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Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and Power

How Doxologies Work

Doxologies refer first to something that God has done or will do, and then they ascribe attributes to God that account for that action, or are expressed in the action. So, for example, we might say, “Now to Him who fashioned the intricacies of the human eye and every molecule and atom in it — to Him belong infinite, inscrutable wisdom and skill.” Or we might say, “Now to Him who adopts dirty, abandoned, rebellious children into his family — to Him belong compassion and boundless mercy.”

In other words, the attributes that we ascribe to God are the ones that account for the action we are praising, or that come to expression in the action we are praising. His wisdom and skill are expressed in making the eye. His compassion and mercy are expressed in adopting of unworthy foundlings. These attributes account for the actions we are celebrating. So it is in Jude 1:24-25.

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of His glory with great joy, to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.”

Jude is celebrating three things:

  1. God keeps us from stumbling.
  2. He presents us before the glory of God blameless.
  3. And He presents us before the glory of God with great happiness.

And then Jude says: What came to expression in these three acts of God was God’s glory and majesty and power and authority. That’s what it takes to keep us as Christians for our years. This perseverance was the effect of God’s glory and majesty and power and authority.

Considering the Measurement

Do we have any idea of the degree (the measure) of divine glory and majesty and power and authority that it took to give us spiritual life when we were dead (Ephesians 2:5), and to keep us spiritually alive moment by moment for our years, and to stir up that spiritual life in such ways that it resisted sins and loved holiness and pursued spiritual fruit in the life of the church?

Do we know the degree of glory and majesty and power and authority that took? No. We don’t. We have no terms of measurement for such glory and majesty and power and authority. How do we quantify a Spirit creating and sustaining spirit? Or a Spirit acting on spirit to sustain the life of that spirit?

God creates spiritual life when we are dead. “That which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3:6). We had no spiritual life. Then the Spirit acted in us. And now we are spiritually alive. We are spirit. This is not spirit like the demons are spirit. This is Holy Spirit. This is eternal, spiritual, God-created, and God-sustained spiritual life.

Our Life Is God’s Work

This spiritual life that we have is not ours intrinsically. It is not ours autonomously. We have this life to the degree that we have the Holy Spirit in us, and to the degree that we are united to Christ — which are interwoven realities. It is not the kind of spiritual life that we would have if the Spirit left us or we were not united to Christ. We would not be alive if we were not united to Christ by the Spirit. Our life is Christ’s life. The Spirit’s life.

The giving of this life, and the moment by moment sustaining and keeping of this life, and the stirring up of this life so that it treasures holiness and ministry is a work of God. If the decisive cause of our faithfulness to Christ must come from us, it will not come, because it is not there.

We bring nothing decisive to our creation. And we bring nothing decisive to the ongoing existence of this divine spiritual life in us. We exist as Christians by it. We did not create it. We don’t keep it in being. Not any more than the universe came into existence by its own power or is upheld by its own power (Hebrews 1:3).

Jude is clearly amazed at what it takes to sustain spiritual life — to keep it from collapsing and to bring it to glory blameless and happy. He must sense that what it takes to keep us believing — to keep us alive — is very great. So how do we join him in this God-exalting amazement?

Two Ways to Measure What It Takes

How do we then measure what it took for God to bring my spiritual life into being and keep me alive and holy and happy to the day of Christ? There are only two ways that I can see that we can measure what it takes to accomplish the preservation of our spiritual life?

One is to think about the fact that creating and sustaining spiritual life is something we cannot do at all, and that God alone does it. And the difference between nothing and anything is infinite. Let me put it this way: If God says to us: Create a being with divine spiritual life and sustain it, we will say, “We can’t.” And we will be right. We absolutely can’t. Then He does it with a word or a thought.

The difference between our absolute inability — our nothing — and His absolute ability — His everything — is immeasurable. Indeed it is immeasurably great. That’s the first way we can measure what it took to give us life and preserve it blameless and joyful to the day of Christ. We know we can’t do it and He can. The measurement of what it took to create us and keep us alive is the distance between us and God. It is an infinite wonder that God creates and sustains our spiritual life — that we are still Christians.

And the second way we know the measurement of what it took for God to sustain our spiritual life blameless and joyful before the glory of God is that He reveals it to us in verse 25: it took glory and majesty and power and authority. If the first computation of the infinite difference between our contribution and God’s contribution to our spiritual life does not make sense, then just take God’s word for it. Our creation and our preservation takes divine glory and majesty and power and authority. And any amount of divine glory and majesty and power and authority is infinitely greater than what we bring to our creation and preservation.

How God Keeps Us

How does God keep us

  • when Paul’s strategies of not losing heart (2 Corinthians 4) seem remote,
  • and when the language to articulate the gospel with words one more time won’t come,
  • and when we’re depressed not just because our church has false converts, but you fear you may be one,
  • and when you can remember countless times when you gave no evidence of trusting the power of the gospel to convert a neighbor, let alone a terrorist,
  • and when Spirit-empowered, gospel-driven, faith-fueled effort seems as likely as flying by flapping your arms,
  • and when the fuel tank of death-defying devotion to world missions seems empty,
  • and when your treasure is held out to you and God says, “You can’t have it,”
  • and when the crown jewel of the new Jerusalem that you are trying to lead is cut in slivers by an airplane propeller, or by the seduction of the prophetess Jezebel?

How does God keep us — keep us alive, keep us believing, keep us serving?

Called, Loved, Kept

Notice that Jude’s letter begins and ends with the assurance that God is decisively our keeper. We have already seen the end. Verse 24: “Now unto him who is able (who is strong) to keep you. . . .” Now look at the beginning: Verse 1: “Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, to those who are calledbeloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ.” We are called. We are loved. And we are kept. The love of God moves him to call his elect to himself out of death and unbelief. And those whom he calls he keeps.

This is exactly what Paul teaches: God keeps those whom he calls. None is lost.  “He will sustain you to the end, guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful, by whom you were called” (1 Corinthians 1:8-9). The called are sustained guiltless in the last day. The keeping is implicit in the call. That is what Jude means in verse 24. Then Paul says it again in Romans 8:30: “Those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.” None of the called is lost. The called are kept. That is a rock-solid teaching of Paul and Jude.

Jude’s Warning

So Jude establishes first and last the decisive work of God in keeping his own. And in between, he warns against the false teachers (verse 4) who “pervert the grace of our God into sensuality,” and who presume that they are saved but (verse 5) are “destroyed because they don’t believe.” So these professing Christians are not called and they are not kept. And the evidence that they are not called and not kept is that don’t crave Christ, they crave physical sensations. They don’t prize the God of grace; they prostitute the grace of God.

Then after those many warnings, Jude tells us what we must do for ourselves (verses 20–21) and for those we love (verses 22–23), in order to go on being kept by God. I’m only going to deal with what we do for ourselves because this brings out the paradox of the Christian life most clearly. Verses 20–21:

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.”

“I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me” (1 Corinthians 15:10). Or as Paul says in Philippians 2:12-13, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

Here in Jude, it goes like this: “Keep yourselves in the love of God (verse 21), for God is the One who keeps you in His love.” The order and logic are supremely important. Verse 1: the love of God called us; the love of God will keep us. Therefore, keep ourselves in the love of God. Keep ourselves in God’s prior commitment to keep us.

And what does that mean? “Keep yourselves in the love of God” (verse 21) is the main verb — the only imperative verb in verses 20–21, and the other three verbs are supporting participles — they define how Jude understands keeping ourselves in the love of God. Verse 20: 1) “building yourselves up in your most holy faith;” 2) “praying in the Holy Spirit;” 3) (verse 21) “waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.”

The key words in those phrases are “faith,” “prayer,” and “waiting.” So, keep ourselves in the love of God — keep ourselves in the omnipotent commitment of God’s love to keep us, by trusting that omnipotent commitment, by praying for its daily application to the specifics of our lives, and by waiting patiently for God to finish His merciful work. We pray for God to keep us (“Preserve me O God!”). We trust the promise that He will (“for in you I take refuge”). And we wait for His mercy.

God Is Not Robbed

And in none of this do we rob Him of the glory and majesty and power and authority by which He decisively, faithfully, omnipotently keeps us. Because even our praying is His doing — it is by the Spirit that you pray (verse 20). And our faith is His doing, not our own, “it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8). Our praying for His keeping, and our trusting in His keeping, is His keeping.

The glory and the majesty of His keeping consists very much in the power and the authority that He has to keep us through the means of our keeping ourselves in the love of God. We are not robots. And we are not autonomous. We are a new creation, a new race. Our coming into being and our being sustained is unlike anything the world can ever experience. It is a mystery. A daily miracle. We are those who by prayer and trust keep ourselves in the commitment of God’s love to keep us praying and trusting.

God Fulfills the New Covenant

God’s act to keep you praying and trusting so that you remain in his love and are kept blameless and joyful for the glory of God — that act is the fulfillment of the new covenant. “I will make with them an everlasting covenant, that I will not turn away from doing good to them. And I will put the fear of me in their hearts, that they may not turn from me” (Jeremiah 32:40). The new-covenant promise is that God will act so decisively for his newborn elect that they will not turn from him. They will be kept. They will pray and they will trust and they will keep themselves in the love of God. He will see to it. Our praying and trusting him to keep us is His keeping us. This is God’s new-covenant promise.

And this new-covenant fulfillment in our lives was secured, purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. “This cup is the new covenant in my blood” (1 Corinthians 1:25). When Jesus died for us, all the promises of God became Yes in him (2 Corinthians 1:20). “I will see to it that my own will not turn from me into destruction (Jeremiah 32:40). I will keep them from falling.” That is a blood-bought, new-covenant promise.

And that is the ultimate reason why Jude 25 says, “To the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority.” The glory and majesty and power and authority that it takes to keep you and me alive in Christ — to keep us praying and trusting, to keep us in the love of God — was secured for us sinners, when Christ died for us. Therefore the glory and majesty and dominion and authority that keeps us from falling and presents us blameless and joyful to God is through the blood of Jesus Christ — the blood of the covenant. And therefore when we ascribe glory and majesty and dominion and authority to God we do it through Jesus Christ.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Gospel

We must not underestimate the power of the blood of Christ to keep us from falling. It’s power was at work “before all time” (Revelation 13:8), it is at work “now,” and it will be at work “forever.” Our keeping began before creation, it is happening now, and it will never end.

