Wolf Moon’s Perspective on the 2022 May 3rd Ohio Primary Election Results

You will notice that I didn’t just entitle this post “Wolf Moon’s Perspective on the Ohio Primary Election”. You see, due to Democrat lawfare in Ohio, Ohioans are actually going to have TWO Ohio primaries this year. There is a SECOND one in August, thanks to Democrats.

It’s a complicated story, but the Cliff Notes version is this. The Democrats plus their narrow majority in the state Supreme Court have enabled the communist DNC to completely disrupt the electoral process. So why would they do that? Well, in my opinion, it’s because disrupting the electoral process, and particularly the redistricting process, is the only form of “control” that Democrats still have in Ohio. In order to LEAD and in order to REMAIN RELEVANT, while not actually serving voters, Democrats will resort to literally anything to “set the agenda” and thus to appear to be in control.

Because there was no time for the Republican Secretary of State to resolve issues involving state districts in time for the May 3rd primary, all those candidates are kicked down the road to an August primary.

And do you want to know who’s behind this madness?

Eric Holder. And, next up the chain of commie command, Obama, the actual “Soros president”.

Seriously, Eric Holder is behind the Democrat electoral lawfare in Ohio. The strategy is called “Sue until they’re blue.” I have this knowledge directly from the mouth of Ohio’s current and next Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, who THANKFULLY won his primary.

See how this works? Once the Democrats – and George Soros – control the Secretary of State, elections will turn the state communist. You cannot vote your way out of communism, and you almost can’t keep from being falsely voted INTO IT.

Complicated business.

Anyway, this leads directly into one of the things I want to talk about, so let me GO BACK to the beginning, and explain what this post is all about.

Elections have consequences, and this election was a BIG ONE for Ohio – possibly bigger than the general election. Is MAGA going to dominate Ohio, or is “Kasich Republicanism” – a toadie of the globalists and Democrats – going to creep back into control? I spotted the big races very early, and have mentioned them in several posts during 2021 and 2022.

Here is a quick bibliography of some of the posts most directly concerned with Ohio races.

How Mike DeWine Used BLM Marxists To Shut Down Patriots

(December 20, 2020) This is where I saw how DeWine was not only going to sit on his rear end, in Kemp and Ducey style, over the stolen election – he was going to let people in his administration help the other side. Tsk-tsk! His people openly helped BLM drive patriots away from the Ohio Statehouse. Shame! This was the beginning of the massive anti-DeWine vote that we saw last night in the Ohio gubernatorial election. DeWine’s failure to stick up for Trump – and more importantly for RULE OF LAW – alienated a large part of his base.

On the bright side, Ohio probably got constitutional carry (coming in June) because DeWine was desperate to get past the primary. More on that below.

The MAGA Gold Rush In Ohio

(February 19, 2021) This is where I immediately spotted the race to replace Senator Rob Portman as a key juncture in the future of Ohio politics. My early favorites were Josh Mandel – a DIEHARD MAGA Trump supporter – and Jane Timken – the state party chair who won the state for Trump in 2016, and who kept the state pro-Trump for 4 long years.

That Trump chose NEITHER ONE to endorse – well – THAT is a big story I will get to later in this post.

Earliest Tremors of MAGA in Ohio

(July 21, 2021) This is where Trump’s endorsement of Mike Carey came into play, and shook up Ohio MAGA. Trump was not only grabbing the steering wheel from the GOPe – he asserted dominance over where the MAGA movement was going to go. Most “non-establishment” Republicans were favoring other MAGA candidates. Trump chose Carey and stuck by his guns. The Trump endorsement RULED.

This post, and several referenced therein, are also worth reading if you want some nitty-gritty on strange happenings in Ohio politics, thanks to Dirty Devious Democrats always trying to jimmy the machine of Ohio Republican Machine Politics.

Wendy Rogers and Jenna Ellis Endorse Josh Mandel for Senate

(September 3, 2021) Mandel came out STRONGLY against the stolen election, and began hosting media appearances / voter engagements in churches. The media did everything possible to downplay these events. Things were definitely heating up. Josh was winning my vote.

