Back In My Day: Scoundrels & Heros, Part 1 – Scoundrels

My hope is that readers will stick with me on this multi part wrap-up to my BIMD series. Parts 1 and 2 may be the most important stories I have posted as it pertains to understanding the corruption you have seen on the national scene in the past as well as today. Gail Combs has done a great job of drilling down on some overarching themes with people, orgs and events that have caused the American people untold grief and misery over the years. Many of us at the QTree would call her a hero for all of the research and fearless pursuit of truth she undertakes. This series gives my real life examples and connections that interconnect with some of her research as well as other personal experiences and observations.

There is a great deal of reading material linked in this part that has relevance. It may strain your attention span. My guess is about an hour or so just in reading the linked information, much more if you want to research some of the names and events. However, I urge you to read and make your own observations if you desire to see the inner workings of corruption, racketeering and worse in America. This is packed to the gills with historical information to go with the usual personal connections and parallels of Goober Gump and his (mis)adventures.

Please note: Other than as included in linked source documents and articles, I only provide the real names of the people involved in my experiences if they and their spouses are deceased. I will not provide the names of my former family members. They did not know in advance they would be first person sources during these BIMD stories. Some of how they were involved or may have been affected along with their past communication of information to me directly is discussed. In addition, I have no desire to make false accusations or maliciously malign anybody in this story. I feel their words and actions during the events and periods covered speak for themselves based on the linked information and witnesses.

Before you think this is a holier than thou exposé of others, I confess to being helpful as well as causing pain and suffering to others at various times in my life. Chasing God and chasing the devil seems to be a common theme for many of us throughout the history of mankind. I am unworthy to judge any man or woman. Nonetheless, this is a story that should be told. For some, a portion of the information may not plow new ground. What I am bringing simply ties some people and events together at the lower to higher levels of the corruption with people you would not necessarily know anything about.

I believe there are important lessons to be learned as we consider the consequences of decisions and actions of others as well as ourselves. Generally, if you love your fellow man you will be concerned about that and act in an honorable manner. If you could care less about them you will pursue a path that damages or at best, ignores the plight of others. I have been an example of both in the past. That is until Jesus changed it all for me. HIS words in Matthew 12:35 are: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” (NKJV)

May my Savior judge this revelation a good thing. With that in mind and regardless of your faith in Christ or not, let’s begin.

Back To The Delta

Back In My Day in a small town along the banks of the Mississippi River named Caruthersville, MO, were a group of attorneys who were quite well known in the surrounding four state region of the delta as well as in some national circles. My future ex and I had moved to this town from Little Rock in late 1977 after I had taken a job with the regional utility company.

Downloaded below is a 70+ page interview with one of their senior attorneys dating back to 1998. This firm was a beehive of Democrat Party connected criminal defense attorneys, operatives and cleaners for nearly 90 years leading up to this interview. Prepare to take in a picture of American law, politics and crime going back in time to President Truman’s days forward as spoken by a man I met while living there, James Ed Reeves (JER for these stories). He went by Jim Ed. JER was a second generation senior partner and handled a lot of criminal defense litigation in the region. It was his attorney cousin in the firm who is named in this interview who basically forced the utility company to hire me to work there after my ex and her parents brought us back to the delta. This same George K. Reeves he references within this interview was my ex father-in-law’s (FIL) attorney. He was also a Board member of the same above referenced utility company. He will be discussed again in Part 2 of this story.

Please note that JER listed Roy Harper as a senior partner in the firm who later became a long term federal district judge in St. Louis. He was appointed by POTUS Truman. JER’s son, William Edward Reeves was reported to be a much kinder, more ethical man than his father and was considered a legal scholar. Unfortunately, he passed away in mid-2023 at about 62 years old. There is very little left of the Ward & Reeves law firm today.

You will read or have now read all sorts of historically informative as well as judgmental, unethical and corrupt things in the interview. You will probably note that many of the negative things happening in it, ole JER found to be humorous. There are discussions about those times that mirror what we deal with today in society and our elections. Indeed, what you read is a precursor to the current expanded version. For example, what we call “lawfare” today was called “judicial politics” back in those days. Nothing new, just more openly and offensively used today, just like his use of the term “misinformation” in the interview.

