DEAR KAG: 20220121 – The Pub is OPEN / The Anti-Saline Theory and The Toxic Batch Problem

The Pub is OPEN!

Tonight is a special night. We invite ALL SCIENTISTS to come down to the bar for TWO HOURS, and listen to one scientist appeal to our LOGIC and our COMMON SENSE on the TOXIC BATCH PROBLEM.

ALL WHO WISH are invited to sit down, drink in hand, and watch – but it is especially important that ALL SCIENTISTS see this.

It is my contention that if ALL scientists in the world – on this planet – watch this video that I will show you, then the entire WORLD will be QUICKLY AWAKENED to the reality of some kind of systematic problem with the current COVID vaccines – some kind of problem which is evidenced by toxicity showing up with certain batches.

But more about that later.

Right now, come into the bar and find a comfy spot.

While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

Though we are not especially good at mixing tasty drinks, we can stir some occasional thoughts into a compelling report, argument, recollection, or proposition.

And with that barest promise, we begin.

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22The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

23This is from the LORD, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

24This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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Enjoy this reminder of how special it was to have the Trumps in the White House.

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God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.


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Current Art On The Wall

We opened this week’s shipment, and there was a note on top of the contents that said:


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Sure enough, the very next thing we found was MONDAY’S LEFTOVERS.

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Yeah, I’m enjoying this timeframe-loosening absinthe of sorts.

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Look for GREENPUNK as a subgenre of STEAMPUNK.

OK – one more image and then back to reality.

LOL. Nope. That’s not it.

Let’s try another.

AYE-YI-YI. That’s not it, either. I get the sentiment, but I tend to think the devil’s in certain details of the genre, and – as always in the art world – one must proceed with caution.

Although I do have a story about a fantastic dream you may have heard. In some ways, it was the opposite of steampunk, but it had a certain similar quality of alternate reality about it.

Let’s try one more.

Hey – that’s not steampunk! That’s REALPUNK.

I’ll let Steve tell us all about it.

In the meanwhile, we take leave of the infinitude of artistic imagination, and find ourselves back at the concrete.

Or so one might think!

And now our feature presentation

The Anti-Saline Theory and The Toxic Batch Problem – Did Somebody Actually Contaminate Lots of the Vaccines?

I never really thought that I might be defending Big Pharma – in whole or in part – at this point in the multiple scandals of the COVID-19 Plannedemic.

Maybe “defending” isn’t the right word. Maybe “presenting a potentially somewhat exonerating theory” IS the right phrase.

In fact, I don’t even know WHO I’m exonerating, or or that matter, WHO I’m accusing. Likewise, I’m not even sure who the TARGETS of the perpetrators in this “theory” actually are.

However, this is not a “conspiracy theory” – something which is generally certain of perpetrators, victims, and motives.

This is a CRIMINAL THEORY. This is a theory which allows us to begin to examine an apparent crime, in order to determine perpetrators, victims, and motives. It’s a theory which may even be wrong.

I ask all of you to briefly set aside prejudices, which is often necessary to do when evidence needs to be viewed as potential exoneration. Feel free to bring your prejudices and prior theories back AFTER you have looked at these possibilities, because you will need to compare theories, and your current favorites need to CONTEND with what I’m proposing here.

Thus, we begin.

The Saline Theory

The SALINE THEORY – which many regard as a criminal theory, and which others regard as a “conspiracy theory”, contends that the reason some people have either NO REACTION or ALMOST NO REACTION to the “clot shot” – meaning all the standard Western COVID-19 vaccines – is that those people are being given medical saline solution instead of actual coronavirus vaccines.

The proposed motives for this, generally speaking, are either to spare particular individuals from the problems of the vaccines, OR to statistically reduce the numbers of people being KILLED or INJURED by the vaccines to acceptable levels.

Now, in full disclosure, I have been generally, if quietly, rather critical of the saline theory, despite the fact that I am very skeptical of Big Pharma in general, and even more skeptical of Pfizer and Moderna.

Why am I skeptical of the theory? Basically, because it doesn’t really change most vaccines. In a sentence, vaccines are DESIGNED to approximate saline.

In the history of vaccines, the GOAL has always been to literally approach the state of “injecting people with saline” – meaning not much of anything is given, and nothing bad happens.

Thus, an ideal vaccine – and in practice most good vaccines – basically do nothing except grant immunity, which until recently was always expected to be inferior to “natural” disease-conferred immunity.

Let me point out AS AN ASIDE right here that the industry lost megatons of credibility by letting the media trot out nonsense about vaccine immunity being better than disease-conferred immunity, allegedly negating centuries of medical knowledge. Foolish to abandon the truth on that one. Clearly the result of Big Pharma now having the upper hand against Big Med, thanks to Big Finance, and the willingness of Big Media to tell any lie. But I digress.

The point is simple. We EXPECT normal, good vaccines to have very few adverse events – so rare that we rarely hear about them – and that people basically ARE getting saline.

In other words, people generally can’t tell the difference between a good vaccine, a “bad because too weak” vaccine, and saline.

THAT’S THE POINT – that the REALITY of rare adverse events is expected to MATCH our experience of almost never hearing about or experiencing first, second, or third-hand, that somebody had a problem with a vaccine.

I myself went through life NEVER connecting a vaccine to any personal injury – that is, until I got over 30 years of flu shots, religiously, but then switched to my dominant shoulder for no particular reason, and experienced subsequent NOTICEABLE inflammatory issues which were very likely connected to the vaccine. All that being said, I was much older at that point, and older people ARE more likely to experience inflammation of joints as part of getting old. Indeed, this didn’t stop me from getting the flu shot for a number of more years – KNOWING that the vaccine might be responsible.

SO – bottom line – I’m not at all skeptical of vaccine injury, from sore arms up to death.

But I remain skeptical of the saline theory – for the stated reasons.

I never throw anything OUT completely – but I have been quite skeptical that there might be ANY kind of conspiracy – even a very realistic one – to replace weak “do-nothing” vaccines that the industry has spent DECADES making, and is quite good at making, with saline that does almost the same thing.

And INDEED – bear the opposite in mind. Bad things happen to people who get placebos, “because math”. And more than that, bad things happen to people who get saline, “because injection”. It’s extremely rare, but it DOES happen. This is an acknowledged truth of Anthony Fauci’s Holy of Holies, the placebo-controlled double-blind study. That’s why researchers factor out the difference which comes simply from “doing the test”.

But the fact is simple. Saline is generally pretty damn safe to inject, because it does nothing. A good vaccine, likewise, does nothing but provide some degree of immunity – hopefully lifelong, but with a number of years generally being acceptable, depending on the vaccine.

