The Revelations of Sundance of MAGA – Evidence Discussion 02 – Is Clinesmith the End of the Road?

The question of FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, the indictment of whom was POSSIBLY announced by AG William Barr in response to Sundance’s announcement of an imminent release about DOJ, is very interesting.

Clinesmith is the guy who altered an email about Carter Page, hiding that Page was a CIA source, and thus allowed the BAD Carter Page FISA to continue to be used against Trump.

Is Clinesmith cooperating? How MUCH is he cooperating? People are speculating like crazy. A lot of people are taking Barr’s “gib” as a sign that BIG FISH ARE GONNA BE IN THE FRYIN’ PAN! Clinesmith has to be cooperating! He’s SINGING!!!

Really? “Trey Gowdy really?” Are we sure this isn’t more “Tick Tock Club”?

Remember James Wolfe? He THREATENED to give up a bunch of people in the Senate. Sure seems very convenient that DOJ attorney Jussie K. Liu made that all go away with a wrist-slap for lying to the FBI.

Yeah, but now it’s DURHAM. And Durham is a “straight shooter”!

OK, so you say Sundance says Durham’s not real, yada yada yada, but throw that all aside – Clinesmith is TALKING. RIGHT?

Set aside the possibility – which I think is very real – that MKULTRA techniques may have been used on Clinesmith, to insure he would “come through” on “Carter Page not a source”. Totally subconscious. He won’t remember a thing. Those techniques can also interfere with investigation. “Missing time.” Gaps in memory. There is some possibility that these techniques can be REVERSED, but SET THAT ASIDE, TOO.

We simply need to know two things:

  • is Clinesmith giving up useful evidence which will get more coupsters?
  • is OTHER evidence accumulating that will get more coupsters?

Q seems to be saying YES!

Room for 5 more indictments.


Link to New Q Drop

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV617 Aug 2020 – 6:59:35 PM

[Placeholder – Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ]
[Set 1]
1. Kevin Clinesmith [KC][11.3]
[Placeholder – Indictments Tracking > Civ]

Will this information have come from Clinesmith?

Not necessarily, IMO. I think it’s possible, but there may be MORE witnesses and MORE evidence.

We do NOT know how these indictments relate.

So what do you all think?

I’m up in the air right now. I want to hear MORE from Sundance.

Tomorrow – whoops, I mean TODAY is Tuesday. Sundance promised to DROP today. Let’s see what happens.

On Sunday, in one of his talk show coverage posts, Sundance had a video of Nunes talking about Clinesmith. Take a listen:

NOW – this is very interesting – Gateway pundit restates something that makes a lot of sense – that Comey “knew” Carter Page was CIA.

If you read the article, you will see that this reasoning is based on the fact that Carter Page is KNOWN to have sent a letter to Comey, telling him that he had worked for the CIA. Page copied a WITNESS on it, so this is a KNOWN FACT.

In my opinion, TGP is overstating the case by ASSUMING that Comey believed that letter. Well, whether or not Comey believed he letter, we know that FBI top brass was RE-ASKING the lowers about Carter Page’s CIA status when Clinesmith DOCTORED THE EMAIL to hide it. So in my opinion, Comey was getting COVER from Clinesmith when he asked for VALIDATION on Carter Page having no relationship to the CIA.

Clinesmith GAVE Comey that cover by doctoring the email.

So GREAT – there has to be some smoking gun where Comey or McCabe or SOMEBODY told Clinesmith what to do – to doctor the email – RIIIIIIIGHT?

WRONG! There may be, but we don’t know yet.

OK, then. Is it the opposite? Clinesmith did it all by himself – right? End of the line? One guy caused all this damage by doctoring an email?

ALSO WRONG! It may be, but we don’t know yet.

I want to know more about what DOJ is holding here.

And I want to see what SUNDANCE is holding, too.





