Reality Hacking Caught By Patriots – The GuginoGate Timeline

I have been on the Martin Gugino story since nearly the beginning, when I created this screenshot from an original video at exactly [TIMESTAMP]: Fri 05 Jun 2020 12∶52∶17 AM EDT.

I then blew it up 3X and focused in, taking another screenshot of the expanded screenshot, at Fri 05 Jun 2020 01∶02∶34 AM EDT.

From that moment on, #GuginoGate has been a FIGHT in my battlespace, and has escalated to international confrontation – as well it should.


Not for this Wolf.

I had hoped to do a definitive piece on GuginoGate, and while planning it, I realized there would likely be many small pieces, missed at first, to be added later. THUS, I’m going to steal one of Daughn’s favorite tricks, and present this as a TIMELINE. Timelines are easy to update, yet stay coherent and relevant. They present the full story, and they are useful like crazy to other researchers – as was my early observation simply QUESTIONING the Gugino narrative, and providing a visual reason WHY.

So here we go – a TIMELINE OF GUGINOGATE. All times are Eastern Daylight Time (NYC).

I will start not at the moment of Gugino’s actions, but rather at the point where the PUBLIC became aware of them.


Thanks to a great comment by Dep Pat, now an article, I have decided to get this thing back out of the Drafts folder and publish it. WE have the goods. NOW is the time to get them out.

Click on the article link to see how GuginoGate was revealed to be a great example of REALITY HACKING.

I am now PILING ON with this review, which I had “almost finished”, but you know how THAT works.

JUNE 4, 2020

9:13 PM

WBFO Buffalo posts this tweet, which ignites #GuginoGate.

I have preserved this tweet as an image, in case it is ever deleted.

If you go to look at WBFO’s managed timeline of replies to this tweet, you will see *EXCEPTIONAL* grooming of the responses. Only a very few, selected responses remain. Only a very few, very weak tweets contradicting the “MSM narrative” of Gugino are seen, and effective responses to those tweets are left in place. Absolutely no replies suggesting fraud or trickery are seen, even though (see below) we know that such responses began within a few hours elsewhere.

Indeed, among the early responses, only this thread of updates and replies by WBFO itself remain, ENDING IN A FUNDRAISING PITCH.

Note that the political payday began IMMEDIATELY – that night – June 4. This creates a new question – were WBFO and other media left-activists ready to pounce on the Police Commissioner with this “reporting”? Worse still, was there any collusion with Democrat government officials – possibly deniable?

Note the close association of WBFO and NPR (Twitter profile logo). This will become extremely relevant.

11:42 PM

Kim Dotcom tweets about the Desmond/Gugino footage, characterizing it as “attempting to shake hands”. This is the video from WBFO that I analyzed.

Here is the video’s introductory image, which shows the initial phone positioning quite well, with excellent resolution.


12:25 AM

New York Times is already fronting the story.

1:00 AM

As a follower of Kim Dotcom on Twitter, I see his late tweet of the WBFO/NPR footage.

I watch the footage for the handshake, but it’s clearly not a handshake, because something is in his extended right hand. Interestingly, it appears that his hand and arm motions are designed to appear plausible in TWO NARRATIVES:

  • Trying to shake hands with two cops
  • Trying to “do something” with the cop’s belts

I will come back to this later.

My initial theory is that Gugino is FILMING the cop weaponry, so that ANTIFA or other [probably violent] leftists engaging the police can see what the police are carrying in real time. I’m also thinking that this is a form of “bird-dogging” as described by associates and underlings of Robert Creamer, such as Scott Foval, in undercover videos from Project Veritas. The waving at the cop belt is meant to provoke the police, since they are trained to NEVER let people grab at their belts, and to react swiftly if people DO grab (or even point closely) at their belts.

1:30 AM

I tweet about my observations.

I also point out that Kim Dotcom calling this “offering to shake hands” was quite disingenuous.

Note by what I say in the second tweet, that I have at this point ALREADY seen theories that the blood on the ground was somehow STAGED, but I am not contending for those theories – just mentioning them.

2:00 AM

Sundance is already spotting the problematic hand-motions – one way or another they are “not innocuous”. Sundance is leaning toward a new theory – radio skimming.

