neurotoxic in almost exactly the same way.

In other words, chemicals that can MAKE adrenochrome from adrenaline in the lab, appear to make it in the body, too. But they don’t make people high. They make them very ill, by attacking the brain, similarly to schizophrenia and Parkinsonism.

Pretty powerful logic, isn’t it?

So – adrenochrome causing short-term psychotic symptoms makes some sense (although THAT is where the science is again complicated).

But what about “euphoria”?

Now, the word “euphoria” is noted from this early adrenochrome research, but we need to temper that with the fact that the world’s EXPERTS on euphoria produced by recreational drugs – meaning EXPLORATORY SELF-TESTING DRUG ABUSERS – have NOT found real adrenochrome to be a worthwhile recreational drug.

Let’s go now to EROWID – which is basically an online cyber-collective of druggies who actually care about the details of drugs. They’re a bit like volunteer librarians in the world of illicit drugs. Here is their money quote on adrenochrome:

Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline (ephinephrine, norepinephrine). It has achieved mythical status as a deliberately-ingested psychoactive — boosted by H.S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — though it is debated whether it has any psychoactive effects at all.

Erowid entry on Adrenochrome

The most useful report was by a science-minded self-tester nicknamed genaro, who obtained commercial adrenochrome and self-administered it three ways, obtaining the exact same effects every time.

  • sublingual and oral (under tongue, then swallowed)
  • nasal (snorted)
  • smoked (crack pipe)

His report is entitled “Killing the Myth” (you can guess what that means), and is partly included below, so hang on before you click. I’m just giving the references. The best description is here:

Genaro also repeated his report and discussed it with other drug experimenters here:

Adrenochrome is apparently not difficult to obtain. Although researchers can get it from more legitimate suppliers such as Sigma-Aldrich:

It is also available from less reputable “Chinese research chemical suppliers” who have fronts in the United States.

Genaro appears to have gotten his adrenochrome from a legitimate chemical supplier in Europe.

Genaro’s experience with adrenochrome was less impressive than most drugs, and frankly on par with the “recreationally uninteresting” effects of schizophrenia, if even that. Adrenochrome clearly had some mental effect, but nothing interesting enough that most people who enjoy any form of recreational drug – including caffeine or nicotine – would be interested.

Per Genaro:

To sum up, effects were extremely weak, absolutely not fun nor psychedelic in anyway, and short lived (I would say the slight initial euphoria is gone within 4-5 minutes, and the few strange feelings that I experience from the stuff are gone within about 1 hour (I couldn’t say the exact duration as I didn’t really checked my watch) 
Needless to say I was very disappointed by this uninteresting compound. 

The effects I had from it were flimsy, there was a definite effect on my vision and my mental state for sure but I would definitely not call it ‘hallucinogenic’. 

Genaro, anonymous test user of adrenochrome

There are other users who have tried unpurified oxidized adrenaline in lieu of purified adrenochrome, but their experiences (stimulation, headache) sound very much like exactly what they administered – degraded adrenaline – and not pure adrenochrome.

This lack of hallucinogenic effect from any form of adrenochrome seems to be a consensus, despite the fact that the “hallucinogenic” nature of old, oxidized, “pink”, medical adrenaline WAS indeed one of the reasons that adrenochrome was investigated as a potential hallucinogen and/or neurotoxin in the first place.

My thinking here is that this is simply the classic ambiguity of the word “hallucinogenic” in pharmacology, ranging from minor visual disturbances to florid, dream-like, false experiences. Adrenochrome appears to cause the former – NOT the latter, which is generally desired by recreational drug users who are interested in hallucinogens.

In any case, what we are talking about with adrenochrome is clearly NOT a useful or attractive recreational drug.

So why is there any REAL interest in adrenochrome?

Why are there PATENTS?

Why are there, in fact, LOTS of patents?

The reason is subtle. Adrenochrome doesn’t really have any uses as a psychiatric drug, but it DOES have use as a hemostatic – to STOP BLEEDING.

Are you starting to see where some of the ideas for the MYTH of adrenochrome came from? From distortion of reality? Good.

The fact is, adrenochrome itself isn’t even a very good hemostat, because it decomposes so quickly. HOWEVER, in organic chemistry, there are KNOWN WAYS to stabilize substances like adrenochrome, and THAT is exactly what was done. The medically useful compounds are DERIVATIVES – specifically what are called CARBONYL DERIVATIVES – of adrenochrome.

