By which the HIDING of Means, Motive and Opportunity are accomplished through the use of the most obvious explanation as a form of both misdirection and social persuasion


The following post was written back in late February of 2020, and was finished in the state you see below on February 29 at 12:50 AM. What I’m now going to do is show you that post, UNCHANGED, and comment further at the end.

Recall before you read this, the taking down of QMAP just recently – it’s important.

THERE IS A SUBSET of “teachable moments”

that one could refer to as “red pill moments”, and this turns out to be one of them. Earlier, I decided not to let the above news about a serial killer pass in the comments HERE without comment…..


…..but I have now decided to “go bigger” so that our entire movement can prepare for what is to come.

It is my belief that EVERYTHING Q has “belabored as factual” is NOT part of the “disinformation”, and thus will be revealed fully when the time is right.

ANTONIN SCALIA [187] is part of that truth.

Let’s look more closely at that image…..

For Zoe…..

John Brennan Killed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
15 Apr 2018 – 10:06:56 PM


SC – Supreme Court.
AS 187 / Clown Black (Brennan).

Q Post 1161 from

If you go to QMap, this explanatory meme is given in proof for the post:

I’m not going to get into the theories of John Podesta’s potential involvement in any way. What I want to demonstrate is simply that the combination of EXPLOITABLE PLAUSIBILITY PLUS ACCESS (opportunity), CUI BONO (motive), and the most basic RESOURCES (means), are enough to CHANGE THE EQUATION on certain potential homicides which are PLAUSIBLY dismissed as “natural causes”.

Let’s start by looking at that serial killer more closely.

You can go to the link and read it all, or see part of it below.



I urge you to read the rest at the link above.

Here is the critical part:

Many of the deaths now attributed to Chemirmir were first listed as deaths by natural causes as no foul play was suspected. 

However, once he was identified as a suspect in Harris’ death in March 2018, detectives began reviewing hundreds of natural death cases to attempt to identify other potential victims. 

Notice how DIFFICULT it is to separate the SIGNAL of “forcibly induced natural causes” from the NOISE of “natural causes”. Old people stop breathing and they die – this happens all the time.

But when it is FORCED to happen RIGHT NOW, because the TIMING benefits somebody, it’s MURDER.

Barring the presence of a NANNYCAM – meaning a hidden security camera watching either children or the elderly – it is wickedly hard to prove such a murder.

And speaking of NANNYCAMS, is incredibly useful to read the following two articles:

Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago while Trump was in town


Woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago had device for detecting hidden cameras


This woman was almost undoubtedly some kind of Chinese spy – either an amateur working for pros, or a pro disguised as an amateur. In any case, this was a STATE-LEVEL OPERATION. You can be certain that the CIA has AS GOOD or BETTER EQUIPMENT.

This woman had EXACTLY what would have been needed as part of any state-level murder of Antonin Scalia.

NOW – let’s look at the Scalia case.


You won’t get much out of this article, except for a Trump tweet (very interesting)…..

…..and the following section, which leads to much more interesting stuff.

Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court, was found dead Saturday at a luxury resort in West Texas, officials said.

The body of the 79-year-old leader of the court’s conservative bloc was discovered in his room at the Cibolo Creek Ranch after he failed to show up for breakfast, the San Antonio Express News reported.

Scalia died apparently of natural causes. He had arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party along with about 40 people.

The link in this section goes to an EXCELLENT article in the San Antonio paper:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch


This link has DOZENS of photographs and detailed information.

There is also ANOTHER article by the same paper, with more photos, including of the actual suite used by Justice Scalia.

Inside the West Texas ranch where Antonin Scalia was found dead


Additional photos give a strong idea of (1) how remote and isolated this ranch is, and (2) how approachable from all sides, by trained operatives, it would be, at night. It could also be under nearly perfect satellite surveillance at all times.

But who knows.

It’s a strange and lonely ranch. Who knows what kind of things go on there?


/end of 2/29/2020 post – beginning of 9/22/2020 post/

I am revisiting this post, and finally publishing it, in light of RBG’s passing, but even more in light of Sadie’s comments about “double” theories of RBG.

I do not personally subscribe to these “double” theories, but I find them extremely useful as (1) likely disinformation to protect actual politics and scandal around RBG and SCOTUS, and (2) helping us to examine RGB more closely, in relationship to Antonin Scalia’s passing.

Their close friendship was likely pivotal, but not in a bad way as far as RBG was concerned. I believe they were true and deep friends. Sadly, but logically, and understandably, it is the job of intelligence agencies to exploit such relationships. I repeat – it is their JOB. That job is generally good, but it can be abused.

Back to “double” theories.