Jim Renacci Challenges DeWine: NO VACCINE MANDATES. PERIOD.

(October 28, 2021) This stance won me over completely to Renacci. Ohio simply cannot afford to keep making the mistakes of lockdowns, mandates, and other DEMOCRAT POISON PILLS. DeWine keeps getting sucked into deadly virtue signals. Renacci is naturally skeptical of such nonsense.

Dear KMAG: 20220124 … Gear Up For The Great RINO Vacation of 2022

(January 24, 2022) By this point, the Renacci candidacy had a lot of promise. The thought of getting a RINO out of office was approaching reality.

Could America Have Another Florida?

(April 3, 2022) This is where Renacci almost made it. “Ohio could have had a DeSantis.”

The May Primary Results

So now let’s get back to the results of the primary.

There were THREE races on the ballot that mattered most to me.

Secretary of State – Guardian at the Gate

This was an important vote. I’m not sure why the LaRose defense of Ohio from George Soros (LaRose can’t say Soros – he has to say “Holder”) isn’t more of a story on the right, but Ohio is literally one office away from turning communist like Colorado. One Jenna Griswold and we’re done. Pennsylvania-level fake elections would be the rule.

Trump’s complete endorsement of Frank LaRose showed that Trump knew DAMN WELL that Ohio needed this fighter back on the job in 2022. Yeah, LaRose had to play a fine line with saying that Ohio elections were secure, and admitting that America has a FAKE ELECTION problem, but it’s quite obvious now, with the evidence presented in 2000 Mules, that elections are a WAR in America.

There are a bunch of write-in and small-fry candidates for Ohio Secretary of State, including “Tore Says” blogger Tore Maras, but the actual SoS will be either Frank LaRose or unqualified Democrat activist Chelsea Clark, who appears to have been hand-picked by Holder.


COLUMBUS – Forest Park City Councilwoman Chelsea Clark announced a Democratic bid for Ohio secretary of state Wednesday. 

“I’m running for secretary of state because politicians in Columbus like (Ohio Secretary of State) Frank LaRose have embraced MAGA lies, pushing voter suppression and massive purges from our rolls to stop Ohioans from voting who don’t always agree with them,” Clark says in an announcement video. 

Clark is one of many Democrats who oppose GOP election reform proposals, which would limit drop boxes and eliminate voting on the Monday before Election Day.  

Clark wants to extend early voting to 35 days, set up automatic voter registration and eliminate voter purges. “It’s a constitutional right. Not use it or lose it,” she said. 

This woman is, IMO, a Soros / Holder cheat-enabler of the worst kind. If she becomes Secretary of State, “real” elections are history.

I watched my vote get scammed at the drop box by cheating Dems. NEVER AGAIN. Get ’em out.

LaRose has been a god-send, and Ohio needs him back on the job, standing up to Eric Holder.

My only quibble with LaRose is that he doesn’t realize that the cheating is even WORSE than what is publicly known – that it’s even worse than he thinks. LaRose is very savvy to the lawfare angle, and THANK GOD for that. However, his trust in voting machine technology, including tabulation technology, is probably too high, IMO. Even for a special forces type who likely GETS how amazing spy tech can actually be.

When confronted with questions about machines being “on the internet” or not, LaRose shows (IMO) susceptibility to the smooth narratives that voting machine companies can be believed, trusted, or even trusted after “routine” inspection of machines.

No. Just NO.

The reality of dirty, rotten, left-controlled tech (which I understand, because I’ve been on the inside) is that people in management and their dirty tech lackeys LIE in the most amazing and almost impossible-to-prove ways. Even simple definitions are used to derail legitimate inquiries.

