Dear KMAG: 20201002 Open Topic / ACB vs. The Climate Commies / Bolshevism Does NOT Equal Judaism (DUH)

Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don’t give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere.


Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Remain CIVIL and possibly even GENTEEL.

Today, we have only TWO SHORT LESSONS in WOLFTHINK.

ACB vs. The Climate Commies

The following is an extremely important article – and more reason why the left will go nuts on ACB.

Barrett’s views pose challenge to climate regulations

by Abby Smith, Energy and Environment Reporter | | September 26, 2020 06:23 PM


First the introduction:

Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, is a reliable conservative juror likely to take a narrow reading of the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to control carbon emissions.

That view, shared by several of her future conservative colleagues on the high court, could make it challenging for a Joe Biden administration to push the bounds on tackling climate change through the federal agencies without new legislation from Congress.

After several paragraphs of scaremongering, the money quotes – the substance – are at the end:

Barrett, like her former boss Scalia, is what’s known in the legal world as a “textualist,” believing that the Constitution and other statutes should be interpreted with the original intent of the text in mind. It’s a more rigid interpretation than some more liberal jurors, who see the Constitution as a living document, the interpretation of which can evolve and adapt over time.

Legal observers have suggested that Barrett could also take a more limited view of how much leeway the courts should offer to federal agencies in interpreting ambiguities in the law.

A 1984 Supreme Court doctrine, known as Chevron deference, generally allows agencies to interpret their own authority if the statute is unclear, so long as that interpretation is “reasonable.” Conservative justices such as Justice Neil Gorsuch, another textualist, have openly questioned that doctrine.

Reconsidering or limiting Chevron deference could further narrow the authority of federal agencies, which is particularly important for climate change, a subject that environmental statutes such as the Clean Air Act are largely silent on.

Any Coney Barrett is going to be KEY in reining in the Soviet Deep State which took over SCIENCE during the tenure of Soviet dupe Jimmy Carter.

Allow me to explain.

Part 1 – Media Control of Science

Notice in the first Trump-Biden debate, that Chris Wallace tried to CORNER Trump on his disagreement with MEDIA-CONTROLLED SCIENCE on the subject of “climate change”.

Media control of science is a KEY CONCEPT that most Americans are absolutely unaware of.

Most Americans simply do not understand that….

The MEDIA dictates scientific opinion, not the other way around.

Yes, you heard that right.

Opinion is a SOCIAL PROCESS, and SOCIALISM understands how to control opinion – EVEN scientific opinion.

But but but but but……..

Yes, it’s true that, for most of science which is not of concern to socialism, the only media control is political and not strictly science-related – to make scientists swear fealty to whatever racial and gender concepts are “in vogue” and “required” to get a job.

However, it gets worse from there.

Some science which conflicts with socialist GOALS and DOCTRINES – which can even be FALSE for political reasons – must be controlled. Studies on race and gender are, under American socialism, subject to control. Thinking on LGBT was CHANGED BY POLITICS – not by science.

In fact, that is a good place for me to note something very important.

MEDIA CONTROL OF SCIENCE is easiest on contentious issues where SCIENCE does NOT have a definitive answer. This is the easiest place for POLITICIZED SCIENCE to come through with answers, when real science cannot.

Ironically, CLIMATE was identified as a powerful social manipulator, but poorly understood in the long range. It was PERFECT for socialist control of people.

Where we should have slow and patient science, not having answers yet, socialists have instead “incubated” a kind of “cuckoo’s egg” science in its place. This “Fake Science” offers simple, “fear-is-a-virtue” answers in an area that is contentious, so it is very difficult for rational people to “shout down” a MEDIA which chooses the fear-mongering answer for POLITICAL OR FINANCIAL REASONS.

Now, there ARE more legitimate reasons for the “state” to control science, although this is abused as well. Some science which has profound implications – military, economic, or technological – must also be controlled. Certain things are NOT allowed to be discussed in the open literature.

However, climate and environmental science are NOT in that category. At least, not MUCH is in that category.

Note that SOCIAL FORCES were used by activists to control first environment (legitimate, but over-regulated ON PURPOSE) and then “climate” – the latter being a complete scam. Trump GETS THIS DEEPLY.