I am thankful he left my ex-FIL’s name out of this interview despite his passing away a year prior to this interview. He was involved in the Holland, MO election scandal JER describes in the early 1970’s. I suspect JER was protecting the firm’s client of remaining family members by not revealing. Ex-FIL was able to buy his way out of trouble with the assistance of Sen. Thomas Eagleton whom JER describes in the interview. Ex-FIL was an active member and financial contributor to DNC efforts for many years.

Some of the people JER discusses relating to the Truman years will make more sense if you do some research on him and his DNC cronies like Robert Hannegan. It was through the efforts of Hannegan, who was briefly a co-owner of the St. Louis Cardinals MLB team before his death in 1949, that attorney Roy Harper referenced above received his federal district judge appointment that is discussed briefly below. Truman became POTUS unquestionably because of Hannegan’s efforts.

As an example, here is what Eleanor Roosevelt thought of Hannegan within their own Democrat Party family. Did not care for her either, but this provides a bit of useful information.

If so inclined, enjoy researching some of the names you read about in the interview. It may prove to be an enlightening experience as you piece together the often dirty politics and legal system that led our nation to this point. Just understand that JER was a typical Dem lawyer from the delta whose words you can trust about as far as you could pick up the casket that contains him and throw it.

Turning Up The Flame

Now, to the next link.

And this…

For this part of my story to make the most sense and impact on your understanding of what you see today with our federal government, FBI, judiciary, politics, crime, etc.; you need to read the JER interview and the two linked articles above. Set aside the time you need to digest them. There are a few minor discrepancies in the two Green articles, such as the years of the House committee meeting in question when Green gave testimony. The actual year is immaterial as there is no dispute the hearing happened and Green testified.

In the linked Green info you read about Pemiscot County Sheriff Clyde Orton that I briefly mentioned in a previous BIMD story. JER’s account of him in the linked interview is nearly a completely fictional narrative of lawyer-speak BS. In reality there was bootlegging, slot machines, craps, prostitution and all sorts of other criminal activities including murder that Sheriff Orton protected and probably benefitted from financially occurring at the Rat Ranch (discussed in the first BIMD of 7/4/22), in the town and county prior to his conviction. The only question to be officially resolved in my mind is if it all occurred with the full knowledge, blessing and to the advantage of certain federal agencies of government and politicians. I will leave it up to you the reader to determine if that point is valid and to whether it benefitted Americans.

During the period in discussion Orton was able to acquire a property near downtown and build a two story upscale, fine dining restaurant/lounge with a second floor view over the levee onto the Mississippi River. He did not come from wealth and he did it all on a Sheriff’s salary. Yeah, OK, moving on.

The activities he protected eventually led to him losing the Sheriff’s office with his conviction by state AG Danforth as discussed in the links. In a bit of cleanup during the investigatory period, the region’s crime boss (Jaybird Gatewood) who was clearly connected to the Sheriff as you will read, was shot in the back via shotgun and soon after died in a Memphis hospital. His killer was never arrested. The walls were closing in on Orton and the regional crime ring during the late 1960’s when the investigations began and coincided with the take down of the mafia’s gambling operations in Hot Springs, AR.

Orton returned to the Sheriff’s office years later while I lived in the area in Blytheville, AR, after his previous conviction was overturned by the Dem controlled Supreme Court in Missouri. That should tell everybody that the criminal enterprise was never vanquished, it just went more underground only to resurface later with different characteristics, organization and with some different faces. Some of the key players during that early period were killed off or died of cancer, heart attacks and such at times as you read in the JER interview and Green articles.

There was an illegal bookie operation Clyde Orton ran from the office of his restaurant that I visited after he had his previous conviction overturned. That illegal gambling operation is one I would have to lift my hand to testify about if required. I personally observed some payoffs my ex-FIL made to the bookie and Sheriff Clyde Orton in his office in that restaurant. My wealthy farmer ex-FIL was a lousy gambler. I learned early in life that I would be as well and successfully avoided that particular vice.