Sundance’s Twitter post includes a long thread outlining the radio-skimming theory. My initial reaction is to admit the radio-skimming theory as being, OVERALL, just as reasonable as the tactical-belt-video-capture theory.

7:00 AM

By daybreak, I’m already receiving flak on this, which will grow to be more than I’ve gotten in YEARS. Example:


8:30 AM

New York Post publishes information from the Mayor of Buffalo implying that Gugino was an agitator there to cause trouble.


I found it interesting at the time, that Buffalo’s mayor was taking steps to keep the police placated and to stay on their side. Clearly he was not ready to go down the road of some Democrat mayors, turning on their police forces.

Alert viewers of the video are already pointing out the suspicious use of medical tubing on the inner mask of Gugino’s double mask, and positing more strongly that it was a STAGED event.

Gugino is also spotted talking on his phone soon afterward. This is normal for a simple bonk of the head – it is absolutely not normal for blood running out of the ear. Something is wrong here.

Note that the Twitter user who spotted the tubing is being responded to with the artful deception that “it’s just two masks”. This is a partial truth – yes, there is a second mask – and it’s clear on closer inspection that the “second mask” is a real but modified mask that is used as a plausible architecture to get tubing into play and then get it to the ears.

This is why it’s important to understand how PLAUSIBILITY is used as a weapon by the left, to create compelling LIES.

6:00 PM

Sundance posts a DEFINITIVE article on Gugino, collecting numerous threads, which is then used as background by all researchers, including (undoubtedly) OAN. This will prove critical later.

Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out…


Sundance’s article includes the RED MEAT PHOTO of Gugino talking with video submitter Mike Desmond, a reporter for WBFO/NPR before the incident, but does not identify Desmond as the man in the picture.


There is now a MASSIVE online response, including both AI bots and live leftists. Whoever or whatever is noting here that Gugino’s fall does not look natural, that user is double-teamed by deniers – one live, one likely a bot.



This is the day that all hell breaks loose, and attacks between corporate media entities begin.

OAN’s Pearson Sharp does a 5-minute segment on Gugino – this creates a MASSIVE frenzy on the left.

8:30 AM

Trump tweets about Gugino, with attribution to OANN TV coverage, and the left descends into paroxysms of angst.

12:50 PM

MSNBC Producer Kyle Griffin attacks OAN reporter Pearson Sharp with “Muh Russia” conspiracy theory angle.

3:26 PM

A hit job on Trump, attempting to discredit Trump’s tweet by linking it to Sundance and The Conservative Treehouse, is launched by Will Sommer of The Daily Beast.


3:32 PM

I cautiously ask for more information about who Gugino is talking to in the photo of him with Mike Desmond. I don’t yet realize who it is – I think it’s somebody I know in a completely different context, which would constitute a major national security problem.

4:00 PM

Hillary Clinton retweets Kyle Griffin

5:00 PM

Will Sommer tweets out his hit job on CTH.

7:00 PM

I am already starting to realize – in part thanks to Will Sommer’s criticisms of the “wanding” theories (quite ironic) that:

  • Gugino’s “wanding” was clearly provocative / malevolent in nature, and
  • Kim Dotcom shilling on “handshake offer” is also very bogus, but
  • theories of it are sketchy and could be wrong, so
  • what if BOTH wanding and handshake lie are a kind of Hegelian misdirection, meaning
  • wanding was designed to provoke the cops and create misdirection, and
  • the “bridge too far” of stage fakery on blood is the real hoax?

Thus, I began a reply thread which led me to the key experiment. Here, I am only describing a “gedanken experiment” – this will later become an ACTUAL experiment.

We will come back to this later, when I add a tweet about the ACTUAL experiment, done because somebody wanted me to do a video demo.

Clearly, I am not going to do a doxxing video through Menshevik YouTube, but I did something even better – a HOME EXPERIMENT that anybody can do.

7:30 PM

OANN tweets about their Gugino coverage.

7:45 PM

Sundance covers the Trump tweet and the OAN coverage, repeats earlier coverage, and updates the story.

President Trump Notes Odd Behavior of Buffalo Protester…



This is when I realize the full extent – the ingenious nature of the stagecraft. Follow along.

12:30 AM

Twitter suppressed the hell out of this stuff, but I did get one response, and continued in answer to it.