Let’s go back and look at what ACB will likely be UNDOING.

Part 2 – Soviet-Imposed Socialist Controls Through Science

Remember “Earth Day”? Oh, I do. I was a SHILL for it, in my youth.

I Was A Teenage Scare Wolf!

The most amazing ideological child abuse recollection of our time! ADMISSION Eventually, it had to come out. I – notorious anticommunist Wolf Moon – was a communist SHILL as a youth. Of course, I didn’t realize at the time that I was shilling for communism, and perhaps other things, both good and bad, but that …

Yup. I SHILLED FOR EARTH DAY. This was not uncommon. This was every bit as political as having students protest against weirdly coincidental and sketchy “gun violence”, except that “saving the environment” seemed like such a nice thing – how could it be political? How could it be bad? How could it be dangerous?

BUT IT WAS. We simply didn’t see the END GAME.

Consider how far socialists moved in just 6-10 years, from the cultural victory of installing “Earth Day” on the centennial of Lenin’s B[earthday] in 1970, to being able to control American industry without even a congressional hearing, through Carter’s EPA bureaucracy in 1980.

Ten years.

Nixon was cornered. Ford was irrelevant. Carter was controlled. Reagan was deceived.

In just a few short years, the Soviets and China had significant control of the United States by INFILTRATION, NOT INVASION.

Cornered Opposition: Understanding The History of Dragon Fuckage with The Eagle

If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to know what strategies the other side plays TIME and TIME and TIME again. COUGH. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS is actually on China’s side helps. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS has been there a LONG, LONG TIME helps even more. Playing long ball …

If we go back to STATED, WRITTEN, AGREED INTENT of the law, then you had better believe that nobody in America was thinking that unelected bureaucrats regulating CARBON DIOXIDE as a “pollutant” was a good idea, much less part of the deal.

And yet, here we are. American industry HOBBLED BY FALSEHOODS.


Carter imposed everything the Soviets needed to bring America to heel, because the Soviets UNDERSTOOD HIM DEEPLY. They had forces in place in the Democrat Party and in Carter’s personal life to make Carter do the right thing FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW.

The Soviets and the AMERICAN MEDIA – which they influenced from behind – were able to get Americans to install a SOVIET BUREAUCRACY. Then, through CARTER JUDGES and CLINTON JUDGES, as well as CLINTON APPOINTEES, they were able to get this bureaucracy to grab more power than the laws ever intended for it to have.


C3: How DNC Communists ROTATED Governmental Branch Functions as a Form of Institutional Sabotage

This is actually beautiful. daughnworks247 saw the beautiful thought that led to this larger realization, on today’s thread about Lisa Page and David Bowdich, which was inspired by Sundance’s post on the same revelations. The same post in text, for our low-vision readers…. daughnworks247January 12, 2019 at 12:31 pm Hey, the whole “Gross Negligence” is …
  • Judges legislating.
  • Legislators investigating.
  • Investigators judging.

See how that works?


There is only ONE PLACE to undo this damage – in SCOTUS. This is why the left is now absolutely opposed to undoing the DAMAGE that bench-legislating Carter and Clinton judges did, when they exceeded their authority and assisted the bureaucracy in accruing illegitimate power (bureaucrats JUDGING).

Part 3 – The Solution: Judicial Reset

President Trump and Mitch McConnell pulled off one of the greatest tactical “legal resets” in history, by making Obama hesitate to pass judges, waiting for a Hillary Clinton presidency. By THWARTING THAT CHEAT ELECTION and KEEPING THE SENATE, every judge which would have been appointed by corrupt Hillary Clinton was instead appointed by President Trump.

You don’t think there was a plan? THERE WAS A PLAN.

At this point, the RAGING LEFT can do nothing but threaten to install more corrupt judges by PACKING THE COURTS. That’s COURTS, PLURAL.

To do that, they will have to win the election.


Meanwhile, we need to get RECOVERY JUDGES on SCOTUS. Amy Coney Barrett is merely number three. There will be more. But in the meanwhile, we must defend Judge Barrett – soon to be Justice Barrett – with every ounce of energy we have!