For example, thanks to examination of the “double” theory, and in particular the facts around RBG suddenly doing several dramatic things immediately AFTER the November 2014 election, it becomes quite clear TO ME that her end-life was highly managed by aides, DNC big-wheels, and potential operatives of all kinds.

Note that a DNC official who got RBG to officiate her WEDDING in August is now being BLAMED by many Democrats for Ruth’s death by COVID – which is not in evidence, but which could easily be true, and could even more easily have been covered up – “because DNC OFFICIAL”.



People of Ruth’s age and medical condition are extremely vulnerable, but it is very hard to “assign blame”. When I had probable COVID-19 in January/February of 2020, I was WITH 80 and 90-year-old people immediately before and afterwards, and in the middle of my infective period, I decided not to visit a nursing home filled with such people, who I would have interacted with DIRECTLY.

And yet, at the event where I most likely GOT the disease, several people in that HIGHLY VULNERABLE age group didn’t catch anything. This is very similar to the “novel coronavirus cruise ship” – a VERY well-studied outbreak of COVID-19. Transfer of the disease in that case was highly random and not super-easy, and spared many people who one might think would have gotten it.


After the 2014 election, RBG underwent risky major surgery, changed her style of glasses to much thicker ones, and began wearing gloves more frequently. In my opinion, the gloves were used to hide the IV marks on her hands. Joe Biden – similarly being abused as a kind of “power carcass”, cannot hide the IV marks and bruises. This was very enlightening to me.

Yes, it’s not exactly unexpected. No, it’s not as sexy as a “double”. But it’s still very useful information, because it HELPS TO SHOW MOTIVE.

After the 2016 election, similarly, RBG was whisked off to somewhere (I think it was Nevada), and there were interesting medical leaks to the anon community that she was undergoing VERY expensive therapy at a VERY exclusive facility.

Clearly, holding RBG’s seat became a BIG DEAL after both the 2014 and 2016 elections failed to produce a favorable climate for her replacement by somebody MORE LEFT-WING. Thus, I believe that her seat was pivotal in ways which were not “fixable” by just any replacement. I am now thinking that it is likely because she was a tactical investment by CIA to spy on SCOTUS in general and Scalia in particular, and Obama and Brennan were loath to replace her with somebody more centrist (and perhaps not a CIA asset) like Merrick Garland.

Which ALL leads to where I am now.

I think it’s possible that *SOMEBODY* has evidence that the TIMING of Scalia’s death was not an accident.

A lot more was riding on it than just some jewelry and cash in a nursing home.

I am not ready to rest my case. In fact, these are just my opening arguments.

And I’m still running down more facts.


See also:

The RBGQ Color Space


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Hard to kill Trump by “natural causes” because he is so obviously robust and healthy.


Plus it’s reported that he only sleeps 4 hrs at night. Hard to have him sit still for a smothering.


“Hard to kill Trump by “natural causes” because he is so obviously robust and healthy.”
If the POTUS doesn’t have a dead-man switch x 1,000,000,000 to release all kinds of information if anything happens to him, then nobody does.
He has the knowledge and understanding, he has the means privately, and the means via the office of the presidency, to set up so many dead-man switches that nobody could track them all down before they released.
He should release them all ANYWAY.
Then the bad guys would all be on the run instead of targeting the POTUS, and any motive to ‘remove’ him would be a distant memory, it would be too late stop it once the information was out, as the bad actors run for the hills.
Into the waiting arms of special forces and/or members of the public with a ‘Dead or Alive’ poster in one hand and a blaster in the other.


The 3 letter asset is an interesting view….. I rather like it.


Whoa! I’d love to hear more about that. The idea of RBG as a clown asset is something I never even considered.


Remember this post?
Mary Morse
January 6, 2019 at 20:37
SSRC/Ford (Rostow@MIT,ObamaMama+AKoolh,Indonesia ≤ 65)=CIA
Much like:
What do RBG, Bill Maher, Ann Coulter and REM have in common?
If Sloan Kettering treated RBG, who is the other hospital acting as spokesperson?
What does that have to do with RGB, BM, AC, and REM?
Remember who recommended BOs cabinet, Wolfie?
Where is their affiliate institution?


Look at the picture of RBG at the State of the Union, slumped over. Look at her hands.

Brave and Free

I’ve always been skeptical about Scalia’s death. What you’ve put forth is very plausible, what I see as the problem is getting the uninformed to believe it’s even possible. The majority of the people have no clue what theses EVIL people are certainly capable of doing.
Thanks Wolf for all you do to bring this corruption to lite. My feelings are that if this election gets to the point of being contested that the gloves will be coming off and nothing is going to be left on the table.