9:30 AM

My buddy Michael then swoops in with the napalm. Then I TAUNT on defunding NPR. Watch how ShadowGate defends, including “pretending not to know” what I’m talking about, but then gets blown away by multiple logical thinkers.

And then the choppers circle back for NPR.

11:50 AM

Another post, getting it, and watch how #ShadowGate fully decloaks with the Smollett/Foxx defense.

This is when I unload with NUCLEAR SMILES and call in DOJ!!!

And then HOLD MY PHONE and watch this. ShadowGate gets CALLED OUT.


9:50 PM

A critical post. The blood looked “off” to me – I was not alone. Note also that Sundance’s tweet is a DIRECT response to Trump’s tweet, made the previous day.

Others are calling out problems with the blood hoax, but in the end, it’s all the same. Honest skeptics vs. paid ShadowGate insincere questioners.


The Atlantic publishes a hit piece on OAN’s Chanel Rion, stepping up the game by a flanking strike on OAN’s most well-known and recognizable reporter. Note that Rion was mercilessly effective on Biden’s Ukraine corruption, and thus the Biden campaign is part of this strike.


I immediately link this back to Pearson Sharp’s reporting on GuginoGate.

You can see that my thinking has evolved at this point in time. “The Wave” – meaning Gugino waving his phone at the cop’s belt – may have been totally ineffective and PHONY in terms of being either filming or skimming – only FBI investigation can really ascertain the truth there. However, the MOTION of “the wave” was likely to have been VERY intentional – a means to bait the police into a blood hoax.

Note also that Twitter highly restricted engagement on this tweet.

11:30 PM

The Daily Caller publishes sourced (but sources not revealed) allegations that Gugino suffered skull fracture and brain injury (can’t walk), per his lawyer. I do not see this.


In the morning, Pearson Sharp issues a devastating televised response to the “mainstream” Fake News media, challenging them to point out any factual inaccuracies in his reporting.

Tweet of the segment goes out at 8:00 PM.

1:00 PM

Tweet from OANN publishes about money from Soros and Steyer going to an ANTIFA-like group, following up on reporting from Project Veritas.



I begin writing this article.

2:05 PM

I realize that the “dual plausiblity” of the motion at the cop belts was not just intended to fraudulently provoke the police, but to actually provide a phony narrative of “shaking hands”. This raises the question of whether Kim Dotcom was tricked into supporting the phony handshake narrative by a phony tip, or whether he was a knowing part of the scam.

I lean to KNOWING at the point of editing this timeline.


The relationship of Desmond and Gugino gets major scrutiny. It turns out to be much deeper than just chatting by chance.


3:45 PM

Daily Caller reports AGAIN that Gugino suffered a skull fracture and can’t walk.

4:00 PM

I immediately question this information, which came through Gugino’s attorney. My suspicion is a tiny possible fracture and malingering very typical of union worker’s comp scams.

Gugino is a SCAMMER. REALITY CHECK. After all these lies and scammy statements, take nothing from these people at face value.

5:45 PM

I posit that the Brady piece is “cushioning the fall” for Desmond and Gugino.


NPR gets into trouble AGAIN in a different incident. Follow the thread.

This is when I set aside timeline construction. Tweets about my experiments were not added yet – so I just added them now in preparation to publish. I did the BELOW yesterday (9/3/20).

Post-GuginoGate NPR Follies

Once I realized just how FAKE NPR could be – how DEFUNDING NPR is not only a duty, but a requirement – in fact, how PROSECUTING NPR is a more rational response – I began to see how NPR cheats and lies everywhere.

For example, NPR / PBS put out propaganda – a “wear a mask” “public service” announcement – which literally LIED about the hypoxic effects of masks. That one involved a soy-boy saying masks don’t affect oxygen, while showing a PPE-encrusted doctor in a mask, who is showing an oximeter reading “99” and shrugging.

That is not SCIENCE – that’s PROPAGANDA. I have done the experiments myself, and shown that masks not only lower blood oxygen in a periodic way which alternates with “recovery breathing” – they result in cumulative cognitive defecit.

See my results, and how you can demonstrate it to yourself, HERE:

The Bidening of America – How Cognitive Decline is Being Forced Upon Us All Through the ChiNazis’ Useful Idiots, the Mask Nazis

Do the experiment yourself – I challenge you. THAT is science.