You can buy one RIGHT HERE:


And now – let’s talk BOLSHEVIKS – like VALERIE JARRETT.

Bolshevism ≠ Judaism

One would THINK it was not necessary to deal with the idea that WORDS GENERALLY MEAN WHAT THEY MEAN AND NOT SOMETHING ELSE, but the sad fact is that there is so much “code” in the world of extremist ideologies like radical socialism, and in the racial and religious obsessions like antisemitism, and worse still in their propaganda and accusations, that one has to sometimes remind people how to distinguish lying propaganda from reality when BIG LIES hover nearby.

When Bolsheviks and antisemites are “on the ropes”, they will both REACH for conflation as a final defense.

It takes CLARITY and unforgiving truthfulness to put this crap down.

So before I get to the latest revival of the old accusation by antisemites that “Bolsheviks = Jews”, let’s look at an easier, similar case that was recently beaten down the other way.

Let’s go back momentarily to one of the more recent conflation defenses – the idea that that criticism of “globalism” was “antisemitic”. In other words, this defense stated that “globalists” was code for “Jews”.

I always loved to shoot down that one, because it was just so easy. Most of the top “globalists” are clearly NOT Jews, starting (as I love to start) with one of the most outrageous globalists of all, Barack Hussein Obama, and running through every Obama hack and European leader one can imagine. Lagarde, Merkel, Hillary, Mogherini, I mean, you almost have to drag out Sarkozy – barely a globalist, in my opinion, to even get a live Jew in the bunch.

Kissinger? Yeah. I will give you that one. And like globalism, we’re talking “almost expired”.

OK, one may say. What about financiers and billionaires? There surely have to be some Jewish globalists there – right?

Soros? In my opinion, definitely a globalist, but not exactly a coherent one. He seems more of an outright socialist to me – even some kind of communist tool, but let’s just call him a globalist anyway – maybe even a stereotypical one. We expect globalists to include a lot of people, and OMG there will be some Jews in the bunch. Even at the top.

Whoops! Sorry – must have been the headgear. *WINK*

Seriously – most “globalists” simply aren’t Jews, just like most people aren’t Jews. There may be some people who use the word as code, but it’s bad code, and the word “globalist” REMAINS USEFUL for precisely what it means – people who believe in some kind of global government that erases national sovereignty. Stated as plainly as possible, the vast majority of globalists – and even most of the top ones – are NOT JEWS.

Please note – in this case, GLOBALISTS and DEFENDERS OF GLOBALISM were attacking opponents of globalism by raising a false “antisemitism defense“.

This is EXTREMELY COMMON on the left. There is even a Twitter bot called “Antisemitism Cow” that people can tag to “moo” if, in “its” judgment, somebody is an “antisemite”. What it actually does is precisely what it’s name is – it “cows” people into toeing the line on leftist propaganda about what is antisemitic and what is not.

I hope you will stop and get the cunning of that – the sick joke. This is a bot that cows people with bogus accusations of antisemitism, called “Antisemitism Cow”. How cute. Most people don’t STOP and question it – instead, they COWER. Ha-ha – MY JOKE.

I’ve called “Antisemitism Cow” a BOLSHEVIK to its face, and that leads precisely to the next topic.

This “antiglobalism = antisemitism” meme can be played backwards and in reverse, and confronting THAT particular fallacy is today’s message.

Now – one would THINK that it’s entirely obvious that Bolsheviks include pretty much anybody who falls for the scam of Bolshevism – meaning violent communism.

Granted, Bolshevism is not much worse than other kinds of communism (see lying, cheating, sneaking Mensheviks and Trotskyists), but it means what it means – actual, live, honest-to-God BOLSHEVIKS – communists who advocate stealthy and EVENTUALLY violent revolution to secure a communist state. They will LIE about the stealth and the violence as well.

Antifa and BLM are BOLSHEVIKS.

Now, Antifa members – most of whom are NOT JEWS – will whip out the “antisemitism” accusation and defense against their enemies pretty fast, but BLM includes a LOT of blatant and vociferous antisemites, so overall, these organizations demonstrate – IN MY OPINION – that antisemitism and Judaism are pretty much orthogonal (i.e., unrelated) to Bolshevism.