SO – if you tell me somebody got saline – I will tell you that they got a “good vaccine”, and we’re left with only some very difficult science to tell which of us is right.

However, all of that has a problem.

A HUGE problem.

The problem is summed up by the fact that almost everybody in the English-speaking world recognizes the term “clot shot” as a grim, joking nickname for the COVID-19 vaccines.

That didn’t happen by accident. Admittedly, it’s an injection for preventing or pre-treating a clotting disease by generating immunity TO a clotting protein WITH that same clotting protein, or something very similar to it. BUT STILL…..

In practice, this is NOT a harmless vaccine. No amount of propaganda changes that.

The Anti-Saline Theory

So what is the ANTI-SALINE THEORY?

The anti-saline theory, based on something called the toxic batch problem, is roughly a mirror image of the saline theory. It thus contends that some of the coronavirus vaccines were the opposite of non-toxic saline which could NOT harm people, and were, in fact, loaded with something nasty which caused illness and death.

Possible motives are likewise mirror images of the saline theory – to either harm certain people, or to INCREASE the number of injuries and deaths from the vaccines.

NOW – let me be clear. In the absence of the “potential evidence” of the toxic batch problem, I would be every bit as skeptical of the anti-saline theory as I am of the saline theory.

Even for a bad, risky, side-effect-prone vaccine, blaming the still-generally-infrequent side-effects on anything BUT the vaccine itself would seem foolhardy. We have MANY “more risky” vaccines for nasty tropical diseases, from yellow fever up to Ebola, which we generally ONLY give to people at high risk of actually getting the disease, because the vaccines may be a LESSER RISK than the disease, but they are an INCREASED RISK over most vaccines.

We normally don’t need to postulate that the cause of that higher risk is adulteration due to a new cause or perpetrator, when we have the vaccine itself and the vaccine makers, presumably fighting the risk but possibly not succeeding as well as we would like, as our primary suspects.

So how does the toxic batch problem change all that?

The Toxic Batch Problem

First, a reflection. A bit of a warning. Something to prepare you.

At the various stages where one understands pieces of this problem, the revelations really cannot be “unseen”. And yet, the fact that this problem WAS unseen by SO many for SO long, raises questions about whether or not we are just now seeing the edges of something which has been with us for far longer than we realized.

I know that sounds a bit fantastic, as well as euphemistic and even a bit “code”, but now you understand why so many people who have gained deep knowledge of problems with the COVID vaccines, have gone through various emotionally jarring moments of realization.

Something is NOT RIGHT, and yet there seems to be INTENTION behind the condition.

SO – if you get HIT by this sort of realization as we are going along, just know that you are not alone.

OK, back to work. Ah, yes. The toxic batch problem.

I can sum it up as this.

Normally, one expects that a consistently produced pharmaceutical has a VERY wide range of reactions in those to whom it is given, BUT that this statistical range of responses (you can imagine a bar graph, a pie chart, a curve, or a whole bunch of all of them) will stay roughly the same from BATCH TO BATCH.

Stated simply, we expect the variation BETWEEN sets of variations to be SMALL, CLOSE, PREDICTABLE, and REPRODUCIBLE.

This is simply the “law of large numbers”. You flip a thousand pennies. I flip a thousand pennies. It’s very unlikely that we’ll get exactly the same numbers, but BOTH OF US will be close to 500 heads and 500 tails. Any deviation from this will be a nice bell curve, perfectly explainable by statistics.

Try any “batch” of pennies – it will be close to 50:50 heads-to-tails because of the consistency of pennies.

The toxic batch problem is that adverse events for the COVID-19 vaccine batches violate this – and in a HUGE WAY.

A small fraction of the batches (about 5%) are STRIKINGLY TOXIC relative to all the other batches.

The differences are too big, the harmless group is too large, the nasty group is too small, and there are additional patterns that are not random and should not be there.

Yes, there will be variation in the exact numbers of deaths and injuries from batch to batch, “because statistics“, but that variation should be small, natural, centered, and understandable mostly in terms of mathematics. If there IS a big difference in the numbers between the batches, then there has to be some kind of systematic difference – most likely either in the contents of the batches, or in the administration of the batches.

Let’s look at the latter first.

As an example of an administration difference, if you give one batch to kids, and another to seniors, you expect differences. However, if the batches are BIG, and they’re used in a lot of different places, and the groups of people those places serve are large and diverse, then the differences from administration will vanish.

And even if those differences DON’T vanish – in FACT, even if you INTENTIONALLY give one batch to kids and another to seniors, those differences cannot be as big as what was observed.

Another administration difference would be to use some batches ONLY for first injections, and others ONLY for second injections.

Again, we do expect differences there, but not nearly as big as what is observed.

IN FACT, the difference between the “good, nearly harmless batches” (doesn’t that sound like saline?) and the BAD batches is SO big, that it is NOT EXPLAINED by ANYTHING seen in the Moderna and Pfizer trials.

THIS is one of our first clues that something is actually wrong with the contents of those toxic batches.

Now – let’s look at the possibility of a difference in contents.

Could it be that the vaccines are “going bad” and turning into something more poisonous?

Yes, this is possible – BUT the fact of the matter is that when drugs degrade, they almost invariably become “less active”, not MORE active – and certainly never MORE active by orders of magnitude.

Rocks just don’t “roll uphill” by themselves.

In fact, there is a great argument you will see later, made about the COVID-19 vaccine data, as compared to the flu vaccine data, which points out that if you remove all the “bad batches” from the COVID-19 vaccine data, it looks almost exactly like the flu shot.


Like a normal vaccine is supposed to look.

Now, hopefully, you not only understand why I called this the “anti-saline theory”, but you are also “seeing certain things that you cannot unsee”.

Because YES – something is definitely wrong with those batches.

Even if you don’t accept that the majority of batches are “harmless”, something is terribly wrong with the rest.

But before I get into talking about possible reasons as to WHY these “bad batches” are different, I want to thoroughly convince you that they ARE different and that it’s NOT NORMAL.

I want to give you a brief introduction to the toxic batch problem as seen by the people who found it, examined it, and first told the world.

A Pharma Exec & Researcher Examines the Data

We begin with a video of a man who appears to me to be very typical of the scientists that I knew during my career. He does not appear crazy, loony, mentally ill, psychopathic, or even irrational.

He seems, if anything, like somebody who has witnessed institutional madness descending upon their professional world. You know – like what happened to scientists in Russia in the early 1900s, and in Germany and Italy in the 1930s.

As I listened to this guy, he made scientific sense, just like any seminar speaker, invited lecturer, or even an interviewer for student job prospects from a drug company.