What chemists do is take the double-bonded oxygens of adrenochrome – the quinone carbonyls – the things that make it reactive and unstable – and turn one of them into a double-bonded nitrogen with some additional stabilizer atoms attached. This is a NOTORIOUSLY EFFECTIVE TRICK for stabilizing certain molecules, and even for identifying those molecules through the stabilized derivatives. Organic chemists use this technique all the time.

The carbonyl derivatives of adrenochrome are called oximes, hydrazones, and semicarbazones. Almost ALL of these substances are useful as hemostats, and even better, they LACK the neurological effects of adrenochrome itself.

THIS is why adrenochrome is primarily manufactured – as an INTERMEDIATE for other more useful drugs.

That is it. That is the TRUTH about adrenochrome.

SO – now that we know the TRUTH about adrenochrome – how it is neither a pleasing recreational drug, nor something that must be obtained through wicked and murderous methods – we have to ask – why don’t the LIES go away?

Therein lies an even uglier truth. The adrenochrome myth is a typical satanic LIE that generates satanic REALITY by virtue of belief.

There are people who WANT others to believe the myth. And they want others to believe the myth, because it gives them POWER and MONEY. The nature of the power and the money VARY with the audience, but that is just fine with the people who benefit from it. They FOOL everybody, even if they fool them DIFFERENTLY.

Let me explain.

SATAN: Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Satan who?

Satan who can make you pollute your own mind by thinking about sex with children and child murder.

No way!

Your ENEMIES are having sex with stolen children and murdering them for ADRENOCHROME, and then getting HIGH on it!

OMG! My enemies are…..

SATAN: My work is done.

Starting to see how this works? This is a HUGE component of Pizzagate, sadly. Yes, there is real evil. Getting people to obsess about it to the point of unbelievability SPREADS THE EVIL FIRST and PROTECTS IT SECOND.

See how that works? And the adrenochrome isn’t even real. It’s ALL A LIE.

Are you seeing that extra bit of Satan – that hollowness at the end of the deal with the devil – the fact that the drug itself is actually a LIE, and DOESN’T EVEN REALLY WORK?

It gets worse.

SATAN: Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Satan who?

Satan who knows about the ultimate drug.

No way!

Good bye.

OMG! What if this ultimate drug is real?

SATAN: My work is done.

Just because something isn’t TRUE, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who will not only believe the myth, but who will FEED it, and KEEP IT ALIVE.

And more than THOSE people, who keep the myth alive, there are other people who will pay top dollar to LIVE in the myth.

The debauched world of drugs, sex, money and fame is filled with people who want to believe in the NEXT HIGH of any kind. Those people are sitting on a world of cash.

Normally, I could not sell a pop singer teen celebrity a diverted unit of blood or blood plasma if my life depended on it. But thanks to the MYTH of adrenochrome, I can sell them either of these for absurd amounts of money, by telling them that there is something extra special about the stuff in the bag.

But let’s say that I’m not connected to a highly corrupted humanitarian organization where I can get blood products on the cheap. Doesn’t matter with something as mythical as adrenochrome. I can still sell people literally ANY drug or drug combination as “adrenochrome”, and most people who buy illicit drugs will believe it, at the right price.

People can even make money on the MYTH ITSELF.

Consider this 2017 movie, which is probably most famous for being SUED by Coachella for creating its own imitation festival called “filmchilla” as a marketing device.

The fact that there is a sickening, terrible, grade Z, stoner-cult, gore-cult, Satan-cult, cultural Marxist movie CALLED Adrenochrome should already be setting off alarm bells.

But remember – that’s just how they market the myth to THEMSELVES – the people who LOVE the sickness.

They market the myth to YOU differently.

Like THIS:

It’s ALL disinformation. But just because YOU would not BUY IT, doesn’t mean that OTHERS would not pay good money for it. And the more YOU believe the LIES, the more OTHERS will as well.

Are you seeing how the myth works? The MONEY is the key. But there is also POWER in it. Why? Because if you sell somebody a fake drug ALLEGEDLY from killed children, just IMAGINE what kind of blackmail power that has.

Adrenochrome is more of a satanic lie, than a satanic reality, but it’s still satanic.

Now – even though there MAY NOT REALLY BE some multi-billion dollar adrenochrome industry, I’m willing to bet that there ARE people making a pretty penny on the myth, just like any other illicit drug, and I’ll bet the money gets up into the low millions, or maybe the tens of millions worldwide.