HOWEVER – as with “globalism”, there are people who try to conflate these things. Bolsheviks will dodge, like globalists, behind the “antisemitism defense”.

But it also plays the other way.

Extremely blatant antisemites (who I observe on Gab) will now proudly and unequivocally equate Bolsheviks with Jews. If you push back with counterexamples and evidence that this is absurd, because the vast majority of Bolsheviks simply ARE NOT JEWS, they will ultimately fold down to the accusation that Bolshevism is a “Jewish plot”. And there you have it. That is how you know what you’re dealing with.

The people who push it are NOT standard right or left. They are almost always outright, unabashed, proud antisemites. Most are somewhat on the right but tend to hate or diminish Trump as a supporter of Israel – others are “national socialists” and push socialism with extreme racial aspects. The common thread is raw, naked antisemitism. That is the core of where they are coming from.

At this point, it’s very important to remember that many of the strongest anti-communists are either Jews or huge defenders of Judaism and Israel. If Bolshevism is a Jewish plot of some kind, the plotters sure sent a lot of very effective uncontrolled opposition to the other side.

Horowitz? Levin? Bolsonaro? Miller? Goldenberg? Ashman? Prager? TRUMP?

Sorry – there are WAY too many Jews who are on the front lines against Bolshevism for this argument to wash.

This is where I think we have to simply push back on such people – just like we did on the other end of the other fallacy.

Bolsheviks are Bolsheviks. Any other usage or insinuation is filled with agenda and deception.

Pushing back does not necessarily mean engaging these antisemites directly – these are often very nasty people. But it does mean countering their message.

As I hope I have done right here and now.

I see these people as part of the division – the stuff Q is warning us about. They use the “big lie” technique, even though they are small fry. They just push these memes over and over until they get people to “accept the code” at a subconscious level.

Don’t fall for it.

In my opinion there will likely be some attempt, at some point, to paint QAnon as either antisemitic, a Jewish plot, or both, depending upon the audience, merely because these are the final defenses of the guilty. Don’t fall for it, don’t back down. WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY. End of story. Q means what Q says. End of story.


We are getting into the nastiest part of the storm. Buckle up.

Have a great weekend! And let’s MAGA!


Freedom is worth fighting for.
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As long as no one nefarious works there its great!
Personally I’ve not a lot of trust in people working in the medical field at the moment.


Julian’s Rum Tumbler glass@JuliansRum
I highly recommend watching the film “13 Days.”
Quote Tweet
Spooky Jay Ghost@SpookyJay36
· 2h
Replying to @JuliansRum
October 20 1962, JFK faked a cold/fever while campaigning in Chicago. This excuse allowed him to meet with the executive committee regarding the cuban missile crisis. The result was a naval blockade which they referred to as a “quarantine”.
Zoe, the entire tweet consists of an image of text from Q drops with “Cuban m. crisis” highlighted in red


Perfect moment to Release the Kraken.


I agree BKR… did you see Sidney Powell’s tweet to POTUS yesterday I think it was?
Sidney Powell Flag of United States⭐⭐⭐
Oct 1
FIRE the head and down the line of every agency every day until all documents are declassified and produced including the original #Flynn 302!
Don’t wait another day. They are all working against youFlag of United States
Install honest acting directors or its suicide Flag of United States
Quote Tweet
Sean Davis
· Sep 30
According to multiple intel officials familiar with ongoing declassification talks, CIA Director Gina Haspel–who ran the CIA’s London office for John Brennan during the 2016 campaign–is personally blocking declassification of explosive Russiagate docs.


