It Is Your Duty To Rebel Against COVID Communism

Just watch these videos. (H/T para59r)

Please find more and better copies of this street-corner speech!!!

I will add them here.

Yeah, we know this stuff, but this is like the “check-mark red pill” that seals the deal and shows the URGENCY of turning this shit over. This old boy puts it all together in a way that simply cannot be denied.

We have to stop it COLD.

What I want people to do is to IDENTIFY all things we need to do RIGOROUSLY in order to save businesses and stop this process.

We have to begin IMMEDIATELY.

I want TWO classes of actions / inactions.

(1) What must WE as individuals do or not do.

(2) What must politicians do or not do.

The LATTER (and how it affects the FORMER) is how we will TEST the WHEAT from the CHAFF.

Better hope that TEAM TRUMP is paying attention. Because WE ARE.


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DeSantis, when he went direct to the maker for monoclonal antibodies, was showing us something. Our politicians at every level have to be prepared to go around the levels above them to do what is needed. He is the example. Also, my Gov. Gianforte and my legislature, who wrote and signed LAW that subverts what the admin is doing with mandates.

WE have to be willing to go around, too. Screw Walmart and Costco. I have a friend who just “can’t” live without Trader Joes. Well the hell with that! We have to shop for any and everything possible locally. I know it costs more, and I feel every cent. But without us, the little guy fails. Find a farmer for veggies and a rancher for meat. Find a knitter to buy a Christmas sweater from.

I still believe that the way out of all of this is to strike, nationwide. If we stop, they will figure out this shit right quick. We are not in enough pain yet, believe it or not. But we are about to be, I think.

As we resist mask and vaccine tyranny, we give businesses the green light to resist them, too. If there are more people shopping who WON’T do it, businesses will defy it too.

Whenever possible, BUY AMERICAN products. They don’t come in through the blockaded ports.

Sadly, we may have to learn to do without a few things for a while. If it comes from China, I am going to try to live without it. Sooner or later, we WILL get better government, hopefully Trump or his like, and we will build American factories again.


I suggest picketing outside businesses that are requiring their employees to wear face masks.

Have on hand information and resources to show HOW BAD MASKING IS and how it can harm the employees’ health.

Also, Walmart pushes the death vaxxes like crazy. CALL THEM OUT!

I have a poster board and I’m not afraid to use it. 😄

Cuppa Covfefe

Maybe make “Black Friday” a truly black (blackout) Friday.

Don’t buy from Amazoon, Wally World, Traitor Joes, or anyone that supports Faux-Xiism. P!$$ on their parade of cheap RED Chinese $#!t. Shut them ALL DOWN.

And, on top of that, make that Friday (and maybe others as well) a day of Prayer and Fasting. (OK, easier to do after getting stuffed on Thanksgiving). Fridays for OUR FUTURE!!!


I think blackout days could make them feel the pain. Enough people would have to be aware of it, and then would have to do it.

I think boycotting all of the “woke’ corporations that require masks for employees is going to be so difficult for a lot of people that it’s not going to make enough of a dent. I don’t think many people will forgo buying the less expensive presents for the kids this Christmas, that are available at “woke” stores, by standing on principle. Many can’t afford to buy more expensive items. Many are so tired from work and dealing with family issues and the increasing stresses of daily life that they can’t handle anything else.

Organized blackout days would allow people to plan in advance and take a stand.


How about:

#FJB Friday ( only written out)

Make it Black Friday! Make them hurt for joining in our enslavement.

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I do not buy for Christmas my family let me know a long time ago that their kids like money instead a gift and parents like a gift certificate.
I am not shopping before Christmas or after 🙂


MeThinks a black out day, really needs to be a series of consecutive days.


GREAT IDEAS! I hope they get picked up on beyond here.


100% when I learn of a business, hospital, clinic, etc. is going to picket, I’ll be there.

MANY vehicles still have Trump stickers. Some homes Trump flag or yard signs.

Thinking WE HAVE TO CALL OUT BiteMe.

Tomorrow, (it’s raining today), I’ll put up an, “IMPEACH BIDEN” flag. Hoping it trends locally. There are a few F Biden signs and an American flag upside down.


Good rant 🙂

The only stores we have is Kroger and next town Wall-Mart.
I knit my own sweater 🙂

I do not want to buy everything through Internet. The big box stores killed small business in small towns.The covid did the rest in who were scraping buy.
I must say I felt a little helpless with the warning of shortage of food. Since I am canning I feel so much better I am doing something take away the power of those who want to starve us. Biden reminds me more and more of Stalin. Look what Stalin did to the Ukrainians ? He starved them to death.


Right! I knit, too.

We here are doing the right things. I hope many others will follow suit.


I hope so too.


Lets hope so 🙂


Tim Kennedy (@TimKennedyMMA) Tweeted:
These are the things of nightmares. Schools have had too much authority, power, and influence over our children. It stops now. They have to be held accountable. The power has to shift back to the parent. Attend every school board meeting. Protect our children.




