DEAR KAG: 20210219 Joe Biden Didn’t Win

Friday is back at Wolf’s Pub, and it’s time for some battle Scripture before we get down to the Friday Night Special: Mead!

The Psalms are unmatched for inspiring us as we do battle with evil. A psalm a day keeps the devil away. And who couldn’t use a little inspiration right now?

Our President is currently deprived of his rightful office while a puppet is being jerked on his strings by the globalists and the CCP, and our freedoms are bleeding out upon the Dark Winter snow.

One of our champions, Rush Limbaugh, has died.

Parts of the country have been dealt a serious blow with winter weather that has strained to the limits the power grid. People have died from the cold in one of the most advanced and wealthiest nations in the world. This is unacceptable.

We have no idea how the SCOTUS will behave with the election fraud cases being heard today.

We are having to deal with the full realization of the treason that has taken our Republic and replaced it with a corporate political system that is for sale to the highest bidder.

We have been betrayed by our own, just as David was betrayed by Saul, and also by his own son, Absalom.

It is in this possible setting that David wrote Psalm 35.

I’m not going to do an exegesis of the whole psalm, but here is a link to it. I am going to concentrate on just the first verse, which when unpacked, will amaze and inspire you:

“Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me;
Fight against those who fight against me.”

(Psalm 35, NKJV)

I also have a copy of the Art Scroll Tanach Series, Tehillim (Psalms) described as the “sacred hymnal of the Jewish People. I have benefited from the commentary of the rabbis who, naturally, are steeped in the subtleties and language that give great insight to every verse of Psalm 35. The description reads in part:

“The Art Scroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery.”

I have found this to be true. The painstaking and deeply thought out commentary is rich beyond words for those who love God’s word. I highly recommend the Art Scroll Series for any Hebrew Testament book you seek to study. They are worth every penny and more.

Now here is the same verse from the Tehillim:

“To David: Fight HASHEM, my adversaries, battle my attackers.”

Hashem’s literal translation in Hebrew is “the name,” and refers of course, to God.

And here is the same verse from the Jewish Study Bible, Tanakh Translation:

“Of David. O LORD, strive with my adversaries, give battle to my foes…”

Let’s unpack this one verse.

“Fight, HASHEM” is explained by one medieval rabbi, Radak, “as a command.” It’s possible meaning?

“Is it conceivable that a flesh and blood servant should order his master, “Go out and fight my enemies for me?’ Yet we find that the Holy One, Blessed be He, said to David, ‘You immerse yourself in Torah study and I will fight your wars.’”

(Art Scroll Series Tanakh Tehillim, p. 422.)

The Tehillim commentary goes on to link this with Moses in The Book of HASHEM’S wars, (Numbers 21:14),

“HASHEM said: ‘If you are [immersed] in the Book [of Torah study], then [your wars will become] the wars of HASHEM [and I, HASHEM, will fight them for you.]”

Isn’t that wonderful? If we immerse ourselves in Scripture study, God will fight our wars for us.

Next, we have “my adversaries.” The literal translation of this is: those who fight me. Likewise, “my attackers” has a literal translation: those who declare war on me.

Here the commentary makes an interesting observation. The attacks are one-sided. David is not attacking. He is being attacked.

“He does not say that he fights them, rather they fight him, but he does not reciprocate their hostility (Hirsch).”

(Art Scroll Tanach Series Tehillim, p. 422.)

According to one rabbi, if the adversary had been only one, such as Saul or Absalom, this would not have constituted a war, but a quarrel. However, because in both instances others joined with Saul and/or Absalom, “…the limited quarrel turned into a war. David refers to these outside interlopers as…literally those who declare war against me.” (Art Scroll Tanach Series Tehillim, p. 422.)

Here is the kicker:

Midrash Chachamin suggest that the difference between these words may be understood in the light of the fact that every war which flares up on earth is evidence of a tremendous spiritual struggle between celestial forces representing each side. David asks that Hashem first vanquish his adversaries above…and consequently this will spell the doom of those who make actual war below…his attackers.”