Based on the information provided in the JER interviews and Green articles it appears that Orton likely became a fed operative after his conviction was conveniently overturned and that they were very intertwined in his activities. The bookie operation was too openly known and operated to not be. The way it appears is that the bigger charges against Orton went away, the state got their “conviction”, he lost his Sheriff role as the Feds and State cleaned up the crime ring somewhat, he operated his restaurant/bookie operation, he moved back into the law enforcement game with Fed approval as an operative after his conviction was overturned, he was “elected” Sheriff again, lower profile criminal activities restarted, and he acted as an informant until his death in a single vehicle “accident”. Again, you will read elements of this in the JER and Green pieces. Green quotes local crime boss “Jaybird” Gatewood as saying, “Look, we do things for them. They do things for us.” relating to the FBI and Sheriff Orton as separate entities, a theme that is repeated with other St. Louis connections regarding the FBI and clowns. It would also appear that the clowns were involved with Green in his early days. This is later discussed in the article on Green as in their coordination with the FBI.

All of it going on while the venerable Democrat Party supporting Ward & Reeves law firm above greased the skids, raked in the cash, defended the criminals and cleaned up their messes. At the same time they gave a share to the politicians and knew they had their former DNC controlled law firm partner as a federal district judge in St. Louis on speed dial.

Judge Roy Harper was located in good ole St Louis, where key cogs in the mob’s organization resided and operated. Please note that it took three recess appointments and a fourth formal successful attempt to finally have Judge Harper approved by the Senate back in his day. Truman was persistent in getting his man in the role with Hannegan’s help. What else was a fellow, good freemason POTUS supposed to do other than help another 33rd degree freemason be made a federal judge in a mob region?

More on that latter point below.

More Dot Connecting

It is time to connect some more farther reaching dots with this. From my own first hand knowledge, Clyde’s bookie handled horse racing and sports betting primarily. For a few months in late winter and early spring, they had a live feed into the restaurant office of the horse races from Oaklawn in Hot Springs, AR on some new teletype electronics (computer infancy) of which I had no familiarity when I first saw it in the early 1980’s. They gave me a short demonstration. It was not a year later that the utility company converted to a similar system.

Placing bets at the windows of Oaklawn and the Greyhound dog racing track in West Memphis, AR (operations ended 12/31/22), were the only forms of legalized gambling left in Arkansas from the Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller and FBI task force led crack down on the entire mob owned and operated gambling activities in Hot Springs that went back to the mid-1800’s. No off site betting was permitted in Arkansas or Missouri despite Sheriff Orton conducting same in his restaurant offices. The passing of legal horse track betting in MO did not occur until 1984. The loss of the gambling operations revenue tanked much of the rest of the mob controlled criminal operations in Hot Springs. They receded from prominence there only to resurface in other vices as the FBI was infiltrated and the Dem crime machine reassumed power in the Arkansas government.

Some summary history of Hot Springs where Oaklawn is located is warranted to inform readers of the history and depth of the criminal activities there.

For what it is worth I went to a bank training event and stayed at the Arlington BIMD for a couple of nights. It was just a quiet resort area hotel at that point. However, I often wonder what activities might have occurred in that hotel and its rooms back in their day. Yuck. Below is another summary link.

We see from the Green interview the bootheel crime ring was also connected to the mob in New Orleans led by don Carlos Marcello as well as the St. Louis area with Buster Wortman and labor boss, Louis Shoulders. For the purposes of this story we will stay primarily with the southeast Missouri and Arkansas connections. However, for research purposes it sure would be interesting to see the judicial record of one federal Judge Roy Harper in St. Louis since it took so much arm twisting by Truman to get him in the seat.

For the next part, reference back to my first BIMD featuring Elvis. The Rat Ranch from within that story was a micro version of Hot Springs in a profoundly less resort-like area. It was an extension of the mid to lower level operatives of the mob and their supportive Democrat Party crime machine that dominated both states of Arkansas and Missouri during that time. With the fed and state crackdown on Hot Springs initiated by Republican Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, there was a crackdown by the feds and law enforcement in multiple states on the satellite operations such as at the Rat Ranch and in Caruthersville. Both went into serious decline into the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The Ranch only functioned with a rundown outdoor weekend music stage, a seedy prostitute ridden motel and a liquor store by the time I moved to the area in the late 1977. Elvis would have the sads about its demise if he had heard. Viva Las Rat Ranch and all that might have some folks giving the side eye about burning love, the jungle room and jelly donuts in that place.