When people like us say machines could be “on the internet”, what we mean is that ANY kind of cellular or electromagnetic connection to the machine (via radio waves, microwaves, WiFi, cellular, RFIDs, whatever) counts as putting the machine at risk. This kind of tech can be easily added to circuit boards with little or no visibility. The first layer of risk is an actual modem of any kind – announced or unannounced. The next layer of risk is circuitry that can effectively function as a modem, receiver, transmitter, or other communications device.

Just consider RFID technology, and how something like a CREDIT CARD – still in a wallet – could be used to interact with a voting machine of any kind, as long as it has circuitry that can interact with RFIDS. If there is the slightest corruption in the company or its contractors – many of which are not even in the United States – then the compromising technology will not even be published in the specs of the machine. Only a VERY skeptical electrical engineer – likely with some cyberwar experience – examining the hardware before and after the election – is likely to even ask the right questions.

Are you starting to understand how easy it is to CHEAT in the DESIGN of voting or tabulation machines, as long as you sneak a few CIA-level “Q” types into the voting machine company design teams? OR their contractors?

This is a no-brainer. Voting machine design can be subverted to enable cheating. Do not trust the machines – EVER. And now that we’ve got a paper trail, it’s time to DOUBLE the watch on the tabulation machines.

In any case, LaRose won, and now it’s time to make sure he can take on Chelsea Clark.

US Senator – Will Ohio Send MAGA to DC?

The answer is almost certainly YES now.

This was a resounding victory for Trump, in light of Trump’s JD Vance endorsement. What’s even sweeter to me is that unendorsed MAGA candidate Josh Mandel – strongly supported by “Club For Growth” PAC (meaning Koch brothers and Chamber of Commerce) as a way to take down Vance, still managed to beat the Ohio GOP Machine candidate Matt Dolan. Dolan isn’t actually a terrible candidate, but (IMO) he’s still likely to be part of the “Decepticon” problem that Sundance always rages about. Dolan would be one of the first in line to bless any properly presented war. Dolan would support Mitch McConnell – because he’s a machine guy. Dolan would support whatever the UNIPARTY all agreed on – to the detriment of actual Americans.

In my opinion, Trump endorsed Vance because he trusts Vance to not be suckered by the GOPe or the UniParty. Mandell is similarly MAGA, IMO, but is likely to have a chain that can be pulled by the MIC, whereas Vance – though having a military background as well – is likely to be more skeptical of such neocon manipulations.

Beyond that, Vance is almost a pure political outsider. I believe that Trump saw a real opportunity here, to go AGAINST career politicians. In that sense, I think he saw Vance as being much like himself – and I would agree with that.

It was not hard at all for me to go along with Trump’s endorsement. I trusted Trump’s STRATEGY in going with J.D. Vance.

I believe that Vance is going to be able to win in November.

As for the others, Trump has a bunch of great people to raid for his administration. These are all excellent MAGA people – FIGHTERS – and we need them SOMEWHERE, IMO.

Josh Mandell
Jane Timken
Bernie Moreno

That third name is not in the list of runners-up.

Bernie Moreno is an interesting guy. I’ve listened to him – he’s an excellent candidate. He was actually one of the leaders in the race for a while. And yet, he dropped out of the race after talking to Trump.

“I asked for a private meeting with President Trump this afternoon to discuss the state of the Ohio Senate race,” Moreno said in a statement Thursday. “I am a businessman, not a politician. Business leaders recognize patterns before they happen. After talking to President Trump we both agreed this race has too many Trump candidates and could cost the MAGA movement a conservative seat.”

Moreno is the first to drop out of the GOP primary, and his departure came one day after he filed candidate paperwork with the secretary of state’s office. Also running for the nomination are former state treasurer Josh Mandel, former Ohio GOP chair Jane Timken, “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance, state Sen. Matt Dolan and investment banker Mike Gibbons.

Moreno, like several others in the race, used his personal wealth to boost his bid. He loaned his campaign $3.75 million last year and kicked off a $4 million TV ad spree in December, but his contributions began to decrease after starting strong over the summer.