He will not let your foot be moved;
   he who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, he who keeps Israel
   will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
   the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
   nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
   he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep
   your going out and your coming in
   from this time forth and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:3-8)

He sealed that promise with the blood of his Son.
Therefore, keep ourselves in the love of God.

Resource by John Piper

On this day and every day –

God is in Control
. . . and His Grace is Sufficient, so . . .
Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, we can find something here that will build us up a little . . . give us a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God;
do not mourn nor weep.” . . .
“Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet,
and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared;
for this day is holy to our Lord.
Do not sorrow,
for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

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Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

I continue to improve. Managed to shower without using the invalid chair.

What a jubilee moment!

Last edited 1 month ago by pgroup2

That IS a wonderful feeling. I share your joy and so glad to hear

Wolf Moon

WOW. Bravo! HIGH FIVE!!!


Thats pretty honkin good. Once you can stand up, do all your business and not be exhausted when you step out youre over that speed bump.



It’s a great improvement to use valid furniture.


Amen on that !

Each time that I got to the point that I could ditch my array of handi-aides it was a a banner day. Goodbye potty raiser upper, goodbye shower chair, goodbye therapy bands, goodbye walker, crutches and cane.

That said, the things they offer nowadays are lifesavers for the patient and their caregivers and I was really grateful for them.


Although, having those (regular) toilets that are just a couple of inches higher is a wonderful thing. 😄


This is great news!


That is awesome! There is nothing like standing on your own two feet!


God is Good 

Last edited 1 month ago by singingsoul1
Gail Combs

GREAT to hear! Just be careful of falling.


Always. The key is maintaining one’s center of gravity in a vertical position.

Sadie Slays

Quality 4chan post examining the circumstances of the Alec Baldwin shooting and its occult nature. This screenshot captured half of it. I’ll copy-paste the rest:
comment image


7. The movie is also a metaphor for Satan.

Do you see the connection? Brandon died playing a role. Heath died playing the same role. They were both playing men that were burning society down. They were both playing the role of Satan. They were both murdered as sacrifices. They were both killed at the age of 28.

But what about Alec’s character? He plays an outlaw that is breaking a 13 year old murderer out of prison. 13 is a metaphor for the spirit of rebellion. He is also playing the role of Satan.

8. The deaths all align with occult satanic numerology.

March 31st, 1993 at 1:03. 3311993103 = 33 = 6.

January 22nd, 2008 at 3:33. 1222008333 = 24 = 6.

October 21st, 2021 at 1:50. 10212021150 = 15 = 6.

They all result in 6.

9. All three of those deaths occurred during times of satanic sacrifice on the satanic calendar. 

The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying satanists. They keep it a secret. Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies. They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices. They pretend to be atheists and christians to the public. But they are full blown satanists operating under disguise. In private if you are at a party with them inside one of their homes you will be able to tell by the artwork they keep. They always most always have some sort of satanic artwork. If you are good friends with them they will tell you that they are a satanist and that they believe that satan is more powerful as God and is going to defeat him in the end times. These people hold sacrifices during certain times of the year. They often come in threes.

Things that are rare

– a live round being brought to set.

– the need for a blank round during the day time and the studio not being against it.

– the person loading it not realizing a live round was going in.

– aiming a gun at a crew member.

– the occult symbolism of art predicting death

– the occult symbolism of being a metaphor for satan

– the occult symbolism of satanic numerology

– the occult symbolism of occurring during a sacrificial time.

All of these things are rare, but all of them occurring at the same time is even rarer. This was a ritualistic murder. If you think otherwise you are the sheep they prey on.

Source: (Obligatory warning that 4chan has extreme language and images)

The victim’s husband posted this picture to Twitter the day after her death. Look at the child’s shirt.
comment image

All-seeing eye, pedo swirl, and the phrase “mind altering” under it. And then there’s the weird “For a parallel universe” phrase. A comment on how they hope this sacrifice might change the world, perhaps? 

Stripes on the victim remind me of the usual parallel lines that show up around the cult. Think Epstein stripes, the three parallel lines that show up everywhere, etc. Probably some symbolic significance to them standing in water. A reference to the River Styx or baptism?

In short, I’m definitely leaning toward this being some sort of sick occult ritual rather than other explanations.

Sadie Slays

Posting this wild theory under a spoiler tag so that it doesn’t become too much of a distraction from the above comment. Don’t click if you don’t like wild speculation.

Wild Theory
The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme started on October 2nd. The shooting, which was very similar to Brandon Lee’s murder, was on October 21st. 19 day difference. Funny how 1s and 9s keep showing up around tragedies. I acknowledge this idea is “out there,” but I wouldn’t put it past the Satanists to create and spread this meme as part of the ritual. 

Last edited 1 month ago by Sadie Slays
Wolf Moon

You are absolutely right. There is a connection. The chant was a DECEIT to make innocent people “say his name”.

This is all connected. It’s WEIRD AS HELL. But it’s connected.

Proof (to those who can see).


Saved the tweet image:
comment image

And the image:
comment image

Sadie Slays

>“say his name”

Yes, that is an excellent way to put it. Thank you. For those who are skeptical, the BLM leaders admit to occult reasons behind the phrase “Say her name” or “Say his name.”

The women proceeded to discuss the meaning behind one of the most common chants associated with the Black Lives Matter movement: “Say her name.” 

“When we say the names, right, so we speak their names, we say her name, say their names, we do that all the time, that you kind of invoke that spirit. And then those spirits actually become present with you,” Abdullah added.

Hamilton contended that Abdullah and others “really believe that the names of the folks that they are saying have become ancestral gods.”

So you’ve got millions of duped Americans chanting “BRANDON” at stadiums and in music for a full 19 days before a ritual murder very similar to Brandon Lee’s. That’s a massive amount of energy for the ritual, plus the Satanists probably got extra bonus points from Satan for deceiving their enemy (us) into participating in it.

Wolf Moon

This just gets weirder and weirder.

She was a Ukrainian Soviet military brat who grew up on a base in the Arctic Circle.

Hillary just can’t have enough Ukrainians and Russians connected to her.

Sadie Slays

Alec Baldwin shot a woman who grew up in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle “surrounded by nuclear submarines”


Alec Baldwin starred in the film, The Hunt for Red October, wherein he helps hunt down a Russian nuclear submarine that was originally docked in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle.

The comment includes an accompanying Q drop referencing Red October, but I’m too lazy to post it here.

Wolf Moon

This is getting EXTREMELY WEIRD.

Sadie Slays

This is an alarming amount of preparation for one ritual. Whatever this ritual is for is going to be big. I was wondering why traditional false flag season was relatively quiet. I guess they needed to do this first.


Do you mean that a tragedy like this is executed as a ritual in preparation for a bigger event? Any insight on this would be appreciated.


very baffling

Sadie Slays

Think about how much effort they put into this ritual:

* Human sacrifice. And not any old “discreet” sacrifice in some private residence out of public sight somewhere, but a massive public scandal will invite a lot of scrutiny and questions, and may very end some careers of their puppets.

* Sourcing the right victim for this sacrifice. Again, it wasn’t some random nobody who got shot. It was someone with a background that oddly matches one of Alec Baldin’s acting roles (caveat: Her background about living in Murmansk could be completely fiction. We don’t know).

* Carefully timing an odd HRC tweet one year in advance of the ritual.

* Getting half of the country to chant “BRANDON.”

They don’t dump that much effort into a ritual and expect nothing in return. They’re certainly not blowing this many resources into boosting Alec Baldwin’s rank in the cult, and Alec Baldwin’s not blowing up his career for small potatoes. 

IMO, it’s because they believe these rituals and sacrifices boost their chances of success for whatever upcoming plans they have. Maybe (probably) they believe that they gain Satan’s “blessing” and spiritual assistance for it. Maybe it’s a Law of Attraction type thing where they believe that if you spam the symbolism enough, then it will manifest in real life (I believe that this is the purpose behind predictive programming). Maybe a little bit of both. I don’t know for certain, but these weird events and deaths tend to pop up before big false flags. Some examples off the top of my head:

* Election 2020. Chrissy Tiegen loses a baby due to “miscarriage” one month before the stolen election. Was it a child sacrifice to Satan to ensure that the election would be successfully stolen?

* Notre Dame fire on one of their notorious false flag dates–April 15, 2019. Was it preparation for the big COVID plans that started later that year? Speaking of COVID, I strongly suspect that Kobe Bryant’s heavily foreshadowed death was also an occult sacrifice for the COVID agenda. 

* 9/11. There are theories out there that 9/11 itself was an elaborate occult ritual in preparation for the big NWO push later in the century, and that the Twin Towers were specifically built for the ritual. There was also a [big Michael Jackson concert at MSG on 9/10]( that was probably intended as one last final mass ritual before the big day.

* The mock “Ashli Babbitt” sacrifice on January 6th. It’s too long for me to post details right now, but “Ashli” is probably a reference to the Tree of Liberty, the entire name is partly an anagram of “Sabbath”, and her (hoaxed) death was meant to symbolize killing the Tree of Liberty and mocking the Sabbath. 


Thanks for your reply. You bring a lot of good information and things we need to be aware of and looking for.

It is hard for me to believe that Ashli Babbitt’s death was a hoax and she is still alive.

Sadie Slays

Another data point:

Sean Connery, the other big star of The Hunt for Red October, died on October 31st, 2020. Major Satanic sacrifice day, and nine days after the HRC tweet. I suspect that this data point might come in to play later. Maybe they have something planned on that anniversary beyond the usual occult activities.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sadie Slays

Yes, that is the item I mentioned above, that I had read.


Julian’s Rum’s Telegram channel has a lot of interesting info.


Brandon Lee shooting was in 1993 too.


October 23, 1993 accidental shooting at the Hollywood home of a producer/cast person

See 23:00 min at video linked here:


Last edited 1 month ago by Wolf Moon

Producer/cast person shooter is son of a Hollywood producer. Person killed was the son of a college president that went on to takeover Adam Schiff’s office after Schiff was elect to the House. College president/politician becomes vocal anti-gun activist.

Last edited 1 month ago by marymorse
Wolf Moon



Hollywood producer ends up in ugly divorce from director husband and lands well shortly after in the home of Ned Tanen.

Director ex-husband is convicted of lying to the FBI.