Posted a few days ago:
Allen Robert Souza, of North Carolina, to be
Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. 😎
• As if the Senate didn’t ALREADY have the CONFIRMATION SWEATS with SCOTUS!
Allen Robert Souza is currently the Principal Deputy Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council (NSC). 
In this capacity, Mr. Souza helps coordinate the intelligence programs of the United States Government, focusing on intelligence collection activities and covert action programs, and advises senior White House and NSC officials on intelligence and intelligence-related activities.
• He’s been “looking into” the Coup, Deep State & SCAMpeachment Hoaxes.
Prior to his service at the NSC, Mr. Souza served as Minority Staff Director and General Counsel of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. 
• He knows who ALL the INTEL SKUNKS are in the House & Senate.
Mr. Souza led a team of professional staff members in conducting oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, investigated a number of sensitive matters for the Committee, drafted critical pieces of national security legislation signed into law by the President, and worked directly with Members of Congress.
• He watched SHIFTY orchestrate the Whistleblowers & Obama Embeds against POTUS.
Mr. Souza was also previously a lawyer at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he provided legal advice and oversight on signals intelligence operations conducted pursuant to Executive Order 12333 and the Foreign Intelligen Surveillance Act and provided legal support to NSA’s Office of Congressional Affairs. 
• He knows how Obama & Cabal SPIED on CANDIDATE & PRESIDENT TRUMP.
Mr. Souza has also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.
• He’s a BADASS who can cut deals for Swamp Intel from Julian Assange & Eric Snowden.
Mr. Souza hails from North Carolina and is an Eagle Scout. 


He sounds excellent BKR… thanks for all that info…

Cuppa Covfefe

Interesting pic in that JFK rarely wore a hat, indeed he is “credited” with the demise of the men’s hat…


I’ve heard that head coverings speed up hair loss, at least damage to the hair. What’s your opinion on that?



Sadly the Judge gave them 2 years to release 4,200 communications.
FBI Director Comey announced they reviewed 300,000 Hillary emails overnight.


Breathe deeply and SMELL the SWAMP.


Darkness is not dark and silent is not silent. Much will be known when time is right.


Agree, Sing!!! Wholeheartedly!!!

James Woods tweets a photo of Illan Omar seated in an open blue USPost Office mail deposit dressed in a Postal worker’s uniform… to her right is a carrier’s cart overflowing with cash, and to her left is a carrier’ packback open, displaying election ballots


Dave at X22Report named them!


Yes, he did, PR!!!


One or a combination of these. Lazy, Coward, Clueless, Complicate, or Obstinate. Definitely not MAGA material. Spit.


Or have black mail material on them.


James Woods@RealJamesWoods
Democrats believe they’re going to win the election, so they aren’t bothering to hide who and what they are now. This one is a particularly nasty piece of work.
Tom Arnold shares Hope Hicks’ cell phone number after she tests positive for coronavirus
Tom Arnold shared Hope Hicks’ personal cell phone on Twitter just hours after news broke that she’d tested positive for coronavirus.


ques: how in the world did Arnold get her cell # ?


James Comey


Tom Arnold……. MEATHEAD 2.0


I agree Rayzor…


Little bit of spicy Friday night.
Rising serpent 🇺🇸 (@rising_serpent) Tweeted:
You still didn’t get it, do you?
Nobody’s asking anything from you. We are telling you: in one month from tomorrow Trump will test positive for president. Again.
Because Trump 2020 is the best fuck you.


haven’t you hit 1,000 yet, or did I miss it?
Been doing my share 😉


Congratulations !


yes… I think we will be getting some good news in the days to come… don’t misplace “the counter” … we’ll be needing him I’m sure 😉


Snort. It was great


Time to re-open ALL of America, and end this Communist Manifesto cast upon us by Bill ‘Beelzebub’ Gates and his sidekick Dr. ‘Fraudulent’ Fauci

POTUS just proved NOTHING CAN STOP A VIRUS!! No lockdowns, no masks, no daily testing. The best thing to do is focus on therapeutics, cures. Testing is point in time, tracing is history. Forget where it was, we need more ‘how to deal with it right now’.


Demo☭rat voters have no Moral Mirror …


#podcast #truecrime #london
Cops Protecting Satanists: Wilfred Wong


#FoxNews #Tucker
Don Jr. gives update on Trump’s health exclusively on ‘Tucker’


Milestone….nice to see it.


