Harden Your Q Drop Access With Q Dot PDF

If you’ve ever used Q Alerts – the Q drop site https://qalerts.app/ – then you know what the site looks like. It looks like the “dark mode” images of drops that I “redrop” all the time.

These guys / gals / whoever have stayed ahead of the curve, when other Q sites have folded for various reasons. They have kept running, quietly and faithfully, all through the silence of Q during the Biden administration. That counts for something with me. These people are VIGILANT.

I just went there to copy a particular drop, when I saw that they are running a new banner.

No warnings, no imperatives, just “If you’d like to archive offline”.

How big of an archive are we talking about?

Size: 301.1 MB (301,108,843 bytes)

This will take you a few minutes to download.

Just go to the site, right-click the link, and do a “Save as” Q.pdf

Alternatively, you can do the same to the following link – right-click and “Save as”.


The document looks just like the site.

You can search it, browse it, or follow links out of it.

SO – do you need to do this? Do you need almost 1/3 of a gig of more data on your device, or on a thumb drive?

In my opinion, YES. In fact, if EVERY patriot downloaded this file – whether they “believed in Q” or not – it would be a THUMB IN THE EYE of the rotten, twisted, barely-American “intelligence” contractors who paint loyal Americans as “extremists”.

Yes. If half of America downloaded the file, we would ALL be “dangerous QAnons”.

“I am Q.”

Which reminds me of something that the DANES did, the last time NAZIS tried to “round up the deplorables”.

“I am Q” is a simple, quiet, dignified statement of DEFIANCE to these creeps who label patriotic Americans as “extremists”.

So download the file and “be an extremist” with me, if you are so inclined.


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Just for fun, you can do this with

curl https://qalerts.app/Q.pdf –output Q.pdf

in Linux.

Or, there’s a similar command in wget.

The alternative is to load it as a ginormous pdf in a browser pdf widget, then download. I figure this should eliminate any browser issues.


-rw-rw-r– 1 cthulhu cthulhu 301108843 Jul 20 00:56 Q.pdf


Of course, having as a data file like this, you could burn it as a CD and hand it off to people…..


I wonder what I could compress it to…..


rw-rw-r– 1 cthulhu cthulhu 283030258 Jul 20 01:24 Q.pdf.tar.gz

— hardly worth doing. I should be able to get under 150M…..just have to find the right compression algorithm….


PDFs don’t usually compress very well from what I’ve experienced. They contain some kind of compression-info already, or the many images in the 1295 pages of the 4953 Q-drops may already mostly be in some compressed form, such as jpeg or png or whatever … so there might not be that much air left to squeeze out.


….and make it that much harder to track where the thing went….


We do have a substantial Linux contingent on this blog….I’m not sure how much “most folks” is “most”.

Sadie Slays

With the insane censorship and WEF promising “cyber pandemics,” everyone should have an offline copy of anything they deem important. Q crumbs, research, emergency prep/survival guides…anything you might need in a scenario where the Deep State somehow prevents access to the internet. Put it all on a USB or portable hard drive. If you’re really hardcore about it, then print it out on paper.


That really leads into “cyber-prepping”, which is a serious topic of conversation.

Things like “Faraday cages” come into play, as well as mounting storage with a different processor before scanning for malware.

Deplorable Patriot

Also, any public domain books on the [DS] and the like should be downloaded if you don’t have a hard copy. I mean the research ones from before the internet was part of our lives. A lot of them are out there.

Cuppa Covfefe

Project Gutenberg is a large (and probably the oldest) public-domain repository of scanned texts…


Thanks Wolf!

Dave of X22 Report strongly believes that, as the Left becomes more desperate about their crimes being revealed, they will cut communications at some point (which I assume means internet access). It would be good to have important documents downloaded.

Cutting communications would radically affect us in both large and small ways. No more logging on to a website to pay a bill or place an order. Banking, supply chains, etc., would screech to a halt. Satisfying an information addiction on the internet would be stymied. 😱😉 We need to be prepared with supplies, but also mentally.


“Dave of X22 Report strongly believes that, as the Left becomes more desperate about their crimes being revealed, they will cut communications at some point (which I assume means internet access).”


If the Internet goes down, it will obviously draw the immediate attention of the entire planet.

Young people have never been without an Internet connection before. They would have to start walking with their heads up, looking where they were going.

They would have to start driving, while looking through the windshield instead of down at their phones.

Business worldwide depends on access to the Internet.

Security systems depend on the Internet.

Banking depends on the Internet.

Government communication depends on the Internet.

Commerce, social, legal, government and lots more.

If the Internet goes down, in addition to being yet another spectacular and predictable failure of what used to be referred to as our ‘military’, the whole planet is going to be looking at who did it, and demanding it be turned back on, pronto, Trapper John.

Or people in every country, all around the world, will revolt, at the same time.

Cui bono?

Who benefits?

And everybody already knows the answer to that question, before it happens.

And then the whole world is going to descend on those people, the corrupt, illegitimate, treasonous and compromised political-class of every Western nation.

So go ahead.

Do it, DS.

Get this show on the road.

Your date with destiny awaits.

Cuppa Covfefe

Still doesn’t obviate hte need for us to be prepared.

In any case, having ANYTHING up in “the cloud” means everyone can see it, more or less, both the good guys and the bad guys; and anything “interesting” might end up getting sold back to you, as it were…

Yank everything off the cloud, put it on storage media (spinning rust, flash, optical, whatever) and keep multiple copies, preferable at multiple sites (even if that just means taking a USB stick and some DVDs/BluRays somewhere for offsite storage…

Last edited 2 years ago by Cuppa Covfefe

I agree. I have never put anything in the cloud.


I agree. I also think they could do targeted damage, as we see sometimes when there are localized blackouts for a time. I saw a headline today that Taco Bell is having trouble getting the ingredients it uses in its menu. There have been sporadic problems in the supply chain since last year, and that can be ramped up with specific goals in mind.





Barb Meier

Thanks Wolf! I tried twice to download using Safari this morning and each time if choaked when it was almost done. I had to go to work, so stopped fooling around. This evening, I used Dissenter browser and it downloaded just fine. Perhaps I just need newer Safari. Or perhaps Apple is being a jerk. One never knows…


There are some major limitations to this.

If you have an old Windoz box with 2G memory, a single- (or double-)core 32-bit processor, and no special hardware you’d like to preserve, you should consider replacing the guts with a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4G memory and a 4-core ARM64 processor — https://www.adafruit.com/product/4296 ($55). You can mount it in the space the MB used to use, or stick it in a drive bay, and supply it with 5V off that existing computer grade power supply to its 0/+5 GPIO pins, and cram the box full of power-sucking peripherals (like DVD-burners) that are problematic to plug into the Pi. It’ll perform better, and you’ll have an easier time keeping up with things than continuing to use the 32-bit hardware.


Lord knows I have a tendency to cling to that antique stuff….but I have a new cause…..

Make a board for a Raspberry Pi to control an IBMPC/AT slot, either through USB or through GPIO.

The original IBM PC ran an 8088 processor (a 16-bit processor restricted to an 8-bit bus) at 4.77 MHz. A RasPi4 runs FOUR 64-bit processors at 1500 MHz. Three of them could be wondering “what rhymes with ‘orange’?” and still have one of them pretending to be an 8088 at 350 times the speed.