“Not what you expected, is it?”
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I read through the article again and feel I’m missing something and it is missing something, though it is very detailed. I kept thinking that we know the things enumerated, and I didn’t understand SD’s point.
I made this timeline:
2/9/17 – 11/7/18 Sessions AG
11/7/18 – 2/14/19 Whitaker acting AG
2/14/19 Barr AG
April 2019 Barr launched investigation into origin of FBI’s investigation of Russsia’s interference in 2016
election. Durham was appointed by Barr around this time to look into Crossfire Hurricane.
October 2019 Durham’s investigation was reported to have become a criminal probe.
SD says Barr needs to explain this to the nation:
“The intelligence apparatus was weaponized against a candidate by those who controlled the levers of government.” Isn’t that what these investigations are for?
This statement isn’t clear because it is missing something grammatically.
“Where the DOJ and Bill Barr’s investigative unit labeled ‘The Durham Investigation’ is directly connected to the decisions the special counsel and DOJ made in 2017 and 2018 to protect themselves and internally corrupt actors from discovery.”
Durham’s investigation started in about April of 2019. According to his Wiki page, “Durham was given the authority ‘to broadly examin[e] the government’s collection of intelligence involving the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians,’ reviewing government documents and requesting voluntary witness statements.” And then it became a criminal probe. So isn’t Durham looking into the events of 2017-1018?
Swipes at Barr at the end: 1) “That type of honest sunlight delivery means taking people back into the background of the larger story and explaining what decisions were made; with brutal honesty and without trepidation for the consequences, regardless of their severity and regardless of the friends of Bill Barr compromised by the truth.”
2) “We know…. You know…. William Aldenberg knows and likely by tonight John Durham knows; so AG Bill Barr shouting at President Trump not to ‘tweet‘ doesn’t change the fact this corrupt curtain has been removed and the truth stands on it’s own merit.”
I notice there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about this or coverage on conservative sites. It is time-consuming, and I haven’t fully digested it yet. Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if some others are going to have a difficult time trying to decipher what SD is getting at and expects to happen.


Wait…didn’t we learn that Sessions had appointed Durham to investigate the internal corruption and leaks in the DOJ?
And that thing about “compartmentalization” of the whole Investigation…with different compartments not knowing what the other compartments are investigating?
When you are dealing with the Deep State, which has tentacles into everything…it makes sense to ‘compartmentalize’ the investigations.
The object is to keep the Deep State from knowing what is being discovered — not to keep things from being discovered.


I’m a big fan of sunlight too, as you know.
I just don’t want anything to play into the hands of the coup-plotters and their skeevy defense attorneys.
How does it help us win This Election to make it seem like our white hats are doing something wrong?
And sorry for the delay in replying…I’m not getting an ‘orange dot’ on my notifications bell sometimes.
So unless I open it up and check, I don’t know when I’ve gotten a reply.


I pick “Trump reelected”, of course.
But why does that have to be an either/or choice?
It doesn’t.
We can have Both.
But it may not be on Sd’s preferred timeline.
If we don’t get Pres Trump reelected…then the ChiComs will own us!
This is the most important Election of our lifetimes.
We have to retake the House, retain the Senate and get Pres Trump reelected.
I’m sorry if I keep harping on that, but to me, that’s the most important thing right now.
I still fail to see how this Sd drama is going to help us with the Elections.
I would prefer to see him apply his investigative zeal to the ChiComs…and expose all the ways that they are paying off the Dems/Media and trying to keep Pres Trump from being reelected.
Now if he did that 👆…then I would get out my pompoms and join the Sd cheering squad.

Sylvia Avery

Wheatie, you have a way of boiling things down to the crucial essence. It is one of your superpowers. It helped me to refine my focus. Now let’s get PDJT reelected! That is THE biggest priority.


Thanks, Syl.
Yep, nothing is more important than getting our President reelected!

Sylvia Avery

(He’s gonna win again, Wheatie!)😘😘😘👍

Sylvia Avery

Smuchas, Wolfie, thanks for posting this. Your thoughts and observations are always worth knowing, and in this case reassuring. I’ll keep my eyes open.


If Trump is reelected, we get four years to push for the coup plotters to be prosecuted.
If Trump loses, even if the plotters were charged today, they will never be prosecuted.
Trump has to win. Sundance needs to stand down. It isn’t even a question of whether he is correct or not. It’s a question of helping or hurting the President’s reelection.
I think Sundance may be being used by the bad guys, honestly. I will continue to follow the story, and contribute information as I can (and will; I know more than I will write about Aldenberg), but I wish he would stop.
Sunlight isn’t helpful when you are sneaking across the Delaware in the dark, to attack the enemy before he can defend himself.