Until the take down the mafia and Dem crime machine with Orton’s assistance by playing both sides and keeping the law abiding feds at bay, raked in the cash and power for all of their other activities and political uses from the vices they operated. All of it being illegal, but openly allowed to exist without interference just as it was for all those years in Hot Springs. GOP AG Danforth went after Orton officially in 1971 after they raided Caruthersville and the Ranch. He got a conviction, just not on all of the major stuff Orton protected. Below is enough in a link to see a little about the charged activities in the case. If you desire to drill down on this more, you can complete to receive a seven day free trial.

If one were cynical and a skeptic one might find it strange that openly conducted criminal activities over many years did not lead to major charges that could stick for major convictions. JER would tell you if he was still alive it was just outstanding criminal defense work. It actually confirms what we already knew about Missouri politics, the GOP was controlled opposition. The uniparty was alive and well in those days and before. Orton served a useful function.

However, this story does not end there. Theres MOAR! The “Little Chicago” and “capital of vice” of the bootheel was protected by a Sheriff who had even worse shady things in his past.

MLK, Jr.

As you read, the Green articles reveal what was worse. Ask yourself, why would a 1978 U. S. House investigatory committee related to the MLK, Jr. assassination keep witness testimony sealed until the year 2029? One subject testimony in it was by Green, the well known habitual ex-con/fed operative from Caruthersville, Mo, who had turned government confidential informant as well as becoming an actual badged officer of the ATF at one point. I personally feel both writers did a very good job of considering all aspects of the representations of Green while providing the information.

More probably would have come out eventually, but Green died in 2003.

Whoo boy. There are some things in Green’s story that make a great deal of sense to me, especially when I connect the dots of what I know of Caruthersville, Ward & Reeves law firm, Clyde Orton, the legacy of Jaybird Gatewood, Hot Springs, the FBI, multiple politicians, judiciary and so on. When I connect them to my previously stated experiences and observations of the Arkansas political mafia, the Clintons, the money players that backed the Clintons and Dems – well, the picture comes into focus much better.

But First – A Parallel Story

One thing that is very obvious, ole Goober was in the middle of a major league pile of shiz his entire time in that region and really had no idea how big of pile it was until he moved away. The passage of time brought perspective and new information. To better understand reality on the ground in the bootheel in those days there is the following.

Jim Green was in Caruthersville much of the time I was working there. Thankfully, I just did not run in the same circles as him. I did not know of his MLK, Jr. plot connections with Orton and Jaybird. When I talked with local folks in town back then it went as Green described it. Nobody dared say anything negative about Orton and everybody avoided Green. Orton was an intense man without much humor who seemed to have to force a cordial nature when meeting people. Perhaps the weight of what he had done and was doing was too heavy to be any other way.

I do know Orton seemed to be on good terms with my ex-FIL during much of the time I was there. That concerned me the longer I lived there because I knew a backstory. A couple of weeks before my ex first introduced me to her parents; they had been blindfolded, gagged and bound in their own home and held at gunpoint. The robbers were waiting on them to return home one evening and wanted access to their safe. They made off with jewelry, weapons and cash. One robber kept asking if they knew who he was, which they denied of course because it would have caused their deaths if they said they knew. The robber suspected they knew him and afterwards her parents told me they had heard the man’s voice before but truly did not know for sure who it was. They suspected the voice was of an ex-employee of their farm who ran with the local crime ring. After the robbers left my ex-MIL worked loose from the binding and contacted the newly elected Sheriff who came to the scene. They learned the next day their fenced in dog had been drugged to keep the barking noise down. Of course, no arrests were ever made and there were no solid suspects.

