CPAC 2019

Gorka is killing it! What a start! The best summary of the state of the world in a LONG TIME!


Here is an OLD clip about CPAC 2019 on OANN (not live):

Here is CPAC tweeting about the schedule today:

Gorka was AMAZING!!!

Here is one short:

Another short:

Gorka’s full speech:

Here is the Twitter stream for CPAC (continuously updated)…..


I’ll add more as it comes in.


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The President of the USA is coming to CPAC this year.


The president’s speech is scheduled for Saturday at 11:30 EST.

A Fortiori

To my fellow Treepers — when you feel down about how deep is the rot within our society, how comprehensively our nation has been undermined, how difficult is the struggle for real change and how monumental will be the task of rebuilding, it then becomes vitally important to spend just a little time paying attention to the quality of the people on our bench.
Look at people like Ronna, in comparison to any of the miscreants who are worshiped by the progressive cabal and their MSM sycophants. It will steel us for the fight and, most importantly, bolster our optimism for the future.


AF, the quality of the people on our bench is becoming more and more obvious as the contrast sharpens and there are more and younger ones than we likely are even aware of. I watched the young lady in the video below a week or so ago and was totally blown away with her interview. She is very bright and can articulate astutely her opinions, ideals and what she sees as causes, effects and even some starting solutions…a very intriguing young woman.
Mahgdalen Rose is a nineteen year old social media vlogger, influencer and Author of “I can Hear You: the story of a not yet born human being”. She is a life-long young conservative who went to high school in Massachusetts during the 2016 presidential election, and defended Trump in her class rooms and debate tournaments. She then joined Twitter and became politically active after the Parkland shooting, as she was disappointed with how little young conservative leaders had done to fight back against young liberal leaders. Mahgdalen did not want the Young Liberals like David Hogg to gain ground and advance their agenda. She demonstrates her generation of conservatives have great strength.
I bought her book and am currently working to find ways I can donate them where they will best benefit people in our local communities. It’s a short read that tells a very strong story.

Sylvia Avery

Wolfie, I don’t imagine I’ll get to watch much of CPAC this year so I really appreciate your comments.
And I’m pleased on your assessment of Ronna. I keep giving her the side eye because of her miscreant relative, but I keep reminding myself that PDJT wanted her to be the head of the RNC. He had SOME reason, so she must have something I don’t see.
If fighting Commies is her super power, then I’m all in for Ronna!!!


In 2012, CPAC rejected any criticism of Islam, so I wrote them off as hopelessly neo-con, RINO, globalist. It was because of Grover Norquist.
Breitbart, Bolton, Palin, Gingrich, Ryan, Jindal, Scott Walker, even Romney spoke that year – but not McCain.


Norquist has value — if he’s discussing tax policy and its effect on our economy.
On foreign policy, he’s a loser and a dunce.

A Fortiori

Yup, he should stick to tax policy where he is strong. “A man’s got to know his limitations.”


Her jackass uncle?


I know a lot of people have been suspicious of her because she’s related to Mitt. But from what I’ve seen, she’s been really supportive of POTUS. I would really hate to be judged by some of my relatives.


“Blood is thicker than water” just sayin’


Sounds like CPAC might become relevant again!!! Thanks for all the updates WOlfie!! Will be out of pocket all day! Can’t wait to see more!! Flep’s pendulum seems to be swinging hard right!!!!! LOVE IT!!! Could it be the Conservatives are finally learning how to fight back? Trump style!!!


So thrilled to read your reports on Ronna…


The Project Veritas journalist who recorded Van Jones saying “the Russia thing is a nothing burger” caught up with him again at CPAC 2019.
CPAC 2019: Van Jones Accuses Us Editing His “Nothing-burger” Comment. Here is The Raw.


Thanks for this.
Interesting that he says the same thing — no qualifiers, etc. Most of the conversation is about his trip to Oakland and his book, in progress at the time.



Is anyone watching CPAC ???
I check Geo Webb’s twitter TL once in a while… take him with a grain of salt. well, maybe sometimes two grains.
Today though he has two tweets that concern me… one to do with Van Jones. I have seen others online that are concerned that VJ is there… here’s the tweet.
The other one is regarding VP, whom I have never trusted… but don’t want to get paranoid about.
Would appreciate feedback from others on these two tweets…………