In fact, I believe that if most scientists listened to him, they would BELIEVE HIM.

There is something *apparently* wrong with certain specific batches of the COVID vaccines from three companies that were used globally AND specifically in America. And according to the speaker, a retired drug industry executive and research scientist, this difference cannot be random – it must be adulteration of some kind.

Just watch and see what you think.


Now – let me summarize.

The most key and salient point is that vaccine side effects vary strongly by batch number – and in a way that the drug companies MUST understand to be REAL and PROBLEMATIC. The variation is NOT merely statistical from a quality-controlled product. It is systematic – meaning it has a CAUSE other than randomness. It is not necessarily intentional (IMO), but it is an OBVIOUS problem.

There is also some argument over how batch toxicity varies across time and batch number – I will leave THAT for the next videos.

The point which the speaker, Dr. Yeadon, made which struck me hardest, was the simple but powerful idea that the individual responses of recipients to a vaccine batch can vary wildly, BUT that the statistical array of responses will NOT vary significantly between batches – that it CANNOT vary – UNLESS there is some REAL, SIGNIFICANT, CONTENT DIFFERENCE between the batches.

The alternative, in my opinion, would be that the batch differences are administration-based – e.g., that batches primarily used for SECOND administrations would have much higher adverse events.

I’m not wed to that thought – but it is an alternative that is every bit as troubling as content differences, and negates the entire strategy of “boosterism”. I also tend to doubt it, both because it does not explain the magnitude of the difference, and is also statistically very unlikely. Content differences just seem more likely to me.

The People Who Found The Toxic Batch Problem

NEXT, I want to deepen the explanation of what Dr. Yeadon was describing. Yeadon provides drug industry credibility to the idea that batch differences are real and almost certainly content-based. They don’t look right to somebody with industry experience.

But NOW we need to explore possible explanations for those differences, based on a closer look at the differences themselves.

SO – next, I want to show you some additional videos and web pages that drill down into the “toxic batch problem”.

We’ll start with the “secondary reporting” and then get to the data itself.

In this video, Stu Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby, who I criticize routinely when they edge toward clickbait, are doing an AMAZING job of reporting on a group of investigators who studied the batch differences. This is excellent journalism. These two can only be as good as their material, but WOW – they have quality material here.


Now, follow that up with an even deeper examination of the toxic batches.

Jump to 12:50 to continue the discussion. Jane Ruby ends at about 19:00. At 20:00 (to 32:12) it picks back up again with a member of the investigatory group, Team Enigma, who is a pharmaceutical industry bio-statistician. She adds a different perspective on how SMALL any group poisoning the vaccines might be.

This doesn’t require a grand conspiracy of many people. It might involve only a few dedicated and highly skilled saboteurs.


Now, let’s look at one of the original presentations of data by Team Enigma.


Points made in this video:

  • dosages of pharmaceuticals are normally highly controlled
  • consistency and purity are also normally highly controlled
  • COVID vaccines can be readily and correctly compared to flu vaccines
  • flu vaccines are consistent and low in adverse events
  • COVID vaccines are NOT consistent, and vary widely between harmless and highly toxic
  • toxic batches are too wide-spread – problems like refrigeration loss cannot be responsible

Now – here is an EXTREMELY compelling video, which shows in great detail the DIFFERENCE between the “harmless batches” and the “toxic batches”.


Pay special attention to the following ideas:

  • most batches (roughly 80%) are almost completely harmless
  • the bad batches produce up to (and in MANY cases) a thousand times more adverse reactions
  • when viewed geographically in the United States, the bad batches affect every state in America

The latter point proves the generality of the effect – that local differences can’t account for the toxicity of the particular lots. If anything, the high distribution of the batches seems to be used to hide the toxicity.

Next, I want to return you to the PERSONAL REALITY of the toxic batch problem.

A Personal Case of a Bad Batch

It turns out that Dr. Robert Malone got one of the “bad batches” for his second vaccine, and almost died.

Just read here.



A Good Review of the Toxic Batch Problem

Lastly, here is a very nice review of work on the toxic batch problem. Very nicely put together, with lots of graphs and key points as quotes. This is a real CONVINCER.



Some of the videos in the review have been removed for some reason, but not this one.

This video is truly stunning. This video shows apparent patterns in the deployment of batches. While I am not fully in agreement that this is proven to be the work of the companies themselves, I think that there is overwhelming evidence of “bad batches” and some kind of pattern which looks like the results are being studied.

By the time you’ve gotten here, you very likely think that something is definitely wrong with certain batches.

Next, I want to begin thinking about HOW and WHY somebody might want to do such a thing. In the process, I’m going to “lean into” some current events and statements made by varous people.

This is where things get political, geopolitical, military, and more.

How and Why Would Anybody Poison the West’s Major COVID Vaccines?

This is where we begin to say to ourselves:

Did somebody actually poison various lots of these vaccines? WHO would do it? Who COULD do it? WHY? Why would ANYBODY do this? HOW did they pull it off? WHAT possible benefit could they get from it? WHERE did they do it?

I’m going to leave most of these questions TO YOU ALL.

I want YOU to tell ME.

Now, we have a list of “usual suspects”, but things get interesting when you consider additional motives, additional suspects, and additional opportunities.

MEANS, MOTIVE, and OPPORTUNITY are what turn “conspiracy theories” into CRIMINAL THEORIES.

So I’m going to give you some “kick-starters” to get you seeing some possibilities.

The first thing that got me thinking “HMMMMM……” about things, was when Team Enigma began seeing evidence of coordination between the drug companies, in the chronology of the toxic batches.

As somebody who has been involved with real conspiracies, the idea that drug companies coordinated their plotting to poison the vaccines does NOT sound realistic.

Real conspiracies need compartmentalization. They need as few as possible seeing the big picture.

Thus, it is MUCH more likely, IMO, that there is a SINGLE player who is involved with ALL of the vaccines – a SINGLE player – who would be able to pull off a systematic study of poisoning them.

One such player is the CCP.

BOTH the Pfizer vaccine AND the Moderna vaccine are utterly dependent upon components manufactured in CHINA. Indeed, the “lipid nanoparticle technology” of the mRNA vaccines is pretty much delivered by Chinese companies.

That is how Karen Kingston discovered that components of the “clot shot” vaccines were manufactured by a Chinese company called SINOPEG, which ALSO specializes in something called “PEGylated graphene oxide”, which is further known to temperature-stabilize mRNA vaccines.

I’m not necessarily saying that graphene oxide was used here, although it’s worth considering.