(Art Scroll Tanach Series Tehillim, p. 422.)

Let’s just repeat that:

“Every war which flares up on earth is evidence of a tremendous spiritual struggle between celestial forces representing each side. David asks that Hashem first vanquish his adversaries above…and consequently this will spell the doom of those who make actual war below…his attackers.”

This brings to mind:

“Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:11-)

And this:

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ…” (2 Cor. 10:3-5)

And this:

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…” (2 Cor. 4: 8-9)

And indeed, Psalm 35 goes on in verse 2 to describe the taking hold of shield and armor, or as the rabbis interpret those words, as an encircling armor, denoting God’s full protection of David while his enemies are being destroyed.

House Rules

How comforting Scripture is and how merciful our God is towards us. And so let us try our best to be merciful to one another as we go about this day. Borrowing from Deplorable Patriot, Please review our HOST and site owner’s Guidelines for posting and discussion for this site. The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Company manners are appreciated. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog out discussions best saved for a wrestling mat.

It’s Mead Time

Moving on to our drink special this fine Friday, let’s learn about Mead, that fermented honey drink that is known by almost every culture the world over. Here’s a fantastic video by Tasting History with Max Miller. There’s a fun, crash course in the history of mead, and a very simple recipe for making your own. I liked this guy so much I subscribed to his channel. This video about mead has nearly 950,000 views in just a few months.

If you aren’t into making your own (but really, I think we should all be preparing to make our own mead, wine and beer as well grow our own food and raise chickens and goats and so on) you can certainly find some mead at your local liquor store. I’ve provided a link that will take you to a surprising selection of mead and mead products. Some of them look a bit iffy, but it would be fun to try a few and see how you like it.

Tonight, we have a home fermented mead made by our dear bouncer, Hans. He makes mead like a Viking. Speaking of which, here’s a fun book titled “Make Mead Like a Viking,” by Jereme Zimmerman. A taste:

“As you’re coming closer to a state of Viking Zen, allow your mind to detach itself from your body and travel back to an ancient world of fire and ice in which mythology, magic, and reality were so intertwined as to be one and the same.”

And to get us to a state of Viking Zen, I present a Nordic lullaby, The Wolf Song:

Part of the battle we are fighting against the supremacist elites in all our institutions and in business, is the intended destruction of our heritage. Whether you are English, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Welsh, Scots, Austrian, Polish, Hungarian, etc., the globalists seek to destroy your western heritage, especially Christianity. We must not allow it.

We must do everything we can to preserve our heritage. Literature is key. Remember the classic legends of the Norse gods? A reprint of this wonderful book (of a series of classic literature for young people) is a potent way to learn of our heritage. I have just begun reading this one to my grandchildren. You can purchase it here. There are three volumes out now.

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Ep. 2409a – If You Know The [CB] Economic Playbook What Advantages Might Exist
X22 Report Published  February 19, 2021


Ep. 2409b – Comms Sent, [DS] Panic, Touchdown Confirmed, The Mission Is Just Beginning
X22 Report Published  February 19, 2021


My ex did heroin regularly because he was an addict. New norm..addicted to opioids is cool and healthy..times are a changing


S T U P I D !!!

Wolf Moon



I won’t disagree at all but our very own DemChiComs in the USA have trashed every single moral value, every health and welfare standard,..anyway you get me. They have denigrated everything that made America exceptional and making demi gods of thugs,addicts,felons,plain stupid people.

Wolf Moon

Yup. And it looks like THEY alone did it, too.


Guess all those advanced psych professionals in the agencies saved their grandest operation for the last few years. Gradually twist the collective consciousness to favor ugly/diseased/bad.
Diabolical but very successful

Wolf Moon

Yup. I think they started preparations for it a LONG time ago.

1950s – encourage a few cultural rebels admired by youth
1960s – encourage the youth themselves to rebel
1970s – normalize “left-rebellion cool lite”, introduce PC to adults
1980s – begin teaching PC to students, discredit mainline Christianity
1990s – “snowflake” kids; socialism caring, Christianity “mean”
2000s – teach and coddle into universal victim psychology
2010s – final leftist programming of “backwards values” in “riot agers”
2020s – state responsible for saving virtuous state-defined victims of state-contrived problems


Lol. Not a norm!