Michael Hastings tells the director’s story shortly before his car explodes.

Wolf Moon

WOW. This is some rabbit-hole.

Wolf Moon

Sorry. YOU give us some details. I want ZERO clicks going to that asshole.

The link was specifically ADAM SCHIFF’S OFFICE.

COUGH. “C’mon!”

Last edited 1 month ago by Wolf Moon

Video is the town hall meeting on gun control. Politician father and gun control advocate tells the story of his son’s death at :23. I haven’t found another source.

This story is open source and easily found. (Be wary of stories told by angry exes to the Hollywood tabloids, imo.)

Bird relevance becomes obvious.


…”McTiernan’s films include Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, Predator, and The Thomas Crown Affair.”…

Wolf Moon



This article supports your theory from yesterday that non-union workers were involved.

Worker in charge of Alec Baldwin’s prop gun was replacement hire amid on-set chaos, safety concerns

The prop master who handled the gun that killed the cinematographer on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film “Rust” was “just brought in” amid a protest over conditions on the set, The Post has learned.

Wolf Moon

The Hillary “Let’s Go” Biden tweet and Epstein temple image immediately came to mind, but then when I saw that it was made almost exactly a year before the “sacrifice” – it all clicks. I thought that tweet was weird as hell at the time. Turned out it WAS.

More and more this is proof that Bolshevism is Satanic in origin – as is it’s “Rosemary baby” of Western Wokeism. But the Russians booted Bolshevism peacefully, using GOD, and WE CAN, TOO.

Sadie Slays

Some quick numerology between the HRC tweet and the shooting with the usual numbers showing up. 13 was also referenced in the movie being filmed:

>But what about Alec’s character? He plays an outlaw that is breaking a 13 year old murderer out of prison. 13 is a metaphor for the spirit of rebellion. He is also playing the role of Satan.

Will look for more numerological connections later.
comment image

Deplorable Patriot

Convenient then that Brandon Brown won that race at Talledega…or was the fix in for that, too.

There’s too many coincidences to ignore the theory, but that level of planning tells me it’s in writing somewhere.


I never felt comfortable with the lets go Brandon and never found it funny.
That is just me.
I do not like to use the F word but felt it was more authentic and real not fake.
My husband tells me that I am very authentic therfore I like authentic and like authentic people. The Branden shouting was not authentic.


Spot on.

Let’s Go Brandon, was a way to minimize the problem. deflect AWAY from the problem. BiteME, the problem.

Fuck Joe Biden, focuses like a laser on the problem. BiteMe.

Wolf Moon


Gail Combs

REMEMBER where ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ came from and it was NOT from the fans!

Kelli Stavast is the NBC News sports reporter who used ” let’s go Brandon” as a substitute for “F…K Joe Biden”

Yahoo news comments NBC NASCAR reporter Kelli Stavast is either hard of hearing, or a very, very quick thinker….

OR she was PREPPED!

👉The anti-Biden chants have been increasingly heard at large public gatherings in the south and midwest, including numerous football games, at a boxing match, and the Ryder Cup golf tournament.

👉 Perhaps the gods were angry at the Alabama crowd’s outbursts. Inclement weather has postponed today’s scheduled NASCAR Cup Series YellaWood 500 at Talladega. It will now begin on Monday, Oct. 4, at 1 p.m. ET on NBCSN.”

OH, and given the amount of cheating that goes on in horse racing and horse shows, I certainly expect to see cheating in car racing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gail Combs

Guessing, in NASCAR circles, CHEATING IS a TEAM effort.


Maybe I am slow it never made sense to me with the “lets go Brandon” even though I knew the origin.
It was Prosobic or what ever his name is who started the Brandon thing.

Sadie Slays

Additionally, “Fuck Joe Biden” had the potential to draw in everyone from the political spectrum. Even the on-the-fencers and moderate Democrats who are unhappy with Biden could have joined in. Now it’s turned into a weird code exclusive to Trump supporters. “Let’s Go Brandon” acts as a containment meme to “stop the spread” to anyone outside of MAGA .

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Sadie Slays

While I believe sports are fixed, they could have arranged an interview with Brandon Brown in advance for __ minutes after the race regardless of whether he won or not. Then they use planted goons in the audience to start up a Fuck Joe Biden chant at the scheduled time. Reporter follows instructions to say “Let’s go Brandon” when the goons get the chant going.


When we use THEIR words, instead of OURS, then we are enabling subversion.

The “FJB” mantra is OURS. I find it appropriate that we continue to use it, rather than the watered-down substitute, “LGB”.

“More palatable” is like “more PC” is like more Enemy-speak.

Co-opting, diluting, and subverting.

Gotta say, this is the first thread in about a week that I’ve read through, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the engagement with seemingly “outre” interpretations that I (and some others) have been looking at for a long time now.

The PANIC keeps growing in stridence, and in brazenness.

Very good news, IMO.

We’re coming to the inflection point …

Sadie Slays

When we use THEIR words, instead of OURS, then we are enabling subversion.

The “FJB” mantra is OURS. I find it appropriate that we continue to use it, rather than the watered-down substitute, “LGB”.

“More palatable” is like “more PC” is like more Enemy-speak.

I hope people remember this next time they try something like this again.


Sadie, I include you in the “and some others” parenthetical.

To me, it’s become more and more obvious who has followed the crumbs left by [ ], and who hasn’t.

More and more, the guidance has proven worthwhile to follow, even without at-the-time “proof”. Reading the Anons helps *immeasurably*, even with all the noise.

Glad you’re here …


Sadie Slays

Thank you!

Brave and Free

Excellent points Emerald. Sucked in again to another diversion possibly. They know full well that “we’ll ” jump on anything that brings attention to ole Joe. Not realizing it’s a trap,
“Fruit from the forbidden tree” comes to mind.”

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“You are absolutely right. There is a connection. The chant was a DECEIT to make innocent people “say his name”.”


I am confused.

It happens all the time, because not much makes sense anymore, because I am out of sync with the world.

Like this guy.


A guy named Brandon won a race.

During the post-race interview, the crowd is clearly heard chanting “F— Joe Biden”.

The CBS sports interviewer realizes the profanity is clearly audible over her microphone to millions of family hour viewers, so she (dishonestly, laughably, hilariously) ‘pretends’ that the crowd is really chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Seems pretty organic and natural so far. And I don’t doubt that NASCAR is corrupt and rigged.

But it seems a stretch that NASCAR would rig a race specifically so a guy named “Brandon” would win, so that a CBS sports chick could claim during the post-race interview that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!“, knowing that expression would go viral and become a meme, which unbeknownst to the tens of millions who repeated it, was in fact part of a global occult ritual in support of Joe Biden and connected to a movie set murder 19 days later, which in turn has various similarities to the death of Brandon Lee, which itself has ties to occultism, all of which in turn has deceived the public into support for Satanism by saying “Let’s Go Brandon!“.

I’m not suggesting it isn’t possible, but if that’s what is actually happening, then these people are playing (choose your own crazy high number) -D Chess.

I didn’t want to use an actual number, because whatever number I might have chosen could be interpreted in some way that I had no intention of it meaning. So for purposes of this post, just use any really high number that has no known occult association — if there is one.

What if the simplest answer is the better answer?

It seems rather obvious what she was doing, hoping to fool viewers (in a ‘wink, wink’ kind of way, where she knew she wasn’t really fooling anybody) that the crowd wasn’t really saying what they were clearly saying.

And it was done in such an awkward, clumsy, in-your-face-lie manner, that it was instantly MOCKED by everyone who saw it.

And since MOST people won’t say the F-word for a variety of reasons, at least not in polite company, “Let’s Go Brandon” instantly became a ‘polite’ or ‘acceptable euphemism for “F— Joe Biden”, something which everyone could say, and thereby express the exact same sentiment as “F— Joe Biden!” without actually saying “F— Joe Biden!”.

In other words, it was perceived as a SAFE way to say “F— Joe Biden!”.

How is that a ‘trick’ to get everyone to say his name?

Even if it was, is that what they want people saying about JB?

Aren’t people saying his name anyway, all the time, because he’s playing the role of POTUS on national TV every day?

Yes, “Brandon” is a euphemism for “Biden”, but they’re not cheering him on, they’re saying “F— Joe Biden!” by saying “Let’s Go Brandon!”.

That’s the whole point.

So how does that translate into doing something positive (in the occultist’s eyes) from the perspective of the occult?

If people all over the world were saying “F— Louis Cipher”, would the Satanists be happy about that too, just because the name “Louis Cipher” was being repeated?

Don’t the words before it, providing the context, mean anything?

If saying something negative about Satan is actually positive, and saying anything positive is obviously also positive, then where does that leave us, except to say nothing at all?

But that doesn’t work either.

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing”, i.e., remain silent.
If saying something negative also plays into the occultist’s hands, and the only other option is to say nothing at all, and that too plays into the occultist’s hands, then who created this nonsense trap?

Wasn’t it us?

They can’t create such a thing, unless we play along with it, unless we find a way — ourselves — to convince ourselves that no matter what we do, they win.

Why should we play that game?

What if “Let’s Go Brandon!” just means “F— Joe Biden!”, nothing more, and nothing less?

I mean, if I’m wrong, I want to know.

I’m not trying to assert anything as a challenge, I’m not just saying it to be contrary, and I’m not suggesting there isn’t something clearly suspect about everything having to do with the movie shooting, which may include occultism.

I just have a sensitivity (for lack of a better word, believe me, I was searching for one!) for language traps leading to inherent or unresolvable conflicts, for the way our side has a tendency to box ourselves in to “no win” situations.

It could be organic and accidental, an innocent, natural tendency toward self-defeating behavior — or it could be some glowie on 4-chan playing right into our predispositions, using us like an Internet version of a Roman War Pig.

Either way, the clue that something is wrong, is when no matter what we do, we can’t win.

And that’s what this looks like to me.

Sadie Slays

Let’s ignore all of the occult associations for the sake of this argument.

Let’s say you are the CIA, and there’s a growing, organic movement of entire sports stadiums jeering your installed puppet. That’s not good for business. The CIA has done a good job keeping the MAGA crowd and the Democrats divided and separated for years, and a chant like this during a downturn in society has the potential to crossover and unite everyone who is pissed off at the status quo. Better quash it somehow. You can’t use heavy-handed censorship methods to stop a chant at a live stadium, but you -can- lead the sheep into chanting something else. 

