20190801 Trump RALLY in Cincinnati

We need our President. We need to see him and cheer for normalcy and what is right and good in America. After two nights of the most bizarre public policy to ever grace a stage……. we are due.
So pack your suitcase and come with me on the Trump Party Bus. Party Bus
Executive decision, QTree needs to form our own PAC so we can have a party bus. Oh, the other blogs would be so jealous.
RSBN has already landed in Cincinnati. We will start our MAGA Thread early in the AM because we all need a reprieve from Dems insanity.

Golden State Times is also on board.

Thank you to Leslie Eastman on Twit for a perfect description. This evening will be a “palate cleanser” for us. As Volgarian put it, after the Dem debates we needed a hot shower, a stiff drink and ibuprofen. President Trump will fix our mood.
What are we going to cook tonight????? I think we might need a Rally Recipe thread. Kind of like tailgating recipes but with “MOAR SAUCE”!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to drop pics and comments all day long. We will edit and update as needed.
QTreepers have been terrific over the past few days. Appreciate all the contributions.

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Shadow of Marica

Hi Everyone–
Just a few comments on the rally –
It, of course, was so much fun!
And even though it was our 4th rally– every one is different and this was no exception!
First of all, it was the biggest one we have attended– it was immense! We got there at around 12:00 and at first we thought there was very few people there because we were directed into a line that only had 2-300 people in it. We found out later that it was a secondary line that we were in– the big one was on the other side!
We got in early ( Thank you God!) and had our choice of seating. We were amazed at the constant stream of people- the arena was so massive we wondered how it could possibly be filled! But as you see– no problem for a President Trump Rally!
Some firsts for Marica and I
1. we sat instead of standing for hours– a little less exciting, but our legs and feet thanked us
2. We participated in our first Rally wave! You know- how the crowd in each area stands up and then sits to make a wave- so nerdy and yet so fun!
3. Stood next to a man with a sport coat with fabric that was covered in President Trump’s face
Other nerdy observations– we loved seeing Brad Parscale and Corey Lewandowski and telling people around us who they are
Also loved seeing Don Jr. and Kimberly G.-They signed hats and took selfies for a long time.
Vice President Trump is learning a thing or two from our great President!– great speech
— funny story– one of my sons sent me a picture while I was at the rally of VP Pence and Karen Pence who stopped off at the Skyline Chili in walking distance from my house on their way to the rally!
The President was magnificent as always– Marica and I both had tears in our eyes as he entered with God Bless the USA!– We could listen to him for hours!– and we have!
A dear friend of mine who was hosting a Japanese national at her home for a few weeks asked her if she would like to attend the rally– The woman’s eyes lit up and she said in broken English- ” The real president of the United States? I have only seen him on the television! ” She wanted to go! So they got in, and my friend taught her how to do the Wave and she had a wonderful time! Later she asked what was meant by ” Drain the Swamp?’
We laughed and tried to help her understand– Google translate helped with the word “Corruption” 🙂
This morning my friend called and told my that her Japanese guest told her that she only knew our president by what she had seen on TV, but now that she has seen him in person– she likes him a lot!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

We need a “Going To Mars” theme party here! Maybe when the next big NASA / Space Force thing happens!


Incredible Rally!!! Take-aways…
2. CROWD HAD TONS OF ENERGY!–Unlike Previous rallies in 2015 and 2016 ( pre-election) and even 2017–Pre-Russia Collusion report–It was not Nervous energy…BUT WINNING ENERGY!! as IN NOTHING CAN STOP US!!
We had 17,00+ people doing THE WAVE for at least 10 minutes!!!!!! Incredible!!
3. Early speakers–Especially Brandon Stroka and Don Jr were Incredible!! Mike Pence speech was OUT OF THE PARK!!!
4. Music was also Tremendously chosen!!
( Will try to do an entire post on this by the way to include music and pics…)
5. When POTUS walked in to Proud to be an American….I literally cried and grabbed my sister!! BAWLING!!!
6. IDIOTS PROTESTING took too long for cops to get them out!!
7. POTUS speech is not quite ready…It’s a work in Progress…HIS FINISH WAS POLISHED however!
8. He announced that he will do a Rally In Louisville for Bevin before November…So If anyone wants to go..I got rooms available here!!!
9. Largest Rally I have ever attended!!! MAGA people are the best in the WORLD!!!


Thank you Baby!!! RALLY long day yesterday!! but SO fun! Great Thread!!!! wanted to keep adding but battery and Cell service got lost as crowd grew!

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