SIDEBAR: For background on graphene oxide (sometimes called graphene hydroxide – it’s the same thing, really), go HERE.

SIDEBAR: For background on the work by Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee, who figured out the Chinese connection on the lipid nanoparticle components, go HERE.

Moderna executives are also deeply associated with these Chinese companies and their controlling organizations – see photo below. Note what this page (discovered by Karen Kingston) means – you have COVID-19 vaccines, graphene lipid nanotech IN those same vaccines, and pictures of Moderna executives mentioned on the same page.

If this is not a smoking gun, it’s a pretty damn good imitation, suitable for blackmail.

Thus, it sure seemed possible to ME, that if the CCP or PLA wanted to “intervene” in the vaccines, they have MEANS and OPPORTUNITY.

What about MOTIVE?

Well, Deplorable Patriot found something that got me thinking.

So – according to this theory, the US is being blackmailed by the Chinese government.

As soon as I saw this, I realized exactly HOW the ChiComs could have war-gamed this whole thing for some grand-master play.

  • CCP/PLA + Cabal makes Western pharma weak and dependent upon ChiCom manufacturing
  • CCP/PLA has total control of Chinese companies and products they ship
  • CCP/PLA has total control of information within Chinese borders (remember their “rules” which made many SMART companies LEAVE CHINA)
  • CCP/PLA begins manipulating people to make them RUN FROM TRUTH and into CHINESE CONTROL

To me, this makes CHINA a no-brainer suspect. It doesn’t matter WHO is POTUS – Biden or Trump – if the vaccines have problems in the West, CHINA wins.

  • China gets power over the American POTUS
  • China gets power over the American Deep State
  • China gets power over the global pharmaceutical industry

Basically, it’s a form of entrapment.

And remember – if China gets caught and wants to blamecast, they can say “it wasn’t us – it was this rogue company cheating” – and nobody can prove otherwise on anything within Chinese borders.

NOW – there could be other players. China is not the only player who would benefit by making the West stumble here.

WEF, for instance, strikes me as “guilty as sin”. If the vaccines were really safe, they could not stir up as much division as we’re seeing. To me, KlauSS SSchwab and the WEFFEN SS have to be a suspect.

Depopulationists are also an easy target.

Satanists as well. This is their thing.

“FOREIGN” could also be doing things independently of their pet globalists and depopulationists.

Russia, unfortunately, is also an easy suspect, thanks to their stupid antics with Skripal and other spies. If the Russians wanted to keep America WEAK, causing a mess with the vaccines to keep Americans divided would be one way to do it. However, I tend to think that they don’t have as much MEANS and OPPORTUNITY as China. But to be fair, we have to keep Russia on the list.

Similarly Ukraine – to which Democrat operative Alexandra Chalupa seems to have some kind of weird supreme loyalty – because it doesn’t have a perfectly clean history on poisonings, either.

Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, with his face disfigured by illness, during an interview with the Associated Press in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004. Yushchenko said Thursday that he is sure he was poisoned by the Ukrainian government, and for the first time pinpointed the time and place of his dioxin poisoning: a Sept. 5 lunch with the head of the Ukrainian security service and his deputy. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

And, of course, there is our own DEEP STATE, still led in truth by Barack Obama.

Obama seems really committed to a kind of Stalinist, utilitarian, “death panel” health agenda, where health-care shuffles off people to their graves to save money.

Obama’s famous academic and New York Times-featured “moral advisors” on healthcare have always been, and remain in my opinion, a litany of granny-snuffers. SO – if Obama’s “worst of the worst of the KGB faction in CIA” wanted to begin testing depopper stuff on us – well – they could be up to tricks.

But none of them has as much MMO as China.

All in all, CHINA looks like my main suspect.

They poisoned our dog treats forever, making it look like greedy little companies was the extent of the problem.

We just put up with it.

Maybe they got ideas from that.


So who is your main suspect?

Or do you have a different explanation of the toxicity of the shots – and especially something that explains the weirdly binary toxicity / non-toxicity of the batches?

I’m interested in your thoughts!

Have a Great Weekend

And don’t forget to…..



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Citizen Free Press: Trump nukes media narrative about ‘tension’ with DeSantis…
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Won’t be long before YouTube zaps that one.


Just got an email from the Vaccine Control Group (an international organization).
PayPal just kicked them out. Vaccine Control Group now has Stripe for payments (if one chooses to become a member, which is not required).
Vaccine Control Group is moving towards having 1 million members. It was also invited to become a member of the World Council for Health.


Can one trust the group? Who are they connected too? What is wold council for health who sponsors them? Do you know?
This whole covid scenario has made me suspicious not of you but who might be behind the organizations.


Watch out for that line. The one that separates ‘healthy caution’ from ‘paranoia’.


At this point I am cautious because with the covid sting it has evaporated my my healthy trust.


I understand caution. IMO, this organization is for real. Their “Doctors” page lists names and endorsements from MDs, nurses, scientists, including MDs in the United States.
Vaccine Control Group is an affiliate of the World Council for Health. So is the AAPS of the United States, among others. (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons)


Thank you 🙂
Good to know.


Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: Federal District Judge Blocks Biden’s Last Vaccine Mandate on Federal Employees

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Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown upheld a suit from federal workers who are refusing to be vaccinated against the COVID virus.

Judge Brown was appointed by President Donald Trump in September 2019.

“The motion is GRANTED as to Executive Order 14043. All the defendants, except the President, are thus enjoined from implementing or enforcing Executive Order 14043 until this case is resolved on the merits.”

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Heard stories of lots of wealthy South Americans(probably other countries too) flying into Mexico then walk across border on foot so they can enter and stay in US. They all would be stopped if they tried to fly directly here.

Deplorable Patriot

SHOCKER! Ireland tends to go along with just about anything temporal just to keep up with the Joneses so to speak. That nation was the red headed step child of Europe for so long, the people there did not know their own worth in their piety. This is HUGE. If Ireland is out, something really is going on.

Deplorable Patriot

Hey, somebody noticed.


“On-field heart problems have fueled suspicion of Covid vaccines in Premier League players.”



I wonder what gave it away?


“Hey Bob, lost another top-conditioned athlete today, that’s the third one this afternoon, and the 34th this week.”

“It sure is perplexing Joe, I wonder if there’s any connection between all these senseless deaths?”

“Well Bob, they had all received a vaccine or booster shot within days of keeling over and dying.”

“True Joe, but the vaccine is good for you, everybody knows that.”

“Agreed Bob, everybody knows that, especially me, so it must be something else.”

“Exactly Joe, it must be something else.”

It’s like a SNL skit from the 1970s, way back when it was still funny… 👍😂


Lol, no shit!