You pick a NASCAR event where the crowd is more likely than any other professional league sport to do the Fuck Joe Biden chant, and do it quite enthusiastically. You arrange a TV interview at ____ time. You plant some goons in the audience to get the Fuck Joe Biden chant going nice and strong by ___ time. You instruct your controlled Mockingbird goon to claim the crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” or “Let’s Go [name of whoever happened to win the race that day].” Whatever. The point is to make a ridiculously blatant and obvious video that’s going to be shared everywhere.

You then instruct your controlled influencers like Poso and Shapiro and the like to spread the meme. You get your controlled TikTok influencers to turn it into silly songs, then use the Chinese-controlled platform to artificially boost and amplify the music and memes. You artificially boost said music in iTunes, either through directly manipulating the music charts themselves or simply using your CIA budget money to buy the singles en masse. By artificially boosting the meme’s influences, you are able to deceive people into thinking this is an organic movement. By tricking people into believing that they are clever subversives for using this meme, they are less likely to go back to the original, much more threatening chant that you were trying to stop in the first place. No chance of “Let’s Go Brandon” spreading outside of the MAGA crowd and roping in new recruits. Mission accomplished. 

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That was excellent. It hits all the main points in a way that is certainly at least plausible.

It does rely on a few assumptions I’m not sure about though.

I’m not sure people in stadiums chanting “F— Joe Biden!” rises to the level of C_A involvement. I’m not saying it couldn’t, but that’s getting down to the micromanagement level, which seems like something bureaucracies never do well.

And everybody already knows JB is a fraud, a liar, a puppet, a figurehead, so I don’t think the chant was revealing anything leading to ‘dangerous’ unity, it simply recognizes something which everyone already knows, and has known, since before the election, i.e., that JB couldn’t attract more than 10 people to any of his ‘rallies’, that there is no possible way he ever won the 2020 election, that he is clearly suffering from dementia, and that whoever is running the country, it’s definitely not JB.

Everybody knows. Even the people who support JB know.

It seems to me that changing “F— Joe Biden!” to “Let’s Go Brandon!” is far more effective and subversive (to the bad guys) than “F— Joe Biden!” ever was, for the very reason that “F— Joe Biden!” is necessarily limited by the profanity, in both general appeal and public expression.

On the other hand, “Let’s Go Brandon!” is like a “rated PG” (or even rated “G”) version, which everyone, even children, can say (hopefully the kids don’t understand the euphemism, and are just going along with the contagious aspect of the joke).

So something which was originally limited by vulgarity / profanity was turned into something that was even safe enough to express on Sesame Street, and still convey the intended meaning (“F— Joe Biden!”) to everyone who was old enough to understand it.

It’s almost perfect.

You have this bad thing (JB), and it’s divisive because of ‘politics’, which intimidates most people into silence. Nobody wants to talk about JB in ‘polite company’, because it will just lead immediately to emotional hostility by immature Leftists.

So the rowdy people do what rowdy people always do, express their contempt with vulgarity, directness, simplicity and joy (e.g., “F— Joe Biden!”).

But it’s necessarily limited to rowdy and/or vulgar people, or to places where such profanity is tolerated, which excludes a huge percentage of the general public. It can easily be censored by TPTB without public opposition, because parents (and many others) don’t want their kids exposed to that kind of language.

But “Let’s Go Brandon!” — so long as everyone is “in” on the euphemism — is practically a perfect “kill shot”.

It’s like a ‘good’ assassin in a movie dressing up in a Bambi suit. The audience knows there is an assassin inside the Bambi suit, and so do the other characters (the real bad guys) in the movie.

But ‘Bambi’ (the outward appearance) is not a ‘bad guy’, and there is no way to MAKE Bambi into a ‘bad guy’, so long as the assassin inside the Bambi outfit doesn’t actually DO anything ‘bad’.

So the ‘good’ assassin inside the Bambi costume can walk right up to the real bad guys, intermingle with them, taunt them, and the actual bad guys can’t stop it or do anything about it, because it’s Bambi.

Bambi the political character assassin… 😂

Everybody knows it’s JB they’re talking about.

And the genius is that even if somebody doesn’t know, that only causes them to ask “Why is everybody saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ ?

Which serves as the invitation for everyone to be FIRST to answer the question, to explain the hilarity of it all.

It takes something ‘forbidden’ (profanity), something ‘subversive’ (against the criminal in the WH), and turns it into:

A) something which everybody can say, and join in the practically (certainly comparatively) ‘wholesome’ fun

B) something which is completely and utterly subversive toward the criminal in the WH, and remain completely ‘safe’ while doing so, with a wink and a nod and a smile and a laugh

C) something which has a built-in explanation mechanism that is self-perpetuating, because people love to explain the ‘inside joke’, and if there are several people around when the question is asked, it’s practically a competition to explain it, with others interjecting and interrupting to add to the explanation and demonstrate that they already know the inside joke 😁

It couldn’t be more innocuous or innocent on the outside, so much so, that any attempt to censor it (like the Canadian government just tried to do) only succeeds in making the censor look like the total Nazi that he really is, because only a whack-job Nazi would try to censor anything as harmless as Bambi.

And by attempting to do so anyway, they betray (acknowledge) just how effective an assassin in a Bambi outfit really is.

But underneath the costume, everybody — the good guys AND the bad guys — knows what it means.

Everybody knows it’s an anti-criminal government expression, without actually saying anything that could possibly be portrayed as ‘offensive’, and therefore is rated ‘G’, or safe for general audiences.

Hitler (Biden / Cabal) is trying to pretend that he / they are not really Hitler.

But everybody knows they’re Hitler.

So “Let’s Go Brandon!” is like being able to tweak Hitler’s nose, and Hitler is powerless to do anything about it, without dropping the mask and revealing to everyone that he actually is Hitler.

Would the black hats ever come up with something like that?

If so, why?

Sadie Slays

I didn’t mean to imply that every Fuck Joe Biden in every stadium ever was started by the CIA. I believe for that **one specific NASCAR race** that they had some planted goons in there to ensure that there was a strong chant going at the scheduled TV interview time. Other than that one instance, I don’t believe the CIA was involved. At most, maybe some low level white hats or local Republican groups came up with secret plans to start the chant at their local home games. Beyond that, I believe it was organic. 

people love to explain the ‘inside joke’

That’s why this meme sucks. A good meme requires no explanation. Everyone knows what exactly what Fuck Joe Biden means. If you’re pissed off at life and had a few beers at a sports event, then it’s easy to join in the fun with the crowd and vent your frustration with a loud “Fuck Joe Biden” even if voted for the dope or hate Trump. There are no barriers to joining in. That’s why the CIA had to stop it ASAP. Need to keep both sides corralled from each other and can’t risk it spreading. 

Now it’s “Let’s Go Brandon,” and if you’re not already clued into the MAGA community, you’ve got no idea what the hell is going on. The reaction to any explanation will likely be, “Oh, some Trump thing. Whatever. Not for me.” It’s just not a very inviting meme. And now that “Let’s Go Brandon” has served its occult purpose, I expect the Enemy to use their media arm and late night Mockingbirds to instruct the sheep that it’s cringey and should be avoided.

So “Let’s Go Brandon!” is like being able to tweak Hitler’s nose, and Hitler is powerless to do anything about it, without dropping the mask and revealing to everyone that he actually is Hitler.

Would the black hats ever come up with something like that?

If so, why? 

Because they don’t care.

It’s like the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme. They don’t care if the tax cattle say it. They would very much rather you chant “Let’s go Brandon” or “Epstein didn’t kill himself” as long as you are not:

1) Unintentionally recruiting people to your side with “Fuck Joe Biden”

2) Not screaming “Joe Biden stole the election” or “Joe Biden molests children” or “Trump Won” or “Epstein ran a high-level Satanic pedophile blackmail ring that compromised former Presidents and other powerful men.”

They’re controlled opposition memes. A relief valve. 

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Sadie, I respect you 100% Love your posts.

This contention is speculation beyond plausibility IMO.

Sadie Slays

I put my original post about “Let’s Go Brandon” behind a spoiler tag because I knew people like the meme and I’m being a total party pooper about it. It’s cool. I expected opposition.

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That is why I respect you so much, such a wonderful perspective on things.

Sadie Slays

Thank you. For the record, I’ve got no hard feelings towards disagreements here. I’m used to being called a “faggot” and worse in internet arguments. 

Wolf Moon

Thinking about this problem has been really helpful to me. Most of us are not used to thinking about the problems of controlling MILLIONS OF PEOPLE or even GLOBAL PERCEPTIONS.

Start thinking about those problems, and you will find solutions. I just realized today that ONE PERSON from the government with a hotline to NASCAR management (think that might be possible after the “noose” incident?) would be able to pull off the propaganda switch of “FJB” to “LGB” (yeah) with ONE AD BUY and ONE PHONE CALL.

There are different variations, depending upon exactly what happened, but it’s all easy to explain.

I leave it up to others here to see how the scam works. It’s beautiful.

This is like busting any scam. Work backwards until you find the critical facts. Then figure out HOW and WHY it was gamed.

DEFUSING US is what they do OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Sadie Slays

>Defusing the situation

That’s exactly it, but I couldn’t find the right words. Thank you. 

Wolf Moon

CIA psychoanalysts are quite brilliant. They know that “FJB” leads to emotions of rebellion and an ungovernable people. “LGB” leads where they want to go – a Soviet-like state, where there is pressure relief by humor.

They control the build-up (January 6, having DC police shell unorganized innocent people to anger and draw them in) or the transformed let-down (LGB, anger to derision) of emotion.

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“…and I’m being a total party pooper about it. It’s cool. I expected opposition.”


Not at all!

I’m glad you raised the subject, and for a different perspective. It’s very useful to think these things through, whether we end up agreeing or not. 👍

I don’t disagree with you on this, I just don’t know. And I like to hash it out, because it helps me to understand better, after I wrestle with something for a while.

I’m not as familiar as you are with some of the things we are talking about, so I am relying on the same evaluation methods as I apply to other areas, but without a deep knowledge base to check my thoughts against, if that makes sense..


“I didn’t mean to imply that every Fuck Joe Biden in every stadium ever was started by the CIA. I believe for that **one specific NASCAR race** that they had some planted goons in there to ensure that there was a strong chant going at the scheduled TV interview time.”


