Space Force – Logical Historical Thinking About World Stability

A Q Tree Reading Club discussion of an article by retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast, in the Hillsdale College “Imprimis”, entitled:

The Urgent Need for a United States Space Force

Between my intermittent war dances against “pencilneck” meddling (which of course are crazy, because obviously we’re the only life that a pro-life God would ever create – cough, COUGH, cOuGH) and my equally warlike antiwar sermons, people probably wonder WHAT THE HELL Wolf is thinking about SPACE.

Let’s just say that Wolf believes PEACE, FREEDOM, and INDEPENDENCE are not mutually incompatible. At ALL LEVELS.

So with that in mind, I wanted to bring everybody’s attention to a recent article which I found in my copy of “Imprimis” – one of the absolute best and most cutting-edge “Trumpian” publications out there.

Imprimis is one of the few publications I truly respect these days, and not only because I can just imagine the cultural Marxists snarking on a setting of BROIL about every issue. Imprimis is timely, and it’s intelligent, but most of all, it’s TRUMPIAN – meaning a VSG can read it and do a typical happy “Trump sniff” in agreement, and actually learn something from field specialists. I learn great stuff from Imprimis all the time, and I think you all can, too.

Imprimis is SORELY LACKING in “phony intellectualism” – you know – stuff like “let’s get rid of all cattle and bring back the buffalo herds”. That idea was known as the “buffalo commons” – and – well, you can tell just from the NAME where the idea came from.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there has been some “apologizing” and “mollifying” of said idea to make it sound less and less hare-brained over time, but let’s be honest – it’s perfectly exemplary of what I’m talking about. The promotion of this kind of thinking in academia is a big part of keeping humanity down, IMHO.

Now I LOVE buffalo for a LOT of reasons, but there is a special kind of academic tomfoolery which absolutely infects the left, and – JOY OF JOYS – you will find absolutely none of it – NONE OF IT – in Imprimis.

OK – let’s get even MORE sidetracked here.

I walk into Barnes and Noble, and I literally LAUGH – I mean I probably creep out the staff – when I look at the magazine rack. These people writing for FAKE INTELLECTUALISM like The Atlantic do not have a clue how NUTS they appear to somebody thinking logically in a post-Fake-News world.

I have no idea whether these people are going to slit their wrists over the demise of phony climate change – that socialist globalist hoax to create a fake carbon economy that NOBODY could ever figure out – or whether they will simply try to reverse the scam to global COOLING. If it’s the latter, prepare for them to proclaim that we now have to do the exact same nutty “deterraforming” (Who needs to kill the plants? – ASK THAT QUESTION) for a different reason, which I’m SURE they can groom a few new scientists into supporting, as they did for the “warming alibi”.

You starting to see how this works? SCIENTISTS! SHEEP! “BAAAAH! BAAAAH! BAAAAAAAAH!”

OH, I know – I saw it from the INSIDE.

It was all so simple. I tell you, these commies are GOOD at what they do.


This latest Imprimis is (or next to latest – I should have a new monthly copy any day) is great.

And GUESS WHAT? You can read it RIGHT HERE:

The Urgent Need for a United States Space Force

Please read this sucker, if you want to follow along with me now.

Now – let’s start on the ground floor.

At any Trump rally or on any Trump rally thread here, one of the BIGGEST crowd pleasers is ALWAYS when Trump says…..



This is emotional. This is appeal to emotion. Yeah, it’s fun – but we can’t go spending billions or trillions of dollars based on emotions. LOGICAL THINKING FOR THE WIN.

However, it’s actually a complicated business. The truth is, even when we appeal to LOGIC – even when we engage in LOGICAL THINKING – we are still, to a great extent, appealing to emotions.

Generally, these are “cool” emotions – not so much “cold anger” or “cold fear”, but more like “cool hope”. Hope that there is no war. Hope that we can defend our way of life. Love of country, and the things we have valued all our lives. When we are LOGICALLY thinking about how to defend our way of life – and even our PLANET as a whole – we are thinking emotionally down at the base. It’s OK – just recognize it. Logic and emotion can coexist sanely. Especially if they’re GOOD EMOTIONS.

Here – practice a little self-psychology. See this image as “cool hope” and not “cold anger”.