Nothing huge, but NOT non-existent. The “low end” of the market definitely exists.

The main reason that I am CONFIDENT there is a market for an alleged adrenochrome product, is that it would be SIMILAR and PARALLEL to the market for LIFE EXTENSION. That market is among the RICH and POWERFUL, and it is VERY, VERY REAL.

I actually knew, at some point in my life, somebody who I would regard as a “lower-level cabal” member. This was a very anonymous person, but very high in the pantheon of leftist virtue – receiving a kind of weird respect – almost veneration – from very powerful people. This person was also a FANATIC about life extension, spending significant time and money looking for exotic biomedical and biochemical ways to live longer.

Read about Sergey Brin of Google. Same thing. There is an OBSESSION among these very self-important people, about making their important lives last just a wee bit longer.

The list goes on – VERY long – just “google it”. “Life extension”.

Are these people a market for “young blood transfusions”, and perhaps for some of them, at several times the price, “adrenochrome blood transfusions”?

I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT about it.

If you don’t believe me, believe Scientific American, reporting in both skeptical and shocked tones, on the level of interest in “young blood transfusions”, in a case where the tip of the iceberg broke the waterline:

There are a number of interesting links in the article. Such as this one.

This is a very real thing, and the Fake News Media – not unpredictably – “accidentally” promotes the market in hushed but knowing tones. Just look at the articles I cited. Those would have been PARODIES 50 years ago.

See what I keep saying about “fake science”? It goes with fake news and fake entertainment, both of which are really propaganda.

The actual market for [fake] adrenochrome is probably among the more libertine, occult-friendly, drug-taking, and risk-taking segments of the rich and powerful, as opposed to the more self-protecting “life extension” personalities.

Like I said, I’m speculating here, but I think I’m on solid ground. Adrenochrome is an “illicit” drug. People can read about it in a cool book by an establishment-approved author, glorified for years in “Doonesbury”, that was made into a Hollywood movie. There is AUTOMATIC DEMAND.

The more MYTHICAL, the more LEGENDARY, the better.

And wanting to be legendary is – well – quite common.

So there you have it.

This brings us full-circle, back to Hunter S. Thompson. Both the beginning and end of FAKE adrenochrome. The MAKER OF MYTHS was probably also the CONSUMER OF MYTHS – and if not him, then that still falls to the LEGIONS of “adrenochrome” buzz-buzzards that one finds on the internet, searching for information about adrenochrome, some of them hoping to try it. In researching this article, I found them everywhere.

My recommendation? Don’t be one of them. Stay the HELL away from the hell of illicit drugs, both REAL and MYTHICAL. But perhaps say a prayer for those who don’t take that advice. Because THOSE folks are very real, and they don’t always live long and prosper.

Having had my own life-long string of follies and recovered errors of other kinds….

Having suffered my own stormy experiences, thinking I was merely going to learn a little science – like perhaps the structure of adrenochrome….

Perhaps none of us really stay on shore….

Perhaps all of us are out there in boats – caught in various tempests….

Even when we don’t think that’s where we are.

Therefore – I propose a toast.

To life. May we all experience it abundantly. And truly. As designed.


The Story of Creation

PS – I note the psychologically toxic effects of simply doing this article. There is a lesson in that. There are MANY lessons. Time to do some more reading in the Bible.

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Wolfie – You are right – battling concentrated evil takes a toll and creates inner turmoil, images, pain, emotions that only GOD and His WORD and Holy Spirit can cleanse and heal.
You are very brave and very good to tackle this topic.
Our friend Carpe Donktum has also taken on the child abusing evildoers.
Thread –
May the LORD GOD watch over and protect you both and deliver you from all evil!!!

Gail Combs

Interesting read Wolfie, thanks.
It went much deeper than what I read on the subject. I stopped at the ‘Can be produced in the lab.’
There are certainly falsehoods out there about what is done to children/babies/fetuses. Since the near birth abortions are now a hot topic, I want to add some more facts to that discussion.
Adrenochrome comes up in the abortion topic also and I have seen claims they torture the babes to produce it and then harvest the glands.
These are other truths and fictions surrounding Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue.
In this vid of undercover conversations, Planned Parenthood is caught breaks two different laws:
Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

So that is FACT straight out of employees mouths.
Where it gets dicey is when you talk of where that fetal material goes.
Senomyx does not actually put fetal material in the food. Instead they use cultures of HEK293 for testing the chemicals they market.
HEK = Human Embryonic Kidney cells
293 = the 293rd experiment.
(This is from Mercola, LifesiteNews,
This has clips from some old Alex Jones interviews.
Notice how he twists the above information into something more sensational.
The part of interest is the interview with a former Planned Parenthood worker @ ~ 5:00
Another video I saw a couple days ago was a ?Congressional? hearing questioning a doctor about fetal material and vacines. If I hear him correctly he did indeed say fetal material is used in SOME vacines.
If anyone is interested I will try and dig it up. (I always like primary source information when ever possible.)