Internal polls released by multiple campaigns in recent months show Mandel at the top of the heap, but they also indicate many voters are still undecided about their preferred candidate. Trump’s endorsement would help set the candidates apart, although it’s unclear if or when he’ll wade into the race.

Trump commended Moreno’s decision to exit the race in a statement: “He has done much for Ohio and loves his State and our great MAGA Movement. His decision will help ensure the MAGA Ticket wins BIG, as it is all over the Country.”

Looks like Trump was right. He cut back the splitters just enough to send a winning MAGA candidate past the machine boy.


Governor – DeWine Saved by Splitter Strategy

This was a disappointment, because Ohio could have had a DeSantis, if Renacci had won. However, looking at the half-full glass, DeWine is a guaranteed win in November. Beyond that, it is very likely that DeWine understands he needs to move right on key issues where he can find support.

DeWine was presented with a constitutional carry bill shortly before the primary, and he did what he had to do, which was to approve it. But even with that nod to the base, you will note that the anti-DeWine vote (52% total) exceeds his own share (48%).

We may never know if Blystone was pushed by the media to protect DeWine from Renacci, or if Renacci was the machine’s answer to Blystone, or a little of both. No matter what, Ohio is now “stuck” with 4 more years of Mike DeWine.

Will I support DeWine? HELL YES. The man can and will keep this state out of Eric Holder’s grubby communist hands. Trump didn’t endorse Renacci, and – sadly – it was a smart decision, for whatever reasons Trump had. Trump may have realized that he would likely need to endorse DeWine in the fall. So be it.

I’m not going to question Trump’s strategy. Sometimes you just have to count the bird in hand and be thankful for what you have.

Will DeWine get fooled by more Democrat communist tricks? More than likely, yes. But Mike DeWine is a survivor. Schooled by experience, he is less likely to be suckered again. I can live with that.

Between now and November, we do need to beware of false flags on “gun violence”, which have been used reliably to manipulate DeWine. The “gun violence” angle appears to be Nan Whaley’s strategy against DeWine, presumably pinning him against his vote on Constitutional carry. The Ohio media will carry all the water they can for Democrats. Thankfully, Ohio gun owners are responsible, and we here at The Q Tree will be able to react quickly to counter false flag propaganda from DODGE, FIB, and now DHS.

Also, it looks like the Dems are pushing / forcing the “abortion rights” issue for November. It’s not a coincidence, IMO, that they waited for the Ohio primary to publicly disclose their Roe v. Wade SCOTUS leak. The “threat” to abortion will also be used to try to elevate Whaley. The “woman + abortion” card will be played hard.

Good luck, you horrible, cheating Democrats. MAGA will back DeWine to keep you communists where you belong. OUT OF POWER.

After DeWine, Ohio has lots of possibilities. Renacci is now very viable. LaRose would make a fine Governor, IMO. Jane Timken has a future. And Josh Mandel? Bernie Moreno? Lots of possibilities in a Trump administration.

The future is wide open. Our cornucopia is overflowing with MAGA talent.

Be thankful for what you have. It’s one of the first lessons of Judaism and Christianity.


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Thanks for the Ohio rundown, Wolf. It’s been quite a number of years since I followed it closely, probably since my dad passed away in 2006. He would keep me informed and entertained with it all. 😀

It sounds like it is gradually moving the right direction.


I’ve not seen any stand out article on our conservative sites that have done a roll up on these elections yet. Thought one would of been highlighted by now. Mind you this means I’ve not searched for one, its just none are making headlines. Thanks for this.


All those wins for Trump endorsements yesterday FREAKED the Demons out! You are kicking the Demon on the ground!

SD has an article up about Biden calling us names:

…”this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

Wanna call us Deplorable and bitter clingers, too? Fuck you, Joe!


…”this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

We’re The Extremes! 😂

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Great article. Would be great to kick the demons out of Ohio. Noticed that the area that should contain the “Like” button, only shows “loading”.


Still doing that.


Thank you Wolf. I now have a better understanding concerning the political machine in OH 🙂