Deplorable Patriot

And the thunderstorm really is about to break.

Deplorable Patriot

Here’s the story:

Pfizer trials: All injected mothers lost their unborn babies

  • Dr Mark Trozzi
  • January 19, 2022

Pfizer trial documents reveal attempts to cover up the death of 100% of unborn babies in outcomes actually reported

Please recall our November 23, 2021 post titled “The FDA and Pfizer are a Match Made in Hell”.

There we described how the FDA took only 108 days to approve Pfizer’s injection, but wanted 55 years to produce the documents!

Thankfully Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a lawsuit after the FDA denied their request to expedite the release of the records, and the records are being released, albeit still too slowly.  

Among the first reports handed over by Pfizer was a ‘Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports’ describing events reported to Pfizer up until February 2021. You can download this entire report here.

Look at table 6 from this Pfizer report. It is titled “Missing Information”. Its first heading under the topic “Missing Information” is “Use in pregnancy and lactation”. It includes this paragraph:  

“Pregnancy outcomes for the 270 pregnancies were reported as spontaneous abortion (23), outcome pending (5), premature birth with neonatal death, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death (2 each), spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and normal outcome (1 each). No outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies (note that 2 different outcomes were reported for each twin, and both were counted).”

On the surface this states that of 270 pregnancies, there were 23 spontaneous abortions, 5 “outcomes pending”, 2 premature birth with neonatal death, 2 spontaneous abortions with intrauterine death, 1 spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and 1 normal outcome. But note also “no outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies”.

So really we have no idea what happened with 243 (5 + 238) of the pregnancies of these injected women; they have just not been included in the report. What we do know is that of 27 reported pregnancies (270 subtract 243), there are 28 dead babies! This appears to mean that someone was pregnant with twins and that 100% of the unborn babies died.

This image came to mind:

They knew and they released it anyway.


No wonder they didn’t want to release this for decades. Since people can’t sue them, I wonder how they can be held responsible. Nuremberg II?

Last edited 8 months ago by TheseTruths
Gail Combs

EXACTLY! And NOW we know WHY….

Think of this. They are releasing the LEAST HARMFUL DATA FIRST!


They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

Deplorable Patriot

Nor should they walk safely ANYWHERE.

Deplorable Patriot

I was there in August. Yeah, no snow, but lots of bison.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

They do love to just walk down the road and thereby back up traffic.

Valerie Curren

Reminds me of when we arrived in Estes Park, CO for our honeymoon 3 decades ago. It was dark & there were these huge “horses”, way bigger than those bison 🙂 but then their light colored butts gave them away as elk. Talk about owning the road!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There was one that would just walk into someone’s shop.

They would get very nervous it would get spooked and smash the place up.

The next year they kept the front door closed.

Valerie Curren

Yikes that was some seriously expensive fresh air there!

Gail Combs

Good footing and unobstructed vision. My horses preferred the road to the shoulder.


As anyone who has spent any time actually hiking…much less riding…knows. Also the exact same reason why animals prefer game trails to no trail at all. Easier walking.

Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry
Deplorable Patriot

And parking lots. I have a story about that. God rest my cousin’s wife who was sitting in the car with the windows down (she was dying of multiple cancers at the time) and a bunch were wandering through, and one put his head through the open car window. The way she told it was hysterical.

Gail Combs

A neighbor had a deer jump into her back seat. She braked turned her head and was eyeball to eyeball to the deer. The deer spooked and jumped through the OTHER window….

She is still very nervous about driving.

Deplorable Patriot

The march must go on.


Twitter jerks suspended the account.

Gail Combs

Of COURSE,would you expect anything else?

Deplorable Patriot

Doggone it. He always posts quality stuff.

Gail Combs

Hopefully he is at Gab or Gettr or both….


Twitter suspends journalist after filming anti-mandate protests in NYC

“My Twitter account has been nuked for no reason at all.”…

On Friday, independent journalist Leeroy Johnson, who has been covering events across the country, but most prominently the anti-vaccine mandate protests in New York City, was suspended from Twitter.


In response to the suspension, Johnson created a GETTR account, writing: “My Twitter account was suspended! Please spread the word ! My Instagram account is still up same name on Twitter.”




My Twitter account was suspended! Please spread the word ! My Instagram account is still up same name on Twitter

Posted on 3:35 PM · Jan 21st, 2022

Deplorable Patriot

I’m waiting for the lawsuit against the city, the county and the Archdiocese. I love them all, but the leadership leaves a lot to be desired.

Deplorable Patriot

This is north of Kansas City.

Sadie Slays

If you look at the How Bad is My Batch state statistics, most of the bad batches went to either Red States or battleground/stolen 2020 states. I think it’s as simple as Deep State simply wanting to genocide Trump voters. I’d wager it’s a similar motive in other countries with each country’s respective Deep States wanting to kill off inconvenient political opposition to the NWO agenda. And, to get even darker about it, they’re probably targeting certain demographics, too–White people, elderly, Christians. We’d get a better picture of motives if we could drill down the data down to ZIP code, but that information doesn’t appear to be publicly available.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I doubt zip code is even possible in principle.

Anyone in even a medium size town is likely to cross a zip code line getting jabbed.

County might be better but so many metro areas straddle state lines, much less county ones, that that might be useless too.

Sadie Slays

I was thinking along the lines of, “X ZIP code got abnormally high Trump votes for a blue state, so send a bad batch there,” or “X ZIP code has an abnormally high amount of nursing homes, so send a bad batch there for maximum death,” or “X ZIP code has a high concentration of ___ ethnicity, so send Y batch there for experimentation purposes,” or “X ZIP code in a battleground Congressional district tends to vote Republican, so bad batch’em,” or…well, I could think of a dozen more reasons why they would distribute based on ZIP code. And anyone outside of the targeted demographic who might be passing through and accidentally gets a bad batch is probably considered acceptable collateral damage. We’re all just tax cattle to them anyways. 

Gail Combs

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Send the toxic lots to the towns/counties that have mainly republican voters within DemonRat state.

The STATE data would show random so the nastiness would be hidden. Heck give the toxic lots to areas with a high number of elderly retirees.


My ‘bad batch’ mother lives in an area with a very large number of well-off, independent retirees. Medicare and big SS checks with many years ahead of them.

Deplorable Patriot

Steve has a point, actually. Even in large metro areas, you cross zip codes fairly quickly. I was out this afternoon and crossed through at least five just going to two grocery stores. You could get shots at either one, or any Walgreens and I passed two, one of which is not in my zip code, the other one is borderline.

However, this area went blue, and I haven’t heard of many reactions other than one immediate, and one woman who died in her sleep.