I learned a half dozen years later after the event that Orton had gone through a personal financial crisis during the very same period when he was no longer the Sheriff as the local economy was awful in the Carter years and the crime ring was still laying low. He was losing money in the restaurant business. With the raids the primary criminal money drivers had been hit and he was more under a microscope. By that later point my in-laws suspected that Orton was behind that robbery somehow. My ex-FIL stopped betting with the bookie and they also stopped dining at the restaurant. When Orton was returned to the sheriff’s office they stopped going anywhere near Caruthersville and focused all of their household and entertainment attention into equidistant Blytheville, AR. They also had a sophisticated alarm system installed and never left home without a weapon.

Back To MLK, Jr

In the Barsten comments in the Green links he references the clown connection in addition to the FBI handlers. He feels certain MKUltra was involved. I tend to agree. Consider the connections discussed by Green as well as the assassination of 32nd degree Mason civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963, who was in the Scottish Rite. Note that MLK, Senior was also a long term member of that cult.

Pay attention to #6, #7, #8 and #9 below.

MKUltra is interconnected with freemasonry and in my considered opinion that is an indisputable fact. Freemasonry is one vehicle for its delivery. Which leads to revisiting another blight on America, J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, a severely complex and conflicted man as the nation’s Top Cop, who is also associated with all things immoral and dodgy at times. A man who thrived on coercion and instilling fear with no aversion to using any tactic he thought would work to achieve the desired results. I will leave his rumored transvestite and homosexual tendencies to others who may or may not have trustworthy information. However, if true it would fit right in with both MKUltra and freemasonry where all inhibitions are destroyed and anything goes.

Yup, devoted and dedicated freemason.

It would seem that the presence of many freemasons in positions of power back then and today in government, judiciary, FBI, clowns and law enforcement in general may provide an ability to pull off some really heinous actions. The current crop in positions of power rarely reveal their connections to it and other cults as was proudly done in the past. I guess the public has become more aware, so they cover their tracks and no longer mention as prominently in bios, obits or on grave stone markers as in the past.

However, they are still recruiting. My son-in-law’s father who retired from a law enforcement career recently joined. He and a friend of my SIL have both been recruiting him. However, our SIL trusts us much more than his own father and friend. He felt uneasy about the cult on his own, my info and guidance just helped him to shut down their efforts. He knew freemasons were even in my immediate family along with the why and how to shut down their recruiting efforts. A brother-in-law of mine has even been a Master of a lodge in the Midwest.

These battles for the soul are happening all over America right under our noses.

If what has been represented in these interviews, biographical links and historical summaries is substantially true; I contend the worst probably did happen to MLK, Jr. and in the federal coverup. Much of what I read has truth in it from past experiences and associations. Going back to the JER interview, look at that regional Dem crime machine’s connection to dedicated freemason and future POTUS Harry Truman. We know FDR was one prior to him. In the times that followed we know unipartyist Gerald Ford was one. All told there are fifteen Presidents who had some level of involvement plus Clinton in the DeMolay as a youth. Look at the attitudes and activities of racist Dems Byrd and Biden through the years that followed with the Clintons marching lock step with the Arkansas political mafia and money backstopping of their activities. Look at the clarion call of one James Clyburn of South Carolina to the cult’s alliance with the black AME “church” voting as directed every national election, a “church” that is interconnected with the Prince Hall Masons and its descendent orgs.

Combine it with MKUltra and to me it is all hiding in plain sight. It is an unholy alliance for the ages.

If there is nothing to hide, why manufacture narratives and destroy evidence as was done with the JFK assassination? Why the need to seal testimony over something heinous that happened long ago with anything of importance to the American people? What are they hiding? Who was POTUS and FBI Director in 1977 when the FBI’s #3, Deke Deloach (info on him is linked below), was sent in to observe Green’s testimony? It was Dem Jimmy Carter and William Webster it appears. The FBI’s image had deteriorated greatly over those years for good reasons. It was in Carter’s and Webster’s best interests to clean that up for the outside view. Seems that might be a reasonable motivation to keep what had been hidden – hidden. So the lies and cover-up were continued.