I sew–been sewing since i was 9…and my theory is, if i see something in a store that I’d like to wear, I’ll make it myself–I have the skills. if someone else can do it, so can i.
with that in mind, when I see movies like Pelican Brief, where they killed not one, but TWO Supreme Court Justices…I realized anything is possible. if someone else can dream it up (or get wind of a leaked actual plot) and create the scenarios to fool police, why can’t it be reality?
I never believed Scalia was a natural death.


right…impossible is just the starting point!


Send in the Clowns!
This makes more sense to me than anything else about her. It does explain a lot. And it makes me wonder how much influence with the clowns the Clintons have vs. Obama. Did the greasepaint gang need Clinton to nominate someone of their choosing? Was Obama holding out for a different sort of pick? An African American woman, maybe?
So many questions.


I think it was rgbs pride that made her refuse to step down.
What she really couldn’t bear was her replacement being picked by the intellectual fraud that obumma is.
She spent her whole life undermining everything that western civilisation is. She knew the pendulum swinging back would be extreme.
See comrade fudge on how she weoponised her death
And think about Samuel. He took the whole fucking temple down with him


That was Samson. 🙂
That Comrade Fudge thread was very interesting and had a different theory than any I’ve heard yet (blue language warning):


That is lit up, pissed off, FIRE! BLUE language? That would make a sailor blush, but my oh my, do I like what he’s saying.
Very interesting take.


His take on the ancient Greeks ie Socrates. Completely revolutionised my and (?) sylvias grandson’s ideas. Those were tough mfers


Here it is. Gird your loins


Great insight! It just leaves off the part about Socrates’s nit picking wife that drove him out the house to the baths where he could better enjoy his retirement as patching the roof and fixing the loom were never quite enough for her. That according to Socrates from Plato.


He has a lot of other threads on the Peloponnesus war , Thermopylae etc. really makes history come alive


Meanwhile the term “Badass” has pretty much become its own genre of writing on historical, mythological and fictional figures both male and female and some do it in the same style as your writer in the post. There was one sight that did it extremely well with many unknowns with fantastic stories but I believe that sight is gone or I’d provide a link, though many of stories still exist by others copying them. This Socrates story I believe I read there once before.
The trick to writing Badassitry well is to stick with the most graphic elements and exploits of the Badass and only include other elements that shape that narrative. Example as I tried to search for the sight I believe gone, hoping to find a sight that had some of it I came across many Badass woman sights but couldn’t find one listing one of the very first Badass woman who in this case was the goddess Inanna / Ishtar who had an approximate 400 year history before gathering a very large cult following that lasted strong for nearly 2000 years before taking another 1000 years of so escape back to obscurity. Besides her badass forbidden trip to the underworld where her jealous sister ruled and subsequent return to hunt down a replacement which ended up being her ungrieving husband, she also stole the worlds arts and technology from her uncle after getting him drunk and wouldn’t give them back despite drastic measures to get them as she escaped by sea, but perhaps her best story was how in her travels she came across a most powerful mountain that would not bow down and kiss the earth at her presence which really pissed her off so that she went to the Chief god, the father in Heaven named An and asked permission to smite the mountain. Not getting the permission she went and smit it any way. To make the story badass, you’d tell how she girded herself for battle, the weapons she deployed and how she totally ravaged the mountain. In telling about this badass you can also bring out the authoress, Enheduanna, who wrote those stories and many more about Inanna, and who was a sort of a badass in her own way as she was the worlds first known author, daughter of the worlds first man to rule an empire, Sargon the Great from 2300BCE and the one that propelled Inanna into the worlds eye and basically created the first elements of what we know today as Deep State, but what was then just courts and temple persons that evolved their influence over various rulers by setting up the first bureaucracies and institutionalized religious cults that had to be mollified before anything of importance could be done.
Anyway, a Badassisty of the Trump era might be in order as we have many fine hero’s and heroines currently in our midst whose stories might be condensed and put into a readable badass format.


…………your point?
We have sjws democraps, blm, Antifa.


…………your point?
We have sjws democraps, blm, Antifa.
Our weopons are better. And more removed from the sights and smells.
A push of a button can kill hundreds without anyone’s guts(and their contents) spilling over your sandalled feet.


Yep. Sam. That covers it


Hey wolf. Seen julians rum on rgb , Disney and bednobs and broomsticks. As in the map of the island.comment image


“Note that a DNC official who got RBG to officiate her WEDDING in August is now being BLAMED by many Democrats for Ruth’s death by COVID…”
That means RBG performed the job of marrying the couple…right?
And this is being offered up as a proof-of-life sort of thing.
I got this from the Daily Mail article:
And here is that image in the tweet:comment image
Uh…maybe it’s just me…but this 🔼 image of RBG looks photoshopped.