Gail Combs

One of the tricks used is to put out dis-information. Get shills to spread it so people start to believe it and so THEY spread it. THEN DISCREDIT the dis-information and thereby discredit EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS TRUE!
The elite very much want to hide sex trafficking, child/baby killing so we must be very dilligent in correcting the disinformation while also promoting the facts.


The CDC has the manufacturer inserts on their website. And yes, aborted fetal cell lines ARE used in some vaccines as a culture medium. So are dog kidney cells.


A study was done on the brains of autistism sufferers. Their families donated their brains specifically for this particular research study. I would have to do some digging to find the link but the upshot of the study was that every single one of the brains had more than 1000 times the safe level (IIRC) of aluminum in the tissues. What do they use as an adjuvant in vaccines to stimulate the immune response? Aluminum hydroxide.
Add to that any liver metabolism issues such as MTHFR variations or some others that have been recently discovered, and it’s a recipe for disaster.


As for the content, research and powerful content and writing – it’s prize worthy!


So sorry – I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep – haven’t had coffee yet.
I meant to say:
“As for the research, powerful content and powerful writing – it’s prize-worthy!

Gail Combs

coffee? NAH, I want my cuppa tea. 😁 Although I learned to make a mean cup of coffee for my parents. I never drink it, neither does hubby, so I keep coffee ‘tea bags’ in the freezer for guests.


Many thoughts and feelings reading this, but above all gratitude for the insights every step of the way. TY!


The word has been coming up (almost exclusively in comments) on various sites for a while now.
I read Fear and Loathing when it came out and do not remember the reference to adrenochrome (it did not register) but bizarrely enough I keep remembering the Samoan lawyer cutting the grapefruit with the bowie knife (weird detail to stick in one’s mind!). This was the same time I was reading Charles Bukowski, another demented (but at the time intriguing) author.
One great aspect (of many) which you address is the issue of what we put in our minds, and what is put into our minds. Getting older makes one think a lot about that.
It is similar to what we put in our bodies. Sometimes the allure is just too enticing, but winds up being beyond our ability to control it. Despite the evidence available for anyone to see, we cannot imagine a circumstance where WE personally would be overwhelmed so destructively, or could be fooled so badly.


“An excellent point about toxic information. VERY much like what we put into our bodies physically! We have to be PRUDENT and DISCERNING about what we can handle and what we can’t. And so easy to NOT SEE when it’s too much or too toxic.”
Wolf very good. Much of your brilliant explanation I barely understood but I got enough understanding. Thank you for your excellent work.
I had been told we send our children to church so they recognize good from evil. Makes sense to me but only if those who are leaders know the difference. I also heard we go to church to be inoculated. I assume inoculated to function in a depraved society. Maybe that is why we read the Bible.
I only seldom have heard about toxic information. That has bothered me for a long time the toxic information people digest.
I am not as educated as people here. Yes, I have some College and took several classes in Anthropology and Archeology, Biblical Archeology, some psychology, sociology and Art and 2 semester of English.
My real learning came when I took a three year study in Spiritual Formation. I found my gift there.
I studied under some of the best Christian spiritual leaders and mysics ( contemplatives.)
The point I am trying to make ( I know it is simplistic) is looking for a high is normally to fill an empty space in the soul.
In my time leading spiritual retreats and being a spiritual friend I learned how effective spiritual healing is. This is so simple but powerful. We have to be open to it and to many people look to pills thinking that it is a quick fix.
I feel that turning away from the church has damaged to our society. Children not being baptized not getting early education though the church. I myself know that the seed was placed within me from wonderful nuns at my time as a child in Cloister education. This has carried me all my life and I recognize evil not only in others but also in myself. The church taught me how to deal with temptation in myself.
Of course anything can be toxic.
I do realize however that some medical conditions only can be helped with drugs.
What we have done to children in the country with handing them in early age drugs under the assumption to help them calm them or they study better or what ever excuse.
My son thanks us all the time that we never put him on meds. His friends while very intalectually bright are messed up because they never could deal with reality of life.
Yes, I drink coffee the European kind and tea in the afternoon. Often though I go without it specially on private retreat.
Some drug and alcohol recovery groups have found healing through contemplation.
In my experience the modern church has failed us. Maybe there are some who still the church it was meant to bee.
Sorry I am so way of topic.