At the COUNTY level, that’s another story. Maybe a group of zip codes rather than zeroing in on the precinct level.

Gail Combs

There are also the VOTER ROLLS….

Gives name address and AGE as well as voter affiliation (D, R, I)

Those are available to the DNC.


I’d assume all this batch stuff is the sending side of the paper. Someone received and signed for those batches and that would be the other side of the paper that would answer these kind of questions. That’s to say which pharmacies received which batches. People need to go to their pharmacies and get the batch numbers of all the vax that was used and feed that back into the How bad is my batch thing.

If the pharmacy won’t release the info then sue them for info. But let them know up front they would be obstructing justice or what maybe come justice once you get a subpoena for the information. Then they should be made to answer about any recalls assuming there were any. Likely not, but why not? Were VAERS reports done. If yes, why no check on bad batches. Lots of questions in this and seems we have to go fishing for it and I’m willing to bet some people have begun to do just that, or should be doing just that.

Frankly, the local health departments should already be there with this kind of information as they are the best suited to get the information without hassle. Pressure should be put on them to get it done assuming they are not part of the medical mob.

Last edited 8 months ago by para59r
Gail Combs


Dr Shankara Chetty concisely explains the dark science of the covid agenda, and the function of the spike glycoprotein poison


Dr Shankara Chetty is a world expert on the science and treatment of covid 19. He is also acutely aware of the covid-19 agenda which he describes in detail. In this brief and concise 11 minute video, Dr Chetty stitches together his medical knowledge with his political insights. He paints a clear and powerful picture of our current reality.

“This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the endgame.”

Video at link.
Dr Chetty explains the SPIKE PROTEIN was an ENGINEERED POISON. A poison found in both the ‘vector’ aka Corona Virus as a delivery system and the Clot Shots as a delivery system.

It is well worth the 11 minute listen.

Gail Combs

In another comment I mentioned there was ANOTHER data system that could be used. The CMS Medicare Tracking System services.
Center for Medicaid & Medicare

Data Analysis Support and Tracking

Consistent with Sections 1833(e), 1842(a)(2)(B), and 1862(a)(1) of the Social Security Act, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is required to protect the Medicare Trust Funds against inappropriate payments that pose the greatest risk, and take the proper corrective actions.

The Division of Data Analysis activities include the following:

 September 29, 2021 ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ “We Got Them. Fact Check This!” ALL NEW WHISTLEBLOWER INFO

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System. 

During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed: 

That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.

In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System….

Contains a thirty minute video.

Some notes:
18% are on Medicare/Medicaid = 59,4000,000 people
Largest set of data on Covid.

Number who have died within 14 days — you know the ones HOSPITALS CALL UNVACCINATED?
under 80 years = 19,400
over 80 years = 28,065
total = …………..48,465

Remdesivir: 25.9% patients died & 46% within 14 days.

@ 23 minutes he gets into DOCUMENT ON SHEDDING STUDY

Gail Combs

Karen Kingston looks at the patents that are connected to Covid. A bit over the top (Stew Peters click bait) but the info is worth looking at.
RECEIPTS: DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Monitoring Vaxx Deaths!

 Karen Kingston has done it, AGAIN. Kingston is a biotech analyst who joined Stew Peters with RECEIPTS, proving that the theory of Cyrus Parsa is NOT a “crazy conspiracy theory”, but the DoD is actually using their Joint AI Intel Center to monitor “vaccine” deaths! Why? (8 minutes)

DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center ==> ?TRANSHUMANISM?
Neural Link Moving Towards Human Trials (1:30 minutes)(Implanting Human-computer interface in people’s brain)

Gail Combs


James Hill, MD, JD Substack

Vaccine batches vary systematically in toxicity and are distributed to unsuspecting Americans by three companies: researcher

One company allegedly performed toxic dose range finding without consent (Updated 1/9/22)

comment image


Both of my mother’s batches end in 20A.


Re-Elect Florida Gov Ron De Santis !

watch !

Fauci flip-flops…coming to a beach near you !


Desantis is so righteous ! 👍 


Pound Sand !


if you’re interested in purchasing these awesome flip-flops, here’s the link…

Gail Combs

NOT WINRED!!! The scrim of the top and GIVE TO THE ACLU!


what are you talking about…?


“Fauci flops”

Perfect fit.


!!  😂  make your own!! ..with a monster black marker in LARGE FJB !!  😂 
start a movement !  👍 

Gail Combs

Putin would have a VERY GOOD IDEA of how senile Bye-Done is and WHO his actual handlers are. Remember he did a deal With SECRETARY CLINTON under Obama and the bureaucracy is essentially the same.

Deplorable Patriot

Back to back marches in DC this weekend.

Deplorable Patriot

Well, other than my nephew. It’s possible to get past it, but you have to talk to the kid.

Cuppa Covfefe

It also causes ENORMOUS problems for the deaf and hard-of-hearing kids and adults…

It’s sheer hell for my son right now, and he has two CIs (cochlear implants) which are doing pretty well, but still he says, folks sound like they’re talking through a pillow half the time (here in the sadly, deeply green Baden-Württemberg we have to wear FFP2 masks, the really thick ones). OTOH, his classmates at Uni are having similar problems…

Another important factor for speech development is seeing other peoples’ facial gestures, and how they form their sounds and words. All of that is lost now. Add to that the lowered O² with waste-gas buildup behind the mask leading to lowered IQ, and we’re facing the prospect of a completely dumbed-down generation… great for the RED Chinese, sad to say…

Time end the “deep state compliance appliance(s)” once and for all. And end the deep state, too…

Deplorable Patriot

Are the feds invading the March for Life?

Deplorable Patriot

Yep. Looks that way.


Not sure… it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between FIB agents and rogue L.L. Bean catalog models.

Deplorable Patriot

Please, DO NOT disparage L.L. Bean models. They’ve been up all night cleaning up lobster traps.


Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry
Deplorable Patriot

When she was teaching in a Catholic HS, my mom used to talk about the kids coming back from the March. They were always sick from no sleep, poor eating for a few days and the cold. And it was glorious.

Deplorable Patriot

At this point, I would not blame UP in the slightest if they not only armed their personnel, but hired MASSIVE private security to deal with the criminals.


Yuck. Glad I got my visits to LA and Cali in general out of the way 15+ years ago.


I had no idea it was that bad anywhere in the U.S. Los Angeles was one of the places that Scott Pressler had a clean-up event. This article was written in June of 2020.

He has now organized cleanups of Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia and many other cities, with more scheduled in the coming weeks.