Logical thinking. CALM but LOVING and HOPEFUL, logical thinking.

Now, consider the article.

I agree with all of the things that Lt. Gen. Kwast says in his defense of the idea of the Space Force, and the reason I want you to read this, is to see that there is great logic in what he is saying. If you operate from the conservative thinking that we share here, then almost all of what he’s saying is pretty much a no-brainer, other than figuring out HOW TO DO IT as fast as he thinks (and I think) we need to proceed.

In fact, my thinking is that “the other side” – loosely defined – is ALWAYS trying to slow down our work in space – to control it, to keep it penned in – to keep it subordinate to something which pretty much looks like the Chinese military at this point.

But set ALL of that aside.

I want to ADD some reasons to what Lt. Gen. Kwast is giving us.

I think that – from a “globalist” standpoint – meaning the standpoint of many of the OPPONENTS of President Trump – the most RESPONSIBLE nation needs to lead the way in space. And – quite frankly – and particularly under President Trump and Vice President Pence….


Yeah, I know it’s fashionable and vain and all “virtuous” and “virtue-signaling” on the LEFT to be self-deprecating under such circumstances. “Blame America First” and all that. But it’s not smart. BE REAL. China and India aren’t ready, they’re too self-centered, too grossly ambitious, and not going to give a good result for everybody. You KNOW it’s true, globalists. Russia? Well, frankly, they’ll do better following Trump than leading on their own. And you know THAT is true, too. Particularly when people get off Russia’s case, because they have no more sketchy plays, or any need to make them.

Likewise, on the right it’s fashionable – if not de rigueur – to state that OF COURSE America is THE BEST and yada yada yada, which – even if true – tends to become habit more than a carefully checked truth every time the argument is either needed or simply seems obvious. And America CAN BE and WILL BE stupid, on occasion, have no doubt, as Obama just proved to us.

Now I’m not one of these people who buys many arguments about Chinese inferiority and failure to invent, or be capable of invention. I just don’t buy it. I read a lot of scientific work by Chinese scientists and engineers in my day, and I never saw evidence of this AT ALL. Likewise, more recently, in studying how China has fooled the West over and over – NO – you’re not going to convince me that it’s just “Those Smart JOOZ(TM)” or “The Rothschilds(TM)” who are the actual brains behind China’s extraordinarily successful scamming of the West. Yeah, there are a bunch of Euro-Globos and Wall Streeters and Chinese and Muslims and “whatever” who are all “frenemies” and figuring out how to both ally with each other and beat the others at the same time, as they FEED on American wealth and good-natured victimhood. But if anything, I’d say that this alliance of SHARKS argues for equal membership in whatever school they’ve formed.

In any case, the Chinese ain’t stupid. In fact, they’re so smart, they MADE MANY OF US BELIEVE an extraordinary amount of superiority BULLSHIT while they LIFTED OUR WALLET.

OK? Let’s just be clear here.

Well, now that we’ve woken up just a bit – but are also operating under a President who authentically despises the waste of war, maybe NOW really is the time for us to LEAD SANELY ON SPACE, and SET AN EXAMPLE for everybody else.

You will note, I hope, that the American military gets less war-like, and more authentically defense-oriented, all the time. This is a good thing. So frankly, I would say that now is the time to let that kind of thinking SET THE TONE for space for the next century. Not the kind of global “dupe thinking” we’ve had at one extreme, nor the kind of “shoot ’em at Roswell” thinking that undoubtedly sends pencil-necked peaceniks into a tizzy.


Somebody has to lead with it. AND – right now – I think the best candidate to do so is US.

So what do YOU think?


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Right on cue, BFLY!


Talk about timing. I just read this article in my Imprimus yesterday! I encourage everyone to read it at the link Wolf provided. The author writes about very complex issues in a clear and easy to comprehend way that will open your mind to what the mission of Space Force should be.
The possibilities for benefits the author points out are things I’ve never heard, and the risks of letting China lead the way are terrifying.
I have a better idea of what Trump means when he promotes the SPACE FORCE in a loud voice, then often quietly adds, “so important. So important”.


