RALLY THREAD: Save America – Greenwood, Nebraska, April 29, 2022

Greenwood is another place brought to us by the railroads.

Greenwood is located at the west most end of Cass County, just four miles south of the Saunders County line and one mile from the Lancaster line. The first resident of this area was Silas Greenwood, an Indian trapper and hunter who lived with his white wife and family in a dugout along Salt Creek in the early 1860s. The village was named for him.

In 1869, when the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad built its line from Plattsmouth to Lincoln, a station was needed in this area. Farmers residing nearby purchased land from Smith C. Bethel, and donated it to the B&MR with the promise that $10,000 worth of improvements would be invested. “The land was subsequently transferred to the South Platte Land Company who [in 1882] still hold it and have not been sold to individual residents…”

Bethel built a store near the rock-grade and was named postmaster of “Greenwood” in 1870. With the tracks completed, the depot opened for business in July of that year. By 1880 the population had reached 200. The town was incorporated in 1883 and by 1885 the population had reached 840.

The Congregational Church organized and a church built in 1873, followed by the Christian Church in 1874. Originally there were three active churches: Methodist, Christian, and Catholic. At this time the Methodist church is currently closed and has been placed on the national registry of historical buildings.

The first school was a mile or more south of town. In 1878 a school with a “seating capacity of 100” was built. The first class to graduate was in 1890, and a new schoolhouse was built in 1907. The town continued to grow, so that in 1920 the elementary students were housed in the Methodist Church until more space was added. In 1957, when the graduating class consisted of only one student, the high school merged with Ashland’s school district, the elementary coninued to operate and was later moved to Ashland in 1985.

Two things happened in the 1920s that not only halted the growth of Greenwood, but hastened its decline. Two devastating fires wiped out much of the early business district, and the D.L.D. (Detroit-Lincoln-Denver) Highway was built. People bought cars and could drive to Lincoln to shop. Then in the 1930s, after Highway 6 was paved, a number of businesses closed and jobs became hard to find, so people moved on. Recently the community, located only two miles west of the interstate between Lincoln and Omaha, has begun to grow again. It recorded 587 residents in 1989, and has nearly that many in 1990.

In 1880 Greenwood had three elevators. In 1919 the Farmers Union Cooperative Association was incorporated with Emmett Landon as manager. It is the largest business in town. Big concrete and steel drying sheds have been built. Today, the current  Frontier Cooperative was formed as the result of a merger between Frontier and Midwest Cooperative in September 2019, but its roots date back to February 18, 1915.

The Greenwood Woman’s Club was organized in 1929. Their motto “We Aim to Serve” has been well-practiced, providing such things as food baskets to the needy, and recently a scholarship for a Greenwood senior. Unity Lodge A.F. and A.M., chartered in 1887, recently joined the Lincoln lodge. Order of the Eastern Star was chartered in 1925. A Boy Scout troop, organized in 1951, is still very active. An American Legion post was organized shortly after World War I, and in 1934 an auxiliary post was added. A volunteer fire and rescue department was organized in 1949 and in 1972 new equipment was purchased. In 1970 the village board purchased E.L. McDonald’s building, which had been the grocery store for over 50 years, for use as a community center. An area was set aside in the southeast corner for a public library. Organized in 1975, it is still very active.

During the nation’s bicentennial year, 1976, the Greenwood Historical Society was organized. A big celebration included a parade, the crowning of Miss Greenwood, and a speech by Lt. Gov. McGinley. The Burlington Northern donated its old depot to the Greenwood Historical Society, which had raised money to move it from track-side to the Greenwood Park. Many memberships, fund raisers, generous donations, and lots of volunteer work made the move possible, and Green Thumb workers did much of the repairs. Today the depot museum is available for viewing by appointment during the summer hours.

More at the Greenwood, Nebraska, website.