Sadie Slays

Although I appreciated and read this entire deep dive into adrenochrome, I also believe you’re severely overlooking the occult aspects of adrenochrome. If Spirit Cooking aficionados like John Podesta are procuring adrenochrome, then then they aren’t doing it for a recreational high, buying it from a laboratory, or using it for logical purposes. It would most likely be used for Satanic ritual, and the suffering that went into harvesting the product from a human is the essential ingredient. We’re talking about powerful people who glorify cannibalism, glorify pedophilia, and participate in “Spirit Cooking” parties that involve cutting themselves and consuming bodily fluid. Is it really THAT much of a stretch to consider that perhaps they’re harvesting and consuming parts of their victims?
I do think you made some excellent points. It’s awfully suspicious that Hunter S. Thompson seems to be the only source talking about adrenochrome. There are probably scammers out there trying to cash in with fake product. Although skepticism is obviously warranted on this topic, but I am unwilling to declare adrenochrome a “myth” and dismiss the possibility entirely.

Gail Combs

There are certainly crazies and just plain EVIL people out there and you very well could be correct.
What I, and I think Wolfie are trying to say is STICK TO PROVABLE FACTS, those are bad enough. If you do speculate, make sure it is labeled as such. However I would not go there because you likely will get quoted out of context.
Recently a Q follower was interviewed by the MSM. Q warned others to be careful since they would likely also be targeted. (one said he was and turned them down) THE MSM IS THE ENEMY. As Rosa Koire found out they WILL quote you out of context to make you look nutz. (See Democrats Against Agenda 21)
Rosa has several examples of her recorded interview and then what the MSM published. No way would I talk to the media after hearing and reading that!


Sounds like Mamba Oil – i.e Super Snake Oil.
Or perhaps, the oil of the Snake that tempted Eve.


PS. Great exposition Wolf. Very cogent

Gail Combs

I posted this OT
What Planned Parenthood is doing is NOT JUST INFANTICIDE it is VIVISECTION!
“Vivisection means literally the cutting up of live animals near term babies for science the lucrative sale of baby parts…” — h ttps://
Funny how the DemonRats toss hissy fits over any type of Animal Experimentation but have ZERO problem with Planned Parenthood cutting off the legs/arms of LIVE FEELING near term babies so as not to harm the organs they plan to sell. (Planned Parenthood was caught discussing this on tapes admitted to the Texas court.)
I guess Molech only wants human babies.comment image
In the wikileaks email Cheryl Mills is forwarding an email to Hillary Clinton from Amselem, W Lewis ( Honduras). It ends:

With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .

Chicken definition ” …slang an underage boy or girl regarded as a potential target for sexual abuse.”
really makes you wonder.

Tired Mom

Ok, Gail, that email to Hillary Clinton totally freaks me out.
But to your point about leftists railing against any perceived animal abuse, yet being A-OK with human vivisection, my neighbors in my old Los Angeles neighborhood were perfect examples. They once found a baby rodent of some sort, abandoned by its mother and barely alive. They lined a shoebox with cotton, carefully laid the creature in it, and placed it under a lamp for warmth. They stayed up all night, feeding it with a medicine dropper in hopes of keeping it alive. After a 36- hour vigil, it died. And they wept bitterly.
But a fully formed baby rippped from its mother’s womb and murdered? Meh. Clump of cells.
I cannot understand them. They are nuts.


Amen, W.
Dark to light, the demons have been bound and nothing can stop what is coming.
King James ◄ Ephesians 6:12 ►
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Pat Frederick

thanks for this Wolf! I am continually impressed by not only your knowledge and research skills, but your writing as well…you drew me in sufficiently to exclaim (pardon my French) sonofab*tch!
dark to light…expose the lies


Thanks, Wolfie, for clearing that up. I have to question, then, the 4 outlets (can’t remember the name – too early for me) that are now advertising “young blood” transfusions. I was astonished to see there is one in Omaha. They claim the blood comes from young volunteers – I believe one is required to be 18 in order to donate blood, correct? So is there really any value at all in these transfusions?