“Columbia professor: I do heroin regularly for ‘work-life balance'”


There’s a confession that’s guaranteed to not age well.

Columbia must be very, very proud.


What can go wrong ? One look at the female leadership especially minority females(cough cough) in our Govt right now tells the story… I predict slapdowns, screaming matches, knife fights in McD’s on a regular basis


Someone thinks employers won’t see “merit” in women and minorities, so they have to force people to hire them. Identity politics is a way to keep dividing people and to make things run inefficiently. It rolls out the red carpet for corruption, too.


LOL..yes! They cannot be criticized or instructed on anything and know it would take act of congress to fire them and we know they aren’t going to do that.

Wolf Moon

Absolutely. This forcing of stuff will do no good. What it will do is cause the hiring of COMMUNISTS.


I’m so awake that I want to scream..the movie sux.. however WWG1WGA and that means all Patriots whether they know it or not.
We must defeat this or die trying.

Wolf Moon

Smiley’s meme earlier today. We create the sane alternative, and it will WIN.


“We must defeat this or die trying.”



Wolf Moon

Problem: “Corrections” to management “imbalances” are ABUSED to install politics instead of merit – and the communists KNOW IT.

Reason: Intelligence is increasingly unable to see intelligence as it differs from itself, so when tasked to do so, it defaults to simplistic task expectations – and in the case of political taskmasters, the metric of intelligence becomes – falsely – fluency in the task narrative.

Translation: In the absence of an ability to see intelligence in women or minorities, the ability to see conformance with the political narrative will be substituted.

Solution: If you want to ACTUALLY hire meritorious women and minorities, hire more culturally fluent meritocrats to find them, NOT politically fluent activists.


Yeah it’s all about the commies war on meritocracy. We can’t lose site of the fact they want merit based systems including free markets destroyed. Everything is political. Anything based on Merit must be CRUSHED according to them.

Wolf Moon

Yup. The leftists SABOTAGE merit by warring on conservative women and minorities, and excluding THEM from power FIRST.


“McDonald’s executives will see their bonuses cut if they don’t promote enough women and minorities to senior leadership roles -CNBC”


If you are holding McDonald’s stock and wondering if now might be a good time to sell, this could be your sign…

😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 3 months ago by scott467

“I predict slapdowns, screaming matches, knife fights in McD’s on a regular basis”


Could be a new ‘entertainment draw’ strategy.

It’s not like people are going there for the quality food… 😂🤣😂🤣😂


Only works for entertainment if you aren’t part of the smackdown. Probably told this one before but…had a friend come visit while I was living in Memphis. We went to a fast food spot..the clerk kept asking ” to go or eat here”. It was unintelligible to anyone who hasn’t been there. My friend kept saying “excuse me ? ” After a couple of times I honestly thought it was ON..Finally answered for her and got the hell out of there . It can get very dicey with misunderstood ebonics! Self control is at the low end of the meter


Lin Wood on Telegram re: SCOTUS today. I don’t know if it’s accurate that we have to wait until Thursday to hear anything. Everything below is from his Telegram.

Lin Wood
Many are watching and waiting on the U.S. Supreme today. In its conference, the Court will decide whether the cases from GA, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will proceed. 

If the Court says NO, we will know the majority of the Court is corrupt. The cases are based on established, black letter law. The elections in those states were illegal and unconstitutional. They changed the election rules without approval of the state legislatures. 

If the Court decides the cases will proceed, we will not know for sure if a majority of the Court is corrupt until final decisions are issued which could take months. Remember the decision in Obamacare?

Maybe the Court will allow the cases to proceed and buy time before the corrupt justices are exposed. 

If the majority in the Court is not corrupt, a ruling should be issued today in Pennsylvania case. GA and Michigan should have cert granted with a reversal and remand to follow law in Pennsylvania case. 

