GuginoGate: Law Enforcement Victory Over Hoaxing Socialists and Fake News Media Co-conspirators!

Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Buffalo Cops Baited into NPR Staged Blood Hoax in Gugino-Desmond Plot

Read it and weep, hoaxers! Whoops – I mean “reality hackers”!

Oh, don’t tell me there’s no more winning!

I have been on the Martin Gugino story – a.k.a. the Gugino-Desmond Hoax – from the very beginning, as was Sundance, over at CTH. I’m sure he’ll enjoy this as much as I am enjoying it right now. JUSTICE!!!

I was up late that night, when the original story broke. I caught a LYING set-up tweet by that LAWN BAG OF THIRD-RATE ESPIONAGE, Kim Dotcom, who tried to pass off Gugino as “offering a hand-shake”.

Before it was all over, not only would we realize that Kim Dotcom had laid it on just a bit too thick, but so had everybody else in this sorry plot to create FAKE NEWS for NPR, the DNC, and BLM.

If you need background on this story, then you can check out numerous daily threads here, in the subsequent days, OR you can go straight to this earlier TIMELINE of the hoax:

Reality Hacking Caught By Patriots – The GuginoGate Timeline

I have been on the Martin Gugino story since nearly the beginning, when I created this screenshot from an original video at exactly [TIMESTAMP]: Fri 05 Jun 2020 12∶52∶17 AM EDT. I then blew it up 3X and focused in, taking another screenshot of the expanded screenshot, at Fri 05 Jun 2020 01∶02∶34 AM EDT. …

Now – let’s assume you’ve read that timeline – we shall go on to SAVOR the news of what happened outside the grand jury.



THE cops who shoved a Black Lives Matter protester to the ground – fracturing his skull and causing his head to bleed – have been cleared of all charges.

Two Buffalo, New York, police officers were facing felony second-degree assault charges for the shove that left Martin Gugino, 75, with a head injury that impaired his ability to walk for a time.

On Thursday, it was announced that a grand jury had decided not to indict the officers, Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Both officers had been suspended from the force since the June 4 incident, which occurred at an anti-police brutality protest outside of City Hall.

Gugino was marching with Black Lives Matter protesters, and shocking video of cops pushing him hard onto the ground was shared widely online.

Gugino fell back and cracked his skull, an injury that caused him to be hospitalized for 26 days.

The Buffalo Police Benevolent Association told CNN they were “extremely pleased” that the grand jury decided not to move forward with charges.

“As we have stated all along, Officers McCabe and Torgalski were simply following department procedures and the directives of their superiors to clear Niagara Square despite working under extremely challenging circumstances.”

After announcing the charges had been dropped, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said he was not sorry for hitting the cops with felony charges.

He said that the video footage of the altercation clearly showed the cops committed a crime.

“I apologize for nothing,” Flynn said.

He did acknowledge that it would have been fair game to arrest Gugino, since he was out past a city curfew that was in effect at the time, but said he “should not have been shoved.”

The video of the shove was shared so widely that former President Donald Trump even commented on it.

On June 9, Trump tweeted a conspiracy about the incident, saying the incident might have been a “set up” and Gugino may be an “ANTIFA provocateur.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hit back at the claims, stating: “What do you think, it was staged?”

“You think that the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you are saying?”

HA! Listen to NURSING HOME KILLER trying to just brazen it out! So typical of him. Looks like that boy has been backing up ONE CONSPIRACY TOO MANY.

Now – again – if you have not read that timeline post, I go into great detail about how the Gugino-Desmond Hoax actually worked. I’m DAMN PROUD of how I independently worked out the way the phony ear-bleed worked, by actually EXPERIMENTING at home, and then posting my findings on Twitter.

Much of the Twitter stuff is hidden now, thanks to censorship, but – well – we know they still have it, and in a just future, they WILL be forced to put it back online for me.

SO – let’s CELEBRATE THE TWO POLICE OFFICERS – forced to go through legal jeopardy by relentless communists in activist groups, fake news “media”, and government.

Officer Robert McCabe
Officer Aaron Torgalski



PS – please see Tonawanda’s excellent legal and political explanation of both the prosecution AND the verdict below.

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“What do you think, it was staged?”
“You think that the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you are saying?”

Because that’s exactly what happened!

The Hoaxers, including the NPR photog, should be charged with malicious entrapment…or something.

It’s great that the two cops were cleared.
But Justice will not be complete unless the Hoaxers do some jailtime for what they did.