The “go slow” crowd need to go-go-go away, along with a vast number of members of Congress who are guilty of either small minded thinking, or intentionally suppressing America’s future growth.
Time to bring back the excitement and innovation that we experienced in the 60’s at the beginning of the space program.

CM in TN

That’s exactly what we need! There used to be a big push for STEM type studies…various engineering, mathematical, and scientific areas of focus that is now lacking in education. Instead we have a lot of our own kids taking worthless, feel good courses of study that get them no real jobs outside of the pampered college bubble. We bring in far too many foreign students and tech workers on visas instead of growing our own. We see how often our intellectual property is stolen and sent back overseas. This needs to stop. We need to make our institutions of higher learning and trade schools the envy of the world again.


“Instead we have a lot of our own kids taking worthless, feel good courses of study that get them no real jobs outside of the pampered college bubble.”
Then after achieving a degree that may or may not help secure gainful employment they’re looking at another decade of paying off student loans. The whole construct looks like a great way to put generations of young adults behind the eight ball right out of the gate.
Instead of debt ridden these should be productive years for starting families and getting ahead.


Everything is about power.
Anyone inside our government who is advocating to ‘go slow’ is throwing the game, and revealing themselves as traitors in the process.
If you ‘go slow’, you get overtaken.
So if you advocate going slow, you want to be overtaken — because that’s the only possible outcome.
It’s that simple.
Nobody who is actually ON our team wants our team to be overtaken.
Anyone who does, therefore, isn’t actually on our team — they’re on somebody else’s team.
So that’s how you know who the traitors are.
In every era I’ve ever heard of, the traitors were orders of magnitude more subtle and careful.
DJT is like Wonder Woman’s golden ‘lasso of truth’ (I haven’t seen the movies, I remember the TV show with Linda Carter). Anybody who gets close to DJT can’t seem to help but reveal themselves.
It’s the weirdest thing.


Great and informative article, Wolf – Thanks for sharing!
We have much to do if we are to compete in the 21st Century world – while our military is second to none – our Space Force is not – however – I am confident President Trump already knows this – but – first, he must get the American people on board – because they are skeptical – which is normal – past proves future.
What an exciting time in history to be alive and to witness the possibilities of American ingenuity – a sleeping giant right now – but, set free – will propel us into a future we could never even have imagined!


The final frontier….


Well after reading that exceptional article, the LAST place President Trump should locate the Space Force is anywhere near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs!!!!


“Air” Force just seems reluctant to fully embrace “Space” Force, and if that is true, we’d be better off building a new agency from scratch that has its own physical HQ in a different city. We don’t need the ‘turf’ battles that might occur between old and new blood.

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf for opening my eyes and I am sure others. Looks like the confrontation with China is much
more than what we currently think. Crippling them economically will definitely effect their resources to continue their space desire.


I was really surprised at 2 things he said in this article that would be a huge benefit: 1- beaming down unlimited energy from space to everyone on earth; and 2-providing unlimited fresh water. Now if they were smart, they would use this as a bludgeon on the global warming crowd. After all, they want to get rid of fossil fuels. This would provide a way to do so without sending us back to the stone age.


Great write up Wolf. Imprimis article, a breath of fresh air.
Consider this well worn fact. A dominate “Blue Water Navy” is imperative to freedom of the seas, free trade…
– US Navy delivers that reality.
The same can be said of, A dominate Space Force is imperative to freedom of the space, exploration, free trade, economic development…
\- US Space Force needs to deliver this reality.
Space Force MUST be allowed to develop and flourish unfettered from US Air Force dominance and interference.
– Air Power had to be unleashed to realize its potential.
– Air Craft Carriers allowed to realize their potential over battle ships.
– Tanks allowed to realize their potential over infantry.
^^^ They ALL have their unique contribution and ABSOLUTE NEED.
AND, Congress for once, needs to STOP petty politics.
The need for the premier Space Force on Earth is a no brainer.


Yes absolutely! We need a Space Force!
What an excellent Article by Lt.Gen. Kwast!
Thank you, Wolfie, for directing our attention to it and posting this thread!
I could not agree more with what Kwast said.
All of it was so spot on.
Urgent Need…indeed!
This is yet another reason why PDJT must be reelected…and why we must take back the House.
I’m not sure about one thing that Kwast said…delivering energy from Space.
Was he referring to using Helium3?
If he was referring to his idea of creating Solar Power in space and beaming it down to earth…then, I have reservations about beaming electricity through the air without power lines.
We don’t know the dangers of that yet.
There could be health risks.