We are going to learn a great deal about the majority of our Supreme Court justices today whatever the rulings may be. 

Keep praying that justice is done today. 

God bless you. – Lin


No word from SCOTUS yet on whether they will allow the election cases to proceed. 

The cases were set for conference today and while I claim no firsthand knowledge of how the Court operates, I assume the Justices confer together in private. 

Perhaps we will learn the decisions on Monday on whether the writs of certiorari will be granted. If so, the cases can proceed.

A grant of certiorari requires that a minimum of 4 Justices vote in favor of granting the review. 

Hope that helps.


Thanks for sharing the notice below, Holly. My educated guess form this notice is that ORDERS granting or denying certiorari review will be issued Monday. OPINIONS in certain cases will be issued next Thursday.

SCOTUS has very little transparency in how it functions. In my opinion, ALL courts should be considerably more transparent. I believe public confidence in the judiciary would increase as transparency increases. 

After all, We The People pay their salaries and let them wear fancy black robes to convey in part that Justices are important,

Are they that special and important? Yes and no. We need referees to honestly enforce the rules but the game belongs to the players, not the referees. 

Judges and Justices are no better than any one of us. They are people too. We just let them be referees.

Maybe the answer is to establish courts that truly answer to We The People. Perhaps a network of “Courts of the People” where disagreements can quickly and fairly resolved without the expense and delay that results from lawyers being involved. 

Then we could enact my “Modified Shakespearean” rule. We could get rid of 95% of the lawyers. Wow. Wouldn’t that make our country less litigious and more civil to each other?

Maybe its my advocacy for serious reforms in the legal profession that has the State Bar of Georgia up in arms against me?!? 

Uh oh, fewer lawyers would reduce the Bar’s revenue from license fees. etc. 

Lawyers Club of Atlanta would also have fewer members and could not serve as much free booze and fancy foods at its annual “Holiday” party . . .

Just sayin’ . . .



[This is the notice shared by Holly.]

Today at the Court – Friday, Feb 19, 2021

Building closed to the public

  • Out of concern for the health and safety of the public and Supreme Court employees, the Supreme Court Building will be closed to the public until further notice. The Building will remain open for official business. Please see all COVID-19 announcements here.
  • All public lectures and visitor programs are temporarily suspended.
  • The Court will release an order list at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, February 22.
  • The Court may announce opinions on Thursday, February 25. The Court will not take the Bench. Opinions will be posted on the homepage beginning at 10 a.m.



This is what I’ve been wondering, and IMO is the meat of the issue. Lin Wood thinks the decisions should look like this:

If the majority in the Court is not corrupt, a ruling should be issued today in Pennsylvania case. GA and Michigan should have cert granted with a reversal and remand to follow law in Pennsylvania case


This was posted on the website.

comment image

h/t – Boondock Saint @ Marica’s

Last edited 3 months ago by GA/FL

“If the majority in the Court is not corrupt,”




Yeah, the only one I have confidence in is Thomas. Maybe Alito also. The rest, not so much.


Right. This looks like the Left’s big chance to “put the election to rest.” If SCOTUS rules against us, that will be the talking point and excuse for continuing to label us insurrectionists and conspiracy kooks. I don’t know where we would go from there, but we have to do something.


“This looks like the Left’s big chance to “put the election to rest.” If SCOTUS rules against us,”


Putting it to rest is the LAST thing it would do, if the SJW’s on the (not)Supreme Court ignore the most massive election fraud in American history.

It will only turn the flame up HIGHER, which is why I hope they do it.

I double-dog dare those frauds to do it.

Go ahead, make my day.

Same with the case on allowing the Nazi stormtroopers to enter homes without a warrant to steal firearms.

Don’t threaten it like a bunch of pink pussy hat wearing feministas.


Let’s find out what happens.


Monumental Win in Protecting the Heartbeat of a Child


Thank you, grandmaintexas, for another excellent post — and for mentioning mead, another of my favourite drinks!

