Nick Fuentes “De-Banked” for Being NEAR Capitol on January Sixth

Very simple. Read this.


“Can’t buy or sell.” Methinks somebody GOOD knew something about future people BAD.

This is NOT America any more.


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Sylvia Avery

Everything about this sickens me. My first thought was this needs to go everywhere! People will wake up when they read this! My second thought was that many will smile in glee and say it served him right. He went to that “white supremacist rally and insurrection” so he deserves it.


If this can happen that FBI conficates Bank account just to be near the capitol on Jan 6 and nothing can be don about it. People we are to far gone. Unless this man gets justice it is to late. I think most people were like I counting something would happen and relied on Judges military politicians. No one came we are the one who need the country back and get off our duff and get involved. I hope it is not to late to push back. In Germany when people realized what happened it was to late. East Germany it was to late when people realized .
I saw US as giving me freedom but not everyone feels that way.


The difference now is that there is no where else to go.

There is no other place that guarantees freedom.

And even if there was somewhere else that tried, there is no other place that could stop all those blacky black hots from eviscerating our rights, while the whitey white hots stand by and do nothing like always, no matter where we might go.

So that’s good, we don’t have to even consider leaving as an option, which would otherwise split a lot of people, between those who wanted to stay and resist (<—– legalese terminology alert) and those who wanted to flee.

Nowhere to run to takes leaving off the table.

That’s an advantage no other country on earth has.

So resist we much, we must, and we will much – about that – be committed. 👍😁


I’m pretty sure Carly Simon wrote this for Al Sharpton after that segment aired 😁

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best


That is reassuring 🙂




He was part of the “Orange” team on Jan. 6th. He gets the side eye from me, just like Ali and his “Stop the Steal”.


I think this may be chaff from the controlled opposition. Not to say that it shouldn’t be followed up on, but a lot of things are popping up now that the Cyber Symposium and audits are happening…

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I agree. Torba absolutely WORSHIPS this guy. Something not quite right.


Torba absolutely WORSHIPS this guy.” – GM

As far as I’ve witnessed, Torba worships Jesus.


You really don’t know what I meant? No words.


The timing is interesting.

If he’s team orange or not (and I have no idea) then this would be a way to chill free speech.

As in, “we can do this to any of y’all at any time we want to.”


comment image


“oviets and Maoists give you a chance to not go to the death camps – just say that 2 + 2 = 5 and you’re good to go…”


Good, then I want those guys in charge of the cash drawer.

I’ll trade four $1 bills for a $5 bill all day long.

How many times do you suppose I could do that, per minute, before they started to get suspicious?


So how come the bank statement says Jan. 26th – and we’re just now hearing about it? Half a million dollars, poof. And he’s not hammering it day and night on gab? 🤔

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If the TRUTH were known,
it is likely this type of shake down has happened much more than we know.

Ever ask yourself, where do all the assets seized and fines received go?


This is what happens when too much of your “wealth” is paper.

Deplorable Patriot

Operation Choke Point is back. And on steroids.