About the rally:

When: Friday, April 29, 2022
: Trump speaking at 8 pm ET
Where: I-80 Speedway

Guest Speakers

  • Charles W. Herbster, American Agribusiness Executive and Candidate for Governor of Nebraska
  • Kellyanne Conway, Former 2016 Trump Campaign Manager and Counselor to the President
  • David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United and Producer of Rigged, The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump
  • Matt Schlapp, Chairman of CPAC
  • Mike Lindell, Inventor and CEO of MyPillow

About Save America

Over the past four years, President Donald Trump’s administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments, supporting the brave conservatives who will define the future of the America First Movement, the future of our party, and the future of our beloved country.  Save America is also about ensuring that we always keep America First, in our foreign and domestic policy.  We take pride in our country, we teach the truth about our history, we celebrate our rich heritage and national traditions, and of course, we respect our great American Flag.

  • We are committed to defending innocent life and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.
  • We believe in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that we are all made EQUAL by our Creator, and that must all be TREATED equal under the law.
  • We know that our rights do not come from government, they come from God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away. That includes the right to religious liberty and the right to Keep and Bear Arms.
  • We believe in rebuilding our previously depleted military and ending the endless wars our failed politicians of the past got us into for decades.
  • We embrace free thought, we welcome robust debate, and we are not afraid to stand up to the oppressive dictates of political correctness.
  • We know that the rule of law is the ultimate safeguard of our freedoms, and we affirm that the Constitution means exactly what it says AS WRITTEN.
  • We support fair trade, low taxes, and fewer job-killing regulations, and we know that America must always have the most powerful military on the face of the Earth.
  • We believe in Law and Order, and we believe that the men and women of law enforcement are HEROES who deserve our absolute support.
  • We believe in FREE SPEECH and Fair Elections.  We must ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections going forward – where every LEGAL VOTE counts.

Have fun. I will be MIA this evening.

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The rally has been postponed due to the weather. Is being moved to Sunday. The RSBN video link above also confirms the change.

A check of the radar for Nebraska is showing a large mass of rain severe weather in the central part.


Better to bail than subject 50,000 people to that sort of mess.


Thx for the update.

Cuppa Covfefe

Would be great if somehow this HELPS the farmers…

Corn for FOOD, NOT for cars (and Greens)…

Wolf Moon

I will reschedule this for Sunday noon!


Trump just played Biden’s Kleptocracy clip! 😁

Wolf Moon

HA! That’s excellent!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊

Puto, Klepto, Uh, yeah, huh huh.

What an embarrassing POS, NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!


Last edited 26 days ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎ULTRA MAGA😎

This is new. Trump teased the media, fox in particular, to get their viewing numbers up they should hire him as a commentator.

Wolf Moon



I read it as a kind of trial balloon for MSM to consider. He used the the old McLoughlin Group as a possible example. He didn’t dwell on it long, just put it out there as an option for these dying media groups to get them some viewers.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊

He started Trump Media Group. A new creation or merger w/OANN on the horizon???
Can Elon loan him or partner with him to buy Fox?😂😂

Wolf Moon

Trump loving up the farmers and giving China a piece of his mind!

Wolf Moon

Yay! Trump is talking about PRIG SIS.

Wolf Moon

This was a fast rally. Already “in conclusion”.


Already at the 1:47 mark. Longer than the last one. 😁
He might hit 2hrs after by the time he stops dancing.

Wolf Moon

OMG – I missed a lot of it, then! When my wife and I turned it on, I was thinking he was near the beginning. What time did it start?


Some long time after the scheduled 5pm CDT start time..

Wolf Moon

Which meant after 6 PM EDT. OK – makes sense.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊

WelI heck, just tuned in, must be on RSBN repeat #2.🤦‍♀️


“Our biggest threat threat is the sick sinister people within our Country”

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

“It’s time to start talking about GREATNESS for this country.”

Wolf Moon

Love the part about never letting them remove GOD.

Wolf Moon

Pretty much over in an hour, but this is now a REFERENCE rally.

The part about talking about GREATNESS again is important, IMO.

Wolf Moon

Trump wants this to be a TURNING POINT.

Wolf Moon

I’m wondering why he moved through things quickly. Was the weather hot? Was a storm on the horizon? Wondering what the motivation.

Wolf Moon

Scratch this – turned out the rally was longer than I thought!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊


bflyjesusgrl 🍊



bflyjesusgrl 🍊


Wolf Moon