There are a number of Green’s statements of which I have personal knowledge of the content. For example Green’s discussion about buying votes with a bottle of whiskey and dollar bills is true. The Dem operatives were still doing it in the early 1980’s BIMD with one exception. Inflation had increased it from a half pint to a pint and a dollar to ten dollars. They would load them into buses and the beds of pick-ups for the treks to the voting booths. They ran charter buses from Chicago to New Orleans on election day with the same people voting multiple times in multiple states and multiple locations. A Dem operative in NE Arkansas participated and directly stated it to me and others. She thought it was funny about how easy it was to do. As Green stated, if one knew how, it was easy to have multiple aliases with legit documents to support each one.

Most important is connecting the dots to the mob connections that extended from Hot Springs to New Orleans to Memphis to the bootheel to St. Louis to Chicago and other nationwide locations nationwide. Add in the important pursuit of truth in the MLK, Jr. assassination with the obvious clown and FBI interconnections you have been reading about. The time period of the JFK, Evers and MLK, Jr. assassinations were at the start of the LBJ years going into Nixon’s first term. J. Edgar Hoover was still controlling the FBI and Deke DeLoach, or should I call him “Roachie”, was the liaison and cleaner between him and LBJ, a role he played starting with JFK’s assassination. We know LBJ was friendly with freemasonry as he entered a lodge as an apprentice in his native Texas, just chose not to pursue it. If you want to learn more about those Hoover/LBJ/ Deloach relations in a cleaned up official version go to the FBI link below.

For more detail go here.

It seems more likely to me that Deloach provided plausible deniability to both LBJ’s and Hoover’s decisions by acting as the go-between. It was more of a public show of distrusting one another while coordinating the events of the times through Deloach and underlings. Deloach would never want Green’s testimony to be put into the public record, so much so it was stalled out by the black Democrat Congress critter, Louis Stokes. That appears to be the obvious reason Roachie was in attendance at the hearing. It would seem there is something to see here when 2029 rolls around, if they are not successful in making it disappear. The American people may not be pleased to know the hidden truths of the connections between the Democrat Party, RINO’s, clowns, FBI, judiciary, organized labor, freemasons and communists when it comes to national icons such as JFK and MLK, Jr. and many other innocent lives they injured or offed through the years. Every single American and many international lives and nations have been negatively impacted by their loss since those days.

We know the fake legacy media will not want to get involved since they are controlled opposition to the American people. Independent citizen journalists need to do that job in conjunction with whatever patriots are left in positions of authority.

And to think that I probably unwittingly said “hello” to Roachie during the 30+ years we have been vacationing on Hilton Head before his recent death. Such a strange coincidence (not) that Neocon Nikki is from that same town as Deloach lived and the same state as James Clyburn.

The ancient Romans had nothing on American government and politics.

Wrap-up on Green and Orton

Green had absolutely nothing to gain by telling his story when he did. The opportunity to cash in on it with a book deal and 48 Hours with Dan Rather in 1998 had long since past. The feds had once again prevented that. Who was POTUS then? Yup – Clinton. Green knew the powers that be were freezing him out. He knew he was getting older with health issues and would not last long. The interviews and testimony seemed to be about a guy who needed to unload some burdens to somebody in the media or in government who would listen and take him serious before he died.

Perhaps I forgot to mention that Green was also a freemason.

Sheriff Orton died in an auto accident in 1994 at 72 years of age, about ten years after I left the area. A bit of cleanup, a heart attack as reported, or an intergalactic act of justice? You decide.

I have purposely avoided discussion on the likely MLK, Jr. triggerman, Butch Collier. A search of the web revealed nothing other that what is referenced in the Green articles. You would think that would be readily available unless people in authority did not want him found.

For what it is worth the family of Dr. King have repeatedly requested that the case be reopened, to which the feds refuse.

Over the years that followed the machine lost some of its grip on the county and region with the demise of most of the key players. Legalized gambling and relaxed alcohol laws have reduced the ability to criminally pursue money making schemes that worked well for the Dem crime machine in the past. Once Missouri legalized gambling on horse racing in 1984 along with riverboat casinos in 1992, law enforcement was less of an issue and it became a tax generator for the state. Caruthersville soon capitalized and the Lady Luck Casino opened. However, there is still no online betting and sports betting is just now being debated with bills introduced. It is expected to be approved and begin within the next two years. Horse track racing gambling essentially died a natural death in Missouri, so they want to replace and enhance the revenue stream.