They could have killed her. She has an enlarged tongue and had been exhibiting behavior changes(lack of O2).

They must be arrested. This is child abuse, cold.


And the behavior changes could ALSO have been from the child trying to signal that she was in distress — since she’s non-verbal, she couldn’t SAY what was going on.
So one is looking at physical AND emotional / psychological child abuse. Since the little girl is non-verbal, what kind of mental health therapy can she get?
The school system will HAVE TO PAY for any mental health counseling the child needs, PLUS any that her PARENTS need, PLUS all doctor’s bills, PLUS punitive damages. I hope to the Almighty God that the parents have retained a CRACKERJACK attorney.


And the dad pulled her from this school. Hope they get private ed.

Cuppa Covfefe

The term, responsibilities of, and authority denoted by “in loco parentis” should be striken from anything to do with the US “system of education”.

That term, and “accountabilty” are tossed about with no though whatsoever, and probably most parents are unaware that “in loco parentis” is in play when their children are in school.

Then again, the RED Communist school systems would rather take our children and GOD GIVEN responsibility and authority away from us. Indeed, they’d rather take our children completely away from us, making us only, as the perverted gays term it, breeders. Funny how they don’t realize that without “breeders”, they wouldn’t exist…

The schools and the “depotment o educayshun” are muy loco, in any case…..


I very much agree.


People who do these things need to face criminal prosecution, not just censorship or even loss of position. It is a crime. In keeping with the goals of this article, we need to hold them accountable. Write to those in positions to do something. Call. Picket outside.

The same with doctors and hospitals who won’t prescribe life-saving therapeutics. Call their governing authorities, to begin with. Go in the facility and ask (demand) an audience with someone in authority. If you only call them, you will get bounced around and every person will say theyre “working on it.” That’s bureaucratic-speak for “we’re stalling until it’s too late.” (And it will one day be too late for the patient.) Tape the conversation, if possible. Mention how you have spoken with a lawyer. Have a local TV station’s number ready to call, and call it in the bureaucrat’s presence, if necessary. Stop following their rules, which are not in our best interest. They have strayed way too far from that.

These same principles can be applied to schools, employers, etc. Hit them where it hurts, with publicity, the threat of public outrage, and the threat of prosecution or loss of their prestige and position.


This is a must listen. While I am not in complete agreement with David Icke with a few things, he is 100% correct that we must not comply.

Gail Combs

As Wolfie and I and others can attest, the CCP virus is REAL. It originated in Australia from a team of Chinese Scientists, most from the Wuhan Lab including Zhengli Shi. was buffed up @ UNC by Baric and then handed off for the finishing touches and release to the Wuhan Lab.

Two of the authors listed in the UNC paper are from China, Ge XY , and another is  Shi ZL
The author information returns:

Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China.

Ge XY has many, many bat corona virus papers listed.

Her boss, the head of the Wuhan Lab is Shi ZL, the SAME Professor Zhengli Shi, aka the Wuhan Bat Lady, mentioned in this old Daily Caller article:
EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Expert [Richard Ebright] Says Virus Could Have Leaked From Wuhan Lab


China even CLAIMED it was a bio-weapon.

Senior Member of CCP Think Tank Claims China Won Unprecedented Biological War Against the US in 2020 and “Put the US Back in its Place”

A senior member of a Chinese Communist Party think tank claimed China won a biological war against the United States in 2020.

Ping Chen, a professor of National Development at Peking University in Beijing said China “put the US back in its place.”

The video authenticity and translation was confirmed by New York-based Chinese blogger Jennifer Zeng.

In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the US is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the US was beaten back to its original shape,” Chen Ping said.


One way is to locate providers near you for food.

Local Food Near You – LocalHarvest


That’s a great find, Jim! I’m finding all kinds of resources near me that I didn’t know about.

Gail Combs

THANKS! Bookmarked!

However do not neglect doing drive arounds. Those are the BIG names (State approved), the two veggie farms on my road are not listed for my town.


If the DemCommunists in the U.S. government and the DeepState have their way, this facial / bio surveillance cr@p will be coming here. There are cities in this country that already have surveillance cameras attached to traffic light poles, telephone poles, and cell towers.


And We the People have the means and people to cut them down and destroy them. There are thousands of us for every one of the evil doers. For the most part the thin blue line will side with We the People. If any try to stop We the People they will be vanquished quickly.

Gail Combs

It is also in some smaller towns as ‘traffic violation surveillance’

Deplorable Patriot

First thing to do is take the friggin’ masks off. Go about your business, and don’t advertise your status of anything. Just go about what you do.

I went to noon Mass at the Cathedral again, and I swear less than half the place was masked up. Even the priests flaunted the mask thing when walking from the Confessionals (they always have at least three priests available between Masses on Sunday) back to the Sacristy – and this is the Mother Ship where Archbishop Mitch told a priest in Kirkwood to wear a mask because parishioners complained. (Kirkwood is not known for conservatism.)