I understood that 👍


“That’s why this meme sucks. A good meme requires no explanation.”


Well this one doesn’t require an explanation, if you can actually show someone the video.

Everybody gets it if they can see (and hear) it.

I just don’t have a cell phone, so I have to explain it verbally, or borrow someone else’s cell phone in order to show them.


“It’s like the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme. They don’t care if the tax cattle say it. They would very much rather you chant “Let’s go Brandon” or “Epstein didn’t kill himself” as long as you are not:

1) Unintentionally recruiting people to your side with “Fuck Joe Biden””


I think I’m hung up on the profanity angle.

It seems to be such a limiting factor, in the sense that a large percentage of the population simply will not (and would never) use the F-word in public, unless maybe they accidentally smashed their thumb with a hammer or something 😂

So “F– Joe Biden!” excludes a large swathe of the population (especially kids, or anyone around kids) from participating, as well as everyone in areas where profanity is unacceptable.

Like church as one obvious example, but there are lots of other social gatherings where people don’t go around dropping the F-bomb.

Whereas “Let’s Go Brandon!” is acceptable anywhere, and accessible to everyone, young and old.

So from a pure numbers standpoint, “Let’s Go Brandon!” reaches much further into the general population than “F— Joe Biden!” ever could.

And being a form of ridicule (as opposed to a kind of verbal attack), there is no good defense against it.

Which is one of Alinsky’s favorite tactics:

Alinsky RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating.”

Doesn’t mean I’m right, just making some observations.

Also, I doubt (and don’t know why) anyone who was already saying “F— Joe Biden!” (at stadiums or elsewhere) would stop saying it now, just because some people are more comfortable saying “Let’s Go Brandon!”.

The “Brandon” thing seems additive, expanding the pool of participation, rather than a substitution for the “F— Joe Biden!” saying.

Sadie Slays

I’d wager that if the FJB chants went on long enough and were normalized enough, then it would have eventually spread outside of sports stadiums. When people are already angry and things are turning to shit, then more and more people would stop caring a whole lot less about being polite. Or the chant would eventually transform into something more threatening like, “Joe Biden is a fake President” or “Bring Back Trump.” The Enemy likely wanted to nip this in the bud before it grew out of their control. 

I sympathize with the people who want a more “polite” term, but:

1) They stole our election, and they’re trying to force poison injections on us and our children. We’re long past the point where it’s time to stop being polite.

2) As Emerald made the point elsewhere in this thread, it’s time to stop using -their- language and come up with our own polite euphemism. Whether “Let’s Go Brandon” was uttered intentionally or not, it’s still the Enemy’s words.

That last point brings me to a mostly unrelated tangent: I’m really starting to loathe sarcasm these days for similar reasons why I dislike “Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s time to speak directly even if it’s uncomfortable. No more euphemisms, using codes, hiding behind words you don’t truly mean even if it’s meant to be humorous. If you aren’t comfortable saying “Fuck Joe Biden,” then simply say “Joe Biden sucks” or “Joe Biden is a useless puppet.” People need to hear it directly.  


“I sympathize with the people who want a more “polite” term, but:

1) They stole our election, and they’re trying to force poison injections on us and our children. We’re long past the point where it’s time to stop being polite.”


It’s not about being polite to the enemy, they can get run over by a bus and I would applaud the driver.

It has nothing to do with them.

I used to say the F-word all the time, from about 7th or 8th grade onward, but not around my family, because that word was not acceptable in our house, or anywhere else that my family would hear me say it.

And I never said it in places where it was clearly inappropriate, like in a restaurant, or a library, or a store, or anyplace where people simply don’t talk like that.

Not even out of politeness really, more like a sense of personal dignity. When I was around my friends, the F-word was a verb, and adjective, a noun, it could even be all three in the same sentence.

But I didn’t talk that way to a stranger, or around a stranger. It’s crass and tactless and ultimately says a lot more about the person talking that way than anything they might have to say.

It’s one thing to use profanity accidentally. Like trying out a set of parallel bars, and then accidentally dismounting down a stairwell. You might unintentionally let loose with a whole tirade of profanity, while someone calls the ambulance… 😂

When I was in college, we screamed profanity at the opposing team at professional football games.

Parents with kids, and older people, would get up and move further away from us, and we were glad they moved, F— them.

Except now I realize what an a$$hole I was, and I don’t want to be ‘that guy’. I wish I had never been that guy. The world would have been a better place, if I hadn’t been ‘that guy’.

So it has NOTHING to do with being ‘polite’ to the enemy.

It’s a personal thing. 👍

And I know there are a lot of people who won’t use profanity around strangers or children, if for no other reason, than because it makes themselves look like a$$holes.

When I was a kid, if somebody used profanity like the F-word around children, or anyplace where it was obviously unacceptable, they’d get confronted over it, immediately.

It was a better country then.


“That last point brings me to a mostly unrelated tangent: I’m really starting to loathe sarcasm these days for similar reasons why I dislike “Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s time to speak directly even if it’s uncomfortable.”


I’m certainly fine with that, and do it, you’re preaching to the choir, but there is also a limit, which people who make a habit of speaking plainly, always learn.

If all you do rain on everyone’s parade and tell people how bad everything is, nobody is going to want to be around you for very long.

Sarcasm and humor allow you to change it up a little, be creative, make the same point without alienating everyone.


“No more euphemisms, using codes, hiding behind words you don’t truly mean even if it’s meant to be humorous. If you aren’t comfortable saying “Fuck Joe Biden,” then simply say “Joe Biden sucks” or “Joe Biden is a useless puppet.” People need to hear it directly.”


I say a lot worse than that, and a lot more, to anyone who will listen.

Not that I notice it makes any difference, it’s more that I can barely restrain myself.

But nobody cares.

Either they already agree, or they don’t, in which case, my going on about it isn’t going to change their opinion.

I don’t mind people at stadiums chanting “F— Joe Biden!”.

There was a time when I would have been leading the chant, but I would be ashamed to do it around children or grandmas.

I should have been ashamed to do it, back when I wasn’t.

It’s not a ‘holier than thou’ thing, it’s just a common decency thing.

Common decency used to be normal, certainly including when I was rebellious against it.

Common decency is good for society. Who wants to live in a society where every time you turn around, everywhere you go, people are saying F–k, C–t, B—ch, Wh—e, D–k, etc.?

I used to talk that way, now I don’t.

I know a lot of people who never did. My parents never did. Neither did my aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Nobody talked that way. At least I never heard them talk that way.

So it has nothing to do with the enemy, and everything to do with ourselves, and who we are, and who we want to be, or don’t want to be.

It has nothing to do with JB, or being polite toward him, or the criminal mafia he rides with.

Besides all that, ‘F— Joe Biden!’ already is a euphemism.

Nobody actually wants to f— Joe Biden.

If people want to be more direct, substitute ‘Hang’ for ‘F–k’.

Start cookin’ with gasoline. 👍

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May be the first time ever, Sadie, but cannot agree with you. Not a single contention makes sense.


TY for posting this. Lets go Brandon is a brilliant and natural joke IN FAVOR OF OUR SIDE.

We rarely get a win as clear cut, powerful and effective as the Lets go Brandon joke.

And now we want to dilute/muddle it? Cannot agree whatsoever.

Please, we have to win some time. Can we enjoy the win?


I have seen other pictures of both her and Baldwin using the Illuminati signs. She had the one eye covered photo and he was holding up the ok/666 hand gesture.

Another interesting thing that was pointed out by an anon was the fact that he was in “The Hunt For Red October” about the Nuclear Sub and this woman was raised in Ukraine/Russia on a Military sub base. I have not fact checked whether this is true about where she grew up, other than it was in Ukraine.

I just thought this was interesting.


Her Ukrainian origin made me suspicious that the shooting her was not an accident.
To many connections to Ukraine both Biden’s and Hillary the whole lets impeach Trump with actors who were and have Ukrainian connection. What is in Ukraine?
The victim also was a journalist. Was she a spy for whom? Her husband under cover in a law firm? Is this a warning for anyone to rat out some people?
I do not think it is as simple as it seems. I have seen to many spy movies 🙂

Gail Combs

My first thought was pre-meditated murder.


Yes mine also.
Gail you did a wonderful job . Thank you 🙂


My Hollywood screenplay: Hollywood serial killer sabateur?


All of this is seriously disturbing. Once you are presented with the information and connections, you can’t unsee them.

Sadie Slays

Currently trying to track down the source of these photos. If the woman pictured is the victim, then she was definitely part of the cult.
comment image


Panda hat on the husband.
comment image


Yes, these were the Illuminati pictures I saw of them.

Sadie Slays

WOW. So the Soviet Red October started on November 7th, 1917.

October 21, 2021 (shooting day) – November 7, 2021 = 17 days.


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God help us  🙄 

Deplorable Patriot

Another possibility:


Forwarded from 

theREAL Ih8uJACK Chat

she was a KGB agent

She was born in Ukraine and grew up as an “army brat” in the Arctic Circle on a Soviet military base “surrounded by reindeer and nuclear submarines,” according to her website.

After graduating from Ukraine’s Kyiv National University with a degree in international journalism, Hutchins worked as an investigative journalist with British documentary productions throughout Europe.

she either died due to bad guys wanting to shut someone up or she didn’t die and good guys took her into custody


Bingo 🙂

Wolf Moon

Post up RE SD’s spot-on prediction that Russia and China would make geopolitical coin on Western authoritarianism. Putin’s speech shows just how WRONG the Covid Bolsheviks are.


The evil is rampant now

Wolf Moon

You know what – this is actually very telling. Given that it’s likely the Romans wanted to hurry things up for sundry reasons (including looting the dead and going home), that is EXACTLY what happens with EUTHANASIA, as we have just seen with COVIDIAN MURDER BY VENT AND REMDESIVIR.


Interesting too, when my former SIL passed away recently, she had no will, no kids, no living relative that they knew of except my daughter. I told them that were some other nieces and nephews from my daughter’s deceased father.
The State takes over. They take possession of everything unless a living relative makes a claim.
Point being, unless there’s significant assets…nobody’s going to bother with probate court. The State takes it all, they go through every hidey hole a person may have in their home with no real oversight.

Wolf Moon

Thank you. This is important.