More money for the politicians, primarily out of the pockets of those who can least afford it in poverty stricken areas such as Pemiscot County, MO. More people to exploit for the Dem crime machine, which has morphed into government control using lawfare and the judiciary that undermines America.

The Dem crime machine adapted and primarily works their magic through the government tax revenues they dictate and somewhat legally steal as well as the cartel drug trade and human trafficking. All of the region around Caruthersville has shrunk in population size. Many local family farming operations have sold out to large corporate ag conglomerates. The Air Force’s SAC base in Blytheville, a former major area employer, has long since closed.


All of the vices discussed above and more were used (and obviously still are) to keep people entrapped in their situations, which the machine sells as good “fun” that will do no harm. Bootlegging has been replaced for the most part with illegal drug distribution. In fact it all is just another form of slavery used to enrich the purveyors and make them more worldly powerful. Which is how they keep poverty stricken areas such as in the bootheel to go with the urban blight they promote in the large urban centers. It’s good business to them.

All of that explains why THE VERY SAME PEOPLE are exploiting and promoting legalized prostitution, pedophilia, sexual perversions, “alternative” lifestyles, gender dysphoria, wokism, cancel culture and the like. They simply promote deviancy as normal in the same way as they did the long standing vices and cults. It is a system to encourage the public toward acceptance. They introduce the deviancies; they undermine religions and individual faith in a higher calling and/or being; they undermine society’s foundational institutions; and they then promote the deviancies through popular culture using celebrities, government and business leaders, schools, etc. Over time they gain a growing and significant acceptance until it reaches the point they can sell it as normal behavior. When they reach enough acceptance by the public they introduce legislation to soften or eliminate restrictions and mainstream acceptance into government leaders and bureaucrats while continuing to promote through the media.

If it can be taxed or lead them to more power, they step on the gas pedal.

Isn’t that always the standard answer of supporters and the less informed? Legalize and tax it, at least the government will get the tax revenues from it and police it. Yeah, OK. How has that thought process been working out?

🤣 🤣 🤣

They use the tax dollars for their own purposes while their corrupted law enforcement and judiciary system creates more issues and criminal power structures within society. The average American never sees any benefit or reduction in taxes they pay.

With MLK, Jr. Day having recently occurred, which includes the very recent death of his son, Dexter, who Green attempted to make peace with and inform; it seems odd the public posers never seem to talk about anybody leaving the plantation dedicated to vices, deviancies and cults. They only seem to want to make it easier to get involved. I guess that would be because it would be unpopular, unprofitable or in conflict with what their puppet masters desire. Those plantations of vices, deviancies and cults seem to thrive regardless of skin color, gender, nationality, culture, etc. of the people who are targeted.

The people who don’t play along are ridiculed as never having any “fun” and as a result never receive the parting gifts from the purveyors – a lifetime of wasted opportunities as well as the possibility of an eternity spent in Hell.

Please do not be deceived, we are all being targeted. There are no exceptions and there are an ample number of methods for which to get the job done. We have barely scratched the surface at discussing their methods at this point.

As we progress into Part 2 of the Scoundrels, we will discuss some economic methods employed for keeping people on a literal or figurative plantation from the past (mis)adventures of Goober Gump. This will be followed by spending more time on the current methods and how you can spot the deceived and the deceivers. That is very important to know if we intend to help PDT and patriots reverse the Hell-bound course of destruction we have been on as a nation for over a century.

Please do not let what you read here cause despair. It is just a disclosure of an evil underbelly that has been operating in plain sight in our nation for a century. There are good reasons for hope. It appears the tide is reversing. The voices of MAGA patriots in every corner of America tells us the best is yet to come. God wins and we benefit.

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Barb Meier

Thank you, TradeBait!!! I’ve downloaded the first report and will read it and the info at the links this weekend. While reading your post, I was reminded of Kitt Bond who I once saw at Reagan airport IIRC while waiting for the luggage carousel to feed us our bags. I was coming back from STL. What stood out most to me as I saw him going across the baggage area was his suit and shoes looked old and well-worn. I thought he was not becoming a millionaire in DC. If true, it must be rare. He retired not long after though when I saw him walking, he moved normally and not like a Feinstein or Biden.