I hope they do!

The Left excels at hoaxing and lying…which has cost us taxpayers millions of dollars.

They will keep doing it as long as they get away with it.
We need some convictions and some multi-million dollar judgements against them!

Think about how much the Russia-Russia hoax cost us.
And then these hoax-impeachments.
 😠  😖 
It’s infuriating.


Ya think?!?!?!


it would be great to have a compendium of his “work” and others like him…
I’m not good at archiving stuff…but photos of his looks throughout his life…his best scams…likely m.o.
but then anything we could compile, the left would seize and use as a textbook.

I’m interested in your theory on WHY the grand jury made the decision they did. it had to be more than the guy was out past curfew…


I’m interested in your theory on WHY the grand jury made the decision they did. it had to be more than the guy was out past curfew…

I can answer that question with an educated guess.

And the answer is the people of Erie County.

Erie County is a Democrat County, and has become more Democrat as NY State has driven away productive citizens.

But it has been a long-standing goal of Democrat Erie County politicians to get the endorsement of the Conservative party. That is because Democrats in Erie County traditionally have been actual small “c” conservatives. They are Democrats because that is what Catholics and union members are.

Believe me, the Democrat politicians seeking the Conservative endorsement are by no means conservative, and in most cases are flaming leftists who, like all leftists, are not bothered by the fundamental misrepresentation as long as it helps them win. (That is an “advantage” our side does not have because we do not live life like that).

I will leave to your imagination as to why flaming leftists are given the Conservative endorsement, and will simply point out that the head of the party has many friends of every kind, and he values friendship very highly.

Any Erie County District Attorney wants the Conservative Party (“law and order”) endorsement, and particularly Democrats. This Democrat got that endorsement when he first ran in 2016. He got the endorsement despite the fact that an actual Conservative Party member sought the endorsement advocating actual conservative principles:

Do not get me wrong. The DA is a good guy, and not at all a flaming leftist. He is the type of Erie County Democrat you get in Erie County. But he is a Democrat, and his party is run by mind-numbed robots of the left, or rabid dogs if you prefer. So they are a key factor, as well as the normal constituency in Erie County.

When the Fake Incident happened, the DA had no choice but to take it seriously. This is where he had to acknowledge the power of the rabid dogs, who were rabid.

But I can assure you, outside of the rabid dogs, EVERYBODY in Erie County knew it was Fake, that Gugino was acting, and that the cops were guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. EVERYBODY understood that the local media was broadcasting propaganda about the issue. This was one of those issues where the conventional perception formed immediately and permanently. And believe me, the DA was well aware of that.

But he had to play his role, which he did.

One of the stale observations which rubs me the wrong way is the one about grand juries and prosecutors. It rubs me the wrong way because it is incomplete and untrue the way it is stated. There is no point in discussing it except to say, if a DA is manipulating a grand jury, it is often to exonerate, to “no bill,” NOT to indict.

This often happens when the DA perfectly understands that justice for any number of reasons is best served by not charging a person, BUT some powerful factor, like rabid dogs or an inflamed populace, demand something else. So the grand jury hears the case, they get appropriate instructions which make them understand that justice requires a no bill, and the DA emerges shaking his head saying he tried his hardest, but for some reason the jury did what they did.

Result: rabid dogs got their arrest and months of propaganda which served it purpose, the populace got their no bill, and the conscience of the DA is not violated. Nor does he now get harassed in the super market by the populace who is genuinely angered by the injustice.

And the Conservative Party endorsement, necessary to unrestricted life tenancy of the position, is not jeopardized.


makes much more sense to me now!


Hoaxing, lying, cheating and then playing the victim is what these communist POS do. Actors create the perception and the fake media, like a good movie director, promotes the illusion. Rinse and repeat. Good work Wolf moon.



And just like that, somehow, someone found an incorruptible grand jury!

Regarding the Capitol case, I just finished reading this at ABC News.

So much has been staged with this one, I bet the other two charged were also CIA operatives, and this case is being sent to the DOJ to die.

Read through this ABC report, read about name changes…three reported names on all of the individuals (CIA protocol)…and at the very end, read about just who reported this ‘story’.

Major eye roll.

And thank you for keeping the WP alerts going. It is the only way I can post from my tablet!



The fact that she changed her name says a lot. Would love to know her original name.

Bet that could crack a story…


Sounds like a cell headed by Caldwell, IMHO.