Thank you for your very studied, cogent, and detailed explanation of the “mythology” of adrenochrome. I am certain there are many fools out there chasing a high who want to experience this one, regardless of where it comes from, or whether it is “real.”
In all I have read about the use of it by the “shadow-world” it came down to the pursuit of youth. I did not even realize there was a “high” associated. That changes things to a grave degree.
Alteration of one’s reality is a common human desire. Ever watch a little kid spin in circles? They do it because when they stop, the world keeps spinning. The first “high” as it were. Transcendental meditation, while not dangerous, is the same pursuit of altered reality. Alcohol, pain, peyote, or some other method of reality alteration can be found in pretty much every world culture ever.
I think the most important lesson we can ever teach children is that the body is the temple of the spirit. How you treat your body is what you are doing to your soul. And science has found that many of the mind-altering substances are devastating to the body. Some, in small doses, are beneficial. But we must be mindful of the lure of the high.


Emory University Medical Students once had a Jewish professor who urged each of them to ‘honor and guard your germ plasm.’
This was in the era of selling sperm to sperm banks, a temptation to young poor students. Biblically speaking, it’s an old teaching from the Old Testament not to waste and dishonor your procreative seed.
This is where birth control should begin. That life-giving egg and sperm are a responsibility – a gift from GOD.
Using drugs can alter the DNA or deform a fetus.
All human life, sperm and egg is holy, entrust to us and valued by GOD.


The best birth control is self-control – which is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Tired Mom

I’m stealing that one and using it with my kids. Thank you.


There are almost always negative consequences – diseases and conditions – from engaging in depraved, inhumane, GOD-forbidden practices.
There are diseases that are caused by drinking blood and eating raw human tissue:
Other examples:
Ebola comes from eating jungle meat – monkeys.
HIV and a slew of STDs (some incurable) come from engaging in promiscuity and deviant acts.
Drinking camel urine, an old practice by nomads causes MERS disease:


Camel urine is recommended as a medicine to cure disease in Islamic scripture.
So if you want to convince Muslims not to drink it, your work is cut out for you!

Tired Mom

Wolfie, thank you for the explanation that adrenochrome is BS. And thank you for the wake-up call that people are buying the BS. Evil.


appreciate the posts as always and formtrying to keep everyone on an even keel.
is their source for this petrified children who they quickly stick a needle into? probably not. is there some means of truth to them wanting the substance? of course. is it more than likely they already have massive synthesis of it – no doubt if it is something they want as they synthesize everything even the building blocks of life and nutrition. is the real deal “the best”? of course. the white stuff is way better direct from columbia than after its been cut seven times by the time you get it in new haven right?
as some mentioned the ritual part of this – pretty sure that happens because if you believe in “satan” at all and do not think the depths of depravity sink that low then you have a ways to go…
personally from the beginning – for ME – i have been keying in on a different angle of importance and that is the pineal gland and how that opens the door to so many things “spiritually”, “cosmically” etc. and how the ability to interrupt that with the new tech we have (even our wifi).
i have a strong suspicion that if you investigate you will start to see how the pineal gland and “microwaves” to make it simple is the means to the ultimate “mind control”.
they also start destroying that gland from birth almost dulling our own inner vision (flouride, deodorant, etc). they also know and i suspect this gland holds some keys to potentially unlocking some knowledge and theyve been working it for years.
this is not a joke ad we should jot lose sight that this battle we are in – regardless of the adrenochrome rumors – is very real. if we slip into a complacent mindset that its all stuff we can understand and its politics as usual if we can win an election, then the powers that be – really supernatural type powers – will win.
keeping a good grip on what to focus on is the point f wolf’s piece here i believe because so many latch onto something and cannot see beyond it. but check out that pineal glad, your bodys vibrational wavelength the wavelength of radio waves and you will start seeing some real potential for abuse. (and you will know the rest of the story for the tin foil hat so to speak)

Curry Worsham

Fascinating deep dive, Wolf.
I never even heard of the stuff before!
And now, off to the shower.

Plain Jane

Thank you for writing this Wolfie. Extremely enlightening. So much more, but it seems that previous commenters have it covered.
I wonder how many people have orally ingested repackaged Preparation H and gotten “high.”