“– the most RESPONSIBLE nation needs to lead the way in space.”
What nation is ‘responsible’, and who decides?
I can’t even think of it in those terms.
I think that if we don’t lead then someone else certainly will, and whoever that is, they will have an advantage over us, which could be used to destroy us.
And if it could be used to destroy us, then it certainly would be.
Allowing some other nation to take the lead in space is tantamount to putting ourselves at the mercy of other nations, most of which are run by ruthless people. Probably psychopaths.
Suppose we’re talking about China, Russia and India.
Allowing any of them to take the lead would be like being trapped in a cell with four strangers, and someone slides a knife under the door.
You don’t want to hurt anybody, but you definitely don’t want any of the other guys to be able to hurt you.
So you better get to that knife first.
Just like we better be first when it comes to space.


Peace through strength.
You can’t be strong if your adversaries are over your head and you are under their heel.


I meant three strangers… it’s late 😁


“Unlike people here who were trained deceptively by communists to “blame America first”,”
I’ve never done that, I never accepted or incorporated such anti-American indoctrination, not even a little — and I don’t have any cause to associate with anyone who does.
“It changes one’s calculations about the world quite a bit, to realize there are circumstances where one’s own country can become so tyrannical, that wishing for a regime’s success is self-destructive, and wishing for its failure is liberating.”
Yes, that’s exactly what was happening to our country, certainly since Reagan, and Hussein was so brazen about it that the only way you could miss it is if you purposely looked away.
I didn’t wish for the Hussein regime’s success, every ‘success’ he had was a direct attack on We the People, on America, and he gloated over every one like the treasonous pig he is.
“Short version analogy – don’t pull a knife on a helping first responder.”
Make sure it’s actually a first responder, and not an islamist or a communist using the cover of a first responder to penetrate enemy lines with an ambulance full of explosives.


“Yeah, I know it’s fashionable and vain and all “virtuous” and “virtue-signaling” on the LEFT to be self-deprecating under such circumstances. “Blame America First” and all that.”
Then those people on the Left (most of whom are probably spies anyway) can volunteer to be in submission to others in order to feel virtuous.
What they can’t do is volunteer ME to be in submission to others.
So they can &^%$ ALL the way off.
Back to the four men in a cell example.
If someone slides a knife under the door, and the other three guys don’t lunge for it, if they prefer submission, that’s fine by me.
Because I’ll have the knife.
Either way.
If they’re not even going to try for it, all the better.


Not having the knife is not an option.


” China and India aren’t ready, they’re too self-centered, too grossly ambitious, and not going to give a good result for everybody.”
And they never will be ‘ready’, because nobody will ever have our best interests are heart better than us.
What are we even talking about this for?


edit / correction: “And they never will be ‘ready’, because nobody will ever have our best interests are at heart better than us.”


“Likewise, on the right it’s fashionable – if not de rigueur – to state that OF COURSE America is THE BEST and yada yada yada, which – even if true – tends to become habit more than a carefully checked truth every time the argument is either needed or simply seems obvious.”
When traitors infiltrate the government, America is anything BUT the ‘best’ — by intent and design of the traitors.
But until or unless they actually succeed in toppling the Republic, the constant remains, that America is the BEST for us.
Nobody else is EVER going to look out for our interests better than we will.
Not England (ha!), not France (double ha!), not China, not Lichtenstein, not Angola, not Canadia, not the U.N., nobody.
Even if America was the worst nation in the world from everyone else’s perspective, it would still be the best from our perspective, because it’s all we’ve got — and the same is true for every other nation.
It’s self-interest and self-preservation.
This is as old as mankind.
Nobody volunteers to put himself at the mercy of strangers if he has any other option.
That’s not just stupid, it’s suicidal.
I don’t care if all the virtue-signalling to ever occur — past, present, and future — claims otherwise.
It’s irrelevant.
And insulting.