I also should’ve mentioned that if the family assumes there’s little to nothing based on the person’s bank account and if they don’t have real estate they relinquish any claim. So if the decedent had a stash of money or jewelry hidden in their things it goes to the State. ( or to the appointed person dealing with the property if they’re the type to put it in their own pockets)
One last thing if the found descendants decide that maybe auntie squirreled away something valuable they must take on the cost of rent for as long as it may take to go there and look as well as the chore of getting rid of the stuff. Most people won’t bother.

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Wolf Moon



I also allow for the forfeiture, upon death, of every American National’s SHARE in the accumulated value of OUR TREASURY.

We OWN our Treasury. And I’ve read plenty of descriptions of the scam that the CROWN has “allegedly” perpetrated, stemming from the Civil War financing (the collateral may have been our LABOR, in perpetuity, unless we opt out of it by claiming “proof-of-life”).

If true, those in on this scam abscond with our birthright-share of ownership of the Treasury, and our DEATH provides them PROFIT from our unclaimed stake.

Another rabbit-hole, yes – but NOT disproven yet, AFAIK.

What if it’s true …

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Deplorable Patriot

Uh, no. According to physicians who studied the Crucifixion, he died of shock.

Wolf Moon

They will do or say anything!

Cuppa Covfefe

The House of DARK Lords.

Also wondering about the change in Prince William, who has turned into an eco freak, just like his father Chuckles, sad to say, worshipping their god, GAIA.

Pieces are moving more quickly, methinks.

I think praying and fasting is not only a good idea; it’s REQUIRED in these times. Ephesians 6:10-18 is important, but also we all have to fight this darkness with prayer and fasting. Just look at how much the ENEMY, Satan and his minions are doing, and not just the DEMONRAT party.

This is worldwide.

And the darkness must be turned back, vanquished, and utterly destroyed, in the name of Jesus Christ. Maranatha.

Wolf Moon

Thanks for this lesson, Carl. It really speaks to me, as I take stock of my life in my senior years.


The info keeps on coming……..

Wolf Moon

I’m with Sadie on this one. This was planned. This was all planned out.

Gail Combs

At this point I no longer take the ‘innocent’ explanation as given. Think of it as a corollary to Aubergine’s Razor.

Wolf Moon

Oh, this is huge. Read that article. This was all done intentionally. It’s an “event”. These are the “event people”.

ALL the usual STUFF is tied together in this thing, just like Las Vegas.

This whole thing is CLASSIC. It’s spiritual, it’s physical, it’s everything.

I think this thing may be in some way a ritual to protect Hillary Clinton.


I’m not getting this, at all.

what happened ??

it was a demonic ritual acted out ???

did Baldwin know that ?

Wolf Moon

Baldwin may have only known his part, because the making of movies and the making of events is very similar, and both are similar to REAL conspiracies. Not everybody needs to know everything, and it’s often best if they don’t.

Then use MK to facilitate key people acting predictably but not according to their conscious knowledge.

Gail Combs

It was premeditated murder probably with several ‘uses’

  1. Get rid of someone inconvenient
  2. Ritual murder for occult reasons
  3. A warning to others

PURE Cabal and Hitlery.

Cuppa Covfefe

I agree.

What doesn’t seem to be mentioned about Hell-the-BEAST and BeezleBubba is that they are BOTH Satanic Black Magick Illuminised Witches, with Hellary being the senior of the two (indeed one of the most senior if not the senior of them all). cf., “Unlimited Access” by Gary Aldrich, and . A former witch of that order who left and is now a born-again Christian has described them in detail, and some of the various rituals that took place in the “Clinton White House” back in the 1990s (this has been going on a long time).

Wonder if Slick Willy’s hospitalization was a result of some ceremony, or Satanic debt being called in…..

Finally, I wonder what they are shooting for, so to speak, with this pre-event. Samhain, October 31, is the highest Satanic (un)holyday. That would be a time for them to pull some stunt. L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons (of JPL, no less) used to do ceremonies that made even Aleistair Crowley blanch; wonder if they’re planning on something similar…

The Chicom Fakedemic and the totalitarian measures forwarding and “enhancing” it are terrible, but maybe that’s to cover something even worse???


This is more likely a “request from Satan” ritual than a “protection” ritual.

The sacrifice of the woman is for a big “ask.” The fact that she was Russian, and the ties to Hunt for Red October suggest to me that they are antagonizing Russia/Putin as an “add-on.” They like to poke sticks in eyes as they do their business.

They are asking for help from the devil with something they are planning to try.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant suggests to me that it centers around Joe Biden. Think about an alternative meaning for that phrase. Let’s GO Brandon, OUT of the Presidency.

The tie to Hillary Clinton could be what has been suggested before, that once Camel-Uh is installed, Hillary will be chosen as VP. Then she is a heartbeat away. Camel likely knows this, being who and what she is. I think she knows that if that happens, she is DEAD. She can’t just resign or leave, that would be too obvious. She will have to die in some spectacular fashion.

The big ask likely is to support this sequence of events. What can we do to disrupt it?

PRAY. It’s all we have against evil. But…

In my belief system, nothing happens ever that doesn’t serve God. EVER. Yes, I know. The Holocaust, famines, plagues, all horrible things. But I don’t believe they would be allowed to happen unless they served the Creator. I just don’t. We tiny motes don’t understand, but we aren’t meant to. We aren’t God. The devil is not stronger than God in my belief, and so can’t do things that don’t in the end serve God.

So we pray for what we think is right. But in the end, whether we understand the “how” or not, God wins.

Wolf Moon

Ah, this makes sense. Cankles always ESCAPES FORWARD, or at worst, sideways.


Yep. No quiet exit from that Harpy.


Who owned the gun?

Sadie Slays

I sent a letter to my Congressional Representatives regarding the viral horrible story about medical experiments on dogs. I made sure to include every excruciating and gruesome detail of the experiment as a nice Monday morning present for whichever useful idiot has the misfortune to read my email first. I then called my Congressional representative useless and impotent to the point where he can’t even take a stance against puppies being tortured.

Strongly recommend others here do the same (that is if you have the stomach to read about animal cruelty stories). If the taxes stolen from my bank account have to pay for this shit, then the assholes on Capitol Hill shouldat minimumbe forced to read about what they’re supporting.

Link to story. Don’t click is reading about animal abuse is upsetting to you.

Sadie Slays

So I’m busy emailing Congressional staff horrible animal abuse stories when I stumble across Pat Toomey’s signature. He signs his name with 666.
comment image
comment image


Sorry but that is a “reach.”

More likely it’s an attempt at a cartoon elephant.

Cuppa Covfefe

So is an elephant.


Look hard enough at any scribble with loops in it and you can find closed loops with tails on them–that’s endemic to loops. It’s beyond ridiculous to mine a loopy signature for them and shriek 666.

The P here is the head (including trunk), the body is that big arch over the last name.

But I am NOT claiming he deliberately drew an elephant, even though it leapt out at me.


I tend to agree that that’s a reach. And I didn’t see the elephant until you pointed it out, but it’s definitely there!

The issue I see is that the machinations of those practicing the occult and evil-doing are so far out of our realm of normalcy that 1) we are shocked at them and 2) we start to look for them everywhere. But in a sense, they are ubiquitous. Striking a balance in all this is difficult.

I don’t believe that everyone who makes the “horn” sign with their hand is making an occult sign, though no doubt some are. I know for a fact that not everyone making the “okay” sign is doing it as a signal of white supremacy.

A house I pass frequently had a huge decorative butterfly on the outside. Knowing how occultists co-opt normal, everyday things and use them as symbols, and how butterflies are one of those things, it occurred to me that that house could be some kind of way-station for trafficking or something. Or not. It could have been merely a tacky decoration. At any rate, the butterfly is gone now.

We need to be aware but not accusatory, IMO.

Sadie Slays

I think some of them use their signatures for foul purposes. There’s the theory that Obama was deliberately drawing a penis over everything he signed. Wouldn’t put it past a practicing Satanist to add 666s to their name for extra power or just to show off.
comment image


Whatever the case, if that’s really O’s signature, he drew a line threw the capital O, making it look like a zero, which is what people call him. 😂 There is no reason to have a vertical line in his signature.

Cuppa Covfefe

And then there’s Amazoon:

Here:comment image

And more obviously, here:comment image

Hidden in plain sight, indeed. An Obelisk in (on) every box…

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Sadie Slays

Yup. And I think there’s something to it touching the letter Z. Zayin (where we get the letter Z from) is an important letter in the Hebrew alphabet.


The seventh letter of the alef-beis is zayin. Its design is the form of a sword. The top of the zayin is the handle, and the vertical leg is the blade. Another interpretation of the zayin’s design is that it represents a crown and a scepter. The zayin thus alludes to power and authority.


The numerical value of the letter zayin is seven. Seven repre­sents the seventh day of the week, which is Shabbos. It is the day G‑d rested. But what does this mean? If G‑d is infinite, why did He have to rest? A human, a mortal, is tired after a hard week at work, so he has to take a breather. But G‑d, the immortal Being?

The answer is that the rest is not for G‑d but for us. Since we work for six days a week and appear to be the masters of our fate, we can easily come to believe that we are the ones who have the power to determine our success. Therefore G‑d instructs, “On the seventh day you are to stop. You are to examine the world around you and understand that everything comes from Me.” Shabbos is the day to focus on the Creator of the universe.

We also find that many of the foods we eat on Shabbos are connected to the number seven. After shul on Friday night and Shabbos day, Kiddush is made on wine.The Hebrew word for wine is yayin, spelled יין, yudyudnun. If one adds up the gematria of יין, it equals 70, or 7.1 After Kiddush, everyone then washes and returns to the table to say the blessing on and eat challah—bread. The gematria of חלה, challah, is 43, and2 4 and 3=7. After they eat the challah, of course they have gefilte fish. The word “fish,” דג (dag), is spelled dalet=4 and gimmel=3, equaling 7. After the gefilte fish they move on to the soup, which is מרק (merak): mem=40, reish=200, kuf=100. Together they equal 340, and 3 and 4=7. After the soup, they proceed to the meat. Meat is בשר (basar): beis=2, shin=300, reish=200, equaling 502—again seven. All of the foods are a delicious reminder that we are partaking of the seventh day, the holy Sabbath.