REMINDER: 🤔 POTUS option for INSTANT BYPASS of Social Media Interference
Rush Limbaugh offers to hand President Trump his radio show: ‘One of the few who could fill my shoes’



Butterfly tweeted this out just a bit ago… I happen to think it’s excellent…
Peter Navarro et al have done a terrific job of pulling info from POTUS’ EOs and showing the impact they have had.
Everyone knows Donald Trump is a busnessman, but I don’t think they realize how his administration is running our government like a business instead of a pig trough, with the congress critters and others in the swamp robbing us blind. I have just started going through and it reads somewhat like a stockholder’s report… and I mean that in a very positive way.


wordpress did it again… huge space between and they LEFT OUT the link…
and yes, this time it is a pdf …
I’m going to link it again with splats at intervals and leave .pdf off
Just remove the splats and add .pdf at end
Do you have a fix for this, as I think peeps would like to look at it…


Lindsey Graham tweet about senators attending the ACB hearings:
“I feel fine and look forward to the hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Oct. 12.
Any Senator who wants to participate virtually will be allowed to do so.”


Why are they waiting until the 12th?


Excellent question… and it’s my understanding Congress will be recessing on that day (actually Chad said some will fly out the Friday before) to go home and campaign… I have concerns about that. Unless of course the DIM senators decide they need to campaign more than appear on TV raising questions to a candidate that they have already vetted. Which would be great… NO hearing would be the best solution for the most obvious reason… the attempt to smear a decent human being.


Remote hearings would really stifle the venom from the Dems. They seem to get off by going shrill and bringing the knives out with their fellow rabid dogs nearby. It just won’t be the same defcon 10 from their own basement…way different vibes. No breathless sycophant reporters waiting for the grand exit interviews….


Hey Lindseed…… SKIP the “Hearings”….. and just VOTE!


So now we have: GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Senator Thom Tillis and Senator Mike Lee. Targeted for sure.
Chuck Schumer Calls for Postponing Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Hearings Because of Coronavirus
Chuck Schumer is an idiot and got told off


Chuckie is so worried about their health, but Lindsey is allowing senators to participate remotely. I posted his tweet above.




Oh those are the cutest puppy commercials ever!


I know!!!!! I wish they had more


Here’s one. Wet Dog. It’s by Andrew Grantham, the same guy that did the Ultimate Dog Tease.



Ignore the ugly lib & her tweet.
This is the first pic I’ve found of audience faces at ACB’s announcement.


But it was an outdoors event…


yes, but it’s looking like ground zero…POTUS, Hope, Lee, Tillis, KellyAnne, 3 reporters


GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
Senator Thom Tillis
Senator Mike Lee
3 reporters (?)
10 people….?!?!?!?!?!?


I forgot Ronna. Add Notre Dame guy to your list, that’s 11


Thanks didn’t know about him


I heard Ronna wasn’t at the event.


She was at the Michigan peaceful protest.


Thursday, September 10


I’m thinking George Conway and the RINO-Never Trumpers are responsible.


Why was Kelly Ann there? Did she not quit?


She did step back but someone posted a photo and she’s there.

Was she at the ACB nomination in the Rose Garden, too? This is getting more and more suspicious.


wasn’t that Kellyanne’s last day (through September)?


It really is.
We need a list of who was there.

she’s in 1st picture, cream colored dress, sitting behind Melania

and don’t forget Notre Dame guy, add him to above list and that’s 9 so far
1st pic enlargedcomment image


Rudy W. Giuliani@RudyGiuliani
The reaction of the NYT, CNN and MSNBC indicate they have a sickness much worse than COVID-19.
There are no therapeutics or vaccines.
The disease is UNCONTROLLED HATRED for a great President who stands up to them on behalf of all of us who they look down on.


Rudy said it!!!


Josh Caplan @joshdcaplan
POLITICO: President Trump intends to appoint Tom Fitton to D.C. court oversight body which has power to remove certain judges for misconduct in district’s judiciary

Harry Lime

I go to the grocery store four times a week and I eat out at least three times a week…not to mention various trips to Home Depot…Lowe’s…Walmart…Staples…no one is getting the China virus or passing it around likes it’s a hot potato… I’m not buying that that many Republicans were infected within a couple (or single) day? This isn’t passing the sniff test.


Photo from tweet above…comment image


Yes. If only one surface, I vote microphone stand. If ambitious operative, then I vote that PLUS front row chairs.


Agreed. So, state actor level take-down attempt … OR … disinfo from Team POTUS to allow for 10 days or darkness.