All this – HIDDEN by NPR / PBS – because the politics of “wear a mask” and “obey stupid orders” is more important.

But wait – there’s more.

NPR has now enlisted the great (and I still love the guy) Rick Steves to do a documentary about the dangers of fascism, based on his travelogues from Europe – which are always wonderful.

Full disclosure – I have a Rick Steves section on my bookshelf. He’s a hero, even if he’s a bit of a lefty and “political pilgrim”. So he’s getting a lot of benefit of the doubt here.

Steves’ point about “leaving the baggage at home” is actually a very good one. Understanding other places and cultures is immensely facilitated by doing this. HOWEVER, I find that REMEMBERING what my baggage looks like and what is in it, allows me to decipher and understand even more deeply.

Now – let me just start off by saying that I WELCOME but have absolutely no deficiency of warnings about the dangers of “fascism”. I was raised on stories of Hitler, to the point that almost everybody who knows me, but who doesn’t believe that oppressive government is a danger in America, says the exact same thing, in these exact words – “Your mother brainwashed you about Hitler!”

Oh – people have no idea. It’s not just “Hitler is bad, and it could easily happen to America, too.” It was WAY beyond that. Someday, I’ll get into the details.

One of the most important ideas, however, was this. Whenever I probed my mother for a way to stop “Hitler or anything like him” from coming to America – asking my mother WHY Germany allowed Hitler to take power, she was resolute. It was ALWAYS the same answer – it was because of communists rioting in the streets. Communist violence was what was needed to make the German people “reach” for the stupid solution of Hitler.

Anybody who thinks “Trump is Hitler” is an idiot, and a victim of propaganda. Trump’s own daughter is married to an orthodox Jew, who Trump trusts like a son. SPARE ME.

Oh, trust me – I know who the “dumb but still somewhat cunning” real Nazis are. I keep my eye on those people on Gab, and maybe you understand why. But those are not the real danger now. The real danger is their antithesis – the people who are also victims of different propaganda – who DREAM of conflict with an antithesis that they themselves are “tasked to create”, albeit somewhat unknowingly.

Extremism gins up its antithesis. Smart, cunning, and devious extremism gins up its antithesis FASTER and more obviously, to promote itself.

Trump’s “both sides / both fine and not fine” recognition evidences true understanding.

Biden’s furthering of the “fine people hoax” evidences devious understanding. Biden knowingly promotes the furthering of violent and destabilizing extremism.

The Rick Steves documentary fails to fully understand the role of international communism – socialism – leftism – whatever – in generating fascism. Absolutely NOT MENTIONED. And there is no way he could have gotten an NPR gig on this if he DID mention it, but – well – that’s life in media land.

Communism tries to sell its own paltry benefits and massive downside under the guise of “anti-fascism” – in America’s case, before there really IS any fascism. Again, “ginning up” or “spinning up” an antithesis is what they’re doing.

I hope you all are beginning to see the danger. Calling out an alternative form of socialism, set up as an empowering antithetical co-target by a different form of socialism, is simply a dirty trick designed to work on “feeble” minds – where feeble are people who may be highly educated and even clearly smart, but who have not been exposed to ALL FORMS of socialist trickery.

“He did it!” “No, HE did it!” “No, SHE did it!” And thus, true popular government is DESTROYED.

It is very UNSAFE for us to condemn “fascism” without condemning the communism/socialism which promotes other useful front movements like “anarchism” (violence) and “fascism” (national socialism) as TOOLS.

If we condemn fascism and not communism, we are DECEIVED.

So – back to the story – Rick Steves is now a TOOL of what I call our new “anti-national” socialists. Sure, he’s very much on the money talking about the dangers of fascism, but (1) it ain’t Trump, and (2) he’s missing the CAUSE of fascism that will gin up new/old forms of fascism over and over and over again, so that we play whack-a-mole with EFFECTS instead of CAUSES.

NOTE – Rick Steves never SAYS Trump is fascist, but there is a kind of “pregnant vacuum” that sells DVDs, let’s just say. It may even be that Steves editorially REFUSED to point at Trump, and I would applaud him for that, because the REAL fascist is going to be somebody else. But still, it’s very clear that his documentary will fuel the thinking of “Trump = Hitler” types.