The sanctity of seven is not only true in the microcosm, but in the macrocosm as well. With the First Day of Creation repre­senting the first thousand years of the world’s existence, the Second Day representing the second thousand years, etc., Shab­bos represents the Seventh Millennium, which is “a day of rest and tranquility for all eternity.”3

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. I was wondering about the squashed “z”. Considering what oops (UPS) and DHhell (DHL) have done to some of my packages, it could be they were hinting at postal package mangling or some such…

The amount of comms going on through stuff most people take for granted is enormous. Like company logos (e.g. Lucent and the red ouroboros)(and the word Lucent itself). Then again, considering what Ronald Bernard, the Dutch (former) Financier said about the “high and mighty’s” meetings, it would stand to reason that they wanted to please their Satanic master…

Cuppa Covfefe

Wonder where PETA, the ASPCA, the Greens and treehuggers, and all of the animal-rights folks are on this?????

Also, in reference to Øbløwhøle, Ferret Jarret, the squad, and the Iranian and Moslem invaders, Moslems HATE dogs. If that crew has any bearing on Faux-Xi and his Mengelian experiments, they are probably rejoicing about it…

Wolf Moon

Mole Day (10/23) passed without mention, but not without notice.

Happy belated Mole Day to you all!
comment image


6.0221 to you, too!


Whoops, big fail on my part!

Wolf Moon

We’ve all been distracted! By deservedly distracting stuff. I don’t even recall seeing any Mole Day crap while skimming through ACS sources this year.


I want to like your post today a million times, bakocarl.

Faithful and True  💖  💟  💗 


comment image

Unpacking Propaganda : What Is it ? What Can You Do About It ?

article link…




What we can do about it

Is it “Free Speech” ?

 👍  good read



first-hand live twitter account of what’s actually happening off West Coast…shipping bottleneck…


left-click on that, to bring up the whole feed.

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Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. That’s a great post, along with the links over at chiefio.

One wonders if it’s a self-inflicted (OK, directed by the RED Chicoms) blockade.

Add to that the fact that if there are no containers available


And I think that’s the point of the whole mess…


I had heard the opposite, earlier, that the empty containers were piling up here because container ships were being kicked out of the ports before they could load them to go back to china.

Cuppa Covfefe

Read the tweet thread, and the links in chiefio’s analysis, where he’s on the wrong end of the Kalifornistan debacle, and can’t get a diesel rig of any size that’s “allowed”. Popinjay NewScum has a huge role in this, probably abetted by NAZI Piglosi and her Demonic agenda.

The have nowhere to store containers, empty or not, no drayage frame with which to transport them, draconian fuel and vehicle laws (even to the extent that the cargo ships have to use fuel blessed by “His NewScumness”). This goes beyond idocy and incompetence into the realm of planned malice.

A blockade by any other name.


And AB5 bc they dont allow trucks over 5 yrs old to work the ports. Newscum and the entire state legislature plus the feds own this.
They dont care though. Really. They have what they want.


I’m sure they both were thinking, “what WAS that???” for the rest of the day.


Thank you, Carl.

So grateful you are doing better.

God is so good.


On a happier note, I was at the local supermarket and ran into the manager going through the bread aisle, and I made a comment on how that’s one of the perpetual tasks of grocery. He allowed that it was, because you’re always adding fresh and retiring stale and customers are perpetually scrambling, so you never have “full” or “empty”.

And that reminded me of an experience I’d had in Nashville, TN, that I related to him. I’m going to give you the slightly longer version….

We were supposed to be evaluating Nashville and its environs as a place where we could move. So we contacted a local real estate office, and we’d arranged to meet with a guy who had actually moved there himself from Northern California about ten years before, and we asked him what were some of the weird things he hadn’t expected. He identified three.

First, Nashville sometimes got snow. Sometimes (rarely), it was snowed in for maybe two weeks and the power could be out. And people FREAKED OUT when this happened.

[This part I told the manager….] And when they freaked-out about snow, they always bought three things — bread, milk, and eggs. A few days after this conversation, there was a snow event and he wasn’t exaggerating. Every Single Loaf got hoovered up, along with every container of milk and every carton of eggs. Giant empty holes. I had no idea why the citizens of Nashville felt it was important to consume so much French Toast during snow days, but there you go…..

And this segued into the second thing the real estate guy had told us about — the “Nashville Wave”. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself a few times during our stay. The way it works is that you’re in a car, and some other person is in a car. They will smile, make eye contact, do a friendly little casual wave, and proceed to do something completely insane. Sample things: right turn from left lane of four lane road; left turn from right lane of four lane road; driving a substantial distance the wrong way on a one-way street; doing a U-turn on an interstate; driving down the sidewalk to a different driveway — but it’s not limited. You got the Nashville Wave, and rules are temporarily suspended. (I asked some people from other parts of the state, and they’d never experienced this.)

That was all that I shared with the store manager, but the third thing that the real estate guy told us about was that we were going to be relying on GPS’s for a good long while. The original roads may have been laid out centuries ago, based on landmarks that have not existed for decades, and a lot of the conventions that westerners (or denizens of NYC) have come to expect do not apply.

And I can personally attest to this, as well — we were rambling around quite a bit (with the GPS), but on one occasion we were tooling down (IIRC) 27th Avenue. In the space of 15 miles, it intersected with (IIRC) 15th Avenue three times. This doesn’t happen in California, and it doesn’t happen in New York. [One suggestion was that they were originally built on the banks of creeks, but the creeks moved.] It made impromptu drives quite challenging.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s not just Nashville where people buy bread, eggs, and milk before a snow storm. That’s pretty much everywhere. So much so that someone out there actually painted a still life known as “Snow Predicted.”
comment image

Wolf Moon



Believe me — when I finally get the move, I will not be arriving with the sense that “I’m from California, I already know everything.” I’ve been trying to learn some things in advance.

I should note that I’d never seen snow falling before that trip.


GPS is boderline worthless traversing I-40 through Nashville, including pit stops for gas, meals. Common sense with a sense of direction and pay attention necessary.


We used ours all the time. Then, again, Nashville was as far west as we went on that trip, so we weren’t really traversing I-40. We were more doing excursions to Franklin, Smyrna, Mount Juliet, and Hendersonville…..when we weren’t snowed-in to our hotel room.

But the comment was more about local streets than interstates.


Understand. My point still applies.

AND, yes, I also use GPS all the time. Common sense and sense of direction always applies to GPS users.


Sadly, sometime ago, an old couple was following GPS instructions, drove around a blockade and right off the end of a bridge.


We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood, but there was a big project about 10 years ago to redo one of the streets, and we had people coming through on GPS every two minutes. We had to explain that they had to get their happy tuchis back to the main road and go FIVE STREETS east in order to avoid the construction.


blatant communism is out of the shadows…


Biden Bank Regulator Nominee Reveals Her Plan To Radically Transform U.S. Economy



Saule Omarova…Cornell professor…Office of Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Treasury Dept.

born in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan…educated in the Soviet Union…graduated from the Moscow State University (1989)..

openly praises Soviet policies.

 👉  her university thesis is raising alarm bells…

titled : Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis And The Theory of Revolution In The Capital.


 👉  her refusal to hand over that paper to members of The Senate Banking Committee.


 👉  she has called for transforming the U.S. economy by moving most of the consumer banking industry out of private institutions and into the hands of The Federal Reserve.

“…significant centralization of investment and banking, putting a new public institution in charge, directly or indirectly, of virtually all economic activity.”

 👉  The National Investment Authority (NIA)

“a public entity”

venture capital…like, say, Black Rock.

read more about this alarming status quo, at the link.

full-blown communist.

wake up, sheeple.

Cuppa Covfefe

And then they want to put Antichrist at the head of the Fed.

This is where they’re going, and it seems like no-one (or not many folks) take the extent and depth of the cabal’s evil seriously. Indeed it seems like they don’t believe that evil or Satan exist.

They’ll meet him soon enough.

Not only are Bye,Done’s crew undoing everything that VSGPDJT did; they’re doubling down and destroying everything the Founding Fathers did, and all that we MAGAs and Christians stand for.

They must be stopped… and in the spiritual realm as well…


AND, Rinos WILL vote to confirm this commie nominee.


Why come to the US and then when here wanting to change the system?
Why not go back where she came from? Or she is an agent specially to do what she does.


well DUH..

This is the Woman Baldwin Put In Charge Of Firearms For His Low Budget Film


short blurb, here…


“armorer” Hannah Gutierrez



that tweet vid is very short

but very offensive.


Experts Weigh In …

“safety protocols not followed”


and…what about that armorer …?!


TY bakocarl, good time for some motivation 🙏 




Get supplies folks. If you can’t afford pre-made freeze-dried stuff go for rice and beans. 1# rice + 1# beans will feed a family of 4 for 24hrs. Especially if you have fresh foods to add. Get it while it is available. People will starve to death this winter. I don’t want it to be any of us!


Cannot like this comment enough.

Thank you.


I hope I’m wrong, but….
.comment image

Gail Combs

Look at it this way, Your best store of value right now, in an inflationary period, is FOOD. Just buy stuff you KNOW YOU WILL eat.

Heck I have even stocked up on 50 lbs of dried cat food for ONE cat, and our hallway now has a stack of livestock protein blocks for my ponies, sheep and goats.

I have spent the last weeks overseeding our pastures with Abruzzi Rye for winter grazing AND worming every animal I can get my hands on. (Worming means you are NOT feeding the parasites too. I wish I could say the same for DC…)

We put some ram lambs and buck goats in the freezers. I was shocked to find the price to process them had MORE THAN DOUBLED!

Cuppa Covfefe

Just made me wonder, are propane freezers/refrigerators still around? If there are massive brownouts/blackouts to appease the climastrologist gods, something like that would be a good backup, especially for folks who already use gas/propane (with the requisite adaptors, etc.)…..


Consider, Tri-fuel generators.

IF power goes out, NG is my fuel of choice. Then propane. (Pick up propane tanks at Estate sales and yard sales.) Last retort is gas.

IF power goes out, fridge / freezer ONLY opened once each day. Grab what we need for the day. Plan the daily meals, before opening the freezer/fridge.

Generator will NOT run continuous. ONLY what is necessary to maintain freezer/fridge temp and heat the house. Lighting ambient or candles with all safety protocols. LED flashlights as necessary.

Cuppa Covfefe

Sorry, I meant NG, not gasoline. That would be wayyyy too risky.