Plain Jane

And here I thought I was being a silly Smart A with the Prep H. After reading your thread I would have to agree that it would be MUCH safer.


I’ve never been into drugs or drug culture.
But now, if I ever do need Preparation H, I’ll make sure to confine its use to the correct orifice!
Thanks for the engaging and eloquent takedown of the chaff.


Thank you for two very important points: The actual facts surrounding the actual molecule adrenochrome, and for pointing out that in some respects the actual facts don’t matter if enough people believe something else–they’ll act on that belief in catastrophic ways.


“Thank you for two very important points: The actual facts surrounding the actual molecule adrenochrome, and for pointing out that in some respects the actual facts don’t matter if enough people believe something else–they’ll act on that belief in catastrophic ways.”
Steve that is what happened in Nazi Germany,
People still ask how can this happen to a civilized society that produced great poetry and music. I now have an answer.
The illusion of power is so destructive. Most people never face the reality that we actually only have 5% control of our life.
We have no control when and where we are born and to whom. That is only the beginning.
There is going to be cause and effect . The fear of death and dying compiles some to take life in order to live. Total illusion .
Everything seems to be hitched on control and lust for power never reaching it and sinking more and more into depravity. .


“… that is what happened in Nazi Germany,
People still ask how can this happen to a civilized society that produced great poetry and music. I now have an answer.”
The occult was very big in Nazi-era Germany, especially among the Nazis themselves. It was also big in 1970s America, and in America today, as it will always be in any society that turns away from reason, logic, and the evidence of the senses.
During the 18th century Enlightenment and early 19th century, the Junkers (members of the aristocratic, landholding, military class) in Prussia, Germany, saw Prussia as center of the anti-Enlightenment, and themselves as it guardian.
They saw the Enlightenment as anti-religious, popular, and French. They associated the Enlightenment with Napoleon Bonaparte, who conquered and occupied Germany, and with the American republican system of government. This terrified them, because they intended to keep all the political power in Germany to themselves, Medieval plantation style.
So they used the power of the German university system to promote anti-Enlightenment German philosophers like Immanuel Kant and G. W. F, Hegel, whose works later formed the philosophical basis for Karl Marx’s works.
Since Kant and Hegel were born during the Enlightenment, they and their supporters, in true Fake News fashion, insisted that they were “philosophers of the Enlightenment”. But this was just a Fake News, wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, maneuver, to disguise their real nature and intent, while surfing on the wave of popular support that the Enlightenment enjoyed. (No offense to Wolfmoon!)
These philosophers became the intellectual base of German culture, starting at that time, and continuing through today. They were the compass needle of socialist thought, including National Socialist (Nazi) thought, and all Marxist thought.
Anyway, wherever reason declines, nonsense, including especially the occult, flourishes. Oppression and violence gain. Freedom, rights, dignity, science, and republican government go into eclipse.
Some American college students from Yale University traveled to Germany in the early 19th century, when Junkers had put Hegel in charge of all hiring in the philosophy departments of all German universities. There they were so impressed with the philosophy that they joined a German secret society that promoted it, and even started a chapter of this society on the Yale campus when they got back to the US.
That secret chapter, dedicated to advancing German, anti-Enlightenment philosophy and values in America, the nation of the Enlightenment, is called Chapter 322. It is popularly known as Skull and Bones.
Any objective history of the deliberate political blunders, treason, foreign infiltration, and rise of cultural Marxism in 20th and early 21st century American life, will show that Skull and Bones alumni were in leadership positions for much of it.


I’ve been looking forward to this article since you first mentioned it, Wolf, and I appreciate its comprehensiveness. I had gotten the impression that we were being fooled into thinking that those on the dark side were using adrenochrome for nefarious purposes, and that that wasn’t really the case and that they were triumphing and laughing at our ignorance. But what I understand now is that they indeed use a substance (whether really adrenochrome or not) to lure people in and to deceive them, but that that substance is not what it is represented to be, and that it doesn’t do what it is said to do.
So all the things we have read and imagined are probably being done — crimes against humanity, including children — but it is all an occult deception, fooling both the adherents to the practices and recipients of the substance, as well as those of us on the outside who are learning about it. I hope I’m understanding correctly.