That is just wrong. NEOCONS strike me was the best and most fertile ground for a real form of American fascism. But it could even be something else – an emergent alt-neocon wing which “gets” the role of communists but does not “get” restraint and rule of law – which embraces draconian measures against leftists. THAT is where Rick Steves is very useful for people to BONK THEMSELVES ON THE HEAD and say “am I embracing fascist methods against other forms of socialism?”

Same problem, a different way.

We have to keep things in BALANCE, which is HARD. If you’re thinking that Chris Wray’s statement about going after criminal behavior and not ideology is dumb, think again. He gets heaps of praise from me for that one. He GETS the DANGERS. And it is dangerous.

And yes, I could add CHURCHES, SATANISTS, MASONS, BANKERS, ROYALS, and other groups [COUGH] to this drama, particularly in Europe, where transnational groups have always been at an advantage – or disadvantage, in times of persecution – but then we get into a level of complexity that we don’t need right now. Let’s stick to POLITICS and PROXIMATE CAUSES.

Bottom line – ideologically – NPR = ANTIFA. Watch the Rick Steves programming – you will see exactly what I’m saying. The script does everything to glorify “antifascist” as an ideal. That’s dangerously close to ANTIFA, for y’all paying attention. It’s “armchair Antifa propaganda” for liberal PBS viewers.

I know that’s hard to accept, but if you’re having difficulty, then try NPR = KPD.

Think of it this way. WOLF here is an “anti-fascist”. But I’m not ANTIFA, and I refuse to virtue signal on this without anti-virtue-signaling the other way, to media denigration, as an anti-communist.

So – where do we go from here?

How To Spot Crisis Actors And Other ShadowNet Intelligence Ops

And if you have not seen it already:

MUST-WATCH: Shadow Gate

It’s time for the PEOPLE to put a stop to this manipulative nonsense.

European-born political extremism serving their traditional elites has no place in America. Americans have long felt REPULSION at hoaxing, and it’s time to admit, that repulsion is NOT a bad thing.

Maybe the “common wisdom” seeded to us that “if fascism comes to America, it will be called Americanism” was a LIE fed to us by the ANTI-NATIONAL LEFT and ENEMIES OF AMERICA.

Forget WHO said it. Human authority itself is a kind of lie.

Think about it.



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I like the format…the time line…easy to understand (at least for me). i always trust your instincts but I don’t always follow your logic–you are light years ahead of me in lots of areas–and even tho I jump on the train, I don’t always make it to the engine where you are.
this time i did!

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Antifa scum to act out in Cincinnatti tonight

Deplorable Patriot

Quick note about NPR and PBS:
I wrote a piece on the two entities and their funding mechanisms a number of years ago under a different moniker, and, frankly, the one that could not survive without public funding is PBS. They sell absolutely no advertising, but have programs sponsored by corporate and foundation interests. NPR, OTOH, at the time, only got 10% of its operating revenue from the public. The rest was actually raised in the form of advertising.
So, defunding the organ won’t make it go away. They’ll just find another benefactor or teet to suck on. PBS, though, would disappear along with their network of non-profits (unlike some of the other “charities” out there, the PBS affiliates really are cash poor) that broadcast the propaganda pushed out by sponsors like Archer Daniels Midland, and the other corporations and foundations with a leftist agenda.


This fits, actually.
Jennifer Griffin has always been left-leaning in her reporting.
I don’t think she even lives here in the US anymore…I think she lives in Paris?
Or Israel?
Maybe they’ve moved back, I dunno.
Greg Myre was with the NYTimes for 20 years, and with the AP.


Something MUST be done about “Anonymous Sources”.
Name them…… or BAN use of their “statements”.
How are we supposed to “Fact check” them?


This refers to the Current Atlantic article in which “they” (Fox snooze this time) are using Jennifer Griffin to confirm the story.


She claims to have an “Unimpeachable” “Anonymous” “Source”.

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf for taking the time to put this together. There’s so much disinformation in the MSM, and SM platform that it’s difficult to keep up with it all. I always thought this episode/encounter was planned.
Nevertheless it’s encouraging to see PDJT or his people comment on it, just shows how much they know. When they call it out and then there attacked you know there over the target.
Stay safe my friend.