Or are the Oathkeepers the cell?


That is what I am thinking.

And how much better than to own and bartend at a local small town blue collar bar?

We have a city council member who owns a band and brew dive in town…he’s ultra left wing and is married to a Japanes woman…now, I wonder. I refuse to go in there.

Same thing with Sandy Cortez?

All spies, IMHO.


Yes, indeed!


They are being brainwashed to jump into a hot war. That would be a disaster IMHO.

We need to allow this Impeachment charade to blow up before anyone thinks of raising a weapon.


I so agree. I have started to email my RINO PAYCHECK PENSION reps in NYS, copying friends and the county sheriff…asking perfectly written questions without bring up President Trump.

And I will continue to do so…just keep being a thorn in their sides.

I follow up with weekly phone calls.

Their assistants have gotten back to me.

But still no word back from these useful idiots…so I start the emails again everyMonday. Will keep going.

Rodney L Short



Otherwise very good MAGA Patriots do not see this. I know, I talk to hard core MAGA Patriots in my personal life, and it is frustrating to see them nod, uncomprehending but actually not listening because it just does not seem as if it could be real.

And I do not grab their lapels and shake them. I latch onto something they have asserted is true. But they do NOT want to (or can’t) take the next mental step.


Maybe all they can do is vote properly, yet nothing else. So don’t ask them to do more if they don’t understand.


I am truly sorry, I feel frustration. And my wife is horrified because this is what she escaped from, and cannot believe this is happening.


I’m horrified, and I was born in SoCal.


Please tell your wife she is not alone how she feels. I too never dreamed in my life this country could be Marxist.


I know it is painful I feel her pain .


“These people have no clue (or maybe they do….)” !!!!!


“Cubicle rats” that one “has legs”😏


This reminds me of a story,
Young fish were swimming in a river when one saw a fishing hook. He ask a little bigger fish “what is that?” The bigger fish said “the hook catches fish”.
Then the bigger fish said “go and bite you are to little they throw you back”
The little fish bit got hooked on the fishing hook and never came back.
The moral of the story is do not listen to third opinions who have nothing to loose.
I am always suspect of people who try to edge people on with no consequences to them. That is where discernment comes in.
Wolf you have discernment so do most people here 🙂


However, we have had recruiting over the TV for decades…and no one has said a thing!


It’s Baffalo Jump club!


The FIB is the KGB, and maybe that should be repeated along with Joe Biden did not win.


And why publicly out Caldwell? Only due to the text messages being leaked? And by whom? A suicidal Capitol Hill cop?



Ouch!!!! The depths know no bottom. I did not realize. Same as President Trump.

So, trying to set the case for purging the military from Trumpism?


And Americans.

Valerie Curren

That perfectly encapsulates Exactly What’s going on!!!


America exceptionalism and Christianity.
For the communist to go forward they need to suppress that.


Purging the military of Trumpism is not a Democratic Republic as we have known. That is Banan state stuff or communism stiff. This is so dangerous getting the thought police into the military to root out anyone who thinks different.


And that this was going on to increase the woken snowflakes DURING the CIA Obama Admin. And, of course, before.

Critical race theory in the military. Red stilettos to make cadets social-genetically aware? Screw us, I guess…

When I read the QTree article on Julia Chang Bloch…the one line that really said it all, was that McConnell’s three daughters, the Chao family and only the Blochs were present for Mitch’s and Elaine’s wedding. Chinese spy handler’s enough?

Nuf said.

This has been going on since 1969 at least in our more contemporary age…

Mitch McConnell and Stuart Bloch were part of the infiltration.

Marry Fanning posted this on Feb 19.

Everyone should read this like a textbook…

Please, everyone who can spread this far and wide, DO so!!!


Wolf, the author along with Alan Jones is Mary Fanning…the one in the Mike Lindell report who apparently gained that animated graphic from the military of the cyber travel packets from China to the US on Election Eve.

This new story by Mary Fanning puts Elaine Chao into the ownership of that hacking association.

Her piece also clarifies the relationship between Stuart Bloch and the Chinese handler by Julia Chang Bloch to Bloch himself and Elaine Chao, and Elaine Chao being a handler to Mitch McConnell.

I believe that small wedding was key. How does someone so important as Mitch was, from Kentucky no less, even in that time of his life…have only a few friends and three family members to a wedding?

Makes no sense!!!!!


I thoroughly agree with your first point, Wolf.