“I think Sundance may be being used by the bad guys, honestly.”
I wondered the same thing, Aubergine.


THIS RIGHT HERE is the problem I keep harping and harping on.
Sundance’s writing style and explanations are not gonna cut it for “normies.” If WE can’t follow it, with all of the background knowledge we have, the AVERAGE voter isn’t gonna see it either.
I agree with Wheatie on this. The election is what matters right now. NOTHING else.
If Trump wins, we have four years to do what Sundance claims to be trying to do. If he loses, nothing revealed between now and the election means a damned thing.
If Trump isn’t President, NO prosecution begun now will ever bear fruit, ever. What Sundance is doing is counter-productive. I’m glad most of the conservative universe is ignoring him, or outright disavowing him.


I will look at evidence that Barr is covering for his friends or Durham is not investigating or Aldenberg should not be on the case, etc., but I haven’t seen that evidence yet. Maybe it’s in the packets SD talks about. But I agree that right before the election is not the time to do this. It is very distracting, and we need all hands on deck, in full force, without our time being taken by other issues. Dems are throwing enough stuff at us as it is.

Gail Combs

The time is AFTER the election not before!

Sylvia Avery

It’s been so long since I have bothered to read anything SD wrote I had forgotten that feeling of furrowing my brow and reading through one of his posts only to get to the end and go “what?” And then go back and reread, and reread some more. And I’m not an idiot. I was an English major. I’m used to reading densely written essays. But I need a secret decoder ring to get what SD is trying to say.


Me, too. Do those still come in Cracker Jacks?

Sylvia Avery

😂😂😂😂 I don’t know! Don’t even know if they still make Cracker Jacks!!!!!


Shouldn’t I be offended by Cracker Jacks?

Sylvia Avery

I wondered that, too!!!! 😂😂😂

Sylvia Avery

Oh gosh, I bet they do! Do they still have the secret prize inside? I loved those…….

Sylvia Avery

My grandparents used to buy us those as a treat……and I just loved the prize! Glad the tradition continues! 😊😊😊😊😊



CM in TN

I’m still going with what Joe diGenova said a week or so ago and that was he thinks that some will be indicted before the election, but many more afterwards. We still don’t have all the courts secure. Just look at the D.C. Court of Appeals…


Full disclosure: I have had a lot of trouble following all of the revelations OT and making sense of things.
AG Barr ended the witch-hunt. Q has been telling us that would happen for a long time, and in what order. I found that more helpful than the criticism, OT, of AG Barr.
Actions mean more to me than words, especially in Washington. Even so, I believe that AG Barr has done a great job in explaining what needs to be done to restore Justice in this country and I see him doing that. He may not be going as fast as some would like, but contending with sabotage from corrupt officials and replacing corrupt judges in order to get a fair trial is not an instantaneous process.
He has said a lot, clearly and forcefully and in a way that people can understand, about the coup but i think he cannot and must not say or do anything that might prejudice the prosecution of the criminals involved, (which I agree, will only happen if the President is re-elected). I love his responses to Congress.
So I am a fan, and I am saying so because I think appreciation needs to be expressed where we can for those on our side. It is a lot easier to be left in this country than right and people can experience a lot of grief for saying and doing the right thing..
I don’t understand how an investigator appointed by and working under the main investigator isn’t part of the same investigation. Maybe I missed something.
SD has a place in our fight and I feel sad that he works so hard and tries so hard to make a difference and thereby has to look at so much negative stuff. I think it colors his attitudes and he needs our prayers,
He is attempting to inform the public, but for many (at least me) his articles are so detailed that they become too much to wade through and they are hard to skim…..and I am more interested in politics than most.
And then there is this:
Dividing and censoring the President’s supporters is not helpful, imo.
I don’t expect perfection on our side and I don’t think it is helpful to have that mindset. If we see people working on behalf of the President and mostly doing their job then I think it is worthwhile to support them and save our ire and fire for the truly evil on the other side.
As others here have said, our primary goal should be the re- election of President Trump. To keep him in office we need a Republican House and Senate. We need Mitch and we need Lindsey so we should probably say and do all we can to help them and other Republicans get re-elected.
We need an energized and enthusiastic army of digital warriors searching out the truth and getting it out to the rest of the public because we sure as hell cannot rely on the vacant, leftist tools in the MSM.
We need one another and we need to be able to communicate with one another not only to inform, but to support when the going gets rough so that we can stay in the fight.
Think about it this way….
Do you want to be part of a family that is constantly criticizing and finding fault with one another snd fighting amongst themselves or one which exhibits appreciation for one another and allows disagreements without throwing the offending member out?
Using the word “family” for the President’s supporters might be a stretch but in a sense it is the finest and best description of the kind of attitude held by its members that strengthens them and helps them be effective and successful in the world.
This message—WWG1WGA—is bringing people together all over the world. Hopefully it will help