It takes a change of attitude and mindset of the people. That’s not going to happen under a Dem regime that wants to destroy the country, and with local politicians who encourage homeless camps.


That’s not litter – it’s crime scene evidence. Unlikely that homeless are involved.

Deplorable Patriot

Yes. Cease and desist from looting is definitely a change in mindset.

Cuppa Covfefe

Oh for the days that looting would be met by deadly force… that would put an end to it, quickly.

The “religion” of something for nothing (aka “it’s my RIGHT”) promulgated by the DEMONRATS encourages these types of activities…

Over here, the Moslems, despite getting food, clothing, housing, medical, and even a guaranteed income (!) still force their ways into the food banks and other charities, in front of the elderly and truly needy, because “Sharia and Jizrah”, “it’s their RIGHT”… sounds familiar…

They run roughshod over everyone and everything, and the worst that happens is they get a free trip to the “Psychiatrie” (nuthouse), where they eventually break out, to do it all over again. Merde-Kuh’s minions never think of sending the perps back to destroy their OWN countries (and get the help from their fellow Moslems, which is a tenet of THEIR religion).

Indeed, Merde-Kuh’s minions never think at all (cf. Lauterbach)…


Cuppa Covfefe

Wonder if Meat Loaf got the clot shot… certainly had a lot of miles on his body, as it were, but that’s and even bigger reason not to get it…


Just a tidbit — latest parcel came today. 15 days and no nonsense at the airport. I believe they’re using a different/higher class of shipping as a workaround. Sigh of relief. 👍🏻


Excellent news!

IIRC, Second report recently back to ~15 days.

Thanks for posting.



Valerie Curren

This one got me…

Dal Haybron reposted
comment imageMrSausageGettingIt

comment image
comment imageWrite a comment…

Julz Mill reposted
comment imageTruth Sniper

By myself when I watch this one, good thing something got in my eye.
Watch until the end
God bless our military and their families

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

For years, “Shall Issue” was blocked here by one stupid bitch of a RINO legislator who was on the Judiciary committee. So I feel the pain.

Valerie Curren

I didn’t realize that anything but the vets vid & gab info were there…oops 🙂

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Oh, well never mind then.

Except that she was still a stupid bitch of a RINO.

Valerie Curren

Nice catch 😉

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

🤣 🤣


Well, it appears that “COVID-related staffing issues” are starting to show up in the veterinary world.
Yours truly got an email this afternoon from the local vet’s office, saying they would be closed until Monday — “COVID-related staffing issues.”
To me, this translates into one, perhaps, two things:
Too many clinic staff out from COVID (the clinic is “all-vaxxed”); and/or,
Too many clinic staff walked out rather than get “vaxxed.”


The latter. Folks refusing to get vaxed.


1340WRAW, 7PM news report:
Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC) announced today that ONLY people who had their “booster shot” are considered to be “up-to-date on their COVID vaccines.”


“Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC) announced today that ONLY people who had their “booster shot” are considered to be “up-to-date on their COVID vaccines.”


Why on earth would anyone besides her paid toadies care what Rochelle thinks?


And the CDC is still exempt, like Congress and USPS – right? 🤡 🌎


Meaning — the CDC (an agency of the United States government) now defines “up-to-date” on COVID “vaccination” as being “fully vaccinated” PLUS getting the “booster shot.”
Meaning that the CDC can, and will, change this “definition” (and/or any other “definition” it feels like changing) to include whatever “vaccine” for the “omicron variant” that Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna come up with in the next month or so.


Y A W N.

In other news…

Cuppa Covfefe

Rochelle can go to Roach Hell…

Have to wonder if she’s some sort of RED-diaper baby… same effect, in any case…

And, same as over here, where (or when) did medical agancies or officers get the ability (I won’t say “right”) to dictate or generate policy or law?

(“Boosters” and Clot-Shots and Natural Immunity are only considered effective for two months now… this is being fought tooth and claw here)…

Last edited 8 months ago by Cuppa Covfefe
Valerie Curren

Which Q-Treeper is this???

comment image


Don’t know but I’d be darn sure to mind my manners.


Have read…

An Armed Society, Is A Polite Society.

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Valerie Curren


SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

One I’d love to meet.

Valerie Curren

Now that’s the Right Answer!!! Love it! <3

Deplorable Patriot

Definitely not me.

Valerie Curren







Yes to all…plus…

The left can’t meme. 😉


And he’ll get reelected. Cmon whos goingbto primary him?



Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry
Deplorable Patriot

$$$ talks.


Former Clinton Adviser Mark Penn: ‘The Democratic Party Is in Chaos’


Friday, former Clinton adviser Mark Penn reacted to polling showing only 17% of Democrats favored former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being the party’s nominee if President Joe Biden does not run in 2024.

“[I] would say that 17% is a very weak number. I did not sense in this poll ‘bring back Hillary.’ She used to start out in these races at 30, 40, 45, 50 when the country really wanted Hillary. This says to me the country really wants to go forward, you know, not back. They’re not giving any votes to Kamala Harris either. They don’t really like Joe Biden for a second term, so I think the Democratic Party is in chaos, and in contrast, the Republican Party is ready to consolidate around former President Trump.”


Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry

Hmmm. Did we know this:

REPORT: Peter Daszak Worked For CIA, EcoHealth Alliance Is A ‘CIA Front Organization’

Gail Combs

WOW that is an interesting ‘find’


I don’t think we’ve had it posted yet. It’s been on the internets for couple days now. We’ve been barraged with so many revelations its to the point where we just shrug.

To imagine all this information was called for to be released by Trump just before Trump left office and Ratcliffe told us he could not get much of this information released because the intel agencies were not in agreement.

What I’d like to see is Ratcliffe questioned about all these info releases and as to why he could not pry them out of the intel agencies. At some level I’m wondering if he even tried. All of this stuff if not acted upon in secret (which it clearly has not been) should of been made public in my opinion. The country was not served by keeping this stuff secret. In fact it has been harmed tremendously and continuous to be harmed. Someone smart needs to drag Ratcliffe out of what ever hole he disappeared into and start to ask the right questions.


Yep. Really bad stuff.

The only way to take down America is (hopefully was) from within.

The worst part is….we’ve always known that, but we’ve almost let it happen anyway.

One part that pisses me off…in hindsight….is that America was snookered into supporting the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Sec. and the “Patriot Act”……which, it turns out, is to be used to purge and neuter America of any political opposition to a democrat…which is to say, communist….dictatorship.


What I’d like to see is Ratcliffe questioned about all these info releases and as to why he could not pry them out of the intel agencies. At some level I’m wondering if he even tried.


