Until I come up with my own demands, before I give one NICKEL to the party that allowed this TRAVESTY of the BIDEN INSTALLATION – this TREASONOUS betrayal of the American People on January Sixth – covered up by orchestrated violence through a CONSPIRACY between Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, radical leftists and the FBI – these demands will do.

My HELMET is off to para59r for this statement.

So I just got my “The RNC Needs Your Help” email and of course told them Hell No, you didn’t help the President why should I help you and then provided them with a list of demands and grievances.

Purge your party of the RINOs.
If they voted to impeach the president get rid of them.
If they did not vote for Section 230 to stop the muzzling of conservative voices, get rid of them.
If they did not vote for the COVID money but instead allowed Biden to use that money to bait voters in G.A. get rid of them.
If they did not stand up and fight against the fraudulent election, they are useless, get rid of them.
If they mealy mouthed our President and didn’t fight for his objectives, get rid of them.

More things that must be done.
The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming. Stand back up and fight against this illegitimate president and never stop. He does not deserve to be there. Put the person who does, back. Find a way.
The evidence against Biden on Burisma and China bribe taking is overwhelming. Go after him any way you can and get him the hell out of office.
The evidence of Russian Collusion was bogus and there’s been more than enough evidence to warrant convictions. Make it happen.
The betrayals and failures of the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other departments are appalling, get it fixed.
Moving forward on elections without serious reform is a non starter. Fix it in state or further talks are meaningless because elections in too many stats are currently meaningless.
Allowing Big Tech and Big Media to run ramrod over your constituents is despicable. Enact your own laws in state and fight.

The calls to go after MAGA and Qanon people is pure bull, one sees the errors and wants justice and the other is a non violent community that does independent research and analysis then comes to their own conclusions. Deep State wants them removed because of the attention that is drawn onto them from these free thinkers. To think differently means you don’t know your base or complicit in its destruction. Stand up and denounce it. These movements are the cumulative results of your collective cronyism over decades of greed and graft. Fix the greed and graft and get your houses in order.

You just allowed the most tyrannical party this nation has ever known the levers of power. Levers you have already witnessed misused, whether from IRS Gate, to Iran Gate or Russia Gate or this past two election cycles and all in between. A party willing to misuse in any way it can, the constitution to achieve their one world objectives and one that is sponsored by the World Economic Forum and the CCP in order to reestablish the same kind of aristocracies we escaped from when we quit those teaming shores centuries ago. Knock it off, we’ve had our taste of freedom and we are not going back. Quit with the falling in with these useless accords that suck our wealth out of the nation and into the hands of the few under the undeserving guise of helping the many. We know how it works, we are awake. Wake up too.

This list of demands and grievances is hardly inclusive, but if you want support from the people you better start addressing all of it.

Get your houses in order, then find a way to grab the one person with enough foresight to fix this mess and drag him back to WA where he deserves to be and to get it done.

In the meantime I expect heavy donations from the RNC and individual donations from our political class to the Trump Library whenever such shall be announced.

Well said, patriot! Well said!

Please feel free to attach YOUR lists of demands, fellow patriots!

We the People

USA Constitution Parchment
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How many lawsuits will be filed to stop the Trump Library?

I bet nanXi has a bill, rule or law pending to stop its construction already.

hat tip to para59r for an excellent comment!


Looking at You Miss Lindseed Gramnesty!!!!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I first left the R party in the late 90s because I could see they were nothing but damn RINOs. Even when we had the presidency, the house and the senate…nothing could really get done. They’d cave under media pressure, because they wanted to anyway.

I continued to vote for them, sometimes, when the sitution was such that the the Dem would be cataclysmicaly worse, but…well Trump changed that.

But Trump isn’t there any more, no thanks to them, so I cordially invite the lot of them to go copulate with themselves on their ride to the infernal regions, with only VERY few exceptions.

Last edited 2 years ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Way to go, Wolfs!
Some RNC emails have space for comments in case the multiple-choice answers are insufficient. Heh heh. Oh yeah. I tell them. No donations.


I got a letter from them today. It had a picture of our beloved President Trump on it. I have written my response and will publish here Friday.

They will rue the day they betrayed PT and us.


You are right. It makes me so frustrated. They are no gentlemen or gentle women. Must not forget the “ladies”.


Until there is an audit of ALL FIFTY STATES 2020 election results, and ALL who were illegitimately installed in public office as a result of those results is REMOVED, I will NOT vote. As for money, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not happening. Not EVER AGAIN. That is the punishment for what they have done from me. NOT ONE DOLLAR.


It will be a hard standard to hold. But I mean it.

I will beat you with a wet noodle.


I also think we need a prominent and PERMANENT list in the sidebar of companies that discriminate against MAGA. Like Kohls and Bed Bath & Beyond did to Mike Lindell.

We need to keep it up-to-date and remind people to check it. NEVER spend money with companies on the list.

Just my two cents.



Although it doesn’t have any formatting or paragraphs. It DID have them, but I had to log out and in several times to make it work.


Including their offenses would be helpful too (“stopped selling My Pillow,” etc.).




“When I speak of living within the truth, I naturally do not have in mind only products of conceptual thought, such as a protest or a letter written by a group of intellectuals. It can be any means by which a person or a group revolts against manipulation: anything from a letter by intellectuals to a workers strike, from a rock concert to a student demonstration, from refusing to vote in the farcical elections to making an open speech at some official congress, or even a hunger strike, for instance. If the suppression of the aims of life is a complex process, and if it is based on the multifaceted manipulation of all expressions of life, then, by the same token, every free expression of life indirectly threatens the post-totalitarian system politically, including forms of expression to which, in other social systems, no one would attribute any potential political significance, not to mention explosive power.”