Barb Meier

TB, that one time of seeing him going about his day, traveling with the normies, and not looking at all pretentious gave me respect for him. So glad you see positive things in his career that are more substantive than my brief encounter.


Excellent read. Amazing, the corruption that goes on, and on and on… A way of life for so many. Power. Money…

Looking forward to next parts.


Valerie Curren

I’m thankful that the Lord included an “unjust judge” within His Word. There is truly nothing new under the sun…

I just finished reading Glenn Beck’s “Miracles and Massacres” book. There was a chapter about a man named O’Hare, the airport named after his hero son. The father was a lawyer who ended up representing Capone. They, as the story told (these were fictionalized accounts of historical events pieced together from existing records & the imaginations of the writers) O’Hare & Capone met in St. Louis, at the track, I think horse racing, & O’Hare was compelled to represent Capone in Chicago, for many years before informing on him to the Feds & being executed by the mob for this disloyalty weeks later..

I recently spoke w/ a Viet Nam vet who casually mentioned the Purple Jewish Mob, iirc, in Detroit. I’ve never heard of this entity but he spoke of them in passing almost as if they were common knowledge.

My brother identified one of the bottles in my grandpa’s liquor cabinet as coming from the Prohibition Era having been smuggled into Detroit from Canada. Whatever tales are associated with my grandpa’s possession of such contraband will never be known. It does make one wonder how close we’ve brushed against society’s underbelly.

TY for sharing from your wisdom & experience to help us recognize the patterns of power!

Valerie Curren

Looking forward to it TB!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Valerie Curren

Thx! That was some interesting reading & pretty much All new to me! My dad used to go to Jackson Prison w/ a group of friends from his prayer group for prison ministry…hmmm


Thanks for this once again. Jesus Saves is not just a slogan.

Deplorable Patriot

One thing that I read sometime back that sticks with me as we watch all the big names falter is that the cabal, or whatever term truly describes them, in the US take control at the top of rural, mineral rich states at the top. Arkansas, and West Virginia are the main ones that come to mind. They would turn a blind eye to any corruption, I’m sure.

Those states don’t have big cities to control, either. Cities where there were huge trade centers are big targets. Transportation always has been key.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Part-way through and already going HOLY #### about your ex-father-in-law and that robbery. DAYUM! Oh, I think you’re reading that one correctly. SO much crime happens that way. He was a MARK and they were looking for a BIGGER CUT.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great links on Green. Found this, too. Wanted to verify his birth year.

Gail Combs

Just started reading…

I noticed this:
“….the firm was founded by my uncle, Everett Reeves and Robert L. Ward back in about 1910 or 1911…”

The date kinda ties into this:

Perkins Coie LLP History

Private Company

Incorporated: 👉1912

…It was a law partnership founded with a handshake. In 1912, Perkins Coie’s two original partners first discussed forming their own firm while taking a walk along the streets of Seattle. The instigator of the discussion was George Donworth, Federal Judge of the Western District of Washington. To his side was Elmer Todd, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington. Both men wanted to return to private practice, and Todd appeared to be the first of the two to follow through with his desire… 

You could ignore those dates if it was not for the fact that 1913 was such a pivotal year in US History.

The common factor is ALL these men are tied to POLITICS.

Back to reading.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Pay attention to #7, #8 and #9 below.

OMG – you have to include number SIX, too!


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Excellent! But DAYUM, this makes me even more certain that the entire MLKJ assassination came out of that world. But the real question for me is WHO was behind it? I suspect that it was a FACTION – that a lot of this crap is “Masons vs. Masons”.

Gail Combs

There are others who are doing digging back thru the ages.

At ATS (Above Top Secret) a guy did a very deep dive into Rome (providing source material) & some speculation tying Rome to the mover and shakers of today.

Interestingly enough, he got kicked off and his work scrubbed. 🤔

He had been one of their most prolific authors.