Your grandchildren are most fortunate to have you as their grandmother! Little do they know the mixology skills you will be passing along to them … 🙂


It appears that Gab is down at the moment.

Valerie Curren

uh oh, that doesn’t sound good…tech overlords’ revenge?


Apparently it was down on purpose, to deal with some kind of spam/hack attempt, something about trying to get peoples’ Bitcoin addresses, if I understood correctly.

Valerie Curren

Still sounds bad…yikes!

Valerie Curren

So, admittedly I’m not super comfortable w/ “negative” emotions & have habitually suppressed them, often as a survival mechanism to get through some very intense seasons in my life…so I am continually surprised at how many times I’ve been moved to tears since Kathryn Limbaugh opened Rush’s Wednesday show with news of his death.

I guess this is just a season of mourning & it will take whatever course it must as we adjust to a “new normal”. It seems that vulnerability to sorrows is more amped up as we are biding time watching the apparent Communist takeover & destruction of our beloved land, not knowing if this is a nightmare from which we’ll awaken when the “white hats” finally swoop in, or if we will have a front row seat to the end of days as biblical prophecies are fulfilled & foretold horrifying events play out around us, or if this is all an overblown reaction to the inevitable “slouching toward socialism” that the elites have been perpetrating on fly-over country for generations…

So no matter what is Really happening, not holding back the tears seems a relatively healthy response when the sorrows become directly impactful. So I’m going to share a few music videos that tap into that painful place with artistry & outlet, so we can partake of the cleansing of the soul that can accompany unimpeded grief.

Admittedly this would be a better fit for the “Irish Wake” page but today’s a new day & as usual I’m out of step with other’s timetables 😉

This first song I recently re-heard on the internet radio station.

<iframe width=”693″ height=”520″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

I forgot which was we’re supposed to use for a video so hopefully it will play here…

Here are the lyrics from the youtube site too

Guardian “See You in Heaven”

it’s hard to say goodbye, my friend,
but this waiting can’t last forever;
sooner or later the sun must set
ending this time together.
i wish that i had one more chance
to spend another day with you,
and even though i know i can
i’ll see you in heaven.

the only thing that hurts more than losing you
are all of the years of living without you.
i wanna run back to you
and show you the life i’ve lived without you,
’cause living without you is the only thing that hurts
more than you.

i see a picture of a little child,
standing alone, wondering where you are.
i can’t believe how this child has grown,
living this life, sometimes so alone.
wishing i had one more chance
to have you hold me once again,
now even though i know you can
you’ll hold me in heaven.

i’ve let so many years of life go by
thinking it’s all worked out.
now i realize i do now
to say that it’s over and let you go for now.
still, i wish that i had one more chance
to say i love you one more time,
and even though i know i can
i’ll say it in heaven.

i’ll see you in heaven . . .


Thanks Valerie. I understand what you’re feeling

Valerie Curren

It’s funny that it’s so unexpected. I’ve been listening to Rush quite regularly for at least 5 years now, so it’s a loss. He used to say he was “the soundtrack of your conservative life” & that was/is apparently more true than I’d realized…

Valerie Curren

Well it looks like the URL rather than the embed code is the way to go 🙂

This is Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” & I believe it is the last music video he did before his own passing.

Here are a couple of moving comments from the youtube site

Yair Sasson Art

9 months ago
Closing that piano was like closing his coffin. That is truly one of the most emotional songs ever.



View 286 replies
1 week ago
This song is the only thing keeping my life together. I lost both my parents, my wife and my son 3 years ago in an accident. I listen to this song twice a day, morning and evening and cry my damn eyes out. Its the only thing that gives me strength and power to still raise my daughter. Not a day goes by without i still think of all of you that i lost, not even an hour. I cant remember the last time i dident cry myself to sleep. My daughter always ask me why i cry and i dont know what to tell her. I dont know if its sad or good that she was to young to know you, in some selfish way i think it might be. But all the love she’s missing out on is unfathomable.