I just talked with a scientist who is following this and he told me not to rule out an aerosol set up to release the virus over the front area of the Rose Garden. Based on early interview of scientist from Wuhan with quote saying, “don’t blame us for spraying the virus.” Plus a Swiss study from last Spring that reported a high amount of viruses dropping from the upper atmosphere from a measuring station on a 20,000′ tall mountain.

Cari Kelemen Retweeted
Red Viper 2.0 2020@redwins3_first
Absolutely Beautiful. @POTUS We’re all praying for you before God on bended knee. God Bless You & we love you! Red heartFlag of United StatesDirect hit
Zoe, vid clip shows hundreds of people out of doors, on their knees or bended knee, praying for POTUS


Cari Kelemen Retweeted
Jack Posobiec Flag of United States@JackPosobiec
Walter Reed MAGA Flash Mob
Jack Poso has a periscope outside the hospital… by tomorrow it will probably look like a Rally

Laura – Kevin McCarthy just talked to POTUS and said he seemed really upbeat
Mark Meadows – POTUS watching Laura’s show, sees the Trump supporters outside hospital, sends Mark outside to give them Presidential chocolates to thank them
I LOVE HIM!!!❤❤❤


How can you NOT love him!!!
Now later tonight Trump Chief of Staff went outside Walter Reed to hand out chocolates to the Trump supporters.
The president told Mark to hand out the chocolates.






‘Omar’ is a CRIMINAL who has committed immigration and campaign FRAUD and more.


Omar is also a communist and Islamist enemy agent, foreign operative and does not respect or obey our laws and Constitution!!!
Get her out!

Harry Lime

We are watching a movie…and I can’t wait for it to end…because I have other things to do…and this is getting fu@king ridiculous. I’m certainly going to vote…but I am so losing my patience…If they have it all…then FU@KING use it!

That’s what POTUS said the other night, IT’S ENOUGH!

Damn right!

Hiya Handsome, long time, no see!! ☺

Oh Crap….12!!

Nope…not buying any of this. If they some other plan…so be it…

Isn’t he the one who replaced Brad Parscale? Pres. Trump’s campaign manager is now ill, too?



campaign manager Bill Stepien
GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
Senator Thom Tillis
Senator Mike Lee
3 reporters (who were they?)
Notre Dame
So up to 12…


If everyone is tested going into the event then all they needed was to contaminate the swabs.


I read ACB and husband had it earlier this year.


Notre Dame = University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins.


“Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins, who apologized earlier in the week for not wearing a mask and shaking hands with others during a crowded White House ceremony, has tested positive for COVID-19.”


Notre Dame has leaned Left at least since the 80s.


Maybe if they all turned in their clothes and personal effects that they wore that day, some forensic pattern might show up if enough of them haven’t put them through the wash or cleaners yet. Most people wear something once and then hang it back up in the closet waiting for the next occasion. Only when it gets rumpled enough does it get cleaned. Thinking if shows up on just lower clothing then its chair, higher clothing an aerosol, smeared, something they touched.


Notre Dame- I think its come football coach.
Or put it in food/drink. But this was big. This wasn’t a oh someone had it. Nope.
This is why POTUS needs to be moved aka clean up.


Its really the only thing that makes sense. Ties into what prognosticatasaurusrex has been saying.
When you see castle red it reminds me of a hot zone….
Will Q be dark for 10 days?


Did only senators attend the event because it is the Senate’s job to advise and consent, or were some representatives there, too?

Cuppa Covfefe

And, just out of curiosity, if it was transferred via seats/seat backs, who would have had a copy or access to a copy of the seating plan?
And, going way out into, erm, left field, didn’t H² leave once before under a cloud, or did she have some problems due to not being careful/discerning enough (i.e. youth error of being too trusting)???
(Not casting aspersions here, just thinking that a mistake may have been made)…


Abby Smith, Energy and Environment Reporter:
[begin quote]
Barrett,… is… a “textualist,”… It’s a more rigid interpretation than some more liberal jurors, who see the Constitution as a living document,
[end quote]
TranslateNewspeak2PlainEnglish(“living document”) -> “dead letter”

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