Last words last sentence: All tree people.

Sylvia Avery

Well said, LM. I agree wholeheartedly.


I have followed this Sundance drama reveal & everyone’s thoughts. I am in Wheatie’s, Aubergine’s camp: that re-electing President Trump is the only thing that matters a whit at this time. I followed this Big Ugly stuff pretty well since Judge Collyer’s order July 2017. A lawyer for 30 years, I used to be pretty respected in my tiny legal niche, yet this is so complex, overwhelming, & of course not my area, that I feel like a total maroon (spelling joke). You all blow me away how smart you are, which is 1 of 2 reasons I rarely comment. (2nd reason is techno). Normies’ eyes glaze over… mine too at times. The corruption of our legal system is staggering. That much I get!!!

Sylvia Avery

I don’t have your creds, yamabudo, but I’ve been following it closely from the beginning, too. But you’re right, it has gotten so complex and widespread it is hard to make sense of a lot of it. If we’re struggling, think how it must be for normies to try to get up to speed.
I’m really glad you spoke up. It’s reassuring to me that a lawyer who has been following this closely finds it hard to follow. Speak up more often, please! You’re worth listening to.


You are so kind. Fwiw ,my dad, WWII vet, healthy 93, atty 25 yrs, law professor 25 more years, multiple post JD degrees, feels same as we do in regard to the complexity, difficulty, etc. I have always felt whatever justice we see will be in the 2d term. As a taxpayer, all this chicanery is beyond infuriating.

Sylvia Avery

Oh, glad to hear your dad’s thoughts, too! God bless him.


To avoid offending Wolfe or anyone here, i posted my reply to my site.
IF enough want it here I will post it. lets just say I am DISAPPOINTED in SD. BIGLY.


I think you are correct that there is a much larger picture here, a forest, if you will, that Sundance is missing for the trees.


BINGO. Sundance is looking at a BRANCH of a BIG oak tree, IGNORING the rest.


I agree with you that he has the Durham timeline all wrong, which is leading him to make some incorrect suppositions.


Exactly my point, simple and concise, TY Linda.


I have been the remedial student multiple times throughout the years, both here and at OT and fellow treepers have always been helpful and kind.
This question is not being anti SD … I still read/scan OT daily (mostly scan and scroll and I am looking news and events – great comments bring tidbits from all over)
Anyway … I don’t “get” it.
Why was revealing the name of the prosecutor/investigator supposed to be such a HUGE boom? What was all of the fuss? What coverage and what was the point? What big impact was that reveal supposed to have?
It doesn’t seem to have been such a big deal … are the outward going waves from the reveal still being felt or still building and then will be felt?
SD thinks people didn’t know things … did they not know or not care and pretent to not know?


SD is as clear as mud on this one. Don’t feel alone in your confusion.


OK – thanks to both of you all for answering. So I am not lost in not understanding but am actually up to date as far as it has gone. Got it.
I will keep on keeping on with what I am doing to MAGA and win 2020 as the last 4 yrs are still better than under HIllary or any other dem … but President Trump could have done so much more good without crimes against him and I am Very concerned about our future if no justice is brought.

Sadie Slays

Brian Cates posted a thread questioning the latest SD post about William Aldenberg. Worth a read if you want a skeptic’s take on it, but the theory at the end is why I’m posting this:
“This actually makes more sense than Sundance tracking down Aldenberg, getting him to sit for an interview that turned into a briefing, and then some kind of contractual relationship.”comment image