Thank you so much for this in-depth article, Wolf.
It’s actually more than I wanted to know…but it’s something that I should know…so I am glad that I read it.
And thank you for taking the time to research it and write it up for us.
I never did get into Hunter S. Thompson.
Tried reading it, then put it down because it was just too depraved.
I’ve seen ‘adrenochrome’ mentioned quite a bit in recent years, as something that the elitists use to supposedly stay youthful.
Also read that it can be synthesized…so I wondered why were there all these stories about traumatizing children and extracting it from them?
Were these stories put out as ‘disinfo’ to use to discredit the truth about widespread pedophilia amongst the ruling class?
This makes more sense.
And it is textbook Clintonism…who didn’t invent these tactics, but have used them to their benefit, repeatedly.
I think the thing about ‘youthful blood’ is real, though.
It was discovered in research for a cure for dementia and Parkinsons disease.
The idea of using the blood of children…for anything…is just horrible.
It is a sad testament to the depths which our society has reached, that such a thing would even be considered, let alone put into practice!


I read that the benefits of a transfusion of ‘young blood’ are immediate…increased energy, even more youthful appearance…but it gradually wears off over the following 10 days.
Can’t remember where I read that, though…it was a couple of years ago.
But it was an article about the dementia research, as well, that discovered this about ‘young blood’.
This new FDA condemnation of the practice, will definitely hurt the businesses who are doing it.
If there is no FDA supervision of this…then the blood could be from ‘anyone’.
Wealthy old elitists who can afford the transfusions may have been getting duped.
All I know is…Hillary was using something during the campaign, to rejuvenate herself.
She would look like death warmed over one day…and then ‘voila!’…she would look 15 yrs younger, a few days later.
With her millions, Hillary would be able to afford the good stuff.


From the CNBC Health and Science section today :–no-fountain-of-youth.html
About Andrenochrome and FDC saying tisk tisk hold on now. Truthfully if they had comments where i could post your piece Wolf, that it (your piece here) would certainly put a crimp in the business better than this story I post here could.


FDA sorry.


Only upshot might be if their foolishly spent money takes a long time to recirculate back into their left wing causes with hope that much of it gets diminished in the travels.
That said though, I do believe they are watering the weeds.


“Soros and RBG will get all they want.”
Yep…and since they place no value on human life, they can get it from ‘private’ sources.


Thanks WM for posting this info…every time I’ve tried to start reading something comes up and then when I start again I have to go back to figure where I left off…this is inarguably way above my pay grade…so bear with my simple questions.. this is where I am now…
Now that we have cracked the first part of the myth – namely that adrenochrome is some “special” substance that “needs” to come from abused humans…
So am I to understand that it “does not” come from abused humans and has nothing to do with pineal glands?


Thanks so very much for expanding on your thoughts, WM…very helpful in beginning to understand there is so much more than my initial focus on my limited knowledge that Adrenochrome was derived ONLY from traumatized children and I have no idea when or where I first became aware of it but if the exposure of the depths of depravity get any worse than child sacrifice then I am going to need some space to breathe before I can let any more information in.
The quality of the comments are helpful to expand awareness as well. A really great group of people you have gathered here!
My whole evening has been spent reading and taking notes and integrating new information to better understand what I didn’t know and I can promise you I would not have spent the amount of time I spent tonight even reading about the subject if you had not set it before us in such a way that it became for me a “need to know more” so thank you for taking it on.
I don’t know if you remember the big stories that made the rounds about human meat being used in McDonald’s 4-5 years ago but as I recall that was a story started on some website where you can create your own news and then report it to other sites from the news you created…similar, I guess to Nancy’s “wrap up smear”. So I buzzed right by that comment because it was just something totally debunked years ago and yet it inspired you to share a whole new world of information for some of us.😉


Look what popped up on my twitter feed today!!


now this!!! How timely was your article?


The whole obsession with youth to me is a sickness.
The whole young blood thing I find discusting.
I rather have a facial and body massage that one can enjoy at any age .
We age the minute we are born.
The dirangend influence from Hollywood has made our society sick.

[…] The Adrenochrome Deception […]

Christine Erikson

in DEATH BECOMES HER there is a scene easy to miss where this blood extraction cleaning and reintroduction process (which actually stressed not improves the body) is being done, and someone is leaving the room with a bowl of blood, bullshitted out of the person who took the treatment and doesn’t see what’s leaving the room. This place gives the Meryl Streep charcter the reference to the price gouging life extension selling woman whose brew will keep your body going even if dead. absurd problems develop soon.

[…] The Adrenochrome Deception […]