As I said before the election, and have said ever since, if she had succeeded in cheating her way into power, I don’t believe she would have survived to the inauguration.
There were at least 30 attempts on Hitler’s life during WWII.
There would have been at least that many on devil woman before the end of November.
The only reason she’s alive today is because she lost.
A lot of the time it seems like we’re just passengers in the fate of our own lives. That changes when an insane megalomaniac subverts the lawful election process and takes power by duplicity with the obvious intent to destroy the Republic.
If someone turns the car toward a cliff and puts a brick on the accelerator, you don’t just sit there passively in the passenger seat and go over the cliff.
Some people would, but a whole lot of people wouldn’t.
America wasn’t just going to throw in the towel and call it a good run.
There have never been so many guns bought by Americans as were bought in the run-up to the 2016 election. People who had never owned a gun in their lives were buying guns. LOTS of people.
It wasn’t because people suddenly developed a fondness for guns…


“In any case, the Chinese ain’t stupid. In fact, they’re so smart, they MADE MANY OF US BELIEVE an extraordinary amount of superiority BULLSHIT while they LIFTED OUR WALLET.”
We were sold out by ‘our own’ people.
They sold us out.
We didn’t.
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
― Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron
It doesn’t take a genius to buy off the members of our government, it’s easy, anybody with enough cash can do it, and LOTS of people try, every day, all the day long (that’s the primary and probably ONLY function of the CoC, for example).
That’s why Treason is a capital offense, because it is a shortcut to the jugular of a nation.
That’s why you don’t fool around with a dubious ‘life sentence’ that could (and would) be pardoned or commuted by the next sell-out to become president — you put them to death.
Both to send the message to everyone else, and to make sure they can’t come back and do it again.
Which they would.
Hussein would do it again in a heartbeat, just like all the rest of his crew.
In a second


“Well, now that we’ve woken up just a bit – but are also operating under a President who authentically despises the waste of war, maybe NOW really is the time for us to LEAD SANELY ON SPACE, and SET AN EXAMPLE for everybody else.”
For now.
But we’re only as good as our leadership, and that changes every four or eight years.
As SD regularly reminds us, there are trillions at stake, and unfortunately, nothing even close to a majority takes that seriously, so we are constantly under attack and our own political-class is constantly facilitating the enemy.
We (mankind) are in a horrible predicament (this world), and so naturally, we have a horrible and dysfunctional system.
It’s just better than any other system we have come up with.


Somebody has to lead with it. AND – right now – I think the best candidate to do so is US.
So what do YOU think?”
I think we’re always the best candidate, not because we’re good, but because everyone else is worse (from our perspective).
In other words, if we have a choice, then I vote for us.
And so does everyone else, everybody ‘votes’ for themselves, for their country, for their own best interest. And nobody thinks a stranger or a foreigner has their best interest at heart — unless they’ve lost their minds.
It’s why ‘globalism’ is an insane fantasy, perpetrated by the sickest predators who ever lived, on people who don’t think things through very well.
If other nations could take the lead, they certainly would.
So if we don’t, that doesn’t make us ‘virtuous’, it makes us stupid.
Darwin Award stupid.


There is no such thing as a ‘global community’ and there never has been.
Nobody knows the truth of that better than the pit of vipers at the U.N., continually seeking to divvy up the world’s spoils for themselves.
Human beings are tribal, and all the best Leftists in all their ivory towers will never change that.
Nation-states are big tribes.
Every sovereign nation-state tribe does what is necessary to survive — or it ceases to exist.
Some nation-state tribes are better than others, and we can know that any claim to the contrary is a lie simply by looking at where it is that people want to leave, and where it is that people want to go.
And why.
There is a big difference between crashing somebody’s wedding, and marrying into the family.
Leftists and globalists want us to forget such things, to forget reality. Not because they’re virtuous, but because it’s in their self-interest, because it facilitates their objective, which is to destroy human freedom in general, and America in particular.
Theodore Roosevelt was pretty much on the money in the following quote. The only thing he missed was to state an exception for islam, because islam is fundamentally incompatible with freedom, and is by its very nature, purposely subversive of freedom.
“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.
But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.
We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
— Theodore Roosevelt, 1907
America is our tribe.
Anybody who comes here better do so with the intent to become part of our tribe.
All the way.
Or not at all.
That’s what Roosevelt was saying.