As far as food storage goes, it wasn’t that long ago (at least for us oldsters) that the icebox actually USED ice rather than MADE ice 🙂 Over here they had “cool houses” dug underground that were kept really cold and usually dark.

With all the yammering going on by the greens, you’d think someone would come up with a fridge/freezer that had double or triple the amount of insulation they do now. Then again, they’re trying to kill off styrofoam over here, so I guess we’ll end up using yak fur or something for insulation 😡 😡 😡


Thanks. Actually my poor communication skills on full display.

Knew there was LPG powered fridge/freezer. Although not as efficient as electric. I think. Assumed GS much the same.

Odd ball reality. Actual power generation by my tri fuel generator lowest with NG, increases with LPG and tops out with gasoline. dunno why, but that is what the manual tells me.

Reply was intended as a general off grid power generation thought for emergencies.


I have one of the tri-fuels as well and that is correct. Good to have options. If the NG is supplied without interruption you do nothing but crank up the generator and let it run. You can take things on and off the load as needed and run an average size home easily. The NG provides about 5400 W and it goes up for LP and gasoline. If the NG is shut down, have LP tanks filled and ready. We also have a 2000 W gasoline operated inverter generator for clean power for the electronics.

Gail Combs

Lehmans catalog is your friend.

I remember one issue had a picture from a customer. It was a gas refrigerator being packed up the mountains to a cabin on the back of a mule.


Agreed. And OTC meds, dry pantry staples, pet food, any Rx meds that can be refilled now. Bottled water in case the power goes out.
Get out of debt to the extent one can.

Changed my screen name. The old screen name’s initials (CV) were too close to the CCP”Fauci-Mengele” virus initials for comfort any longer.




Well, after reading Sadie Slay’s thread again, a “Brandon” moniker may not be so good.
“RDS” is the hat in the ring.

Wolf Moon

Gotta wonder what is the significance of RDS! 😃


first thing that came to mind was, RounDS. As in, ammunition. 🙂

Cuppa Covfefe

Return the DiamondS ???


Liking your thought!

Wolf Moon

Yes! “rds” is a proper abbreviation for rounds!


Resist the DS.

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Wolf Moon


Cuppa Covfefe

Maybe ROUT the DS?

Or Remove the DS?

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Cuppa Covfefe

There’s a study out by the US Military about how long meds and other preparations last on beyond their “use by” or “sell by” dates, if kept properly stored. This could be handy in terms of knowing when to pitch stuff. In general, anti-biotics should be tossed as soon as the date comes up, but some classes of them do “live” longer…

[I have the link on another PC, I think it popped up when I was searching ho long does aspirin last…]….

Cuppa Covfefe

The program is called SLEP: Shelf Life Extension Program, and is a joint venture betweend the FDA and the DOD. Here are a few relevant links (there are others in the internet archive).

Which medications are unsafe after their expiration date?
There’s really no way to know if a drug is safe unless its tested for potency, but here are some common sense measures:
·     Insulin is used to control blood sugar in diabetes and may be susceptible to degradation after its expiration date.
·     Oral nitroglycerin (NTG), a medication used for angina (chest pain), may lose its potency quickly once the medication bottle is opened.
·     Vaccines, biologicals or blood products could also be subject to quick degradation once the expiration date is reached.
·     Tetracycline may produce a toxic metabolite, but this controversial among researchers.8
·     Medicines that looks old: powdery or crumbling medicine, drugs with a strong smell, or dried up medicine (as in the case of or ointments or creams) should always be discarded, expired or not.
·     Any injectable medication, especially if cloudy, discolored or with visible floating particles.


I just changed mine as well, see if it registers.

Well, nope. 🙄

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Gail Combs


You can add canned fish and chicken, beef jerky and bacon jerky, canned (and dried) fruits and veggies, OATMEAL peanut butter, jelly…. Get creative.

Get the 15 bean soup if you can afford it.

For example:
Raisins &/or cranberries (dried)
Walnut pieces
Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice
Makes a fast tasty breakfast.

Beef jerky or bacon jerky & 15 bean soup plus their spice package and onion flakes makes a decent dinner.
Don’t forget tea. It is a relatively cheap hot or cold drink. I stocked up on Realemon for lemonade too.

You can get canned water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, Dried lily buds, and Dried mushrooms as well as a variety of sauces to make a stir fry to add flavor to your (canned) chicken and rice.

Cuppa Covfefe

Bacon jerky….wow, sounds good. Seems like our grandparents (and before) knew all about getting through hard times…

Still riled about the fact that the US no longer has strategic reserves of anything… except maybe debt (as an anti-reserve)…..


I also have lots of sardines still need some tuna. I might try canning some bacon. Root vegetables hold a long time if properly stored.
By the way our stores stacked up on canning supply. I am surprised.
If we need noodles I make myself same with bread.
Tomorrow I make beef broth for canning.


I bought 48 cans of chicken and 24 beef from Pleasant Hill Grains.
I have lots of beans and also mixed beans with all kind of other stuff. Have lots of rice.
Have been canning. I am putting two grow bins for vegetable on the south side of the house it stays nice warm there during winter. Will grow greens all winter. I have a greenhouse type cover for two bins from Gardener Supplies.
Still have lots of greens growing and carrots and beets mustard greens and Swiss Chard. Ups some salad also. I have wonderful covers that keep everything protected for a long time.
I feel so much better doing something and preparing than just helplessly waiting for the unthinkable to happen. My husband is convinced that I am overeating and stores never will be without food. Though he does think the way he does he humors me and lets me prep.
I feel like the “little Red Hen”.  😂 


Well, you have company in the hen house! I am growing all kinds of things, and my daughter thinks I’m nuts! She doesn’t think there will be food shortages, which means I’ll be the grocery store when her fridge is empty.


Yes cannot wait for everyone to run out of their food specially my kids who think I am ready for the funny farm.
I have been canning up a storm. Need to do some wash today but will can a small amount and set up for the bone beef can that tomorrow.
My husband told me that there will be food but the prices will be sky high. Our gas bill already doubled since June. We expect it to go higher.


People without a lot of money are going to suffer. I’ll bet your kids will appreciate you more by spring!


I think I need to find some people who are hurting.
We have a good safety net here where I live for people unemployed. I worry about those who work and barely can pay their bills. The other is people who only have SS. Normally they have kids who help out.

My kids make lots of money they can buy whatever they want of course we have one it is never enough 🙂 God will send me someone who needs help.
There is a German saying ” A father can feed 10 children but 10 children cannot feed a father”.


I believe what we give away returns to us tenfold. Yours is a good plan 🙂


I give and do not expect anything back . I have joy in giving and that is a selfish act because I need to figure out if I give because of the joyful reward or if I would give not having the joy ?


God gives us the joy to enjoy! So give, and love it. I do!




This is the place for my story of the day. Thanks TIM.

I know a person who just went in to apply for a night-stocking job at a large local grocery. Small chain, but BIG stores.

He was told by the manager that they used to get four trucks a week. Now they are down to two. They are anticipating ZERO.

That’s correct. ZERO TRUCKS per week to the biggest grocery store in my town. And the only grocery store in the town twenty miles away is this same chain.

We are IN FOR IT. Buy FOOD. If you don’t have room to store it, rent a storage locker. People are going to STARVE.

I was literally stricken completely silent by this man’s revelation. I am still in shock. NO TRUCKS.

Cuppa Covfefe

Shades of the Holodomor. And to think that someone from the Ukraine was just offed…

This would be a great time for the USA to shed RED China, entirely, and be TOTALLY self-sufficient.

But the RED Chinese puppets in government, in particular the DEMONRATS, don’t want that; indeed they want TOTAL dependence on the Satanic RED DRAGON CHINA…



Wolf Moon

OK – do you have any way of verifying this? I don’t want to start a panic based on somebody inserting a panic (“they” know who we are), but if you can get some kind of verification, then I think this needs to be elevated to all our readers.


I can try. Give me a day or two. I will have to poke around some. Maybe apply for a job 😉

Wolf Moon

Sounds like a plan! And you can find out if they’re hiring, too!



Sadie Slays

This isn’t as dire as Aubergine’s prediction, but I’ve got a Reddit comment from a grocery store manager talking about shortages of popular holiday foods. tl;dr: Stock up on canned goods now, especially holiday-related stuff like canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce.
comment image


I am consistently seeing no cat food, and I mean none, in the little family dollar/dollar general stores. And no litter either. I almost always get it online – but when you run in one of those stores for bath soap or toothpaste you can’t help but notice a bare aisle.

Sadie Slays

I checked Walmart’s website last night for the brand of cat food that I always buy, and there was none at any store within the entire county. Chewy has been out-of-stock on it for weeks. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year now. I check the online product listings every day, and make large orders whenever I see it in stock. I built up a large stockpile, but it’s halfway gone.

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Cuppa Covfefe

One thing I think we’re seeing is just how much of our purchases rely on or consist of RED Chinese goods (or components).

This all started with Nixon in 1972; was greatly (wickedly, indeed) expanded by the Klintoons and all the globalists since then.

Maybe now the sheeple will see what is REALLY going on.

As my Jewish cello professor who survived WWII and the Holocaust with her sister via the Dutch underground said: “The problem with your generation is, you haven’t suffered enough.”

I fear that though she was right some 50 years ago, we will end up suffering our own Holocaust at the hands of some (e.g. Sauros) who had a hand (or a cloven hoof) in the first…

Sadie Slays

One thing I think we’re seeing is just how much of our purchases rely on or consist of RED Chinese goods (or components).

All by design. Make us all dependent on China, then kill whatever supply chain is left at home to leave us scrambling, weak, and willing to surrender to the Chinese.


Yes no canned cat food. One cannot just buy any can cat food because some give cats urinary problems.
We have enough dry food and I supplement add cooked food I cook for them to the dry food.


Sounds like you’re looking for some rare Royal Canin stuff.

I just got back from running a few errands and once again the nice looking dollar general near me has no cat food or litter. Dog food yes, cat nothing. And I mean an entire bare aisle – on one side. I have stocked up via chewy. Our two indoor cats don’t require anything too special, but we have three friendly former strays (now neutered) outside that live on the front porch – and they can EAT. It’s a decent set up – chairs with cushions for summer, houses with straw, beds and plug-in warmers when it actually gets cold.

I truly cannot wrap my head around it all. Not the cat situation. It.

Sadie Slays