. . .

Our greengrocers attempt to live within the truth may be confined to not doing certain things. He decides not to put flags in his window when his only motive for putting them there in the first place would have been to avoid being reported by the house warden; he does not vote in elections that he considers false; he does not hide his opinions from his superiors. In other words, he may go no further than “merely” refusing to comply with certain demands made on him by the system (which of course is not an insignificant step to take). This may, however, grow into something more. The greengrocer may begin to do something concrete, something that goes beyond an immediately personal self-defensive reaction against manipulation, something that will manifest his newfound sense of higher responsibility. He may, for example, organize his fellow greengrocers to act together in defense of their interests. He may write letters to various institutions, drawing their attention to instances of disorder and injustice around him. He may seek out unofficial literature, copy it, and lend it to his friends.

Václav Havel, “The Power of the Powerless”



I recommend his book very highly. I bought THREE copies. For years I kept a copy at work too next to my Bible.

(Well, I don’t have a bookshelf handy at my current office . . .)

For those who don’t know Havel, read some history on him. Amazing genius.


Conservatives have been very late to realizing the need for a long march thru the institutions.

The belligerents will be difficult to uproot as they are entrenched – it was easy for them to walk in the front door and get control. Will take a lot of effort to pull them back.

But there are a lot more of us than there are of them.




Funny you post this article! Got home from work this afternoon and wouldn’t you know it, a beg letter from Marsha! Begging to fill her war chest. I shredded all of it and wrote her a short letter back saying she was more worried about DC Cabals concerns that those of Tennesseans. Told her MAGA has no money for her, but will donate to and campaign for her primary challenger. Will vote 3rd party if she wins. Put it all in their return envelope and promptly put in in the mailbox for tomorrows pick up.  😂 

Deplorable Patriot

If I was actually registered with the party, that would be my approach.

I’m not going to not vote, but I’m not going to blindly back someone just ’cause they have an R behind their name.

Brave and Free

I left the R party when in NY because there’re useless in NY. All they do is say there going after the “D’s” in power and it never happens, all talk. Had to register as an R in current state to vote in primary. I am DONE with them now don’t care about the f****** primary.
List of things to change……. how about simply tell the TRUTH for once. Other than going after all the traitors and seeing arrest, which I don’t see happening anytime soon. Forget it totally done with the BS from them all. Sure there’re a few worth voting for, but never again will they have the opportunity they had to do the right thing for America.


Amen. Enough.

Brave and Free

One other thing. Growing up in the 60’s and living through JFK, BOBBY and MLK murders. I don’t remember where i heard it about China being the country to be afraid of. Well it’s all coming true now. I thought then we where going to have another CW. I think we’re almost there now.


Before my move to the right, I was a Democrat up until 2008. I thought that, as imperfect as the Republicans were, I’d at least support a party that stood for traditional values, a dedication to preserve and protect America, and limited government.

Hah! Instead, I ended up with a bunch of spineless, treasonous bastards (with few exceptions).

My demand is simple: Purge yourselves from this side and go join the same Democrats I left years ago. The days of kowtowing need to end, and there needs to be rebirth of the party. I’m currently unaffiliated (because my state does not allow for people to register as Independent); if I start seeing the replacement of RINOs with more genuine MAGA folks, I may reconsider joining. I’m not talking about tokens here and there. I want to see all RINOs go! I want to see the end of “kumbayah” behavior. I want fighters!

Last edited 2 years ago by MysticRose80
Brave and Free

Totally agree right up the ole poop shoot, and the Rhinos are okay with it.
” Thank you Sir can I have another”


I could swear that I saw the one described, but I couldn’t find it.

Gail Combs

Yeah, I had posted it about a week ago. But I can not find it.


(I see you found it !)


Excellent !
TY Gail !


Excellent statement, para59r! I’m going to keep it and use it as needed. *They* think they can keep playing “business as usual,” “peaceful transition of power,” blah, blah, blah. Nope; done.

Gail Combs

I am going to get the Change of voter registration form for changing parties, zerox off a bunch of them and buy a box of envelopes.

Address one envelope to the registration office and one to the state reBOOBlican headquarters.

Then I am going to hit every house with a trump sign in my area and ask them to switch to independent and get their friends family and neighbors to do the same.

There are 7 million voters in NC
2,500,263 — Democrat
2,173,496 — Republican
2,352,796 — Independent (Unaffiliated)

North Carolina added nearly a half-million registered voters (461, 773) with the ratio favoring the Republicans thanks to POTUS. If enough of us move to Independent AND let the ReBoobs KNOW it is because of the crap the McCommies pulled maybe they just might get a bit nervous. ESPECIALLY if they know people are out there requesting Trump voters to leave the party.


I am finished with the Republicans. We need to destroy the GOP.

There are more than enough Trump supporters to obliterate the GOP.

The last four years is proof that we cannot work within the system to effect change. These bastards need to be engulfed by a new party. The few patriot politicians will come over.

No more traffic with traitors.

The Patriot Party
The Independence Party
The Tea Party



Oh I’m right there. I’m done!


50 State 2020 election audit by NSA is a good start.
Wolf..I know you are busy, this guy is on to something,seems like down your/our ally..
We Don’t Understand the System | Anonymous Conservative


For anyone who wants to leave the republican party, you may be able to do it right now. I just went online and changed my party to independent. My state has an online form you can fill out to do that. Yours may also.


Amen! And there sure were a lot of them.


Epstein didn’t kill himself.

And 𝕁𝕠𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟’𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕟.


Makin’ a list….
Checkin’ it twice….



I demand the arrest of Biden, Pelosi, Obama, Brennan…

just for starters.

and “judge” Roberts.

just for starters.