Yes, we have no idea of what that graphic is. Mary Fanning explains she received this through the military, but who knows..

The second point would be to convey this new Mary Fanning piece to grandmaintexas if she is the author of the Julia Chang Bloch article on this website…because it ties McConnell to Bloch before he was married to Chao. This, I never knew.


Great!! I cannnot wait for Grandma’s fourth installment!!!!!

She may be able, with Fanning, to make more connections!!

I am so angry at the McConnell and Bloch connection all of those years ago!

That means this goes back to at least pre-Kennedy.

Now we know much of this goes back to Wilson, but sheesh!!!

Where was the one break? Eisenhower????? I don’t think so!


Kissinger, IMHO, was part of the globalist cabal, and placed to rule Nixon.

Maybe similar to Pence. However, Pence is no way strong enough to handle PT, so he was not very effective, IMHO.

I believe Kissinger was placed to make certain Nixon would ‘open’ up China.

Nixon was a Quaker for goodness sake!! Paranoid kid….I saw one report that Nixon had a Chinese girlfriend???

Does that even sound plausible to you?

No, I believe the playbook that was positioned for Nixon was the same playbook positioned for Trump. Each were outsiders who had to be taken out for the good of the global mafia.

Nixon was framed and folded.

Trump was framed and did not.

Somehow, with PT we will see the next chapter very soon!


In other words…was McConnell used by Bloch and his wife to marry Chao?


So, this is what I find facinating about why President Trump made Elaine Secretary of Transportation…do you really think that PT had no idea of what she and Mitch were all about???

Even I…a lowly NY voter…knew Elaine and Mitch were poison!!!!

Everyone keeps saying that there were people in PT’s cabinet who were Brutus to PT’s Caesar…Including Pence.

Is it possible, that since PT was so used to dealing with scumbags every day of his life in NY, that HE was actually ‘BRUTUS’????


I also applied for a position. Just the very first inquiry.

Never had a response.

Of course, wild horse lassoers may not have been needed!!! Maybe.

I digress!


Ha!! The problem I had were all of the papers to filling out the last date of an enema!!!

The forms were excruciating!


And I suppose my point is…what if PT snared so many into his lair, they are now in the hot seat?

Remember, Wolf. PT for many years, was one of the top funders of most of these criminals. Probably had hotel rooms set up for these idiots? What if?


Wolf, same sentiments.

I am waiting on this week for the SCOTUS not to be corrupt, but not holding my breath.


Yep. Kavanaugh and Barrett have been compromised. End of story.


Oh, and chocolates here…I believe at one point in the article Chao is described as a ‘Tiger Wife’!!!!!!!!!

I bet!!!

Remember when Mitch and Elaine were being harrassed by local BLM’s, and she raced out of the SUV to lash out at them?!

I bet, at this point, Elaine would be very ticked off at me if I saw her on the street…I think mama grizzlies have louder demands!


Wolf, I have a history of working with the Chinese.

1. I worked on the first joint venture between the CCP and a US architecture firm to create the Great Wall Hotel.

I have battle scars to prove the theft and rot there. Long story.

2. I was thrilled to take a studio tour during my 30th alumni anniversary at my college a few years back.

I walked in and saw five Asian female students. No one else.


You got something not to trust at the moment. My in laws knew people when Hitler came to power that left to go back to Germany to fight for the Vaterland.
I even found some remnants of that when my husband and I visited a German club and the leader ask me “what part of the Vaterland I come from?”
We could not get out of there fast enough.
I know there is loyalty with some people even into the first generation.


Thank you for the information. It is astounding that Mitch managed to dupe people in KY for so long?


singingsoul, the ‘unleaked’ buried info is more amazing than the ‘leaked’ info.

Like Obama’s origins, it seems that money for the consequential sources works.


I am sure it is. It always is about money and money does not bring happiness but can buy a lot of people and cover many sins.




‘he’s AUTHENTICALLY low-renting with an Ohio backcountry militia – it’s just not plausible’: Indeed.

This story could be a new kind of Twin Peaks in future.

In that series, there was a lot of friction between the FIB investigating Laura Palmer’s death and the local police. Only Special Agent Dale Cooper kept everything on an even keel, mixing with everyone, including Log Lady.

Come back, David Lynch and Mark Frost: here is the basis of a new story.


They wont be allowed to work though. Itll be an initial separation offer then pressure and crap assignments. Hopefully their dept will back them up.


Yes and yes. Union police jobs and they are still sworn.