More or less don’t play along with the taking of rights and freedoms. Exercise it anyway.


And throw sand in the gears wherever you can


“(1) What must WE as individuals do or not do.”

Do: things which have a proven history of achieving the desired objective.

There is no new thing under the sun. If something has never worked to stop tyranny before, then why would it work now?

If there is no good answer to that question, then stop, go back, and find what has worked before, and do that instead.


“(2) What must politicians do or not do.”

If a politician isn’t doing what he should be doing already, he’s not going to have a conversion on the road to Damascus. At best (and even this is unlikely), he will pretend to care long enough to get you to stop protesting or picketing or whatever.

They get their MONEY from the people who influence them against US.

Unless we give them MORE MONEY than whoever is buying them off now, there won’t be any change in the politician.

The people buying them off have infinity money.

I’m guessing we can’t match that bribe, and wouldn’t (and shouldn’t), even if we could, which we can’t.

So that means voting them out.

Which we can’t do either, because rigged voting machines and rigged vote counters, in case the rigged voting machines don’t rig properly.

Which means we’re back to #1.


I wrote to my state rep to say that if the 2020 election is not decertified and if voting laws are not rewritten to prevent fraud before the 2022 elections, I will turn in my voter card and demand that my name be stricken from the voter list. I refuse to vote again if there is a likelihood that the election will be fraudulent.


I think that is the wrong thing to do.
We must ALL vote in each and EVERY election.
High turnouts will force “them” to CHEAT even more.
Giving a much better chance at “catching” them in the act.



“I wrote to my state rep to say that if the 2020 election is not decertified and if voting laws are not rewritten to prevent fraud before the 2022 elections, I will turn in my voter card and demand that my name be stricken from the voter list. I refuse to vote again if there is a likelihood that the election will be fraudulent.”


I think your Rep will be absolutely fine with that.

If nobody voted, they wouldn’t have to put on the pretense of elections anymore.

That’s how the system is rigged.

You lose if you participate (fraud), and you lose if you don’t participate.


Certainly getting there….

New Denninger —


Very nice. And very true.


It is the CABAL, not communism…

vaccines will render many zombies… that’s not communism…

that’s one world control…

That’s Rothschild and Rockefellers… The Cabal…

It’s SATANISM! It’s not communism.


I think the cabal, occultists, and communists are in cahoots.


But young people have been taught that communism/socialism WILL WORK… that it just hasn’t been established correctly. Don’t you see, they BELIEVE that, which is why so many support Biden, why so many were opposed to Trump. Which is why they CANNOT see it is the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Central Banks, Big Pharma, etc. The Cabal is not Jewish, The Cabal is SATANIST… Putting the focus on communism does not EDUCATE the young, it only motivates them to move with the darkness, away from the LIGHT…


Personally, I think communism was always satanism in disguise. It was certainly influenced by that nasty monster.


Yours truly is “shopping through the house” regarding Christmas presents this year. Possibly will supplement with a small check in selected Christmas cards.

Getting ready to hunker down in as many ways as possible.

Sourcing out local suppliers for food.

Figuring out who the “real friends” are. Guess what? — couple of family members aren’t in the group.

Deciding what is, and what is NOT, “negotiable.”

Doing everything possible to build and sustain the immune system and physical / mental strength.

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🤣 😅 😂

No ribbon!

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Brave and Free

Yes we’re all in this shit together, some are going to feel it sooner than others I am afraid.
Families will need to consolidate to one household before this is over possibly.

Brave and Free

Prayer without ceasing is what’s need, I’ve fallen way short of this myself.


The Liturgy of the Hours.

“From ancient times the Church has had the custom of celebrating each day the liturgy of the hours. In this way the Church fulfills the Lord’s precept to pray without ceasing, at once offering its praise to God the Father and interceding for the salvation of the world.” — Office of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship.”

There are numerous apps you can download and get reminders to pray.

If you are not Catholic you can still put in reminders.

I have found it immensely efficacious to pray at set hours.

Sadie Slays

Here’s one I’ve got in the back of my mind if the situation calls for it—obnoxious use of stickers. It’s a tactic I learned from this Russian Youtube channel where they stick these giant pain-in-the-ass stickers on the windshields of traffic violators.

Example (1:58 timestamp)

Example (2:42 timestamp)

If I lived in a country where there were vaccine checkpoints at stores, this is what I’d be doing. Check the local laws in your area first.

On a less aggressive note, I’d consider posting flyers or writing stuff on currency now if I could a think of a catchy, very short message with crossover appeal. Trying to think of some way to reach people in real life without algorithms in the way.

Cuppa Covfefe

That “Sticker for the Lady (and I use that term loosely)” was epic… cool how they used permanent glue instead of the normal peel-off glue… Talk about selfish yuppies…

Sadie Slays

24 hours after I posted this, I stumbled across this picture:
comment image

I am not advocating vandalizing the local gas station. First, check the laws in your area. Second, choose your battles wisely.