Im still here, to the end for my daughter. For my family, a million miles away.. i will see you again when im just an empire of dirt.
Show less

Last edited 3 months ago by mollypitcher5
Valerie Curren

Yes, agreed…& I’m not even really much of a Cash fan. I can imagine Rush, having had such a public life for so many years, feeling like so many of his accomplishments were a pile of dirt compared to what/who would be experienced in glory!

Valerie Curren

Thank you for the link–very interesting!


And here’s Whitney Houston’s last recording, “I Look To You”. R. Kelly is a terrible man, but he can write a song.


Beautiful song. She was great. Gone too soon

Valerie Curren

Thank you that was incredibly beautiful, not a song I’d ever heard before. It came across to me as if she were praising or singing a prayer & it’s so profound that that song is her last recording in this life.

I’d wanted to share this song by Whitney also, which I love

What an iconic voice & such a haunting song from beyond the grave…

Valerie Curren

I first heard this version of this song by someone sharing the video at CTH. I’ve listened a number of times & even cried alongside my mom when watching this video on her laptop at my parents’ cottage in Northern Michigan.

The artist died young, from cancer, I believe, & that understanding of her no longer being with us lends an even more haunting aspect to this song. As she sings it I often get the impression of people who have long loved each other (spouses in my mind) where their life-experiences unfold at different rates & one leaves the other behind as they move on to glory.

This is truly great art & incredibly timeless…

here are some descriptors from the youtube site

Eva Cassidy – Time After Time10,194,819 viewsOct 31, 2014




Eva Cassidy

201K subscribers

Restored footage of Eva Cassidy performing Time After Time. The performance took place at the Blues Alley jazz supper club in Georgetown, DC, on the 3rd January 1996.

Recorded by Bryan McCulley on 3 January 1996.

There are many uplifting comments at youtube as so many people were/are incredibly moved by this incredibly talented woman taken from us far too young…

Valerie Curren

I first heard this song on the radio & boy did the tears flow. Having been broken-hearted in the past (I was engaged 3 times before my husband, I guess I was the kind of girl that guys Thought they wanted to marry) there are certain times that letting out bottled up pain comes in handy 🙂

Toni Braxton’s voice is smooth as silk…beautiful sorrow abounds…

Valerie Curren

Well this is another lost love song but it is beautiful & melancholy so here goes

“sometimes it hurts instead…how bittersweet this would taste”


Read you posts and had to include this one. I have seen Michael Jackson, The Stones before Brian Jones passed and the Beatles at Shea Stadium – but Billy Joel at the Spectrum tops them all. Too bad he’s so lost, he’s an unbelievable talent.

Last edited 3 months ago by Gingersmom2009
Valerie Curren

Thank you for another beautiful & new to me song…

This one was a massive tear-jerker on the 9/11 anniversary

This song was shattering when we saw it live on that day…

& this scene & song from the show Blacklist was profoundly impacting too when we came upon it watching that episode…

Deplorable Patriot


This is one to listen to till the end. Robert David Steele, IMO, needs to watch the pride a bit, and his knowledge of Catholicism and the Jesuits is more of the conspiracy BS variety than reality (the Jesuits are a religious order, and therefore the members are not married, are all men, and have no women counterparts – and if Antonin Scalia was a pedophile protector of whatever, why have him assassinated).

However, there are several data points here worth fishing out of the overall interview.

Do I agree with and buy everything he says? No. But there are parts that do fit into the overall story nicely.


So where is the credibility? You admit his info is off on one topic. Therefore how can he be believed on anything else?


“Disinformation is necessary.” I believe a fellow named Q said that.


I can’t watch it all right now but will try to later.


Here’s something cheerful, h/t Citizen Free Press.

Fun day with @ToriaAronoff
at Mar-a-Lago taking engagement photos. Our friend @POTUS45
came in for a couple too.



Actually, I believe their motto used to be “Don’t be evil.” The Hippocratic Oath was “Fist, do no harm.”


A typo to die for, there.

Valerie Curren

Using the whole fist Doc?



Friday is here!!! Love to be at Wolf’s Pub on Fridays. 🙂


Okay, a day late… but hey.