Gail Combs

NOTE when Gugino was talking to his old high school buddy the Urinalist, HE WAS NOT WEARING A MASK!
This means the mask was part of his ‘weaponry’ And as far as falling?
Ever watch any Buster Keaton Movies???
Buster Keaton did stunts for 30 years with broken neck

“He learned how to fall, which muscles to relax and which to tense,” says David. “It had to look as if he was getting hurt, and that’s where the straight face came from.
“Buster learned that if he looked like he was enjoying himself, the audience would not get the joke.
“If he kept the straight face, it added to the fact that he was being thrown around like a prop.”…

“Joseph Frank Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966)
…The more adventurous ideas called for dangerous stunts, performed by Keaton at great physical risk. During the railroad water-tank scene in Sherlock Jr.[1924], Keaton broke his neck when a torrent of water fell on him from a water tower, but he did not realize it until years afterward….”

SO Buster was doing stunts… With a broken neck until he was at least 60 years of age.

So do you think this professional agitator might have learn some similar tricks of the trade and USED them?


HI Wolf! Great post! I believed from the very beginning the old bastard was an agitator. I know a few of those old Communists, who used to be hippies.
One thing. In this paragraph:
“It is very UNSAFE for us to condemn “fascism” without condemning the communism/socialism which promotes other useful front movements like “anarchism” (violence) and “fascism” (national socialism) as TOOLS.”
Is the word fascism (in bold) supposed to be “communism,” or am I misunderstanding? The next line makes me think it’s a typo, but maybe not.


Got it! Thanks!


I’ve been mulling over the recent narrative creation attempts by the #commie reality hackers.
Here’s a shorter version of where they are trying to drag our focus AWAY from…


Still working on it … O Sensei


With humor!comment image


The second REALITY HACK against true American spirit is defacing true “Trumpers” with their ugly spray-painted words of hate. Now if Bakocarl could come up with a series of memes for “How to Spot a Trumper” …
For example:
Rescues puppies
Adopts special needs babies
Loves their neighbor
Protects elderly
Loves environment


That thing about “leaving the baggage at home” is basically…
‘Clear your mind and let it be a blank slate for others to write on.’
It’s a part of that ‘Multiculturalism’ bullshit that the Left has been forcing on us.
They came up with ‘Multiculturalism’ to justify their claim that “diversity is good”…which is also bullshit.
‘Diversity’ is division.
It’s something to overcome…not promote.
There are two kinds of ‘fascism’…but they are related.
Fascism with a capital ‘F’ was a form of government that Mussolini came up with.
It was forced unity.
Mussolini co-opted the fasces from the ancient Greek symbol of unity.comment image
The Greeks used this symbol to unite the early city-states, so that they could fight off the hordes that were trying to take over their peninsula.
It became the symbol of “In Unity, Strength.”
But with the ancient Greeks…the Unity was voluntary.
Not forced!
They later added an axe head to the ‘fasces’ and it was carried by their ceremonial guards…as a symbol of ‘Strength in Unity’.comment image
This is why our Founders used the symbol of the ‘fasces’ as a decorative element, in so much of our early architecture.
They wanted the colonies to Unite…but it was voluntary.
After Mussolini sullied the ‘fasces’ for his own evil purposes…the word ‘fascism’ came to mean:
“The forcible suppression of any opposition.”
And that is ‘fascism’ with a lower case ‘F’.
So a ‘fascist’ is someone who hates Freedom of Speech and seeks to suppress it.
And ‘Fascism’ would be when you adopt a system of government that not only practices this…but also forces a false ‘unity’ upon the people.


correction…*And that is ‘fascism’ with a lower case ‘F’.


Thank you!
And great thread, BTW.
It’s great to have this all compiled, to check back on details, later.
NPR has been a subversive, commie outfit for years.
And this is an example of when one of their operatives engaged in engineering a false flag/false narrative event!


Wolf…I think this is Why the Antifuh younglings have been claiming to be “anti-fascist” [which is laughable] and Why they seek to “kill nazis”.
They obviously have been taught a twisted version of History.
Someone has been telling them that the “US is a fascist country” — because we have the ancient Greek ‘fasces’ symbol on our coins and architecture.comment image
Up until Mussolini co-opted the fasces symbol in the 1940’s, it was considered a GOOD thing.
That’s why our Founders used it!
But these younglings have been fed a jumbled up version of History…and think that they are being ‘righteous’ in fighting nazis.
That’s why they say “Death to America”.
Their commie teachers and professors have propagandized these kids into thinking that the US is ‘evil’ and must be destroyed.