SD does a good job in the post I linked at illuminating the issues around and surrounding Ratcliff….what he knew, what he thought he knew, what he didn’t know (or couldn’t know, it turns out?).

Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry
Barb Meier

In his role, Ratcliffe should have personally had access to all data on all domains.


In the fall of 2010, the organization changed its name to EcoHealth Alliance.[10]The rebrand reflected a change in the organization’s focus, moving from solely a conservation nonprofit which focused mainly on the captive breeding of endangered species, to an environmental health organization.



That’s quite a significant mission change…under the Obama regime, no less.


Oh, and as we already knew, the Gates Foundation supplies funding to it as well…

Back to Danzak…

Starting in 2014, Daszak was Principal Investigator of a six-year NIH project which was awarded to the EcoHealth Alliance and which focused on the emergence of novel zoonotic coronaviruses with a bat origin.

In May 2020, Daszak “said there was ‘zero evidence’ that the virus” was created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology during an appearance on “60 Minutes.”[42]

In 2020 Daszak was named by the World Health Organization as the sole U.S.-based representative on a team sent to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Daszak had previously collaborated for many years with Shi Zhengli, the director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology,




We really need to get back onto that topic in this election year….as a party platform.

The GOP needs to be flat out stating…right now….that the virus was man-made!!….and that if the democrats were SERIOUS about “health concerns” they would be screaming to get to the bottom of the virus’s origin…

….but they aren’t.

The winning plank for the GOP…..right now… to be saying:

”Elect us and we will get to the bottom of where this virus came from. If it was man-made, the world deserves and needs to know that. Only then can we truly begin the work to make sure it never happens again.”

Hey presto….

The GOP steals … and in the process … one-up’s….the lying bastards rhetoric in the whole public debate leading up the the election.

With the rapidly failing COVID narrative (read: people’s fear of it), THIS is the weak spot! This is where we pivot and hit them in the flank!

And the best part is….the democrats are damned if they go along with it and damned if they don’t.

After all, all this time John Durham has continued to work quietly in the background. Imagine the political clout (read: public support) the Republicans would have if they controlled both the Senate and House…and then Special Prosecutor Durham started dropping indictments against Democrats…related to many of the things WE would like to see under congressional investigations.

Well hell, of COURSE the bastards are crying “this is the end of democracy”.

No, it’s only the end of them.

Remember back when we used to speculate that Trump was painting the bastards into a corner? 😜😉

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Some of the GOP(non Uniparty/RINOs) are ready to investigate, have been wanting to go after the source – Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, Tom Cotton (since day 1), probably Rand Paul, MTG, Gohmert, a few others.

Deplorable Patriot

Somewhere, yes this came out.


You can thank the Never Trumpers for this for not standing against the stolen election. The nut jobs below are talking about not being able to pass the John Lewis Voter Reform Bill thing, aka the Federalization of National Elections.

This is them turning the steal around 180 degrees and pointing it back at us. Only one problem, they only have rhetoric and we have facts. Tons upon, tons of facts.

Last edited 8 months ago by para59r

Someone should ask them what they mean by “the end of democracy.” And make them explain who is not able to vote in America.


“Death of democracy”

Translated from dem-speak, means “death of the democrat party in America”.


It’s all actually a massive psychological projection…

comment image


This is what it’s really about…



Death of the Dem Party would be sweet. I just want them to be put on the spot. It’s easy to throw around the talking point of the day.


The chances are rapidly improving that you will get our wish.


Dey took der jerbs. Classic.



Last edited 8 months ago by ForGodandCountry

Laughing here. Bear with me, please.

Roughly ~93.

Washington DC INCESSANTLY DRUMMING up “war talk on the Korean Peninsula. US media reporting repetitively emphasizing:

  • Seoul Residents Nervous.
  • Readiness levels increasing.
  • US and South Korean Forces leaning forward.

Navy Ordnance Logistics guy (me), detailed US Forces Korea, Yongsan, Seoul, SK, for one week.

  • Detailed for scheduled Unified exercise, NOT linked to US media reports. NOTHING to do with the Washington DC line of BS AND US media circus.

WHAT I FOUND in Seoul, NOTHING BURGER. No increased readiness, no local concerns, etc. Locals (US military and civilians) wondering what the media fuss was about.

Washington DC harping on Russia invading Ukraine. US media – broadcast, Internet….seemingly War IS imminent in Ukraine.

A few minutes ago, listening to a replay of today’s Bannon..

Bannon played a clip of some dopey MSNBC reporter, reporting FROM Ukraine.

  • Sleepy Todd asks. Is Kiev preparing for war? Reporter NO.
  • Locals acting normal.
  • Locals wondering what the USG AND US media is hyperventilating about.

SMELLS like what I experienced in 93 or 94.
Dunno if war is likely in Ukraine. Not sure I care, other than the US has ZERO business getting involved.

But I am AMUSED.

  • USG AND US media. 93 Korea circus, is similar to Ukraine.




Yes very very look squirrel…and someone wants lots of weapons cash to go missing along with other warmonger deals to go through.
You know more that I do, and its kinda obvious to me.


Hope you are resting well AND recovery IS smooth. 🙂


Just saw this…

ht CTH

Tucker Carlson Asks Why Does Washington DC Want a War with Russia Over Ukraine

Ukraine is a hot mess and has been ever since the Obama administration stuck their fingers into the internal affairs of the country. In recent days, the DC administrative state and their corporate stenographers in media have been promoting a position that the U.S. needs to go to war with Russia in defense of Ukraine.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asks why. Why does the DC beltway and the crew behind Joe Biden want to create a war with Russia over a nation state that really doesn’t impact U.S. interests?


We’ve talked about this a little bit, but here is more documentation:

Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate according to Government data

An investigation of 5 months worth of official UK Government data confirms predictions previously made by The Expose that the Covid-19 “booster” dose would provide a very short lived temporary boost to the immune systems of the vaccinated population before continuing to decimate their immune systems but at a much more rapid pace.

In short, official UK Government data strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccinated population are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at an alarming rate.



yep, Gail has had us looking at this likely possibility for almost two years now. That’s why we have time to watch all the mirrors on the telescope thing rotate click into position  🤓  Hate that they had to miss that, but nice that they’re catching up.


>>>They gave up on putting HIV into influenza, and hit on getting its effects into pseudo-vaccines that they’d stampede people into using with an airborne coronavirus of high infectivity.



Remember at the beginning of all this we heard (for about a week, literally) that docs were noticing their lupus patients weren’t coming down with the virus? Well, FLCCC has been switching up their protocols to include HCQ. The second option for prophylaxis is now HCQ daily. 🤔

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