I was always taught it was associated with the Romans, not the Greeks.
Roman consuls were each preceded by a certain number of soldiers carrying fasces, I think 6.
Roman dictators were always preceded by a larger number, I think 24, carrying the fasces with axe-blades.


You’re referring to the ‘lictors’, I think.
It was the lictors who carried the fasces axes.
The Romans were obsessed with all things Greek.
They considered the Greeks scholars and thinkers…and adopted a lot of things from the Greeks.
In the Roman upper class, Greek slaves were coveted and sought after…especially for tutoring their young.
But it actually *was* the ancient Greeks who first used the ‘bundle of rods’ or fasces, as a symbol of unity.
The Greek peninsula initially had independent city-states…which often fought each other.
This left them vulnerable to invasions from all directions.
So the leaders realized that they had better ban together…or they would lose their peninsula.
The ancient Greek leaders used the symbol of the fasces to signify “In Unity, Strength”.
Then they eventually added the axe to the fasces and had their ceremonial guards carry them.
🙂comment image
But ultimately, the Romans conquered Greece…and because they admired the Greeks’ level of scholarship and technology, they adopted it.
I had the good fortune of having a high school history teacher who was kind of obsessed with Greco-Roman history.
And it has stuck with me.


Great. Thanks for that clarification, Wheatie!


You are very welcome, Cova.


Well it’s never been more important than now, when the Left is trying to erase history, that we teach our younglings What Really Happened.
The reason that the true story of the ‘fasces’ is important now…is because for over two thousand years, it was a good symbol.
That’s why our founders used it.
It was a socialist…Mussolini…who sullied it and perverted it for his own nefarious purposes.


Je suis antifa[scism]…and anti-communism…and anti-socialism. So much simpler to say we stand for American principles. They are trying to take America, as that symbol of goodness and hope, out of the equation altogether.


About this guy…Mike Desmond.
It says in that little bio that he has been “a long-time theatre reviewer for a variety of publications”.
Hmm…a ‘theatre reviewer’?
So then he would probably know some actors.
Did Gugino ever do any off-Broadway theatre work?
The thought just occurred to me…maybe it wasn’t Gugino’s idea to do this little performance.
Maybe this was a Mike Desmond production?


The fake blood thing…
That’s something that is used in film/theatre.
Desmond is the one with the connection to that world.
I also remember seeing some pics or clips of Desmond standing up on the steps of that building…the building where the fake-fall was staged.
It’s a big building of some sort.
Like a govt building.
And Desmond was standing a ways up on the steps…like he was ‘directing’ or something.


Team Mockingbird. Hu-rah!


Protecting the dedicates from a kick.
Something a person with a head injury would NOT be thinking about.


Wolf…look at what is on the Lincoln Memorial.
The faces, bundle of rods — without the battle axes.comment image
The reason I keep coming back to this…is because this ancient symbol of Unity is what the Antifa people are pointing to, as the reason the US is a fascist country.
But the bundle-of-rods, which signified “In Unity, Strength”…was a symbol of something GOOD, for thousands of years before Mussolini took it and made it into something bad.
The battle axe was added later…to signify “We are Unified in Battle.”
But it was still considered a symbol of something GOOD — which is Voluntary Unity.
Mussolini, a socialist, turned it into something bad: Forced Unity.
The forcible and brutal suppression of anyone who opposed him.
I think this symbol may be a ‘keystone’.
There is a reason why the sculptors used this original version of this ancient symbol, when they made the Lincoln Memorial sculpture.comment image
The Antifa leaders are doing what Mussolini did…they are twisting the meaning of this symbol, to claim that our country is an “oppressor”.
This is why the Left has made a concerted effort to keep our younglings ignorant of the History of this.
Our kids don’t know the Truth!
Perhaps I should do a thread on this?


Ooops…*fasces not faces.


RE: the Boogaloo Bois
Pres Trump retweeted this:

[…] article, ‘Reality Hacking Caught By Patriots — The GuginoGate Timeline’, explains. It tells the story of how a 75-year-old activist, Michael Gugino, had a confrontation […]

[…] Reality Hacking Caught By Patriots – The GuginoGate Timeline […]